Holy Grail of Easter Eggs

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Author's note: Normally I don't write for Easter, primarily because I never get particularly inspired for it in the first place *coughs* But this idea wouldn't leave me alone, so erm, have an Easter themed SasuNaru fic? *Confused* I don't know, guys, I'm doing something here and I've given up on following my brain.

Still working on the other projects, have this weird thing in the meantime.

Warnings: Sasuke's pov; Alternate universe; they're kids at first; time skip; established slash; implied MPreg; too much chocolate; fluff

I hope you'll like it! And well, happy Easter for however long it's still Easter ^^;

Holy Grail of Easter Eggs

While Easter wasn't really celebrated in the country, Konoha Primary School did celebrate it every year in the form of an egg hunt. The students liked the opportunity to find colourful eggs and chocolate and the school being an international one, it made for some nice bonding between the children as well.

Uchiha Sasuke was one of the very few eight year olds – if not the only one – who didn't particularly enjoy the egg hunt. He didn't hate it, but as he didn't have much of a sweet tooth either unlike his older brother, he didn't really see the point in the hunt either. What was the point of trying to find colourful eggs and chocolate when he wasn't interested in either of them? But his big brother had promised to spend a whole day with him during the weekend if he gathered at least a couple of eggs, so Sasuke was going to search for eggs.

He didn't really know why his brother insisted that he joined the egg search, but he supposed that was partly because of mother, who seemed to be worrying that Sasuke didn't have any real friends. It wasn't his fault, though, that most of his classmates were idiots! They were far too loud and seemed only capable of talking about games – what was the fun in that?

Pulling a face, he trudged across the grass field, ignoring the screaming and shouting of his classmates around him as they tried to get to a chocolate egg or a coloured one first. Their teacher had said that certain coloured eggs would give them a chocolate bunny afterwards so most children were trying to gather as many different coloured eggs as possible to heighten their chances of scoring even more chocolate.

With no interest in the sweets offered, Sasuke just grabbed whichever egg, coloured or chocolate, he found in the grass or between the flowers, dumping them one by one in his small basket. How many did Itachi even expect him to collect? He stopped and frowned, staring into his basket. He'd collected ten so far – would that be enough? Surely, that was more than enough, right?

He was about to go back so that he could sit on one of the benches and await the end of the egg hunting when a flash of blond hair distracted him. Turning his head, he spotted Uzumaki Naruto standing just a couple of feet away from him next to some rose bushes. His blond hair was so bright, it caught the weak spring sun and made the locks glisten like gold.

Sasuke didn't really mind the other boy. Sure, he could be just as loud – if not louder – than their classmates, but the couple of times Sasuke had had to work together with him in class, the blond boy had been quite helpful and had actually helped Sasuke finish the work. Unlike girls like Haruno and Yamanaka, who had been more eager to talk and giggle than to do the work.

Speaking of Haruno, she stood next to Naruto, but luckily for Sasuke, she had her back to him so she had no idea he was standing behind her. Her own basket was already nearly overflowing with chocolate eggs and some coloured ones, but she didn't seem ready to stop the hunt any time soon. Sasuke wondered how she would fit the other eggs inside her basket when it already looked like it would start spilling eggs any second now.

"Do you want to trade that orange egg for a pink one?" Naruto asked hopefully, holding out the pink egg in question. "I really want an orange one."

It definitely was no secret that Naruto loved the colour orange. His backpack was orange, his pencase was orange and he always wore an orange jacket no matter the weather. Most of the drawings he made had orange in it in some way.

"No, I don't want to trade it," Haruno said immediately, pulling up her nose. "Why would I want to trade mine?"

"Because you like pink?" Naruto replied confused and bit down on his lip. "You sure you don't want to trade, Sakura-chan? I can't find an orange one and I really want one."

"Nope, don't want to," she said and walked away before he could ask again.

Naruto's face immediately fell with disappointment, his hand clutching the pink egg lowering again. "But I really want one," he mumbled sadly. His head hanging down, he trudged away, seemingly no longer excited in searching for other eggs.

Looking down at his own basket, Sasuke contemplated the four orange eggs he'd collected earlier. He hadn't even been paying attention to the colours of the eggs when he'd been picking them up; he'd just wanted to collect some in order to get Itachi to play with him this weekend. He didn't really need the eggs nor the chocolate, though, and if Naruto really wanted an orange egg that badly … He could give him his eggs then, no? It didn't matter to him, really.


At hearing his name being called out, the blond boy abruptly stopped and turned around, frowning slightly. "Yeah?" he said hesitatingly; blue eyes briefly flickering towards Sasuke's basket. He must have spotted the orange eggs, because his eyes briefly flashed up with hope.

"You want these four orange ones?" Sasuke offered, holding out his basket to the other boy.

"You mean it?" Naruto asked in disbelief, taking a step closer. "You're really giving all four to me?"

"Yeah, I don't mind." Sasuke shrugged. "I don't really want chocolate anyways, and I don't care about the colour either, so you can take the four orange ones if you want."

"I want them!" Naruto nodded his head vigorously and eagerly held out his basket, letting Sasuke drop the four orange eggs into it.

Before Sasuke could pull his own basket back, four blue eggs were dumped into it and he blinked at them, completely confused.

"You like the colour blue, right?" Naruto beamed at him, clutching his basket to his stomach. "You always have a blue shirt, so you can have these eggs! Thanks for giving me your orange ones, Sasuke!"

Then he skipped away, back to being excited about the egg hunt now that he had his orange coloured eggs.

Sasuke stared at his retreating back for a little while longer before he rolled his shoulders and went to seek out a bench. At least Naruto was happy with his eggs. A part of him was happy that he had managed to make the other boy excited with something as simple as an orange egg. Naruto would have a better use of those than he would, he was sure.

Now, he just needed to wait for the egg hunt to be over with and the school day to finish so that he could show his brother he'd done what he had asked!

"Everyone who has orange eggs, you can come to the desk and I'll give you your extra chocolate!" Kakashi announced, lazily waving his hand in the air. "The others are free to leave to go home or attend your clubs."

While several of his classmates gathered around the desk, excited to find out what kind of chocolate treat they would receive, Sasuke packed his bag, making sure not to drop his basket so that he could show his brother he'd joined the egg hunt. He was zipping his backpack shut when a shadow fell across his desk, making him turn his head.

Naruto stood there, a large grin adorning his face. "Here!" he chirped and dumped two dark chocolate bunnies in Sasuke's stunned arms. "Thanks to you, I got four chocolate bunnies because I got four orange eggs, but because you gave them to me, it's only fair if I share the bunnies with you and I know you don't like the milk chocolate ones, only the dark chocolate ones, though I don't really get it because they taste yucky, but if you like that, that's fine, so I asked Kaka-sensei for two dark chocolate ones and he gave them to me, so here, you can have them!"

Naruto beamed at him, not even out of breath even though he'd rattled all of that off without taking a pause once. How did he even manage to speak so much without being out of breath?

"You know I like dark chocolate?" was all that Sasuke could think of to ask, still too stunned to think of anything else to say.

It was true that he wasn't that fond of white or milk chocolate, because they tasted too sweet for him. Whenever he got that type of chocolate he ended up giving it to his older brother, because he did like those chocolates and in exchange Itachi would give him his dark chocolate.

So yes, he liked dark chocolate only, but he hadn't thought anyone would have noticed that as they barely had chocolate in class.

"Well, yeah." Naruto blinked at him bemused, as if that was a weird question to ask. "I see you giving your milk chocolate to your brother after every hunt or you trade with Shikamaru and you always trade the dark chocolate, so I thought you like the dark chocolate more, right?"

"Erm, yeah, right. Thank you, but you didn't have to give it to me. They're your eggs," Sasuke told him, eyeing the two chocolate bunnies in his hands. They were about the size of his palm and had a cheery face, looking like they were standing straight.

"Yeah, but you gave them to me so it's thanks to you that I now have bunnies. It's only fair if you get two of them as well!" Naruto declared and gave him another bright grin. "See you on Monday, Sasuke!" He skipped to his own desk where he shoved the bunnies in his orange backpack and left the classroom with another wave at Sasuke.

Sasuke was still holding the bunnies in his hands when he walked through the school gate where Itachi was waiting for him to pick him up.

The older boy raised an eyebrow at the sight of the bunnies. "You won a price with the egg hunt, Otouto?" he smiled, shifting his bag to his right shoulder when they started walking away from the school.

"No, I gave some orange eggs to Naruto and he shared his bunnies with me because he said that's only fair," Sasuke muttered and cast them one last look before opening his bag and shoving them inside.

Then he looked up at Itachi and pointed at him. "I did the egg hunt so now you have to spend the day with me! You promised, nii-san!"

Itachi chuckled and ruffled his hair, ignoring his complaining. "Yes, yes, I promised. We'll spend the day together."

Sasuke beamed at him, even as he still swatted at Itachi's hand. At least the egg hunt had been good for something!

Twenty years later

A hand roamed across the other side of the bed but when it came up empty, the dark haired man groaned and turned onto his back, blinking sleepily at the ceiling. Rubbing his hands across his face, he checked the clock, noticing it was barely seven thirty. Normally this early hour on a Sunday morning meant that his husband would still be in bed, dead to the world, but it only took Sasuke a couple of seconds to remember which day it was exactly and he snorted, sitting up.

He was honestly surprised he'd only woken up now, because those two weren't exactly known for being subtle or quiet – a trait they definitely had inherited from their papa and not him, no matter how much the blond man protested that.

After freshening up in the bathroom and pulling on a robe to cover his bare chest, feeling too lazy yet to change out of his pyjama trousers and into his clothes, Sasuke made his way downstairs, lured to the kitchen by the delicious scent of freshly brewed coffee.

The table hadn't been cleared yet, crumbs dusting the surface and empty cups and plates left behind. A bottle of milk balanced precariously on the edge of the table and he clucked his tongue, putting it in the fridge. As he filled a mug with coffee, his ears pricked at the sound of giggling in the garden and unconsciously a smile appeared on his face.

Mug filled, he walked to the door leading to the garden and leant against the doorjamb, watching amused how Menma and Amaya were sprinting from one side of the garden to the other, determined to outdo their sibling in finding the most Easter eggs. Their papa stood just a couple of feet away from the kitchen door, dressed in the brightest pair of yellow pyjamas that had ever had the misfortune of gracing the earth, with his hands resting on his hips, surveying how his son and daughter were running wild.

"Thought for sure you would be wearing orange now," Sasuke announced his presence, padding over to his husband of eight years.

Naruto startled slightly, but when he turned around to face Sasuke, he was grinning. "Well, it's Easter – yellow seemed more appropriate, don't you think so?" he chuckled, leaning back into Sasuke's chest when Sasuke came to stand behind him; his mug temporarily abandoned on the windowsill in favour of wrapping his arms around Naruto's waist.

"Trust you to find the most garish form of yellow still," Sasuke drawled, smirking when Naruto elbowed him in his stomach.

The blond man relaxed back in his arms when Sasuke kissed his neck. "The kids have been behaving themselves? They haven't tried to climb into the tree yet?"

"I told them there weren't any eggs hidden there anyway, so there wasn't any point," Naruto replied lightly, hissing when Sasuke pinched his hip.

"Idiot, you're supposed to do your parental job and forbid them from climbing into the tree in the first place!" Sasuke sighed exasperatedly. "Not just tell them there aren't any eggs there to start with!"

"Well, that would be rather hypocritical of me, because I loved climbing trees when I was a kid," Naruto defended himself. "And didn't we say we wouldn't be hypocritical towards our kids?"

"There's a difference between being hypocritical and making sure they won't break their bones by falling out of a damn tree," Sasuke pointed out and lifted his head when Amaya yelled excitedly, "Dad, look, I got a red one!"

"Yes, I see that, honey, good job!" he called back warmly and she giggled, before racing her older brother to the sunflower bed in the hopes of finding eggs there.

"Got you something for Easter too," Naruto hummed, pulling his attention back to him.

Sasuke had to chuckle when Naruto turned around, brandishing a dark chocolate bunny. "Dark chocolate, because your tastebuds are fucked to hell and back obviously," Naruto announced cheerfully, his eyes twinkling, before he pecked Sasuke's lips. "The kids shouldn't be the only ones enjoying sweets today, after all."

"I thought so too, which is why I got you this," Sasuke smirked and retrieved the bright orange chocolate bunny he'd unearthed from its hiding place earlier.

Naruto laughed delighted, throwing his head back. "Oh my god, I can't believe you actually managed to get an orange bunny!" he crowed and eagerly accepted it, turning it around in his hands as if admiring the colour. "How did you manage to get this? This isn't one from a store, right?"

"The payment of my soul was enough for Gaara to finally do something I asked him," Sasuke deadpanned, but smiled when Naruto laughed louder.

Gaara was one of Naruto's best friends who had his own bakery. Maybe their personalities were too similar, but Sasuke and Gaara tended to clash quite often. Naruto would say they were practicing their sarcasm skills on each other, the other two men would just bluntly say that the other one annoyed him. Be that as it may, Gaara was still Naruto's best friend, Sasuke was still Naruto's best friend and husband, so both men had made a truce of sorts a couple of years ago.

Even with how annoying the red haired man could be, he was an artist in his craft and Sasuke wouldn't know of any other baker who would be able to create the perfect orange chocolate bunny. Gaara might have refused to help him simply because he wanted to be an arse, but as it was for Naruto, Gaara had remarkably easy acquiesced to making the bunny for Sasuke.

The result was a bright orange bunny sitting on his haunches and looking mischievous even in chocolate form.

"You two are adorable, really," Naruto snickered and clasped his arms around Sasuke's neck, leaning up to kiss him. "How about you and me celebrate Easter more thoroughly tonight, hm?" he murmured against Sasuke's mouth, eyes half lidded when he looked up at the dark haired man.

"Or we could drop the kids off at their uncle's place for a second egg hunt," Sasuke suggested instantly, heat stirring up in his lower belly. Yeah, dropping the kids off for some alone time with Naruto sounded great actually. "Easter is a family occasion and all that. And then they can go on a third egg hunt at their grandparents' place."

He was pretty sure that the egg hunt at the grandparents' place was happening at Naruto's parents' home this year. They and Sasuke's parents switched each year, making it easier for the grandchildren to gather at one place in order to collect their next round of chocolate. Especially Kushina delighted in finding the best hiding spots for the eggs, entertaining the children with the Cold-Warmer game whenever they got stuck.

Naruto grinned and kissed him again. "I do like how you think."

Sasuke smiled and, his hand resting right above the swell of Naruto's arse, he found his lips again for another kiss, one slightly deeper this time, a hint of tongue joining.

A kiss which got abruptly interrupted when Menma shouted dismayed, "Papa, dad, Amaya is trying to steal my chocolate!"


Sasuke and Naruto pulled away with a small sigh and looked at each other. "Dropping them off at Itachi's place?" Sasuke guessed.

"Dropping them off," Naruto confirmed. "You take Menma, I take Amaya."

"You only say that because she's easier to pacify," Sasuke argued, but couldn't help but be amused even when their children's voices rose in volume.

"Oh right, happy Easter," Naruto grinned, squeezing his hand before he walked over to their daughter, ready to soothe her angry tears.

"Yeah, happy Easter," Sasuke smiled and went over to their son to make sure the peace was upheld.

It wouldn't do to have two unhappy children on Easter Day after all.

And if they quietly snuck out later on when Menma and Amaya were happily searching for more eggs in Itachi's garden with their little cousin, well, nobody had to know. They had to celebrate Easter with their own chocolate treats after all.

The End

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