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            Sakura had paused before the scream erupted, her only response to seeing her father in the nude; not entirely nude, though.  That would, perhaps, lessen the blow.  Not by much by a long shot, but it would be in context, like she had walked in on him changing clothes or coming out of the shower.  But he still had his robe on.  It was undone, presenting his grizzled and torso between the ends.  Without his pants…  Sakura had noticed that along with the risen staff and the fingers curled tightly around its girth.

            He was in the kitchen.  It was inexcusable for this behavior.  His pants and underwear had gone down around his ankles, and his free hand braced on the table.  His tan face was flushed and his teeth gritted and his face shamelessly beat his cock.  “Sa-Sakura,” he stammered out, evidently shocked to be caught handling himself, but his actions denied that; he didn’t stop.

            And Sakura did not know if he finished.  She pivoted as quick as possible and scrammed out of the house, running frantically as far as she could before her mind could even catch up with her.

            When given a chance of breath and reason, she settled for heading to the hospital.  Her mom was there; a small case of heat exhaustion, but Mebuki was content to be doted on for a few days.  And it was there that Sakura relayed what she saw.  It wasn’t easy, but it was something that she couldn’t keep secret.  Mebuki, like her husband, expressed mild surprise, but she did not react nearly as explosively as Sakura would have thought.

            “Hm…”  Mebuki closed her eyes contemplatively, sitting up with a pillow behind her and folding her hands neatly on her lap.  “I suppose it was only a matter of time before you found out.  Perhaps it was not a good idea to stay here.”

            “What are you talking about?” pressed Sakura, leaning forward in the bedside chair.  She was still red.  She felt the heat against the back of her neck, melting down her back in a prickly fuss.  “Mom!  You can stay here, but what does that have to do with what he was doing?!”  She caught her face, mouth drawn down in disgust.  “I can’t believe he was doing that in the kitchen!”  She felt sick, but her mom’s cool persevered.

            “You have to understand, Sakura,” she offered.  “Your dad had… very specific needs…”

            No need that every guy had, Inner Sakura ranted.

            “If I was there, it wouldn’t be so bad.”

            Sakura paled at the implication.  The hot turned sticky cold.  “You… you don’t mean…?”  She nearly retched.

            “Well, we are married, Sakura,” Mebuki half-laughed.  The joke didn’t last long; her smile hardly lingered.  “Sakura, your father… has a condition.  He compulsively needs to… relieve himself.”  It finally showed that this talk was not easy for her either, though it was becoming harder for Sakura to listen, yet she persevered.  “I can normally sate him, and the condition doesn’t flare.  But while I’m here…”  Her lips pursed before she looked away.  “Just… try to deal with it.”

            Deal with it?

            Sakura had to hold onto that poor advice throughout the day.  She had wanted to stay with her mom, but Mebuki would not have her troubling over her.  “I’m at the hospital briefly; you work here.  Stay home.”  So Sakura was given no choice but to head home and face her father.

            He was in the kitchen again, but thankfully dressed and handling appropriate tools for the setting.  He beamed at her like their afternoon confrontation had not happened.  “Welcome home!  I was worried that I was cooking a meal for two that would have to feed one!”

            Sakura saw a flash of him nude, picked from her fresh memory.  The spatula in his hand had turned into a long, thick cock, and his happy smile switched to a look of stress and lust.  “I’m not hungry,” she said softly, deciding not to look at him again.

            “Hm?  Is something wrong?  Don’t tell me Ino-chan tried to steal one of your admirers!  She has become quite a looker, after all.  But you inherited my good looks!  You shouldn’t worry!”  He guffawed loudly before a sharp sizzle in the pan made him panic and turn the eggs over.

            Sakura scowled at his aloofness.  Was it really so casual for him to act so indecently?  And her mom had to take that burden?  Maybe it was not so big a secret why Mebuki had been overcome by exhaustion enough to warrant a trip to the medical ward.  Sadly, Sakura’s tainted mind conjured an image of Mebuki taking a hard pounding for no reason other than to calm down her raging husband.

            Though she went to her room and planned to stay there for the rest of the evening and night, she had gone down so that Kizashi would not eat alone.  He was glad to have her and acted appropriately – in the sense of corny jokes followed by roaring laughter – and complimented himself for having drawn his brooding daughter from her room with the smell of his cooking.  His cooking was subpar; Sakura couldn’t help herself from saying so when he kept stroking his ego.

            “Always the child strives the parent to be better,” he chortled, not at all deterred by her attitude.  “Maybe tomorrow, we can visit your mom!  I’ve missed her terribly since she’s been away, and I…”


            He paused when his daughter’s hands slammed down together and she stood up briskly.  She paused solemnly, and then said, “I’ll be in my room.”  And that was where she went… for a few minutes before deciding that she wanted to take a bath.  She felt unclean, and all those emotions made her feeling gross in her own skin.

            She stripped down, and she was a vision of beauty.  Not much at her chest, but her firm body had filled out firm curves, particularly at her rear.  Pert cheeks that rolled gently with her stride through the cramped bathroom.  She scrubbed down and rinsed off outside the tub before easing into the warm water with a relaxed sigh.  If there was one part of this day that she liked, it was this: surrounded in warmth and feeling clean, almost like she had cleaned the filth from her mind.

            Until KNOCK-KNOCK-KNOCK!!  “Sakura!  Taking a bath?  How about we share the tub, like when you were little?  You always liked…”

            “No way!” Sakura immediately refused, crossing her hands over her budding chest as if he’d peek in regardless.  She thought of the danger of him and his ‘compulsions’ coming in to join her.  Him stroking himself underwater until satisfied; she needn’t go through that.  But her tone of voice… and his following silence…  She didn’t want to be too cold to her loving father.  “I’m… I’m sorry, Dad.”

            Why am I apologizing? Inner Sakura griped.

            “I don’t plan to stay in much longer.”  She would’ve tried to stay the night in the bath.

            “That’s alright,” Kizashi answered.  “Maybe next time.”

            And the rest of the evening was uneventful.  Sakura crept carefully out of the bathroom in her fluffy pink robe and scurried to her room without running into her dad.  In fact, the last she would have seen of him was at dinner earlier.  He only called out goodnight from outside her room as she dressed for bed, and she gently said it back to him.  Then, she was under her covers and listening to the empty room and empty house.  It was so remarkably quiet that she couldn’t sleep.  She turned over once to look out the window, and thought of Sasuke for a bit as she usually did at bedtime, and then thought of her mom, the hospital, and the duties Tsunade-sama expected of her.

            She had thought such tedious musings would eventually put her to sleep, but before they could, she heard the empty house suddenly fill.  The sounds of her dad…  She almost thought that he might’ve hurt himself, but when she listened closely – before she could be roused from her bed out of concern – she heard the obvious sounds; the sounds of a man in pleasure.

            “Oh…  Ooh!”  The walls and doors muffled it, but in absolute silence, his voice resonated.  Sakura whined and threw the blanket over her head, trying to hide from the noise of her dad pleasuring himself.  Sick pervert, she thought.  He lasted quite a while, longer than she felt she could and should bear.  She scrunched her face up like tensing would cut off her hearing.  But she heard it all until the end, a droning moan and a name that did not start with ‘M’.  Was that a moan… or had he called out… Ino’s name just now?

            Sakura felt like she would throw up.  But when the silence followed her dad’s obvious completion, Sakura’s sleep began with troubling dreams that she would not remember in the morning.

            As promised, in the morning, Kizashi went to visit his wife, taking with him a modest bouquet that he had haggled out of Inoichi.  It was not a pleasant visit to the Yamanaka flower shop.  Sakura felt strange when it was Kizashi and not her asking where Ino was.  “I thought she normally works the counter,” Kizashi had said, and Inoichi told him that he gave his daughter the day off to train with her team.

            So father and daughter went together to visit Mebuki.  They were not halfway through the doorway when a nurse – a squirrely girl whose name Sakura could not remember – troubled them.  “Sakura-san!  There’s a patient who’s ill, and I cannot diagnose him!  Shizune-san isn’t around, and I have no one else to ask!”

            Kizashi interrupted to say that his daughter was off duty and visiting her mom, but Sakura put a stop to him.  “It won’t take long.  I’ll see you at Mom’s room in a bit.”

            They separated.  Sakura was true to her word.  The inept nurse was in awe of her quick prognosis – however simple it was – and thanked her constantly.  “Just keep him on a diet of fruits and vegetables for the next few days.  Of course, plenty of hydration.”

            “Of course!  Thank you again, Sakura-san!”

            She acted modest, but Sakura loved the praise.  Since graduating the academy, she did not often get the recognition of talent she normally got from her teachers when she aced her tests.

            At least Tsunade-sama sees my talent, she assured herself, and recognition from the Hokage was most important, after all.  She contemplated this all the way down the hall until she was at her mom’s room.  And she was about to walk in up until she heard the noises… noises similar to last night.

            “I’ve missed you, Mebuki,” Kizashi grunted out.  “I need to have you.”

            “H-hurry, you fool,” wheezed his bedridden wife.  “And don’t talk like that!  What if Sakura…?”

            “Sakura,” he hissed back, and Sakura heard a hard series of wet claps followed by Mebuki’s whines.  “She caught me yesterday!”

            “She told me.  How could you?  You pervert!”

            “I’m a pervert,” he agreed with a slur.  “If you were there instead…”

            “Uh!  Uhn!  Just finish before she catches us!”

            Sakura had half a mind to throw the door open, step in, and bear witness to her parents fornicating while discussing their precious daughter.  Like yesterday, would Kizashi refuse to stop his pleasuring?  Would Mebuki just tell her to deal with it?

            “Guh~!”  The same sound that ended the ruckus last night, but without the name.  Mebuki made a noise too; a protest behind tightly closed lips.  Kizashi noisily rode through, telling his wife not to move, and then exhaled and laughed softly.  “It’s good for your skin, right?”

            “You got it in my hair,” Mebuki angrily answered back and told him to bring her towels.

            Sakura chose not to enter.  In fact, she exited the whole compound to visit her mom later on her terms… without her insatiable father.  She walked the perimeter, lazily picking out spots or locating windows that contained some significance in memory; the spot where Lee-san was found doing push-ups after his Chunin Exam defeat, the window where Sasuke-kun had stayed after his brother had traumatized him (again).

            It was a while later before she heard her dad calling out for her.  He must be done with Mom now.  Sakura sneered at the idea and stayed out of his sight.  In a few minutes, he gave up and headed home, feeling better, but for how long?

            Sakura slipped into her mom’s room a few minutes after that, and Mebuki seemed drained.  She was primping a little, running a damp cloth through her hair when her daughter arrived.  “Sakura, where have you been?  Your father just left.”

            “I know…”

            The cloth lowered as Mebuki studied Sakura’s low attitude.  “What is it?”

            Sakura didn’t answer, but she at least looked at her mom.  The woman who tried so hard and made a home…  Even hospitalized, she did her matronly best to keep the house settled.  Sakura could butt heads with her mom often and over stupid things, but she felt… bad.  Mebuki did need a break; just a little while to relax and just mount her strength before dealing with a pervert at home.

            Sakura smiled suddenly, hopping lightly on the balls of her feet.  “It’s nothing, Mom!”  Then she tracked across the room, surprising Mebuki somewhat with her happy pace.  “I was helping a colleague, but I couldn’t leave without visiting you!”  She picked an apple from the complimentary basket in the corner of the room and rinsed the knife that was set aside within a napkin.  “I’ll peel an apple for you.  You’re looking very tired.”

            Mebuki maintained her shock a moment longer before a smile lifted her mouth.  “That sounds nice, Sakura.”


            At home later that day, Kizashi was once again in the method of playing the homemaker while Mebuki was away.  Sad to think that a lengthy stay in the hospital was the closest she could get to a vacation, but the Harunos weren’t known to have oodles of cash; hence their dedicated patronage to discounted items.  Sakura greeted him as she should and asked if there was anything she could do to help.

            “That’s alright, Sakura.  Your old man can still hold his own against a hot stove!  Guwahaha!

            Sakura grimaced, but did not leave.  “I can set the table, at least,” she offered, and took the platters from their cabinets before Kizashi could say that he could have done it.  She heeded no objection from him until the food was cooked and served and they were both seated across from each other.  Kizashi made a fine jape about their circumstances, but Sakura did not add to the conversation for his benefit.  The chilly silence, she felt, was a powerful reproach; one that even he would acknowledge.

            “… I understand why you’re upset.  It’s because of yesterday.”

            To this, Sakura’s eyes were brought up from her plate.  She steeled herself.  She knew this was inevitable that this conversation come to light, however dreadful it planned to be, but at least he was responsible enough to address it himself.  Still, while she looked right at his apologetic face, she said nothing and waited for him.

            “I know that your egg was burnt a little more than mine,” he exhaled loudly, “but you always leave more of your food than me.  That means less burnt egg to eat, right?”  He paused and waited for his daughter to crack up.

            Instead, she bristled and seethed, reddening angrily as she normally did whenever Naruto overstepped his bounds.  “That’s what you’re apologizing for?!”

            The outburst brought Kizashi to an unprepared pause.  “What else…?”

            “It doesn’t matter,” Sakura said, snapping her head to one side and resuming her meal with hard stabs from her fork.  Her anger kept her dad off balance and unable to resume conversing or even joking.

            She left him and once again avoided him to bedtime.  Kizashi, feeling dejected, also took on the dishes.  Sakura, his sweet and only daughter, seemed to have outgrown him.  Obviously, she was ditching a cool guy for another; her dad for Sasuke, love for love.  “She’s at that age,” he told himself with a nod and tossed the drying towel over the back of a chair.  Dishes done, he felt he should reward himself with a bath.  Sakura was already out and probably in bed.  He smiled to himself as he disrobed, his rigid cock leaping free with an energetic bob.  It’d been poking up since dinner, under the table while he tried talking with Sakura.  He only gave himself a few, discrete rubs in that time, through his pants; he had promised Mebuki, after raining cum down on her face, that he would try to control himself from now on when Sakura was alone with him.

            But Sakura was asleep and would not know he was misbehaving.  He sat on the stool, put some of Sakura’s hand lotion in his palm, and immediately took to his cock with vigorous strokes.  No warmup; he went straight for pleasure and began beating himself like it owed him money!

            He groaned, lulling his head back.  He’d been wanting this since leaving Mebuki earlier.  Just a stiff board in his pants, and only now could he take care of it!  He closed his eyes and drifted off to fantasy.  The ladies of Konoha…  Godaime-sama, Kurenai-san, Yoshino-san and Kaori-san; and the loveliest were of her daughter’s age: Ino-chan, Tenten-chan and Hinata-chan.  Hinata-chan had a large bust, but covered it too much, so Ino-chan was more tantalizing, teasing with more skin shown.  She took the forefront of his lusts.

            “Ghn!”  He thought of her beneath his hips, taking a harder pounding she’d get from any of those boys she might play with.  His fantasy was going well, but was easily interrupted by the bathroom door flying open.  His eyes opened perhaps just as fast, but his hand still rubbed his cock.  “Sakura?!”

            Sakura was standing in her button-up pink pajamas, and bearing a very scolding scowl.  One hand stayed on the door, outstretched to keep it open; the other had her bath tray, but with items of unusual toiletries.  “This stops, Dad,” she said suddenly, and then walked in.  As if they had guests over, or her mom was home, she closed and thoughtfully locked the door behind her.

            Kizashi was so surprised by her entrance that even his hand stopped its motions; his dick stayed hard, though.  “What do you mean?  Sakura, you shouldn’t be in here…”  He thought for a moment that she had reconsidered his offer to share a bath like in her childhood.

            She put down her plastic basket on the sink with an upset clank.  Then she reached in and took out a latex glove, slipping it onto her right hand before applying a gel, also included in her brought materials.  She slathered it until the entire glove was shining.  “Mom needs her rest.  And she can’t get it if you’re always like this.”

            “But, Sakura…”

            “So I’ll do it for you,” she said, cutting him off with a fierce look.  “And you will let Mom get her rest!”

            Kizashi was too stunned to respond immediately.  His wide eyes seemed to shimmer with wonder for his daughter’s love.  “You’d do that for me?”

            “It’s not about you,” she remarked detestably.  It was not a decision she came to easily.  Medically, she had tried to think of how to handle a man with an obsessive compulsion like this, but Shizune had once explained to her that sickness of the mind was not treated as easily as those of the body.  There was no chakra-imbuing technique for this; none that didn’t steal will from a person… and none that any but an Uchiha could employ.  And without the thorough practice of mental health training, Sakura was reduced to abetting his nymphomania.

            Of course, even as he was posted as the root problem, he felt a feeling close to pride for his daughter as she obediently rounded him from the sink, but she seemed forced as she went to her knees between his own spindly legs.  The duty of a medic conflicted with the discomfort of a daughter when her father’s cock reared up in front of her above a pair of uniquely-large testicles, hanging like a sack carrying a pair of small tangerines.  Tangerines that needed juicing, she considered ruefully.  The stem was the bigger issue, very literally.  Yesterday, she had not taken enough notice of the growth, turning her back to it when she realized it was in her dad’s hand.  Now that it stood in front of her… she was astonished at its size.

            But she had seen her fair share of penises – soft and erect – while treating wounds and illness, and she’d been with Naruto before Hinata convinced him that her bed was more comfortable and the place between her legs was warmer.

            Sakura had sworn off boys since and resolved to hold out for Sasuke like some born-again virgin.  Being with her dad like this…  It was merely procedure.  An evacuation of poison; bad seed; a job.

            She grasped him at the base with her gloved hand, much to Kizashi’s delight.  “Oh yes,” he groaned already and then stroked to the back of Sakura’s head to take a firm hold, saying “Lick it.”

            Sakura flashed a glare and whacked his hand away with the back of hers.  “I’m not doing that.  This is all you get.”  She began to jack him off.  As long as it had been since sating Naruto’s lust when she was in no mood or had no time to undress, she remembered well enough how to rub a long cock like this one.  Kizashi seemed offended and hurt only a moment when she refused to put her mouth on him, but the wet squish-squish-squish of her hand convinced him to enjoy what she was giving.  He steered his hands to the edges of the small stool beneath him and gripped, giving full rein to Sakura.  His eyes, though, pawed at her.  Her chest didn’t fill out like his Mebuki’s C-cups, but her pajamas played to her modest form.  He wondered what it’d be like to cup her breasts; he’d at least seen her in a bikini and once in her underwear when caught mid-dressing.  He stung him to admit that an image of that scene had played in his head when he was balls deep in Mebuki’s blond snatch.

            Would she whack him with fuller strength if he made a grab for her chest?  Or if he asked if she disrobed so he could see?  To finish sooner, he’d rationalize if she reacted badly.

            Sakura had already started to draw the pre-juice out of him, dribbling out mixing with the transparent jelly Sakura had already applied.  She beat faster and faster, careful not to pull the skin too tight.  His foreskin lapped over the tip before she saw a significant dollop pour out; this one was cloudy.  Immediately, she stopped and concerned her dad with those stern greens of hers.  “Tell me,” she instructed, and he nodded urgently, ready to agree to anything as long as she continued.  She kept eye contact with him when she started pulling again.  Again and again and again, harder and harder…

            That look of hers…!

            “It’s coming,” he breathed in a rasp, as hushed as he could so Mebuki would not hear from her hospital bed.  He grunted deep in his throat as his body tightened.  Even those heavy balls lifted, making Sakura believe that she didn’t need him to tell her anything to know he’d come to an end.  She pulled up, held, and then drew back one last time, pulling the skin tight and away from his swollen tip.  He repeated himself, and she saw the underside start to pulsate rhythmically.

            He had no compunction about pasting her face with his goo, but she intercepted in time, holding a tissue between her forehead and the first, heavy leap of his cum.  “Yah!!”  He threw his head back and stomped his feet as he came against his daughter’s hand.  He shot and spilled and shocked Sakura.  She wouldn’t have believed that he had ravaged Mebuki earlier with this large amount.  It had already blotched and soaked the tissue through and had begun to drip onto the floor so that Sakura had to split her knees in an instant to avoid a splatter on them.

            In his seat, Kizashi humped as best as he could, making hard noises until droning as the final shot came and fell.  Then he slackened, almost to the point of falling back and cracking his head on the wall behind him.

            Ever the dutiful prep, Sakura discarded the used tissue and picked up a clean wad to wipe him clean and completely.  The full service…  She even went so far as to squeeze at his root and pump out the lingering traces of semen until his pipe was all clean.

            “That was great, Sakura,” he praised her.

            Sakura needn’t respond to that.  She discarded the soiled glove and tissue, picked up and took her tray.  “Don’t bother Mom until she’s home.”  She would let him bathe in peace now, and he’d hopefully clean up the puddle he had made on the floor.  She had her own wetness to deal with.


            It affected her, being near a cock again, regardless of whose.  Breathing in the hot male scent, seeing the peculiar effects, feeling the steel of muscle beneath the thin membrane of skin.  And her dad, being more mature – and unusually gifted – was packing more size than any she could recount!  Perhaps it was no wonder her mom was hospitalized from exhaustion!  And he had the flagrant audacity to still put her through the paces of his pleasure!  Sakura felt now more than ever that she was making the right call to intercede and give her mom a reprieve.

            But now for herself…

            She threw herself onto her bed, legs bent up and open once she slid her bottoms down.  Her heat erupted in the room, her aroma catching in her nose just as Kizashi’s scent had.  I did that, she lamented lustfully before squeezing a finger into her tight quim.  When they were fooling around, Naruto never left her this tight for long.  She decided to recount her times with Naruto; those times when youthful urges cast Sasuke from mind and let Naruto take a shot at her insides.  He was always so enthusiastic, hammering her with a joyful grin on his face while hers contorted with unbound rapture.  She’d always spill over before he was done with her, which left her normally enjoying release twice.

            He made her cum by memory.  Her bottom picked off the bed and she hid a squeal behind her hand.  The pink hair of her mound dampened, and she happily rubbed her clit to keep the feeling stoked.  One frenzied full-handed rub acknowledged the pleasure of her other hole; a wet dab from her fingers around it before she melted over the bed.  What an exquisite feeling…  Her mind drifted, her worries forgotten, and her dad sated in the bath.  She felt accomplished, and hopefully Mom would be out and back home soon.

            She had definitely fallen asleep without noticing, but her body woke her with an unresolved need.  “Oh…” she sighed, not letting herself be pulled from rest so easily.  Awake, she would notice the shameful wet stain underneath her butt, and she would feel the need to change and clean.  She wanted to sleep but for the pass of something against her exposed clit.  Had she started masturbating in her sleep again?  She thought to discipline her wayward hands and take them away… but that was before she realized that both of them were strewn out at her sides, both fisting the edges of her mattress.  And the thing tending to her exposed clit was Kizashi’s tongue!

            She saw the blossom-headed man leaning across her bed, sitting on the side and turning so that his head could rest upon her upper thigh.  His right hand helped him access his daughter, forefinger and thumb both holding her lips apart and pubic hair back so that he could trace circles around her tender nub.

            “Dad?!”  Sakura sat up at once, alarmed and offended, but not resisting.  Her legs jolted up to bend at the knee, but Kizashi was not unsettled.  In the dark, she still saw his eye flick to her before he stabbed with his tongue at her core.  Her following sound was a quivering whine.  He gave one full lick, coating his tongue with her, before grinning and saying, “You were so generous that I had to return the favor!”  He muffled his mouth with her muff, grunting while grinding his grizzled guise.

            “No…!” Sakura trailed, her hands now at her sides, clutching at her bedsheets as she watched her dad devour her cunt.  She reached out suddenly to threw him away, but her hand instead latched insistently on his wild hair and yanked him to her.  His muffled noises were most appreciated and encouraged by this, though she was utterly shamed.  Shamed enough that she was sure that the twist in her stomach would open in vomit, but it held down and her pleasure spiked.  She pulled at the top tuff of his head, and he chortled airily against her slit with his tongue lashing.  She may not have put her mouth on him; he was not so reserved.

            When his tongue pressed against her jewel and undulated like the ocean tide, Sakura could not stop herself from cumming.  No squeal was hidden this time – “DADDY!!” – as she filled his mouth with her juices; a splendid explosion of flavor that his tongue lapped up.  When he had a moment’s respite from the juicy current, he informed Sakura that her mom was a squirter too.  “Not as loud, though,” he added with a snicker, and began to probe between her slick and swollen folds with a fingertip.

            The idle brushing kept her stirred, but she was mostly deadened but for the absolute tingle rushing to her fingers and toes and brain.  Her nipples strained, too, now risen and respecting the smooth cotton of her pink pajamas.  No support underneath meant that they were showing, and Kizashi must have noticed.  The urge to feel her bosoms was finally satisfied when his right hand brushed across one before cupping it.  She attempted to refuse him, but his hold only strengthened until his fingers sunk in possessively.  Her nipple stuck out even more as he molested her.  “You’ve still got time,” he said at one moment, “but they’re still very nice.”

            Sakura reprimanded him with only a look.  Then that look veered until she found that he was not merely here to respond to her earlier charity.  He had on his robe, of course, but not his pants, the dick she had just milked not too long ago standing high and anxious in his fist.  How had she not noticed?!  His tongue was too much a distraction, darn him.

            “Again?” she breathed out loud, her voice faltering when she realized just how drained she was.

            Kizashi grinned big.  “We’ll keep this a secret from your mother,” he assured her.

            “What?!  No!”  Sakura squirmed when her dad went on the move, biting sensually at the side of her taut stomach – firmer than Mebuki’s had been in a long time – and crawling up to trap her underneath his frame.  He was gaunt, but Sakura noted that the days as a ninja had kept his frame solid.  She refused him again, though her body’s reply was to make room when he slanted between her legs.  She felt the weight of him… not his body, but his cock, leaning up against her mound.

            Heavier than it looks, slurred Inner Sakura, the source of Sakura’s vices.  If it did not belong to her dad, it would be a swell cock to have burrowed inside her!  But dad’s or not, it leveled out and punched up against her hole.  She mewled and he grunted as he wriggled his way into her.

            Sakura twisted with a sharp grimace of discomfort while Kizashi worked her channel open.  He staggered, not used to such a tight hole.  But her wetness helped.  With a little insistence from his hips, he stabbed into her until his knob shoved up against her cervical wall.

            “Ahh~.”  Kizashi smothered Sakura underneath him with his cock buried; Sakura shuddered with bated breath.  He shuffled, stirring his prick within her until she whimpered.

            “Dad,” Sakura whispered, grabbing at his shoulders and opening her thighs to accommodate his waist.  She wanted to tell him to take it out, but she had fisted his cock earlier and opened the possibility to her addicted father.

            “Sakura, I’ll be gentle,” he told her, and then immediately began to fuck her.  The headboard smacked hard into the wall when he struck her cervix.  She held his strong shoulders to brace against his ravaging thrusts.  As with his masturbation methods, he was relentless, chasing his orgasm rather than taking his time, yet that didn’t mean he ended quick.

            He took his chances, too.  “We can find you a new one,” he told her when he ripped open her blouse, flinging a button or two across the room at the expense of seeing her tits; her small, bouncing hills.  Sakura turned away, but Kizashi turned her back for a kiss, one that was led by his tongue.  He licked and slurped while she flinched.  His hands both grabbed her tits, circling her hard nipples and flicking them teasingly.

            “I’ve been missing your mom so much,” he slobbered when he took away his tongue and hammered deep three times to smack those tangerines of his against her ass.  “I’m so lucky to have a daughter who cares so much!”

            Sakura would not say she was flattered, not with a comment like that from her own dad.  At the same time…

            She pulled her legs up around her dad, a look of resolve hardening her flushed face.  She showed her dad the use of her kunoichi flexibility, something she had picked up when Naruto wanted to twist and turn her in all new positions.  Her legs stretched out in a full split, anchored by her hands, allowing Kizashi full access to her cunt, which he accepted after a compliment to her talent.  “Oof!  Uhn!  That’s amazing!”  His back arched.  His lips contorted, making Sakura look away with a groan of disdain; that faces he made…  “Sakura, your daddy won’t last much longer!”

            She shook her head, pink hair whipping.  “Not inside,” she protested.

            “I… I don’t know how to pull out,” he outright lied and made a mad dash in an obvious hope to finish before she could answer.  The only sounds Sakura made were little, short whines each time he jammed against her womb.  She always wanted a little sister, he reasoned, though he might have been mistaken.

            Pull out, she wanted to scream, but her hips curled and holstered him.  To pull out would require more time than they had.  Even as her squirt erupted around him, she could not wash out the incestuous seed planting in her when Kizashi gave a deepthroated groan.  Every shot hit home, seeping deep inside of her, planting in her uterus, setting loose his flood of sperm.

            Sakura could feel the heat spreading through her.  She released her feet and held onto her dad’s body, hiding in the crook of his neck as he finished with her, aggressively shoving his load inside of her, grabbing her supple ass for support as much as his own pleasure.

            How much did he have stored?!  Didn’t she extract enough in the bathroom?!  “So much,” she whimpered against his neck, feeling him start to slide out of her quim, across her asshole and adding to the moisture she had already left on her bed.

            With a grateful and jubilant shout, Kizashi threw his head back, smiling and stilling for just a moment before plopping down on her for an “Omph!” from his squashed daughter.  He stayed inside her, not ready to come out from her comfortable heat; the night was too chilly.  He breathed out heavily, sounding like a smile.  “Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad for your mom to take some more time off.  Heh!  Maybe we can save up for a trip for her next time!”  He grinned at Sakura, waiting for her answer.

            She just scowled – tired, but frustrated.  She allowed his hand to absently paw at her breast.  “This isn’t going to happen again,” she warned him.

            But he stayed in her bed for the night…


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