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"Oh, it's you," said a girl with pink hair, "what are you doing here ino-sow," she said to another blonde girl in front of her.

They were both in a park near the ninja academy. The two left class shortly after the teams were assigned.

"It's not your concern," said the blonde, emphasizing the latter with annoyance.

"Mhp, you sure are mad because now I'm on the same team as Sasuke-kun. The universe has already decided that I will win this battle in love" she said smugly.

"Pft, as if he fell in love with someone with a forehead as big as yours." Ino answered the mockery, making Sakura frown. "Besides, you seem to forget that I was named the best kunoichi of our generation." Do you really think he would notice a fool like you? You comes from a simple civil family" now the blonde had a mocking smile on her face as she rested a hand on her hip.

"Do you think you are better than me?" Asked the girl with pink hair.

"I don't think so, I know." Ino now had a more smug and arrogant tone.

This angered Sakura, but then Haruno had an idea.

"If you think so much better, why don't we put that to the test? " He suggested as he got into a fighting position.

"Oh" she said something surprised "it's fine. I was a bit angry, so I would love to kick your ass, "she said as she walked towards the trees in the park that formed a small forest, at the same time she gave the other girl a finger signal to follow her.

"Perfect, so no one opens nearby while I put you in your place," he said aloud as he entered the middle of that group of trees, following the Yamanaka.

-minutes later-

"Say it," Ino said with an authoritative and demanding tone as she pushed something harder with her right foot.

"For-forgive me for disrespecting you Ino-sama," said a beaten Sakura, naked and in a dogeza position, who kept her forehead buried in the ground and was pressed there by the foot of her former rival that was stepping on her back of the head in an act of dominance  "what else?" She asked authoritatively as she twisted her foot over the other's head, degrading her further.

"I'm… I'm just a useless brainiac who didn't know his place" Sakura shuddered, but tried to avoid making any improper movement. Her body trembled as she felt Ino's cum overflow from both her deflowered pussy and her now destroyed ass.

"Show me you're sorry," he ordered as he took his foot off of Sakura and placed it in front of the pink-haired one. Sakura understood and with some fear she began to kiss Ino's foot in apology. Giving several trembling kisses to both the blonde's foot and her sandal

Then on her own initiative, the Haruno started licking and sucking her fingers like a good pet.

"I should never have messed with someone like you," he began to recite through tears as he adored the feet of his new mistress. "It is obvious that you are more beautiful, smarter and stronger than me," he said, clenching his fists in frustration.

Ino just watched Sakura kiss and lick her foot like a dog. Then he made her get up but still kneeling. He took her by the hair and brought her face so that it was level with the blonde's cock.

A long, thick, veiny cock soaked with semen and juices from the pink-haired girl's previously virgin pussy.

Ino buried him in the face between his balls so that he kissed them, making his cock cover Sakura's entire face, letting the substances that bathed his virile member dirty both the hair and the forehead that so complexed the green-eyed girl . At the same time, Sakura was forced to lick the large and slightly sweaty balls of her former rival, also breathing the strong smell that they emanated

After a while, Ino pulled her away from her jacket a bit and grabbed her pussy buster by the base, ordering her to open her mouth as he slapped her full length, smearing her face with pre-cum.

Sakura obeyed and without wasting time the blonde slammed all her flesh into her throat. Causing Sakura's nose to crash against Ino's flat stomach.

Slowly, he made his mouth travel all the way out to re-bury his face one with an envestida when Sakura's mouth was almost on the tip of his cock.

Ino used her old friend as a fuck toy, using her whatever she wanted. It was after a while that she felt like it was going to end. Picking up the pace, Ino pressed Sakura's face against her crotch hard as she ejaculated inside her and began to fill the defeated girl's stomach with gallons of semen.

But even so, Ino decided not to retreat, she remained using that hole even though it was obvious that Sakura couldn't breathe.

The pink-haired one writhed from the suffocating flesh at her throat. With what little strength she had, she desperately slapped and clawed at the blonde's legs as her face turned red.

This annoyed the Yamanaka, who tightly grabbed her new pet's hair and with a strong jerk drove her cock deeper into Haruno's throat.

The pink haired woman was beginning to kick less forcefully, her face turning from a red to a blue color and her eyes starting to roll towards the back of her head.

It was only after a few seconds that Ino came out of her mouth and released her former friend, who fell forward like a rag doll. Landing face down.

Ino looked at Kunoichi's excuse lying in front of her. The blonde reached down and grabbed a handful of her long pink hair and lifted her head to see her face. He saw a "stupidly fucked" expression on her that barely showed any signs of intelligence.

Tears trickled from her eyes, from her mouth they were filled with Ino's seed that overflowed, and a mixture of semen and apparent drops of blood dripped from her nose. It was hard to tell if that last was from the fall or if the choking of Ino's cock in her throat had caused any damage to her brain.

- "You asked for it" - he thought, letting go of her hair and letting her face fall back to the ground.

Before putting her pants back on, the blonde began to wank his semi-hard cock. Rubbing herself with some force, the blonde squirted what was left of sperm onto Haruno's pulled body.

Spraying his seed all over her hair and bare back.

"See you, useless" Ino said as she put her pants back on and put her cock there.

She walked away from the place

Sakura just stood there shaking and barely staying conscious. It didn't appear to show any signs of life other than faint breathing.

But as the Yamanaka left and said those words to her, the pink hair moved her head a little to the side, so that her cheek was against the ground and showing her face. With a face full of semen that he could not swallow and with disoriented eyes

"Yes… Ino-sama," she said between weak breaths and an inexplicable smile on her face.



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