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It was getting close to an evening in the Sand village, which means it’s almost time to go home and call it a day. He was at the lounge room tidying up when Y/N poked her head through the doorway and called him out.

“Hey Rasa, come to your office and show me what that tongue can do.” Rasa turned and saw her smiling at him as she walked off.

The man was shocked. He almost couldn't believe what he just heard. First, she called him by his name, not Kazekage-sama nor Rasa-sama. Second, she asked him to do something rather intimate in the Kazekage office.

Rasa smiled and shook his head, making his way to his office. "Did I hear that right?" He asked while entering his office and closing the door behind him.

By then, Y/N was ready, sitting on top of the desk, naked from the waist down and touching her inner thigh. She can feel herself getting wet at the anticipation, waiting for Rasa’s tongue.

Rasa gulped and cleared his tongue seeing his woman sitting on his desk, touching herself. He took his Kazekage robe off as he walked towards her. His hand reached out to hold her by the wrist, stopping her from rubbing her own inner thigh.

"Don't touch yourself," He said, looking into her eyes before drawing his face closer. "...or I won't give you what you want.”

“Fine then, do what you want to do,” Y/N replied with a smirk, spreading her legs, as she waits anxiously for his hot tongue. Rasa had been so busy as Kazekage that he barely had any alone time with her. After he finally cleared up his schedule, she was quick to jump in on the opportunity to get intimate with him, even if it was at his workplace.

"Oh, look at you. So desperate for me..." He said before crashing his lips against hers. His tongue swirled against hers, pulling apart just enough for the saliva to be still connected. His hand found its way to her soaked cunt. "You want my tongue in here?" He teased, rubbing and massaging her clit sensually with his fingers.

She moaned into his mouth, her eyes half-lidded. “Haa... Yes, Rasa-sama, please I want your mouth down here.” Her legs trembled as the older man continued teasing her. She felt her shirt getting tighter so she took the liberty to yank it off and toss it on the floor.

"Patience, my dear..." He said as he trailed kisses along her neck, slowly making his way down her breast to her stomach and then her soaked pussy. He tugged the corner of his lips into a smirk, sticking out his tongue and teasingly licked her entrance.

Y/N shuddered as he slowly but teasingly licked her between her slit. She decided to suck it up and be patient as she knew he would increase his pace soon enough. She closed her eyes, moaning in ecstasy as his tongue lapped her.

“Haa...” she moaned and gasped as she gently held his head.

He held her by her thighs as his tongue began to swirl inside her core, eating her out like it was his last meal. Brushing every tender spot inside her sloppy walls. His grip on her thighs tightened every time she jolted in pleasure.

Y/N tossed her head back and grabbed a handful of his auburn hair, moaning loudly. As her face gets redder at the stimulation, she wraps her legs around the older man’s back, taking in the pleasure she’s feeling. At this point, the round windows were covered by Rasa’s gold dust to avoid onlookers.

The woman has a thing for overstimulation, her favorite kink, and the Kazekage knows it. He moved his right hand from her thighs that is now forming a bruise and marks from him digging his nails in. He slowly inserted his index finger into her pussy, his tongue still lapping her. “Haa...” she closed her eyes and gasped as he added his second finger. “Haah, that feels nice.”

Rasa began to thrust his fingers inside her core. Pulling them in and out, hitting every tender spot of her sloppy walls. He curled his fingers and she whimpered as he repeatedly hit her g-spot. She jerked her head back and let out a loud moan that led him to quicken his pace.

“Ahn, ahn, ahn, unh, I’m gonna… I’m gonna…” Y/N was barely able to finish her sentence, as her orgasm barrels her like a rampaging bijou. As her stomach tightened, she let out a choked cry as she made her release. He pulled out his fingers and sucked it clean before moving to her glistening core. She whimpered as Rasa’s tongue swiped up and down her sensitive cunt, making sure to swallow every drop. After he was done, he stood up and his lips crashed into hers as they sloppily made out. She clasped her palm onto Rasa’s large bulge and started rubbing it.

"Fuck-" The Kazekage cursed under his breath as he felt her hand start giving attention to his clothed length. The way she massaged his length with her tiny hand drove him crazy, letting out a guttural moan. "H-harder..." he whispered into her ear as he trailed his finger down the valley of her breasts.

Y/N did as she was told. Not stopping once, she slid off the desk and went on her knees, facing directly at his tent. She felt his erection growing harder by the second as she continued her handiwork. After a few moments of rubbing, she pulled down his waistband just enough for his 6 inches cock to spring out. She wrapped her hand around his rather large member, now turning purple with need, and used his pre-cum as a lube. She traced her finger through his veins, worshipping his erect member.

“Now show me what that mouth can do,” Rasa smiled.

His woman smiled back at him before sticking her tongue out and teasingly licked the head, earning a moan from the village leader. Her left hand grabbed a hold of Rasa’s hip, running her velvety tongue along his shaft. He placed his palm on his desk as a balance as his legs began to tremble. He groaned as he mentally begged her to take the whole thing. As if she could hear him pleading, she opened her mouth and engulfed his entire tip. She moved her head all the way to the base, paused for a second before slowly moving back to the tip. She repeated the process, increasing the pace at every movement. Rasa let out a guttural moan as she started bobbing her head faster, her tongue moving against underneath his dick. She moaned into his cock as she stroked him at the same time.

The Kazekage roughly grabbed the hold of her hair and bit his lips as his member was becoming overwhelmed by her hot mouth. He then felt his balls tightening, signifying that his orgasm is approaching very soon. As a measure to get him off, Y/N used her free hand and began stroking his sacks. He threw his head back and let out a loud moan, feeling himself tightening at the pit of his stomach, until he climaxed into her mouth. He came nonstop until it began to overflow, his semen dripping down the corner of her mouth.

“Swallow all of it,” Rasa demanded in a low voice and she acceded, using her fingers to wipe the substance from her chin before licking them clean. She stood up and crashed her lips into his, wrapped her right arm around his neck. She opened her mouth to let his tongue in, both of their tongues wrestling each other within seconds.

Rasa pulled back and looked at her deep in the eyes, smirking. “Ready for round 3?” She felt her pussy tingle in excitement before nodding. “On the desk.” She did as instructed and prepped herself on the desk. He took her wrist and moved it until her hand got close enough to wrap it around his member. As his flesh hardened at the touch, she began to stroke it. They hadn’t have sex in a while that it took little stimulation for him to get it up.

Y/N spreaded her legs, allowing Rasa to enter her. He rubbed the head against her pussy and slowly began to push in. She wrapped her legs around his waist, wanting more of him. She clenched her walls around as soon as he went all the way in. She gripped his shoulders and moaned as he sped up the pace at every thrust.

“Ahn, unh, unh, unh… D-daddy…” she choked out. Rasa chuckled deeply. “Oh, I see you have a daddy kink, huh?” He grunted as he relentlessly pounded into her, gripping her already bruised hips. “Who’s your daddy?”

With half-lidded eyes, barely able to talk at this point, she managed to voice out her reply. “You… you are…”

“Do you like being fucked by your daddy? Like the dirty slut you are?” Rasa growled into her ears before licking behind it.

Y/N’s body clenched even more as she whined in agreement. “Y-Yes, daddy! I-I want you to fuck me hard!”

“Good girl,” he purred as he continued slamming into her. It really turns her on whenever Rasa says filthy things and fucking her mercilessly at the same time. He smiled and bit his lips as he’s enjoying hearing lewd sounds she makes.

She moaned loudly as she felt herself approaching orgasm, her toes curled from the force, breathing coming in short gasps- this was it, she was sure of it. Her hands tighten their grip against his shoulders, and her stomach knotted in white hot pleasure.

It wasn’t long until she came hard in a blinding orgasm, cumming all over his dick with some substances leaking out. Rasa felt his cock twitch at the sensation, slamming in as deep as he can, groaning loudly as he ejaculated deep inside of her. He let it rest inside of her for a moment before pulling out and placed it back in his pants.

Y/N collapsed her head on his shoulders as he wrapped his arms around her back caringly, both panting harshly. She wiped off the drool from her mouth that had apparently leaked while she was close to orgasm.

Rasa released the gold dust from the windows, the sky now getting darker.

The village leader is completely spent, having his dick sucked and pounding into her, all while using his technique to cover the windows to make sure nobody was watching them.

“It’ll be quite a scandal,” Rasa thought. “The Kazekage and his girl caught getting it on in the office.”

After coming off of their natural high, bodies ceasing trembling, she lifted her head off his shoulders and moved to face him. Wiping the sweat off her forehead, they closed the distance between their faces and kissed, this time tenderly.

“Man, that was a good fuck,” she thought as she placed her hands on his cheeks. “Actually it’s the best I’d ever had.”

There’s no way she’d be able to walk for at least a week.

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