Always the quiet one

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The hotel hall was packed. Old acquaintances reuniting with warm hugs, others, mingling together while tasting the fine dishes served for the event. Ino found herself sitting next to her former classmate and closest female friend, as always, the center of attention. As it should be.

Since her childhood she had always had this strong presence around her, girls and boys alike were always surrounding her, following her lead and seeking her attention. She loved being in the spotlight and was not shy about showing it.

Her fashion sense in itself was a mark of her confidence. She prided herself by always wearing the latest trends and while her attire seems to always show a great amount of skin, it had never been indecent.

Most were not surprised when she slowly began making the switch from psychologist to social media model. Everyone, except her poor father, saw that while she was a very talented psychiatrist her calling was to be on the grand stage and not locked behind closed doors.

Yet, one thing that surprised her friends the most was how big she had gotten. Nowadays she was all over the place, be it sponsoring the latest cosmetic products, on ads spot or fashion shows, she did it all.

“Look at this one, she’s so pretty!” TenTen gasped before showing the group one of Ino’s latest photoshoot on the beach.

Everyone seems to agree, she was drop dead gorgeous in her two piece purple bikini.

“Not only that, but the angle and lightning are spot on.” Temari mused aloud as she gazed at the picture before turning a sly smirk at her fellow blonde.

“Where did you snatch this photographer?” She asked.

At that she grinned, but did not answer verbally. Nudging her chin in direction to the one that she has been discreetly eyeing like a piece of meat since the beginning of the reunion.

Curious, the small group turned as one before their gaze landed on a group of three, their former teachers and recently married couple, Asuma and Kurenai, chatting amiably with a tall and handsome blond in a suit.

Her table companions snapped their neck back in her directions in a flash, amazement on their face and a quizzical one for Sakura.

“You’ve got to be kidding me.” Temari muttered and the all too satisfied look on Ino’s face was all she needed to know.

“Euh, excuse me? What’s the big deal, it’s only Naruto, right?”  Sakura questioned, causing Ino to roll her eyes.

“If only you stopped working for a minute you would come to realize that things are moving around you, forehead.” Ino retorted

Of course, the pink haired woman would not know about it. Work alcoholic as Sakura was, she was barely keeping in touch with the latest trends and social media. Yet, even she was forced to admit that it was out of luck that she found out about him.

Naruto Uzumaki, a famous photographer who had made a name for himself soon after finishing his studies. At first, he published his shots on social networks as a hobby, but soon gained a huge fanbase for his skills and originality.

His portfolio was vast, going from simple nature photograph to shooting of new models, helping them boost their popularity, ads for companies or even weddings.

It was thanks to this last activity that Ino came across him. Nobody really knew about it, but her beginning was quite harsh, sure she had the looks, but so had many others. Add to that her poor skills with a camera, she had been distraught.

However, while visiting the recently married Asuma, she was shown the pictures of the ceremony, taken by Naruto, and it was at this moment that she decided on contacting him. She did not know much about the subject, but anyone who could make the rough chain-smoker look that good must be amazing at their work.

The same evening, she had browsed through his online portfolio and fell in love with his work and for someone of his standing his prices were fairly affordable. Though, reviews said that he was really picky on who he chose to work with, but surely being a former acquaintance, even if they never interacted much, would play in her favour right?

With that in mind, she had contacted him and to her joy, had been accepted. With his help she quickly gained exposure, going from a nobody to a rising star. Thanks to his connexion she was able to get sponsored by the hottest brand and she quickly made a name for herself.

Working with him had been one of the best choices that she made in her life. From the little child that was always causing trouble in high school, he grew up to be an attractive and chiseled young adult. He could be sassy and funny at times, yet serious and hardworking when the time called for it.

It was no surprise that Ino fell for his charm and became intimate with him. She had asked for more daring shoots, the blond model barely clothed at times. She teased him mercilessly, posing bare naked, exposing her assets or purposely messing up the poses.

Naruto, even though was a professional, was a man before everything and while too much teasing could break one’s resolve, it was not the only thing that was broken that day. Ino was too.

Ino was used to being in control when it comes to her more intimate activities. Most of the time she liked to ride her men, looking down on them while she brought them to ecstasy. Yet that day, she had been mounted on all four like an animal, face pinned to the floor as he relentlessly rammed his massive shaft in her slit. No matter how much she tried to gain control of the situation, her treacherous body refused to cooperate.

Nipples rubbing against the cold concrete, honeypot ruined for anyone else but him, voices hoarse from her cry of pleasure, she felt that she was close to her climax, but her pride would not allow her to submit.

That was before her face was roughly lifted by her hair as she found herself in front of her own reflexion in a mirror. What she did not expect was to see herself with a delirious smile on her face, tears running down her face and her eyes darkened with lust. It was at that moment that Naruto had taught her something important. No matter how much she tried to deny it, under him, she was his bitch just like the rest of them. Those words whispered in her ears had shattered her resolve, as soon as her brain processed them.

The only image in her mind was the one of this proud woman, tamed by this stunning specimen and reduced to a mere toy. Never had she felt so powerless, used and turned on at the same time. And then, as a particularly vicious thrust hit a soft spot, she orgasmed…  numerous times.

Since that day, rare were the times when she did not end up filled with his seed. Her feeble attempts to regain control of the situation easily countered and she soon comes to relish her new role.

A year into their partnership and Naruto introduced her to his side business, a niche project as he called it. Most, if not each of his clients, had at least one tape of them taken while they were thoroughly dominated by him.

Since then, her view of those people had been shattered. Public figures, reputed models, female leaders, teachers and even some of her acquaintances, it did not matter if they were married or not, they had all been addicted and begging for more once he had finished pounding them.

Whenever she heard or saw them, Ino could not help her core to heat up, they were all sisters in a certain way, Naruto’s personal slut. All she could visualise was how they were all tamed by the same man, willing to forsake everything, throwing away their dignity to satisfy the blond insatiable lust.   

One of them had been sitting in front of her since the beginning of the reunion, the calm expression on her face hiding her real self from the public eyes. The heiress of the esteemed Hyuga’s company was often featured in his footage and she had been shocked when she saw how depraved the usually shy girl had been in all of them.  

The blonde model did not if it was Naruto who had trained Hinata to be as obscene and depraved as she was or if she had always been that way, but what she had seen had completely shattered her view of the woman.

When Ten Ten and Temari had finished instructing a flabbergasted Sakura of Naruto’s reputation, she leaned on the table, her head resting on her left hand.

“You know I have not been the only one here to use his services” She began with a smile.

Hinata’s pupiless eyes bore into her own, but she went on.

“Hinata here is also one of his most frequent clients.”

The attention was now shifted to the brunette, interrogated by her peers as Ino watch with amusement. The blue haired girl seemed to regress back to her younger days. A small blush appeared on her face as she was submerged with questions, but Ino did not take pity on her, yet.

“That’s right Hinata I too want to know; how did it feel? He is the best right? Once he gets going there is no stopping him~” She teased with a grin.

While everyone was waiting for Hinata’s answer, Ino took the chance to mouth the word that perfectly described the brunette in her mind: Buttslut.

Yet, if she expected the woman to blush scarlet, she was sorely mistaken. Hinata’s pale eyes took a darker shade as a smile grew on her face. She could feel her eyes roamed down her exposed cleavage before resting on her red tinted lips. Ino felt a shiver run down her spine, her core heating up.

If Naruto's sheer charisma and girthy cock could make anyone spread their legs for him, the words that could leave Hinata’s lip would make even the purest soul come undone at her feet.

“Hinata? You alright?” Ten-Ten asked, breaking the Hyuga’s out of her thoughts.

Breaking eye contact, Hinata answers all questions as if nothing had happened, satiating all her peer’s curiosity.

Ino knew that she was playing a dangerous game with the heiress, yet, she could not help but try to rile up the girl as much as she could, it would only make things... wilder. After all, for the first time this evening, they would share the same bed with Naruto, and Ino knows what it meant for her.

She had seen in which state the shorter woman and Naruto left all those that shared their bed and she could not believe that she was willing to put herself through that.However, she could not deny how her slit was already burning with need.

Movement around her rose her from her thoughts. All guests seemed to head to another location, and she found herself rising from her chair to follow the mass when a soft voice interrupted her.

“Ino” Hinata began, still sitting on her chair. “Why don’t you and I stay behind for a little while. It seems like we have much to talk about”

Her heartbeat increased as she nodded almost automatically. Their friends left them, promising to reserve seats for them. She wanted to tell them that she probably won’t be in a state which would allow her to get back to them, but she thought better of it.

The innocent smile on Hinata’s face could have fooled many, but if they were subjected to those lustful pale eyes who made her whole body tingle with excitement, they would have thoughts otherwise.  

It was as though she was naked in front of her, the purple mid-tight skirt and white shirt forgotten, leaving her only in her lacy underwear. If someone had told her in the past that Hinata would have this kind of effect on her, she would have laughed in their face.

Yet now, she was about to experience what so many others had fallen for. The brunette was on a hunt and she was the prey.

The only remaining people were the two of them along with Naruto’s group who seems to be wrapping up their conversation as well.

“I wonder. How long do you think it will take?” Hinata questioned her gaze boring into her.

Ino looked at her in puzzlement, not understanding the question “You mean the rest of the event? I don’t know, maybe an hour or two.”

Her partner chuckled, further confusing Ino.

“Oh no Ino, I was not referring to the speeches.” She began before her voice dropped to a husky whisper “I meant, how long it will take me to make you beg for release”.

Ino eyes widened, her breath hitched before she composed herself, her usually confident smirk in place.

“Listen here, if you think that I will be as easy as the other you have another thing coming, Hinata-chan~” She retorted.

Humming, the heiress tilted her head at her with a smile before rising from her seat and coming around the table, just behind her. She felt Hinata’s perfume as the latter leaned her face just above her shoulder.

“You see Kurenai-sensei there?” Hinata began as she tilted her chin at the retreating back of said woman.” She was just like you at the beginning. But you watched it right? How she willingly let me use those plump lips of her, how she spread her ass cheeks for me, begging me to take her while Naruto wrecked her loose vagina.” Hinata whisper hotly

Those words went straight to Ino’s brain, clouding her thought and leaving her only with those images of the two women in her mind. It had been the first video that she had watched from Hinata and she remembered it vividly.

She knew that she was falling right onto Hinata’s game, her thighs rubbing against each other, trying to abate the burning feeling in her loin, but she was not able to place a word in before the pale eyed woman continued.

“Now that I think about it you two have a lot in common. While everyone saw you guys as the prettiest women on campus, you two just needed Naruto’s cock stuffed in your little cunt to realise how much of a whore you were.”

Ino blushed at the words her breathing coming in quicker pants. She had been mistaken. She thought that by watching Hinata in action, she would have been more prepared when the time came for her to face her. Alas, nothing could have prepared her for that.

Having known the shy and timid girl since her childhood, being subjected to those words spilling out of her mouth turned her on to no end.

“And you know what’s sad?” Hinata questioned as she brushed a trend of hair behind Ino’s ear. “While the both of you pride yourself on being the best at what you do, we all know that between the three of us...” She leaned in, her lips millimeters apart from Ino’s ear, the blonde could no longer hear anything but Hinata’s sultry voice. ”...I’m the better fuck.”

Ino had to bite her lips to prevent the surprised gasp from escaping her lips. She knew that getting pounded by Naruto had made her submissive, but for her to be that aroused from being humiliated by Hinata of all people was a new experience.

Her lacy underwear was starting to get moist from her love juice, her vulva pulsing with need. She had never experienced a hands-free orgasm, but she was not sure that she would be able to hold on if Hinata continued.

“I will show you how much of a buttslut I am.” she continued. 

Hinata gently turned the blond face to the side, forcing Ino’s half lidded eyes to meet her gaze as her thump caressed her cheek. “Tonight, you are going to be our little fuck doll”

“When I’m finished with that pretty face of yours, you won’t be able to look at me in the eyes without remembering how it felt to have my ass used it as its chair, how it tasted, it’s scent .. You will become addicted.”

All rational thoughts had already left the usually composed Ino at this point. She was completely under Hinata’s charm, her hands pressed tightly against her core hidden by the table, mouth slightly agape.

Her gaze locked on those sinful lips responsible for her current predicament, she did not care if someone spotted them, she would do anything for the burning feeling in her crotch to be sated.

“Believe me Ino, we’re going to ruin you tonight. No matter how much you beg, we won’t stop. Before the end of the night, you will be the one spreading your ass, begging to be fucked.” Hinata approached her face, slowly closing the distance between their lips, her sweet lavender smell invading Ino’s nostril. Each word pronounced, causing her lips to caress those of Ino.

“Ino you understand right?” Hinata asked as she lifted Ino’s face by her chin “Tonight, we plan on making you our bitch.

She sealed Ino’s fate when she mashed their lips together, muffling the blond’s pitiful moans as her whole body jerked, eyes closed in delight while her sticky juice streamed down her legs. Never had the model felt so stimulated, degraded and brought to ecstasy by mere words.

A small whistle echoed behind the two of them, Naruto admired Hinata’s handy work.

“You really did a number on her, huh.” He said

Hinata detached her lips from the woman as she smiled at Naruto.

“ I learned from the best.” She began” and she is all ready for us. Shall we?”

The photographer nodded at that. Helping a somewhat groggy Ino to her feet, the both of them supporting her by her side, they made their way to the elevator. Hinata's hand slipped from Ino’s lower back to her firm butt, squeezing it.

----------------------- Always the quiet one-----------------------

The trip to the room had been akin to a torture, Hinata and Naruto teasing and groping her when no one was looking in their direction. The two of them expertly played with her body, watching her squirm, but never letting her reach her peak.

As soon as they crossed the threshold of the room, Ino had all but launched herself at Naruto pressing their lips together in a needy sloppy kiss. She needed to feel him inside her, whenever he decided be it her cunt or her backdoor, she did not care. All she wanted was for him to use her like Hinata promised her.

Her fingers ran through his blond hair as she let him explore her mouth. Their tongue dancing in tandem being sucked, intertwining in the passionate exchange, her soft lips subjected to his onslaught. Her hardened nipple pressed against his pectoral muscle adding to her pleasure. Her breathing was ragged, vision blurred, moaning as she was thoroughly dominated, yet she would not back down.

She had been remodeled to this man's liking, willing to fulfill his every desire. If being walked all over by Hinata was his wish, she will gladly become the girl’s exclusive whore. If he needed her to use her body to gain him favors, she would seduce anyone, male or female, drain their balls, lap their cunt if it meant that she could get back to him at the end of the day. She needed him inside her, be it in her mouth, her tight cunt or her ass, alone or as his slave, she will open her holes for him however he wants.

His hands squeezed her firm behind through her skirt, riling it up to her lower back and exposing her see through black lingerie. He cupped her butt, massaged it to his liking, slapping it, the action making her yelp. She was so into the kiss that at first, that she did not register the other woman, the temptress, approaching her.

It was when she felt the two soft orbs of flesh pressed against her back, delicate hands joining her fellow blond in the exploration of her behind that she realised that the blue haired girl had joined them.

Hinata made quick works of her underwear, dragging them down her long pale legs, crouching behind her to help them out of them. Ino could not see the girl, but she felt her actions.

The heiress wet tongue, lapped at her inner thigh, licking off all the fem juice that was streaming down her legs and she took her sweet time while doing so. But no matter how much was lapped up, there was no use. She was like a broken faucet. Between Hinata’s teasing, and their current assault on her body, her body was on fire.

Yet it did not deter Hinata as she continued her way up her legs, pecking her dripping cunt, causing Ino to jerk her hips for a brief moment as the kneeling girl went for her main target. As Naruto’s hands on her ass spread her cheeks, two heavily lubricated fingers penetrated her twitching anus.

It’s been a long time since Naruto used her ass, her hole clenched against the foreign members pumping in and out of her. Hinata's previous job of cleaning up her legs all but ruined as her slit produced even more thick love juice, a small puddle starting to form at her feet as some of it fell down directly on the floor.

Her body was completely at their mercy, Naruto swallowed each of her moans and Hinata prepared her rectum for his burly manhood. It was meticulous work, the initial two fingers were soon joined by a third one, twisting in her tunnel, curling inside her and adding to her arousal. With how much lube Hinata used to prep her, she would not be surprised if her ass was entirely shiny from the lotion.

When the girl finally rose from her previously kneeling position Ino absently wondered if she was already done with her. A whine escaped her lips as Naruto detached their lips, a string of saliva still connecting them. She wanted more. More of this treatment, and more she got.

At first she felt distraught when she saw Naruto lean over her shoulder to engage in a heated make out with the butt lover, but as his finger reached her wet pussy and began fingering her in tandem with Hinata, she lost it.

Their thrusts were violent, both holes stroked rapidly, the lewd sound coming from it overshadowed by her lustful moan. She threw her head back, staring at the ceiling, her back arching as they made a mess of her body. Her arms previously snatched her fellow blond’s hair fell limply by her side as her lower body jerked uncontrollably from their assault.

The pleasure was too much, her eyes began rolling to the back of her head as she registered two voices.

“Come for us, slut

Her vision wet black as she howled her release, her creamy love juice fell down her legs like a waterfall. Her toe curling in pleasure, tears running down her face.

 Even so, the blond and brunette duo did not stop. As she came down from her first orgasm, her vulva still sensitive, they unabashedly continued jerking her off. No matter how much she pleaded for a break they never left off, watching her break apart orgasm after orgasm.

When they finally ceased their assault, her voice turned hoarse, her leg too weak to support her weight, she was brought to her knee before collapsing on the floor like a puppet. Hips still jerking and spasming as she tried to catch her breath.

Voiced register in her mind, but she was too far gone to decipher what they were saying. She laid there, half lidded eyes staring at the ceiling with a blank gaze when Hinata walked up to her, knees on each side of Ino’s head as she gazed down at her with a salacious smile.

Ino had the perfect view at the woman’s thick ass, her moist vagina quivering with desire as Hinata squatted down her face. Her buttocks sat on her face; the brunette’s vulva kissed her lips staining them with her juice. Every breath that she took was filled with Hinata’s sweet and sour smell, frying her brain even more.

The scent was too tempting, her hand unconsciously seizing the plump behind in her hands, opening her mouth to lap at the tasty juice, drawing out a melodious moan from Hinata.

The model tasted the brunette snatch for a while, her tongue plunging into the woman’s core and drawing out as much of the sweet nectar as she could before Hinata took matters into her hands. Taking a fistful of blond hair, she gyrated her hips in a lewd dance all over her pretty face, coating it with her thick juice, impregnating her scent all over her, marking her like an animal.

Nevertheless, Ino got off from it. The thought of her fan seeing her right now, the confident and sassy Ino Yamanaka’s face used like a rag doll by the calm and proper Hyuga’s heiress, excited her. They would not be able to believe how many cunts Naruto had made her eat out to get her where she was, how she relished in being used like this.

Nonetheless, she had not been ready for how far they had planned on degrading her. Once Hinata had painted her face with her jizz she had gotten up, looking down at her with eyes naked with intense desire as she received a double ended strap-on from Naruto. The Yamanaka was no stranger to this toy. She had been on the receiving end and had given many breathtaking orgasms with them.

Still, she had never used it like Hinata was preparing her for. The smaller end had been shoved in her mouth, stretching her muscle just enough to not be uncomfortable while the other end, a massive one at that, stood proudly from her parted mouth. It was when Hinata attached the sex toy to the back of her head, that her cloudy mind finally realised it: it was a face strap on and she had a good idea what her face would be used as.

For a normal person they would have been mortified by the mere thought of it, but after all she had been through, her inside burns from the upcoming humiliation, eyes dilated with lust as her finger found their way to her abused labia.

Once the face strap-on was firmly placed against her head, Hinata made a show of licking the exposed fake phallus all over, caressing it before taking its entire length in her mouth, eyes face to face with Ino she threw her a sassy wink as she pulled back. Ino had to admit, her heart skipped a bit at that, Hinata had no right to be that damn good.

“I’m ready on my side” She heard the Hyuga say.

She craned her neck downward to see Naruto between her parted legs, his throbbing rod at full mass and glistening with lubes, slightly lifting her bum to place a pillow under her and allowing better access to her stretched asshole.

“Perfect, shall we?” He answered with a smile.

As one they moved, Hinata with her back now facing her as she aimed the strap-on to her lubed ass while Naruto placed his massive cock to her rear entrance. With a nod and a smirk on their face the heiress impaled herself on Ino’s face at the same time as the photographer forced his way in her ass. 

She could not decide which one she preferred, the only things that she could focus on was the way that Hinata’s tightest hole was being stretched to the limit right in front of her eyes as her ass cheek rippled each time that she fucks herself on her face and Naruto’s girthy dick wrecked her inside.

While her moans were muffled by the toy in her mouth, Hinata more than compensated for it as throaty moans made everyone know how much she was enjoying having her ass fucked.

Naruto’s pounding made her entire body rock as his hips collided against her ass. He put his entire weight behind each thrust, bringing her closer to her impending climax.

Her tight tunnel was coiling his penis like a vice, massaging it, yet it did not bother his movement in the slightest. Even if he did not use it often, he had been the one to take that virginity from her, trained it. It was as if her inside recognised its owner, welcoming it back.

Ino was overwhelmed by the simultaneous activities, Hinata twerking on the strap on increasing in pace, Naruto’s member swelling up inside her. It was just a matter of time until they reached their peak, just like her, and Hinata was the first one to go.

With no regard to Ino’s well being, she put all her weight in a last downward thrust, hilting the girthy dildo deep in her butt as she rested her fat arse upon her face and threw her head back, the dirtiest moan that Ino had ever heard echoing in the room.

Ino felt Hinata’s warm secretion streamed down her neck as she herself exploded in a mind breaking orgasm. Her entire body convulsing as her cunt contrasted and unleashed a jet of femjuice on Naruto’s body, but she was too out of it to care at this point.

Her body was trashing as all of her pent-up lust was released, Naruto still pushing his dick inside her tight hole for the whole duration of her climax before she started seeing stars.

The last thing that her conscious mind was able to interpret was her fellow blond pulling back from her, seizing Hinata by the hair and shoving his dick right down her throat. The blue haired woman had wrapped her hand against his hips and gulped down his seeds like the most delicious treat there was.

And then, everything went black.






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