Fox Has Got Something to Tell

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Author's note: My week has been quite annoying and rather meh, so what do we do then? We write another yakuza Sasuke and we add a drag queen Naruto to it. Because clearly that's how it works. *clears throat* This is rather self-indulgent, so yes.

Additional disclaimer!: I don't know much about drag queens, aside from some clips I've seen and some reading I've done. In no way is this fic meant to hurt or insult anyone. If I made grave mistakes when referring to the queens, please tell me, because again, I don't want to hurt or offend anyone.

Warnings: OC's and Sasuke's pov; Alternate universe; Yakuza Sasuke; Drag Queen Naruto; pole dancing; mature content; established slash; references to drugs; lingerie; weapon use; drama; fluff; implied lap dance

I hope you'll like this self-indulgent fic (and I hope that I didn't mess up the theme!)

Fox Has Got Something to Tell

The news that one of his bosses – the youngest of the two brothers – would visit his club was both daunting and aggravating.

"Of course we'll prepare the VIP room," Tsuneo reassured Uchiha's assistant, leaning into his chair. "How late can we expect you?"

"Hm, probably around eight," Hozuki answered casually. "You got some entertainment arranged for tonight?"

Tsuneo blinked, a bit bemused. "He wants entertainment?" he asked surprised.

During the boss' previous visits he'd always refused any sort of entertainment, only staying long enough to discuss business before he was gone again. He had refused entertainment so often that Tsuneo had given up on offering it to him.

"Yes, he's in dire need of some relaxing," Hozuki said dryly. "So, you got something planned tonight?"

"Well, tonight some drag queens will perform," Tsuneo said slowly, pursing his lips.

His club was the only one who had a drag queen act as a matter of fact. It had been a rather risky move as he hadn't been certain at the time whether it would prove to be popular, but fortunately for him a lot of men – and even women – loved watching the drag queens perform. His gamble led to a full club every Thursday evening and long queues outside.

He was quite proud of himself to have introduced such a popular act that saw profits soaring every week, but he didn't have the impression that his boss would enjoy such a thing. Honestly, he often wondered whether there was actually something the boss enjoyed, because he more often than not carried quite the foul look whenever he visited the club.

Not that the girls of the club cared about that. The boss' handsome looks saw them vying for his attention every time, even when they got rejected time and time again.

"Do they give private performances?" Hozuki inquired interestedly.

"Three of them do," he replied. The three in question were the prettiest ones of the bunch, which made it only logical to have them take up the private performances.

The customers had to enjoy the service, after all, and that wouldn't happen if the drag queen still looked more like a guy than a woman. The three queens were also a lot more flexible than the others, which was an added bonus.

"Only three? I thought your club has at least ten drag queens?"

"I wouldn't exactly call the others suitable for a private performance, Hozuki-san," Tsuneo said delicately.

That made the man on the other end of the phone laugh. "Well, that's definitely clear. Have those three waiting in the room. He'll want to take a look at them before he chooses one."

"Certainly, Hozuki-san. I look forward to seeing you and the boss tonight," Tsuneo said politely.

"I'm sure you do, Tanaka-san."

The beep, beep was Tsuneo's signal that the assistant was done talking to him. He checked the screen to make sure the call had actually ended, before he slammed the device down on the desk and cursed loudly.

Of fucking course Uchiha had to choose tonight of all nights to show up again after having left this club alone for months! Why couldn't he have chosen tomorrow or better yet, next week? The deal would have been long finished by then and Tsuneo would be several connections richer.

But no, of course Uchiha had to choose tonight to show up, the one night where Tsuneo was going to close a deal with the Sound clan; an upcoming yakuza clan which was slowly spreading out his influence across the city. Uchiha paid well, he couldn't deny that, but there was nothing wrong with earning some pocket money on the side, right? He knew where the Uchiha kept part of their drugs hidden, thanks to a quick fling he had had with a girl dating one of the guys in charge of protecting the place. It had been easy to figure out the guards' schedule and a couple of weeks ago, he'd sneaked inside the abandoned warehouse and had managed to grab ten kilos of the purest heroine.

Word on the street had it that the Sound clan was looking to expand their influence and they were searching for trustworthy sellers. Some of the members had approached Tsuneo six weeks ago with the offer to work for them and the amount they were willing to pay for just a kilo had caused him to nearly faint on the spot. Thankfully he hadn't, because that would have been absolutely humiliating, but he had agreed to do business with them if they paid well.

Tonight was supposed to have been the night where they closed the deal and he became a bit richer, but it looked like he would have to call his contact to postpone the meeting.

"Goddamn Uchiha," he snarled lowly and shoved his chair back. "Doesn't show up for months and now tonight he decides to show his face again, the fucker."

Starting to seethe, he stormed out of his office and went downstairs to the dressing room he was certain had all the drag queens gathered. With just two hours to go until the club would open, they were preparing themselves for their performance and the room was lively, filled with chatter and laughter, when he entered it.

Ten men in various stages of being undressed and putting make up on were milling about, checking their clothes or their wigs. Six of them he ignored instantly, zeroing in on the three that might make Uchiha less of a pain in the arse tonight.

"Miss Foxy, Miss Del Uxe, and Miss Golden Minx," he called out, attracting the attention of the three queens in question.

Foxy turned to face him first. She was the newest drag queen, but her stunning blue eyes and her seductive dance moves saw her rapidly climbing to the top of the most popular drag queen already, barely a month after having started here. She was already dressed in a short blood red dress, showing off her slender legs. Her red high heels lifted her two inches higher, but she had yet to put her make up on or her long blonde wig.

Del Uxe stood right next to Foxy. She was a queen who'd started performing here last year and her innocent looks compared with the thin kimono she preferred to wear on stage made her a hit with many older men. She rarely wore a wig as her natural, black hair was already long, lending itself to a variety of coupes she loved to try out. At the moment she was simply dressed in a dressing robe, her eyes in the process of getting dark eyeshadow put on.

Golden Minx, meanwhile, was one of the senior drag queens, and quite popular because she was bold and not afraid to show what she had. She had quite the foul mouth on her as well, which made her especially popular during her comedy sketches. She was also a fan of wearing crop tops and low waisted skirts or loose trousers and tonight wasn't an exception to that as she was already dressed in a golden and pure white ensemble, showing off her flat stomach.

"Tanaka-san," Golden Mix greeted him; her face neutral. Outside her performance she didn't tend to have a very expressive face, which had disturbed Tsuneo a bit at the start, but he'd grown used to it by now.

"You need something, Tanaka-san?" Del Uxe asked curiously; her dark brown eyes gleaming in the spotlights above the mirrors.

"Yes, one of the bosses will visit the club tonight to discuss business and he's requested entertainment, so you three have to be ready by eight so that he can choose one of you," Tsuneo demanded. "Do not fuck this up, you hear me?"

"We won't," Golden Minx said self-assuredly. "Which of the two bosses is going to visit?"

He managed to cover up his grimace. "The youngest, Uchiha Sasuke."

"Oh, now this is interesting," Del Uxe grinned, turning completely around on her chair. "And he's okay with choosing one of us?"

"I told his assistant what the act tonight is and he told me I had to present my best queens, so," he waved his hand at them and shrugged, "you three are going to have to be on your best tonight, because whoever he chooses, you're going to make sure he has the best night of his life, understood?"

"Man, tonight is going to be interesting," Golden Minx murmured, an interested glint in her dark eyes.

"Sweetheart, you're too much for the boss, I doubt he's going to choose you," Del Uxe chuckled. "You might as well back out now, because he's going to choose me."

"Girl, are we confident," Foxy grinned, crossing her arms and cocking her hip to the lift. "Who says he won't choose me?"

"You're hot, but he's more the sophisticated type, honey," Del Uxe retorted amused and tugged at the short dress, clucking her tongue. "And sophisticated you are not."

"Oh, are we really going to start arguing about sophistication?"

"Just look amazing and be pretty, that's all I ask," Tsuneo sighed and left before the argument would completely spin out of control.

Now he needed to call his contact and reschedule their meeting to a day when Uchiha wouldn't show up to fuck things up.

Damn him.

In spite of the assistant's demand to present the three best queens, Tsuneo still had doubts that this was something the boss would really like. Uchiha and an interest in a drag queen? Those two just didn't fit together; the dark haired man being too stoic and straight laced for that.

As it turned out, he was proven wrong when the three drag queens entered the room and Tsuneo saw black eyes lightening up with interest immediately. Huh, well, he supposed Hozuki hadn't been yanking his chain then when he'd told him to present the queens.

"May I present to you Miss Golden Mix, who's very athletic and one of the best comediennes we have in the club," Tsuneo introduced the first queen with a smile.

She'd gone for a sheer through crop top this time with golden tape covering her nipples. She had also chosen the wig with the black curls this time, apparently going all out now that the boss was here. Her black eyes were coloured a bright golden and even her lips glittered silvery in the light as she smiled faintly and curtsied.

"Miss Del Uxe, who has the voice of an angel," Tsuneo continued and Del Uxe bowed, the multicoloured butterflies on her kimono catching the light and making them sparkle like diamonds.

"And last but not least, Miss Foxy, the best dancer both on the stage and around the pole."

Foxy was still wearing the short red dress, but she wore smoky eyes tonight, which brought out the deep blue colour of her eyes even more. Her lips were coloured a blood red, matching her red high heels and her cheeks looked ready to cut someone. The wig she wore was as blonde as her natural hair, but it had long loose curls which draped down her back with some curls resting on the impressive D cup sized breasts she had. Honestly, if Tsuneo didn't know she was in fact a man, he would have no trouble believing she was a woman. He still didn't know how she managed to make her breasts look so natural, especially given the V cut of the dress' collar.

At her introduction, she smiled seductively and rested her hand on her right hip.

"So you can pole dance, hm?" Uchiha asked; a hint of intrigue in his voice.

"Yes, I can, Uchiha-sama, I know how to work poles really well," she smiled and winked.

The innuendo was more than clear and it had Hozuki snickering and even Del Uxe turning her head slightly away to hide her smile.

Tsuneo startled slightly when Uchiha turned to address him, "You've got a private room where she can demonstrate her pole skills, Tanaka-san?" He smirked; a gleam in his eyes.

He really went straight for the price, huh? "Yes, we do have a private room equipped with a pole. You want me to prepare that one instead for our meeting, Uchiha-sama?" Tsuneo asked politely, already taking his phone out of his pocket.

"Yes, prepare that one. I want to find out myself what the best of the best of this club has to offer," Uchiha demanded and as if on cue, both Del Uxe's and Golden Minx's faces dropped slightly as they realised they were definitely not being chosen by the boss tonight.

"Certainly, sir, within five minutes we can move to the other room," Tsuneo reassured him and gave the order through to his employees, watching Foxy twirl a curl around her index finger as she batted her eyelashes at the boss.

Uchiha for his part was discussing something with Hozuki, but that didn't stop him from throwing several looks at Foxy while they waited for the other room to be prepared.

Well, Tsuneo supposed he couldn't blame the boss for being enamoured with Foxy already. She made one hell of a sexy woman and there was a reason why she had climbed to the top already. She was truly the best of the best.

Hopefully, the best of the best would entertain the boss well enough that this meeting would proceed without a hitch.

As he and Uchiha went over the bookkeeping, discussing the profits and the general state of the club, it didn't escape Tsuneo's notice that the boss' eyes – and attention – would stray more often than not to Foxy, who was spinning and twirling around the pole like she'd been born for it.

She was definitely a sight to behold, how she twirled and danced around easily on those high heels on the beat of the music before swinging herself up around the pole, swinging her whole body around it until she got high enough. Then she slowly slid down the pole, spreading her legs, offering a tantalising glimpse of the black panties she wore before lowering herself onto her knees on the floor. She pushed herself away from the pole, swung one leg up in the air before bringing it across the other and back again, rising up from the floor by pushing herself off it without missing a beat.

Then she curled her leg around the pole like she might do in bed around her lover, winked at Uchiha when he gazed at her, and boldly held his gaze as she twirled herself higher around the pole again before dropping down, her legs curled around the pole the only thing preventing her from smacking to the floor. Her dress was loose enough to fall back as well, showing another flash of her panties before she dragged her hands teasingly down her stomach, cupping her tits and licking her lips, before she straightened up again, bringing her hands once more around the pole.

It had to take a lot of strength and strong muscles to be able to cling and dance around the pole like that, but Foxy made it look effortlessly and most importantly, seductive at the same time, which made her one of the best queens this club had seen so far. Certainly some of the other queens could pole dance as well, but Foxy was definitely in a whole other league.

Something Uchiha seemed to agree with, judging by how he could barely keep his eyes off her.

A knock on the door disturbed them in the middle of their discussion regarding the renewal of the liquor licence and both men turned around with a frown, while Foxy continued dancing as if there was no interruption at all.

The person interrupting them turned out to be one of his bar maids, who looked rather ticked off. "My apologies, Tanaka-san, but there's a guy downstairs who keeps insisting he has to speak to you now and he won't leave no matter what we do. He says he's got something important to tell you."

"Tell him he can wait," Tsuneo said annoyed.

"We did that and he refuses to listen. You know I wouldn't disturb you if this wasn't serious," she said, frowning.

That was true, he acknowledged with a sigh. She was one of his best bar maids and if she felt pressured enough to seek him out in the middle of a meeting with the boss, this had to be something serious.

"I'm sorry, Uchiha-sama," he started, but Uchiha waved him off.

"No need to apologise, I get it. Go handle it quickly; we're almost done here."

"Yes, thank you, sir. I won't be long," he promised and hurried out of the room, following the bar maid. Hopefully Foxy's skills would be enough to keep Uchiha entertained while he dealt with whatever the problem was now.

"That goddamn idiot," Tsuneo grumbled annoyed, marching back upstairs. He would need to have a talk with Kimimaro soon and explain him that his goons weren't welcome when his club was open.

Who knew what would have happened if Uchiha had ran into that guy on the way down? Tsuneo shuddered, running a hand through his hair. God, he didn't even want to contemplate what might have happened then. The goon was low enough in the ranks that Uchiha wouldn't recognise him, but the guy's hand bore the same tattoo every Sound clan member appeared to have and Uchiha would definitely have recognised that. He would have wanted to know what a Sound member was doing in one of his clubs and Tsuneo could definitely do without those questions.

As much as the boss aggravated him, he wasn't stupid and he would know something was up if he saw a Sound member in the club.

"Stupid bastards, the lot of them," he sneered underneath his breath before schooling his face in a calm mask when he set foot on the second floor where Hozuki was guarding the door.

"You dealt with the problem?" Hozuki inquired idly.

"Yes, just an idiot who thought he could negotiate his club ban," Tsuneo lied smoothly, offering a thin smile before he slipped back into the room.

He raised an eyebrow when he saw Foxy on Uchiha's lap, her hands resting on his shoulders as she circled her hips to the beat of the music. Guess she upgraded the pole dance to a lap dance. Whatever, as long as the boss would leave happy, he couldn't care less if she sucked him off in the middle of the room.

"I see Miss Foxy has been keeping you busy," Tsuneo smirked, striding back to the chair.

Uchiha patted Foxy's right thigh and she wrinkled her nose, but slid off his lap, her hips swaying as she returned to the pole, taking up her dancing again as if she hadn't stopped in the first place.

"She has," Uchiha agreed with a smirk and nodded at the closed files. "While you dealt with the problem, I finished looking through the bookkeeping. You were obviously the right man for this job, because the club has never been this profitable until you started working here."

"Thank you, sir," Tsuneo preened. Yeah, the boss might be annoying to deal with at times, but it was good that he did recognise talent when he saw it.

As if that was the cue, Hozuki entered the room, ready to accompany the boss downstairs again.

"Say, Tanaka-san, you don't happen to know a good exterminator?" Uchiha asked casually, standing up and straightening out his jacket.

Foxy slowed to a stop, resting her body against the pole and looking interested; her cheeks having gained a natural blush by now.

"Exterminator, sir?" Tsuneo inquired baffled. "Are you having problems with vermin, perhaps?"

"Yes, one of my properties seems to have a rat problem." Uchiha frowned. "Taking bites out of everything, those filthy animals."

"They are quite annoying to deal with," Tsuneo agreed and clasped his hands behind his back, smiling apologetically. "Unfortunately, I never have had a problem with them, so I wouldn't know of any good exterminators. I could call around, though, see if any of my connections knows a good company?"

"That would be appreciated," Uchiha said calmly. "Before I leave, I do have to offer you some apologies, though."

"Apologies, Uchiha-sama?" Tsuneo repeated mystified. "I'm sorry, I don't follow. Why would you have to apologise?"

"Well, I made you reschedule your meeting tonight, didn't I?" Uchiha smiled and it was a neutral smile, one that others would take at face value, linking it to the apology.

Tsuneo wasn't one of those others, however, and his heartbeat was loud in his ears, his mouth suddenly dry, as he stared in unreadable black eyes. "I have no idea what meeting you're talking about, sir," he brought out through numb lips.

Just play it cool. Just play it cool and everything would be fine, come on. Uchiha had no proof; there was nobody in this club who knew Tsuneo was talking with the Sound clan and so nobody who could have snitched on him. There was just no way for Uchiha to suspect anything, no proof, no rumours, nothing.

"Really? So this package," Hozuki dropped the brown package with heroin on the table; his purple eyes glinting viciously, "just was brought to you by some rats? Those must have been some damn strong rats," Uchiha said coldly.

"I have no idea how that package ended up here, I swear! I would never - " Tsuneo froze and shut up when Uchiha pointed his gun at him, aimed straight at his forehead.

Black eyes burned when Uchiha said icily, "You and I are going to have a nice talk somewhere else, Tsuneo. We wouldn't want the rats to start swarming in this club either, hm?"

The last thing Tsuneo saw before Hozuki knocked him out, was blue eyes glimmering and blood red lips curled up in a dark smile.

"How long should we keep him, boss?" Suigetsu asked, coming to a stop in front of the house.

Loosening his tie, Sasuke answered disinterestedly, "For however long you and Hidan want to play with him."

"Sure thing, boss," Suigetsu smirked and saluted him when he stepped out of the car, driving off once Sasuke was inside.

Removing his jacket, he took his phone and called Karin, who picked up fairly quickly.

"Hey, boss," she greeted him and the noise of some movie muffled her voice for a couple of seconds before she lowered the volume of her television. "You need something? Suigetsu being an idiot again?"

Sasuke snorted, toeing off his shoes. "No, just calling to inform you that we will need to look for a new manager for club Red Dawn."

"Ah," she paused and sighed heavily. "So he really was stealing from us, huh?"

"You were doubting Naruto's intel?" He raised an eyebrow, somewhat amused.

"Nah, I know he wouldn't have messaged us if he wasn't certain, but man, it's a pain in the butt trying to find decent staff," she groaned dismayed. "You mind if I call in Shikamaru-kun's help with finding the new one? He's good at weeding out the idiots, better than I am even."

"That's a big compliment coming from you," he chuckled, dropping his keys in the bowl. "But yes, he can help. I'd rather not have to search for a new manager every six months."

"Too much paperwork," she agreed. "All right, I'll start on it first thing in the morning."

"Thanks, Karin. Good night."

"Good night, boss."

The lights were off everywhere downstairs, the curtains drawn in every room, which wasn't a surprise considering the late hour. Silently he made his way upstairs, cocking his head to the left when he saw the faint beam of light slipping from underneath the bedroom door.

What awaited him when he opened the door had his blood rushing straight to his cock; his eyes zeroing on the vision greeting him on the bed. And what a vision it was.

Naruto was lounging in the middle of the bed. He no longer had the wig on nor the short dress and his smoky eyes were gone, but his lips were still rather red as if he hadn't bothered washing his lipstick off. He was also still wearing his high heels and he wore a lacy black camisole which flared out around his hips, showing off the black panties he'd chosen to wear. His fake breasts were no longer present, but he didn't need them to look absolutely ravishing in the camisole.

He was also untucked, Sasuke noticed when Naruto slowly sat up and glided his heels across the sheets before his knees rose up and his legs fell apart, boldly showing off the growing bulge in his panties before he coyly closed his legs again and curled them next to him.

"You dealt with the thief?" Naruto inquired innocently, but his eyes were positively glittering when Sasuke approached the bed and cupped his cheek. He closed his eyes when the dark haired man bent down to kiss him, tasting raspberry of all things. His lover must have mixed the lipstick with some chap stick then.

"Hm, thanks to you we got him," Sasuke confirmed and sank down on the bed, smoothing his hand down Naruto's back, enjoying the shiver his action elicited.

"Glad I could help," Naruto murmured, arching into the touch. "Guess Deidara-kun's lessons weren't for naught then."

Sasuke and Itachi had heard the rumours of the Sound clan seeking to expand their territory, going as far as to try to lure members of other clans to their side. When some heroin had ended up stolen from one of their warehouses, the brothers had immediately realised the Sound clan had managed to hook their claws into one of their own.

They were going to deal with the Sound clan soon, but first they had to track down the rat who thought he could betray them without facing any consequences. It had taken some time to figure out who all had known about the stash at the warehouse, but eventually they had managed to narrow it down to two possible candidates. In order to find the evidence, they had sent two people undercover to the clubs: Naruto to Red Dawn, Deidara to Morning Star.

With both clubs having positions open for entertainment, the choice had been quickly made to have Naruto go undercover as a drag queen. He wasn't one professionally, but Deidara had done it for quite some time and the two blonds loved to get together once in a while and have fun with the costumes and wigs. It had been Deidara who taught Naruto everything he'd known about being a drag queen and with Naruto being quick on the uptake, it hadn't taken him long to work himself up to the top of the club.

It was in between performances that Naruto had steadily searched through the entire club, leaving no stone unturned in his quest to figure out whether Tanaka was behind the theft or not. Deidara had been on the same mission in the other club, but it had been Naruto who had scored the jackpot; messaging Sasuke two days ago that not only had he found the stolen goods, but he'd also been able to follow Tanaka to one of his meetings with the Sound clan, sealing the manager's fate.

Before Tanaka would blow out his last breath, he would wonder how on earth he had been caught and he would never realise that one of his "pretty drag queens" had tied the noose for him.

"Guess they weren't," Sasuke hummed and then scowled, palming Naruto's hip. "I still don't like how many men saw you like this."

"Bastard, you know you're the only one for me," Naruto said lovingly before he grinned and winked. "Besides, I can promise you they never saw me like this. This feast is only for your eyes, baby."

"Feast, huh?" Sasuke echoed, ignoring the mocking tone of the pet name, and swiftly pushed Naruto down on his back, rolling between his spread legs, making the man "oomph" and blink up at him. "You dressed up pretty for me alone then?"

"You think I wear these death traps for the fun?" Naruto drawled, dragging one of said death traps across the back of Sasuke's leg. "Come on, I didn't put on that show for nothing, you know, and we did get interrupted before we could get to the fun part."

Sasuke smirked, leaning down to nibble at Naruto's jaw. "You and your oral fixation are unbelievable," he breathed out, watching goose bumps rise across Naruto's upper arms.

"I don't hear you complaining about my fixation when I've got my lips wrapped around your dick," Naruto shot back and kissed him hard before Sasuke could think of something to say.

He was fine with that, though, kissing his lover back equally as hard as he and the blond set to divesting him of his clothes as quickly as possible, throwing the pieces away and letting them fall wherever.

"Keep it on," he said roughly when Naruto moved as if to remove the camisole and dazed blue eyes blinked at him before they cleared up slightly and Naruto smirked, releasing the camisole and wrapping his hands around Sasuke's neck, pulling him down.

"Fine, but the panties have to come off if you want to fuck me and Sasuke," he pulled back to stare at him boldly, "you better want to fuck me after leaving me hanging like that back there."

"Who's the one who started the lap dance in the first place?" Sasuke asked rhetorically, but because he was a good boyfriend, he quickly pulled down the panties, which by now were already quite damp; Naruto's cock jutting out freely now, no longer restricted by the lace cloth.

Naruto raised one of his feet in the air, wriggling it around. "And the heels?"

Sasuke smirked, grabbing both legs to wrap them around his waist. "You got the panties off, but the heels are staying on for now. Have I told you before how amazing you look in red?"

Naruto laughed, moaning when fingers wrapped around his cock, squeezing it gently. "You might have mentioned it once or twice, yeah," he gasped, humming when Sasuke dipped down to kiss him at the same time he slipped two fingers between his cheeks, brushing across his hole.

His hole which felt slick and stretched and fluttered around the two fingertips. Chuckling darkly, Sasuke pulled back a bit, but kept the digits pressed against his entrance. "Someone had fun while I was gone."

Naruto pouted, angling his hips towards Sasuke. "Well, what else was I supposed to do while I waited for Uchiha-sama to come back to me?" He fluttered his eyelashes, making Sasuke laugh.

"You're unbelievable," he told him, words he'd spoken to him before, but which remained true again and again, no matter how many years would pass.

And no matter how many times they would fuck, there was still something absolutely mesmerising about the way Naruto would still perfectly when Sasuke pushed inside him for the first time, breaching him and forcing his muscles to part around his cock. His breath would escape in almost inaudible "ah, ah, ah," sounds and he would sigh and link his arms around Sasuke's shoulders, pulling him down to catch his mouth in a deep, bruising kiss.

Then, like a spell being broken, he would roll his hips, taking Sasuke deeper inside him, and the quietness was gone, replaced by little whimpers, hitched mewls, and deep moans whenever Sasuke managed to strike that one particular place just right. Nails would rake down Sasuke's back whenever he angled his hips and thrusted harder inside and thighs would quiver around him as Naruto's pleasure would slowly crescent until he lost himself and gibberish escaped him as he came, spilling between them, and sobbing out Sasuke's name.

He would shiver and shake underneath Sasuke, panting and groaning as Sasuke tried to prolong his pleasure by pressing against his sweet spot until he could no longer hold back his own climax and he would come too, spilling deep inside his lover, feeling those strong arms clutch his back.

Feeling wrung out, exhausted and yet satisfied, held within his lover's embrace.

"The best queen of the club, hm?" Sasuke mused aloud a bit later once they'd returned from the shower and were back in bed.

Naruto snorted and turned around, curling into his side and throwing a leg across his thighs. "You best believe it, bastard. Feel honoured that you managed to snatch this amazing queen for yourself," he grinned, kissing Sasuke's shoulder.

"Oh, I definitely feel honoured," Sasuke hummed and scratched Naruto's scalp gently, on the spot he knew would turn the blond into a puddle.

If humans were capable of purring, that was surely what Naruto would be doing now as his eyes turned half lidded and he pressed himself as closely to Sasuke as possible. "Don't you worry, though," he mumbled, starting to sound sleepy. "This fox will only ever dance for you again."

Sasuke smiled and kissed his forehead, inhaling his familiar, comforting scent. "I like that."

For all his faults, Tanaka had been right about one thing at least: Naruto was indeed the best of the best.

The End

Author's note: I don't know where this idea came from, don't ask me, my mind is weird as hell. I hope it wasn't that bad at least and again, no offense was meant to anyone!

Please leave your thoughts behind in a review; should you spot any mistakes, please point them out to me.

I hope to see you all back in my future stories! Please stay safe and take care of yourselves!



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