Secrets of the Namikaze household

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New day came into Namikaze household. Kushina Uzumaki was cooking for Minato and her son Menma. You may ask “Why I didn’t name Minato as her husband?” and “Why isn’t she Uzumaki-Namikaze?”. The truth behind this questions hides in truly ingenious plan made by her other son, Naruto, who was right now silently eating his mother’s pussy behind the table she is cooking on. Kushina was showing all her kunoichi training not to start showing her emotions. Oh, how she would like to start moaning right now, to let her tongue stick out of her mouth, to roll her eyes back or at least to pinch her nipples, but secrets must remain secrets.


How did it all start?


Naruto and Menma were brothers, twin-jinchuuriki of nine tails, children of the most respected and admired couple in the whole shinobi world. Menma was godson of two sannins: Tsunade and Jiraya, while Naruto got another sannin as a godfather. And he actually can be considered more son of Orochimaru then son of Minato.


Snake sannin wasnt trying to corrupt young Naruto, he wasn’t doing anything to let it happen, it just did.


For some reason Minato was spending way more time with Menma as did Jiraya (as he should as godfather) and Tsunade cause loud and funny Menma reminded her more of Nawaki, then quiet and kinda reserved Naruto, so Naruto spent most of his time with Kushina. His mother was his world, his everything, his most favorite person. He showed greap promise in kenjutsu and the art of sealing, so Kushina early named him as Uzumaki clan heir. Menma was not less talented, just his skills lied in different plane: he was more ninjutsu and taijutsu fighter, and Minato decided to name him Namikaze heir to compete with Kushina.


Kushina, she was a great woman, a great kunoichi and even better friend, she was perfect wife, anything a man could ask for, but time eats away passion. Minato no longer desired Kushina like he did before, truly his duty as a father and Hokage took all of his attention. All time he had for his wife was now dedicated to their child. Of course, Uzumaki matriarch was frustrated, but she was proud and loyal woman, so she would never descend to something low like cheating.  


She tried to keep her face, but her Naruto had seen it, had seen all that pain. Despite being only 6 years old he understood, that Minato couldn’t give his mother all the love and attention she deserved. Who could it give to her better then him, right? Her own son, who understood her better then anyone, who truly desired for her to be happy again. He may not completely understand what was said by his godfather, but the main idea was obvious to him.


“The fire of Red Hot Habanero is weakening”, - said Orochimaru.

”Red Hot what?” - asked Naruto.

“It was your mother’s moniker, she was a very strong and fiery woman, very remarkable one. But now she is frustrated, I know you understand, what am I talking about, right?”

“Yes, father is neglecting her.”

“That he does, she is losing her confidence, that is bad for a woman like her.”

“I will make her happy, truly happy,” he said confidently. 

“Some things son cannot do to his mother, it only husband can do,” told him snake sannin.

“I know. I know what I must do, I will make her mine and she will be happy with me.”

“Kukukuku, truly remarkable goal you have. Let it be that way: if you achieve it, i will gift you my sword, Kusanagi no Tsurugi. deal?” Orochimaru had scientific interest in  how far will his godson go to fulfill  his weird incestous desire.

Naruto’s eyes shined:

“You are the best, Orochi-kyofu! I will make my dream reality, just wait ‘ttebayo!”

It was rare occasion to see Naruto in such outburst, but it was always funny to watch.

“You must have a very good plan to make it happen, you know?”

“I’m in process.”

“I am waiting to see your success.”


Soon after that Orochimaru let Naruto sign Snake summon contract. It of course made Menma envy, but Jiraya told him, that it was too early for such things and Orochimaru is just showing off. Little did he knew, that Orochimaru was getting ready for defection.


“Why are you leaving, kyofu?”

“Sometimes if you can’t get what you want in one place, you must get it in another, Naruto. It is harsh trush, but truth nevertheless.”


Soon after that Orochimaru’s labs were discovered and he was labeled as S-rank missing nin of Konoha.


Meanwhile Naruto was creating his own long-term plan to not just seduce his mother but to make her his. Like Orochimaru was obsessed with immortality and infinite knowledge, he was obsessed with his mother. Thousand of books of psychology were studied by him, many stories listened in bars under henge, but final, long-term plan was created. When he shared his plan with his godfather via summon, snake sannin was terrified and exited. Both because of cruelty of this plan and little age of young manipulator.

At the age of eight was created a plan, plan of eight years of making his mother completely his.


Since that day Naruto was slowly implanting ideas of cheating in his mothers head.

“Sometimes if you can’t get what you want in one place, you must get it in another, kaa-chan. It is harsh trush, but truth nevertheless”, he quoted his godfather to her. He was actually talking about his poor relations with his classmates so he had found friendship in older generation people like Uchiha Itachi, Inuzuka Hana and others, but his message was understood by his mother like he wanted.


When naruto turned ten, Kushina got enough of neglect by her husband and decided to take a genin team, where she found fourteen years old stud, Raimaru Sarutobi. Of course at the same time she stopped Naruto’s training, what was also part of his plan. Half a year later she started her way of adultress. Only her best friend Mikoto and Naruto knew about it, Mikoto from Kushina herself and Naruto via his snakes. 


At the age of twelve Naruto turned shinobi and half a year later, Kakashi enrolled his team into chuunin exam. Alongside with that Kushina decided to enroll her team too. Well, it’s not like “decided”, more like “was forced”, cause it was weird that the best kunoichi of the village couldnt make fine chuunins from bunch of genins for whole two years. The truth was that she wanted to spend as many time with her lover, as she could. If he succeeded in making chuunin she was going to take him as apprentice and even take him on “training” trip. She became devoted to his cock and she started to love him as a man, so she didnt want to leave him. He was handsome, hung, smart and could keep secrets when needed.


The forest of death brought new problems. Orochimaru reappeared in the village. Naruto got Five Element Seal on his stomack and a stab from Kusanagi after traitorous sannin marked his Uchiha teammate. Getting such a disadvantage was terrible for exam and so he lost his preliminary battle to no other than his mother’s lover. He played enraged boy, when he told Jiraya that his parents dont spend time with him, when he and his brother’s godfather were sent on a mission to retrieve Tsunade to heal Naruto himself from poison and to heal Rock Lee from battle with Gaara. Meanwhile Minato was training Menma and Kushina was training and more with her lover.


She was disappointed in Naruto’s bad performance, she spent many years in his seals and kenjustu training, he even got snake contract, so why didn’t he use any of it? “Well, he didn’t have any sword at himself, but all other stuff?” she tried to understand. It was later, when she found out from Minato that her son was at terrible disadvantage and she just scolded him for that and went to suck off her lover for his victory. She started feeling herself terrible for neglect, especially when her husband told her that it was Jiraya, who unsealed him, not Minato. She understood, that her son may hate her, that she neglected him even worse than she was neglected by minato, he was her baby boy, how could she do that to him? What she didnt know that all that was a part of terrible plan and it was only beginning of her suffering.


After naruto returned, he avoided his parents, playing offended child. After finals Sasuke defected to Orochimaru. Unfortunatly only Kushina’s genin cell was available at that moment, Minato could only guess, how could Orochimaru know missions timetable, but its obvious to us, right? Who could know that on that mission Kushina would face snake sannin himself and her team would face Kimimaro Kaguya. Kushina was stalled long enough for Sasuke to run away, and on her way back she found that out of all her team it was her lover  who was killed.


She was devastated, now she could truly say that she loved him. But that loss was only half of what she will have to endure during this day. At home she finally confronted Naruto, who accused her in adultery with her own student, that she was fucking him while he was in hospital after preliminaries, when she should have taken care of her son. He told her that she betrayed sacred uzumaki vow and deanounced her as a mother. It was the last hit she could get. Red Hot Habanero died that day and she turned into a husk of a woman. 


It took her two week to proceed all that happened and she decided to take Naruto on a training trip to finish his Uzumaki education. She just hoped that he would accept her help, which he did, or she couldn’t even imagine what she had left to do in her life. And so they left Konoha for unknown amount of time. At first Naruto was treating her like a stranger, what only broke her heart even more, she even confessed him that she was thinking about ending her life. Naruto understood one important thing. He succeeded in breaking her completely, now time has come to repair her to his needs. 


During last years Minato was less than a friend to her, more like good neighbor, and after her infidelity she just couldn’t look at him without shame, Menma was always daddy’s boy, she did what she should as a mother, but he was always distant from her, so when Naruto told her, that he was too harsh with her and he doesn’t want to see her dead and told her that he wants to start over, she took this opportunity without any questions. So they started over as friends.


Time passed and Naruto was slowly rising her confidence  and destroying the sexual border between them. So one day during their third year of travels Naruto asked her out. At first she was confused, cause he WAS her son, but eventually she agreed, and, god, this was the best her date. He told her, how amazing she was, how he liked her beautiful red hair, how even her tomboyish attitude was to his liking. She was praised for all she was and he even confessed her that it was hard for him also, cause she was his mother and she did betray him, what felt like a stab for her, but brought her to understanding that it wasn’t just incestous desire for his mother, but something more. He wanted her as a woman, she got a feeling she had thought she would never feel again. Even her stud wanted more her body, then her soul. Last time she felt like this with Minato, but it didn’t end well. She was scared of this new relationship, but decided to go along with it. Only after sacred Uzumaki wedding ceremony he told her, that he forgives her as a son. She was beyond happy, but also confused, how would their relationship work now, but Naruto promised her, that he will take care of her both as a son and as a husband. She felt a bit of relief, but it still felt weird. And so they had good passionate sex all night after that and she was sure now that it all will work out somehow. Red Hot Habanero that was tamed by Minato years ago was finally shattered and destroyed, and from her ashes, like a phoenix, was born new Red Hot Habanero, one that belonged to her son, Naruto.


Three and a half years after departure incestous couple came back. Naruto was now Uzumaki clan head and Kushina was no more Namikaze, but just Uzumaki for a new reason. Not like anyone from Konoha must know about it. And here we are again in the kitchen of Namikaze household, where Kushina witnessed amazing orgasm from her son-husband mouthwork. She was panting lightly in the aftermath, but it was their decision that they will keep their marriage in secret until deem necessary.

“Ramen is ready,” - said Kushina with hints of red on her cheeks.

“Where is Naruto?” - asked Minato.

“Yeah, where is nii-san?” - added Menma.

“Well...” - stuttered Kushina - “he went outside...”

At this moment Naruto emerged through the door swinging Kusanagi no Tsurugi happily.

“How did you get this sword?”asked Minato with concern.

“It seems my godfather remembered his promise.”

“What promise?”

“To gift me this sword once i reach jounin level,” - he lied.

“Well, thats unpredictable from him,” said somewhat shocked Hokage.

“True,” Naruto agreed.


Soft female moans were heard from master bedroom.

“Mmhhhh, Naru-koi, you are so attentive to my babies,” complimented Kushina, while Naruto was sucking and licking her nipples and cleavage. His left hand was roaming around her back and his right hand was gently groping her butt.

“Mmmm, Kushi-chan is just so tasty and pleasant to touch.”

“You spoil me, Naru-koi,” she said in mock shy tone. 

“Of course i do, my hime,” he answered and thrusted his cock into her awaiting pussy.

“Agggh Naruto!” she screamed.

“Ohhhh kaa-chan, you are so wet here. Is kaa-chan having bad thoughts about her sochi?” he asked slyly.

“Oh, yes... She does, she wants him so much, she wants to carry his baby. Please, baby boy, do it for me!” she pleaded in sextalk.

“What kind of mother asks her son of that?” he accused her and started moving his hips forwards and backwards .

“Ahhh, that kind of mother, that got lucky with such attentive son. what did i do to deserve you?” she said while panting.

“oh, you were just very amazing, kaa-hime,” he complimented her and sealed her mouth shut with his lips.


Yes, she was his, her body and soul, and she was happy beyond reason with it.


This is the first chapter/prologue of my fic. Next chapters will contain less plot and more lemon and of course will be based on secret mating of our incestuous couple.


Till next time.

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