Naruto - Beast of Ecruteak

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Ecruteak City. Many people thought that it was the most beautful city found in the Johto region, and could compete with other cities across the entire world. It had everything, it had its own culture and beliefs, it had its own history for the city, people had their own way of dressing in formal and fine clothing, it even had a place for people to come together to enjoy dance and theatre, the city even created its own special instruments to make unique music to share with the rest of the region. There was even a place that all the monks and monks in training could go to practice thier beliefs, and it wasn't isolated, yet it was furnished for their needs and even had zen gardens for the monks to enjoy.

Although, there was one thing that made Ecruteak City different from the rest, and that was the magnificent tower in which the residents called; The Burnt Tower - once known as the Brass Tower - and standing high and mighty on the other side of the flourishing city was the so called twin; The Bell Tower.

These two towers were created over 750 years ago, and its purpose was to foster friendship between people and Pokemon alike, as back then, there were no such things as Poke Balls, it was only for the bonds forged for people and Pokemon by communicating and learning from each other.

Despite the beauty of the city that was slowly growing to be the cultural powerhouse of the Johto region, it wasn't all sunshine and rainbows for everyone, as there were some unlucky few that didn't have the most pristine and comfortable life in the city, in fact, it could be the polar opposite of them having a life that was filled with poverty, loneliness and even uncomfortable.

That is where the story begins, with one of those unlucky few that didn't have the chance to live the comfortable lifestyle within the ever growing city, and it starts in the far past, when the Burnt Tower was something much more, back when it stood high and mighty with its twin; The Bell Tower over 150 years ago, before the tragedy that followed in which the people of Ecruteak City would call the darkest day for generations to come.

Slowly, the form of a small boy could be seen rising from his makeshift bed that he made for himself near the edge of the town.

The small boy couldn't of looked like he was older than six or seven years of age and stood at a rather short height of 3'5 - a couple of inches below the average height for his age. Yet, he was living life like no one ever should. His rather skinny frame only solidified the fact that he was homeless and was suffering from malnourishment, as he couldn't get a decent food intake during the days nor nights due to how poor he was, and for the fact that the older people didn't seem to care for him at all - barring a friendly old man, but he too was getting up there for age.

The boys hair was rather messy and a dull yellow color - which used to be bright yellow, and in the right light, it could look like the sun in brightness - and was rather greasy from the lack of proper bathing that he could enjoy - as he could only enjoy a few minutes in one of the ponds outside the city before having to get out in order to not contaminate the water with filth so the other creatures could drink from it - his peach colored skin was smudged with mud, dirt and other grime that had managed to cling to his skin during the nights from his living environment as well. His blue eyes - which conveyed the many emotions he felt - were rather bleary and rather watery from having just woken up from his slumber. The most exotic and interesting feature that he had was the three-whisker like markings he had on each cheek, people still didn't know whether it was birthmarks or some sort of genetic mutation.

It was also one of the reasons why most people actually avoided him, they were scared of what they didn't know.

His clothing was... something that many would notice, as it was old. While they were old, they still did the job they needed in order to cover as much skin as possible. The fabric was a soft green color and had many floral patterns and went down just past his knees - while it may look girly, it was indeed a Yukata, the male version of the Kimono that the city loved to make from all different types of fabric and colors.

This was Naruto Uzumaki, resident 'street rat' of Ecruteak City.

His tired blue eyes blinked a few times, trying to get rid of the grogginess that came after a long nap or slumber. As he looked around at his surroundings - in which he called home - it was merely a small bed made of leaves that he managed to stitch together with the use of some twine and string that he managed to snag with the little money he had - it took nearly two whole days to it, but it was worth it for him - while he didn't have any covers to cover himself at night with, it was still better than sleeping on the cold, hard ground.

Set next to the makeshift nature bed, there was a small lamp, which seemed to be on its last legs, but it did provide some sort of light when it was lit at night and did provide some warmth for him to enjoy and bask in during the cold Winters and Autumns. He just needed to make sure to not place it so close to the leaf bed, as the lamp did have a tendency to flicker and he didn't want to risk a small ember falling onto the bed and setting it on fire.

Glancing towards the sky in order to find out the time of the day, Naruto found that the sun was near its peak in the sky, meaning that it was close to the middle of the day. How he slept for that long undisturbed was a mystery to him. He frowned however, when he noticed that menacing, dark gray clouds were slowly moving towards each other and looked like they wouldn't stop until the sun was completely covered.

While it was unfortunate to see that the beautiful blue sky was slowly turning a dull and dreary dark gray color, it didn't mean that he had the day to himself, it just meant that he needed to work extra hard and provide some covering for himself to protect himself against the downpour that was sure to drop from the sky, 'Maybe sleeping in the Brass Tower would be an option.' He thought to himself, glancing upwards once again, but this time, he caught sight of the marvelous building which made Ecruteak City unique; the Brass Tower.

Whilst the Brass Tower was a place that was normally only used for some special ceremonies, such as weddings or even special holidays of the town, such as the holidays that the people celebrate and worship the mystical beasts, which have been named; Ho-Oh and Lugia, by the general population, as it was said in the long past that those beasts would perch upon the Brass Tower and Bell Tower respectively, it was possible to be able to have permission to sleep there if need be.

Not many people used it as they had their own home and family to attend to, but for someone like Nartuo, who had no home or no family to speak of, it might be possible to sleep within the sacred tower, 'Monk Sarutobi could give me permission.' He thought to himself, smiling lightly as he thought of the friendly monk who cared for him.

While he might not be around much as he had other duties to attend to and students to teach in the ways of being a monk, he still tried to leave some time out and just bond with Naruto and give insightful advice and wisdom to pass onto him to live his life to the fullest and to treat every living being with respect, 'If you show a creature the respect they want, then they will treat you with the respect you want.' Was one of his teachings to Naruto, and it had stuck within him ever since. At every opportunity he could, he would follow the advice of Sarutobi, yet, he would sometimes never get the respect back.

It was painful, but in the end, he would smile and continue to be respectful - as best as he could, sometimes, it was hard to continue being respectful if most of the time, it wasn't returned.

Tidying up his Yukata the best he could, Naruto bent down and picked up the makeshift leaf bed that he made and gently strung the twine around his shoulders, like he was carrying a vase or something of importance like that - in which it was, it was his bed, his resting place for the night. He also gently picked up the rusting lamp and placed the metallic ring loop at the top through a small hole in the fabric, making sure that it was secured in place. Once he patted himself down and did a small jiggle of a body movement to make sure that everything was secured and didn't have a chance to fall off of his person, he made his way from his little spot and made his way towards the Brass Tower.

He knew that Monk Sarutobi would be busy at this time with his prayers and meditation, so he decided to spend some time at the tower itself. Maybe there would be some stray creatures around that he could try and bond with.

Walking around the quickly developing and flourishing city that was Ecruteak, Naruto couldn't help but feel a little jealous as his attention was caught with the many residents all chatting with each other, and doing some daily tasks that were near impossible for him to even do, like talking to their families, thinking about what ingredients they needed for this evenings dinner, and even the price in which they would have to pay for a simple ticket to a performance that was happening later tonight.

For someone like him, he couldn't enjoy the simple things in life, hell, he couldn't even think ahead about what he wanted for dinner and ingredient wise, he had to rely on luck or for some people that were feeling just a little generous to even give him some spare ingredients they bought for their hard earned cash. He wouldn't stoop so low as to steal food, as the people that were selling them had spent a lot of time and effort on their part for growing the crops and looking after them during the seasons, and he didn't want to be the reason why that person or family couldn't have enough money on them to live comfortably for one more night and day.

Another reason why some people simply ignored him was because many of the populace labelled him as someone who was worthless and was a mere beggar - even when he didn't beg, he just took what the people didn't want - and someone who tainted the fine streets and culture of the city with his presence. It hurt him deeply, but he couldn't do anything about it, all he could do was try and ignore the occasional whisper or look of loathing that he received from the more stuck up and rich people of the city.

As he was walking through the main street of the city, he saw many men and women alike all looking at the stalls that had been made by the people to try and sell some goods, whether they be pots or vases, to even vegetables that had been freshly picked either late last night or early morning for the markets.

"Gomen-ne." Naruto apologised to the person he bumped into as he wasn't paying attention. He once again felt disheartened as he saw that the young girl that he bumped into was about to apologise as well, but before she could even utter the words, she was suddenly pulled away by her mother.

He did feel a little better once she sent him a sorrowful look as she was pulled away by her family member, but it still hurt to see that people his age wouldn't even talk to him.

Looking up once again, he saw that the clouds have grown even grayer, and looked much more menacing than before when he first woke up, there was hardly any sign of the sun, barring a few small rays escaping through the gray abyss that were the clouds, "Zapdos must be near." He muttered to himself, while the creature known as Zapdos might have not been seen before, everyone knew that Zapdos could create thunderstorms by flapping its wings.

If the sky was looking so dark and dreary, it must mean that the beast of thunder must be nearby, and it could only be heard by the buzz and cracks of lightning that shoot down upon the land.

Gripping onto the twine that pulled his makeshift bed closer to his body, Naruto took a shaky breath before continuing his journey towards the location that he had in mind. The quicker that he got into the Brass Tower the better. While he may not be fearful and hateful of many things, he didn't enjoy storms and he certainly didn't like the thought of ghosts being around him or haunting him.

Coming to a halt just before the grandiose stairway that led up to the magnificent tower that was built mainly from brass, silver and some golden trinkets that hung from the stylised building that nearly touched the very clouds, he quickly placed his hands together and did a silent prayer. It was always a rule to do before entering and taking a step upon the stairway that led to the sacred tower.

He had heard rumors that if you didn't pray before you took a step leading up to the tower, then you would be cursed with bad luck for many moons to come, and that was something that he didn't want to have happen to him, given his already terrible luck to begin with.

Taking a small breath, Naruto hesitantly took a small step upon the first of many stone steps that would lead up to the sacred tower, and possibly, his resting place for the night. Smiling lightly and some relief as he didn't feel anything different or odd happening around him or inside him, he began his ascent towards the entrance of the tower, it would be some exercise to keep his slightly malnourished body in better shape, and he got to enjoy the smell of the various flowers as he did so.

A low rumble rippled through the air as a small flash of lightning was seen for a split second overhead as the people took little notice of it, not needing to worry about the weather until the rain finally fell from the clouds above.

Sadly, this would be the final time that Naruto would ever enter the tower, and he would never leave it again like he was now.

Stepping inside the sacred tower, Naruto couldn't help but marvel at how nice it was on the inside, and despite looking rather small on the outside, on the inside was a completely different story, and it seemed like each floor could easily fit over dozens of people inside and still have room to spare. The walls coated in what looks to be gold and bronze, along with some fascinating images on the wall that displayed the monks of the past all peacefully meditating by the forestry, along with the many creatures that had been spotted in the nearby area and the land itself being around them, seemingly in peace and joy as they surrounded the monks.

Large bronze pillars engraved with silver markings and kanji for various words stood proud and tall in each corner of the room, with perfectly shaped holes for them to travel through on the upper floors of the tower. For something built so long ago, it was easy to see just how much time and effort, along with love and devotion was placed into the making of the tower. It was even furnished with the finest of silken items and was in perfect condition, not even a single spec of dust could be found anywhere on the wood, and not a single smudge could be found on the walls, floors, ceiling or even pillars.

It even had a faint aroma of nature as there were many potted plants hanging slightly from the ceiling, bringing just a little more color and natural feel to the man-made structure.

People of the community made sure to keep this sacred tower clean, not only for keeping this magnificent tower as inviting as possible, but to also honor the towns ancestors before them, along with honoring the creatures that might have helped the community build these towers. It might have also helped appease the mystical beasts of this land.


The sound of the rumbling thunder made Naruto jump lightly, despite him being inside and the noise being heavily muffled behind the amount of material that was behind the structure of the building, it still was loud, and he could even feel the polished wood he was standing on shake and quiver under the intense boom.

Calming himself down, Naruto made his way towards the polished wooden staircase that led to the second of the seven floors that the tower possessed. It was a rather odd design choice, but Naruto had to think back on the lesson that Monk Sarutobi taught him, and those were the supposed stages of the 'Seven Gates of Chakra', which was a lesson that was taught by many monks throughout the time that Ecruteak had been around.

It supposedly was a teaching that allowed one to draw in energy to keep the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health of the body in balance, with neither of the four taking more hold over the body. He was told that while many could learn to do this, not everyone could master it, which was why some people developed more on one side while the other sides lacked in power and balance.

He was told that each and every monk had mastered this power, which was why it was up to those monks to continue the teachings of the past, to try and allow others to follow on this path and allow them to make use of their body to the fullest potential.

It was another reason why there were seven different floors to this tower, as it also doubled as a place where people could go to improve upon and learn more about this hidden energy buried inside them, with each floor having a different stage within the development of chakra. Only people who had completed the practices and finally opened the stage of chakra they were on could progress to the next level, with each level of the tower proving more difficult to the last, which was why the sixth and seventh floor barely had anyone in it, from what he was told by Sarutobi.

Shaking his head from those thoughts, Naruto glanced around the room, before spotting a lone, fine silken seat that had been furnished on this level of the floor. Seeing something that he could use as a somewhat comfortable pillow - despite the cushion being way too large for it to actually be comfortable for his body - as he was making his way over towards the seat, his ears picked up on an odd tapping noise happening.

Straining his ears the best he could, he tried to locate where the noise was coming from.




Looking up towards the ceiling as he heard a rather loud thump coming from the third floor of the tower, he frowned to himself, 'What could have fallen?' He thought to himself. Seeing as he was already in the tower and near whatever caused the noise, he decided to check it out and see what he could do to try and fix whatever might have fallen down. Despite everything being nice and furnished, he didn't want to risk something being on the ground where other loose items could possibly fall and cause more damage. As he made his way towards the polished wooden staircase, he also idly thought that this would be his second time going to the third level of the tower.

The first time was when Monk Sarutobi took him through a little tour of the place to show him the different things and activities that were performed on each level, along with giving him an incentive to work towards, since many people didn't make it to the sixth or seventh levels in the chakra teachings, Naruto thought that if he could make it that far, then maybe some other people would treat him with respect and actually pay attention to him, rather than either ignoring him or giving him these awful looks.

As he made his way up the staircase and glanced around the room, his sense of smell was assaulted by the soft fragrance of the water that the small fountain was producing in the middle of the room, yet when he took a deeper breath, he caught the overpowering scent of something wet, and almost had a distinctive scent to when he first smelt of wet fur.

Blinking a few times as he looked around, he finally took notice of three distinct canine-like creatures huddling together in the corner of the room.

"Hey." Naruto gently called out, his voice carrying across the room and eventually catching the three canines' attention towards him.

He had to frown as he saw the middle one flinch a little and cower behind the other ones. His eyes also caught a small cut along the creature's chest that seemed to have been leaking out small amounts of blood, which contributed to the scent of lingering iron in the air.

Making his way over towards the trio of creatures, he made sure to keep his steps soft and even, while his hands were always within their line of sight along with him trying to mask any emotions that might have been leaking from him. He didn't want to move too quickly or erratically and be exuding the negative emotions that were within his body to the creatures, he wanted to come off as someone who they could trust, despite them never having seen him before.

"Hey, I'm not going to hurt you." He gently said as he was within a few feet of the creatures. Now that he was within such a close distance, the appearance of the creatures finally set in place, and they were definitely not like the other creatures often found around this area or from the nearby towns or cities.

The first creature is a quadruped, mammalian creature. It is covered in yellow fur with a spiky fringe around its tail and a white ruff around its neck. Its ears are large and pointed with black interiors, and its eyes and small nose are black. It has slender legs and small paws, each with three toes and a pink paw pad.

While not touching the fur on its body, it certainly did look rather painful to touch with how spiky and jagged it looks.

His attention was then brought to the second creature of the group, and the second one that was covering the cowering creature behind it, almost like it was protecting it from harm, and the small glare that he was receiving only solidified that account,

It was another quadruped creature with three small toes on each foot and dark blue paw pads on the hind feet, it also shares physical traits with both aquatic and land animals - from what Naruto had seen in his short life. It's body is light blue with a dark blue marking around its head and a spiky ridge down its spine. It has black eyes and a tiny black nose. There was a white fin encircling its neck and three fins with cream-colored webbing on its head. One of these fins is on each side of its head similar to ears and one is directly on top of its head similar in appearance to a dorsal fin.

Carefully bringing his hands down, he offered the back of his hand towards the creature, where he would patiently wait for them to make the first move in sniffing his hand. He was always told that it made it less threatening if he used the back of his hand, as he couldn't grab anything or potentially hurt them.

It seemed like a few minutes that Naruto left his hands like that, waiting with his breath being held and his heart beating at a quickened pace, the slight fear that they could bite him or attack him was a little alarm bell ringing in his mind.

However, it seemed as those fears were ripped out of his head as he saw the two creatures that shared a very slight resemblance to each other leaned forward and gave a small sniff of his hands, before they rubbed their wet noses against it. Seeing it as a sign that they trusted him, he carefully pulled his hands away before gently rubbing both of the rather cute creatures. With him rubbing under the chin of the yellow creature, and with him rubbing between the head of the blue creature.

"Aren't you just precious things." Naruto quietly muttered out, feeling a little better about himself as he continued petting the two creatures in front of him.

It was then at this point that he felt the blue creature be nudged away gently by the third creature that had been cowering behind them when he first spoke out. Blinking a few times as he felt the blue creature growl lightly at having its petting interrupted, Naruto was finally able to see the third creature.

The creature, much like the other two was a mammalian, quadruped creature covered in short, reddish-orange fur. It has long ears with black interiors, dark eyes, and a small black nose. There are three small toes and a yellow paw pad on each foot. Fluffy yellow fur forms a small tuft on its head, as well as its bushy tail and a mane around its chest and neck.

He could feel the heat being emitted from it, despite the fact it was shivering and the creamy yellow fur seemed to be stained with a small amount of blood. He could also see that the creature's fur was wet, meaning that they must have come in here to get away from the rain, in which he could hear splatting and pattering away at the building.

Naruto was rather surprised when the red creature that also bore a slight resemblance to the other two pushed forward even further and rubbed its head against his outstretched hand, almost mewling in delight. He couldn't help but giggle at the feeling of the warm fur of the creature warming himself up.



Naruto jumped out of his skin when the thunder rumbled through the entire place, with the sound vibrating off of the walls and seemingly shaking the very floors that himself and the creatures were standing on.

Gently cooing the creatures to calm them down, Naruto also started petting them, trying to calm them down like this along with his words.

Sniffing the air as something else caught his nose, his eyes widened when he smelt something burning, and an unnatural amount of heat was rushing throughout the building and creating a small haze within the air.

"Fire..." Naruto muttered to himself, fear evident in his voice.

He knew of the dangers of a fire, especially ones caused by lightning strikes, they could start anywhere at any time during a storm, and it just so happened to either strike at the top of the building, or around the fifth floor. It also didn't help that this building was mostly made of wood, and that the fire would rip through it in an instant and fuel the fire further.

"Quick! We need to get out of here!" Naruto spoke out towards the creatures.

Getting up and running towards the staircase, he glanced behind him to see if the creatures were following him, and he was relieved to see the blue and yellow creatures were with him, however, he felt his heart drop as he didn't see the red creature with him.

Taking a shaky glance towards where they were, he felt his fears come true.

It was still there, it tried to get up and follow them out and towards safety, however, as soon as it put pressure down on its front paw, it flinched before it dropped to the floor again.

Glancing down the staircase that would lead to the lower floors and closer to safety, and back towards the creature that would surely die in the fire as it couldn't move from its injuries, he had to make a choice.

It was either his safety and safety of the two creatures that were with him, and that would leave the red creature to die in this fire alone, or he could risk it by going back and picking it up, in which would lead to having more risk and less of a chance to even get out into safety.

Steeling his resolve, he made his choice.

Rushing his way away from the staircase, he brought his forearm and rested it on his forehead, shielding himself the best he could from the falling embers and trying to eliminate the haze that was slowly becoming thicker throughout the room.



Ignoring the calls of the creatures that were waiting by the staircase, Naruto continued his path, making sure to dodge the falling debris as best as he could. He knew that the floors above him were starting to lose the fight from the bellowing inferno above, but that just pushed him even further to try and save the creatures.

Quicky coming upon the downed and injured creature, Naruto could feel the heat starting to get to him, he was sweating like mad and he felt a little woozy from inhaling the thick smog that was makings it way through the room, corrupting the air out of its freshness and instead making it thick and near impossible to even breath within the blaze.


"Come on, you are getting out as well." Naruto spoke out, bringing his hands beneath the creature and carefully wrapping them around its underside, making sure not to grip too strongly and risk the creature from suffocating or getting injured further. Once he felt the creature secured in his grip, he stood back up again, wincing at the additional weight that the creature brought upon him, and the natural heat of the creature was making the experience a whole lot worse, "Here we go..." Naruto muttered to himself as he rushed back towards the staircase, towards the two others who were looking at him rather wide-eyed from the selfess act of saving their sister.

"Come on! We need to hurry." Naruto yelled out over the flickering flames and falling debris. He could hear the creaks and groans of the wooden floors above him, and if he listened closely, he could hear the thunder continue to rumble outside. Except this time, it was much more frequent and much more powerful and rattling as before.

Squinting his eyes to try and see properly, Naruto and the other creature took a step that happened to be weakened from the intense stress and debris that had fallen on it, and it simply couldn't hold any longer.

With an ear shattering crunch and crack, the staircase they were on fell apart.


With an ear piercing scream along with the cries of the creatures he was trying to save, they fell towards the lower floors.

Outside in the city, the people simply stood by, not being able to comprehend what was happening right in front of their eyes.

Sure, it had been certain that it would be raining today, but what they didn't expect was a massive storm to overtake the city. The lightning strikes seemed to be so far away when they were first happening, but then a few of them crashed into the Brass Tower right after the other.

So, now, here they were, unable to comprehend the fact that one of the cities most important landmarks was burning before their eyes. It truly was something that felt so surreal. The darkened sky, the flashes of lightning bringing some form of light, along with the booming claps of thunder.

Then the ferocious flames burning orange and red, even white at some places as the heat simply boiled the various metals past boiling point, creating small flashes of white to blind some who were looking in the wrong place at the wrong time.

"Was there anyone who went into the tower?" One of the monks and keepers of the tower asked, his voice was one of fear, as not only was the very thing he swore to protect and look after was burning before him, but the fear of someone being trapped within, that made some new fear rise within his aged heart.

Despite the situation and the current events happening, his training as a monk had to let him be calm and collected on the outside, providing a sense of calm air around the others that were panicing, even though in his aged heart, he truly was having his moments of panic. This was easily the worst event that he had seen within his years of living.

"Yes, there were three creatures who entered the tower, they must have been trying to get away from the thunder and rain!"

Cursing lightly to himself as he heard that, he looked at the tower with a heavy heart. While he did hope that the creatures made it out safely, there was just no clear indication they would, as the flames had torn through the entire structure, and the heavy smell of burnt wood and burning metal rushed through their senses.

"Wait, wasn't there that blonde kid also in the tower earlier? I haven't seen him exit it yet!"

With that simple statement, the old monk felt his heart truly cry out for the youth within the burning building. How could he not? A life in which the child dies before the elders, it shouldn't be happening, not to anyone. The brief and vague description that the kimono lady made was also something of note. He knew who it was, as Sarutobi always talked about him and how proud he was of him for letting go of most of the malice the kid held for the people.

There also weren't many blondes within the city. The last blonde child that he saw was nearly two decades ago, when a boy so much like the child barring one or two features came into play, and made a name for himself as being one of the first people to ever clear the Brass Tower and open all seven gates of his inner chakra.

If what was being said was correct, then it meant that not only three creatures in the building, possibly already dead, but also a child, who couldn't be older than six or seven, was burning with them.

Alone, and most probably scared.



Another ground rumbling clap of thunder led to many clapping thier hands over thier ears, lest they could lose some of their hearing. However, when the distinct sound of cracking and crunching managed to worm their way through the slight gaps their hands made, they were met with a sight that would live with them for the rest of their lives, and perhaps in some of the nightmares that would come.

The way that there was a collective gasp of shock and screams of terror and pain was noteworthy, and fit in with what was happening, and no one could blame each other, despite the men being taught that showing emotions that would 'damage' their masculinity, it was a time that this would be forgiven.

The reason being?

The intense heat combined with the sheer amount of damage that was caused by the wooden structure within, simply collapsed in on itself, causing the seventh and six floors to simply fall. Some of the ornaments decorating the outside of the tower that had managed to be saved from the fate of burning into a liquified state fell at frightening pace towards the ground, creating thuds and booms as the various weights of them came crashing down by the sides of the burning building.


Moaning in agony as he felt his insides flare in pain, which was bringing an unfathomable amount of pain throughout his entire body, his blue eyes scanned around the room, trying to provide some sort of reassurance that he was alive, although, it was near impossible to see even a few feet in front of him due to the dust and smoke that was slowly filling up the room, making it an odd mixture of thin brown, and extremely thick white and it smelt terrible.

He felt an odd sensation, like he couldn't feel his legs, but he shook it off thinking that his body was just trying to recover from the recent fall.

He noticed that the creature that he was carrying seemed to be safe, and was gently licking some of the of the blood off of his arm, and even removing some of the splinters of chipped wood that had managed to lodge into his arm, "Hey, are you alright?" He questioned softly, rubbing the creatures' head, trying to not grimace in pain that he was experiencing after the fall.

"Flar! Flar..."

Hearing the creatures' rather saddened tone, despite the situation they were in, Naruto couldn't help but gently coo towards the creature and continue petting it. If it managed to calm it down, then it was worth it.

Feeling some form of movement against his leg - which oddly enough, he couldn't properly feel - he turned his head to look at what was happening. To his shock, he saw that his legs were buried in the rubble from the fall. Now that he saw it, it was only at that moment he felt it, and it was excruciating.

Words couldn't even describe how he felt. Now he knew why he couldn't feel his legs; he most likely didn't have them anymore, the bones in his legs must have been crushed beyond recognition and mashed into paste.


"Jol! Jolt!"

Feeling his vision becoming weaker and weaker, along with the feeling of complete and utter defeat and realisation set it in; the fact that he would die, not in the embrace of a family, but in the presence of three other creatures that were likely to perish along with him. He finally felt the tears escape his eyes... well try to anyway, the intense heat was making it near impossible for moisture to be in the air or around them.

"I'm... sorry." Naruto muttered out as he gazed towards the creatures that were with him.

With that being said, Naruto felt the rest of his energy deplete, and he could no longer keep himself up as the thick smoke combined with the heat finally got to him.

He closed his eyes for the final time.

Never to open them again.

"Flar?" The creature muttered, her voice weak from the fumes in the air, and despite being a fire type, it wasn't healthy for it to be in such polluted air. As it pawed the extremely pale face of her rescuer, it became more frantic as it couldn't get anything out of him, "Flare! Eon!"

Feeling something within her body that she hadn't felt before for something that wasn't for her sisters, the creature nudged up against the stiff body of the boy, before she came to the realisation that she couldn't feel the most important thing; a pulse.

Even she knew that without a simple thing like a pulse, then it couldn't be alive.

With that realisation, the creature cuddled up towards the boy further. She knew that there was no escaping this, so she would at least die with the person that had tried to save her in the first place, despite the boy having the choice to leave her up on the other floor.

The other two creatures glanced around the building, with a grim look upon their features, as they too realised that there was no escape from this. There was just too much damage, too much molten metal to even begin clawing through. The smoke was creating a thick haze in the air making any attacks near impossible, along with dwindling their line of vision.

Glancing at each other with a few mewls and headshaking, they too made their decision.

They would die with their sister, and with the human that had tried to save her. That way, they could at least find peace with themselves and know that they comforted the boy, even in death.

Limping along to the sides of the boy, the yellow creature cuddled against her sister, who had fear easily shown within her being. Licking along the side of her face, the yellow creature settled down, making sure to lean against her sister, and keeping a paw on the human's face as she settled down for the final time.

The blue creature on the other hand, made her way on the opposite side of her sisters, and rested her chin upon the boy's face, with one paw coming into contact with her red sister, and maneuvering her tail to make contact with her yellow sister.

Shedding but a faint tear, that evaporated in an instant, the creature closed its eyes for the final time.

It hoped that they will receive a quick and painless death, so they could be reunited with the one that tried to save her sister.

With that, the three creatures accepted their fate, allowing themselves to be crushed to death by further debris, and for the building to come down on top of them in a blazing inferno which scorched everything around.

All because they wanted to die together with the boy who gave up his own life in trying to save them, when he could have ignored them and escaped without trying to save them.


Alright guys, I hope you liked this chapter. It was rather dark, and I am not used to writing such things.

The reason why I didn't specify on the Pokemon, was the fact that I believe that the people of this age didn't know the Pokemon by name - apart from Ho-Oh, Lugia and Zapdos - nor species, with most referring to them as creatures.

Considering that he was once human, and is now a powerful Psychic type, he can transform into a human, however, he will have features of his Pokemon form.

No lemons between !Pokemon Naruto or the Female Pokemon unless wanted desperately! Limes and Fluff, definately!

With how the second generation was, I am having Naruto transform into a Dual Typed Pokemon, which is Dark and Psychic. This is to come into the fact that Naruto still has some darkness and hatred in him, however, his mind is at a higher level thanks to the rebirth.

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