Making Sense

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Making Sense


            It made sense, Hinata tried to reason as Shikamaru helped her undo the buttons of her blouse.  Shikamaru-kun was a tender sort, much more patient than her boisterous husband, who was currently working Temari out of her dressing with much more haste than she and Shikamaru.  Temari-san barked at Naruto for tearing her top, but all seemed forgiven – or put on hold – when his happy mouth went to her breasts.  He devoured her bright nipples in his smile, snickering as his lips pinched and tugged on the rigid peaks.

            Temari’s breasts hung now.  Hinata remembered seeing – not staring – them before, in their teens.  Her were full, but not large.  They sat firmly on her chest with pride.  But birthing Shikadai had traded their perkiness for weight, though she likely preferred the former.

            Hinata’s were always big, and though Sakura and Ino had complimented them enviously, she never was proud of them.  They seemed… indecent and loud when they were out, and the sight of them turned men into scoundrels.  She remembered when she resolved to always wear the obscuring jacket; that was the day she had shown up to training in a bland t-shirt, and Kiba-kun would not look away.

            Now Shikamaru was given a chance.  Where Kiba would likely tear off her white bra – nothing flashy, not even for this – Shikamaru methodically went through the paces of learning the clasp and unfitting the hooks.  Temari must’ve trained him properly, Hinata couldn’t help musing.  And she was thankful for his tolerance.  Her husband’s hands were normally everywhere when he was elated – as now with Temari – and it sometimes made her uncomfortable.  Not emotionally, but she’d wind up entangled in her own dressing and have to take a pelvic pummeling like that; arms twisted in sleeves or straps, hair tossed and crazy, all while Naruto couldn’t control himself.

            The cups sagged away, and it was by her own hand that she tossed it gently aside, though she was not yet ready to let her husband’s confidant ogle them yet.  He waited, looking at the squashed line between the milky globes before regarding her.  “Do you want to?”  He sounded as if he was fine if she didn’t want to do this.

            Maybe she didn’t, but then her gaze turned to Naruto.  Once, she had seen Kiba attack the bone of a steak, licking it and sucking the meat off of it; Naruto reminded her of that time while scooping up Temari’s offered breast and licking the nipple.

            Shikamaru-kun had said that Temari liked it rougher, in ways he was unwilling to fulfill.  “It’s troublesome, and the smacking is annoying.”  Naruto, who always had to check his passions when in bed with his reserved wife, admitted that he was the opposite.  One or the other came up with the idea, but it was Temari enforcing the swap that saw it done.

            Boruto and Hintawami were at Sakura’s, who was always ready to watch kids if it meant Hokage-level favors; Shikadai was with his team, though gaming was more entertaining than learning the Ino-Shika-Cho formations.  Best they be at the Nara house to commit to this deed.

            Temari-san had already stuck her hand down Naruto’s pants and grabbed Hinata’s trophy.  “Big,” Hinata saw Temari’s mouth move while her eyes showed a bit of how impressed she was.  She had grabbed Hinata’s private possession before Hinata had even exposed herself to Shikamaru.  Naruto wanted this.  It was hard for her to say no.  But how would Shikamaru-kun react?

            He hardly did when her breasts lowered and her arm came away from her brown nipples.  She forced her fists underneath her and gave Shikamaru his eyeful.  He took advantage, even if he did not seem to care all that much.  Maybe not on the surface, but Hinata’s perceptive eye saw the jump at the front of his loose pants, and it was only then that she realized that he was taut.

            “Shikamaru-kun!” she gasped before she could help herself, an insecure hand coming between her breasts to her bottom lip as she stared.

            “It’s natural,” he grumbled nonchalantly, though it wasn’t possible to mask the tint of pink moving over the bridge of his nose.  “We did plan this, after all.”  He watched her for a moment, expecting her to reject the proposition and let Naruto finish with Temari.  At least his wife would be sated, Shikamaru would reason; no more complaining that he rarely brought her to climax.

            All at once, the bed they shared shuddered, and both glanced to Naruto and Temari.  Naruto had upended Gaara’s sister, shoving her towards the headboard, and pushed his face to her bristled mound.  Hinata saw the head of trimmed hair, the dusty-blonde trimmed and waxed to a little lawn that Naruto nuzzled with his nose, though his tongue could not wait to taste the Desert’s flower.  Temari grabbed at the sheets and crumpled them as the tongue brushed up against her nub, flicking it with such familiar audacity that Hinata could believe that he had been there before.  His thumbs pressed open the pink slit glistening readier than Hinata would admit.  The shy girl felt something stirring down there, but she would not dare say that seeing her husband slather another woman’s sex appealed to her.

            Yet she would not look away from the infidelity until she felt the foreign touch of another man, spreading steadily across the expanse of her tits.  Little could be shown in Shikamaru’s expressionless eyes, but many men wanted to grab them; a bit of surprise was shown when his hand slipped underneath the round mountain and lifted.  A good set of pounds to each one!  Even with their increased size, Temari’s breasts would not feel this heavy or soft.  Shikamaru wondered how it’d be to nap his head on one.

            “I could go first,” he murmured to her amongst the shattering breath of his wife.  He looked briefly over and thought of how it hurt whenever Temari pulled on his hair like that.

            Hinata remained transfixed on the man’s hand.  Not Naruto-kun, yet it was his permission /that granted this transaction.  She blushed all the harder when the thumb raised up and curiously began to stroke at the center.  The bud flicked stiffly, pointing back out at him each time.  The stirrings whirled harder, and her modesty clamped her thighs together to refuse the truth.

            Shikamaru made a sound that she mistook as a scoff.  He caressed her tit one more time, brushing across her tingling nipple, and then put his mouth over it.  Hinata jolted with a squeak and held herself steady with all her willpower as Shikamaru carefully stood the tip of her tit in his mouth.  It felt like a part of her was melting from how quickly her groin saturated.

            Grumbling against her flesh, Shikamaru did not linger long and let the newly-polished nipple come out.  He wiped at his lips, and then looked up at Hinata’s wide eyes.  Was she on the verge of crying?  He knew being assertive with her was a bad idea.  He chastised himself, clicking his tongue and thinking Women are too sensitive.  “Are you okay?” he felt necessary to ask.

            “It’s… fine,” she ultimately answered after steadying herself with a few deep, hiccupping breaths.  Yet her fortitude shook immediately when Shikamaru tested her and grabbed her breast again; the other one this time.  He could have released, but decided not to.  He lifted it and moved in closer.  Hinata pulled away slightly.  He squeezed, and she moaned.

            Wearing only a white t-shirt – which he got rid of in a trice – and loose sweatpants, he was easier to disrobe than Hinata.  Perhaps he wanted to ease her tension, but she did nothing but stare when he dropped the waistband beneath his cock.  She looked like she’d never seen one before, though Shikamaru was fine admitting that Naruto was significantly bigger.  No doubt that along with his infamous enthusiasm was what led her to this…  Hinata always was the kind of girl to be easily overwhelmed; he could imagine what she had to put up with her rambunctious hubby.

            “Gah!”  It was Temari’s shout of surprise that caught them from their own devices.  Naruto had done it; what Hinata was always too embarrassed to allow.  Flipping Temari on her stomach, he drew her pert cheeks up and shoved his face between them.  Where Hinata had once shrieked and nearly jumped away from his anal-caressing tongue, Temari gritted her teeth and pressed back, encouraging him to tongue her asshole.  Naruto, though half of his face was buried, looked absolutely delighted to taste and indulge this secret fantasy.  His tongue circled her untouched entrance; not since before Shikamaru had anyone explored that region.  She’d forgotten how much she liked it, and she ordered the Hokage to continue, as if he would consider stealing his elated tongue away.  His hands grabbed and anchored onto her cheeks, prying them apart enough for Hinata to peek the action going on that had always made her feel weak.

            Shikamaru was smart enough not to be caught up in watching.  He’d say it was inspiring to watch, but that seemed too Sai-like.  Still, he took it upon himself to take Hinata’s hand, lying on her thigh, and attached it to his exposed cock.  Frightened by its abrupt appearance, Hinata almost pulled away, but he held her secured to his base.  She looked, swallowing hard, as her fingers stayed tight around the foreign cock.  She rarely touched Naruto’s, too modest to act sensual with it.  The number of times it had entered her mouth were few, even in these long years together.

            But Shikamaru was partial to receiving oral.  Temari was generous, even servicing him for his benefit only when he came home after a long day.  Sometimes it was love; sometimes she just missed the thick taste.  He wondered how Hinata serviced, if she serviced at all.  But of course, he wouldn’t force.  He couldn’t imagine shoving Hinata’s face in his lap.  Even if she folded, he doubted it would end well.

            “Do you?”

            Hinata knew what he was asking.  Do you suck cock?  How to answer?  She wanted to say no.  She barely gave it to her husband, so it seemed unfair to just open up for Shikamaru.  Then again, this was an experience of exploration, and Shikamaru-kun’s didn’t seem like it was a choking hazard.  Should she say yes?  She debated it.  Naruto was very liberal with this rare freedom; she felt it might do him well to see her mouth wrapped around another man’s cock.

            “How is it, Hinata?”

            Naruto’s appearance was sudden, and Hinata jerked like he had caught her in a foul act.  She gasped out his name, let go of Shikamaru’s prick and threw her hands over her tits.  But Naruto would have none of that.  He had Temari’s body to play with – she was currently undressing completely on the side of the bed after Naruto’s impatience made clutter of her clothes – but he always admired Hinata’s buxom boobs.  He pulled away her hands by the wrists and held her from behind, wrapping an arm just underneath the hanging mammaries and presenting them to Shikamaru.  “They look amazing, don’t they?”

            “They’re not bad,” Shikamaru smartly said nonchalantly.  He needn’t compliment another woman’s body, one that differed so much from his wife, who was in earshot.  Despite the freedoms of the activity, he knew he’d pay afterward.  But it wouldn’t hurt to hold one again.  Naruto was offering, after all.

            Hinata felt her husband twitch against her rump as Shikamaru began to fondle her huge tits again, tilting against her nipples often with his thumbs.  Naruto liked it, seeing her touched by another man.  She had a suspicion that he was only in this for Temari’s body, but now she suspected that there may be other motives.

            She gulped and turned her head to him, not quite looking all the way back at him.  “He… he wants me to…”  Her mouth tightened, her mind unwilling to speak the deed.

            But Naruto’s smile was unfaltering.  And with that mouth that had slurped at Temari’s asshole seconds earlier, he kissed her on the mouth.  She seemed to curl to him for comfort, until he whispered two words: “Do it.”  Hinata hadn’t known what to suspect.  Naruto had led her here, but somehow she’d thought she could maintain some restrictions and self-respect with his support.

            Instead, he only helped her move along the mattress, springs creaking under her shifting weight.  It was hard to move into position while supporting her breasts from swaying too much.  Naruto moved away to allot her needed space, and he watched intently as Shikamaru’s thighs opened around her while she carefully burrowed in.  No room to assign her breasts; they had to press up to his thighs, their soft warmth comforting to the lazy ninja.

            Her hands tucked together in front of her.  For a moment, she just stared at his pillar.  It looked larger up close, comparable to a spire when her meager eyes gazed up the length.  And the proof of his excitement started to seep down from the head.  He was circumcised, unlike Naruto; her obvious notice of it led him to explain.  “Nara custom,” though Temari was unwilling to cut the skin from their son, and Shikamaru was all about changing tradition.

            The foreskin of her husband lapped back.  Waiting for Temari, Naruto indulged himself, stroking slowly and baiting his own anticipation from his loins.  His cock wept freer than Shikamaru’s, pouring along his length to ease his glide.  In his chest, his heart raced as his buxom trophy wife lingered inches away from commitment.  “Do it.”  He was more anxious than he thought, his normally-even voice hissing with need to see his wife go down on another man.  It was envy mixing with hardcore lust, the feeling of breaking vows for a moment’s excitement.

            Hinata could not refuse her beloved.  With shaking fingers, she voluntarily held Shikamaru’s cock and became familiar with his heat.  She would have stopped there to compose herself, but Naruto wanted more and caught her crotch.  “Naruto!” she yelped, her bobbed hair swishing in her face as she spun to him.  Naruto met her with a smirk, and then pressed his fingers to her hot core.  Clothed in those khaki shorts of hers and those sexless white panties, she still felt him grinding to her slit, smearing the heat of her pussy and matting the forest of hair with it.

            “Do it, Hinata.”

            Biting back one more whimper of apprehension, Hinata committed.  Shikamaru’s sigh melted out of his mouth as his head tilted back.  Her mouth was wet and warm, a good substitute for a vagina until her inexperience showed and a row of teeth lightly scraped the skin.  It didn’t hurt; he decided not to coach her while she traveled down his six-inch length.

            She’d stop halfway if Naruto’s heavy hand hadn’t been there to guide the back of her head.  She stuttered around the muscle – “Mah…!  Mahuko…!” – but she was carried all the way down until the head curved into her throat.  Her nose pressed into the patch of black pubic hair, distinguishable from Naruto’s blond pelvis.  The hairs tickled and itched her nose and lips, but she was planted there, expected to accommodate the Nara’s prick.

            “Don’t be too rough with her.”

            Hinata was thankful for Temari-san’s interruption, smacking Naruto’s hand away so that she could draw up and breathe again; air more important than the strings of spit that held onto Shikamaru from her mouth.  “It’s not like Shikamaru needs much.”  She looked up and saw Temari-san fully nude, bold about it, unguarded of her dusky-pink nipples – broader than Hinata remembered – or the flaxen crown atop her femininity.

            Hinata felt ashamed for staring, particularly when Naruto’s hands went up to Temari’s chest; both at once, squeezing, though they gave less yield than Hinata’s much-larger assets.  Temari’s hands cupped his, approving of how he groped her shamelessly.  Then her green eyes grinned at Hinata.  “You can take it slow with him.”  She leaned down to prove her meaning, her tongue out and grazing lightly along Shikamaru’s tip.  She was right, for her husband gestated, scooting slightly and enjoying the mere touches of his wife’s mouth.

            Hinata watched the action from a closer distance than she would be comfortable with.  Another couple, engaged in fellatio; she could barely say she’d done it for Naruto much, which was a fact that showed when Naruto spoke up, tugging on Temari’s arm and telling her to try him.  Temari’s mouth came away with some wet strings, and though annoyance flickered, she obeyed, moving to him and sizing him up.  That flickering annoyance drowned under the realization of his own package.  Eight inches against Shikamaru’s six; she was impressed, and the girth wasn’t stunted in exchange for length.  She wasn’t even all that prepared to take him, but Naruto wasn’t known for being idle.  Her fingernails bit into the flesh of his thighs as she sank down with the elegance Hinata previously showed.  All the way down, Naruto poured her until she could take no more, one inch shy of a full cock.

            Hinata’s possession disappeared swiftly in Temari’s mouth, and she could only watch it happen in silent confusion.  He was her husband.  Why was it so easy for him to push into another woman?  Scattered thoughts were interrupted when her own head was guided.  Shikamaru, known for his patience, had done enough.  He wanted to indulge as Naruto was.  Either commit to it, or let him sleep.  Hinata chose the former, steadying his erection and carefully applying her mouth to the tip.  She heard Temari next to her, gurgling and grunting and making all sorts of wet noises as Naruto fucked her mouth.  Hinata tried, but wound up gagging only on the second inch.  Shikamaru was let down, but didn’t say anything to it.  He’d let her work at her own pace.

            Slowly, Hinata kissed his head, much more tender than he was used to.  Temari was all passion and gusto, everything that Hinata lacked.  Temari sucked like she was trying to beat a record; Hinata was barely able to bring herself to close her mouth over his glands.  She sucked cock much in the way a girl like her might be presumed to suck; simple up-and-down, tentative tongue involvement, and gradually taking ground.  Carefully, Hinata wobbled up and took a firmer hold with her fist at the base.  Pushing back her hair, she swallowed Shikamaru, gulping softly as she worked her head on him.  Shikamaru grunted, moved a hand into her soft hair to keep it back, and let her work.

            The husbands were at odds, sitting across from the other as they shared their wives; Hinata delicately massaging Shikamaru with her lips, Temari chugging Naruto’s cock as if to prove herself.  Naruto didn’t get this service often enough; he thanked Temari by picking her mouth up off his dick to kiss her lips.  She let him, leaning up to his mouth while her hand resumed the work.  His thick girth flopped, bouncing off her pillowy chest; it seemed deliberate that his leaking slit smear his clear essence against her nipple.  Growling animalistically, Naruto stuffed his tongue into Temari’s mouth and grabbed one of her ponytails for a nice, sharp pain that made her growl in return and bite his lip.  No biting with Hinata; Naruto swore he nearly came from that.  Seeking the next best thing, he disengaged, and down Temari’s face went, her jaw expanding over his dick before she was prepared.  She splayed her hands across his strong thighs, her noises muffled and garbled as Naruto bounced her face in his lap like he was ready to fuck her.

            Hinata, on the other hand, did not take such initiative, sticking to basics, though Shikamaru didn’t complain.  He enjoyed the even, apathetic rub of her efforts, and the way her tits lifted and smooshed back down beneath her felt good against his inner thighs.  It made him question whether or not Naruto have ever coaxed her into using those larger assets of hers.  Probably not, as if Hinata was so green to oral sex, he doubted it crossed her mind to use her breasts indecently.  Shikamaru gestated with the idea of suggesting it to her, fluffing up her tits around his arching dick.

            Another idea got the better of him.  He coddled her cheek with a hand, which brought a throb inside her mouth when her eyes carried up to his.  “Here.  Down here.”  He directed her attention lower so that she could see his sac hefted in his hand.

            “You… you want me to…?”

            “Suck them,” he finished for her, knowing that an awkward series of stutters or silence would stall them.

            Hinata observed his undercarriage with great apprehension.  The place where life waited, she always felt it was more sacred, though she couldn’t have been married all this time and not know what they felt like.  Her cheeks glowed pink as she cupped his scrotum, two bulges against the loose, wrinkled skin; smooth, though, which she somehow appreciated.  She wondered if her preparations for tonight were not as thorough or considerate as his.  She worried that the state of her pubis would offend.

            The balls took a gentle swath from Hinata’s tongue, tracing spit along each one, though Shikamaru-kun’s request had been specific.  Mustering her courage, Hinata closed her eyes and popped one in her mouth like a bit of candy.  The hand that had first presented her his sac went across her cheek while he groaned above her.  She suckled gently, at least knowing the tenderness down there and how she should caress them.  Her eyes opened and looked up, though her mouth did not shirk her duty.  She met Shikamaru’s eyes; he was not uncomfortable or disappointed, from the looks of him.  The composure had broken out in a heated sweat, his line-of-a-mouth had turned open to pull breath in faster.  He took his hand off her face to squeeze at his dick, but not stroke; not yet.

            Taking the initiative, Hinata switched to the other, drawing on it a bit bolder than the former.  The skin containing the balls pulled smoothly into her suckling until she let it pop out of her mouth.  Possessed by a sudden rush, Hinata wolfed down the cock and made Shikamaru cry out.  She stopped, halfway down on his dick, and watched him.  “I’m going to cum,” he whispered so that his wife wouldn’t hear.

            What did that mean?  Did he want her to stay in place, swallow whatever came out?  Or, as Naruto had once talked her into doing, did he want to see it across her face or – more famously – her breasts?  Naruto always put an effort into it, when he wrenched himself out from between her legs, to barrage her breasts with his semen.  Their anniversary or his birthday; those were the days he always asked for the special stuff.

            Of course, there were moments when Naruto made her stop, held her aloft over his twitching cock.  “Not yet,” he would always gasp.  He’d give himself over to ravishing her with his mouth, giving himself time to cool down without losing the passion between them.  He’d shove his mouth between her legs in his cock’s stead, eat her to a quivering mess, and then rock her back on his lap until he had to clap a hand over her mouth to keep her from waking the kids.

            “Do you want me to stop?” she asked after carefully pulling off.  She hoped he’d say yes.

            “Just give me a minute,” he said lowly, and began to shuffle away from her, dragging his legs from underneath her arms.  She sat back as he recoiled, sneering at the incessant bobbing of his troublesome dick.

            Hinata shared the view, watching it throb so much that she was certain wet sparks of white were soon to strike out from that wet slit.  But Shikamaru tapered his reaction; she heard him inhale through his nose, meditate on his control, and fist the bedsheets.  The irregular twitches of muscle groups weren’t enough to sway Hinata from watching his cock.  Maybe, if she swung her attention elsewhere, it’d remove some pressure from him.

            But his cock alleviated on its own.  Not a full load, not even a splash of white, but it was a glob of liquid; clear and warm, though Hinata steered clear of it.  Shikamaru mixed the noise of relief and dissatisfaction, watching helplessly as more pre-cum carried out and glazed the rest of his cock over Hinata’s spittle.

            Though it was clear, Hinata had thought that the ejection would begin the sound deflation of his erection, but the potency arousal kept his organ swollen and expectant.  She wasn’t disappointed as she thought she would be.  She was… glad that he was still standing, especially after glancing to the side and seeing Temari-san hungrily wolfing down her husband’s cock.

            Temari, the hardnosed Jonin elite from Suna, looked just as ferocious as ever while her mouth was packed with Naruto’s cock.  She had tilted her head, casting her green eyes up at the one still yanking eagerly on the bottom ponytail.  He wouldn’t yank Hinata’s hair; the closest he had come to being brutal to her – purposely – was swatting her ass whilst she was prostrated for him and he’d wanted to encourage her pace.  But Temari encouraged him, grunting out loud each time he pulled down.  His cock pushed out her cheek, and a load of spittle would escape her distended lips to drizzle his already-wet balls.

            Presence alone, she was amazing!  Naruto hadn’t Shikamaru’s caution or wisdom, straight out speaking how he felt to Temari.  “It’s amazing.”  “I’ve never had it this good before!”  “I can’t wait to fuck you.”

            It bothered Hinata a little, but then, he wouldn’t have even considered this escapade if she had provided Temari-level service.  Maybe she could be a bit more proactive in bed, she thought before Shikamaru heaved her left breast into his mouth, catching her out of her timid musings.  His tongue probed against her stiff brown nipple and brushed it back and forth.  An anxious hand came up to her quivering bottom lip as she watched him mash his face and nose up against the huge mound.

            Does Shikamaru-kun feel the same way?

            Her mind hitched again with a gasp.  Shikamaru, still lavishing her sensitive breast, deemed it best to probe and learn her areas.  Small stretchmarks where she had carried her children; further down, he squeezed beneath her clothes, finding it a hassle to deal with the button and fly of her shorts.

            He felt her hair, the short hair that had become damp from heat and arousal.  The soft bristles caressed his journeying fingers, but the line of flesh he found was a much more inviting touch.  Above him, she gasped his name like he had offended her; he ignored.  He slid his mouth off of her breast to glance down.  Sweat would start to cover his own hand if he kept it in the stuffy setting of her shorts.


            He retreated.  Yup, his warmed hand was already showing signs of perspiration.  Again, his name, and again, he ignored.  He elected instead to put his focus on her khakis and rid her of them.  Temari was buck-naked, flourishing her body this way and that, breasts swinging underneath her when they weren’t squashed down on the mattress, giving both guests every view of her imaginable.  She turned round at one point, ass jutting towards the nervous Hinata who had trouble distracting herself from how open Temari-san was.  She was quite ashamed to have taken a quick, ‘accidental’ gander to the tight, puckered hole of Temari’s smiling backside.  How could her Naruto shove a fingertip so brazenly to that hole?  Had he wished to do that to his wife, but stopped on her behalf?

            Pressing on her anus earned Naruto a deep huff around his dick.  A noise of warning?  Her glower certainly supported that theory, but the enthused suckle and following pop, he greatly appreciated.  He tested her and shoved his middle finger at her tighter hole again.  His spit was abundant there from the earlier licking.  The tip actually slid in, bringing a shudder and a moan from the ponytailed blonde.  The blade of her eyes dulled to a softer, clumsier stare.  A redirected finger to her soft, wet cunt caused her to rear like a cat.

            “I… I wanna do it now,” Naruto breathed while a heavy drop of precum was whisked away by her delightful tongue.  She didn’t detach from him, and it irked him.  He snatched up her shoulders, forcing her mouth from his prick with a heavy spray of spit splitting between them.  Again, he kissed her.  He kissed her without permission, invading the orifice with a tongue delighted to meet the taste of himself.  In his hand, her breast was trapped in a cage of fingers and twisted to leave red prints in her flesh.

            “Fool,” she breathlessly admonished as she wrenched away, a hand holding against his bare, strong chest.  “Don’t-”  He didn’t listen to her, chasing her mouth with his again and locking her underneath his weight.  The entire bed trembled when they dropped, him holding her at the wrists, mashing his lips with hers and blindly shifting his sex to hers.  She sneered all the while, yet also shuffled her lower half to line up with his.  The brush against her mound encouraged him.  Like an animal, he grunted into her mouth and made a frown of his own.  He wanted to be inside her, and he got what he wanted.

            Shikamaru didn’t fuck her enough.  When he did muster the encouragement to climb into his wife, he did not strive to make it lasting, nor did he pump her like she wanted.  He treated her to romanticism at times, and it tided her over.  But Naruto, charging into her full steam, pressing out her walls and holding stiff between them, was what she needed.  She seized up the sheets beneath her, the normal furrow of her brow lifting with a gasp of shock at his size.  He filled her and kept her filled.

            Naruto burrowed his face against the nape of her neck and rasped out his pleasure.  He rolled his hips and slapped into her mound.  Yellow against yellow; he dug deep to push their pelvises together.  In her ear, he moaned deep and promised that he was just getting started.  And it was true.  His slow thrusts were for her benefit, even if she – after adjusting to his girth and length – jutted her hips and said that she was unimpressed.  When he reared on her and made good his intentions, her breath hitched in a variety of moans and gasps as he pounded her into the mattress.

            The rocking motion was soothing; almost likely to put one to sleep if not for this persistent erection.  Shikamaru pondered this interaction, this exchange of wives and the following day’s consequences.  Before today – before he and Naruto stumbled on the idea – he hadn’t lusted for anyone but his wife; maybe not even her…  But with Naruto fulfilling his wife, it was balance to return the favor.  But how would he feel of Temari in the morning, and more importantly, Hinata?

            He looked at his night’s partner.  Big breasts smooshed between her arms while her hands shoved into her lap, hiding her furry muff.  Her large eyes had turned to her husband and zeroed in on where he slipped into another woman.  She thought of how he tempered himself with her, that long cock too much for her to handle, yet he wielded it with Temari-san with furious abandon, pouring all his unfulfilled lusts into each hammering thrust.

            She felt fingertips on her naked thigh, which caused her to leap somewhat, so distracted she had forgotten her waiting partner.  Shikamaru eyed her with a strange indifference and intent.  She couldn’t help looking down.  His cock was blatantly still hard… and shiny with her spit.  She gave into a look of shock and dazedly touched her lips like she had come to the startling realization that this was not a dream.  “Maybe we should,” he suggested.  “Or they’ll be done and waiting for us.”

            Hinata was sure she didn’t like that idea; Naruto and Temari coming down from climax and undistractedly observing her own commitment to this secret pact.  Let Shikamaru inside…  Naruto had promised her – in her greatest moment of doubt – that Shikamaru would not strive to compete with her husband’s methods.  “In and out,” Naruto had pretty much said, swallowing a large pill of expectation and anxiety.  Perhaps she agreed only because her way out would be swift.

            “Okay,” she finally consented after a usual series of stammers, though she wasn’t sure how to proceed until Shikamaru took her by the hand and led her.  She waddled along on her knees in cautious steps, as if to avoid upsetting the mattress’ tempo of her husband’s making.  Even now, she did not want to inconvenience him, while he plowed another’s wife and she straddled the husband.

            Another man’s cock against her cleft; she remembered how jittery she had been when Naruto first exposed himself to her.  Not entirely romantic; it had been when they were dating, and he felt it time to take himself out of his zipper and show her.  She gushed and shillyshallied, tried to convince him to put it away while they were in public; an overview of the village, but she feared eyes could reach them even there.  But with some desperate persuasion, Naruto got her to fist his cock and rub it until a curious and copious amount of thick milk spouted from the tip like a fountain.  She remembered the pungent smell and how the liquid strung stubbornly amongst her fingers.

            In her reminiscence of instances past, it was up to Shikamaru to direct her, raising her hips slightly to slide his cock out and line up with the slot of her sex.  The wet line between her smooth hair was inviting.  His tip stroked at the spot where he meant to bury his bothersome erection.

            Hinata felt it, the tip of another man rubbing between her labia.  On no interaction from her part, she felt the penis wedge into her.  “Ah!”  She flinched and let her weight down reflexively.  Shikamaru was not as large as Naruto, but the difference was what electrified her.  She could tell the difference; there were no delusions that she was bearing down on a new cock, increasing her experience from one to two in an instant.

            Her ass was larger than Temari’s; yet another plus in Hinata’s column that Shikamaru would never utter around his wife.  The plump cheeks came to rest against his thighs, and her settled weight was not as uncomfortable as he had thought.  She might’ve initiated it, but she realized that both her hands had woven fingers with him, which helped her brace against him.  He rocked his hips, fixing whatever he wanted before reclining into the pillow he had set behind his head.

            This was nice, he’d admit.  Her body fit snugly around him, and the wet made it easy to slide.  And when he realized that Hinata had moved her hips on her own – two inches up, and then two inches down – he believed he could trust her to do all the work.  A cigarette between his lips, and this could actually be a perfect moment.  He lost himself for a moment, arching and pressing his hips up to her to create a satisfying smack! between their genitals.  Hinata yelped, he apologized, and then did it again.  He had no reign with his hands tied up with hers, but she was modest in riding, unlike his frantic and horny wife.

            Naruto was taking care of her.  Last Shikamaru had glimpsed, her hands had twisted overhead and held the headboard as Naruto shoved her against them.  A part of him feared that Naruto would ruin her; another part wondered how easy life would be if Naruto was his fulltime bull, ready to please Temari at a moment’s notice and put her in a good mood.

            Shikamaru pulled back his involvement and let Hinata work it.  Naruto seemed to have worked with her, as she knew how to put on a pace, rolling forward and back, pressing all of him inside of her and knowing how far to pull forward without dislodging him.  He made subtle noises of pleasure, but she was louder, with small mewls that echoed her thrusts.  Eventually, Shikamaru winced.  Her nectar had started to flow down his shaft, and it tickled his tense balls.  If he had thought she would, he would’ve told her to rub them; he chose not to.  Too troublesome…

            “They’re doing it,” slurred Naruto, peeking back at them, confirming Shikamaru’s dick locked into his wife.  He squeezed Temari’s ass and slopped his tongue against her panting mouth.  His lips lifted, his eyes squinting, and then he said what he wanted.  Temari must not have heard him right.  “What?” she exclaimed breathlessly, and he reaffirmed his statement with a lecherous smile.  She was speechless, though his words had rattled in her mind and ignited more pleasures.  She thought of it, thought of it long, mindlessly reaching for anything her fingers could weave around.  He couldn’t be…!

            “Kya!”  She leapt and held onto him when he made his bold move.  Her face next to his, he snickered and said she sounded like a girl.  Then, carefully, his probing finger slipped into her asshole.  Shikamaru had always declined the invitation; Naruto went for it with gusto.  She was on the fence about it until the cock methodically slid out of her stretched hole.  Now he touched her untouched hole.

            And she braced for impact… but nothing prepared her; not the earlier tongue lashing or previous finger poking.  His cockhead impacted, peering through her anus.  She tried several methods to loosen up and found that bearing down and breathing helped most.  A drawn-out, husky wail; another one, and Naruto’s mushroom tip had knotted her.  Nowhere to go but in!  Naruto charged, slowly but surely, but he charged up Temari’s rectum no matter how high her pitch became.

            He split her thighs, opening the space for him to nestle.  Deeper and deeper, he crawled, all the while feeling her inexperienced muscles react to him.  It might’ve been easier with Shikamaru’s smaller shaft, but Temari grit her teeth, sneered with a reddened face, and persevered to the root of his cock.  “Ahh!” she exhaled like she had contained her breath since the start.

            Naruto drooled, head falling back with an elated groan.  At long last, after begging Hinata to try, he finally got to feel the tightness of the ass.  It was incredible.  The walls around him were in constant state of tension, flexing and trying to figure out how to pump the staff out of her virgin hole.  He obliged, pulling back with a convulsion, and then plugging back up and expelling a deepthroated grunt from the woman.

            Only Shikamaru had the vantagepoint, but he wasn’t sure what Naruto was doing to make his wife’s face glow and pale all at once.  And he was busy with Hinata’s efforts.  She had let go of his hands and held forward, her tits dangling in his face.  Now would be the time Temari ordered him to suck.  But not Hinata…  She sometimes looked down to her swaying breasts, swinging together like opposing, rolling waves of the ocean, clapping softly together in the middle.  She was more focused on her tempo than what Shikamaru-kun thought of her breasts, though that might’ve been intentional.  Even so, Shikamaru decided not to pass up the opportunity to slurp one brown nipple into his mouth.  But the nipple did not stay; not when the lunge of her chest was too weighted and his sudden audaciousness caused her to inadvertently jerk.

            “Sorry,” he mumbled with lips glistening with spit; spit that also shone over her breast.

            “No,” hiccupped Hinata, averting her gaze to the right.  “It’s… it’s okay…”  As if in offering, she hefted the same breast he had supped on, the flesh spilling over in her small hand and gave it back to his mouth.  Shikamaru accepted without pause, nursing on her weaned tit.

            His grunts and huffs; she felt them reverberate through her sensitive flesh.  She rocked harder atop his lap, encouraged by his sounds.  She had feared failure, but Shikamaru removed doubt until his mouth unlatched.  He made a noise, and gave a very meaningful look as his face screwed up a little.  He seemed redder than before.  “Sorry, Hinata,” he whispered, hands coming to her pumping hips.  And before she could process his meaning, the harvest came by the millions, jettisoned from his body into her, crashing against the wall of her cervix and roiling through the passage into her womb.

            How could he be so irresponsible, Hinata thought wide-eyed.  And how could it be that her hips didn’t stop moving, that she made no effort to displace his flow of seed to a less fertile spot like her leg or his stomach?  The heat spread out, and she moved harder against him, whimpering and moaning as her cunt drank him.  He arched into his pillow, his lazy hands showing strength as they tried to pause her, but she was determined to guide him through the climax, until he had emptied his need for her entirely.

            Would she carry a new sibling for Shikadai, for Boruto and his sister?  Somehow, she didn’t care, slowing her hips only to enjoy the drag of his cum leaking out of her, around his shaft and to his balls.  She withheld the majority beneath her stomach, a prize for her efforts and his relief.

            It was only after she felt him budge a little between her walls that she realized that working her body on top of his had tired her.  Though not fulfilled herself, she risked a smile and eased down on the wheezing Nara.  Out of habit, she pecked at the corner of his partially-open mouth, though she did not follow with ‘I love you.’

            She settled her full weight on him, harboring his penis between her drenched folds, letting the lingering deposit slowly trickle to chase after the torrent.  His heat pooled in her belly, and she remembered how this feeling had once led to a son, and then to a daughter.  She certainly hoped she wasn’t too heavy for Shikamaru, though Naruto always embraced her afterwards with a big smile – despite his exhaustion – and declared that he enjoyed how she felt on top of him.  Shikamaru didn’t so much as wince, and aside from still catching his breath, he seemed rather peaceful.  Hinata was glad for that, sliding her hands up his chest to hold at his shoulders.

            Legs bent and splayed outward around his waist; she remained straddled, and he remained embedded with his load.  Gently, her hips dipped and curled with a few merciful pumps, just to extract the rest of his seed.  She somehow thought it cruel not to keep the entirety of his ejaculation in one spot; one sperm separated from the others seemed lonely.  But all made it inside her, even if some washed back out of her to contribute to the lewd, wet noises that normally had her blushing when Naruto would tease her in the midst of sex.

            She settled down on Shikamaru, ear resting atop his collarbone.  A whisp of his fingertips brushed between her shoulder blades before it dropped down on the bed.  He wanted to sleep, never minding the normal after-sex smoke; he was sated.  He mumbled something to Hinata – gratitude or gentle advice – and was probably asleep within the minute.  His talent was rest.

            Hinata was not long to join him, the back-and-forth rolling of the bed soothing in its way despite the harsh grunts and groans from the two still going at it.  She checked them, just tilting her head somewhat from where she rested on Shikamaru to see their activity.  She might’ve been too tired to react properly, but she figured Temari had a stronger conviction to being speared up the backside.  Her husband, who had on occasion asked her to try, now wedged his large cock up between Temari-san’s cheeks, which she held apart for him, groaning deep whenever he slid in.  Nice and deep, purposely slow…  Hinata could just barely see the small hole stretched around the base of Naruto’s length, and she remembered how difficult it had been for her to take just the head before begging him to take it out.

            She smiled lightly and closed her eyes, silently thanking Temari for aiding her husband with his wishes.  The choked sounds from the sodomized wife must have lulled her to sleep without knowing, for when she woke up – a brief interlude of restful dreams – she saw that Naruto and Temari had switched up their position very drastically, switching to oral treatment from their anal bonding.  Naruto lay on his back, shoving his face up to Temari’s pussy while his left hand stuck its thumb gently into her asshole; to cork his deposit to avoid spoiling his vaginal feasting.  And Temari returned the favor by choking on his dick, ramming it into her mouth with an authority Hinata would never have.  Married to another, but tonight, this cock belonged to her.

            Maybe more than just tonight, Hinata secretly admitted with a secret smile.  It would not be so bad.  It just made sense.


Corny ending statement: check!  The idea has been in my head ever since I created 'Shit On You', and really, the Shikamaru/Hinata pairing (hell, the whole swap of Uzumaki and Nara wives) just really makes sense.

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