An Enigmatic Affair

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Sasuke 21

Naruto: 21

Kushina 39


If there were two things Sasuke knew to be universal truths, it was that his best friend Naruto was louder than the average person and will not hesitate to say what’s on his mind regardless of who’s around. 

“Man the things I would do to that woman.” Like right now. The two were over at Sasuke’s house as they usually do every week. It was almost tradition for the two of them to kick back at the black haired man’s house, open up a few cold ones, watch a movie, and break bread. 

“I hear you man.” The woman in question was an actress in an action movie they were watching. She looked to be in her mid twenties but was actually in her late thirties. While he didn’t openly state his thoughts regarding some women he couldn’t help but agree with Naruto. If he was given the chance to sleep with a woman like that he had a few choice activities that he’d do too.

The two continued watching the movie while the blond continuously dropped comments about the actress. It was clear his blond friend hadn’t been laid in a good while. Three beers and 40 minutes later and the two were still discussing women, though this time the women in question were their college professors. 

“I’m telling you, my math professor is ridiculously hot.” Naruto said enthusiastically, his hands making the motions of an hourglass to add some visualization. 

“The one with that wears mini skirts all the time?”

“That’s the one. She wears that kinda clothing and wonders why most of the guys are caught off guard when she calls on them.” Sasuke could understand why his friend was distracted. He’d seen the teacher before, she usually wore a skirt that reached just below her knees as well as a button up shirt that was snug on her. It didn’t help that it really drew attention to her breasts. 

He liked to think he was more observant than others and had seen the look of satisfaction on the woman's face once when she knew people were staring. She was a tease and most likely knew every man in her class fantasized about her.

“Hell even my history teacher and the cafeteria lady can get it.” Though the two of them had a lot of different interests the one thing that they both shared was their love for older women. 

Sasuke passed his friend another beer seeing him eyeing the pack. He knew it was a bad idea since his friend couldn’t really hang but seeing as he seemed fine enough to talk about hot women he figured why not?

The two continued to drink for the next couple of minutes, the blond really knocking them back while he drank at a slower pace. He wasn’t trying to get drunk after all. 

“Man let’s add Mikoto to the list too.” Naruto slurred out teasingly. Sasuke narrowed his eyes at the remark but said nothing. He had since grown used to his friends commenting about his mom being attractive. Luckily for him she and his dad were out traveling for the next three months so he didn’t have to worry about anyone seeing her.

Instead of snapping back at him like he usually would he smirked. “I really hope you’re this cheerful when I become your step dad in the future.” That shut him up. Naruto flipped him off believing he was just fucking around with him but little did he know Sasuke truly had a thing for his mom.

It started back when they were just teenagers when he realized the red headed woman looked real good. Even at 39 years old Kushina Namikaze could pass off for about 30. She had an ample chest, a nice waist that he knew would be good to hold her by, and an amazing ass. On more than one occasion had he stared at her mouth while she spoke and mentally imagined her doing something else with it.

He figured it would be a passing fancy and his illicit thoughts would disappear, but they didn’t. If anything his attraction grew over time. He never entertained the thought of trying anything with her though considering she’s married and is the mother of his best friend. Lately though, his dreams have been filled with nothing but the woman pleasuring him in every way he wanted.

He snapped out of his inner thoughts when he realized it had become awfully quiet in the room. Looking over at his friend he realized he wasn’t moving. Leaning over in his seat to get a better look he realized the blond had his eyes closed and was snoring lightly.

Putting his half empty can down he stood up and tried shaking Naruto awake to no avail. The guy was gone.

“Fuck” He cursed. He was going to have to lug him all the way down the street back to his house. At least it was already dark out so no one would see them. He had a car available but after having a drink he’d rather not risk driving, even if it was only down the street. A couple minutes and some shoulder soreness on his part he made it.

They didn’t have to wait long after knocking for the door to open. It took all his will power and more to not widen his eyes at the state of her dress. Kushina was busy tying the red robe she was wearing but wasn’t fast enough to stop him from seeing the matching black bra and panties. As if he didn’t have enough material to work with in his head she shows him this?

The woman looked at him before her eyes fell on her son. The woman frowned and sighed angrily. “I’ve told him not to over do it. He knows he can’t handle alcohol.” She said to him before calming down. “Thank you for bringing him. Can I ask you to take him up to his room?” 

“Of course” He followed the woman up the stairs, friend still slung over his shoulder. Though the soreness had been suddenly forgotten as his eyes were glued to the backside of the beautiful woman. The robe she wore was pretty short and he was hoping that it would ride up enough for him to get to see a cheek. Unfortunately for him that didn’t happen.

“Just throw him on the bed.” She ordered. He dropped him less delicately than he wanted to but the moment he bent down gravity took over and pulled the boy down.


“It’s fine, he didn’t fall off the bed at least. Honestly, He has time to drink with his friends and mess around but doesn’t wanna help his mom at the gym?” She asked, clearly irritated with her son.

The gym bit managed to catch his attention. “You go to the gym?” He asked as the two headed back downstairs.

“No but I’ve been looking to join one.” At this the black haired man looked her up and down once. 

“You’re not fat. You look pretty good to me.” Pretty good was an understatement. “Why do you want to join the gym?”

“You flatterer” She smiled “I don’t want to lose any weight. I just want to tone my body up to how it was when I was younger. I don’t have anything to do here and lord knows Minato hardly looks at me anymore.” Her eyes widened when she realized she’d said that last bit a little louder than she wanted. She looked to him immediately hoping he hadn’t caught that last bit.

He had of course but seeing her distress he didn’t comment on it. He did however file that information away for future reference. “Well if you want to join a gym you could go to the one I’m at.” He offered. “One of my friends works there, I could get you in at a fraction of what other places will charge you.”

Kushina’s eyes lit up “Really?”

“Yeah. Think about it and let me know tomorrow.” Showing himself out he headed back home where he instantly made his way to the bathroom to take care of his urges. The sight of Kushina in her bra and panties had really gotten to him.

The following night found Sasuke at his friend Suigetsu’s house for a party since his parents were out of town. Originally he wasn’t going to attend, in case Kushina called to follow up with him about the gym. He hoped she would and they could go that same day but it was looking like a no go. Suigetsu told him that Sakura, a girl he’d met in one of his classes, was there and was really looking forward to seeing him.

He didn’t dislike the girl but he certainly wasn’t going out of his way to pursue something with her either. However, considering the amount of pent up frustration he had that couldn’t be released by oneself he decided to go. Might as well get a little release, he thought.

And that was exactly what was going on at the moment. Not even an hour into the party and the girl had come onto him heavily. A couple drinks in her system had clearly made her bold and she all but dragged him into one of the empty rooms of the house. He now found himself sat down in one of the small couches the room housed with the pink haired young woman in between his legs.

Sakura was bobbing her head up and down, trying her best to take all eight inches down her throat. She would make it to the seven inch mark before stopping and gagging. 

“Does that…feel good?” She asked as she briefly stopped using her mouth to instead jerk him off, all while maintaining eye contact.

He looked down at her and nodded. He wasn’t lying either, it felt good, but that’s all it wasn’t great. Something was missing. She was certainly better than other girls he’d been with but still it still wasn’t completely doing it for him. 

While she began to work on his cock again the vibration of his phone on the arm rest of the couch caught his attention. His eyes lit up when he read Kushina’s name on the screen of his phone.

“Hello” He answered. Sakura pulled back, looking at him questioningly but was soon back to work as Sasuke gripped her head and pulled her back down.

Sasuke it’s Kushina. Sorry for calling so late is this a bad time?

Hell no it wasn’t. “Of course not. What can I do for you?” He asked while gripping Sakura’s head when she stopped again.

If your offer of signing me up to the gym you go to is still open I’d like to take you up on it.”

“Yeah I can call him tonight and we can even start tomorrow if you’d like.” He told her, inwardly excited. He still remembered the slip up she made about her husband and this was the perfect chance to get closer to the woman.

Great. I’m actually really excited to get back to it. Though it is going to be a little weird going by myself. Especially at my age.”

This was a golden opportunity if he ever saw one. “I go a lot actually. If you wouldn’t mind having a gym partner I’d love to accompany you.” He really hoped she didn’t find the thought creepy or inappropriate. 

Really? It wouldn’t bother you having to slow down for me?” It actually works out better for me, he thought slightly giddy. 

“Not at all. If anything I think it’ll be fun.”

Ok then, we’re partners. Can we go tomorrow morning? Say…11?” He could picture the woman's eyes lighting up in excitement as he’d seen in the past whenever something had her pumped up.

“Sounds good. I’ll pick you up.”

“Who was that?” Sakura asked, a jealous tone evident in her voice. He could see the woman was clearly upset that he’d taken a phone call while she was doing her best to please him. 

“Nobody to concern yourself with.” He answered before pushing her head back onto his cock. This time he kept his hand on her head, tilted his head back and closed his eyes. The image of Sakura blowing him began to fade and in her place was the image of Kushina taking him into her mouth inch by inch. The mental image of Kushina seemed to be all it took for the blowjob he was receiving to increase in pleasure.

Sakura must have thought she was doing a better job as he was now letting out grunts of appreciation at her work. He even grabbed a handful of her hair and increased her pace until he forced his cock all the way down her throat and came. Once every last drop had been sent down her throat he made a quick excuse to leave, promising to call her the next day. He had no plans to do that however now that he had something to look forward to. One quick message to his friend Jugo and Kushina had the deal of the century. 

The next morning couldn’t come fast enough for the young man. After having a light breakfast he changed into his gym clothes which consisted of some shorts and a sleeveless shirt that showed off his arms. He wasn’t one for vanity but it did make them look really good. 

Checking the clock he noticed it was almost time. Grabbing his keys he made his way over to Naruto’s house. As he drove he couldn’t help but wonder what her gym attire would be. He got his answer soon after sending her a text saying that he was outside. He had to adjust himself in his seat after taking in her appearance. The red headed woman was dressed in black tights as well as a black top that was more of a sports bra than anything else.  The tights stuck to her like a second skin and the top made her chest look even bigger. 

“Hey. Did you contact your friend?” She greeted and asked as she got into the passenger seat of his car.

“I did. Everything is ready. If you’re not forgetting anything let’s go.”

After arriving the two went to speak to Jugo, or rather Sasuke did while Kushina just signed the papers after reading over them. True to his word Kushina was paying much less than the other regulars there. Once everything was ready she was escorted by a female staff member to the locker room to keep her things before she met her young partner back at the entrance. 

As the two made their way to the first machine he noticed Kushina looked a bit awkward. After asking about it he found out she was self conscious about the people staring at her and proceeded to grab the skin around her stomach area. She thought they were staring because she was out of shape. He knew the real reason however, the look of lust in the men's eyes told him they were definitely imagining themselves fucking her.

“Just ignore everyone they’re staring because you’re a new face.” He lied. “Now let’s start on the leg press.”

Kushina had seen women using it when they entered and knew what to do. Placing her water bottle down she laid down on the machine and hooked her legs under the padded bars. Sasuke stood next to her and watched as the woman began doing her reps. That lasted all of one minute before his eyes were drawn to her shapely ass. He quickly averted his gaze and was thankful she seemed to be so into the workout that she didn’t turn to look at him.

After a few more reps she stopped and got off. “I used to be able to use more weight back then.”

From there the two headed to other leg based machines as today was the day most of the upper body equipment was being used. After using the squat rack, showing her how to properly do it he had to once again use all his will power to not stare as she squatted down, a thin coat of sweat covering her body. His mind began imagining her squatting on something else.

Sasuke did manage to sneak in a bicep curling session next to a bench where Kushina was resting for a minute. While he worked he did notice that the woman gave him a glance from top to bottom once or twice. He glanced up at the mirror in front of them just in time to catch it. Glancing around after he finished he realized they weren’t going to get upper body today so he put his weights back and motioned her to follow him.

“I think to finish off for the day we’ll hit the treadmills. You think you can handle that?” He asked teasingly. To his surprise and slight arousal she smirked back at him.


“I can handle anything you got.” The innuendo was not lost on him. He slowed down to let the woman briefly pass him in order to fix his shorts. The treadmill machines were lined up in three rows and three columns. Currently the only available ones were across from each other. Kushina opted to take the one in the back while he took the one in front of her.

Ten minutes in he increased the speed a bit and looked up at the TVs playing various sports. His attention moved to the small circular mirror next to them. Using it to look back he was glad to see Kushina’s eyes fixated on his ass. He thought maybe she was staring at his back but as if she could feel she was being watched she looked to the mirror, following his gaze and her eyes widened before she looked elsewhere. Looks like she liked what she saw as much as he did. That also proved that she was in fact checking him out as he was working on his biceps. He decided against calling her out on it once they left the gym as he didn’t want to scare her out of continuing this.

For the next two weeks the two could be seen frequenting the gym five days out of the week. They’d head out in the morning and be gone for about two or so hours. In that time Sasuke had put his plan into action. He made sure to open the door for her when picking her up and dropping her off, and subtly drop compliments on her appearance and anything else he could. At the gym he’d made ‘accidental’ touches and even listened to her rant about her day whilst agreeing with her.

He even made sure to let her know about the massage class he’d taken in his first semester of college to which the woman said he’d definitely need to give her one soon. Overall he’d say he’s made good progress getting close to her. The only potential problem he could have faced was also resolved as Naruto, rather than be suspicious of how much time Sasuke was spending with his mom was glad.

The blond had been glad that she wasn’t constantly nagging him to go to the gym with her and could now relax in peace. Naruto had even said he felt sorry for him now because she was most likely talking his ears off. Sasuke simply smirked and told him it was his pleasure, while mentally adding that it would be soon.

The next time he dropped her off back home he noticed that she looked a little pensive. She’d also been looking around the gym and at the pamphlets they had seemingly looking for something but couldn’t find it.

“Kushina are you alright?” He asked.

She blinked “Oh yeah I was just wondering if maybe the gym had a yoga class or something. I’m not as flexible as I used to be and I wanted to join in on some classes. Luck just seemed to be on his side lately. He had to try and keep his excitement down and keep a blank look on his face.

“Don’t tell Naruto what I’m about to tell you. I had to go with my mom to some yoga classes because she wanted to go but not alone.”

“Really? Mikoto’s lucky. Minato and Naruto would never go with me to something like that.” Kushina whined with envy.

“Yeah. If you’d like I could show you a couple of positions that could help you out.” 


She checked the time on her phone. “Naruto is out and Minato won’t be home for two more days. Think you could help me out right now? I have a mat.”

“I suppose I could. I’ve got some time.” He parked his car in the driveway and rushed to her side to open the door for her, earning him a smile in return. It might not be much but he was sure small details like that would help him out in the long run.

“Ok. How do we start?” She asked after setting up the mat.

Sasuke hummed in thought. “You said you’re not that flexible anymore, how bad is it?”

Rather than answering, Kushina bent over while keeping her legs straight and showed him that her fingertips were still a bit off from her feet. “I also can’t do the splits like I used to” She commented after getting back up.

“Well we can skip the stretching since we did that before actually working out. Let’s start with some basic breathing poses.”

For the next half hour he instructed her on some basic poses, though he could tell she was beginning to get agitated by the look on her face. It was clear where her son got his temper from.

“Alright. I think we can start now. This one is pretty straight forward. It’s called the standing forward fold. This is the one you did earlier. Just stand up straight and try to touch your toes.”

“Now we’re talking.” She said excitedly, punching her palm. He stood next to her and watched her bend down again. His eyes were naturally drawn to her gorgeous ass. He noticed he couldn’t make out an outline of any underwear. Was she wearing a thong? “Ok what now?” 

He snapped out of it. “Alright I’m gonna give you a hand. Is that ok?”

She nodded. He placed his left hand on her tailbone, just a little further down and he’d be in the promised land. His right hand was placed on her back and began applying pressure to make her reach a little further. That little bit of help was just what she needed to touch her toes. He kept her there in that position for a few seconds before having her get up.

“Damn. My legs felt that one. What’s next?”

“We’ll finish it off with this one since it’s been almost an hour. You’ve probably seen this one before. It’s the cobra pose.” He said as he motioned her to lay down. 

“Oh yeah I know this one.” Without waiting for him to continue Kushina began to lift herself up and immediately saw a problem.

“Your arms are shaking.” He pointed out in slight amusement.

She huffed. No they’re not.

Sasuke simply stared at her wobbly arms, no doubt tired from the workout today as she tried to stabilize them to no avail. He kneeled down next to her to help her out but stopped when he saw a problem. 

“What’s wrong?” The woman asked, seeing him hesitate.

“Normally at this point I’d put a hand on the chest to push you up to keep you in place but…” He trailed off glancing down at her breasts. Kushina understood what he meant and had a light tint of red appear on her cheeks. 

“Just…put it right under them.” She said as the strain was getting to her. He nodded and placed his hand right under her breasts and helped her straighten out. Finally after a minute or so he let go and the two called it a day.

While Kushina was taking a few deep breaths Sasuke pulled his phone out to see if he had any missed notifications. However in that time Kushina had begun talking to him and had made her way to stand next to him. 

“….So thank you.”

“I’m sorry what was that?” He never noticed her leaning in to give him a kiss on the cheek for all his help and ended up turning to face her right before she made contact with his cheek. The result was her capturing his lips. She pulled away after two or so seconds, though it felt much longer for him. Her eyes were wide, clearly in shock.

She coughed into her hand once “I’m sorry I should’ve warned you what I was going to do.”

He shook his head. “No I wasn’t paying attention, it was my fault.”

“We can write this off as an accident.” She added not looking at him. He nodded and put his phone away. Seeing that it was getting awkward he asked if they were still on for tomorrow to which, to his relief, she agreed and was on his way out. All the way home and even afterwards the kiss replayed in his mind.

Maybe he would call Sakura after all to placate him for the time being.


Hope you all enjoyed it. I hope to make this a multi part series.


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