A Favour

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Sasuke watched the backs of Sakura and Kakashi leave his hospital room. For this 13th birthday Team 7 had planned to go to the next village to celebrate but were jumped by some criminals. Thanks to Kakashi they had narrowly escaped, however Sasuke was left with broken arms, and had been lying in a hospital bed all week. Now with his team mates leaving the room, he was once again left with just the occasional beeping of the monitoring equipment next to his bed. Turning his head towards the window, another beautiful summers day outside, all the while he is stuck in bed, and had been for the last week.


Before leaving, Kakashi shared the news that Naruto, his other team mate had just made a full recovery. The doctors were a little baffled as to how his injuries had healed so quickly considering he was in a lot worse condition to start with. Naruto had a knack for healing fairly quickly though, so not really a surprise to those that knew of him well.


Not long after being left alone, Sasuke heard the rapid feet of someone in the distance, accompanied by some desperate shouting. Suddenly Naruto was at the door, his face beaming, finally seeing Sasuke awake.


“SASUKE KUN! YOU'RE ALIVE!” Naruto shouted, “what happened to your arms!”


“They're broken, I broke them so I could escape. Where the hell have you been? Sakura and Kakashi left 20 minutes ago.”


“Sorry Sasuke, after staying in hospital for so long, I was starved and ate a ton of Ramen last night. I overslept but came here straight after I promise! I thought you would have been out by now though?”


“Not all of us heal as quickly as you do. It's good you're you're finally here though, I have been needing to ask you a favor”


“Anything! Naruto will do anything for his team! Believe it!”


“Well, it's actually kind of embarrassing. I've been here about a week, the nurses are great, but uh..I couldn't ask them to..you know, relieve me. “ Sasuke was now blushing, which was pretty obvious on his otherwise pale skin


“WHAT! You have been a week without peeing?! Surely the nurs-”


“no, not peeing you idiot! Of course helped me with that. But with my broken arms, I couldn't bring myself to ask them to..you know..”


Naruto was starring blankly, not quite grasping what Sasuke was asking.


“Shower? Just spit it out Sasuke, what do you want me to do?”


“Ugh, surely you're old enough to know what I'm talking about! I need you to touch..me there.. and.. make me..”


Sasuke still couldn't believe he was having to ask Naruto to do such a thing. Did he have to draw a picture for him to get it? Could it be possible that Naruto didn't actually know what he needed him to do? Naruto didn't really have a lot of friends to talk about such things about so maybe he really doesn't know?


Naruto still confused finally put the pieces together. “OHHHHH, you want me to do THAT?! I didn't think other people did that! But shouldn't you be asking Sakura to do that? That's something a girl should do for you, not me. She likes you anyway. And, and, I don't wanna touch your thing, that's gross!”


“Please Naruto. I can't ask Sakura to do it. I don't want to be weak in front of her. I thought about Kakashi, but he would get in a lot of trouble since he is our Sensei. Believe me if there was ANYONE else I would be asking, and I'm not exactly thrilled to be asking you for this. But it has been a week, I just can't wait any longer. If it has to be you then at this point so be it. “


Naruto sat in silence. He stared at Sasuke looking for any signs of a practical joke, but could only read the desperation on his face. He looked across to his arms, which were obviously still broken. Down to waist which was only covered by a thin hospital gown, then back up to his face.


“If I do this,” Naruto started slowly ”then you owe me BIG time. And we don't tell ANYONE ever.”


“I would never tell anyone. I am only asking you this because I have no other choice. Please Naruto. I'd be begging you if I could move my damn arms.”


“Fine.” Naruto sighed. “Do I gotta just lift this gown thing up and then you're all just...there?”


“Yes, it's just the gown. If you untie it, you can just pull it open”


Naruto leaned over and untied the cotton ties which was the only thing between his hands and Sasukes boyhood. His heart began to race and his hands began to sweat. Never in his wildest imagination had he thought he would do this to another boy. And to Sasuke of all people. Sasuke closed his eyes, trying to think he was a million miles away. Trying to pretend it was anyone anywhere else, instead of Naruto about to see him like this.


The gown parted, and Naruto got his first real glimpse of Sasuke's dick. There were about a dozen hair's just above the base, but the rest was completely hairless. Naruto was once again found himself jealous of his rival as he had yet to grow any hair down there, and as Sasuke was semi hard, it looked much bigger than his own. The skin around it was only slightly darker than the rest of him, and enveloped the shaft including the head, all was completely smooth. Looking just below it, Naruto could just make out the base of Sasukes buttcrack behind his balls.


Tentatively Naruto reached his hand out, and wrapped it around the base. It felt silky in his touch and he could feel the skin moving up and down along the shaft. It had felt good when he did it to himself, so he started to jerk up and down a little faster trying to get the job done.


Nothing but the beeping of the machines, and the business of the other doctors in the back broke the silence in the room. Silent except for the urgent slapping of skin as Naruto tried to bring Sasuke to climax. It has been about 5 minutes before Sasuke finally spoke


“Try something different, do what you usually do to yourself”


“I am! This is all I have I do it when I do it” Naruto continuing to move up and down more frantically


“Yeah well I'm not you, and I need it to - AHH don't pull so hard!”


“I just want to get this over and done with. This works for me, you're not even getting hard!”


“It's because it's YOU doing it. If you were hot this would be easier!”


“Should I try Sexy No Jitsu then?”


“No, no. I'll still know it's just you. Just...keep trying I guess. Try touching my balls”


Naruto groaned, as he now cradled Sasuke's balls along with touching his penis. At least they felt about the same size as his own. It felt kind of squishy touching another boy. The thought crossed his mind that at least if Sasuke keeps bossing him around now I can just squeeze his balls to put him in his place.


After another 5 minutes of groping and pulling, Sasuke was getting pretty sore.


“Naruto stop, this isn't working”


“I won't stop until my mission is done! You're the one letting the team down!”


“Sorry, I know as soon as a nurse comes in I'll go hard as a rock, there has to be a better way to do this.”


“Well don't blame me, I did this to myself this morning and came in seconds. My dick works just fine. Maybe yours is broken!” he exclaimed, pull his hands away and rubbing them clean on his orange jacket.


Sasuke still frustrated searched for another option. “Your technique is terrible. If you did that to yourself your foreskin would be red raw”


“Foreskin? You mean that skin thing? I don't have one of those”


“Hrmm. Well there is something else we could try..” Sasuke mused. “but I could understand if you didn't want to do it.”


“What is it?”


“Maybe ..you could...suck me?


“NO WAY NOT IN A MILLION YEARS! GROSS!” Naruto shouted, jumping back and pointing.


“Shhh keep it down. We don't want the nurses in here. It's fine if you don't want to do it I understand. Lets go back with just a hand then. I think we just stop for a few minutes, give it a break”


“....do people really do that?! Suck on other peoples dicks? That's nasty!”


“Girls sometimes do, and it's the best! It's just swallowing the stuff that comes out which is different.”


“But isn't that how babies are made?”


Sasuke laughed “It won't if it goes in their mouth!” Sasuke began to realize just how sheltered Naruto was with all of this stuff. “So you can cum right Naruto?”


“Not that it is any of your business, but yeah I can make a little bit for the last month or so. But I don't have any hair like you do. Or that foreskin thing yet. And you're way bigger than me. Jiraiya said I might be a 'late bloomer'? I don't know what flowers have to do with anything though”


“Ahahaha! No dobe, a late bloomer just means it will just be a little longer before you catch up. I've been able to cum for a few months now, if you are still early on it's no wonder you're a little inexperienced. Hair will come eventually, though if you don't have skin like mine, you could be circumsized?”


“I just know that mine looks different to nearly everyone else, I don't have that bit on the end like you and everyone else does. Why do I always have to be different from everyone else” Naruto said. “I suppose you been with a girl if you know all this stuff?”


“No,” Sasuke scoffed “Furthest I have been was that time you and I kissed in class!”


With that they both laughed thinking back to that such awkward time.


“I think a girl would be lucky to be with you Sasuke. You have a nice bug one.” Naruto said quietly.


“There is more to it that just dick Naruto, but thank you.”


The two sat in silence for a moment. Naruto looking at Sasuke's now softening cock. It was definitely smaller now. Sasuke was also starting to look at Naruto in a new light. He wasn't so bad he thought, it seems a lot of his idiocy was a lack of having adults show him the way. No wonder he was so stupid and annoying. There was a bit of innocence about him he now realised.


“I'll do it” Naruto breaking the silence. “Maybe even if I suck you, it'll make mine grow more. But I'll do it. Do I really have to swallow though?”


“We can't very well leave it to dry on the gown can we?”


“You owe me even MORE BIG TIME for this.” Naruto got closer to the bed and leaned down towards Sasukes crotch. Holding the tip of it within this thumb and forefinger, he pulled the foreskin down to reveal the reddish head, now juicy with precum. Naruto slipped it past his lips into his mouth, tasting it. Sasuke took a sharp breath in as he felt his cock enter the warm wetness of Naruto's mouth.


This close to Sasuke, Naruto could smell his unique scent all around him. The scent of his pubis, and the salty precum previously built up from the previous attempt. He could taste everything in his mouth, a perfect fit for now, but he could feel it swelling, taking up more space in there. Allowing more and more into his mouth, he suddenly felt his chin bump into the soft sack of Sasuke's ball sack. With no further to go, he sealed his lips around the end, then tried what came naturally, teasing the tip with his tongue and applying a bit of suction.


He could feel Sasuke's cock bob and move within his mouth. The silky skin rubbing against the inside of his cheek. The little veins along the length feeling like little ridges as he became more familiar with the size and shape of it inside him.


“Uhh this feels so good Naruto. You might suck with your hands but your mouth is amazing.”


With newfound encouragement Naruto starting sucking a little harder, Sasukes salty precum flowing more freely in his mouth, while a few pubes tickled his upper lips. He reached down with his other hand, to gently hold Sasukes balls, which now felt tighter. Sasukes dick continued to swell in his mouth, hardening to its full length of 4”. The tube of meat now starting to push into his throat, Naruto's eyes began to water under it's new girth.


“Fuck Naruto, yes, that is so good, I'm about to cum...” Sasuke strained, his voice breaking.


Any chance of second guessing quickly passed Naruto's lips at the thought of Sasukes cum entering his mouth. He was committed now to finishing his mission. Just then he felt Sasukes cock swell even further almost gagging him. He quickly pulled back a bit to breathe some, when the cum splashed out into his mouth. Six, seven, and then eight generous spurts of sperm coating the inside of his mouth. Naruto swallowed, feeling the thick creamy cum sliding down his throat.


Naruto finally pulled off of Sasuke's now deflating penis, dabbing the last bits off with his fingers causing Sasuke to flinch.


“Leave the rest Naruto. My foreskin will cover the rest, and itll be clean off in the shower. Ah.. Thank you so much. I needed that.” Sasuke said, still panting from one of the best orgasms in his young life.


“Sure thing” Naruto said triumphantly with a thumbs up. “By the way you taste like salty shampoo. Blegh.”


“Hahaha, well noone needs to know what happened here remember? This is just between us.”


“Well I definitely won't be going around telling people I sucked a dick, don't you worry about that! When do you get out anyway? I'm not going to be doing this again in a few days time am I?” Naruto asked, covering Sasuke over again with the gown.


“When I can look after myself I guess. I think the casts come off in a few days, so this should be the only time. It's amazing what the medical ninja can do.”

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