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Author's note: So I think we can all agree that this was one hell of a year. (And 2021 doesn't appear to be looking any better so far, but I digress) So I did the count for fun and somehow including the Christmas oneshots I'm posting tonight, this year alone I have posted 60 stories and finished two which had been started earlier than this year.

60 stories and most of them were for this fandom. Which just confirms what I always thought: that I have no life whatsoever LMAO But hey, I suppose you're benefitting from that if you enjoy the random stuff my mind has spat out this year :')

As you might have noticed, this story will be a two shot, because I need a bit more time to figure out how I'll write the latter half, but I still wanted to post something this week just to keep my weekly streak going :')

Anyways, this story is the direct sequel to The Tailor and the Prince, so you might want to read that one first if you haven't already, just to familiarise yourself with the setting.

Warnings: Naruto's pov; Alternate universe; medievalish setting; courting; Prince Sasuke; slash; fluff

I hope you'll like this first part and I wish you all a Merry Christmas/Happy holidays/insert holiday of your choosing!

Part 1

The Royal Ball ended with the announcement that the Prince had found the one he wanted to court. As everyone present looked dumbstruck, the Royal Messenger thanked them for their attendance and wished them a pleasant further continuation of their evening before disappearing through a door.

The outburst of shock following swiftly was audible all the way into the royal gardens, but the person inadvertently being the cause of this shock was blissfully unaware of it.

He was seated in one of the royal carriages, which would see him be brought home safely. His lips and the back of his hand still tingled with the impression of the Prince's sweet kisses and he felt himself blush again when he thought about them.

To think that he of all people, a mere tailor, had the fortune of being courted by the Prince himself! How was it even possible that he had captured the attention of the most desired, most sought out man of their entire country? Even now, sitting in the luxurious carriage with Sasuke's promise echoing in his mind and the places he'd been kissed burning pleasantly, he had a hard time believing that the exchange in the garden had actually occurred. It felt like a dream instead – had he somehow fallen asleep?

The sting blooming up at once when he discreetly pinched his thigh was proof that he was not in fact dreaming.

"I'm going to be courted by Sasuke, the Prince," he whispered dazedly, but even speaking the words aloud didn't make it easier to believe it.

When he had set foot in the palace tonight, he had never expected that the evening would end like this. To be fair it wasn't as if he had had many expectations to begin with. He had attended the ball in the assumption that his customer wanted to discuss more fittings perhaps. Never in his wildest dreams had he anticipated that the Prince himself would not only end up being that very same customer, but that he would also ask Naruto for permission to court him.

Things like that just didn't happen to common folk like him. They belonged to the realm of dreams, of fairy tales told to little children before they went to sleep.

Except that this was really happening to him.

He didn't know yet how to feel about that. Excited? Of course! Amazed? Naturally! Elated? Sure! Mixed between those feelings of wonderment, however, were also apprehension and worry and even a tad of fear as he questioned just how much his life would change with his agreement.

The ladies of the nobility all grew up with the knowledge that one day they would marry someone important and as such were raised with that in mind so they would know how to properly react once that day arrived. All Naruto knew was how to take measurements, craft new styles and get the most out of the sources he had at his disposal.

He had never considered the idea of getting married one day, too busy to keep up with the stream of orders, too tired after long days of stitching and adjusting and drawing and measuring to contemplate who he would like to wed.

It hadn't seemed to be something that was in the cards for him, because while his skills were appreciated, his work definitely was not, considered too low, too average for most people. There wasn't much money to be had in his type of field after all; sure, he earnt enough to still have food and a roof above his head, but it wasn't at the same level as a doctor or a lawyer either.

Most people wanted financial security when they married someone and he couldn't offer that, as he was dependant on people purchasing clothes in order to make a living. One week he could be seeing almost thirty people, while the next he would have to make do with just two or three at the most.

So no, he couldn't offer any financial stability and thus wasn't considered a desired potential partner.

And yet somehow, he had managed to capture the attention of the Prince of all people. Most villagers wouldn't even give him the time of their day if they weren't in need of his sewing skills, but here he was: being brought home by the royal carriage after being asked permission to be courted by the Prince himself.

He stifled a nervous giggle when he imagined the outraged faces of all those girls who had been practically drooling after the Prince. They definitely wouldn't be happy once they learnt who had captured the Prince's affections. It would serve them right, however. Perhaps now they would realise that having a high status didn't always mean you would get what you wanted.

Perhaps not. Either way, their reactions would be interesting once they realised just who they had lost to.

Naruto was broken out of his reverie when the carriage came to a stop and before he could reach out to open the door, it was pulled open by the same orange haired man who had shown up earlier in the gardens.

The man bowed as Naruto carefully stepped out of the carriage, conscious of the high step. The last thing he needed this evening was to fall flat on his face, because he had miscalculated the height difference.

"The Prince will be contacting you soon," the man informed him with a faint smile. "Enjoy the rest of your evening."

"Erm, you too," Naruto said awkwardly and practically scurried to his front door, aware of some of his neighbours peeking through the windows, most likely wondering why the royal carriage was in their street of all places.

He felt way too hot all of a sudden even with the fire in the fireplace having been tempered to just low flames and he hastily ripped off his mask and removed his jacket, going straight to the sink to wash up a bit.

He plugged the sink as soon as enough water had filled the basin and moved to cup water in his hands when he halted, witnessing his distorted reflection staring back at him from the surface of the water. He gazed at his unruly blond hair, at his blue eyes and ran his hands slowly down his cheeks, pressing his fingers against the spot where lips had touched his skin.

The water splashed around when he abruptly dipped his hands in it and he inhaled sharply when the cold liquid stung his overheated face. He splashed his face a couple times more, some droplets trickling down his neck and then pulled the plug out swiftly, letting the water be drained while he went to the bedroom.

He had enough energy left to exchange his costume for his pyjamas and then crawled in bed, listening to some dogs barking in the distance and an owl hooting somewhere nearby.

He was asleep before the owl could hoot for a third time.

Soon turned out to be quite soon indeed, because two days after the ball, a messenger arrived at his doorstep, bearing a letter from the Prince himself.

It was still quite early in the morning, so nobody was out and about yet and therefore couldn't ask Naruto any uncomfortable questions. Still he accepted the letter quickly, casting a furtive glance around just to be certain.

"I'll be here tomorrow to accept your reply," the messenger said and bowed slightly before he returned to his horse and galloped away.

Well, at least he wasn't pressured to give an answer immediately to whatever was written in the letter.

Something akin to butterflies fluttered around in his stomach when he sat down in his small kitchen and turned the letter around. A red and white seal in the form of a fan greeted him and he carefully touched the wax before breaking it, folding the letter open.

Dear Naruto,

I hope these past two days have treated you well.

I am not the type to beat around the bush nor do I see the sense in that, so I am going to be frank if you do not mind. I would love to take you out on a horse ride this upcoming Saturday if the weather allows it to.

If it does not, I would still love to see you again and we could hold a private picnic in the most inner garden of the palace.

Please give me your answer when the messenger shows up again, but do not feel pressured to accept if you do not want to.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

All my love,


A horse ride? Blond eyebrows climbed up in surprise. He had never sat on a horse before, let alone ridden one and he worried that he would make a fool out of himself. Yet at the same time he couldn't help but feel excited at the thought that he might be able to ride a horse for the first time in his life if he accepted.

He would be an idiot not to accept.

And well, if he had to be honest, he was looking forward to seeing the Prince again as well. They had spent some time together at the ball, yes, had even shared a dance before they had to say goodbye, but their time together hadn't been that long and he wondered how much different Sasuke would act if they were truly alone instead of being shadowed by guards.

Ah, but would they be truly left alone if they were still only at the start of the courting process?

He furrowed his eyebrows for a moment and then shrugged, standing up to find some parchment and ink. He supposed he would find out soon whether they would be alone or not.

He hadn't realised fully just how big horses really were.

As the stable boy brought the two majestic looking horses outside, one a pure black, the other a dark brown, whispering to the large animals, Naruto could only stand there frozen and gape at the horses. Why were they so huge?! How on earth was he supposed to get on one of those when his head just barely reached past the horse's back?

"Do you have any experience riding a horse?" Sasuke asked curiously, coming to stand next to him.

He was dressed in a simple white shirt, brown trousers, a riding jacket and dark brown leather boots and was pulling on black gloves.

"No, none whatsoever, and I'm definitely going to fall off that horse if I even get on it in the first place," Naruto babbled nervously, taking a step backwards. "Perhaps you should go for a ride and I'll wait here? I don't mind waiting, I'm good with it, truly."

The Prince chuckled, clearly thoroughly amused. Good, at least one of them was amused. "I'm sure you'll do fine."

"Erm, no, no, I won't be. I'll be thrown off it before I properly sit down and I can do without that particular embarrassment, thank you very much."

He felt his cheeks heat up when Sasuke looked at him speculatively before gazing at the two horses; the stable boy standing there with a bemused look on his face.

"Fine, change of plans," Sasuke announced and Naruto released a sigh of relief.

Thank the gods that he wasn't about to embarrass himself by trying to climb onto a horse!

"Jugo, you take Amaterasu, we'll be taking Susanoo," Sasuke stated and the orange haired guard inclined his head.

"Wait, who's we?" Naruto asked apprehensively, definitely not liking the sound of that decision.

Sasuke turned to him with a small smile and held out his hand. "You and I, of course. We'll be riding on my personal horse together."

"There's no way your horse is going to be able to hold our combined weight!" Naruto protested, shaking his head rapidly.

"You really don't know much about horses, do you?" Sasuke remarked amused; his dark eyes glittering. "Trust me, Susanoo is more than capable of holding our combined weight; he's one of the best horses there is."

"I'm sure he is," Naruto muttered, his eyes flitting over to the black horse in question. "But I'm not sure whether it's - "

"It'll be okay, I promise," Sasuke said and it honestly was unfair how his sincere tone had Naruto's resistance wavering so quickly.

The Prince held out his hand to him again and smiled softly. "I will be really careful and we won't be going too fast unless you want to. I think you'll enjoy riding a horse, though."

Naruto stared at the horse for a moment longer, his stomach performing several flips and turns at the thought of climbing on top of that large beast, and then looked at Sasuke, who was still standing there with his hand held out, patiently waiting.

Well, he had wanted to try out horse riding and at least the Prince would know what he was doing, so it should be all right, no?

The smile Sasuke gifted him with when he placed his hand in his and nodded his consent had him feeling at least a bit more confident about getting on the horse.

Even if that horse in question had no right to look so damn big!

He ended up seated in front of Sasuke, keeping a tight hold on the reigns just above Sasuke's hands, squeezing the leather material every time Susanoo jumped over a bush.

True to his word, Sasuke kept the pace slow, not going too fast to allow Naruto to get used to being on a horse, but all the blond man could focus on was how warm the other man felt against his back; how strong those thighs bracketing his body felt like. It was ridiculous to concentrate on something as inane like that when he was riding a horse for the first time, but he couldn't help himself!

"So, what do you think? Ready for Susanoo to go faster?" Sasuke suggested; his voice low in Naruto's ear, sending shivers down his spine.

"Sure," Naruto replied, distracted by how close Sasuke had sounded, and yelped when Susanoo suddenly started running, rushing past trees like they didn't even register; Naruto's hands clamping down around Sasuke's wrists in surprise.

Sasuke's responding laugh almost made up for how scared Naruto had been just now. Almost.

The first month after accepting Sasuke's request to court him was spent in a daze mostly; him going through the daily movements of stitching clothes and taking measurements while lost in thoughts about the prince himself.

After the day spent riding a horse, Naruto had been invited to the palace thrice so far, enjoying walks in the large gardens and being treated to a luxurious lunch afterwards. Sasuke's brother, Itachi, had joined them the second time, though he had kept some distance, offering the two of them at least the illusion of some form of privacy.

The prince himself behaved courteous every time, never presuming he could order Naruto around simply because of their difference in ranks and always asking for permission to touch. The touches themselves were chaste, of course; mostly handholding, an occasional touch of the lips on the back of a hand. The one time Sasuke had apparently wanted to lean in for a kiss on the cheek, a throat being cleared somewhere near the trees had reminded them that they weren't alone and the dark haired man had pulled away with a wry smile.

That was the downside of being courted by a prince, Naruto had already discovered: the courting process was taken very seriously and inappropriate touches – or what was considered to be inappropriate by the rules of the courtship – were not allowed as long as they weren't wedded. That meant that a kiss could only be given on a hand, not on a cheek and certainly not against lips.

The fact that Naruto mourned the loss of the last option especially even after just a month, told him at least that he hadn't made a stupid mistake in accepting the courtship. He wouldn't go as far yet as to say he was completely in love already, because who could claim that after only courting for a month? However, he did like spending time with Sasuke whenever it was possible, enjoyed talking with him and making him laugh.

That had to mean something, right?

The dresses he had prepared for the ball, but which had never been picked up, had been a thorn in his side from the moment he had been told that they wouldn't be paid for after all and even though the night of the ball had ended pleasantly, two months after the night in question just looking at them annoyed him.

One afternoon in late April he was finally done with them and made the decision to take them apart, hoping he could still salvage some of the fabric. They had remained in the front ever since they had been discarded, but none of the women stopping by to place orders had shown any interest in them. They took up space he could use for something else, so getting rid of them was the only option he still had left.

Right as he went to grab the first dress – a deep rose one with green stones embedded around the collar – the door opened and in stepped Lady Temari, the countess of the neighbouring Sand province.

"Good afternoon, my lady, how can I help you?" he asked, stepping away from the rack of dresses and picking up his measure tape instead.

He was no stranger to having the countess in his shop. While not a frequent client as some of the women in the village were, she had still purchased quite a few garments from him in the past and he could always count on her to pay him on time and the right amount. She never tried to stiff him nor abused her higher rank to get him to lower his prices. As a matter of fact, she'd been clear from the start that she wouldn't allow him to lower his prices for her, merely because of who she was.

Blunt as she could be, he really did appreciate her patronage and unlike some of the women he had catered to before, she was almost a delight to measure, never thinking she knew better than him and accepting his advice about certain styles or types of fabric whenever he gave it.

If only all his clients could be like her, his days would be less stressful and far less aggravating, that was for sure.

"Good afternoon, Naruto, I trust you have been well?" she smiled; the heels of her boots click-clacking against the floor as she approached him.

"Quite well, and you?"

"I cannot complain. In fact, I'm here to purchase dresses for my household," she informed him. "My housekeeper will get married later this year and as such, the rest of the girls will need suitable dresses to attend the celebration."

"Pass my congratulations on to her," Naruto smiled. "You can send them to my shop or I can come visit your estate to take the measurements on a day of your choosing. Naturally all will be finished on time."

"I have no doubt it will be, but now that I see those, I'm actually interested in purchasing them," she said and nodded at the rack of dresses he had been about to discard before she entered.

Confused he looked at the dresses in question before looking back at her. "My lady, are you sure? These dresses were never picked up by the ones who ordered them, so they're a custom fit, not a regular one."

She drifted closer to them, taking the sheer sleeve of a blue one between her thumb and index finger. "I trust you are capable of altering them, no?"

"Altering them, I can do, yes, but still, wouldn't you want custom made ones for your household?" he asked tentatively.

He didn't want to overstep any boundaries, for she was a very good customer, but surely she would want custom dresses for her household? Especially if they were meant to be worn during a celebration as wonderful as a wedding was.

"Why waste time trying to think of new designs, when I like what I'm seeing in front of me?" she questioned rhetorically and stepped away once more, releasing the sleeve. "It would be easier if you visited the estate to take their measurements. Are you free this Thursday? I can send Gaara to pick you up."

"I'm free, yes," he confirmed after doing a mental check of his tasks on that day. He had no orders prepared to be picked up on Thursday, so he would be able to pay her estate a visit and take the measurements of the women there. "If you're really certain about this, then I can alter these dresses for you in time for the wedding."

"Thank you, Naruto," she smiled and dipped her head, walking back to the door. "I wish I could stay longer, but I have a couple of other obligations to attend to. I look forward to seeing you this Thursday. I'm glad he told me about these dresses; saves me the hassle of trying to come up with designs."

"Wait, who are you talking about?" Naruto asked perplexed. Neither Gaara nor Kankuro, the countess' brothers, had visited his shop in the last three months, so how could she have known about the dresses?

Opening the door, she turned her head surprised. "Why, the Prince of course."

Of course.

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