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Note -  In this story, Naruto will be animalistic, that means that he is more reliant on intincts and primal thoughts, he won't be able to talk properly, if at all until he is taught by humans. He will grow up with wolves, that means he is more wolf like, and instead of the Kyuubi helping him in the early life like many other fanfics, in this Kyuubi doesn't help at all, except for the healing factor he has.

Naruto's morals; they won't be human in nature, however, he still has a drive to protect his precious people, however, he will be a lot more fierce and ferocious if you hurt him or his precious ones.

If this story doesn't appeal to you in any way, shape or form, please don't read it as it might contain things that may or may not disturb you.


Chapter 1

Minato Namikaze should have been a very happy man. He was one of, if not the best shinobi in the Elemental Nations, he was the Yondaime Hokage, he was married to the love of his life, Kushina Uzumaki, and, best of all, his firstborn son had just come into the world just a few minutes ago.

However, he was not in a good mood at all. Why you ask? Because that blasted Kyuubi no Kitsune had been extracted from his wife and is now on a rampage, destroying everything in its sight.

Right now, he was at his office with his sensei, Jiraiya of the sannin, and the previous Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi, trying to come up with a way to stop it. And they had only found one such way... and neither Jiraiya nor Sarutobi were happy with it. The Shiki Fujin.

Minato ignored their pleas to let them do it. Not only it was his duty as Hokage, he was also the only one powerful enough to pull it off. He disappeared in a yellow flash, heading to the hospital. Sarutobi and Jiraiya quickly body flickered there as well.

When they arrived, they moved towards Kushina's room. When they arrived, they saw Kakashi, who had stayed there, sitting on the floor crying. Minato ran to his side.

"Kakashi, what happened? Are Kushina and Naruto all right?" Minato asked desperately to his remaining student.

"Minato-sensei. Kushina… Kushina…"

Minato didn't wait for him to finish, but rushed into the room. He came back after a while, Naruto in his arms and Tsunade of the sannin coming behind him.

Jiraiya and Sarutobi shivered when they saw Minato. He no longer was the Yondaime Hokage that almost every person in Konoha loved and idolized. He was the Yellow Flash, the man whose mere name was enough to send enemy shinobi running.

"Kyuubi will pay for this." said Minato, his voice low and deadly, his chakra flaring around him. Then he disappeared in a yellow flash.

Jiraiya and Sarutobi ran towards Tsunade, "Tsunade, what happened?" asked Sarutobi, panic clear in his voice.

"The birth was difficult. Even with all my skill, I would barely be able to keep her alive under normal conditions. With the Kyuubi being extracted from her and it's chakra and killing intent affecting her though…" said Tsunade, with tears falling from her eyes.

They all wanted to take some time to mourn her. However, with Minato in the battlefield, facing the Kyuubi, they didn't have that luxury. They quickly left after him using the Shunshin no Jutsu.

Minato arrived at the battlefield and grew even angrier than before, seeing shinobi laying dead all around it. He bit his thumb, went threw few quick handsigns, and slammed his hand to the ground. A huge cloud of smoke enveloped him, and when it cleared he was standing on top of a giant toad's head.

Gamabunta, seeing the fox, instantly knew what was going to happen, "You are going to use the seal, aren't you, Minato?" asked the giant toad.

"I am, Gamabunta. It was good knowing you. Think you can hold it off long enough for me to finish?" said Minato.

"I'll try!"

"You better do it Gamabunta. Otherwise, we're all dead." He whispered harshly to the massive toad summon. Before turning his attention to his comrades on the ground, looking at him with near hero worship and greatfulness in thier eyes, "LISTEN TO ME ALL OF YOU! RETREAT KNOW! I'LL TAKE CARE OF IT!" shouted Minato to his shinobi, who were more than happy to obey.

Kyuubi looked surprised at the giant toad and the man on top of him who entered the battle. The toad was nothing special, but the man was another story. The fox was capable of sensing others' power, and this man was above the rest he was slaughtering earlier. Kyuubi had only encountered a few people stronger than him, and thinking about a couple of them made his instincts and rage flare up.

From the sidelines, Kakashi, Jiraiya, Tsunade and Sarutobi looked on as their friend and Hokage fought the Kyuubi alongside with Gamabunta. They knew they would only burden him if they interfered.

They watched as Minato started going through handsigns. They watched as Gamabunta tried to stall the fox, in the end almost losing his left eye at the fox's claws. They watched as Minato finished with the handsigns, whispered something to Naruto's ear, and then threw one of his special three pronged kunais at the fox's head.

Minato appeared on the fox's head in a yellow flash, just as the Shinigami finished with its preparations behind him.

While the Shinigami's appearance was unexpected, Kyuubi was sure that it would not be a problem. After all, whether or not the Shinigami managed to take the fox's soul depended on his summoner's strength and will... and while the human was powerful, he did not have enough power to match Kyuubi.

However, Kyuubi hesitated for a second. The fox could sense the newborn the man held in his arms, and only that crazy tanuki, Ichibi, would kill a newborn. That single moment of hesitation was all the Shinigami needed to separate Kyuubi's soul and body. Minato immediately did the seals required to seal the former inside Naruto.

Just as the fox's body disappeared, Gamabunta caught Minato and Naruto with his slimy tongue, gently lowering them to the ground. As this happened, Minato heard the Shinigami talking to him, "You are very brave for a human. As a reward for this and for sacrificing so much to save your home, I'll not devour you. I'll let you move on."

Just as Minato and Naruto touched the ground, Kakashi, Jiraiya, Sarutobi and Tsunade appeared next to them. With his last strength, Minato placed one kiss on Naruto's forehead and gave him to Sarutobi. Knowing that his life was closing to its end, he spoke to them.

"Listen to me my friends. Make sure that he is seen as a hero. If he is mistreated, I promise I'll come back and destroy Konoha myself." Minato threatened, getting a small gulp from Kakashi, as he knew how bad the rage could be on his sensei, "Sarutobi, good luck with the paperwork." Minato joked lightly, before wincing at the pain rushing through his body.

With one last laugh at the look on Sarutobi's face and one last look at his son, Minato Namikaze, the Yondaime Hokage, Konoha's Yellow Flash, left his last breath. His last thought was 'I'm coming, Kushina.'

Some time later, Sarutobi entered the council chamber, accompanied by Kakashi, who was carrying Naruto. Sarutobi took his seat and looked at the council members with hardly any emotion being shown on his body.

Tsunade was working overtime in the hospital, treating the wounded and dealing with the pile of bodies that couldn't hold on any longer and needed to be placed either in a morgue and giving permission with allowing the bodies to be buried within the local cemetry or being able to be burn the body of a loved one or relative to ashes to allow them to be spread somewhere special to the family or person.

Shizune, her assistant was kept in the hospital, as it was too dangerous for her young teen body to handle with the amount of KI being produced in such close range, even hundreds of feet away, she could still feel the oppressive and burning nature of the KI, it must have been horrible any closer to the massive beast. Jiraiya on the other hand was now mourning over the loss of his student and wife. He was always the more emotional one out of the sannin, so Sarutobi and Tsunade both allowed him some time to come to terms with the fact that he lost two important people within one night.

The shinobi side of the council, which consisted of the clan heads, who were looking a little worse for wear, but they were looking eager to for this meeting to end so that they could return to their houses and assess the damage done by the fox.

The civilian members were bickering amongst themselves, 'Probably trying to find a way to profit from the situation. Heck, some of them probably don't care for all the shinobi lives lost today.' thought Sarutobi, disgusted at the acts of the civilian council and what the more greedy members were thinking. They only cared about the Ryo, and nothing really else mattered to them.

His thoughts were interrupted by the Hyuuga clan head, Hiashi, "What is the purpose of this meeting, Sandaime-sama? I'm sure we all have work to do. And where is Yondaime-sama? "

Sarutobi tried to think the most appropriate way to break the news to them, but as he opened his mouth to speak he was interrupted yet again by a sound he didn't expect to hear… giggling.

He looked to where the giggling originated, along with a few others who were interested and they saw an interesting sight, one that warmed thier mourning hearts from the tragedy that just struck.

When Kakashi entered the chamber, he sat down at the Hokage's right, between him and the youngest member of the council, the 19-year-old head of the Inuzuka clan, Tsume Inuzuka.

Tsume looked curiously at the newborn sleeping in Kakashi's arm, as did the one-year-old sitting on her half dog, half wolf partner Kuromaru, which was her daughter, Hana.

Before her mother could stop her, she sat up and, moving over to Naruto, softly stroke his cheek. This however was enough to wake the baby up. Naruto opened his eyes and looked at Hana. For a moment, bright blue met deep brown, before Tsume and Kuromaru walked over.

"I told you to stay close to me, Hana." Tsume scolded her daughter lightly. Then she turned to Naruto and gave a fanged grin, "Hello, pup. I'm Tsume Inuzuka, this is my daughter Hana and this is my partner Kuromaru." said Tsume jokingly, knowing that there was no way that he understood her. However, she couldn't help it but to rub his cheek lightly, getting an interesting reaction from the small baby hardly even hours old.

He purred, it wasn't very loud, but Tsume, little baby Hana heard and Kuromaru heard due to thier heightened sense of hearing, and the reactions were mixed depending on who you were looking at.

Tsume was biting her lower lip with enough force to nearly make it bleed, her entire body seemed tense, like she was trying to prevent something, and that something was to glomp the poor baby from the sheer amount of cuteness that she just witnessed.

Little Hana was clapping her hands together lightly and giggling without a care in the world, like most babies should, her big brown eyes were displaying joy and happiness as she continued to stare at the little blonde whiskered baby.

Kuromaru approached the baby and started sniffing it. Kakashi looked a little uncomfortable at this. Everyone would be when a big half wolf who could eat a baby in one bite was sniffing said baby. Naruto giggled and reached to grab Kuromaru's fur. Well, almost everyone.

Tsume smiled seeing this and picked Naruto up, placing him on Kuromaru's back. Naruto smiled at her and started laughing happily, before grabbing the fur of Kuromaru to prevent himself from falling off, even though Kuromaru was basically laying on the ground and could hardly feel the grip the baby had on his fur.

Everyone smiled at this, finding it cute. Well, everyone except Konoha's resident icebergs, Danzo and Uchiha Fugaku. Sarutobi started to believe that they wouldn't take the news as bad as he feared.

Then Kuromaru spoke, "May I ask something, Hokage-sama?" Sarutobi nodded and the half wolf continued, "Can you explain why the pup has two smells?"

"Two smells? How does he smell? Please don't start on why I didn't catch it, you know your nose is better than mine." asked Tsume, although there was a look in her eye that could make many men cower in fear.

Kuromaru chuckled and answered, "Well, the first smell, which is completely his own, has a… feral quality to it, even more potent than yours Tsume. The second smell, which is NOT his own, is that of a…" Kuromaru trailed off, looking towards the others and seeing them flinched brought his suspicion to truth.

"A fox, right?" interrupted the Hokage.

Kuromaru nodded in affirmative, "Yes. How do you know this, Hokage-sama?" he asked.

Sarutobi sighed, 'Well, I won't find a better chance than this.' He then proceeded to tell them all that had transpired, although he hid from them the fact that Naruto was Minato's son.

As soon as he finished, the civilian side of the council started to shout - more than half of the council were looking at Naruto with slight fear, knowing that the thing that caused all of this havoc and destruction was basically right in front of them - and the few brave ones were asking for the death of the boy, only to be silenced by a massive amount of KI from the shinobi in the room, the greatest amount coming from Sarutobi, Kakashi and, surprisingly, Tsume.

Danzo shot at Naruto a surprised look, "All this killing intent in the room and he doesn't even flinch. Normal newborns would have started crying with one tenth of that amount. What's up with this kid?" He muttered to himself, a little surprised at the outcome.

Tsume snorted, "Didn't you hear what Hokage-sama told us? The pup felt the full force of the Kyuubi's KI. Do you honestly think that all our KI combined is enough to match the fox's? Not a chance."

Back with Danzo, he had some thoughts and ideas running through his mind, and he decided to risk it and ask for something, "I ask for the boy be given to me when he is of sound age, he will be instrumental when it comes to our forces when the time is right." Sure, they weren't very good plans or likeable for most that didn't trust Danzo, but he was doing it for not only the benefit of Konoha for the fact that having a Jinchuriki that could be aware of beasts power and use it, it would be great in the long run.

Plus, he might be old and rather cynical and radical, he truly did care about the future for Konohagakure, where they deserved to be brought back to the golden age they were at so long ago when the Shodaime and his brother were still around.

"Denied, Danzo. I want Naruto to have as normal a life as possible. However, IF and only if Naruto decides that he wants this, then I will consider it." Hiruzen denied said idea of Danzo, knowing that there might be some way Danzo would turn this around for himself. He then looked around the room once more, seeing if there were anymore questions that were needed to be asked, seeing that there were none, he continued, "And to that end, all of you are forbidden from telling anyone that he has Kyuubi sealed inside him. This is an SS-class secret. Revealing it will result in instant execution." Hiruzen stated, giving a look that meant he was serious and there were to be no questions asked about it.

Tsume spoke next, "Hokage-sama, if that is your wish, why not let me adopt him. I'm the only one with a child near his age, so I'm the one most suited to take care of him. Plus, it seems that Hana and Kuromaru already took a liking to him. Even if he isn't, my clan is the one better suited to teach him about it. Finally, if he is indeed Kushina's son, it's my duty to take care of him. She was my best friend after all." Tsume listed off, hoping that it was enough to convince the aged Hokage.

Hiruzen gave a bittersweet smile, "Unfortunately, Tsume, he does not fall under any of our jurisdiction, meaning that he will need to be placed within an orphanage for the time being, if you wish to adopt him, then you will need to speak to the matroness of the orphanage. Sadly, it was a law passed down from the Nindaime Hokage that any orphan was to fall under the jurisdiction of the orphanage, to prevent any immediate favoritism." He admitted, while he did understand the law and how important it was, it was still painful for him to not do anything about it.

It was just one of those things that couldn't be changed, but it could be altered slightly, and even then, it would need to be approved by the Daimyo before it could be passed fully.

Tsking in annoyance she fell back into her seat, visibly annoyed that she couldn't outright adopt him.

"Anymore questions?" Hiruzen asked, despite it being late and people would much rather be asleep, he had the feeling that it would be a long night... and probably a long morning depending on how this meeting goes on for.

"Hokage-sama, what will happen to the areas that have been infected by the Kyuubi. I've heard that chakra poisoning is a thing." An upcoming trainee nurse said, shuffling awkwardly next to her teacher, while she might not have the most say in the council due to her rather limited knowledge and section placement, this did allow her to learn of some things she could relay to the higher-ups of the medical expertise.

Sighing to himself, he knew that this was going to come up, and sadly, this was one of the things that would take the longest to sort out.

It would take a while to determine the worst hit areas from the attack, and then they will need to section off that entire area, meaning that they would have to relocate everyone that lived in the area to somewhere else safer, and whoever was in ground zero must be isolated to prevent the spread of the infectious poisoning.

Turning his head, Hiruzen gestured for Kakashi - who was being rather silent, probably mourning the loss of his sensei and his wife - over towards him, "Kakashi, could you please drop Naruto off at the orphanage? I have a feeling that this meeting would last a long time." He asked.

"Hai, Hokage-sama." Kakashi replied, his voice trying to not show what he was feeling about this situation.

As he made his way over towards where Naruto was still waving his small arms about on the back of Kuromaru, he gently picked up the small baby from the back of the half dog and half wolf - much to his pleasure as he could finally laydown without worrying about the small child falling off. As Kakashi picked him up, he noticed that little Hana was looking at him, her large brown eyes looking on with tears starting to form in the corner of her eyes.

Shifting Naruto properly, Kakashi reached out and gently patted the small girl on the head, "Don't worry. You will see him soon." With that simple statement said, Kakashi noticed how Hana's demeanor seemed to brighten up instantly.

Hiding the slightest of smiles behind his mask, he mentally prepared himself for the task of dropping his deceased sensei's son off to the orphanage.

While Kakashi wasn't one for lying, it was just a shame that he lied about Hana seeing Naruto again soon.

None of them would have even thought about a kidnapping at such a time where the chaos and fear was still prominent and everyone was on high alert.

A shadow approached Naruto's crib as he slept, not making a single noise, showing that he did indeed possess the stealth to not even make a single noise on the old floorboards of the room they were in. The figure slowly revealed itself, showing that it was a male judging by the frame of the body and the short hair that nearly blended in thanks to the darkness of the room.

The figure was dressed in all black, making it near impossible to identify who it was under the clothing, with the only real features being shown of the figure - other than his frame - was his height, as he stood at about 5'7 and for the fact that he had brown eyes, which were shining as the moons rays landed on his clothed body.

His target right in front of him, he raised his hand up in the air, showing that a palm sized shuriken fell from his sleeve and into his awaiting hand.

As his gaze landed on the baby, he felt something within him, something that prevented him from outright killing the small baby that was sleeping peacefully in the crib, unaware to the danger he was currently in.

'Think of the Ryo, think of the Ryo...' The figure thought to himself, repeating the mantra that might be able to give him the strength to complete the mission. However, it still wasn't enough.

He was given a mission by one of his many bosses to kill of the child that held the Kyuubi within him. While he was a ninja and was used to killing, the fact that he was to kill a small boy made him double guess himself, but when the sheer amount of Ryo came into the fray, his greed overtook his rationality, and he accepted within a heartbeat.

However, despite his mission given to him and his greed commanding him to follow it, he couldn't lower his arm. For some reason, he couldn't bring himself to harm the boy. Slipping the shuriken back within his sleeve, the figure slumped a bit, either in regret or annoyance as it wasn't easy to tell.

Not understanding why that happened, and thinking that it was the work of the fox, he decided to do something different.

Of course, his employer said that the baby was to be killed, they just never mentioned how the boy was to be killed, only to bring proof back with him in order for them to be certain that he did follow the task and so he could be paid.

He picked up the boy and shunshined out of there. Within a few minutes, he was inside Konoha's most dangerous place, the Forest of Death. Naruto, surprisingly, hadn't awakened, even when the shunshin caused some disturbances when they experience it for the first time, whether they are the ones performing it, or if they are being held for it.

The man dressed in all black moved towards the centre of the forest. The forest was definately worth the name, as the further into the forest you went, the darker it became, along with it having something lingering in the air that made you feel like you were always being watched and made you feel like that one wrong move, and you were done for. It was one of the reasons why it was forbidden for anyone below the level of Jonin to enter that forest, and even then, it was rare for people to be spotted within the forest, and only the best of the best or the ones that had the balls of brass entered.

Once the man placed Naruto down within a small clearing that was surrounding by shrubbery and a few large rocks, not quiet the size of boulders, he suddenly felt a pair of eyes on him, and it made the hairs of his neck stand on end, it felt like he was being watched by a predator, quickly glancing to where he felt the eyes on him, he noticed a pair of gleaming golden eyes that were slightly slitted, along with white, sharp gleaming teeth along with harsh growls being heard.

Quickly taking a kunai out from his pouch that was on his right leg, he quickly slid the blade along the babes shoulder, deep enough for the blade to be coated in the blood and even with a piece of the flesh.

This all happened in a moment of course, and when he made his move, he felt the growls become even harsher, and that was when he decided that he had spent enough time here and didn't want to take his chances with the carniverous beast that was merely a few feet away from him. He quickly disappeared using the Shunshin no Jutsu. Leaving only scattered leaves that were soon picked up by a stray gust of wind.

He never saw the gleaming golden eyes turn from him, to the small baby that he left on the ground, it wasn't his problem anymore, what did matter was that he completed his mission and basically killed the baby, as per his mission given to him by his employer.

"The mission is complete." The same shinobi said once he reappered within the familiar building in which he was given the mission from his employer.

"Proof?" A rather scratchy, aged voice spoke out, stepping out from one of the many shadows that the empty warehouse created. The man was also dressed in black, however, it was easy to tell that he had a rather portly belly and had some trouble keeping his posture straight, and the only real detail noticed was that he had blue eyes that were shown from the rays of the moonlight entering from one of the many cracked and broken windows.

Instead of verbally answering, the man simply pulled out his kunai and handed it over towards the mans outstretched hand, before the man took a whiff - where the distinct scent of blood entered his senses - and gave a closer look at the blade of the weapon, where he could see the flesh still caught on the blade.

"Good." He muttered out, giving back the weapon that he presumed caused the death of the child, "I'll transfer the Ryo tomorrow night, I'll meet at your place." The man said, before giving a sharp look towards the weapon, "Make sure to dispose of the weapon thoroughly, we don't need anyone on our case." He simply said, leaving the implications of what would happen if this were to be found out by anyone.

The man grimmaced at what would happen. It would either be flat out execution of both himself and his employer, or if he somehow managed to talk to the Hokage about this, then it would be some serious pentalties and possible jail time in one of the worst jails in Hi no Kuni.

"It will be done." He said, pocketing his kunai in his pouch before closing said pouch up again.


With that being said, the mans employer once again vanished in the shadows, leaving the man alone to contemplate what was going to happen next. He shuddered at the reason why he wanted the child kild, all because of petty revenge and jealousy. To take a life so young, it sickened him and he had seen some shit when he was active and taking different missions, but killing children? Even he wouldn't stoop so low and do something like that... at least, not directly as those words seemed to contradict his thoughts.

Shaking his head at that, he simply ignored it and headed out of the warehouse himself, an excuse already made up if he was caught by the ANBU patrolling the area.

A few moments after the shinobi left, leaving the small, crying baby all alone within the clearing with nothing except the clothing on his tiny back and some blood slowly dripping down from his shoulder from the cut fabric, the beast hiding within the shrubbery and foliage excited the shadows and revealled itself.

It was a beautiful wolf, at a length of about 4' long with glossy and smooth amber coloured hair with the slight hints of red within, on its face, it had a white muzzle and white markings scattered around under its eyes and between the eyes, with the small, yet sharp ears that were a much lighter amber in colour and had white tips twitching to the slightest of sounds being made within the forest along with the amber and white tipped tail swaying gently behind the wolf with every movement and with the help of the slight breeze, it kept its golden eyes firmly on the baby, the curiosity now displayed in the eyes clear to see.

The long and dangerous looking claws were digging into the soft soil ever so slightly, as it continued to trot closser to the small baby, another feature was spotted from the wolf, and that was the four teats that looked to be slightly swollen with milk, either from pregnancy or the leftover milk that was not yet absorbed back into the body from the previous litter. It was safe to say that it was not a male wolf, but rather a she-wolf.

As it was mere inches away from the baby, it placed its white nose upon the baby's smooth skin, and started breathing, taking in the scent of the human pup before it.

The simple sensation of the wet nose upon his chubby baby cheeks was enough to wake the sleeping and crying Naruto's dreamless sleep, his eyes opening and staring directly at another pair of eyes, and his crying instantly ceased, turning into mere gurgles of sounds that couldn't be translated.

Bright blue filled with a sense of curiosity and happiness that only a baby could possess met with sharp golden eyes, ones filled with power and with a sense of warmth in them.

Naruto reached out, gurgling uninteligent mumbles that only a baby could make and understand, his stubby little arms reaching as far as they could, before lightly brushing against the soft amber coloured fur of the wolf standing above him.

The she-wolf allowed the touch, not sensing any ill-intentions from the small baby as the she-wolf leaned down, its whiskers rubbing against the Naruto's own whisker-like markings.

It even gently licked the wound that was left upon the baby, in which little Naruto shifted lightly at the unfamilair sensation that was happening against his smooth skin.

Although it didn't help that the tongue of the she-wolf felt like sandpaper - not like little Naruto would know what that was.

However, the soft and tender moments between the she-wolf and baby Naruto was interrupted, when a massive gurgling sound echoed throughout the forest clearing they were located in.

The sudden noise was enough to spark something within the she-wolf as within a split second of the noise being heard, it was basically standing over the baby Naruto protectively, her teeth were once again bared for the world to see and harsh and dangerous growls were escaping the maw of the wolf, even the glossy and beautiful amber fur was now bristled up, nearly as sharp as a needle to make herself more threatening.

The she-wolf suddenly yelped at the sudden contact against its underbelly, bringing its head down it looked directly underneath itself, eyes glowing with power, wanting to see what dared touch her underbelly and come close to the baby that sparked some fierce sense of maternal feelings within her. However, what it say made it blink a few times, her golden eyes shining in curiosity.

She watched as the little baby she was standing over in a protective fashion was now suckling one of her swollen teats, getting a small stream of milk to escape from the mammary glands and into the mouth and stomach of the poor little baby.

With the echoes that have disipated into the wind, with the only sound being heard was the suckling of the small baby, the she-wolf continued to gaze at the baby, one that wasn't her own, nor of the same species suckling on her teat, getting feed from her very own milk, it was at that point that she decided that she would raise it like he was her own little pup, despite the glaringly obvious differences in species. After all, he was feeding from her, in a way, that made her the figure that this little baby had to rely on to survive in the early months of life and be a figure to support him.

Letting herself loosen up, which matted her fur back down to the original silky and glossy colour and texture, however still being tense and ready to pounce at a moments notice to any suspicious sound or movement she manuevered herself in a small protective ball, not only allowing herself to coil around the small baby in a protective fashion, away from any predators, but also using her fur and own body heat as another source of warmth for the small blonde baby suckling her milk.

Resting her muzzle along the side of the blonde baby, she closed her eyes and allowed her maternal instincts freshly re-awakened and allowed her enhanced sense of smell and hearing guide her while she rested with her new pup.

Soon enough, she allowed herself to drift off into a semi-conscious state and basked in the feeling of having a new pup to protect and nurture from her milk as she encassed the small baby in her fur and warmth.


Alright guys, I hope you liked this chapter, like I mentioned previously, if you don't like it, then don't read it, I have given plenty of warnings for you to click away and not read this story, so, if you flame me, don't expect a reaction from me. It is not my fault that you decided to risk it with this story and didn't like it after the warnings.

Anyway, with Naruto suckling the milk from the she-wolf, it is a throwback to a myth/legend before Ancient Rome was even a thing, where the brothers; Romulus and Remus survived at a young age doing the exact same thing. A little call back for History, in which I studied back in highschool... and still do at times at home.

The reason why I went for this sort of approach? Because I feel that it was different and could have some potential... I did take some inspiration from any fanfiction like this, which is why it has some similarities for it, but I hope I changed it enough so that it isn't plagiarised.

Why the wolf was female? Because females, no matter species, are always more compassionate and have a sense of nurturing ingrained into them... also because of convenience purposes. If you want any older women to be adding into the running to be with Naruto in the future, let me know in the comments below.

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