A Dangerous Thing

BY : viridianglare
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“Now this is the good stuff.”  Ino slammed the jug down on the bar counter.  She took out two glasses and began pouring.  

“What the hell is it, Pig?”  Sakura dubiously eyed the glass that her best friend handed her, tilting it in the dim light of the bar.  The milky white liquid sloshed in the glass, and it gave off an acrid alcoholic smell.  

“Special sake.”  Ino’s grin was wicked.  “And since you lost the bet, you have to drink the whole glass.”

“Ugh, Pig, you’re going to kill me with just a sip of this crap.”  Sakura lifted her nose to it and smelled it; she retched and shoved it away on the counter.  “No way.”

“It’s not crap,” Ino pouted, and pushed the glass back toward Sakura.  “Drink it or I’ll rain hell on you.  I made it myself, and you promised.  We’ll just have a drunken night out, us girls.”

Sakura closed her eyes with a sigh and then lifted the glass to her lips.  “You’re lucky I like you so much.  Fine, I’ll drink it, but if you run off with a boy in the middle of our evening, I’m gonna kick your ass once I’m sober.”

“Same to you, Forehead.”  Ino picked up a glass.

They lifted the home-brew sake to their mouths and threw them back with a unified “Cheers”.  At the burning feel of the sake going down her throat Sakura thoroughly regretted ever gambling with Ino.


Two hours in and Ino was dragging the bewildered Sai away from the bar, and Sakura stumbled out into the night air after them with the intent to yell at Ino for already running off.  But Sai had scooped her up in his arms to bring her home, and they were already gone.  “Kuso,” Sakura cursed, and she leaned back against the outside of the bar, her head spinning.  She had another glass of the stuff in her hand, and she eyed it.  My life lately has been hell.  One more go at this and I’ll either have the best drunken episode of my life or just pass out like an alcoholic.

She threw back the glass and headed back into the bar.


Sakura leaned on the counter, her skin feeling hot and her stomach on fire as she looked around.  Her heart was beginning to twist as she felt that bitter loneliness begin to haunt her and twirl her insides in a nauseating circle.  Though it had taken her time, she had come to see how neglectful Sasuke was, and what with his continued months of absences, began to find that it was easier to put him from her mind as well as her heart and live her life.  So she worked, she slept and ate, and she did the occasional mission - but with peace still being widespread, not too many were available of a rank for her status, and she found she had become lonely.  It was beginning to torture her, and she needed a distraction before the tears came.

She thought she caught a glint of gold in the corner of her eye, and her spinning mind caught on the color; she focused her vision and caught the golden flash again.  She got to her feet, walking with clumsy feet toward the shadow in the bar where she had seen it, determined but not knowing exactly why.

She sat down on the booth near the glint, which was enveloped in shadow.  She reached out as her head spun and her hand touched cool skin.  There was a shifting in the dark as the gold disappeared into the dark booth and the skin fell away from her touch.  “What are you doing?” a low voice chuckled.  “Sakura-chan?  You’re so drunk.”

She was drunk enough that the voice didn’t register in her mind, and she laughed as she took a random glass of sake from the booth table and threw it back.  “Yup, I am…” Her head spun.  “Hella drunk.”  Sakura shot a glare into the dark of the inner booth.  “Golden… thing.  Why’re you backing away?  Don’t be rude.”

“‘Golden thing’?”  The chuckle deepened.  “Have you somehow forgotten my name?”

Something about the sound of his laugh made Sakura shiver.  She couldn’t process if it was a repulsed or attracted shiver, and she reached into the darkness once more during her puzzlement; her fingers brushed something silky.  Her fingers pressed in and picked up a long black lock of straight hair that she rubbed between her finger tips.  “Pretty hair,” she slurred, and tugged it.  There was a brief glint of gold before she felt her hand enveloped by a cool white hand that gently pried her fingers from the hair.  “You don’t want to direct your… drunkenness at me, Sakura-chan.  I guarantee it.”

She bit her lip in a pout.  “Whaddyou know?  I can do what I want.”  She waved away the hand and scooted further into the booth.  “Wanna feel the pretty hair.”  She had misjudged the right amount of strength to use in her scooting and fell bodily onto the shadow in the dark part of the booth.  The dark voice made a slight oof sound as she thudded into the long black hair; she had shoved herself up against a long and slender side, and she paid no mind to how close she was as she took a handful of the strands and brought it to her nose, examining it with squinting eyes.  “Whaddid you do to make this so nice?”  Sakura fingered the smooth strands as she slurred her words.  “It’s so silky an’ it smells like… limes.  I can never get my hair this soft n’ I have used every kinda conditioner.”

She felt a tentative hand descend on her shoulder; Sakura glanced up into the dark, and the golden glint was above her.  The iridescent snake eyes drew closer, and her stomach dropped into her feet as the dark hair parted to show a sliver of the pale face above her.  His voice was a low purr.  “Do you recognize me now that you’ve thrown yourself on me?”

Her dizzy mind spun, and she inhaled; she smelled a cool metallic scent mixed with sake, hints of lime, and warmth.  “Hmmph.”  Sakura returned her blurry vision to the hair in her hands, and she felt him shift against her side as he squinted down at her with bafflement.  “What?  You’re not running off like usual?”

Sakura shot him a glare.  “I’m drunk,” she slurred, “I’d fall on m’face if I run.”  Her hands lifted to the face as she pulled him closer.  “Golden,” she said, elongating the o and staring at the way the dim light glittered in his irises.  Her thoughts plunked against her dizziness, and her body shivered again, but her alarmed thoughts repeating his name over and over were too obscured by the stirring of the drinks in her core and the heat in her skin as she was distracted by the eyes above her.  All she was thinking about beyond the warm spinning of her drunkenness was that it felt good to hear and feel a warm presence so close to her again; she breathed in unmistakeable male pheromones, and her body whirred with the need to pull closer and erase her loneliness.  The need made her already blurred mind forget who she was with, and she was losing her sense of danger as she was transfixed to the gleaming of his irises.

Her vision tunneled as her hands threaded through the dark hair surrounding his face, and she tugged him to her as she pressed her lips against his.


He was still beneath her a moment in his surprise, and there was a growl in his throat as he pushed her back against the booth seat with both hands, ending the brief kiss.  Sakura ran a hand through her mussed hair as she squinted up at him in the dim lighting.  Her eyes flicked to the slight darkening of color on his cheeks and she smiled in a catlike, knowing way up at him.  Orochimaru leaned down toward her, frowning.  “Sakura-chan... you’ll regret this if you keep going.”

“Whatever,” she slurred, her hands pulling through his long black hair again and yanking him to her.  He didn’t stop her this time when she kissed him again.  “I’m drunk and I don’t giveafuck,” she slurred, and he curled his arms around her sides with a smile against her mouth.  “Don’t blame me when you sober up,” he murmured, shifting to face her fully and pushing the nearby table away so they had more room.

When she felt his tongue trace her bottom lip she gave another shudder.  Her mind was pounding with conflicting, blurred thoughts and she could only catch pieces of them as she felt him press his body along hers, lying back on the wide booth.  --rochimaru?  Bad.  Bad?  Tongue.  A quick flash of her memory speckled her vision and she stilled; she felt her body tremor, and she blinked up at his golden snake eyes.  “Long,” she slurred, and Orochimaru pulled back an inch to stare at her with confusion.  “Hmm?”

“Don’t you have a super long tongue?”  She blinked up at him, her words so slurred that it took him a moment to translate her words in his head until the words connected and he tilted his head.  There was a playful yet ominous look in his eyes that made her blood pulse beneath her skin.  “What are you really asking, Sakura-chan?”

She brought her legs up around his sides and clenched them unconsciously as she arched her back and ran a hand over her forehead, trying to tamp down the dizziness and hear what her thoughts were screeching in her muddled consciousness.  He chuckled at her other hand gripping the back of his shirt like she would fall away without anchoring herself there; she stared at him with squinting, bleary eyes and an increasingly tomato-colored face.

Sakura was lost to her drunken spinning, the warmth in her belly making her relax as she then gave Orochimaru a wicked smile, the throb between her legs pulsing.  “Show it to me.”

His answering grin was wider and much more sinister than hers.  “As you wish.”  Then she yelped as a poof of smoke puffed around them and they were teleported into a dark apartment.  Her back fell upon a bed as the golden eyes hovered over hers; quick hands pulled aside her vest, and his cool touch slid down her sides as he eased down her shorts.  “Wh…” Sakura arched her back, thoughts buzzing and then imploding as his long tongue traveled down her neck and slowly down the sensitive skin of her chest.  He explored the curves of her breasts, the shapes of her nipples, listening to her moans as he continued downward.

“Ah---AH!”  His pointed tongue laved over her panties and she cried out, her hands threading through the silky strands of his long black hair.  She groaned then as her underwear were cast aside and he delved his tongue into her.  He gave her several undulations, watching the way she panted and cried out in pleasure; then he pulled back, and she relaxed into the sheets, her hands growing more gentle on his hair.  “Well, now you’ve been shown,” he purred, and she glowered back at him, spinning mind focused on the heat that had pooled between her legs.  “Why’d you stop?”

His golden snake eyes widened at her sharp question, and he chuckled as he lowered his mouth to her again, smiling as she groaned at the warm, wet feel of his tongue exploring her once more.  He pressed it deep into her, laving it around her inner walls, and she gave an almost inhuman cry of pleasure at the way his wicked tongue felt like it was carving her out and searing pleasure from every microscopic pore of her.  She stretched out her legs around his sides, her body trembling violently as he began to flick his tongue at speed in and out of her.  He curled his tongue in a way that hit her inner pleasure center as well as her pearl and she convulsed as she came.

Then he rose from between her legs, licking his lips clean; he dragged his mouth up her skin as he did earlier.  In her feverish pleasure Sakura reached out and tugged at his clothing.  With ease he threw aside his shirt and rope belt; she pushed at his pants with sweaty fingers, and he paused above her.  Golden eyes searched green, and in her drunken passion she reached up impatiently to her lover and pulled him down to her; convinced by her kiss, he kicked away his pants and pressed his weight against her.  In the spinning of her dizziness and how she was reeling from her comedown of pleasure, Sakura felt her stubborn streak smolder into a passionate, angry desire for more.  She reached out and gripped his pale, bared shoulders; with a huff she lurched her weight up and flipped him onto his back, pressing him against the bed with her weight.  “More,” she hissed as she kissed him drunkenly, and she felt his cool fingers push through her hair as he smiled against her mouth.  “So demanding, Sakura-chan.”  She reached down and felt him, and he gasped as she sunk down and sheathed him with herself without warning.  “Ah---Sakura----”

He narrowed his flaring slitted eyes at her, sweat gleaming on his skin, and she gave him a vicious roll of her hips against his.  Orochimaru’s slim hands pressed into her sides with a sharp exhale as Sakura reached out and gripped the side of the mattress, steadying her spinning mind.  She glowered into his flashing golden eyes and she thrust again, feeling him stretch her, and she closed her eyes as she reveled in the feeling of his length filling her.  Her other hand reached up and splayed along his slender white shoulder; she felt his hands travel up from her hips to her sides as he pulled her back down to her.  

Something twisted in her chest at the way he kissed her then; his lips were slow and teasing on hers.  Sakura frowned into his kiss as she rolled her hips again, her hands raking up his sides with lightly scraping nails.  She smirked at his responding hiss; he bodily flipped her once more, and she squeaked as he began to press into her at an angry pace.  They panted together as Orochimaru increased his rhythm, and they moved together, sweat drenching the sheets as the moonlight shone on their entwined skins through the windows above the bed.  As she met his eyes, she stared, her spinning mind getting lost to the fury between them and the way the silver light glinted in his iridescent irises as she surrendered to the pleasure both then and hours into the night.


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