A Living Secret

BY : viridianglare
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Sarada snatched the small brown package from the mailbox and ran into the house with it, excitement glittering in her dark eyes.  She already knew that it would be the results that she expected but at least she could brag officially to everyone about her parentage.  Everyone she knew lately, even the instructors, had been doing these ancestry DNA tests.  Anyone who was lagging behind on the trend and hadn’t done one was half-jokingly accused of having a secretly different parent than they claimed, and after getting sick of the accusations that her father was somehow not Sasuke Uchiha, she had caved and bought a test.

She snuck past the kitchen where Sakura was chopping something, tiptoeing up the stairs with her prize tucked against her chest.  She didn’t want her seeing it.  She knew it would hurt her mother to know that she had done this test, and as she loved her mother, she would not let her find out.

Sarada sat down on her bed, her door slamming behind her; she tossed aside her messenger bag.  Mercilessly she shook the brown package after tearing open the top.  The results fell out with her test kit that she had sent in.  They had kept the hair samples she had sent in, sending back only the empty kit and the paper with her results.  She recalled that it had been somewhat difficult to get any of Sasuke’s hair to send in alongside hers and her mother’s; he hadn’t lived with them for years.  She’d had to dig in the forgotten depths of her mom’s closet until she found a forgotten headband of his that thankfully had a couple of strands she could use.

She pushed those aside and picked up what interested her, which was the piece of paper that told her the results.

Congratulations, we have run the test results and Haruno Sakura is your mother!

Sarada rolled her eyes.  That result was no surprise.  Her eyes drew down to the rest of the test results.

Uchiha Sasuke is not your father!

She stared in disbelief, the paper clutched in her fingers.  She set the test kit back down with slightly shaking hands, adjusting the crimson glasses on her nose.  But… how?  I have the natural-born Sharingan of the Uchiha clan, so my father must be an Uchiha - not to mention I also have their black hair.  How could this be?  Sasuke is the only Uchiha that lives and breathes.

“It must be wrong,” Sarada whispered aloud, and her neck jerked as she saw her mother standing in the doorway, eyes wide at the test kit in her hands.

“Mother,” she greeted, wanting to shove the evidence of the test under a pillow, but her mother’s emerald eyes were already seeing it, recognizing it.  She watched her mother’s expression tighten; her eyes closed for a moment.  Stepping into the room, she quietly closed the door behind her.  “Sarada,” she began, her voice just above a whisper, “please go burn those results.  And do not…” Her eyes opened, filled with green fire.  “Do not tell anyone what they are.”

“Who is my---”

Sakura shook her head, pressing her gloved finger against her daughter’s mouth.  “I’ll… We can talk about this, but not now.”  She glanced backward, sweat on her brow.  “I promise.  Just please, please do what I ask.”

Sarada swallowed, finishing putting the test kit back in the brown package and then hiding it in her shirt as she got to her feet.  

Sakura left the room quietly, shutting the door behind her; Sarada watched her go, eyes wide.  Her mother’s reaction to the test kit told her with certainty that the test results were correct about Sasuke not being her father.

Who is my father?



Sakura did not bother walking quietly into the lab, ferocity prepared in her core to convince whomever was doing these asinine DNA tests to keep their mouths shut about the results.  Her secret absolutely could not spread, and though it wouldn’t be hard for her to deny any rumors, she needed to be certain that she would only have to have the conversation about her daughter’s real father with her daughter alone.

She gave a sigh as she saw who was currently working on several test kits, his long straight hair obscuring his face as he focused on what he was doing.  Sakura knew he had sensed her from a mile away and she stood where she was several feet from him, folding her arms.  “Orochimaru-sama.”

One golden snake eye peered at her from the side between silky black strands.  “Yes?”

“I’m sure you’ve guessed already why I’m here.”

She caught a flash of his smile as he stood up straight and turned to face her, matching the way she folded her arms.  “Yes.”

“Can I ask that you don’t share those test results with anyone?”

“I wouldn’t dream of it.”  

She eyed him mistrustfully, and his smile widened.  She felt uneasy in his presence and wanted to reiterate her point before she left the dark lab.  “I doubt I need to threaten you, right?  I’d like to be able to sleep at night knowing you won’t reconsider keeping quiet about this.”

“No need.  But… I can’t help but to be curious.  It’s very interesting… I ran the tests a couple of times to be sure.  I’m sure young Sarada is asking the same question… how?”  He leaned toward her slightly, snake eyes wide with curiosity.  With a blink, he corrected himself before she could answer, a devious smile flitting across his features.  “Or rather… how, and who?”

Sakura cursed as her face burned red against her will - the image of Sarada’s father burned before her eyes a moment, and she covered her face with a hand.  “No,” she hissed.  “I’m not telling you.  Just… just burn your records of it, okay?  Don’t tell anyone.”

His chuckle echoed down the hallway and in her head as she left the lab then, rubbing her burning cheeks as she tried to purge rising memories of her past from her mind.


Sakura buried her face in her pillow as she pulled the covers over herself, trying to convince her brain to shut down and sleep instead of ponder for the hundredth time how the hell she was going to explain to Sarada that her birth-father was not Sasuke.  Until today, she had kept her secret intact.  Sakura had almost managed to forget about it after twelve years.  She had been separated and then divorced from Sasuke for years now; though thoughts of Sarada’s real father tormented her occasionally and more frequently throughout the last few years, they resurfaced now with a fresh vividity as she was forced to face the fact that her daughter now knew that her father was not who she thought he was.  The fact that Orochimaru also was keen on learning his identity made her stomach clench with anxiety, and she hoped that the snake-eyed sannin was going to keep it a secret like he’d promised.  She was half-surprised he hadn’t tried to blackmail her; perhaps he had changed for the better somewhat.

Sleep came for Sakura slowly, the darkness creeping forward with deep black eyes and rumbling whispers.


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