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The expression on the face of the Hokage couldn’t be more serious. There is a frown, her hands are against each other in front of her lips and the look in her eyes wears a thick layer of concern. She drops her hands. “You’re the only person I trust with this issue,” she says. 

Ibiki slowly nods at her and folds his arms. 

She nods as well and shoves a map over the table towards him. “All of the info,” she says. She stares at the map and sighs. “If you need more, or if you have any questions, let me know.” Her hands trail back over the desk, until they are in front of her again. “I picked you because you know torture. I think you could do wonders with pleasure as well.” 

Ibiki’s cheeks burn a little. He doesn’t know if it is from pride or if he is a tad embarrassed. “I’ll come up with something,” he says. 

The Hokage loses her serious appearance for a second and smiles. “I’m sure you do. That is why I assign this mission to you and nobody else.” 


With a fresh cup of coffee waiting for him, Ibiki sits down at his desk, ready to do some reading. The Hokage asked him to handle the situation discreetly, and he agreed. Without knowing any details. Talk about being discreet. 

He only nows it has to do something with pleasure and the ANBU. Everything else is written in the documents in the map in front of him. Underneath his hands. 

He should open it. He should. If he reads it, he will know more. And information is something he needs. Because he took the mission. A sigh escapes his lips and he opens it, scanning the first page. His eyes widen. It’s about Hatake Kakashi. The one next in line for the Hokage seat. A strong, capable Shinobi. A man, who has issues with unwinding after a mission.

Ibiki’s frown grows deeper the more he reads. Unwinding after a mission can be tricky, but now? The current missions aren’t based on killing. Sure, Kakashi gets send on S-rank missions, but even so, they are now not that hard. 

He takes a sip from his cup and continues reading. The text gives him just what he was looking for. The Copy nin, man of a thousand jutsu, is unable to unwind because the missions ask too little of him. He can’t get rid of the adrenaline.

Ibiki places a hand on his chin and looks out of his desk. Would it be better for the Copy nin to be more physically active or to endure it? The Hokage was talking about pleasure. In what way, Ibiki wonders. There is no way the missions are going to be tougher. Not with the peace settled the way it is now. Kakashi has to learn to get rid of the tension himself. But still, what does it have to do with pleasure? And about the knowledge Ibiki has about torture?

Chakra fills the air. Ibiki places the papers back in the map and straightens his back. A hand finds it’s way from his shoulder to his neck. It’s a cold and naked hand. 

“I know you’ve just received the info,” Kakashi says. His tone is low, dark even and Ibiki suppresses a shudder. 

Ibiki turns his head. He fights the urge to swallow and coughs instead. “I did,” he says, gesturing at the map in front of him. “But, now you are here, you can tell me in person.” He shoves the map away from him and turns around in his chair. “You can probably tell me more than I can read.” He rises from his chair and faces the Copy nin head on. 

Kakashi doesn’t speak. He doesn’t even utter as much as a whisper. He growls. Intensely. A growl like a dog would give before attacking. 

Ibiki narrows his eyes at that. The man in front of him returned from a mission. He read about it, on the last page. Low class, only rank C or something. But if Ibiki had to guess from what he sees in front of him, he would’ve said that Kakashi just returned from an assassination mission.

“I you can’t tell me, show me,” Ibiki says. The man will probably not speak and there are many things Ibiki can try at the moment. But just trying something is dangerous. The risk of messing things up is big. 

Kakashi’s hands grab his own, forcing them up, above his head. He lets it happen, not knowing what else to do. The hands bind him, with chakra infused strings. Rendering him unable to move. They tie him to the ceiling. It shocks him a bit, but this is the Copy nin. A fellow Shinobi. He wouldn’t do any harm.

The sharp edge of a kunai is against the back of Ibiki’s neck. It slides down, cutting through the fabric of his shirt. All the way down, to where the shirt ends. The kunai is removed and replaced on Ibiki’s chest. There, it shreds the fabric once more. It’s only a matter of seconds, before Ibiki’s torso is bare. 

By now, Ibiki is holding his breath. He keeps his eyes wide open. But it is of no use. Even with his eyes wide open, it’s impossible to see, guess, let alone calculate, what the Copy nin will do next. 

The metal tip of Kakashi’s weapon touches Ibiki’s hip. Ibiki shivers. He has has weapons on his body before. Exactly like this. That didn’t end well. Not for his body though. There is a reason why he has scars. There is a reason why he knows torture so well.

The kunai slices through the fabric of his pants. It goes smooth. Easy. Perhaps a bit to easy, Ibiki guesses. 

Something clicks in his mind.

If it is too easy, it’ll be like those low ranked missions.

He smirks and just as Kakashi cuts his underwear away, he throws his legs up, moving them in between his arms. He kicks his hands loose and lands on his feet. Not an easy feat, if you consider he hasn’t done anything like that in years. 

Kakashi chuckles. 

Ibiki keeps the smirk on his face as he rubs his wrists. It’s quite cold, he notices, wearing nothing at all. But shivering would be a weakness. He can only hope that his nipples won’t stand out to much. 

He may have thought about it too soon. Hand lie on his nipples. Hands that are still cold to the touch. He closes his eyes and shivers, despite his resistance. 

“Scars?” Kakashi asks. He strokes Ibiki’s chest, caressing both nipples, who are equally scarred. 

“Yes,” Ibiki says. He grabs Kakashi’s hands and pulls the man close, grabbing a piece of chakra infused wire at the same time. “Surprised?” he asks. He turns Kakashi around and pushes him over the desk, tying him to the piece of furniture. 

But Kakashi is gone and Ibiki falls flat on his face. A hand pushes him down. Hot breath tickles his ear. “That you have scars on your nipples? No.” The mouth who spoke those words moves towards his other ear. “That it turns me on? A bit.” 

Ibiki frowns. If he is able to heel Kakashi’s breath, then the man is not wearing his mask. He shuts his eyes, kicks his left foot back and turns around. He dives forwards, catching the Copy nin around his waist. 

He pins the man down and reaches for his face. It’s bare. Smooth skin meets his fingers. He keeps his eyes closed and wonders what step he should take next. Kakashi’s face is a secret and that is the way it should be. 

Closing his eyes leaves him at a disadvantage. Kakashi manages to surprise him. With a chuckle and a quick movement of his feet. Ibiki is holding onto thin air, falling forward once more. He catches himself with his hands, rolls over his back and opens his eyes to figure out where he landed. 

The Copy nin is a beautiful man. Whose smirk is equally breathtaking on his face. Ibiki can’t help but stare. 

Kakashi nods and squats down. He leans his head to one side. “You clothes for my mask.” He moves his stare over Ibiki’s body and nods. “It’s not a bad deal.”

Ibiki tenses up. Yes, he is naked. So, there is no way he could use his hidden weapons. He glances at the remains of his clothing, all scattered throughout the room. There is a piece of his shirt behind him. Perhaps he can reach it to grab a kunai, to even out the odds of this bizarre fight.

Lips cover his own and for a few seconds he is lost. 

Kakashi is kissing him. 

Ibiki blinks. His heartbeat is thumping loud in his ears. There is a finger, teasing his nipple. The lips upon his own retreat and show a smile.

“Your lips are softer than I’ve imagined,” Kakashi says. 

Ibiki swallows. His lips feel wet and swollen. His cheeks burn and there is a strange, unknown tingle in his body. The finger on his nipple stops moving. 

“Is this okay?” Kakashi asks. His lips brush against Ibiki’s cheek. “This kind? I need it.” The words fall out of his mouth like a purr. “Can you be gentle with me.

Ibiki doesn’t know how to respond. Kakashi stares at him. He moves his hand to caress Ibiki’s cheek. “Well, can you?” Kakashi grabs a hold of Ibiki’s chin. 

Ibiki swallows. Gentle? With Kakashi? He closes his eyes ans suppresses a shudder. Gentle? “Isn’t the level of adrenaline to high?” he asks. He licks his lips. “Don’t you need to let it out?” 

Kakashi moans. “Oh, you…” He leans in and licks Ibiki’s ear. “I guess you’re right. A bit. But the Hokage said my body needs to learn to… to tone it down.” He coughs and releases Ibiki’s chin.

Silence fills the room. Ibiki opens his eyes. Kakashi stands in front of him, both hands in front of his crotch. “I guess my approach was a bit hasty,” the Copy nin says with a cough. 

Ibiki stares at the ground and chuckles. “Well, a bit, I guess…” He pushes himself up and coughs in his fist. “How do you currently feel?” he asks. He searches the room, but all of his clothing is torn up. There is nothing left for him to wear. 

“I am on the edge. A bit. I feel… a bit idiotic.” Kakashi puts his hands in his pockets and moves his weight from the back of his feet to the tip of his toes. And back again, swaying while he does it.

Ibiki nods. “Right. Come.” He reaches one hand out to Kakashi. “I need to get to my place.” He gestures at his naked body. “You can join me,”

Kakashi takes a step back, shaking his head. “No… I… I’ll see you,” he coughs again.

Ibiki pulls one eyebrow up and the Copy nin is gone. 

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