I need a medic

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I need a Medic

“So....tell me what happened again” Sakura asked as Naruto and Hinata sat in the office of her clinic, struggling to wrap her head around what Hinata had explained to her “Himawari did...what?”

“Remember the day of Naruto’s inauguration and he was put into a full day coma? That was Himawari accidentally punching him in the gut, this time she hit him...lower” Hinata replied explaining the pained look on her husbands face as he sat hunched over, Sakura hissing slightly as she realised what had happened and at that moment understanding why most men would react the same when hearing about another man getting hit in the groin

“Dear god that sounds...excruciating” Sakura stated, giving Naruto a sympathetic look “how’ve you been holding up since?”

“Well I don’t feel like I’m gonna throw up every time I stand up but it still hurts to get up, I’m honestly kind of proud of her” Naruto chuckled before wincing again as he shifted in his seat, making Sakura wince as well as she could only imagine the pain and discomfort he was going through

“Ok, I’m sure I have some soothing ointment strong enough to help deal with the pain” Sakura started to explain when Hinata cut her off

“We’ve already used painkillers and the ointment you prescribed him for back pain last week, I was hoping you could use a healing Jutsu on him” Hinata explained making Sakura’s eyes widen

“Oh, that’s...really intimate, I don’t normally do that procedure on married men, I normally instruct their spouses on how to do it so that they’re more comfortable with it” the pink haired woman responded, the first time she had tried to administer the procedure to a married man for groin damage the wife had lost it at her accusing her of trying to come onto her husband leading her to just teach the patient how to ‘self medicate’ by teaching the Jutsu to the best of their abilities

“Sakura you’ve known Naruto for years and I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of him beforehand to be comfortable with seeing that part of him, I trust you with it” the ex-Hyuga calmed her “plus with the threesomes we’ve had you’ve seen plenty of it” she then pointed out making Sakura blush slightly

“Yeah you’re right, I guess I just go fully professional when I’m at work and don’t think about my personal life” the pink haired woman replied letting out a breath of almost relief as she felt herself relaxing

Smiling softly finding Sakura’s nerves to be endearing Hinata rose from her seat and approached the pink haired woman “I have to get home for Himawari, I trust you to do whatever it takes to ease Naruto’s pain” she stated before leaning in to breathe in Sakura’s ear “whatever it takes”

Shuddering at both Hinata’s words and breath in her ear Sakura watched as she pulled away and gave her husband a kiss before taking her leave leaving the Hokage alone with her

As Hinata closed the door Sakura then cleared her throat getting back into her professional mindset as best she could “ok, stand and take off your pants so I can see the damage” she told him trying her best not to bite her lip and stare as Naruto got up to comply, her heart rate rising as he then undid his pants to reveal his cock and balls

Her arousal quickly became concern however as she took in the black and purple bruising that decorated his groin “oh my god, I knew Himawari was strong but…” she gasped before trailing off as she quickly dropped to her knees in front of him, holding her hands in front of his groin as she performed some quick hand gestures to utilise a Healing Jutsu on him, the Hokage letting out a soft sigh as the dull aching in his loins quickly began to die down as the bruising faded away returning the skin to its regular colour

“Damn that’s so much better, you’re a lifesaver” Naruto sighed as he then went to pull his pants back up only for Sakura to take hold of them pulling them back down

“Wait!” the pink haired woman exclaimed before clearing her throat to compose herself “you shouldn’t leave so soon, there’s another treatment I want to try to fully relieve you” she then explained as she then gently wrapped her hands around his cock, warming them via another Healing Jutsu to further soothe his cock as it started to grow and harden in her grasp making her breath hitch as she started to slowly stroke him

“Are you sure this is a medical procedure? Not that I’m complaining or anything” Naruto questioned as Sakura leaned in to kiss along his cock moaning as she did so “I know you like to go above and beyond with your work but…” he continued before trailing off as Sakura leaned forward to take his cock in her mouth all the way to the base turning his words into a guttural groan

As his cock sank down her throat Sakura let out a moan matching his groan, the pink haired woman enjoying the act maybe even more so than him as she let her eyes flutter closed, it had been a good four months since she had last seen Sasuke and it had been roughly a month since her last threesome with Naruto and Hinata so to be able to taste his cock again was nirvana to her, the Medic proceeding to strip down as best she could whilst keeping Naruto’s cock deep in her mouth and throat

Stripping down to just her shirt Sakura then pulled it up to rest it on top of her perky breasts revealing no bra underneath before starting to briskly bob her head along her childhood friends cock, coating it in her drool before pulling back to run her tongue and lips along the sides of it and kiss every inch of him, her breathing hot and heavy as she did nothing to hide her arousal 

When his cock was adequately glistening with her saliva Sakura then pulled back for a moment to fully remove her shirt leaving her completely naked before she dove back in to resume the blowjob, sealing her lips tight as she tasted precum on her tongue

“Ah fuck” Naruto groaned as Sakura looked him straight in the eyes as she blew him, her gaze telling him to cum as she moved her head even faster, nearly becoming a pink blur as she borderline forced him to climax, grabbing his waist to hold him upright as his head rolled back and his groaned in ecstasy as his cock erupted deep down her throat

Her eyes fluttering closed as the taste and heat of Naruto’s cum overwhelmed her Sakura nearly orgasmed from the feeling of it sliding down her throat, a sensation she had sorely missed as she eagerly gulped down his seed, the pink haired woman relishing every second of it before slowly pulling away from his cock and sticking out her tongue to show him that she had swallowed everything

The Medic was far from finished however as she then sat up on her knees and pressed her chest to his still erect cock, her breasts nowhere on par with Hinata’s but they were still full enough to encase his shaft enough for a titfuck, steadily pumping them along his cock whilst moaning at how good he felt between her tits

“How does that feel? Does it still hurt?” she breathed to which Naruto shook his head with another groan of pleasure, Sakura biting her lip at the noise he made she pressed her tits tighter to his throbbing cock moving them faster to pleasure him more, loving the feeling of his cock pulsing between her firm breasts

Still sensitive from his first climax it didn’t take long for Sakura to bring Naruto to his second release, gasping in delight as thick spurts of cum erupted from him hit her in the face and landed in her open mouth, the pink haired woman letting several spurts land on her tongue before she moved her breasts lower and leaned in to take his cock head into her mouth, sucking hard on him again to draw out as much cum as possible

Sucking on him for a full minute more Sakura then slowly pulled away, moving her breasts as she did so so that she could kiss along his cock again “you should...strip down completely..so I can...continue the procedure” she moaned between kisses, Naruto happily complying as he peeled off his shirt and stepped out of his shoes and pants to stand naked as Sakura continued to run her lips and tongue along his cock and balls

Once Naruto was naked Sakura guided him to lie down on her desk, shoving all of the medical papers she had piled on it off of it before climbing on herself to straddle his waist, her pussy dripping on his still hard cock as she aligned him with her slit and no wasting a moment longer slammed herself down to take him balls deep, the Medic letting out a shriek of pleasure as she orgasmed instantly from the mixture of the deep penetration and her overwhelming arousal

“Oh my god...oh god I needed this...fuck you’re so fucking big…” she mewled as she balanced herself with her hands on his chest “don’t move...let me tend to you…” she then panted grinding her hips down loving the feeling of his large balls pressing against her ass

Starting to move her hips up and down to ride him Sakura let her head hang forward as she let out shameless moans and pants, the act just as much relief for her as it was for him as she leaned down to lap up beads of sweat from his pectorals “cum as much as you want...I want it all”

Groaning at her lustful tone Naruto reached down to cup her ass, squeezing it hard to encourage her to ride him faster to which she did happily, beginning to bounce wildly on his dick making her tits and ass bounce with her, her face contorted in sheer ecstasy as her second orgasm crashed through her without warning or mercy, Naruto groping and spanking her ass hard as she rode him with everything she had as if desperate to make him cum until he ran dry, to make him feel so much pleasure that he’d forget what pain even was

With how hard she was riding him Naruto didn’t last much longer, his third climax hitting him hard enough to make him see stars as he flooded Sakura’s tight slutty pussy, turning her pupils into hearts as she suddenly froze up on his lap, her body shaking in sporadic shudders as another orgasm struck her from the feeling of his hot cum filling her womb

As Sakura stiffened up at the mercy of her own climax Naruto suddenly took over, rolling Sakura under him before standing at the edge of the desk to rail into her, holding her legs spread wide as she reached up to grip the edge of the desk above her head bringing her to climax to the point that she lost count of her orgasms whilst he came three more times inside of her soaking wet cunt causing her to momentarily black out as her final orgasm hit her

When she eventually came too she found Naruto dressing himself near the door “damn I feel so much better, you’re the best Sakura” he praised her as he buttoned up his jacket “it’s like Himawari never hit me”

“No problem...it’s my job…” the Medic panted back weakly raising a hand to wave him off as she let her head hang over the edge of her desk “come back if you have any other issues, anything at all” she sighed before letting herself go limp and limber to rest, she had no other patients scheduled for the day so she was content to simply lie their naked and cum filled until she could feel her legs again

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