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I don't know if anybody still reads my fics. But, I still write them. And if anybody wants to read, here is another one. 

POV is from Ibiki, doesn't change. Well... not in this chapter...

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Ibiki sighs and checks the clock on the wall again. His meeting with the Hokage officially started fifteen minutes ago. She has yet to open the door to her office. He knows Hatake-sama just went in, and knowing him, he probably just returned from a mission and has to report. And, knowing him, he is probably trying to get out of a hospital visit. 

But still…

The door next to him opens and Hatake moves out. Ibiki straightens his back and turns to the open door, trying his best to avoid looking at Hatake-sama too much. The man is in an obvious distressed state and should be admitted to the hospital. 

But, like most Shinobi, Hatake-sama is a stubborn one. 

Ibiki walks into the Hokage’s office and closes the door behind him. As he turns his attention to the woman in charge, he notices several things. Like the spot in front of her desk, stained with blood and mud. The fatigue expression on her face. And the selection of bottles in front of her. 

“Ah, Morino-san. We had a meeting, right? My apologies.” She sighs and moves to rise to her feet.

“Not needed,” Ibiki says. Granted, his knee hurts and she is the one who ordered him to come so she could look at it, but he can wait a few more days. “It’s not that bad,” he says. 

She raises one eyebrow at him, and stares. He shrugs and straightens his posture, putting more weight on his knee, to prove his point. He ignores the sharp, throbbing pain in his leg and manages to withhold the flinch.

“I am not quite convinced. But I know what you are trying to do and why. Come back tomorrow.” She sighs and frowns, staring at the bottles in front of her. 

“What is with those?” Ibiki asks. He advances towards the desk to take a closer look.

“It’s what Hatake-sam retrieved from his mission. We have no exact idea what they do. One person has to drink it to test it.” SHe sighs again. “The question is, who is willing to do it? I could turn this into a mission, but still.” 

Ibiki narrows his eyes. And shrugs, reaching out to one of the bottles. “Do they all contain the same liquid?” he asks. 

“Yes, they do. And it should be saef. It is supposed to enhance certain mental abilities. If I push some of my chakra in it, and you would drink it, you should be able to read my thoughts.” 

Ibiki blinks. That could be very handy. Even with interrogation prisoners. Especially with those prisoners. He smirks and grabs the first bottle. It’s covered in mud and blood and looks far from appetising. “Push some chakra into it. If it works, I want to use it.” 

She blinks and stares at the bottle. The beginning of a smile starts at the corners of her lips. “Thank you, Morino-san.” She reaches for the bottle and just a soft chakra filled glow later, Ibiki is raising the bottle to his lips, ignoring the stench and funny taste.

The Hokage has a concentrated look on her face, but Ibiki notices no other difference. She drops the look and gestures for him to come closer. “Perhaps we have to lower the distance between between us.” 

But even with their heads only a few hairs apart, Ibiki still isn’t able to read or hear the thoughts of the Hokage. 

She sighs, frustrated, and shakes her head. “It’s no use,” she says. She inspects the bottles, wiping some of the dirt away. “I guess that bottle didn’t contain the right liquid.” 

There is an unknown expression lying on her face. Ibiki analyses it, deep frown, hidden tear, but also a clenching in her jawline. Sadness mixed with anger. If it is anger. 

“Well, come back tomorrow, so I can have a look at your knee.” Her gaze drops to said knee. “And don’t put too much strain on it.” 

Ibiki nods, although she can’t see it, and turns around. As he leaves the room, a shiver runs down his back. Somehow, he feels cold. He shakes the thought away and continues his route back to his office. 

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