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BY : aikoasahi
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Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or Saezuru Tori Wa Habatanaka, nor the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

The timeline for this story is during the third year of Iruka's teaching period with Hiruzen still the Hokage. Minato lives with Kushina and Naruto (yes, i want to make them a very happy family) but he is only known as Yellow Flash at the time, not the Fourth Hokage yet. And no Uchiha massacre happened.

Yes, no one dies. And I don't want to change it. :)


Umino Iruka. 20 years old. A chunin. Now, primarily working as academy teacher, teaching pre-genins to be ninja. He has his hair tied in a neat ponytail. Has pretty tanned skin and distinctive horizontal scar over his nose. 

Kakashi stares at the said subject from the tree he is resting on.

Just why Danzou-sama is so interested with this person? I can't believe I'm ordered to watch him. He definitely looks boring and pretty weak, for a ninja. 

Kakashi smirks, Oh, I forgot. He's a ninja academy teacher only.

And the said teacher is smiling fondly toward his students while monitoring them trying to throw kunai to the target board in the field.

Heck. How can he look so happy watching them like that? How can he smile while knowing someday those hellions will be sent to death?

However, everyone seems to stop whatever they are doing suddenly when a Hawk Anbu appears in a flash beside Iruka. The latter's smile gradually falters.

"Iruka Sensei."

Forming a soft smile to the Anbu, Iruka replies, "Yes, Anbu-san. What can I do for you?"

"Hokage-sama requests your presence now."

Iruka gives a short nod before Hawk disappears. Surprisingly, the students do not have any reaction to that. Kakashi almost thought the kids would be in awe or something, but no.

As if they are already used to seeing the Anbu.

"Okay, class. Unfortunately, our class has to dismiss early," Iruka announces while looking at all of them with a cheeky smile when they cheered excitedly, "But what we do today, I want you guys to provide me a detailed report of what we did today. In the mission report format like how I taught you guys yesterday," at that, the kids protest and whines loudly.

Iruka chuckles again, "Okay, clear everything and you guys can go home," he looks at a certain pink haired girl, "Sakura, you are in charge for today to make sure everyone clears this area and go home. I know I can trust on you, right," the girl blushes when Iruka pats on her shoulder with a pure smile for her. She nods shyly, but changes to a confident girl in an instant, "Alright, Iruka Sensei. You can trust me on this!" 

"Okay, guys. Bye. See you next week."

With that being said, Iruka disappears in a whirl of leaves.



In the Hokage office, Iruka looks at the Lord Third with a frown as he grips tightly on the opened scroll.

"What is the meaning of all this?" He asks with his eyes directed toward the scroll suspiciously.

Sandaime smiles, "I appoint you as the Fourth Hokage, Iruka."

Iruka sighs heavily, "With all due respect, Sandaime, I... I am just a school teacher. How am I–"

"Yes, Iruka. But your analysis skills and paperworks are crucial in this seat. We definitely need a wise and nice leader like you, Iruka."

The younger shakes his head frantically, "I... I don't want this. May I reject this, Sandaime?"

Sandaime furrows his eyebrows, "You are the only one I can trust to fill this position after I step down."

"But this is ridiculous! You have Shikaku-san, Jiraiya-sama, Tsunade-sama and even Fugaku-sama! All of them are stronger and –"

"Umino Iruka..."

Hearing his full name, Iruka looks down the floor in shame, for raising his voice in front of the Hokage, but like seriously, how can he not?

"All of them refused the offer."

"And what makes me different? I will refuse too, then. Please find someone else. Like, Asuma, maybe?" With that sudden challenging tone directed toward him, Sandaime sighs, knowing full well how Iruka is trying to play this out.

Cheeky brat.

"Fine, I will give you more time to think about this, Iruka. You can dismiss now."

Iruka snorts, "Just say Asuma's name and you retreat right away."


The said man sticks his tongue out playfully at the Hokage, "I will excuse myself then, Hokage-sama," Iruka says, intentionally emphasizing the word Hokage to the older.

Hiruzen sighs again, Did I spoil him too much or something?

He puffs out with amused smile, That prankster punk. Did he actually want me to think he is still immature and thus, not fit for the position? 


Coming out of the Hokage room, Iruka startles a bit to see Asuma waiting for him beside the door.

"I can't believe you tried to tell my dad to get me be hokage," Asuma says after huffing a smoke from his lips and smirks, "I can't believe the old man too, for trying to drag you into this politic shit."

Iruka crosses his arms with another frown, "He is being unreasonable."

"I know that," Asuma sighs softly before placing his arm around Iruka's shoulder, "Enough about that. Let's go home together."

Iruka snorts, "Home?"

Asuma chuckles, "Yeah, home. And then, I will fuck your brain out while you thinking about whether to accept being Hokage or not."

Iruka smacks Asuma's chest jokingly, "Fuck off," and he walks away while swaying his hips seducingly, making Asuma laughs lightly while watching Iruka's figure fading away from his sight before he starts to follow the other.

Not long after that, Kakashi emerges from the wall.

Asuma. And Iruka. Like seriously? Are they lovers? And what the hell is with his changed attitude so suddenly? In front of the kids, he looks so soft and harmless. But in front of adults, he looks so so...damn dangerous.

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