The Red Spiral

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A stupid idea in my head. Very hentai-ish. Plot goes like this: Yami Naruto takes over, and OP Yami just decides to fuck it all. It's like one of those DC/Marvel "What Ifs" miniseries were things go wrong, only in this one there will be sex involved. Not every stinking word will be about it, but you know. The Konoha gang are like 15/16 at the start of this story. There will be a massive amount of edge in this fic. Loads of it. Like so much. And the sex itself will be, well I'm not very good at writing it so I'm just attempting things here and there. Not all Kings are perfect. Not even Le King.

He fell against the cold hard stony ground. His vision started to become blurry. Sasuke's face hovered over his own. The boy he thought a brother. He looked remorseful in that moment. Then it was dark. With a splash he fell in the sewers of his mind again. The light growing dimmer.

"I don't want to die," defiance laced each word. Even in this place he could see the hole in his chest. The blood that poured out. He strafed as fast as he could. "I need to heal." The fox had healed him before. He could do it again. That stupid thing almost destroyed Konoha once, surely fixing him twice in one day was an easy task. At long last he found it. The giant gates. He couldn't help, but smile.

"Hey, fox!" He shouted with all his might. "You better fix me up! Or we'll both die."

He expected to see two large glaring eyes look back at him with hate and malice. A large gust of disgusting breath that would make him lose balance. Silence. Growing impatient he banged on the gates.

"FOX! WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?! YOU GOTTA PATCH ME UP!" No answer. "STUPID FOX!" He kicked the gate. Fear took hold of him as the giant gate creaked in pain and then before his eyes fell. Water rose like damned spirits as it washed over him. He stared in deathly awe. This wasn't supposed to happen. What the hell? Did I screw up?

He needed answers. Gulping he walked through the gate. The pain seemed to increase with each step and it became darker with each step. He felt dizzier than before. He remembered the first time he came here. What felt like ten maybe fifteen minutes here was only a second or two outside his mind. He wasn't that dumb. He knew he had a chance. He had to take it. He needed to live. Braving himself he ran deep into the darkness.

I have to go back to Konoha. They were waiting for him back there. His friends risked their lives. I'll bring back the idiot later. He assured himself. First he needed to heal. Now where was that damn—

"WHAT THE HELL?!" Naruto fell into what he could feel like was a lake. He couldn't see shit. The water was moving fast, dragging him around in circles. He was being yanked into the deep of it. "Woah!" He fell once more. Through the air he descended, the sudden emergence of light blinded him. With a vicious thud he hit ground and rubbed his eyes. The pain he felt was searing, but it didn't hurt as much as it did a few moments ago. Slowly he opened his eyes and fell silent. Grey. It was all grey. As far as the eyes could see. The land, the sky, even the little streams of water running beside him. Where the hell was he? Maybe I'm dead. Maybe it was too late. If that was the case, why did he still feel the pain in his chest? Why was he still bleeding?

"I've gotta get out of here." But where would he go? As far as Naruto could tell everything in front of him was too…dead. There was a river here, he guessed, from the little streams that remained and the forest that lay beyond looked ruined beyond measured. To his back was a cliff and he decided to go up, get a better view. Taking off his jacket and wrapping it around his chest to lessen the bleeding, the young ninja walked upwards. This place…it seemed familiar to him. Yet he never remembered being here. Reaching the top, he stopped to take a look around and the more he looked the more confused he grew. The shape of the ground, the bedrock, it almost seemed as if he was standing at the top of a now dried up waterfall.

"…no," he told himself. He looked down and all of a sudden saw himself lying down at the base of it. Bleeding out into the ashen waters. He took a step back. And another. Naruto Uzumaki was running away from that place. Going through a twisted forest with decaying trees. The trees themselves scared him more. Human skeletons seemed to be bark of the trees as branches grew out of them. Ravens much larger than he'd seen flying high above. Their cries making his ears hurt. He ran faster than he had ever before and finally found himself in another familiar place.

The Gates of Konoha.

Gone were the vibrant colors, the people. Everything was…a mess. The land itself looked twisted and deformed. Distorted and folding in on itself.

"What the hell is going on?" He told himself. Tears were forming as he walked through this twisted vortex of brick and wood. He looked to the left and remembered the street where he bought the mask from. To the right was Ichiraku's, now the shop was a broken blister of wood and mortar. Everything looked badly charred and broken. As if all hell broke loose. Then he heard something. Something cracking. That faint sound seemed like the break of thunder in this silence. He rushed to the source.

The Hokage Tower. Running his way across the rooftop his eyes focused on the center. A bonfire. In the midst of all this dead grey, the orange fire burned brightly. The woods slowly cracked away as cinders faded into the air. There was someone there, sitting by the fire. A cloak and hood covered the person. Naruto did not like this at all.

"I don't like it either." The voice was deep. Tired. The young ninja took a step back. "No need to be afraid, Naruto," the man rose and turned. The cloak came off as Naruto looked with widened eyes.


"Yes, me," he said. He took a step forward. "Or should I say…you?"

There was no mistaking it. His face…it was his face. Older. The cheek marks. The spiky hair. However, it wasn't all the same. For one this one didn't have bright blond hair, no Naruto saw dark red hair that seemed eerie. His eyes too. His left was all violet-y, with circles inside. His right eye…was a Sharingan, surrounded by black. He was tall too. Strongly built and missing his right arm.

"What the hell is going on?" Naruto was confused. Who was this guy? Why'd he look like him? Where was the Fox?

"Sit down," the man motioned for him to come over. "Standing there all day isn't going to help. You don't have much time either way."

Naruto looked down at his chest. It was still bleeding, albeit slower now. Tightening his fists, he walked forward sitting down by the fire, still enough to stay away from this guy.

"You're wondering why I look like you," the man said. "This will be hard to believe, but I'm you."


"I forgot how loud I used to be."


"Yes, and no." The man told him. He raised his stub, the leftovers of his arm. "What you see around you is what will happen in a few years. I'm from the future. This is all that's left of the village now."

His heart skipped a beat. The man said it with such conviction. Naruto felt a chill run down his spine. "…what?"

"What you see around you is all that's left after you fight with Sasuke."

"What do you mean? I already fought with Sasuke! And Konoha isn't like this!"

"Years from now this will happen." Everything around them started to shift. The very ground beneath Naruto disappeared as he found himself in the Valley of the End again. This time it was different. He saw himself. Older. Stronger. Fighting as a giant golden energy fox. Sasuke was there too fighting in a huge purple spirit robot thingy.

"What's going on?"

"You got stronger," the man said with a smile. "After we lost to Sasuke, Pervy Sage took me on a training trip for three years. It just wasn't for Sasuke. There were people after me. The Akatsuki. Then I found out there was so much more going on. A war broke out. Then, Sasuke and I fought."

His future golden self was powering up what looked like two huge Rasengan, with blades. Sasuke was charging up what looked like a massive Chidori arrow.

"I thought after all I've been through I was strong enough. To be Hokage. To bring back Sasuke. Change him."

The attacks released and met. A massive explosion took place as a great white light blinded everything around them. They were back on the rooftop again. The bonfire seemed to burn less brighter now.

"I had planned to meet you later. Much later," the older man told him. "After you would go with Pervy Sage on the trip, but it looks like things didn't go seem as they had gone before. It makes sense."

"What do you mean?" Naruto was confused at his words. At everything. It made no sense. He just saw a future version of himself, who was really cool with all those jutsu and all, fight Sasuke in what looked like a freakshow battle. He was ecstatic he got so strong, but the grim outcome made him question things.

"I threw my consciousness," the older man looked at him and sighed. Naruto felt annoyed by that. "I mean my mind back in time. My spirit or soul whatever helps you understand better so that we could prevent all this. Maybe this is a butterfly effect."

"How do I know you're telling the truth?" Naruto stood apprehended pointing a finger at him. "For all I know you could be the Fox. This could all be a trick."

"Well, you're smarter than I was at your age," the older version of him smiled. "That's a good thing, but you and I both know we're horrible liars." Naruto could agree to that.

"How can you prove you're me?"

"You wear orange because you wanted people to notice you. You shout about becoming Hokage because you want people to respect you and see what you can do." The man looked at him with sharp mismatched eyes. "All the while you despised how everyone would treat you. Like a loser. A worthless ant."

"No I don't!"

"You do. I should know. After all I felt the same way as you once did."

"…I don't."

"I don't blame you."

Naruto looked at him with shame in his eyes. "…you don't?"

"Why would I?" His older self told him. "I understand you. We're the same. You and I. It's okay to feel angry at people who treated you like you're deadweight. Never even considering the thought that if someone taught you with just a little bit of extra care, you'd do better."

"Yeah," Naruto agreed. He was a slow learner. Dumb, not stupid. He knew when to notice things.

"People never putting their faith in you. The whole village saw you as the Fox itself, not the vessel. To them harboring a beast was on the same grounds as being a beast themselves." Naruto begrudgingly found himself agreeing to those words. "Even your fellow ninja. Always seeing you as the deadbeat of the batch. The charity case."

"You don't have to put it so harshly."

"I can't. Not anymore. Your optimism is admirable, I once had it too. But I learned things as I grew up, little me," older Naruto told him. "People will disappoint you all the time."

"That's not true."

"Did the Old Man ever tell you who your parents are?"

"…no." Naruto felt his throat dry up. "He said they died trying to save me."

"That's true. In fact they gave up their very last breath to keep you alive." Older Naruto sat down in front of him, placing a hand on his head. "Right before they sealed the Fox into you."

He grew pale. He felt a pain in your chest. "…wait, but the one who sealed the Fox was…"

"The Fourth Hokage."

He felt hollow hearing those words. His eyes watered up. The Fourth Hokage was his father. His own father…sealed the beast into him. "You're lying."

"I wish I could say I was." His future self said the words coldly. "Why do you think you were taught the Rasengan?"


"Because the pervert felt an immense amount of guilt that's why. Did you tell you he's your godfather?"


"Your name. Naruto. It came from the character in his first novel. Tales of an Utterly Gutsy Shinobi. It's a nice book, but there's one problem with it." The man looked at the flame. The fading flame. "It has too much of a happy ending. He believes if we all 'work together' true peace can happen. You've seen what your friend did. You've seen what the village did to you for all these years. Do you think that can happen?"

"That's too much mumbo jumbo! I don't about the other villages, but I'll get things done right. I'll never-"

"-give up," the future him finished. "I know. I didn't give up. I hopelessly kept working to bring a future where the happiest outcome would happen. What did I get in return? Nothing but losses."

"That won't happen this time!"

"It's already too late." The man pointed at the fire. "By the time that fades you'll die."

"But I don't want to die!" He'd been holding back tears, but it was getting harder with each second. "I can't die. I have to go back to the village. I have to keep my word to-"

"Sakura." Naruto stared at the older Naruto. He looked angry. "After everything you did. All the hell you put yourself through. She still sided with him. No matter what happens, little me, she will never love you."

Tears leaked out of rage as he threw his fist and punched the older man in the face. Everything around them shook. Though the punch itself didn't seem to affect the man.

"You can hit me as much as you like it won't change the truth. Our dear Sakura chose Sasuke Uchiha at every turn. Even when he killed her."

"…no. No. No!"

"I'm sorry. He lied, she believed. She always did put her faith in him more than you. You, Naruto Uzumaki, will never be more than the annoying teammate she had." The words hurt more as his bleeding increased. "But we can save her. Save them all."

He looked up, his cheeks wet from the outpour. "How? I'm going to die."

"I can save them for you, but…it comes with a price."

He needed to save Konoha. Sakura. All of them. Maybe even…Sasuke. "How? What do I have to do?"

"You'll disappear into me."


"You and I are the same person. The soul is the same." He walked towards the flame. Naruto followed him. "The current 'you' will die. You'll become a part of me. We'll be one, though I'll be the one in control."

"…so I'm going to die?"

"Yes, but actually no." The future him reassured him. "We'll be one. I'll just be taking the reins."

"…how do I know this isn't a trick?"

"After all this? Alright, I'll indulge you," the older him leaned into his ear. "I know you made out with your Sexy Clone."

Naruto felt ashamed and shook his fists in anger.

"Many times."

"ENOUGH!" As if dying wasn't bad enough, now he was being kinkshamed. He felt horrible inside. "What do I have to do?"

"Use your hand to reach into your chest." Naruto did as he instructed and it went through his body. Though it didn't hurt. He grabbed hold of something. It was warm. Thrashing around a bit. He pulled it out. Something orange. It looked like a flame, but wasn't at the same time.

"What's this?"

"I've been studying for years in the future on how to return to the past." The man scratched his head and let out a small laugh, much like he did when he was embarrassed. "I never really gave it a name."

"It looks pretty."

"Yeah, it is. Isn't it?"

"Like a spark."

"A spark?"

"Yeah, like a spark. When you make a fire there's always a spark, y'know?"

The older him smiled. "If only more people took the time to talk to you, Naruto Uzumaki. Then this day would never have come." He looked at the bonfire. "The fire fades. Pour your spark into the flame, and I promise you this, I will bring about a better future."

"Alright," he waited for a second. He thought of all his loved ones. "Save them."

"I'll try my best."

Naruto Uzumaki dropped the tiny flame as it split into smaller flames into the bonfire. Nothing happened. Then the fire turned red. He looked at his fingers. Like sand he was crumbling away as the fire burned brighter and spread around the area. He looked back at his future self and saw the man smiling.

Smiling widely.

"Well this is a horrible turn of events." White Zetsu muttered.

They'd watched the Jinchūriki fight against the Uchiha, their battle was impressive for genin, and disappointing all the same. His corpse stranded on the boulder. A massive hole in his chest as the body was letting out blood like a fountain. The very waters were being tainted by it. In all honestly, Black Zetsu expected much more from the boy. He had the same stench Asura and Hashirama had. Now it was gone. Now he'd have to wait more years until his mother could return.

"We have to tell Obito about this," Madara's pawn would not be happy hearing about this. He was not happy either. Years and years of waiting. Now he'd have to wait more.

"What do we do about the body?"

"There's nothing we can do." Black Zetsu stated. He felt angry to be honest. "We'll have to wait years until the Kyūbi reforms. Although it does save us the trouble of having to fight Konoha now."

"Well they did bring it on themselves." White Zetsu chuckled. "Honestly, you think they'd prize their Jinchūriki more instead of treating him like a fool. Much like we're tricking Obito. Only he's not smart enough to know everything."

You don't know everything either, fool, Black Zetsu found the words ironic. "Let's go."

"Yes, lets-" What happened next was something Black Zetsu couldn't believe. Before his very eyes White Zetsu was ripped apart from him. His brighter self looked at him before he started blowing up like a balloon, searing hot steam burst through his skin as the flesh was melted off and evaporated. Black Zetsu felt an iron vice grip around his neck. He barely turned his head to stare into…a Rinnegan and a Sharingan, surrounded by darkness. The boy physically changed too; he seemed taller and bulkier, his hair was now blood red and the grin on his face made him grow cold. Naruto Uzumaki looked at him with vicious intent. The hole in his clothes remained, but the flesh was knitting back. He tried to escape, but the boy wouldn't let him.

"Ah, Zetsu. Haven't seen you wretched face in a while. The last time I saw you, I remember snapping your neck. A bit like this." The fingers around his neck tightened further as he choked. His head grew heavy as the blood rushed to his head, his chest was exploding from the inwards as he felt his own body temperature rise. Then, he heard something. The sound of howling winds. He looked at the boy's other arm. A Rasengan. Black as night, with red blades encircling around it. The screams coming from it reeked of horror. "Last time I didn't give you enough time to get a word or two in. This time I'll give you a chance. Tell your Mommy, I said 'Hi'. What do you say to that?"

Black Zetsu helplessly watched as Naruto Uzumaki slowly brought this new Rasengan towards him. It was going to rip him apart. He needed to escape. He felt the force around his neck loosen a bit as he gasped.


The harmonic sound of a jutsu erasing a personal problem was perhaps one of the most satisfying sounds one could ever hear. He watched as the Giant Rasenshuriken dragged Black Zetsu along the statues of Madara and Hashirama, cutting its way upward through the earth and water before it exploded at the top of the fall. The explosion was even more beautiful. A little dome of dark red chakra blowing up to leave a mark on this land. Through the light he saw clearly how thousands upon thousands of little wind blades ripped every bit of skin, flesh and bone Zetsu had, the resulting explosion completely engulfing what little cells remained.

Oh and the destruction. Naruto Uzumaki smiled gleefully as the second shockwave came in. He was sure all those behind them had heard it. He laughed as he jumped down, dancing and stepping his way across the falling debris. His blood was all over the place on the bedrock beneath. Slapping his hands together, he created a layer of wind laced chakra around him. This would stave off all the essence of smell just in case Kakashi's dog had too much of a sharp nose. He ran at full speed, taking off his forehead protector. Lava emerged from his hands as he melted it.


His shout was like a screech of the wind as he sped past who knew how many places. Finally he stopped. He seemed to be in the woods of somewhere, though he wasn't sure if he was in the Fire Country anymore. Placing his hand on a tree he sent a pulse of natural energy through it and waited for it return. Natural Resonance needed a total of five seconds to work its magic; a highly concentrated burst of natural energy would be sent down through an organic medium to all the living forms of nature allowing him to create a mental map in his mind. Dark woods, deep caves, plenty of moss, and a huge number of swamps.

"Now if I were a betting man, I'd say I was in the Land of Swamps." He broke twig and began to draw a map of the entire area, encircling one particular area. He looked at his arms and legs. Extending his arm completely, he wiped away at the air as thousands of tiny droplets of water came together to form a shiny, crystal liquid mirror. Naruto looked at himself rubbing his chin. The fusion had physically made his body age a bit, he looked as if he was 17 or 18. "Bah it doesn't matter. I do need new clothes though."

He discarded the orange jacket, letting Fūton chakra make it disappear. He'd get clothes later, but first he needed to check out an abnormal form of chakra he felt. Focusing with his right eye, the arched blades from the tomoe emerged blending in with the six axes. He swirled out of the world, gliding through the dark void before he stepped out into the light again.

"A shrine, huh. What secrets do you have for me?" He tried step in through the gates, but something stopped him. An invisible wall. "Let's see. Who will win? An invisible wall made by a seal or a God?"

He blew a raspberry as his right arm glowed. Reaching into the wall, he grabbed it like it was a veil and tore away at it. The ground began to rumble as he ran up the stairs. Something was emerging from the ground, a block of earth. The four walls disintegrated as a body of a giant black snake fell. The freaky thing was very long, dark purple scaled, and multiple heads were protruding out of it.

"Well, well, well, I'll be damned. A demon. Here I thought all of them had died out." Demons or mythic beasts once told as scary ghost tales to children. They had once roamed the lands long before the emergence of militarized society, before chakra was weaponized. Those Demons were once just normal creatures albeit bigger in size. When the Ten Tails was separated for the first time by the Sage, it sent out a shockwave of corrupt chakra that affected various species. They'd come to be known as Demons. From what he found out from the Tailed Beasts, these things were like prey to the Bijū. Kurama in particular was fond of killing demons and devouring their essence. No wonder he had a taste for hatred. He peered into his mind. The process was almost done, but he wanted to get a few words in.

A endless canvass of white space with a black circular mass suspended in the middle. Six large towers surrounded the sphere. The Yang half of Kurama was being absorbed into the massive ball, bound and pierced by bladed chains. The mightiest of the Tailed Beasts, nothing compared to the spiritual and mental power he had possessed over the course of his life.

"YOU!" The beast roared at him, its vile breath making him retch a bit. "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU?"

"Don't you recognize me? It's me Naruto. Though you can call me Yami if you want," The Fox's eyes widened. "Oh ho you do recognize me. Remember when you made me, foxy? All the negativity and hatred inside Naruto which you kept festering with your essence. How does it feel to be fucked by your own plans?"

"HOW ARE YOU THIS STRONG?! I SENSE MY CHAKRA IN YOU. ALL OF IT! AND THE OTHERS. AND THOSE EYES… HOW DID YOU GET THOSE EYES?! WHAT DID YOU DO?" Geez, the beast was loud. Oh well, Kurama was partially responsible for his existence.

"Well, since you and your filthy had a hand in making me, I'll let you know." Naruto, Yami as he called himself sometimes, sat down on the Fox's face, its red glaring eyes focusing on him. "I'm from the future. A future where we became friends." The beast scoffed. Even now it had pride. "You can do that all you want, I speak the truth. You see, foxy, a few years from now a fourth war will break out. You being at the center of it as some guy is trying to bring back the Ten Tails… Kurama." All that pride seemed to have gone now. Naruto smirked.

"Long story short, foxy, I played a part in the war to keep it from coming back. Then the guy who killed my parents, the one who broke you out of my mother became its imperfect Jinchūriki. We got it out of him. Then your old buddy Madara decided to bet the massive dick he is and became the Jinchūriki. He almost killed me too, but thankfully Obito that piece of shit was able to put a piece of you in me. He even gave up his eyes to me later, he was dying and at the time I was pretty shitty using it. Then we find out the real plot twist: the queen bitch Kaguya was responsible for all this…somehow. Did not see that coming. In fact it seemed to arrive out of nowhere. Just like me finding out I was the reincarnation of the Sage's son, as was Sasuke. I mean it made sense, but it really didn't. I'm not complaining," Naruto opened his palms, showing the marks of a white sun and a dark moon on them.

"Once we started fighting Kaguya it got even at times, she tried separating me and Sasuke into different dimensions. It didn't work. We were getting the edge on her and then…she killed Sakura. And Kakashi. Man, it hurt so much. I had never felt so terrible in my life as I did in that moment. Sensei died in my arms as Sakura reached out for Sasuke. She didn't even spare me a glance. Hopelessly, I tried to save them, but Kaguya got the drop on me. I was lost. Dazed and confused. Angry and sad. She ripped off an arm of mine, and was going for my head next if Sasuke didn't save me. It's funny, the one guy I tried to save, died to make sure I lived. He even transferred every bit of his chakra into me. All of it. That's when I got this," Naruto pointed to his Rinnegan. He stood up, balling up his fists as dark tendrils of chakra emerged from him. "The moment he died I felt something inside me break free. I didn't care anymore if it was the end. That little seed of darkness you planted mixed with the chakra and will of Indra, and of course the horror I went through, it all came together. What you're looking at Kurama is-"

"AN ABOMINATION!" The Fox proclaimed as only his head remained outside of the black massive sphere. "YOU…YOU'RE HATRED. ALL THE DARKNESS OF MAN IN ONE VESSEL!"

"Well, not necessarily, I am the endgame of one extreme end of the spectrum," Naruto shrugged and spun on his foot. "After that I fought Kaguya. For months. Maybe a year. Unhinged me was very creative and I drew power from Kaguya's dimension, courtesy of having the same roots of chakra as her through you and your siblings. I fought her in all those realms until we went back to my own realm. She prized that bloody tree over everything, so I made sure to make her suffer. I would take away the one thing she cherished the most. I absorbed that tree. Every single person. All their chakra. Inside me."

"YOU FOOL!" Chains pierced through his eyes as the beast yelled in pain. It's bellow a cry of terror. "DID YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT YOU DID?!"

"You're right, I was a fool. Doing that, I unknowingly killed every single person on the planet, but hey, at least I sealed her away." Naruto walked off of Kurama's nose as only his mouth remained out of the void. "Then I absorbed you remaining half, all the other Tailed Beasts and began studying. I was all alone in the world and it made me realize just how much damage had been done. The world would be heal, but not a single human around."

"YOU…YOU…" More hooked chains appeared. Violently sinking themselves through the gums and tongue and sides of the Kyūbi's face.

"Yes. Me. Just me. I didn't want that. So I started experimenting with my powers. What could I do? How much could I do? What were my limits? Could I go on without taking a shit for the rest of my life? So many questions and I had so much time. I tried to create humans. It didn't exactly work out as I planned. I waited years for nature to run its course so life could find a way again. It didn't. I was growing tired of being so alone. I created endless clones and created a fake society filled with people to convince myself it was normal again. I lied so much to myself, but in the end it was all fake. So I decided to throw myself back before all this started. It wasn't easy. Years and years of research. Trials and errors. In complete isolation. I threw my consciousness back one day at a time. Then I started using more complicated seals, infusing chakra and fucking with the very soul of humans. Thank God, the Reaper Death Seal was used in tandem to the Eight Trigrams. I had something to navigate towards. Now here I am. A weary traveler from a dark future here to bring a better one." He pushed Kurama into the void completely. It became larger than before as he felt more energy swirl into him.

"Eight and a half to go."

He was back in front of the dead snake. Dragon. Whatever the fuck it was. Placing his left hand, he used his Yin source chakra to pull out all the chakra inside the body of this demon.

"Huh, two chakras." Bringing his right hand closer to the flame like ether he pulled out, he pulled out the fragments that seemed very friendly. It was white, it was pure, it was…so fucking worthless. He crushed it as the other bit of chakra, a mishmash between black, purple and red thrashed around. Closing his fist, he felt the surge of more chakra inside him.

"A bit salty," he joked to himself, "but not bad at all. Also, not all of it. Where is the rest?" He closed his eyes and sat down. Natural energy gathered around him. Winds blew harshly as red marks appeared around his eyes and on his forehead, a black circle. A red line circled around it, seeping its way in towards the circle in a spiral. Opening his eyes he looked to the West locking in on the chakra source.


A moment later he was in front of another shrine. There were nine people inside there. They seemed to be fighting with each other, stopping to look at him. One of them, a guy with a beard rushed to him. Stupid. The moment he got close, Naruto only waved with his hand and it tore through the man, in half. His body halves fell on each side of him as blood covered his face, hair and body. The rest were shocked by his actions they couldn't move.

"Good, I always wanted to try this with actual targets." He slapped his hands together. "Wind Release: Judgment Cut." He separated his hands and hundreds of blades of winds emerged from around him, spreading in all directions as the remaining eight were cut, hacked, torn, ripped, shredded and turned into spaghetti as parts of them lied around everywhere. He looked at the glowing blue well. Grabbing the veil once more, he crushed it as purple smoke rose and it snaked around him. He grabbed it and similar to the carcass he had seen, the smoke was spiritual energy and it resembled that thing albeit this was on a much smaller scale.

"I am really not in the mood for lectures from another beast, so just stop wriggling around." He used his left hand to drain out the remaining demon chakra. Erasing the other one went quicker than he thought. That was when more people arrived at the shrine. Groups of people. They dressed weirdly and he scoped them. They all their eyes on him, armed to the teeth with their weapons. They didn't interest him.


Making a circle with his index finger and thumb he brought it near his Sharingan as he focused one person. Long pale blonde hair, lavender eyes, the hint of breasts and a burning in his loin. A woman. A pretty one too. Naruto felt something pulse inside him. A hunger long forgotten. Good lord, he felt more excited than ever.

Just you wait. He smiled widely, licking his lips. You will get the Naruto Uzumaki Special.

Yeah, I know. So much exposition crammed. TBH, I could've just flat out said it before, but I felt like you needed a bit of insight into this rendition of Yami Naruto. If he creeps you out a bit, then I'm doing it right. To see why he is acting the way he is. I know I haven't given the full picture yet, cause I want to show the rest of it through the chapters. As for the length of this story, it will be 10 chapters long. After that I might make a sequel to this story. Yeah, you wankety phankety jackety fucks. I know there was no sex in this chapter, it will CUM in the next chapter. Now I the Le King of Wankers around the world will royally fuck off.

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