The Failure of a Panty Thief

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Failure of a Panty Thief


            He was caught.  Lee had made a valiant run, taken a brave risk, but came up short.  With the girl’s eyes that could see through walls, he had no chance escaping her wrath.  The buxom Hyuga caught him under the ribs with a well-placed Juken, knocking him off his flight between two buildings.  He dropped and hit ground hard in the alley, but that was nothing when she pounced on him.  She yanked him up, shaking him with enough strength to rattle his brains.

            “Thought you could escape me, huh?!”  She threw him into tall wooden planks; excess material after construction.  His body broke them easily, and he collapsed in a heap underneath them.  But she wasn’t down.  Grabbing him again, she hurled his yielding body into a trash collection.

            Hinata finally picked him up by his shirt front and stood him against the wall.  He quaked, apologizing, but she would hear none of it.  “You tried too many times,” she growled at Lee, shoving her sneer right into his face.  He could smell her minty breath; cool scent carried on a hot breeze of wrath.  “You thought you’d get away with it this time too?!”  She ripped at Lee’s shirt, unsurprised to find him wearing Tenten’s stolen sports bra.  And underneath…

            Brazenly, the Hyuga girl grabbed at his crotch and squeezed painfully.  He shouted out, but she held him at the throat now, and her angry strength bested his timid strength.  One shock of her chakra, and he was in serious trouble.  The most Lee could manage was swallowing and hoping that he’d survive.

            She continued to grab at his groin, feeling his sex.  “Hmph!  You steal our underwear and wear it?!  Aren’t you a man?!”  Hinata stole his headband from his waist, tossing it unceremoniously behind her.  Next, his spandex came down.  He called out in protest, squirming anew until Hinata backed him to the wall with a tighter fist.  She quickly exposed her panties on his person.  The sexy thong she planned to use to entice Menma looked wrong on him, the crotch distended around his stuffed cock.  It angered her to see it ruined.  She’d never wear it again now!

            She grabbed the wadded front, against squeezing Lee’s cramped manhood.  “Is it small?!  Is that why you tuck it away?!”  It wasn’t small.  It was probably bigger than Menma’s, but there was no way she’d admit that to the crossdressing pervert.  Before he could try to defend himself, Hinata ripped the flimsy fabric off of his waist, letting his cramped cock breathe.  Lee looked down, stammering at his indecent exposure.

            “This gross thing!”  She slapped his dick, and he whimpered.  “You ruined my underwear, you bastard!”  She slapped again, and again before grabbing it outright.  It flopped in her fist, and she squeezed violently at the base.  Slowly, it began to filled with blood.  Hinata observed it with her disapproving sneer.  “This; do you get off on wearing women’s underwear?  Or do you just like being dominated?”  She jerked him, rubbing the mast of his groin, encouraging his arousal to meet it completion.  It didn’t take long; he reached nearly ten inches, and the hollow of her hand barely reached around him.  Impressive, but how did he ever expect women’s clothes to contain such a monster?  Pah!  He probably got off seeing his cock expand the feminine clothes.

            “You like that?” snapped Hinata, turning aside so that Lee could watch her hand fly across his massive cock.  “I bet you want to shoot all your cum in my underwear!  That’s what you like!”

            Lee didn’t answer; partly because of embarrassment, mostly because her hand shackling his throat.  But then his eyes flicked to the side, and he sweated more.  Of course; people were drawn to the earlier clamor, and a few had peered in to see the cause.  A woman gasped at what she saw while the other gawkers murmured amongst themselves.

            Seeing them, Hinata regarded them more rudely.  She didn’t even let go of his dick when she threatened the nosy passersby, “Get out of here before you get me mad!”  With her reputation, the villagers scattered at once.

            Now alone again, Hinata stared down at the muscular dick.  Menma was six inches at best, and that was giving him some credit.  Lee, compared to all the boys she’d spied and compared with her Byakugan, was far above the rest, perhaps standing on a plateau with the Fourth Raikage!

            She slipped down on her knees and pushed Lee’s dick into her mouth.  He wailed, his throat released and expressing his feelings.  Let him be as loud as he wanted; she didn’t care who saw her.  She sucked his cock like it was an assignment from the Hokage, pounding him deep to her throat until it curved and made her neck swollen.  Spittle already started to accumulate, dangling from her chin before dripping into her cleavage.  In no time, enough spit had spilled over onto her chest that both globes glistened attractively in the dusky light of evening.

            With a lewd exhale, letting her drool spill over his veiny erection, Hinata took her mouth off of him to look up.  He was panting, looking pathetic and winded when she was doing all the work.  “Maybe you want something like this?”  Her mesh top was lifted, and her heavy tits dropped out seconds before she shoved them up against his dick.  She fitted his dick deep in their softness before pressing the two globes together, and then she began to juggle them, matching the size of Lee’s penis with her enormous jugs.  Everyone always looked at them; Lee was no exception, and he only stole Hinata’s bras to ogle how big they were.  That was perhaps why she stopped wearing bras…

            He stuttered, eyes closing.  It felt good, and he noticed the poke of her plump brown nipples whenever they grazed his thighs.  If this kept up, he might wind up splashing the heiress with his white release.  No!  He must… persevere!  For what, he wasn’t sure.  Maybe it was fear of what Hinata would do if he unexpectedly dashed her with his cum.

            But the titfuck did not last long.  Hinata obviously had something in store, something planned for this panty-stealing pervert.  Sure enough, she stood up, spit-slick breasts wobbling to and fro.  She scoffed at him, and then fiddled with her shorts.  They came down, and Lee dared to glance down.  Her panties – which she had in reserves after Lee stole her thong – looked so comfortable and silky, but what mattered was the hair of midnight-blue around her snatch.  Short, curly hair, Hinata took his hand and made him touch her there.  Her fingers directed him to know her intimately, though he looked strangled when he helped him shove a finger inside her.

            “Feel how tight that is?”  She leered.  “That’s for Menma.”

            Lee gulped and nodded.  Even if she tried to mount him, he doubted that such a tight squeeze could manage around his huge dick.

            His hand was suddenly taken away; Hinata set it to her breast instead, ordering him to feel her tits.  He obeyed meekly, though he seemed interested in her erect nipples, putting both hands on her to simultaneously feel and flick them.

            And between her legs, she stuffed his dick; not to her hole, but to the cleft itself.  Just as he used both hands on her, she used both hands on his dick, steadying it as she grinded from clit to entrance.  Her moisture began to gather, slickening the passage along with her spit.  Her smirk was devilish as she peered up at him.  “That’s right.  Play with my tits, you perverted freak.  Then shoot all your cum.”

            Lee obeyed that order a bit too quickly.  He spurted across her pubic hair first; a huge spurt that drowned the forest down to the crease of her sex.  Fingers sinking into her tits, stinging her with the pressure – though that was how she liked it – he called out her name and twitched more and more.  But she’d already aimed to her panties, and the crotch began to collect his load.  She rubbed his tip into the smooth fabric, and he immediately came harder.  The white pool overflowed into her shorts.  His right hand fled her breast to grab the middle of his cock – between Hinata’s hands – and jerked himself harder until the waves of orgasm were spent.

            Hinata smirked at the payload, and then let go of his prick.  If they tried, she was certain she could encourage him to keep hard.  She could even shove his face to her pussy to have him lick until she was satisfied.  “I bet you’re happy now.”

            He nodded breathlessly, letting his long cock hang out as it shriveled.

            He looked at the mess, and when he did, Hinata made a show of how she swished her hips back and forth to get her panties back up in place, the white puddle smearing against her pussy.  “Next time,” she said, getting her shorts up next before tucking away her shirt, “maybe you’ll think twice before stealing my underwear!”

            Lee nodded weakly.  Then his hand came up beckoningly.  “Can… can I have those panties when you’re done with them, Hinata-san?”



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