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Disclaimer: Naruto series does not belong to me. and i do not make any money out of it. I am just playing around.

AN: this will take place in an AU. In this Minato and Kushina did not die. Instead a team of suicide ANBU’s who were specifically trained to specifically deal with a Kyuubi threat and seal it gave their lives to seal one half into Kushina and the other half into Naruto.



“I am fucking bored!” Kushina shouted as she slammed her hands on the Hokage’s table. Minato winced as his desk shuddered, barely holding on. The ANBU guard standing nearby, smiled into his mask at the sight of the strongest man in the village trying to placate his irritant wife. Naruto will have failed 2 times. He will be 17 years old while the others in his year will be 15.


“Give me a mission, any mission will do as long as it involves gutting someone!” she shouted, as she slammed her hands on the desk again. This time the desk gave with a groan of protest, cracks spreading on its surface before giving out fully. Though the nearby ANBU was more interested in the way her luscious breast swayed each time she slammed her hand.


“Calm down Kushina. We have talked about this before; it has been a more than a decade and a half since you last went to a mission. The rules require that you undergo training for at least six months before I can allow you to do missions again.” He tried to placate her, while scrambling to salvage and save his paperwork from destruction.


“Fuck the rules! You are the Hokage” was the only reply he got from his wife. “Training will be boring.”


“Language. And you know I cannot go around throwing my title to break the rules. It will set a bad precedent. That is the same reason why I hadn’t used my post to make the academy pass Naruto the first time.” He replied, warily eyeing Kushina’s beautiful hair, which were now floating around her, a sure sign of her anger.


“Don’t remind me about that. I am still angry at you for that. You know he is talented. Just because he doesn’t take this seriously doesn’t mean he is bad,” she said as she started leaking some Kyuubi’s chakra.


Minato grimaced as he tried to quickly diffuse the situation. That is when he thought of a wonderful idea.


“The Academy!”


“What about it?” she snapped.


“You can be a sensei there. It is a perfect solution. It will relieve your boredom and count towards your training. At the same time, it will definitely increase the quality of students coming from there. And last but not least, it will help you keep an eye on Naruto and not let him fail.” He said, trying very hard to sell her on the whole idea.


She thought about it for a minute. It sounded like a good deal. She also got the feeling that this was all he was willing to concede to her.


“Alright I accept. But I won’t be like the other academy teachers, I will teach in my own way.” She replied as she accepted the job.



Kushina walked into her home, unlocking the door as she thought about the offer that she had just accepted. Her? As an academy teacher? The mere thought brought a smile to her lips. She still remembered how she had slept through most of the theory classes.


Then another thought struck, making her let out a decidedly evil smirk. The academy is going to learn why she was called the red-haired death. Though not on the same level of the enemy ninjas, she will put the little punks to so much ringer that it would make them wish they had never met her.


As she thought up of what to do in her class, she heard voices in front of the house. She recognized the voices as Naruto and his friends.


Walking back out of the door, she saw Naruto giving the middle finger to Kiba, one of her friend’s son from the Inuzuka clan.


“Naruto! What have I told you about being respectful?” She shouted as she walked forward and smacked Naruto behind the head before turning her attention to his friends.


“Hello boys. How was academy today?” she asks with a smile. She recognized most of the guys in the group. There was of course Kiba with Akhamaru beside him, Sasuke, Shikamaru, Chouji. The ones she didn’t recognize was an unknown Hyuuga and a spectacled black-haired boy.


“why don’t you guys come in? I will treat you for a lemonade.” She offered


Of the six only Kiba and the two other boys, whose name she didn’t know, accepted the offer. Sasuke didn’t even reply and walked on while Shikamaru refused with a polite “troublesome” and Chouji just followed Shikamaru even though he looked like he wanted to stay.


Naruto protested her invitation, but another smack on her head shut up his complaints. Honestly, how is he going to get any trustworthy friends if he was this rude?


Inside the house, she directed them to make themselves at home before turning to the unknows. “I don’t know if you know me, I am Uzumaki Kushina, Naruto’s mother.”


The Hyuuga stood up from the couch and introduced himself with a bow “I am Hyuuga Hiroto. Please take care of me.” Followed by the bespectacled boy saying “I am Yuuto.”


Kushina was careful to not ask about Yuuto’s family name. If he didn’t want to say it, she wasn’t going to compel him. Maybe he is an orphan like her? She thought to herself, unconsciously lowering her guard against him.


“Wait for a few minutes, I will be back with the lemonade quickly. Until then, make yourself at home.” She said as she turned and walked into the kitchen.


What she didn’t know about, was the three pairs of eyes following her plump ass until she disappeared into the kitchen.


“Fucking stop guys!” Naruto exclaimed. “That is my mom.”


“We know. That makes her a MILF. a very sexy MILF!” Kiba said with a wide grin. Turning to the other two, “well?” he asks excitedly.


Hiroto shook his head sorrowfully. “I couldn’t see through her clothes. She has the secret ANBU anti-Byakugan on her clothes.”


Yuuto gave a laugh, “You are useless.” He said with a grin, “Your Byakugan may be useless here, but my eyes never fail me.” He proclaimed as he adjusted his glasses.


“38-27-36” He revealed.


Kiba gave an appreciative whistle at that.


Naruto couldn’t take it anymore even though  he knew that he will only get into more trouble with his mom. Just as he was about to sound his objection, Kushina came back from the kitchen with a tray containing three lemonade filled glassed.


She gave one to Kiba, Hiroto and Yuuto. Naruto looked at her in confusion. “where is mine?” he asked.


“Sorry Naruto. That was all I had. I didn’t have any more for another one.” She apologized. “So how was the day today?” she asked.


Kiba was the one to answer her, already finishing the glass in a single gulp. “Boring. They only though theory. Why should I learn to figure out the pathway of the kunai using maths?” he grumbled. “I was itching for a practical lesson, a fighting practice or something to show off my talents.”


Kushina mentally made a note at his grumbling, to conduct a one on one duel with the students. It served the purpose of getting to know the strength of the students and to make her lessons less boring.


The others followed suit in their complaint of the academy. Even Naruto started to complain loudly once her got over his angry over being denied lemonade.


Kushina kept track of each of their complaint and smiled as they talked themselves to near exhaustion. “Sounds like you boys aren’t liking the academy huh?” she interrupted them.


“It sucks!” Kiba shouted.


“well wait until tomorrow. There will be some changes.” She said with a cryptic smile.


The boys, sensing something, tried to get her to spill her secrets. She brushed off their attempts with a laugh. “Nuh-huh. I can’t tell anything for now. It will be more fun when it is announced tomorrow.”


After figuring they can’t get any more from her, they let go of the topic.


After the lemonade was finished, the three of them made their way out of the house. Leaving Kushina to make more plans for her teaching schedule.





Kushina looked at herself on the mirror in the dim lights of her bedroom, wearing her old outfit except without her flak jacket. And that is when she found a problem. It did not fit, at all.


She never realised how much she had changed in the last 18 years. Back then, she was, slender, modest C cup, and a not so big ass.


But now, her generous double D breast strained against her blouse, while her pants hugged her thick hips and thigh like a second skin.


She couldn’t do anything else about this, it was already 11 in the night and she had her first day at the academy tomorrow. All her other ninja attire was in a similar state.


“oh well, looks like I will be giving some lucky saps a good view tomorrow,” she muttered to herself.


She glanced at the clock one more time before shaking her head. Frustrated at her husband for not dedicating any time to spend with her family. She wasn’t the only one who was unsatisfied by it, her son Naruto was also affected. But he diverted his focus on playing a variety of pranks to fill the void.

She quickly unbuttoned her clothes, letting it slide of her, revealing her sexy MILF body. Her hand traces a path from her breast to her pussy, not surprised to find it moist. She had been horny near constantly for the last few years. “Minato!” she moaned as her fingers slipped in her pussy. Picturing her being bent over and getting fucked by her husband.


Dropping back on her bed she started to energetically finger herself, making lewd noise as her finger intruded on her pussy as her other hand played with her clit.


But as she continued to pleasure herself, the image in her mind continued to change. The blond image of her husband was gradually replaced by a black haired, a much younger man with a non-descript face. And he was fucking her like a beast, grabbing her hair and making her arch her back while thrusting deep into her.


Something about this image was so wrong yet, so right, that Kushina promptly came, squirting her juice all over her bed. Her breast moving up and down as she panted to catch her breath.


“Did I just………… masturbate to the thought of cheating on my husband?” she muttered to herself. “This is all Minato’s fault. If only he had fucked me like he was supposed to, would I have been pushed to this?”


Groaning into a pillow, she decided to not think about it and soon she was fast asleep.


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