Knotty Sakura

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Knotty Sakura


            Sakura had never wanted to believe that she’d like – worse yet, want­ – to have sex with dogs, yet here she found herself, embarrassedly knotted to Kakashi-sensei’s huge hound Bull.  The copulation complete, the knot embedded and the tie turned, they faced away from each other.  Sakura hated to say it, but she loved this part too.  The fast and brutal rutting had her gushing around his doggy dick, but the icing was the feel of the canine’s completion, flooding her constantly with a load that seemed too much even for his giant balls.  She swore its volume stretched her uterus until it bulged out, all contained by his stubborn knob.

            It had taken some doing and grit to wedge that swell into her soaked pussy, even with her practice.  Akamaru was large, but Bull dwarfed him.  It was Sakura’s inner pervert that dared her on this risky venture; asking a preoccupied Kakashi-sensei for his sturdiest hound under the guise of learning to fend off animal attacks.  He suggested Paku, but she was adamant for Bull.  Sturdier, she reiterated… and he didn’t speak.  Of all his pooches, Bull was the one who was silent and obedient, reliant on his canine instincts and master’s command.  Set in charge of him, Sakura’s rather timid order for him to mount her was heeded without question, and the rest was orgasmic history.

            Akamaru had been her first.  First dog encounter, at least; Naruto had been her first, enticing her to the ways of doggy style before finding Hinata.  A tight pussy, Naruto had crassly jubilated to Sakura, which ended with him getting a concussion.  Still, she became keen to doggy style, and while alone in the forests – too close to the Inuzuka compound, in hindsight – she put her right cheek on a grassy mound, jut her ass up, and fiddled her puffy pussy lips.  Her scent of arousal must’ve carried, for it wasn’t long before a curious Akamaru – left alone by his master – happened upon her.  What ensued was so quick that Sakura didn’t realize Akamaru was there until his weight pinned her as he hoisted his mass above her!  She only got out one angry warning with a scuffed cheek before Akamaru pinpointed his target with his tip and educated her in the ways of puppy love.  She’d never believed she could fill out so much, and without realizing her own submission, her legs separated wide and welcomed him as he made her his.  Hot, raw rutting; primal in ways a boy – or man for the matter – could not imitate.  He held her hips possessively, claws clenching at her flesh, though the pounding nullified the pain.  Boundless strength or no, she was powerless to Akamaru’s thrusts until they were both – her more than him – finished.

            She experienced the knot and the tie, crowding her now-gooey insides and retaining every bit as he faced away from her, executing copulation in his species’ way.  Each gush packed her uterus, and unless she wanted to be very sore, she couldn’t yank her way off of the unifying bulge.  So human girl and male mutt waited to the end of Akamaru’s satisfaction.  When she was unplugged – done with a grateful sigh from her and a deep-throated groan from him – her snatch overflowed with Akamaru’s deposit.  Still prostrated on the patch of grass, ass hiked high though her legs were tired, she glanced between and saw the unsightly drizzle pool between her knees.  And as if she no longer existed, Akamaru was already taking his departure, lumbering with a lowered head swinging side to side with a panting muzzle and empty balls.

            Though tired and sore, yes, Sakura would admit to liking it.

            Now, with the deed done and all that was left to do was wait Bull’s knot out, Sakura was filled with the thrill of exposure.  She felt confident enough that her shame would never be exposed, but it was that confidence that led her to believe that residing near the Inuzuka complex again was safe enough.

            But Bull was a dog of very little brain.  Yes, he was loyal and smart enough to know how to confound and enemy… but if, say, a squirrel should dart across his path when he was bored…

            The huge dog’s head lifted, floppy ears perking up, eyes trained to the exciting dash of movement.  He surged, his weight almost triple Sakura’s; he didn’t even have a hitch when he dragged her along on his brisk pace.

            “Ow!” Sakura cried when the knot yanked.  Ruptured from a state that was nearly sleep, she scrambled and awkwardly made to keep backward pace with the fleeing dog.  “B-Bull!  Stop!” she cried, realizing quickly how thin the forest became and how quickly.  Pale in the face, she saw that the Inuzuka perimeter wall was already visible.  Any ninja on watch would see her, no pants or panties in sight, unified with a huge bulldog.  The scandal, no doubt, would spread like wildfire; Kiba, after all, enjoyed being a source of news.

            Before he could drag her into public, and before she had to resort to her monstrous strength to anchor her to the ground and force the ball of flesh out of her, Bull came to a stop.  He sniffed the air, looked around, and licked his chops.  Whatever he smelled – good or bad – it ceased his advance at least.  Maybe a tag forbidding dogs to roam; Sakura believed the Inuzuka clan would have a few of those up to corral wayward pups.

            Sakura wished that she could breathe a sigh of relief, but she was closer to humans than she was comfortable with.  She preferred the solitude and sanctity of the forest.  It was well known that Kiba was always up for exploration, which meant that if he was up for scouring the wilds, he was far away by now.  He had mapped the surroundings of his home in his mind’s eye so well that he could probably navigate each branch with a blindfold on.

            As for the Inuzuka women, neither could be bothered to go outside unless it was necessary.  There were chores and jobs inside.

            Little comfort…  Sakura moaned and ducked her head, paling in the face as she stared down her body.  Bull was still locked in her, and wouldn’t soon be unseated; not by anything short but a painful unclogging that she’d feel even after some embarrassing self-healing.

            Still though, she took as consort with a secretively-perverted grin, the overspill of semen hadn’t yet let up.  And as flooded as her womb had become, Bull’s knob retained it all, stretching out her insides with the high volume.

            Bull shifted where he stood, groaning in his throat and licking his snout.  His blank stare returned, lost to his instinct again.  Unless another critter scampered in sight, he was intent to remain stationary and finish his copulation.

            “Looks like you’re stuck!”

            Sakura’s head lifted, pupils shrinking as she turned and saw the worst-case scenario perched atop his clan’s perimeter wall.  Inuzuka Kiba, with a big, excited smirk on his face, was looking down at her, and there was no way he could misconstrue her predicament.  No veiling, her rosy, recently-pounded cheeks naked, the position; he was dog-learned enough even to understand what the situation was.

            “K-Kiba!” she gasped out, and then stammered excitedly.  Last ditch effort, she tried to pull off of Bull’s length.  Maybe if she was quick enough, she could tackle Kiba and punch the memory – or maybe comprehension itself – from his skull.  The results of this efforts ended in failure and soreness that made her whine.  She bowed to the floor and wept for her destroyed reputation.  Kiba was the male-equivalent to Ino’s gossiping mouth.

            “Pull like that…”  Kiba grunted and jumped down from his perch.  Lacking all sense of boundaries, he approached, still grinning.  “… and you could really hurt yourself.  Bitches always know not to try to disconnect from the tie.”  He put his hands on his hips, standing like some sort of hero, though Sakura would give anything for him just to disappear… forever.

            “Kiba,” Sakura growled out, peering up at him with a face turned cherry-red.  “Just go away.  It’s…  I can’t explain what happened.”  Rather, she just couldn’t come up with a good enough lie to explain to – much less convince – Kiba that her predicament was totally innocent on her part.

            But Kiba wasn’t interested in listening.  He was interested in looking, still ignoring all boundaries as he leaned toward her posterior, grinning even more when he saw the proof of her pussy packed with a puffed penis!  “Heh!  How did this happen?” he asked, though he was certain Sakura would never tell him.

            “N-never mind that!” she shot out at him, and then made a haphazard swing at his leg.  Her swat missed, but Kiba warily moved away.  She fumed, punching the ground in frustration until she felt a hand touch her rump.  “Ah!  What are you doing?”  Her anxiety yielded her modesty, staring back over her shoulder when Kiba imposed on her ass, pushing a cheek aside to expose her depravity… as well as her asshole.  “Don’t look!”  She threw a hand over, hiding her anus as well as the connection with Bull.

            “What’s wrong?  You shouldn’t mind if I take a peek,” he teased.

            “No,” she refused, avoiding eye contact.  “Kiba, if you don’t go away…”  She tore a chunk of the earth out beneath her.

            “Relax,” she heard him say.  She turned to spit at him, but her jaw dropped.

            What was his dick doing out?!

            Hard and solid, it came out from the front of his pants where the button and fly had both been undone.  It hung across her butt until he dragged it along her cheeks.  “It was pretty boring around here today,” he told her, and then threw a leg over the girl and dog intersection and hovered over the pink-haired medic.

            “Wait!  What are you doing?” Sakura panicked, realizing that Kiba was quickly aligning himself with the vacant hole that was currently visible and screamingly vulnerable.  Kiba offered a long dollop of spit with Tenten-like marksmanship; it fell right on her hole, the warm and foreign contact causing the ring to clench nervously.  “You can’t!”

            But he could, and he was intent on doing so.  “Don’t worry,” he soothed her, licking his lips and pressing to her pucker.  “I won’t take too long.”

            Sakura wailed as her back hole was wrenched open.  Virgin to penetration, the ordeal was made all the more strenuous by the pressure still wedged in her cunt.  Bull’s head swung back, glancing at the newcomer, and then turned back around.

            Sakura’s forehead met the grass as she painfully took Kiba up her rectum.  Relentlessly, despite the density, Kiba urged onward, grunting and exhaling hotly as he worked her to open up to him.  “It won’t fit!” she cried at him, as if she were prepared to negotiate and let him take her after Bull was already ejected.

            But Kiba felt differently.  He’d always thought his first time sharing with a dog would have been with Akamaru, but he wasn’t complaining.  “It’ll fit,” he wheezed, and then, with a final plunge that got Sakura’s back arching and her voice raising to its highest pitch, he plugged the fullness of his cock inside of her.  What she had thought impossible – and once, improbable – had happened.  Kiba fit up her backside while a dog knotted and kept her in place.

            “Ahh~!  This feels great,” Kiba droned, his head falling back for his glazed eyes to admire the heavens.

            Sakura did not share the sentiment.  It might not have felt horrible or unbearable, but she certainly felt a wrongness and pain in the situation.  With her cheek on the ground, she braced and took her anal pounding as Kiba started; shallow thrusts to keep her spreading, and then deeper and harder as her tunnel eased up its coil.  Soon, she had to admit it was starting to feel good.

            Moaning, Kiba kept her cheeks apart, watching the length of his cock sink in and out of her.  He bounced his hips on her butt, the mounds wobbling with each punishing smack.  “Sakura,” he wheezed amongst his heavier, downward thrusts, “if you like dogs… ha-ha!... you can borrow Akamaru!  If I can join!”

            “Shut-ugh!  Shut up!”  At the least, he could at least obey that request, but Kiba kept up his usual jibe.  He acted like a stud, like she’d come begging for more later.  She didn’t want to think that she would accept the offer, but Akamaru?  Free anytime, and with the security of Kiba?  It was somewhat tempting.  And it made her cum.  With a scream, and another strong “Shut up!” to Kiba, her super-strong body squeezed and gushed.

            Bull huffed and suddenly stumbled, and like a cork from a bottle of champagne, he was dislodged from her clenching vagina.  And out poured their combined discharge, squirting indecently out behind her before drizzling like a white waterfall.  She quivered, her thighs tightening and her hands clenching fistfuls of the ground.

            Of course, Kiba couldn’t hold his own against such a pull.  All around his fully rooted cock, Sakura’s tract condensed and held him firm.  With no restraint, he came hard, sinking his fingertips into the fleshy mold of her legendary ass and howling his pleasure.  A broken strong of Inuzuka semen filled her to keep her lower half fed with cum.

            And then he slumped, still holding her waist, but letting his upper half droop over the panting girl.  He grinned lazily at her and asked, “Wasn’t that great?”

            Sakura’s eyes stared blankly forward as she panted in recovery.  But after a single, steadying breath, they focused, and they turned threateningly to Kiba.


            Kiba was out before he could even react to her swinging elbow…


            Sakura had never wanted to believe that she’d like anal, yet here she found herself.  Kiba had his uses, she decided, and helping her discover this pleasure.  But that was all she needed him for…

            Well, maybe something else.

            Getting Bull from Kakashi-sensei again wasn’t much of a chore, as Bull seemed very cooperative with Sakura for some reason.  And with Akamaru on loan – without the unconscious Kiba’s consent – Sakura could engage in the taboo of doggy double-penetration!

            Kiba lay strewn across the ground after Sakura’s fist put him out of commission.  All she needed was Akamaru, and his apparently-loyal silence.  Now, with Bull already tied and filling her with cum once again, Akamaru took Kiba’s former spot in her ass, hugging her midriff and stretching out her asshole in ways Kiba – and probably no man – could.

            Panting and yowling from her sexual submission, Sakura was fucked to complete satisfaction… until Akamaru made to push his own knot into her asshole.


A quick fic suggested by my awesome beta.  I’ve written so many stories with his help, I’ve been feeling guilty for not writing any of his personal suggestions.  Hopefully this – despite its haste – is what he was looking for

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