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Naruto grunted in annoyance as he stared at the paper sheet on his desk. It was a math test, and as usual, he didn’t write anything. Math had always been the the worst for him, and this year wasn’t any better. Not like he cared anyway; what he wanted to do in the future didn’t involve math. Beside him was Sasuke, the top student, but also his friend. He wasn’t surprised when he saw him calmly looking at the board since it meant he finished the test and had nothing more to do. Anyone would assume Naruto was a good student considering some of his frequentations, but that was obviously not the case.


What attracted Naruto’s attention the most was his math teacher; she had black stockings,, black heels, a dark blue jacket with a white shirt underneath it, and finally a dark blue skirt. It was Mikoto Uchiha, and not only was she his teacher, she was also the mother of his best friends. He had a lot of erotic dreams about her, and even jerked off while thinking about her. He knew it was kind of wrong since she was his friend’s mother, but he couldn’t help it. She was gorgeous. He never even paid attention to her lessons, he preferred checking her out instead. He made sure she wouldn’t notice of course, but he always stared at her chest or her butt. He often got a boner, but thankfully nobody ever looked at him down there so no one saw. Finally, the bell rang and Mikoto came taking the tests off the desks. The blonde wasn’t surprised when the teacher frowned at his paper sheet, but he ignored it since class was over. He stood up and was ready to leave with Sasuke.


“Wait, Naruto! Can you come here for a minute please?” Mikoto called him as the boy grunted in response before shooting a look at Sasuke.


“I’ll wait for you at the cafeteria,” Sasuke said as he exited the classroom.


“What’s up, teach?” Naruto inquired nonchalantly, knowing he wouldn’t get too much in trouble since she knew him and also was one of her mother’s best friends.


“How many times did I tell you? Be more respectful of your teachers! However, I guess this is the least of your worries. I have to talk about your grades, everything is low and below average. You don’t listen in class and always pull some stupid prank,” She explained as Naruto rolled his eyes.


“Geez, thanks! Is it over now? You just wanted to bring me down or something?”


“No, I want to remind you graduation is in a few months. Although your grades are low, it would still be enough for you to graduate if it wasn’t for math,”


“What do you mean?” Naruto asked while scratching his head. Mikoto almost wanted to facepalm.


“It means if you don’t get better grades in my class, then you won’t graduate! When I look at your tests, it’s clear you won’t make it,”


“What?! Mom is going to kill me at the end of the year! I-I don’t even know how I am supposed to get better! I suck at math!” Naruto shouted in panic.


“Calm down, as much as you look like a lost cause, I could still be able to help. I could give you lessons at home,” Mikoto suggested, earning a shout of protest from the blonde.


“No way! If mom finds out you’re tutoring me, she’ll know I’m in deep shit, dattebayo!”


“Then come at my house if you want, but I can’t give up on Kushina’s son,” Mikoto grumbled.


“Then Sasuke will be mocking me! I can already hear him snickering behind my back,” Naruto answered.


“How am I supposed to help you then?! Urg… Fine, you can come wednesday afternoon and the weekends, Sasuke has soccer practice for hours these days, so he won’t be home. Are you satisfied with that?” Mikoto inquired in annoyance.


Naruto rubbed his chin, thinking about it. True, doing it this way would keep anyone from knowing he’s being tutored. However, he hated math, so doing it in his free time was bothersome. Although he couldn’t really refuse, if he didn’t graduate, then his parents would snap. Moreover, he would have some alone time with the teacher, and the thought was quite appealing.


“Alright! I guess we can try that!” He answered.


“Good, then I’ll see you tomorrow,” Mikoto said, earning a grunt from the boy as an answer. Tomorrow was saturday, so the first day of the week end. The blonde surely hadn’t thought they would begin the tutoring this week.


The end of the day passed by quickly, and when saturday came, all Naruto said to his mother when he went out was that he was going out with friends. It was a lie so he could hide he was being tutored of course, but she didn’t know that. Sasuke’s house wasn’t far from his, and it took him only a dozen of minutes of walking to get there. Mikoto opened the door, and just like she said, Sasuke was at his soccer practice. Her husband went to work, as for her other son, it had been years since he had left. Naruto grunted in annoyance all the way upstairs until Mikoto and he arrived in Sasuke’s room, where there already was a desk for him to work on. The older woman gave him the exercises he had to do. Everything he wouldn’t understand, she would explain in the most simple way she could, so he would understand. However, about a hour later, Naruto lost focus. His eyes kept going back and forth between his teacher’s breasts and his paper sheet. Moreover, she was wearing the clothes she usually did in school! How could he focus when this hot woman was right next to him?! Why did she even have lipstick on?! As expected, he felt his cock getting hard. He gritted his teeth in hopes of her not noticing it.


“I’ve been wondering… Is that why you’re never listening in class? Because you’re busy thinking about something else?” Mikoto inquired in an angered tone. Naruto raised an eyebrow, trying to play dumb. “Don’t give me that look! You really think I’ve never noticed the massive thing hiding in your pants every time you look at me?! And you do it even now! Have you no shame?!” Mikoto scolded him while he looked down.


He gritted his teeth in anger and embarrassment, that was the worst thing that could happen! Not only it was humiliating, but she would also tell his parents! He didn’t want to know what they would say to him. However, he was awoken from his thoughts when Mikoto suddenly knelt in front of his chair and pulled down his pants so the huge bulge in his underwear could be seen.


“W-What are you doing?!” Naruto shouted, his face red of embarrassment while Mikoto pulled down his underwear too.


“If I make you feel better, will you finally listen and pay attention in class?” Mikoto asked as she stared at his cock, with hunger and lust in her eyes. Naruto didn’t even think twice about it and nodded by reflex. The boy breathed out in excitement; it was the first time a woman’s face was this close to his crotch, and it turned him on. Mikoto sniffed his manhood, filling her nose with its scent. “The stench of a pervert’s filthy cock makes me crazy,” She muttered as she licked her lips.


She started kissing the blonde’s cock on multiple places, leaving lipstick marks and making Naruto shudder as he felt his teacher’s soft lips on his manhood. She licked the underside of his dick, running her tongue across it. Then she buried her face in his balls, sniffing and licking them. The blonde had a dreamy smile while he looked at the woman. It must had been a dream! He couldn’t believe a married milf like her would one day be sucking his balls. Suddenly, Mikoto grabbed his cock and stroke it while rubbing it against her cheek.


“It’s been so long since I’ve had such a nice cock!” She thought as she moved her hair behind her ear, then put his dick all the way in her mouth, even going down her throat.


Naruto let out a moan as the older woman moved her head back and forth, making loud suction sounds that did nothing but turn him on even more. Mikoto wrapped her tongue around his meat rode while she gently squeezed his balls. She didn’t care how filthy or disrespectful the boy was. She didn’t care she was married either. The truth was that she had always been a slut. She loved fucking with disgusting and perverted men; it was even better when they were hormonal teens. She knew how Naruto was since Kushina often talked about him. He was shameless and that’s what she wanted. She had sex in high school with older men, each uglier than the last. However, she stopped when she started dating Fugaku. She couldn’t help but be horny when with Naruto. Of course, he wasn’t ugly on the outside unfortunately, but he was very much in the inside. And that mattered the most.


Several seconds later, the older woman felt the boy’s cock twitching. She stopped moving her head as the blonde shot his load down her throat. She gulped it down with no hesitation, enjoying the feeling of swallowing thick semen. When she was certain he was done coming, she released his cock from her mouth before licking her lips. The blonde breathed out since he never felt that good before.


“Are you going to listen to me now?” Mikoto asked.


“If that’s what I’m going to receive if I do, then it’s hard to say no! But, I think I would need some more motivation,” Naruto replied with lust filled eyes.


“I see,” Mikoto muttered, trying to sound angry. However, she was in truth delighted! She knew such a despicable boy wouldn’t be satisfied with a simple blowjob. They both stood up as Mikoto led him to Sasuke’s bed.


The blonde grabbed her waist and licked her cheeks in an animalistic way as he savored the taste of her skin. Mikoto purred when he sucked on her neck, drooling all over her. She was getting wet by these simple actions, all because Naruto looked like a beast in heat. He kissed her on the lips, forcing his tongue inside her mouth. Their tongues entwined with one another as Naruto felt only delight at the touch of Mikoto’s soft tongue. The teacher deepened the kiss, unable to ignore such passion coming from the boy. She couldn’t help but wonder for how long had he wanted to fuck her. He started sucking her tongue, making her whole body shudder in excitement. Naruto suddenly broke the kiss and threw his shirt away; his pants and underwear were already off him. Mikoto didn’t have any time drooling over the blonde’s fit body since he tore her clothes open without holding back, leaving her only in her black stockings and lingerie. The boy licked his lips while he stared at her body. She took off her bra and her panties, then threw them on the floor. Naruto’s body warmed instantly as he saw Mikoto’s naked body. He dreamed about it for so long, and it was better than he imagined. She may not had huge breasts, they were still big enough for his liking. Her body was slim, but curved at the right places. She was fit too which didn’t surprise him since Sasuke talked about how annoying her training was. He wanted her to be his, and now was the perfect opportunity.


“You’re so rough… I like it,” Mikoto purred. “Those lust filled eyes are the reason I’m horny every time you look at me in class, you pervert,”


Naruto raised an eyebrow. It looked like she was the kind of person to like being treated roughly and poorly. That made it even better for him. She was right; he lusted for her. And he had been doing so for a few years now. His old crush toward Sakura couldn’t compare to what he felt now for Mikoto. No matter what it takes, he’ll make her his. He squeezed her breasts, feeling her nipples getting harder against the palm of his hands as the older woman moaned. Of course, he was in no way gentle with her. He quickly understood what kind of woman she was; the kind who liked to be treated like an animal. He squeezed them the hardest she could, nearly shaping her boobs like pears while sucking on her nipples. Mikoto screamed both in pain and pleasure as she felt the younger man biting her nipples.


“You’re playing with my breasts like a beast, Naruto-kun!” Mikoto moaned.


Feeling it was time to take care of her butt, Naruto released her boobs, revealing red marks around them. He grabbed Mikoto by her thighs and turned her around with her butt up.


“Your ass hole looks tight,” Naruto commented as he pushed his index in her butt, making her bite her lips to hold a moan down.


“I-It’s been decades since the last time someone fucked me here! My husband never tried since he doesn’t like doing it here,” She answered with a heavy breath, awaiting for the boy to fuck her.


“I see! I guess you’re pretty horny, then! You want it so badly in your backhole, don’t you?!” The blonde smirked as he waved his hard cock around.


“Yes! Put it in!” Mikoto drooled.


“I’m not sure I want to; try begging me more,” He chuckled. He couldn’t be happier that the woman he was so attracted to was on all four and about to beg him to fuck her.


“This is so humiliating, but it makes me shivers! Please, fuck my ass hole with your huge cock! I want your filthy dick to break me in half!” Mikoto begged while dangling her ass from side to side. “I’m sorry Fugaku! I tried, I really did! But I can’t help it! This dirty boy is too much for me!” She thought as Naruto grabbed her butt cheeks and squeezed them hard. Tears rolled down her eyes, but she kept her smile.


“If you want it that bad, then I guess I have no choice!” He smirked as he put it all the way in in one move, making Mikoto moan as she felt his manhood reach the deepest anyone ever has before.


“It’s big! It’s stretching it open!” She shouted in happiness while the blonde moved back and forth, his hips loudly hitting her butt. “You’re not even letting me get used to it!” She added while getting hornier.


Naruto panted as moved faster and harder; first because he didn’t want to go easy on Mikoto, and second, because her ass was too good. It was tighter than he thought at first, the walls kept trying to go back to where they were before he put it in; however, it only served to please his rod even more. Her warm and wet insides were making him go crazy. He was glad he could finally taste Mikoto Uchiha’s body and make her his. However, he couldn’t help but be worried someone else could do the same. Not her husband of course since it seemed he didn’t need to do much to tame her. But if someone even more brutal than him were to find out about her weird attraction to outrageous men, then who knows what they could do to take her away. He needed to show her how perverted and sick he could be. Then, she would drool over his “filthy” cock everytime she would see it. She was holding the bed sheets in a strong grip while her face was buried in them; it didn’t stop him from hearing her moans. He thought about pulling her hair, but then got a better idea.


“It looks like you’re really enjoying it, don’t you? You slut! Come on, look up!” He shouted as he passed his hand over her head then grabbed her. He pushed his index and middle finger in her nostrils and forcefully pulled her head up.


“Y-You’re so violent! I’m gonna come! You’re cock is already making me come, Naruto-kun!” Mikoto moaned as shock went through her body, making her wet her son’s bed sheets. It had been too long since she came so good; however, her partner was still not done. She was impressed how long he was lasting and how he was still able to pull her nose so hard. She was treated like a cumdumb, which couldn’t please her more. She remembered back when she was younger how much of a whore she was.


Back then, it was easier than now that she had a husband. She used to do it with several of her father’s friends at the same time, or with strangers on the streets, even teachers. She was never ashamed of the life she had, but she swore she would stop when she married Fugaku. It seemed those years of holding back weren’t enough to make her a good person. She couldn’t resist the boy pounding her!


“Harder, Naruto! Naruto! Naruto!” She screamed his name as she felt like she was ready to be broken in pieces by his thrusts. Suddenly, her phone rang. She stopped her screams to glance at it from the corner of her eyes.


“Answer it, and put it on speaker,” Naruto said as he thrusted harder and let her nose go.


“H-Hello?” Mikoto answered as she tried to keep her moans down. She put the phone down in front of her.


“Hello, I think I’ll be around two hours late so don’t cook anything for me. I’ll just buy sandwiches,” Fugaku’s voice came out of the phone.


“I see, are you sure, though? I-I… gnh… don’t mind waiting,” She answered while gripping the bed sheets. The blonde couldn’t stop himself from smirking as the older woman started panting.


“Yeah, don’t worry about me. If I remember correctly, you said you’d be tutoring Naruto right now, is he there?” Fugaku asked.


“He is… He’s really… ah… focused on what he is doing right now,”


“Oh, really? Well I hope he gets better fast. It would be a shame to disappoint Minato. I hope he’s working hard,”


“D-Don’t worry… He’s working ve-ah-very hard,” Mikoto replied as put a hand on her mouth.


“That’s good, then. I’ll stop bothering you now; I’ll see you later! I love you,”


“L-Love you too, baby,” Mikoto managed to reply before hanging up. As she did so; she was finally able to moan aloud as Naruto slammed his cock against her insides.


“You really did it now! You’re not only a cheating slut, but a lying bitch, too!” Naruto yelled.


“I know.. AH! I’m a terrible wife!” Mikoto cried, her eyes rolling up. “Your cock… I love it!”


“For being a naughty girl; you must be punished!” Naruto scolded as he raised his hand, before bringing it down on her butt, making a loud smacking sound resonate in the room as Mikoto screamed.


“I’m a bad girl, spank me! I deserve it! I’m a bad wife!” Mikoto shouted as the blonde continued spanking her harder, which made her come again in less than a few seconds. “I’m coming again! My butt hurts! You’ll make me bleed! Ah!”


Feeling his cock was twitching, Naruto stopped spanking her and instead pulled her butt, pushing his meat rod deeper inside. Her ass cheeks had red markings in the shape of his hands.


“I’m shooting my load, bitch!” He said as he came inside, filling the older woman with the feeling of warm semen invading her insides.


“Ah… The thick cum of a boy younger than me… is in my ass… It feels so good,” Mikoto muttered in pure delight 


The blonde pulled his rod out, leaving the older woman’s butt gape open as cum poured out of it.


“Your ass hole took the shape of my cock. Even if he wanted to, I bet your husband wouldn't please you there, would he? Is he small?” Naruto chuckled as he grabbed Mikoto’s panties on the side, then use them to clean his dick of the cum covering it.


“Compared to you? He is! I need more! Give it to me!” She replied as she shook her butt. The blonde simply threw her on her back and spread her legs.


“Alright, shut up while I fuck your pussy,” He said as he pushed the woman’s cum-covered panties in her mouth.


She bit the cloth down as the blonde put his cock all the way to her womb.


“Your pussy’s soaking wet!” He pointed out as he moved back and forth, going faster with every thrust. Mikoto released muffled moans as the boy throbbing rod was slamming against her womb. “I couldn’t be happier that I got to fuck you, Mikoto-chan! I don’t care if you’re a slut, I’ve always loved you. And now, I can make you mine!” He exclaimed as he leaned toward Mikoto’s body while putting all his strength in his hips’ movements.


The older woman widened her eyes as she heard that. She just thought Naruto was a horny teenager who only found her attractive and nothing more. A pervert like him is simply too good. She was suddenly awaken from her thoughts when her body shuddered more and more as the blonde thrusted into her. He fucked her with so much passion; how could she refuse him? She wanted to be his personal cumdump, to be treated like a pet! She wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist, burying his body into hers while he continued moving. He was reaching so far deep inside her; if she didn’t have dirty panties in her mouth, she would be moaning her head off.


“I’m coming!” Naruto grumbled as he shot his final load deep inside her.


Mikoto bit her panties down as she felt the blonde warm seed filling her womb up to the brim. She knew very well it could be dangerous, but she didn’t care. She finally found someone who would use her as a cumdump like she deserved. When she felt he was done coming, she unwrapped her arms and legs, letting him go. The blonde pulled his dick out as cum poured out of the woman’s pussy.


“You’re mine now, I love you,” He simply said before grabbing his now flaccid rod. “Here, a gift I’m sure you’ll like,” He added before releasing a yellow liquid on Mikoto’s belly


“Dank… Gou…” She managed to say even though her mouth was still full. “He used me as his toilet… I’m his bitch… I’m sorry Fugaku, but I just couldn’t help it…”


Naruto took a tissue nearby and cleaned his cock before throwing the tissue on his teacher. He would still let her tutor him since he needed to graduate, but they were going to do a lot more on top of that.


7 months later


Mikoto had an inflated belly as the younger boy kept thrusting into her pussy from behind. Her back was against his bare chest while he held her left leg up in the air.


“Looks like the baby’s growing well,” Naruto pointed out as he thrusted, feeling like his cock was going to melt by her tight walls.


“Yes… ah… Fugaku still thinks it’s his… ah… He doesn’t even fuck me anymore… because he thinks it might hurt me,” Mikoto answered as she moaned.


“Really? What a little bitch,” Naruto chuckled before licking Mikoto’s neck.


“I love when you talk about my husband like that,” Mikoto whispered between two moans.


“Oh? It’s not like his small dick could even hurt you! I bet your ass hole is so stretched out his cock doesn’t even fit!” The blonde laughed.


“How did you know? You’re the only one who can please me,” She purred.


“He’s gonna see the baby is not his, so just leave him already and marry me. Be my wife, my dog,” Naruto said before releasing his semen inside her pussy, making her whole body shudder.


“AH! Naruto!” Mikoto came the moment she felt his cum. “Y-You’re right… Let’s do that… I love you,” Mikoto whispered as she kissed him, their tongues entwining with one another.


She finally found true happiness.

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