All Holes Open

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All Holes Open


It’s been a while since I’ve posted a fanfic but I feel like taking another stab at it. It’s been so long since I’ve posted things, I realized my previous works were absolute trash. This is hopefully an improvement caused by maturity (don’t get your hopes up) and editing about 3x more than before.  



As shinobi tend to stay on guard and high alert, sometimes, they too need a moment to unwind. There was a ninja bar named “Tanto” that most shinobi visited. Mostly because they had decent sake for even better prices and surprisingly good bar food. You could usually find an Akamichi in there relaxing. This evening, found Izumo, Kotetsu and Genma talking in hushed tones.

“I can’t believe you think he’ll agree to this.” Izumo sighed looking at the other occupants. Genma moved the senbon back and forth between his lips as if it aided his train of thought.

“It’ll be fine. I happen to have inside information that Iruka is itching to get his hands on Kakashi.” he paused to look around and leaned in capturing more of the chuunins’ attention. “Kakashi was seen posted in a tree not too far from Iruka’s classroom. He’s been on the same page for, get this... THREE DAYS!” he whispered conspiratorially.

“Wait... 3... days?” Kotetsu looked at Izumo and bit his lip. Izumo looked at the glass of whiskey in front of him. His eyes unfocused in thought as Genma and Tetsu watched him swirl the amber liquid. He looked up and smirked devilishly.

“When’s your next party with Rai?” Kotetsu still looked at the two and Gen’s eyes lit up.

“If I can drag Kakashi, can you two manage to get Iruka? Say... Friday bar missions?” It took only a moment for Kotetsu to catch the plan. He then looked around for the brunette in the discussion and divulged his little nugget of information.

“I hear that there is a certain pain in the ass making his way back to Konoha. I overheard Shizune placing an order for 12 bottles of Ginjo sake and 3 bottles were to go to Ibiki in T&I on friday.” Izumo groaned and Genma tossed his cup of sake back like a dose of fast acting poison. Only one nin had that ability and it was Shinya Tenkou, Master of Immersion. *

“I also happen to remember that Kakashi should be in the village for the next week since he just ran a S-rank.” he poured more sake in Genma and his cup.

“I’m on the desk with Iruka Friday after his shift at the academy. I can get him there is there if the asshole is on time. What time do you want us?” Gen looked up in thought. “Let’s say 9pm... well, 9pm for Iruka and 6:30 for Kakashi.” The three talked a bit more and decided that it would be an easier bribe with the promise of food and drink.

“What do you plan on making to bring those two with minimum effort?” Izumo asked.

“Fresh sushi and tsukemen.” The table laughed and they continued till the bottles were empty around them.


The week moved steadily for the village habitants as they focused on the day to day. In the mission office, time seemed to stand still for Izumo and Iruka. Izumo had worked in the Hokage’s office that day delivering paperwork all over the damn place as a highly paid errand boy. Letting his eye shift over to Iruka, one could see the tensing around Iruka’s shoulders.

Though Iruka was of average height at just 178cm (5ft 8in), he was seemingly unremarkable. However, the skin held a lush caramel tone that most in the village did not have. It was almost as if he spent years naked to get such a seamless complexion. Thick, dark brown hair was gathered to a neat tail atop his head. Warm cinnamon eyes seem to flicker with a deep honey hue in the lighting of the office. Features that would be insignificant on multiple faces but on him, it seemed to give him a strong but gentle exterior. The only visible flaw was the scar that was horizontally across the teacher’s nose. While Iruka watching was fun, Izumo silently considered himself.

Izumo supposed he was a decent specimen of maleness. Standing at 169cm (5ft 5in), he may have been shorter, but he was no less powerful and just as solid. Since he was also a proctor for the Chuunin Exams, he had to be tough to handle snot nosed genin trying to prove themselves. Also, working in close quarters with an alcoholic Hokage with a short fuse helped, especially when her sake was hidden.

The coffee colored eye watched the teacher again as he sorted the new missions D-ranked to B-Ranked. Iruka looked as if there was a migraine trying to blossom behind his eyes. The last Jounin that came in brought in a mission report scroll with three lines... 3! From a TWO MONTH LONG MISSION!!! A-Ranked no less! Shortly after glancing at the shade wearing man, Iruka’s legendary temper surfaced. Aoba grabbed a new scroll and moved to farthest desk from the aggravated chuunin. Discreetly checking the time, Izumo decided to put his plan into action. He had a feeling that scatter brained, annoying jounin was coming in with a beeline straight for Iruka.

Tenkou was used deep cover S-Ranks. He was gone for so long; many often forgot about his existence. Just as he was filing away the completed reports...

“Oi!!! Iruka-san! How I’ve missed your strict face!” Right on time… thought Izumo as the voice reached his ears. He watched as Iruka suppressed a shiver as the nin approached.  The voice was non-descript. But the tone was hard to ignore. It bordered on friendly but anyone that knew their past, knew that it was a kunai point into harassment.

“Ahh… Welcome back Jounin-san” deep brown eyes watched as the nin’s smile faded a bit but, just as quickly, recovered its chipper façade.

“Nee, nee chuunin-chan… I may have forgotten some details of the mission. You don’t mind right? It is perfect for you to do seeing as you have nothing better, right?”  Izumo froze and shook his head slightly. There it was. That was exactly what he was waiting for. Tenkou Shinya, Tokebetsu Jounin from the devil’s deepest, sweatiest, dirtiest ass crack.

He had common, dark brown hair that was just ear length with slanted, greenish hazel eyes. A thin mouth sat below a crooked nose to complete the average looking face. He was about 172cm (5ft 6in) and of an average build. Though he could forget what he was doing in a split second, he was a master of blending. He made immersion and recon look like a stroll through town! Tenkou could stand out in a room and in the next second, leave your memory as if a figment of your imagination.

Normally sent on longer missions, it was always chaos when he entered the ANBU patrol paths. He was the only person that could make Shizune return the Hokage’s stash and take three drinks before leaving the Hokage to prepare for the debriefing.

Last time he was in town, Gai called him an “unyouthful example of someone who did not value the abundance of youthful missions and the honor of protecting his wonderful village”. Inuzuka Tsume allowed Kuromaru to “mark” his door. Morino Ibiki took a four day leave and Genma almost became a missing nin after being holed up in the same hospital room for five hours.

However, many forgot he and Iruka’s past. Most thought they were friends with Mizuki and when he defected to Orochimaru, it tore them apart. That was not quite the problem…

After Mizuki defected to Sound, it was the end of his and Iruka’s spotty relationship. About eight months after, Shinya returned to Konoha. Iruka had had no idea that Mizuki would twist the details of their relationship to his kouhai. The best lies maintained shreds of truth and did not stray from the person’s external character. It was what made Shinya believe the rumors about the other chuunin. From what Izumo recalled, some of them painted Iruka a sex deprived deviant with illicit fantasies and other painted the man as being cold, unfeeling. The worst ones though happened after the sensei told him no. When Iruka told Shinya no, that was not what the man wanted to hear.

Details after that got a bit fuzzy but the biggest fallout had been when the Jounin started asking and planting information. He would pose a seemingly innocent question that would make the civilians parents question the personal life of the man teaching their offspring. Something as small as how the teacher’s hands would linger on certain student’s shoulders even after he stopped their tears or how the teacher showed such adoration for a former student that was from such a “vulnerable” background. Gentle suggestions that when looked at from lack of understanding, could be taken as something more nefarious. His probing caused the teacher to be suspended for 30 days since there only were murmurings with no actual evidence. For those very reasons, the council could not remove his pay. After that, if you brought up the other nin in conversation, Iruka’s other rumor was almost confirmed; his possible past in ANBU Black Ops.

Cinnamon eyes narrowed slightly as if issuing a warning but, being a smart, dumbass, said warning was avoided… well, more like ignored.

“And whatever gave that impression Jounin-san? Could it be the shifts of teaching at the academy or the shifts I take here in the Mission Room?” Anyone with two functioning brain cells knew it was laced with sarcasm and rhetoric but again… ignored.

“That is right! I forgot you prefer the brats over the company of adults. However, did that escape me? Maybe it was something Mizuki- senpai mentioned…” he paused to look contemplative before striking his palm with a sideways fist. “That’s right. He said you had a ‘special gift’ for kids. Whatever could he have meant?”

Izumo did not see it happen. He felt the air heat up before Tenkou was smashed against the opposite wall with Iruka’s hand fisted in his collar. The Jounin and everyone else’s eyes widened comically when it was realized no one saw the chunnin move. Iruka shook slightly as he lifted his head to match the green with brown.

“Listen and try to remember. I teach to preserve the Will of Fire. I deal with more sharp objects hurling towards me then you have in your worst mission. Each time you return to Konoha, this village welcomes you back with open arms for your hard work keeping our loved ones safe but remember this; Not everyone has the rank they are skilled for. Some stay in the rank they are needed at be it genin or jounin. Now, kindly correct the mission report and submit it to Yuubaki-san or Morino-san can collect the details from the recesses of your mind.” Iruka released the nin’s attire and walked back to the desk.  After the shock wore off, the few individuals that were mulling around, quickly left. Aoba handed his scroll to Izumo while he seemed to watch Iruka behind the black lenses. Meeting his eyes, he shook his head and thanked the other Jounin for his hard work and diligence. As time ticked by, there was only ten minutes left before the two men could leave.

“Nee, Ruka-kun, do you have plans for this evening? I really don’t think today could’ve been more of a shit show if someone paid admission.” Iruka seemed to regard the other male hesitantly before a quick, subtle shake of his head.

“What did you have in mind Zumo” The men were walking down the street since they lived in the same district, only about three streets apart. Izumo kind of looked away as he gained a slight flush on his cheeks.

“Well, Gen has a new recipe for Tsukemen from Land of Wave and he’s been dying to try it out. Since Rai’s home for a bit after that one mission, he wanted us to get together for feedback and to relax.” Iruka paused to consider it. Knowing he would be a fifth wheel as usual; he just wasn’t in the mood. Just as he was about to decline, Izumo played his trump card.   

“Genma said he was also trying a new sushi recipe and he only wants trusted people for this. You know how he is. Also, Raidou came back with some alcohol from land of Snow…Please? We miss you.” The ponytailed man watched for a moment before sighing. He was wise enough to know when to accept defeat.

“What time should I arrive? He asked as they slowed to a stop before parting. The shorter male contemplated for a moment.

“Is nine pm too late?” The teacher shook his head and they parted to change and get things ready for the evening.


As Iruka entered his apartment, he thought of his actions toward Shinya. As much as he completely deserved to be embedded in wall as a permanent fixture, he was still a well-trained member of Konoha’s Ninja Ranks and he shouldn’t have lost control like that.

 As he made his way to the kitchen, he mentally surveyed the fridge to think of something to bring. Though Genma was providing food and drink, he felt it was only be right to bring dessert.

 Hm… I know Rai and Gen love a good cheesecake. Tetsu will eat just about any dessert in front of him and Zumo will annihilate anything if there is chocolate involved.  He blushed because he remembered the last time they “got together.”

“Gen had him restrained from behind as the others tortured him. Zumo and Tetsu took turns treating him like a hot fudge sundae by cleaning the liquifying whipped cream and chocolate sauce off him. When Raidou walked in the door from a short, day mission; he thought he was spared. That was until the bodyguard moved the unrestrained chuunins and set to making Iruka howl.” Iruka cleared his throat to calm the illicit images from his mind. “Just because it had been a while, doesn’t mean I have to react like a slut,” he thought as he finished breaking up the chocolate and placing it in a glass bowl over boiling water.

Aware of the dull throb coming from between his legs, he sighed. He had been painfully ‘inactive’ for three years. While working full time at the academy, working the mission desk, occasionally running for Lady Hokage and sporadic errand missions, time to hit the bar or check out local dives was impossible. Plus, he already had his eyes on a certain jounin that had the emotional depth of a microdroplet.

Unbidden, his mind’s eye generated images of the man casually leaning outside the mission office. Wild, titanium strands sat asymmetrically because of the askew hitai-ate covering that legendary eye. The other orb appeared a deep, navy blue that seemed to absorb light like the darkest black. Taller than average, he was thin and whipcord strong. Even though he did not have the bulky muscles of Gai, his aura made him seem more predatory than the most unstable ANBU. Even as he stood there, face pressed into that god-awful trash he reads; it would take the apocalypse to catch him unaware.

Each time he haunted Iruka’s mind, he either felt like a blushing genin in front of the Hokage for the first time or a sex crazed maniac with no self-control to speak of! He shuddered as he gently kept the chocolate moving in the warming bowl. He imagined that the man only knew he existed because he was Naruto’s former sensei and he was a familiar face in the mission room.

There were times that he thought about being bolder and inviting him for a quiet dinner but after the bullshit that Shinya had stirred up, he shook the thought from his mind. No, he didn’t think Kakashi couldn’t form an opinion of him, but he was afraid what that opinion contained. Would he paint him as the painfully strict sensei with no social skills and a penchant for violent outburst? Would he be thought of as a sexually depraved workaholic? Or worst yet, a violent shinobi with pedophilic streak? No, it was better to look but don’t touch in this case. Probably for the best also; there would be no awkward morning after or crueler teasing.

Looking down and the sorted strawberries, he chuckled. He had sorted the larger berries for the fruit dip and the slightly smaller ones for dipping in chocolate. After finishing with the smaller berries and sitting the cream cheese out near the cooling cook top, he made his way to his room to find something to wear and hit the shower. Looking at the clock, Iruka realized that he was not going to have time to make this a special night. He settled on a hunter green, summer sweater and black civvy pants. Quickly divesting his clothes into the dirt hamper, he entered the shower room. After a short but thorough scrub, he exited into his room and donned his outfit. Lightly toweling his lengthy locks, he set to detangling the mass and fashioning it into its customary tail to rest out of his face. The last droplets of water clung to the strands causing them to fall in limp waves behind him.

Giving a final glance into the mirror, he added a quick spritz of a cologne that was a gift from Anko. It was a soft woodsy scent that had a slight musk and a hint of a citrus she found out on one of her recon missions. She had been pestering him to wear it for a while. He had felt that he never had anywhere that it was necessary to primp for. “Until this evening. Hmmm. It is a really nice scent. I gotta remember to thank her again. Maybe I’ll make her some homemade dango” he thought as he shut off the lights in his room and went to finish his dessert for the evening. He was given a recipe for a fruit dip using softened cream cheese and an imported ingredient called “fluff’. The lady at the store had told him it was a simple and delicious dip that can enhance almost any fruit and she had made a batch to hand out as samples.

Entering the kitchen again, he mixed this fluffy white confection into the cream cheese that was soft and pliable in the bowl and began to incorporate it into a pale beige crème that was light and airy. Transferring it into a portable container, and doing the same with the strawberries, he started preparing to leave. Looking at his watch, he realized that it was almost 8:15 and he wanted to get to Gen’s early enough to assist with anything.

Upon Iruka’s arrival, the lush smell of aromatic broth filtered out the apartment, enticing all that approached. Slightly flaring his chakra for a shinobi on approach was just as effective as knocking on the door, especially when dealing with Jounin. The lot of them were bat shit crazy, not a sane one remained. The door opened to reveal the spikey haired chunnin with bandages across his nose. His head dropped in disappointment which was not the reaction the teacher was expecting.

“Come in please,” he looked back at the other occupants “it’s only Iruka.” He moved aside to let the sensei in and helped by grabbing the containers to sit cautiously on the low table. As Iruka came in, he noticed Raidou was lounging at the table with Izumo and now Kotetsu. There were six place settings and only five people which made an eyebrow quirk at Raidou.

“Glad you could make it Iruka! We were betting on what time Kakashi would get here. Tetsu told him to arrive around 6:30.” Raidou poured a small glass of the unusual drink and continued. “Tetsu bet he would arrive at 8:30 pm, Zu bet it would be 10:00 pm. I bet it would be 9:45pm and Gen said,”

“I said he would pop up around 8:45 pm via window,” Genma said as he came in and sat next his scarred lover. “Wanna place a bet?” The whiskey brown eyes looked on with a mischievous glint. Iruka glanced down at his watch and thought about the interactions that Naruto vented about the chronic tardiness of the Jounin sensei.

“Put me for 9:00 pm,” Iruka paused to sip the clear liquid with a fruity fragrance. His eyes widened as the flavor hit his throat. It was STRONG! It was stronger than sake but slightly sweeter. His eyes watered as he choked it down. Genma’s shit eating grin was in place around the senbon and even Rai had a smirk.

“What the hell is that?” Iruka asked as looked at the crystal bottle with snow and petals on the bottle.

“It’s called Vodka. This one has a plum favoring to it. The people of Snow use this almost like a warming agent. It causes a warmth even when diluted. It worked because I thought my manhood was freeze off.” While Rai told them more about the drink and some of the processes it went through, the occupants felt another flare of chakra approaching. All parties paused to look at the time and looked at Iruka. It was 9:01pm. As Izumo went to get the door, the others started passing the money across the table to the sensei.

“Yo. Sorry for being late. I was helping a black cat get across a boulder and then a little old lady needed someone to carry her groceries home since there was a deal on yellow bananas,” The glare from the chuunin stopped his excuse but when his eye took in the room, he noticed what the man was wearing.

The sensei sat there with a forest green shirt that was not the stiffer cotton of a dress shirt or the soft jersey cloth of a t-shirt. It looked to be a soft blend with a good percentage of lycra or spandex. The shirt clung to the broad shoulders and firm arms allowing for the definition to be shown off. The shirt seemed to hug Iruka’s flat, toned stomach and muscled back like a lover. Though he was still seated, the black pants were not the standard, shinobi blues and blacks. They fit snugger and cupped the man’s ass like a dream.

Kakashi took in the way the man sported a slight flush across the scar as he noticed how intensely he was being scrutinized. Iruka’s head tilt downward from him and he got to see the man’s deep, chocolate locks bounce as he noticed the hair was slightly darker than normal. “He must’ve showered before he came here...wet Iruka…” Kakashi’s mind supplemented him with images of what he thought the man looked like with his hair unbound and wet as water cascaded down the creamy caramel skin. Then, the fictional Iruka tossed his hair back and looked at Kakashi’s face. He had trickles of water gracing his face and the heat created a flush across the nose. The full lips had a sinful smirk playing at the corners enticing him to think about joining the demonstration or watching in rapt attention to see what happens next.

From across the room, Genma looked at the other chuunins and his lover. They saw the pale flush at the tip of Kakashi’s ear as his eye raked over the teacher. They also seen how Iruka’s eyes returned the pleased looks. He had to admit, the copy nin made grey look like a fantasy. Kakashi forwent his hitai-ate in favor of a simple black cloth to cover his Sharingan eye. The ever-present mask was connected to a black and grey sleeveless tunic that hugged broad shoulders and chiseled arms. The black pants were tight… almost indecently so encasing long legs in the most flattering way. In his hand was a box from a popular local bakery that was known for their rich, custard-like cheesecakes. Kotetsu and Izumo looked at them and decided to be less sadistic than their hosts.

“Oi, Kashi… whatcha got in the box?” Izumo asked gently moving the jounin out the doorway. His lover, Kotetsu, got up to move the box into the kitchen and help Gen bring out the fare.

“Oh, it’s a cake.” Kakashi deadpanned as he sat in the only vacant spot to Iruka’s left. He could feel the slight warmth radiate off the smaller male’s frame as he got comfortable under the table. When he shifted to his right to adjust his legs, he caught a hint of Iruka’s scent. It reminded him of Konoha’s forests with a crisp citrus note. Under that was his unique scent; it read of warm amber and soft, manly musk but, it worked for the man. He realized that his mouth was watering, and it had nothing to do with the scrumptious food being brought out.

Gen strode out the kitchen carrying a large tray with multiple bowls and additional utensils. There was a clay pot placed on the trivet in the center along with bowls. Each bowl contained thick, chilled noodles, a six-minute egg cut in half, green onions, wakame strips, grated radish and braised beef. A small plate with hot chili oil, lime and grated garlic was placed in front of each guest. Tetsu followed behind with three types of sushi. All three looked like traditional fare but knowing Genma, there was something unusual about each one. The spiky haired male sat next to his lover and poured everyone a drink while waiting on Gen to introduce his treats.

As he explained in detail each fish choice, everyone leaned in more to take in the fine detail work. Some may say he is as lazy as a Nara but there were only three things Shiranui Genma made sure to hone: the tools of his craft, sex and his detail to food.

The first one was a cold smoked salmon nigiri brushed with a special sauce with a soft yuzu undertone. The next one looked like tamagoyaki but had been flavored with a vegetable soup base and stuffed with a creamy green puree. The last one had pickled cucumber with an unfamiliar type of pale pink fish coiled around it. As they said their thanks and began to taste the dishes, Kakashi grabbed his drink and threw it back before they could warn him. His visible eye widened as he grabbed the bottle, coughed, then choked not expecting the strength of the drink.

Iruka patted his back as the silver haired male righted his breathing. “It’s called Vodka. Rai said the Snow nin use it to keep warm.” He offered as he took a sip of his drink. Kakashi nodded to Rai and they continued to eat till the settings were clear. Raidou brought out a deck of cards and everyone agreed to play something fairly easy since they all had imbibed in the liquor that got smoother after the first drink. Go Fish was agreed upon and they all laughed and caught up on the crazy or exciting missions they had been on or had to sort scrolls for.

 Soon, they started chatting more and playing less and the bottle of vodka started dwindling. Each person sat around and talked about what happened until they got to Izumo.

“Maa… my day wasn’t so terrible. I think everyone had it out for our Ruka,” he paused to look at the sensei. “Tenkou came in and made his beeline.” Raidou shook his head and poured the man another drink upon hearing his misfortune. Even Kotetsu threw his cup back and he wasn’t even in the mission room that often. Iruka fingered the rim of the small glass as if in deep thought. Kakashi held his glass and took a large sip through his mask before probing.

“May I ask why he loves to fuck with you mercilessly?” Kakashi asked while looking at the ponytailed man. However, before Iruka could answer, Genma paused them by standing up.

“Wait, wait, wait! We need dessert if we’re going to unpack this story. Iruka, would you mind giving me a hand grabbing the tasty things?” They went into the kitchen to grab the cake and strawberries. They returned and cut the cake so Genma could distribute it for consumption. Iruka opened the containers with the big, bold red berries primed for dipping. The next were smaller berries that had been generously swirled in chocolate sauce. Finally, there was a container of off-white dip that looked fluffy and whipped. Zumo saw the berries and dove for some to eat along with his cake. Raidou took a couple of dipped berries and some of the dip. While they started on the cake, Tetsu let out a salacious groan. All eyes looked at him unbeknownst to him as his tongue cleaned off the plump flesh. He realized that it had gotten quiet and noticed the looks they were giving, especially from Izumo.

“Sorry… but in my defense, it was damn tasty!” They laughed and continued eating.

Kakashi looked at the dip placed in the middle of the table and cocked his head. The others paused and watched his confused expression.

“Nee, Kakashi, it doesn’t bite.” Raidou supplied as he looked at the nin’s face with a grin.

“How much alcohol is in this because I may be close to drunk…” Iruka paused to look and he snickered before replying.

“It’s alcohol free Kakashi-san. I made the dip and berries. Sorry it isn’t as fancy as Gen’s delicious meal.” He scratched the back of his neck as he looked down from the scarecrow’s face.

“Kashi or Kakashi will do just fine and that’s not true. Even the simplest things can be beautiful.” He said laying his hand on the shoulder of the academy teacher. Eyes locked as they examined each other. The soft flush across the man’s nose seem to flush a deeper shade of pink as they heard a soft cough. Breaking eye contact, Izumo nodded to him, giving the go ahead to explain Tenkou’s fascination.

“It all started with Mizuki. I called myself dating him… more like I was a convenient hole for him. We had this off and on-again relationship that was shaky at best. Well fast forward to the shit he pulled on Naruto, convincing him to do his dirty work. As you figured, that was the end of us.” He paused to take a sip of the water Genma had brought back out.

“About a year after Mizuki left, Shinya came back from a mission. Now, he had been gone about three months before Mizuki defected, so he was unaware of the how things happened. He came back just as cocky as he left but with more of a malicious edge that I didn’t recognize right away. He started coming on to me in weird ways and places. Even in the training field with my class. I kept turning him down because I had my eyes set on someone, but I didn’t want to rush into anything, so I was taking and giving space. One night, he cornered me on the top of the Hokage Monument while I was deep in thought about the class being picked by a certain Jounin sensei for the Chuunin Exams,” he said as he let out a soft glare in Kakashi’s direction before continuing.

“It started off as simple questions about the teachers he hadn’t seen and fellow shinobi that he would pray for. Within ten minutes, we were chatting like we normally would until he… he kissed me.” The man looked down at his cup not seeing the water. “He kissed me and tried to grab my hair to pull me to him. I…I shadow punched him and teleported to Anko’s. After that, the rumors began. Rumors about me being overly friendly with students. Rumors about my sexuality. Hell, even my relationship with Naruto! Anko went to him but he won that battle. His words and actions had planted the seed and because I am never seen with anyone romantically or they see me spending all my time working or with my students, it snowballed. Villagers had stopped selling me groceries or it was so damn expensive...

I got lucky because people like the Akimichis, Naras and Inuzukas don’t give a damn about rumors. I traded work in Choza’s garden and Shikaku’s deer habitat to repay their kindness though; they insisted that it wasn’t needed. Tsume instead, forced me to come over under the guise of honing my traits. So, after she would almost max out my chakra, she would promptly stuff me and send me with leftovers. When the council couldn’t prove any of the allegations, they had to restore me. I knew I was cleared when Sandaime-sama came to my door personally. After I went back to the Academy, I noticed that Shinya was out the village for longer and more frequently. Almost like he was to be forgotten.” Iruka finished his tale as he took a bit of cheesecake that had been tempting him before he started.

“Wait… is that when the jackass left with half his face swollen?! It looked like he picked a fight with three ANBU!” Kotetsu was looking up like he was trying to construct the timeline in his head. Raidou was looking on with his eyes hazed from the clear libation, yet the scarred man saw what flashed across Iruka’s face. Anxiety of their reaction to the news. Shame that he allowed even if he didn’t.

Izumo was leaning against Tetsu with a look of shock. He remembered seeing him when he left. His face was almost lopsided! He had wondered who got the pleasure of rearranging the mouthy bastard’s face, but he left it a mystery until then. Genma looked at Kakashi though. Instead of him looking like he was just taking in intel, he had a steely glint in that dark, navy blue eye. Gone was the happy eye crinkle or the perplexed, wide eyed stare. What sat in that eye was the calculation of how soon it would take to kill Shinya before ANBU found out. Looking back at his broad lover and sharing a look with an unperceivable nod, he put the rest of the evening into action.

“Hey Ruka, care to help me grab a few things from out the spare room? Rai looks hella comfy and just a bit drunk” He shifted his senbon around while he pointed at his relaxed lover knowing he was ‘hamming’ in up for his sake. As Iruka looked at the lazy thumbs up and grin that Rai gave, he chuckled. Everyone knew that it either took a shit ton of alcohol to hit the bodyguard or it had to be able to fuel a train. For him to give that goofy grin, it had to pack a punch. The two men went down the hall leaving the other four around the table.

“Think about what is going to happen next Kashi. Do you have any issues with any of us intimately?” Raidou looked at the other jounin with a much clearer gaze than what was on his face a moment ago. The look was open and appreciative to the individuals in the room. Kakashi reached up and removed the covering from the sharingan eye, though he left it closed, he returned each man’s look with clear intentions. Izumo’s eyes fell to half mast as he felt a large hand stroke his hip under the table and looked at Raidou who sported a small smirk. Kotetsu crawled over to the taller nin and started kissing his face paying detailed attention to the long since healed scars. He knew that the skin was extremely sensitive, and the man was shy about them being touched. Oh! But the pretty gasps and sweet look was a treat he savored.

Kakashi looked at the scene in front of him and he had to admit, it was a fantasy he had had in the past. Each of the men had a starring role in his mind but he had never acted on them for pleasure. Sure, he had been with Gen and Rai before during particularly horrible missions. Either the mission was bad, and they needed confirmation they were alive or one of the was in shutdown and needed to channel the adrenaline into another outlet. He’d never been with either of the chunnins before, but they were almost like fraternal twins. They had co-starred in many threesome thoughts due to being so close.

Kakashi moved over silently to massage the waist of Izumo and swiftly pulled the man over to him and his hands were not idle. With a brief consideration, he moved the mask to pepper the neck and exposed shoulder with nips and firm suckles. The effect was instant. Izumo’s head fell back to rest on the taller man’s shoulder as his hand came up to tangle in the light strands. His hips moved on their own accord to grind and thrust back against the hardness he felt below. His whimpers made Kotetsu pause to look at his boyfriend. Kakashi had removed the shirt and was working effectively to reduce him to a mass of flesh. One hand was wrapped around front to play with the flat dusty pink nub and the other had opened the draw string on the shorts. The same hand gently removed the tip from his boxer and cupped it firmly

At that same time, in the spare room, Genma was having a similar conversation with Iruka. Iruka had walked inside first but he didn’t expect to be pulled against the man’s front. Nor to feel a specific piece of anatomy pressed into his lower back but, his body reacted immediately. The erection he tamed earlier in the evening returned with fever.

“Are you ok being with us again Ru? Is ok if we see how far that pretty blush travel? It’s been such a long time; I may have forgotten.” Deftly, callus roughened fingers found soft but firm caramel skin on his abdomen tracing shapes with the sole purpose of driving him to new heights of need. “Hmm, I forgot how tasty you are. Maybe you’ll let Kakashi see how utterly sexy you are when you’re gone with pleasure” a small whine escaped the chuunin’s throat at the mention of his crush seeing him so exposed. Genma felt the shudder move through the other man’s body.

“You want him run his big hands all over you, don’t you? You need to feel that strong, muscular body pressing against you, right? We all saw how he was looking at you Ruka… he wanted to taste you right there. He wouldn’t have cared about who saw him feast on you and you would’ve loved it.” Each sentence was divided with soft suckles and nibbles to the flesh on his neck. Though, not hard enough to leave marks; it left the stimulation flowing through his smaller frame. Iruka’s manhood pressed desperately for more of the sinful touch and hypnotizing words. And as soon as Gen was on him, he was on the other side of the room grabbing a few goodies like different lubes and extra pillows. Slowly, Iruka’s wits returned to him as his blood regained a normal path.

When they came out the room, the wits he found ran out the door at the sight before him. Kotetsu was face down in Raido’s lap suckling on his shaft like it was a miracle cure and beside him was Kakashi getting the same treatment from Izumo. Both chuunins were lost in the wave of lust that consumed them. Kotetsu was not much taller than Zumo but he was broad and sturdy. As he stroked what did not fit in his mouth, his other hand massaged and stroked the tensed thigh. Raido looked up to his lover unabashed until a smothered moan sent his eyes rolling back.

Kakashi looked like sin with Izumo shirtless and swallowing his cock. Each swirl of his tongue made Kakashi groan with need. The liquid brown eyes locked on as the tomoe in the red spun lazily. The silver strands hung limply around the man’s face as he tangled fingers in the dark brown strands.

Genma chuckled at the drop of red that trickled from the other man’s nose. Even he had to admit, every last male in that room looked like a wet dream come true. Gen dropped the pile onto the table and floor and pulled Iruka in front of him again, this time, intent on exposing the man’s inner most wanton. Gen worked quickly to remove the hair tie and free the slightly damp strands. They held a faint sweetness that reminded him of lemon and basil that added to the sensual scent clinging to the tanned flesh. Looking over the chunnin’s shoulder, he noticed four sets of eyes watching him unwrap their long-awaited gift. His hands divested the man of his sweater. Soon as it cleared his head, the pants were next to join the pile. The bicolored eyes widened a fraction as he touched and played with the sensei’s body, leaving it on display like a work of art. Oh and it was.

Iruka’s hair fell in loose waves about his face and clung slightly, still damp from the shower. His body was wound up and grinding back against the taller male as his mind short circuited from the touches. Dusky, cinnamon nipples were pert from the hands paying attention to them as they dipped lower and lower until they rested above the hard mass in the maroon boxer briefs. Genma locked eyes with the scarecrow for the second time that evening. Without looking away, Genma started to play with the neck again, wrenching soft mewls and cries from the arched neck.

“Open your eyes. Look at what you do to them. See how they watch as pleasure races down your body. And look, Sexy. One person in particular is locked on you. Is that okay? He even is recording it with his Sharingan! Look at that! You’re soo fucking hot, he wants to remember this image forever. Can you imagine? Everytime his cock is hard, you’re the one to ease that need. You’re the one he wants to sate his desire with. Can he see all off you? Can I take these off and let them feast on all of you?” The whole time Genma played with the pliant male, he nibbled and sucked the flesh before him. Zumo had pulled off Kashi’s cock and both were transfixed on the seductive play in front of them. Tetsu’s spikes fell limp as Rai held onto them while playing with the other’s tongue.

Iruka’s eyes opened to reveal dark chocolate lidded at half-mast. Soon as they opened, Izumo crawled forward collecting a plain strawberry, he dipped it in the whipped confection. Gently crawling over gave a wonderful site to all. Firm round flesh moved sensually toward the two men standing and pawing at each other. Zumo moved Gen’s hand away from the still covered flesh. Cautiously, he moved the offensive garment over the flesh and down strong muscular legs. The shaft bobbed and oozed a pearl of precum as it was exposed to the air, electing a whine from the male. Making sure he had both men’s attention; he trailed the white coated berry down the shaft then proceeded to push it in his mouth.  He chewed thoughtfully and shrugged but then, everything changed. He wrapped his hand around the base and ran his tongue from root to tip collecting the cream concoction and precum.

Izumo let out an appreciative groan around his treat. It had been four years since he had tasted the man above him. He remembered sharing the flavor with his now boyfriend. Deftly, he took the other hand and reached between Iruka’s spread legs to palm the arousal Gen was sporting. He was in a pervert’s paradise. He could watch the room and watch the show below him but also be tortured by the writhing man he held. ‘Ever the masochist.

Iruka was dying. He was positive of the fact. It had been so long since he’d felt pleasure like this. No. He had never felt pleasure like this before. It was close; very close but this was almost euphoric. His world had narrowed to the mouth claiming his neck and the man that held him firm in hand. He could feel his arousal swelling and probing that inferno he called a mouth. It was scorching and wet as he felt muscles tighten around his tip. The ability to form sentences had left him as he was reduced to incoherent moans and desperate gasps. He felt his hips rocking between the sizable hardness and the unyielding mouth. He was losing the battle to hold on and the hypnotist did not help.

“Do you want to play with them, Sexy? Do you want to feel him suck on you? I assure you; his mouth is better than mine and Zu’s.” The sinful words caressed him and clenched in his loins, all while his eyes looked up at his crush. He watched as Kashi had his shirt pulled up and his upper thighs exposed from Zumo’s attentions. Creamy, beige skin was stretched taunt over firm muscle and was accented by decades of scars that told stories of battles fought. The bare wisp of light grey surrounded his hardness like a soft, moss covering.

Genma steadied the man from falling as he had been sagging against him, unable to hold up to the heady onslaught. He grabbed a few pillows and moved toward Kotetsu and threaded the fingers into the spikey locks. Rai’s eyes opened to see his lover unbutton the man pants as he tongued the other with ardor. As Rai worked on calming down, he took note of Kakashi still fingering his hard cock as the copy wheel eye spun, taking in the sultry views. He stood and offered his hand to Kakashi. He pulled the lankier man up and against his chest to kiss him. He made sure to be thorough as he had never had the luxury of time and pleasure. As one hand rested on the thin hip, the other reached down to stroke the hot, flesh throbbing between his legs.

Both men moaned at the feel and sound of each other. Firm, muscled bodies pressed against each other, their hard shafts weeping precum from swollen tips. Both men pulled back to catch their breath as the lack of oxygen made an appearance. Kakashi teasing ran his hands from Raidou’s shoulders, teasingly raking his nails over the nipples and quivering abs and back up again. Rai let out a throaty groan voicing his pleasure and nudge the copy nin’s hip with his cock.

“What ever do you want me to do with that Namiashi,” Kakashi as asked as he tightened his fingertips on the tawny buds. “Do you want me to touch it? I feel you rutting against me. So heavy and hard.” Kakashi tweaked and pulled the nipples till they were flush and rock hard. Each action made the man let out deep moans of desire. “Tell me. Do you want me to suck on your cock Raidou? Do you want to feel my mouth stretched around you?” Kakashi watched as the head hung limp as the thrust were getting more and more frantic. Kakashi smirked. He should have known that his lover’s perverseness would rub off somehow. The man moved like a predatory cat the way he glided to kneel between the older man’s thighs.

The action made the charcoal eyes gaze at the bicolored eyes below and it was a sexy sight. A man revered for his battle prowess and pure genius was about to gift him with a blowjob from a mouth very few had seen. Gray hair was falling slightly over his eyes, but the ghost of a smirk twisted at the corner of the slim but full lips. His body painted lines and smooth angles down the hairless chest until they tapered into defined hip joints. Where hips led into groin sat another gorgeous specimen of male sex. If Raidou had to guess, the man had to be about 22cm in length with average girth which was more than enough to get the job done…


While Kashi and Rai were pawing and playing, Genma found a perfect snack to devour. After ridding him and Kotetsu of clothing he watched the sexy ass bounce and sway. Most would assume that head was his favorite based on his oral fixation with senbon and they would be correct. But, what they don’t know is his delight in rimming. He loved to press his tongue into the tight hole and catch their natural flavor. He absolutely loved the sound that Rai made when he would let the assassin have his way and eat him until he lost his mind. And he was going to savor this moment just as well.

He had tied Tetsu’s hands behind his back with chakra wire that he had just so uncovered in the small secret compartment on the table. It was all by chance. The man had firm muscles from neck to calves and his ass was no exception. He made a sight for sore eyes and his mouth watered for that tasty treat ripe for the taking. His hands gripped the globes and indulged. He rubbed and squeezed the expanse on skin until he caught sight the bowl of dip looking lonely on the table. Taking a berry and gathering a scoop, he plopped it in his mouth, His eyes widened as the sweet berry was complimented by the rich tang from the cheesecake-esqe flavor. Taking another dollop, he spread the confection over the hole before him and moved in for a taste.

Kotetsu was mildly irritated at being tied up but fuck if Gen’s tongue didn’t feel like a bolt of lightning lapping at his taint. He yelped at the cold and thick substance was spread on the twitching flesh. Before he could adjust there, it was. It was that devilish tongue hell bent on reducing him to an incoherent mess. He felt the slick organ swirl over his hole before dipping the tip just inside pulling a soft whine from him for the effort. Each time the tongue would press in, the hands would massage the back of his thighs or grip his narrow hips.

Gen was an incredibly happy pervert. His mouth was full of the sweet creamy treat and salty, tangy flesh; just like the berry, it created a wonderful sensation for his mouth. He couldn’t help but moan and whisper filthy, sweet nothing to it. Each praise released a puff of hot breath over the spit slickened orifice and Kotetsu would let out a litany of moans. Noticing the hole had loosened up considerably, he eased a lube-soaked finger in beside his questing muscle. The other man tried to find the leverage to rock back and gain more of that dizzying sensation but had difficulties from his arms being restrained. He could feel his cock oozing precum like a faucet. He knew that his control was nonexistent, and he could feel the coil in his loins tightening. Just as Genma added a second finger, he felt his head get lighter till he realized he forgot to breath. The pleasure had reached the boiling point and just as he felt the point of no return approaching, something held the base of his arousal in an iron grasp halting his fall to ecstasy.  

“Fucking son of a dog faced, weasel ball tonguing, candy ass, flower fucking, sister of a dimple eyed bitch!!!” Kotetsu ground out as the throbbing in his loins intensified almost to excruciating. Lifting his head, he turned to see Kakashi holding him as Genma added the third finger and his eyes promptly rolled back as his prostrate was struck sending shocks racing along his nerve endings. Gen’s baritone moan rippled across the taint and he could not fight. He needed…


Iruka was in overload. He watched Genma use fluff dip like spread more than anything as he devoured Kotetsu’s asshole. He watched Kakashi work Raidou’s meat like he caressed his favorite novels. He was entranced by how the muscles flexed in Gen’s back, Rai’s glorious abs and Kashi’s thighs. He wished he could see Ko’s behind because it was a work of art. However, he was distracted by wild chocolate locks and mocha eyes that smoldered like coals.

Izumo was light peach colored skin and broad shoulders. Though the man was a little bit shorter than him, he was rather sexy. He was hardworking and strong, but the man could tease and work him better some of T&I’s finest. Firm lips and nimble fingers worked his sac and kept him on the edge of orgasm. He barely could stand from the onslaught of the various pressures and the way the agile tongue traced the Ninja Handbook along the underside of his flesh. His legs quaked as he couldn’t fight any longer and started rocking his hips into the gripping cavern until the litany of curses that shocked the room.


Everyone stopped to regain some semblance of control as they moved closer to the ignored couch. It had three cushions, but they had all figured what position they wanted and where. Genma stood to remove his pants that were uncomfortably tight from his slender but muscled frame. He was tall and solid. He was bulkier than Kakashi, but he was not as broad as the bodyguard he was in love with. Genma stretched and grabbed himself to relieve some of the pressure building between his thighs. Eyes the color of copper and scotch took in the room. The table had been pushed out the way at some point to make room for the various bodies near it. The pillows were a heap on the floor with a few tubes of lube littering the pile. Rai and Kakashi sat on the couch looking like matching bookends. While the proctors and sensei sat and leaned against the walls catching their breath, the man slunk his way to the man he wanted at the moment.

 Gen knew what he wanted, and it was the delicious Izumo. He loved the way Rai kept him guessing and completely satisfied but he knew this was their pass. They agreed when they got together that if they wanted to keep things spicy in their love life, they had a pass of sorts. They had to have each other’s permission to be with the other party and the other had to be there. If they couldn’t agree, they had to wait a week unless there was a mission and revisit it. Rai was his soul and he never tired of the man, but he also knew his lover didn’t know that he knew his little kink.

Raidou loved watching Genma get stretched open by someone else. He loved being able to watch all the details of his lover in the throws of pleasure. He could watch like a film and didn’t have to split his focus to ensure his pleasure. Genma got to be filled and he got to watch too. The man generated an absolutely delectable flush across his cheeks and scars. It drove Genma crazy too because even though he was the one being taken, his lover’s eyes cataloging each hitch of his breath, every moan and every blush that paints him made it that much more arousing. He also had to admit, Izumo was damned sexy!

Kakashi looked at the beautiful caramel man leaned against the wall he occupied hours before. His hair was loose and damp with sweat while the heavy blush decorated his skin; it made Kakashi groan softly. He almost looked like the image he saw before of the sensei in the shower fantasy. Kakashi feasted on the slightly younger male as he contemplated a way to get the man in his arms and in his life.

“Nee, Ru… Have you noticed anything about me yet?” He looked at him with the Sharingan closed between his live erotica. The man’s head popped up and looked a moment before promptly having another nosebleed. Kakashi chuckled realizing that the man had had his brain reduced to overcooked rice while he was moving around completely exposed. The longer that Iruka stood staring, the more he felt a slight twinge of anxiety at the lack of words. Next thing, he had the man’s full lips pressed against his as the hands caressed the copy nin’s arms and neck. Iruka let out a surprised cry as Kakashi pulled him to straddle his lap and return the kiss without limits. They kissed till both men pulled back gasping for air while they explored each other’s body.

Iruka’s hands glide up into Kakashi’s hair as he kissed the smooth jawline until he reached the man’s ear lobe. Softly, he nipped it eliciting a throaty moan from the man. He felt hands grip his rear on either side and begin to rock. Feeling their cocks press together lightly, he let out a loud whimper. The friction that shot straight to his lap. Opening the eyes he didn’t know closed, he met Kakashi’s eyes again.

“H…hi Kashi…” the flush on Iruka’s darkened as he took in the man’s features. He was gorgeous. He had smooth, creamy skin that covered the strong jawline. The scar from the Sharingan stopped below his cheek bone but above the corner of his mouth. Right under that corner was a small, black mole that reminded him of the beauty marks the noble women drew on. On them it seemed pointless, but on Kakashi, it was downright sexy. His lips were masculine but with the way the bottom filled out, it created a delicate pout. His nose was slightly crooked as if it had been broken and not set properly. There was a small dimple on the unblemished cheek that gave him a boyish charm when he grinned.

Kakashi quietly watched him look over his face in awe and appraisal. He was confident in his body from neck down and his skills as a ninja, but the man’s eyes seemed to read his heart. He returned the roving gaze in stride until he saw the flush on the sensei’s cheeks darken to a rouge. Chocolate brown eyes were half lidded as he bit his lip to hold back the soft mewls. The muscles in his stomach flexed and tensed with the effort of holding back his need. Kakashi took notice of his own need at that moment and begin to move things further. Moving his hands up Iruka’s back, he pressed the man closer to him, closing the gap and resting his mouth against the collar bone.

“So. You need to tell me no because I want you. I’m not stopping til I have you and even then, It won’t be enough. If you don’t want this, now’s the time.” He suckled and nibbled the tanned flesh between words. He would stop if Ruka asked him to. It would drive him insane, but he would stop. One of his hands, however had another idea. It dipped between the slightly spread globes to touch the moist taint. He allowed the finger to press against the rosebud softly, mimicking what actions were to come if he agreed.


Raidou sat there with his legs spread and feet planted on the floor as Tetsu tried to work himself on the large shaft. Rai’s control was thin as he felt the slickened pucker flutter against his head, and he groaned deeply as he felt the ring give way. He placed a large hand on the smaller man’s hip as he felt the man shaking to get control of the feelings overloading. Ko’s hair had started off in its customary spikes but as the temperature rose in the room, the spikes fell limply brushing his exposed shoulders.

“Shhhh, take your time. Let gravity help you.” He spoke softly as the man rocked with small motions. Each rock took the bodyguard’s cock a little deeper. Raidou knew he was well endowed. Every man in the room was packing but Raidou seemed to be in a league of his own. At an insane 29cm, he was not only blessed with length, he had girth too. Most times that he and Gen were apart for long times, it took the shorter male over an hour to accommodate him.

Ko craned his head back to rest on the scarred shoulder and chest. His breathing was erratic, and the creamy sand colored skin seemed to glow with perspiration as he sank down another few centimeters. Raidou took the hand from the hip to stroke the flagging erection. Commandingly, he massaged the man back to full hardness as he felt the ass clench as it sank down a bit more.

“I’m almost in. Let me help you. It’s been so long since I’ve felt you open up to me. Can I help you?” his words were almost a whisper across Kotetsu’s temple as he eased him back against him fully. He knew that each bit that Kotetsu leaned back and sank into his arms, the more he slid in. One thing he knew, Tetsu had the second filthiest mouth next to his love but it was damned hot.

“Fuuuuuuccccckkk… Why are you soooo biiiig?” Kotetsu was certain that man was trying to rip him to shreds. Zumo wasn’t small by any means but Rai was on a whole different spectrum. Long and thick with awareness on how to use it made him a dangerous man in the bedroom. He could keep you cumming and barely touch you. His size alone put him against your prostate, but he knew how to make that brush feel like lightning.

As he relaxed into his chest, Raidou finally was fully seated inside him. The throb was like a dull vibration spending pulses against his already frazzled nerves. Taking a moment to adjust to the man, he took slow, deep breaths forcing him relax. Rai was rubbing his nipples and massaging his thighs to relieve the tension. He twitched internally and relished the moan from the other man. Repeating the action rewarded him with a shallow thrust that left him dazed. Raidou was buried to the hilt and he was full. He hadn’t been this full in a while. Izumo was no shrimp but this took effort.

“Raaaaiiiii, mooooooovvvveeee… now” he whined as he shifted on the firm thighs being used as a seat. He looked at Izumo and almost came before things really started...


Genma was hot and ready but his partner was a thorough son of a bitch. Izumo was trying to stretch him to take two cocks the size of Rai’s. He was a damn shinobi! He could take a little pain!

“I know you can handle me but I wanna get in and give you some deep strokes before I lose my mind. I remember what you did to Tetsu. You rode him about five strokes, and he came immediately.” He ignored the indignant shout from his lover to focus on loosening the hole for him. “I want to feel you grip my cock as you shudder in orgasm. Can I have that Gen? Can we give Rai a good show?” Genma’s head dropped to his wrists as he arched his back more. He had no clue how the hell Zu knew about Rai’s little kink, but that man was perceptive as hell. Also, quite sadistic at the present time. It seemed as if he was avoiding that little button to gain some perverse pleasure.

Izumo twisted his fingers as they moved in and out the assassin. The man was long, lean muscles littered with hundreds of scars. Each muscle flexed from the defined shoulders to the insanely tight bottom he was currently intrigued by. Zumo knew he was not small. He lacked the length of his companions but made up in width. He was almost 20 cm long but his head was bulbous and flared like a mushroom. He also had a slight bulge a little bit above his base. It was fine but he found out there may have been a bit of Inuzuka on his mom’s side that caused that genetic surprise. Thank God there was never negative comments from his past and current lovers.

The bubble butt moved and wiggled as he tried to put the older man on edge early on. Quickly moving his hands from the spasming heat, he pulled Gen up against his chest and legs to knee walk the ambitious male towards the center couch cushion. He wasn’t wanting to occupy the cushion completely; He wanted to give Raidou and Kakashi a perfect view of the pervert. Stopping close enough for Genma to barely reach, he laid his head on the cushion forcing his long body to stretch and create an elegant dip showcasing the man nestled between his legs.

He looked up at his Tetsu; the man looked like a wanton rent boy. His orbs narrowed into slits, glazed in desire and enraptured with the pheromones swirling. He was surprised that Raidou fit in there so quickly. He had taken that man before and it was a while before he could move. Shaking his head subtly, he added a coat of lube on his twitching shaft. A pleased moan slid out as his cock dripped at the slight attentions of his hand. A warmth spread everywhere the lubricant covered before he realized what it was and smirked at the man before him. Positioning him self at the winking rosette, Zumo pressed insistently at the jounin.

Gen was torn. He wanted to scream in pleasure but wanted to drop his head and bite his lip as he was split mercilessly. His head was limply laying on the cushion as his mouth went slack from the insane feelings demanding all his synapses focus. He was hot and felt his shaft deflate at the stretch, but he felt his sack fill more as he rode the sensations until he could process. Feeling the pop of the head breeching the ringlet, he released a throaty whine that rippled thru the room. Each centimeter creeped in at an agonizing pace until he was filled with an intense burn that made him look back over his shoulder.

Izumo made a wet dream pale in comparison. He was compacted muscles that were covered in a fine sheen of sweat that came from the effort of demonstrating restraint. The brown hair moved from across the obscured eye to reveal a small but distinct scratch. Zu was sexy as fuck and so many would overlook him. He had firm muscles down his stomach that lead to chiseled hipbones and powerful legs. Just as Gen thought he could breathe and accommodate, he felt a distinct flaring that was like the press of the tip and he almost pulled back. He felt the hands hold steady on his waist and a soft croon pierce his ears.

“It’s ok. You remember that I am a bit wider. I’ll go slow and work it in you. Relax for us. Let us watch the site you make all flushed and sweating with exertion.” Zumo leaned over to embrace a hand in his own and holding it as he steadied the hip while he rocked into the man. Gen’s head was turned to the side facing Raidou and his eyes were unfocused as the thickness reaffirmed its hold on him. Genma moaned as the thickness eased out ever so slightly and pressed back in a little more. Each stroke sent pin pricks of need across his body. He knew that he must have looked every bit the slut they thought he was. The small thrusts did their job as Izumo was able to stop as he bottomed out.

His fingers stroked from nipple to smooth down the stretched obliques and taunt waist to return up the center of the man's back. Teasing each vertebra until he could sink his hand in the dark ginger strands, he tugged the head up to expose the obscene facial expression.

Genma's mouth was open and to the corners of his mouth were droplets of saliva. A strip of rosy pink settled on his cheeks and nose. Clinging to the long sooty lashes were crystalline tears born from the sexual frustration. The flush traveled down his neck and across firm pectorals. Each breath appeared to make his cock bob and leak the slick clear fluid.


Raidou looked at his boyfriend too long because a deep cry erupted from the spiky haired male on his lap and he knew he flexed.

“I know he's sexy but FUUUUUUCKKKKK MEEEE! I need more, please? For the love of God, move!”

Raidou remembered that Tetsu's arms were still bound in wire and would have some trouble getting leverage. On his lap, the man couldn’t really reach the floor, with his legs splayed over his own. Taking hold of the hips, he rocked slow to create a steady rhythm. He had to admit, Kotetsu was dizzyingly hot and almost too snug to move. He looked over Ko's shoulder and watched their lovers as he enjoyed both sensations. He worked the man’s nipples and hips alternating what his hands touched. To begin, he kept the thrusts shallow and focused on winding the vocal man into a mindless puppet.

Soon enough, he started grinding into the man and he let of the most obscene and desperate cries. A particular motion ripped a shrieking cry from the bound male’s throat as he felt the man clamp down tightly.

“GOD FUCKING SHIT!!!! YES!!!!” Kotetsu wailed as spurts of cum erupted from his untouched cock. His head lolled back against Rai’s chest as he quivered on the man impaling him. He felt the man continue his slow grind in him wedged firmly against his spot as moans poured from his mouth as he struggled to move the way he wanted.

 Raidou massaged the shoulders and played with the strands as he took in the room.

Iruka looked like a nymph trapped by a demigod but was too excited by the new sensations to flee.

Genma was flushed and the copper eyes were almost fluorescent in the dimly lit room.

Izumo had a look of pure determination on his face as he tried to not pound the taler male into the floor. His hands were making a deeper dip in his boyfriend’s back and he heard the please as Zu assaulted his prostrate and it was sexy. Some would think he would be jealous but not at all. He remembered the moans Gen would make and try to recreate them. That usually made for a fun night. Sparing a glance at the other end of the couch, he focused on driving this man insane…


Iruka was burning up! Kakashi's fingers were gliding in and out of his tight heat all while working his sweet spot. His vision was clouded with sweat and stars as he came closer and closer to the edge. His body had been in a continuously aroused state for the last hour.

“Kah… Kashiiii… it hurts… let me cum… please! Haa, haa… Please?!” His voice pled with the older male as his sweat and precum soaked tip leaked on Kakashi’s own flesh. Lips captured his in a mind- numbing kiss as he felt a jolt knock the air from his lungs. He vaguely felt his balls draw up tight to his body and bright flashes of light.

Soon he felt lips kissing his cheek and neck and he was cuddled in the copy nin’s lap as he stroked his back. He pulled back to survey the two of them and blushed at the smug look on the scarecrow's face. There was moist cum on their chests and groins and Kakashi was licking his fingers.

“Welcome back Ruka… so glad you could join me.” Iruka’s head swam as he tried to piece together what happened. He was about to lose his mind and he felt a fantastic jolt that disconnected his brain from logic. The jolt…? The jolt! Kakashi’s smug looks, the cooling cum. He looked away in embarrassment as he let his eyes feast on the other partners. Fingers moved his head back around to look at the bicolored eyes.

“Do you not want this? We don’t have to continue…” Kakashi seemed to search his eyes for an answer to his withdraw. He felt Kakashi shift to move him, but he wrapped his arms around his neck quickly. He tucked his head in the neck and whispered low enough for only the jonin below him to hear.

“I’ve never… I've never came that quickly before... from that…sorry.” Iruka felt the arms wrap around his waist and pull him closer. Moving his head back to look at the man eye to eye, he was met with a brilliant smile. Iruka felt his heart flutter when the man began to speak.

“That’s one hell of a compliment Ruka. Can I do more? Want to join in?” Kakashi pulled one of the arms in front of him and nibbled on the wrist. He watched the espresso colored eyes darken to off black and he felt his pulse quicken. The other hand pressed fingers against the winking pucker with questioning pressure. Ruka let his eyes drift closed as the fingers made him weak with want.

“I want you, now!” Iruka slid his other hand down to grab the stiff flesh. He groaned until he felt something slick hit his hand. His eyes spotted the culprit being a slutty faced Genma squeezing a thorough coating of lube on them both. He glanced at Kakashi and leaned over to give an open-mouthed kiss to Gen playing with the man’s agile tongue. The angle put him turned awkwardly and unable to take things further with Kashi, but it gave Kakashi an idea.

He eased Iruka up from his stretched position and moved to his knees on the cushion. He then moved Iruka to lay on his back across the couch. His position made it so Iruka could reach both Genma and Kotetsu but he and Raidou could both touch Iruka. Kakashi gave the man below him a wolfish grin as he maneuvered the man’s bottom to rest on his thighs. Gripping the muscular calf, he angled it above and was positioned to hold it over his shoulder but again, Genma acted like a rack. He held the creamy appendage out of the way, spreading him open so the penetration would target that sweet, spongy center. Kakashi looked the beauty in the eyes as he positioned the head at the entrance.

Kakashi slid the head in with a pop. Watching Iruka’s eyes roll back and mouth fall open was the things dreams were made of. He let out a keening wail as he rolled hips toward Kakashi as much as the position allowed. Kakashi sank in with a smooth stroke and held the back of the couch as he braced himself. The muscles gripped and pulled at him demolishing his control.

“Kashi... please… don’t tease… ugghhhhh, move!” the sensei’s eyes opened to little slits as he rolled his hips to spur the man into action. His other leg was wrapped around the copy nin’s waist with his heel in his lower back. Slowly, Kakashi’s hips moved in a swirl that pulled more whimpers from Iruka’s mouth. Each stroke made sweet, savory sounds as he found comfort in the gorgeous man below him.

Kotetsu was lost. He did not care about anything but the throbbing of his cock. He had lost track of the orgasms, both dry and messy, that he had. All he wanted was his arms free to touch. His body thrummed with pleasure and he wanted to participate.

“Rai… untie me! Please? W…Wanna touch you! Fuck… please? Wanna touch you.” His voice broke as the bigger man stopped grinding into him to kiss the throat. He felt hands undoing the wire as his hands began to go slack. He felt Raidou rub his shoulders down to his wrists to massage feeling back in them. He sank back into the loose embrace and groaned. He loved Izumo but he couldn’t lie, Namiashi Raidou was a spectacular lover.

“Do you need a moment Ko? I can wait.” His voice was a low rumble across his earlobe, and he reached up to wrap one of his arms around the man’s neck.

“I’m ok but I think I want you to make me unable to walk.” He felt the low chuckle more than he heard them and whimpered. He felt the man throb in his heat, and he lost it. The sultry hiss slid out like a curse and he pressed back for more. Looking over toward Iruka and Kakashi was art. They moved like they had been lovers for years and it captured all that were fortunate to witness it.

“Zuuuuummmmoooooo! Fucking stop teasing me you sadistic, syrup hipped, fucker and let me cum!!! Come on! I’m hurting here!!! They saw how bright his eyes were and noticed the plum colored tip pouring precum like a fountain. Just as Izumo reared back to pick up the pace, Iruka stopped them.

“Nngghh… wait! Fuck…. Wait…I want, Kashi, stop! Shit! I wanna play too.” Kakashi groaned as he slowed his hips to a stop and looked each man in the eyes. Silently in agreement, they shifted and repositioned so they could all interact and touch. In other words, they made a ring of pillows and formed an awkward shape.

Genma had had it. He was tired of the teasing! Besides, he was sure that his manly parts were going to fall off or there was going to be some other catastrophic damage. Looking at the man that was tormenting him, he made up his mind. Moving quickly, he rolled Izumo under him and straddled the man’s waist. Taking advantage of the disorientated state, impaled himself on the man once again. He began to bounce his hips, using as much grace he could muster. It was strenuous but satisfying all the same. Sparing a look at Izumo, he moaned lowly as a hand touched his aching cock.

Looking at the hand forcing his desire to dizzying places so quickly, he was surprised but not at all disappointed. The hand belonged to Iruka whose skin was matching the berries he brought. The loose trendles of hair brushed Genma’s cock as he moved as far a Kakashi allowed.

“Let me help. You took such good care of me; I want to repay the favor.” Genma was stuck looking at the man’s scarred face moving toward the twitching mass. Changing the way he moved to full contact grinding and rolls, he steadied himself on Zumo’s thigh and threaded the other hand in the sensei’s locks.

Watching his now boyfriend move and act in ways that most would doubt possible was driving him insane. Taking care to not interrupt the other men’s fun, he entered Iruka in one smooth stroke. Relishing the sound of pleasure bubbling in his Ruka’s throat, he moved to end the drawn-out gratification. Though it was the first time he and Iruka had ever done ‘it’, the man felt better than returning to the village after a long, pain in the ass mission. He felt the man clutch his manhood in a possessive grip. Each stroke was scorching and made him want to release that very instant; the only thing holding him in check was sending the chuunin over first.

Raidou looked at Kotetsu and licked his lips. His hole was red and stretched as he laid near his boyfriend, kissing the man languidly. He slowly ran his hand down his back and up the flank to grasp one firm globe. Pressing his head back in, he guided himself back in until he felt balls lay against rear. The succulent pace had worn on his already frayed nerves.

He had watched his sexy lover tease the other men in such an aesthetically way like positioning pieces of art in a high-end gallery. Kakashi had tried to steal his soul like a greedy incubus. Oh! Kotetsu had fit him in like a hand to a tailored glove. He had to praise Izumo if he remembered for showcasing his boyfriend so magnificently. They all were too close to the end and he was no exception.

Giving Kotetsu no chance to recover from the silky entry, he gave smooth but firm thrusts. He heard the man let out a choked sob as he contacted the sweet spot with direct force. Kotetsu’s sweet sobs were swallowed and distorted by his partner next him. He knew how fantastic Genma felt riding until he came. It was only a matter of time before that glorious ass drove Zu over the edge.

Iruka sobbed around the cock in his mouth. His focus was stolen as his jounin set a frantic pace. Each entry hit his prostrate with determination to see him come undone completely. Letting Gen slide out his mouth with a pop, he started working the flesh in the same tempo he was being plunder by.

Kakashi was losing the uphill battle and knew that he was going to have to be a bit underhanded to not embarrass himself. Channeling a tiny bit of chakra in his hand to steady him, he reached down and tugged at the dangling erection with deliberate motions.

Izumo was riding high as Genma milked him with the tight ass while his lover moaned and keened his pleasure in his mouth. The sight of Kotetsu drowning in mind-blowing pleasure and the vice like grip had him teetering. Quickly planting his feet flat on the floor, he shifted Genma’s position and began thrusting up into the snug cavern.  

“Fuck, fuck, fuck! Yeeeesssssss, close…. Sooo cloooo...mmmmhhhhh Zuuuumoooooo!” Long spurts of white spurted from the shaft as Genma erupted. He felt the way the cum was entering him as he also felt his rush out in completion. He continued grinding and moving until the shaft stopped pulsing deep in his insides. Easing off Izumo sated, he laid on his back under Iruka.

Deciding he wanted a taste of the man’s savory, natural musk, he began laving the plump cock that was being stroked with desperation. Caressing everything he could reach with his tongue, he tried to urge the man along to his climax. Their combined efforts received a heavenly cry as Iruka shot his cum all over the hand and face under him. With a predatory growl, the copy nin gave a few more thrusts and painted the insides with his hot spunk in copious amounts. With legendary speed, he pulled Iruka back and rolled them on their sides to not smush poor Genma who was coated in cum from his post orgasmic time travel.  

All eyes moved to Raidou and Kotetsu as the closer Ko got, the obscener his mouth got. Raidou had pulled him up to sit on his lap with legs spread so he could drive the thrusts in with abandon. Kotetsu was clutching Rai’s hair as the other hand balled in a fist in Zumo’s hair.

Izumo shifted over to suck the slanted eyed man’s cock like a treat. His shaft has dried and recent cum coating it as Izumo went to work. He felt Kotetsu swell in his mouth as new he would. Swirling his tongue in arcs trying to drive his man crazy, he cupped the firm, sack covered in peach fuzz and rolled them in time with his sucks.

Raidou felt him start clamping down tighter as he heard the slurping sounds get more prevalent.

“Soooooo… fuuuuuuck. Suuuuck sooo good. Pleeeeeaseee Rai! Dooooooonnnnn, nghhhhhh, fuckkkkkkk! Keep sucking and fuck…. Uhhhhhnnnn fucking let me cum! Let me cum, let me fuuuuuuuucccckkkk!! Oh shiiiiiiiiitttt…. Fuck! RAAAAAIDOOOOOOU!” He only let out a couple drops of cum since he was spent but the man in his ass coated him until it flowed out of him like a river to pool below him. He vaguely heard Raidou’s throaty growl of completion as he throbbed in him fully sated.

Izumo moved to grab his lover and pull him close because he knew the man was not able to move right away. He watched Genma scooted over to Raidou next to him with a few extra pillows, probably for the same reasons.

Kakashi and Iruka looked sweet and innocent until you cataloged the various love bites and finger shaped bruises on Iruka’s hips. Or the perverted grin on Kakashi’s face while the cute teacher tried to give the man a stern look but failed because of how thoroughly debauched he looked. Slowly, they drifted off to sleep to recover from their overindulgence.



A week later, Iruka was at the mission desk accepting and distributing scrolls for the various nin that came in. He knew Kakashi was late coming back from his mission and was beginning to worry. It was a basic B- rank that he should have been able to finish on time or earlier given his skill. He could feel Yuubaki’s eyes on him while Kotetsu was on lunch. Not wanting to worry the girl, he gave her a brief smile and went back to sorting the scrolls. As he made his way thru the scrolls, he found one that was A- ranked undercover. A shudder went thru his form as he knew the man was most likely to get this mission. It was not giving the mission that was the issue; It was the man himself.

“Nee, nee, Iruka- chan!!!!” Whatcha got there? It looks like you forgot how to sort scrolls.” Fucking hells! How the fuck did I have to deal with the asshole again? “Don’t worry! I can help you. First, you look at the overview and determine what skills would be useful. Second, you determine the rank required to handle the mission. Third, you put it in the correlating cubby. That shouldn’t be too hard for you, right sensei?” Iruka felt the Gods had a cruel sense of humor. Before he could whirl around, he felt a flash of chakra followed by a high pitch chirp and the smell of ozone.

“If you are so adept at filing, maybe you should help clean out the cubes by taking a mission and allowing the rest of us to turn in our mission reports.” The voice was light and calm, but you could hear the threat in the undertones. “Now, I need you to move so that I can allow my precious dolphin to look me over and assure I’m fine before I head to our home and scrub the fucking stupidity off me.” Tenkou Shinya looked over his shoulder to see a swirling Sharingan eye. He knew that it would be dumb to try and push the point, especially with a confirmed man toy.

Kakashi had his normal eye closed in a happy crinkle but the Sharingan made his point clear. Bother my boyfriend again and I will end you. Iruka scowled at being called a dolphin but could not fight the blush that covered his scar at the same man calling his apartment ‘their home’.  Knowing that Kakashi was not going to let Tenkou continue his harassment, he handed the man the scroll he was just filing.

“Please be safe and do well, Jounin- san” the annoyance grabbed the scroll and made a quick exit from the mission desk. Seeing Kotetsu walk back in, he grabbed his own lunch and made his way to the copy nin that seemed to sag after the other man left. He saw Kotetsu smile and wave at Kakashi and take the scroll.

“Nee, Ruka. Take him home. You can almost smell the chakra depletion.” Kakashi sighed and looked at his chuunin with a lackadaisical grin. It was hopefully enough to keep him making a unwanted trip to the hospital.

“I will rest at home Ruru…please don’t make me go to the evil place. I promise to be good.” Iruka looked at the man and sighed. He appeared to be no worse for wear but not too injured. But then… why chakra depletion? He needed to make sure he was ok.

“Kashi, why is your chakra so low if everything was fine on the mission?” He pinned his boyfriend with a hard look but was met with a salacious, mask covered grin that was visible even in the one navy orb.

“How else would you want me to get thru the long, cold, lonely nights?” Iruka looked at him and blushed red as a tomato before the yell could be heard to Suna. “KAKAAASHIIIIII no BAKA!!”     

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