Love Will Lead You Back

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Prepare for a really long one shot.  Originally, it was multi-chapter.  I’ve decided against this and just combined the chapters since it was never intended to be very long.  This story doesn’t follow the canonical timeline.  Expect something that deviates from canon.  I started to think, what would happen if Sasuke used the Mangekyo Sharingan on Naruto and came up with this story.  I’ve tried not to make the characters seem OOC, so please bear with me!

Disclaimer:  I don’t own the characters of Naruto.  All characters belong to Masashi Kishimoto.  No profit is made from the writing of this story.


Touch passion when it comes your way…It’s rare enough as it is.  Don’t walk away when it calls you by name. - J. Michael Straczynski

Hazy blue eyes opened as their owner tried to recollect just what exactly had happened.  Silently cursing the fox for not easing the pain in his skull, he fought back the sudden onrush of nausea.  Definitely crossing drinking off my list.  This pain just isn’t worth the hassle.  One quick glance was all it took to convince Naruto that this wasn’t his bedroom - the furnishings being too opulent to be mistaken as his own sparsely decorated room.  Rising to a sitting position on the bed, he tried to remember the events of the night before.  Although the memories tended to be a bit fuzzy, they all centered on Sasuke in some fashion.  He nearly groaned at that realization.  Well, wasn’t this just fucking lovely?  Wouldn’t you know it?  You spend your waking time trying to avoid a person, and then when you think you’ve succeeded, everything falls apart.  Speaking of which, where had the bastard gone to?  His heart lurched straight into his stomach as his ears picked up the sound of someone breathing next to him.  Swallowing to wet his suddenly dry throat, he forced his eyes to look over to his left.  He prayed that he wasn’t right - but one glance told him differently.  Spiky, black hair and pale skin met his eyes as he spied the sleeping form of his friend/rival next to him.  Praying to any gods that would listen, he checked underneath the covers, only to slump in mortification as he realized that he wasn’t wearing any clothing.  Bets were good that Sasuke was in the same predicament as him.  Nearly swearing as his hormones kicked into overdrive at the thought, he fought the urge to check.  Oh no!  We’ve already done enough as it is!  Okay, yeah, he does look molestable lying there, but we are so not doing anything!  Naruto might appear to be dim-witted at times, but even he could put two and two together.  Shifting on the bed caused a sharp pain to ripple through his ass, leaving him no grandiose notions on just who had been on the bottom the night before.  Why does this not surprise me?  Okay, let’s all have a good laugh at Uzumaki Naruto’s expense because he’s just been used as the Uchiha’s bitch!  Rubbing a hand over his eyes, he wondered how he was going to get out of this situation with his sanity and body parts intact.  And let’s face it, the meeting of Chidori and his dick wasn’t something that was high on his to-do list.

As he’d been piecing together the mystery of the night before, he had failed to notice that he was being studied by dark eyes.  Sasuke watched as a blush dotted his friend, now lover’s face.  Smirking as images of a night filled with passion ran through his memory.  He allowed his eyes to rove unabashedly over Naruto's naked tanned skin.  But his expression soon faltered as he remembered using the Mangekyo Sharingan on an inebriated Naruto to control Kurama, since controlling the Biju would allow him to control Naruto as well.  Having realized his feelings had deepened in concern to his friend, he had rashly acted on impulse, wanting nothing more than to revel in the feel of Naruto’s body.  Not knowing if his friend felt the same almost kept him from doing this insane act, but he had persisted anyway.  Willing to take his chance, he had waited until he was sure that Naruto was completely plastered before capturing him in the Mangekyo’s illusion.  Maybe then he’d finally discover why Naruto had been ignoring him.

Naruto sensed someone looking at him and turned back to look over at his bedmate…gods, even the word made him cringe.  “So, you’re finally awake, teme?  Good.  Maybe you can enlighten me on what exactly happened last night.”

Sasuke made a dismissive noise as he sat up.  “Dobe, I hope you’re more intelligent than that.  Don’t tell me you can’t figure it out.”  He ran his hand through his hair as he tried to straighten out the tangles.

“Don’t call me ‘dobe’, bastard!  Yeah, I kinda figured it out after discovering I was bare naked and my ass felt like it’d been used for target practice.”  Folding his arms across his chest, he added sulkily, “You know exactly what I meant.  I was referring to how this happened.  It’s not like I’d just use any chance to jump into bed with you!”  Yeah, keep on talking, maybe you’ll believe it eventually.  If consciences could be killed, the glare Naruto sent should have it pushing up daisies by now.  You know you like the bastard, so why don’t you just admit it.  How cowardly can you be?

Sasuke ignored the brief spasm of pain those words caused, instead choosing to retort, “Well, lots of women would kill to be in your position, dobe.”

Naruto snorted as he replied, “Yeah, well, I’m not like your rabid horde of fangirls.  I’m just glad that Sakura and Ino gave up on the idea of you being their boyfriend a long time ago.  Makes ‘em less scary that way…’sides there are a lot more to take their place, anyway.”

“At least you can finally say you got laid.  Seriously, we were beginning to wonder who you were waiting for all this time.”

Naruto sputtered as his face glowed a deeper crimson.  “Bastard, that’s none of your fucking business!  What were you implying?  That I just whore myself out to anyone who’s willing to fuck the "demon brat"?  I’ve got standards, you know!”

Not expecting him to get that upset by his comment, Sasuke silently watched as Naruto ranted.  When Naruto finally became quiet, he asked, “Are you quite finished?  I didn’t mean it that way, Naruto.”

Naruto said nothing as he got off of the bed, wincing again at the stabbing pain in his ass.  He soon located his clothes and began putting them on.  The sooner he was away from Sasuke the better.  Ignoring the other male, he turned to walk out of the bedroom.

“Naruto, wait a minute - where are you going?!”  Sasuke scrambled out of the bed after his friend, grabbing his clothes as he went.

Naruto had just finished putting his sandals on when he heard the sound of running footsteps.  Glancing back, he saw Sasuke standing behind him wearing only his black pants, his dark blue shirt tightly grasped in his fist.  “Last night was a mistake and it’s not going to happen again.  I’m going home, Sasuke, and forget this ever happened between us.  I suggest you do the same.”  With those parting words, he opened the door and walked out, closing the door softly behind him.

Sasuke could only gape as the door closed behind Naruto.  Damn it, this wasn’t how things were supposed to go!  Knowing that he had possibly screwed up his friendship with Naruto permanently by what he had done, Sasuke knew he had to be the one who told him.  If Naruto found out another way…that would spell trouble for him.  Naruto might have forgiven him in the past, but this might be the one betrayal that would push him over the line.


Naruto had flung his sandals off as he entered his apartment.  First on his agenda was a nice, long shower - preferably hot.  It couldn’t entirely erase what had happened last night, but it would be close enough.  What had possessed him to have sex with his friend?  Yeah, he could blame it on the alcohol, but he didn’t think that was the sole reason for his hopping into the sack with Sasuke.  Not wanting to think on it any further, he stepped into the bathroom, shedding his clothes as he went.  Seeing his image in the mirror, he almost screamed aloud at the sight of the many hickies adorning his body.  Great…not only was my ass used as target practice, I was mistaken for a fucking chew toy!  Muttering obscenities under his breath, he stepped into his shower.  After he’d almost scrubbed himself raw, he crawled onto his bed clad in loose pajama pants.  Considering all that had happened, he was just content to lay there and look at his ceiling.  Something about the whole affair was off.  He couldn’t put a finger on it, but he knew there was something more.  His eyes soon drifted shut as he relaxed, not prepared for what he’d soon dream.

Smoke hung in the noisy bar as both the shinobi and civilian populations mingled, enjoying a nice drink and company after a busy day.  Naruto, just having come off of a mission, relaxed at a table near the back of the bar.  He absently ran his finger along the rim of his cup, blue eyes focused on the rippling surface of the sake.  Through both Jiraiya and Tsunade, he’d gained an acquired taste for the strong liquor.  Two empty bottles sat to the side as he started on his third.  Idly wondering if getting drunk out of his mind would drown the horny little demon that resided in his mind, he almost laughed aloud.

The mission had been pulled off without a hitch, but that wasn’t what had his mind spiraling in confusion.  It concerned one Uchiha Sasuke, a fact that made him sometimes wonder if he wasn’t going insane.  Sasuke had been back for about a year now, Team Taka coming with him and establishing homes in Konoha.  A shock for everyone, honestly.  Especially after what secrets had been hidden for years until Sasuke revealed them to a shocked Tsunade.  Chaos had reigned for that entire span of time with the Elders responsible for demanding the destruction of the Uchiha clan being punished for their heinous actions and the true secret behind the Uchiha Massacre being revealed to the public.  Sasuke was now the true last Uchiha, a fact that he was reminded of daily after being allowed to move back into his family’s estate, which he declined.  He chose to live in an apartment rather than going back to the reminder of his family’s slaughter.  Naruto, Sakura and his team had been there for him as he tried to re-integrate back into society.  Hell, even Sai had tried to help, which spoke a lot about how he'd changed since joining Team Kakashi.

And that’s when Naruto noticed the changing of his feelings towards his friend.  He tried to grapple with it, even asking Sakura and Karin their advice on the matter.  Sakura was straight to the point.  Having gotten over her childhood crush on the Uchiha, she couldn’t help but comment that it was about time he finally noticed how he felt.  Naruto was certain she’d been calling him dense for not realizing it sooner, but really!  How do you react when you just wake up one morning and discover, “Hey - I think I’ve got romantic feelings for my friend!”  Karin surmised that it was an Uzumaki thing about liking the broody bastard, but had tried to help her cousin as best she could. 

Not wanting to dwell on the matter, he tried to pretend that the feelings didn’t exist or were just normal teenage hormones.  Sakura had shaken her head at her friend’s antics, knowing that Naruto had to solve it himself.  When those brilliant ideas didn’t help, he’d taken mission after mission, not staying in the village for a long period of time.  He still remembered Tsunade’s last words to him after he reported back to her.  “Naruto, you can’t keep this up!  You’ve taken more than enough missions.  I’m sorry, Naruto, but I’m banning you from taking any new missions for at least two weeks.  And don’t even think about arguing with me on this!  If you keep going at this pace, you’ll burn yourself out.  Maybe this enforced vacation time of yours will help you to figure out what it is you’re running from!”

And so here he was on the first night of his “vacation”.  Bored out of his skull and hating every minute of it.  His eyes widened as he thought he spied black hair out of the corner of his vision.  Praying that it wasn’t who he was trying to hide from, he nearly groaned aloud when Sasuke spotted him and began to walk over to where he was sitting.  Averting his eyes, he ignored the raven-haired young man as he sat down across from him.  Naruto had always found irony to be a funny thing, except when it occurred to him.  Now that the object of his nightly fantasies was sitting opposite him, his traitorous hormones decided to come out swinging!  Idly wondering if he could just off himself by banging his head repeatedly on the table, he didn’t notice Sasuke glancing curiously at him.

“What’s been with the weird behavior lately, dobe?  First, you act like you can’t stand to be near me and then the next minute I hear you’re continuously going on missions.  Have I done something that’s upset you?”

‘Oh, you mean besides abandoning me when we were younger and trying to kill me repeatedly whenever we fought?  And let’s not forget the nice case of raging hormones that miraculously seem to torment me if I even think about you.  Other than that, why should I be upset?’  “It’s nothing, teme, so don’t worry about it.  ‘Sides, I can’t go on missions now anyway due to baa-chan’s imposing a forced vacation on me.”  Taking a sip from his cup, he eyed Sasuke over its rim.  He was having trouble deciphering Sasuke’s intentions, a fact which should have had him worried.  Dark eyes stared intently back at him and he had to squelch the sudden stirring in certain anatomy that really shouldn’t be awake right now.

“Bullshit, Naruto!  Something’s wrong and you’re just not telling me!  One minute you’re chasing me, always saying you’ll bring me back.  And then, when you finally do, you act as if I don’t exist.  Sakura and Karin know why you’re acting this way, but they won’t say why.  If they know about it and it’s not making them worried in the least, then I’m betting that it has something to do with me.  Am I right?”

‘Damn genius…should have guessed he’d figure it out.’  Making a mental note to thank the girls later for not spilling his secret, he simply shrugged.  “You may or may not be right, teme.  Not everything’s about you, you know?  Anyway, like I said before, it’s nothing you need to know about.”  ‘For now, anyway…once I get things straightened out, then maybe you’ll know.’  He nearly jumped out of his seat as he heard the sound of a fist hitting the table, the bottles of sake rattling ominously as they were almost upset.  Spying curious glances being sent their way, he hissed out, “Do you fucking mind?  We are in public, remember?  Or do you want people thinking you’re batshit crazy again?!”

“Like I give a shit about what they think of me!”  Sasuke snarled back.  “Why can’t you just tell me what’s wrong?  Honestly, how bad could it be?”

‘Do you really want an answer to that?  This could have the potential to screw everything up, and I’m not about to let that happen.’  Naruto didn’t reply to that loaded question, instead choosing to tip back his cup of sake and toss the rest of the fiery contents down, his eyes never meeting Sasuke’s.

Sasuke nearly growled in frustration at how stubborn Naruto was being.  Things had been fine when he was brought back, but it didn’t take long until Naruto started to change, finding excuses not to be around him.  This didn’t set well with the Uchiha.  Not one bit.  Almost three years away from Naruto had been enough for him to finally figure out what he wanted in his life.  He wanted Naruto.  End of story.  Thanks to those fucking corrupt council elders, he’d lost years of his life being made to focus on killing an innocent man - his brother.  Bound by his desire for revenge, something constantly being fed by the villagers, he’d willingly lost himself in the search for power, not caring if he hurt anyone on the way there.  And Naruto had been the one he’d hurt the most.  Yet, he kept chasing after him, never giving up hope that he’d one day convince the Uchiha to come home.  So why was he avoiding him now?  Nothing made sense.  A plan started to form as he remembered what Itachi had told him of the Mangekyo Sharingan.

Taking a quick breath, he waited for Naruto to let down his guard.  The moment his cup hit the table, Sasuke made his move.  “Naruto, look at me.”  Confused blue eyes glanced his way and were soon caught in the ensnaring spell of his kekkei genkai.  Eyes slid closed as Naruto slumped forward onto the table.  Deactivating his Sharingan, Sasuke quickly rose out of his seat.  Walking around to where Naruto was seated, he pulled him to his feet with ease.  Placing some money on the table, he helped Naruto out of the bar, relieved that no one was giving him any trouble.


Sasuke was glad that it was dark outside as they left the bar.  This way no one would spot them if he was lucky.  They weren’t that far from the bar when he heard a familiar voice call out his name.  ‘Shit, it’s Sakura!  She’ll put two and two together and figure things out!’  His hold on Naruto tightened as his teammate came nearer.  Calmly he replied, “What do you want, Sakura?  I’m kind of busy here.”  He tilted his head towards Naruto, indicating that the younger man was whom he was referring to.

Sakura’s green eyes widened as she took in the state of her friend.  “What happened to Naruto?”  Through conversation with her teacher, she knew that Naruto had been placed on a mandatory vacation.  Privately she agreed with the decision, knowing that her friend was fast approaching the breaking point, despite his legendary stamina.  It didn’t help matters that he continually kept beating himself up over Sasuke.  She wanted to help, but knew that it wasn’t her place to butt in.  This was a matter they had to figure out for themselves.  "Does he need medical treatment?  If so, we'll get him to the hospital…"

Sasuke snorted dismissively as he tried to keep his nerves calm.  It was best to keep up his bastard act so Sakura wouldn’t start asking more questions.  “He's not injured, he's just drunk.  When I came in earlier, I spotted him at one of the tables trying to drink his stupid ass into a stupor.  He’d barely say anything to me.  The only thing I could get out of him was that he was on an “enforced vacation” as he called it on the Hokage’s orders.  I just wanted to know why he’s been ignoring me like I’m some plague bearer, but talking to him was like trying to get Kakashi to give up his porn.”

Sakura laughed nervously at that.  But on the inside, she was extremely worried about her teammate.  ‘Naruto…have you resorted to alcohol to try and get Sasuke-kun out of your system?’  She badly wanted to tell Sasuke why Naruto was like this, but she wouldn’t break her friend’s confidence.  “Is he okay then, Sasuke-kun?”

Sasuke felt a twinge in his back as Naruto’s weight started to shift heavily onto him.  Readjusting his grip on the younger man, he replied, “He’s okay, just passed out from all of the sake he drank.  I was on my way to taking him back to my apartment since it’s closer than his.  If you don’t mind, Sakura, I’d like to get him home as quickly as possible.  He isn’t as lightweight as he looks.  And I’d rather not have his alcohol regurgitated on me.”  His conscience mocked him as he recalled that Naruto’s sudden unconscious state had been his doing.

“O-of course, Sasuke-kun!  I’m sorry!”  She could only watch as Sasuke turned and continued walking towards his apartment building.  ‘Take care of him.  He needs you more than you know.’

Their destination was soon reached as Sasuke unlocked the door to his apartment.  And not too soon, either, since Naruto’s weight was beginning to become heavy.  Pausing slightly to toe off his sandals, he shifted slightly and pulled Naruto’s sandals off as well.  Once inside his bedroom, he laid Naruto gently onto the bed.  He hadn’t yet shown signs of awakening, but Sasuke knew he wouldn’t have much time.  Kurama was already probably trying to fight the effects of the Mangekyo Sharingan on his host.  The proud demon still resented to this day being ensnared once by his ancestor, so he’d try to remedy it from happening a second time.

‘Wake up, Naruto!’  The annoying, gravelly voice reverberated through the fuzziness in his mind.  ‘Are you just going to let the Uchiha brat get away with using his cursed eyes on us?  I refuse to be controlled again!’

Red, slit eyes cracked open, their color evidence that the fox demon was fighting against the Sharingan’s hold.  Even though the room was dark, outlined in the light emanating from the window, he saw Sasuke standing near him.  His dark eyes stared at him, never wavering.  Confusion shot through him at what was happening.  The last thing he remembered was Sasuke pressuring him to tell why he was avoiding him.  “Sasuke,” he began as he licked suddenly dry lips, “why are you doing this?  Why betray me again?”

 Sasuke knew the moment Naruto awoke, watching as those eyes focused on him, as he saw Kurama’s influence leaking through with the change in Naruto’s eyes.  One question soon had him doubting his actions, as he heard the hurt that laced Naruto’s voice.  ‘He thinks I’m betraying him?  I can’t let him continue thinking that.’  He slowly crawled onto the bed where Naruto lay.  Reaching out his hand, he gently brushed back strands of silky, golden blond hair.  “I’m not betraying you, Naruto.  I could never hurt you again.  I swear it.”  With that being spoken, he gently pressed his lips against Naruto’s.  The lips underneath his were stiff until he felt them soften as Naruto deepened the kiss.  Relief swept through him at Naruto not rejecting him.  Could this be what Sakura had been hinting at when he’d spoken to her about Naruto’s behavior?  Did Naruto have feelings for him as well?

Naruto warily observed Sasuke as he climbed onto the bed.  He instinctively wanted to crawl backward and away from his predator, but he stopped wanting to run when he heard Sasuke’s reply to his question.  That gentle voice and those words - could this really be the cold Uchiha he knew?  Before he knew what was happening, he felt a hand brushing aside his bangs as smooth lips soon touched his.  Stupefied, he didn’t know what to do at first.  This was a dream…it had to be.  And if it was a dream, then he’d willingly go along with it.

Sasuke was in heaven.  There was no other way to describe it.  Those soft lips beneath his, the feel of Naruto’s warm body…he didn’t want to be anywhere else than here at this moment.  Coaxingly, he used his tongue to get Naruto to open his mouth, the silky muscle tracing teasing patterns across the full bottom lip.  The corner of his mouth quirked up as those delicious lips fell open and he was allowed entrance.  The essence of sake hit his tongue first as it explored the warm cavern.  Then the taste of the liquor was joined by something sweet and spicy.  He knew then he could get addicted to this taste.  Wanted to taste and sample it more than this one time.  Deepening the kiss, he heard the needy whimper as it passed Naruto’s lips, satisfied that it was him making the blond respond like this.  Reluctantly breaking away from that sweet mouth, he looked down at his soon-to-be lover, watching as the red gradually faded away to be replaced by the familiar blue color.  Naruto was panting softly as he gazed back at Sasuke, the older man seeing the emotions swimming in those azure depths.  Confusion, lust, and was he imagining things or did he see love in them as well?  Raising a shaking hand, he gently traced the whisker marks adorning Naruto’s face, noting that his skin was soft here as well.  He absently wondered where else his skin was soft at and was intent on finding out.

Naruto forgot how to even think as he felt Sasuke’s tongue gently rub against his mouth.  Wet heat followed, blazing a path across his skin.  His befuddled mind recognized what Sasuke was unconsciously asking and he opened his mouth to him.  Sulkily noting that even then the bastard had the nerve to smirk at him, he couldn’t help the whimper that passed through his lips.  Damn…who knew that the Uchiha was this good?!  Deciding two could play at this game, he slipped his tongue into Sasuke’s mouth, tasting the salty sweet taste that lay inside.  What he was experiencing now was better than what he’d dreamed of and they hadn’t even gotten to the best point yet.  He almost whimpered again as he felt Sasuke pull away, not wanting to lose that intimate contact with the other male.  Panting, he saw dark eyes gazing into his - and he almost gasped at what he glimpsed there.  The man who he had feelings for, had felt so confused over, felt the same as he did?  Lust was plainly seen in his eyes, but he could see the undercurrent of love that lurked beneath it.  Then he felt it, the hand that was gently stroking his face over the spot where his whisker marks resided.  His eyes almost watered at the touch.  It was becoming harder and harder to not believe this was some type of dream.  Gathering his courage, he moved so that Sasuke was now lying beneath him.  Naruto almost laughed at the shocked expression that crossed Sasuke’s face.  Bet the bastard hadn’t seen that coming!

“Naruto, what are you doing?!”  Sasuke hadn’t expected to one minute be the seducer and then the next lying flat on his back with Naruto straddling him.  He bit back a groan as Naruto shifted and brought his ass into contact with Sasuke’s cock.  “Damn it, dobe, if you keep that up…”  He trailed off as he saw the vulpine smile that lit up Naruto’s face.  ‘Oh shit, I know that expression.  He’s enjoying this.’  Sasuke said nothing more as he gave himself up to Naruto’s whim.  He had expected Naruto to trust him.  Was it not only fair that he does the same?

Heat flowed through him as he shifted against Sasuke, his eyes taking in the pleasured expression on his face as his ass sensually rubbed against the other male’s cock.  Hearing Kurama laughing in his mind, he knew the fox was glad that he’d gained somewhat of an upper hand.  “What am I doing, Sasuke?  I think it’s obvious.  I’m going to explore every inch of your body and enjoy it.  You didn’t think I was going to let you have all the fun, now did you?”  His eyes glittered lustily as he took in Sasuke’s body.  “And you’re wearing entirely too many clothes.  Allow me to remedy that.”

Reaching over, he slid his hands underneath Sasuke’s dark blue shirt, reveling in the feel of pale skin that was unveiled beneath his fingertips.  Fingertips edged closer to their target, each touch of skin pushing the shirt up higher.  Gently maneuvering the material over Sasuke’s head and releasing his arms from their fabric imprisonment, he tossed it aside not caring where it landed.  He had other, more important things to be caring about now.  And the main thing he cared about right now was spread deliciously half-naked before him, black pants riding low on narrow hips.  Making a show of licking his lips, he felt pleased as he saw those dark eyes watching him.  He was the one getting this reaction out of Sasuke, not his little fangirls or fanboys…no, it was Uzumaki Naruto, future Hokage of Konoha.  Speaking of reactions, he felt a hard one poking him in his ass.  “Hmmm…feels like you’re enjoying this very much, Sa-su-ke.  And I’m just getting started.”  He fought down the intense blush as Kurama unabashedly started sending him lewd thoughts concerning the Uchiha.  ‘Shit, is that even anatomically possible?  Stop with the Sex Positions 101, would ya?  Damned perverted furball!’

Sasuke felt himself melt into a gooey puddle at Naruto’s words.  The younger man had done a complete 180 since he’d started talking to him in the bar.  From first ignoring him as though he didn’t exist to wanton hedonist as soon as Sasuke started kissing him, he didn’t know what to make of it all.  As if he’d start complaining about it!  This was right up there with every perverted fantasy or wet dream he’d had of the blond and he intended to make it last.  Then he felt Naruto’s weight shift as his ass came into direct contact with his hardening cock.  He almost went cross-eyed with the pleasure that gentle friction caused.  He could only watch, his synapses temporarily fried, as Naruto started to undress him.  The gentle sweep of his hands belied the calloused skin as Sasuke felt them slowly inch up his shirt, caressing him as they went.  God…the sight of Naruto licking his lips as though Sasuke were a gourmet ramen buffet made his muscles tighten in anticipation.  And the way he rolled out the syllables of his name…damn it!  He was harder at that moment than he’d been his entire life!  Noticing the blush that lit up Naruto’s face, he taunted, “What’s the matter, dobe?  Is it getting to be too much for you?”

Naruto’s eyes narrowed at the taunt.  Suddenly smiling wickedly, he retorted, “You wish you were too much for me, teme.  I was just contemplating the positions the furball was telling me about.  But ya know, I don’t think you’re that flexible.  But damn, would that be hot to try!”  He could only snicker as he saw Sasuke’s face totally blank out.  ‘Oops…was that a little too much for the teme to handle?  Looks as though his brain’s just totally shut down.  Wait a second, is that blood I see?’  Peering closer, he could now definitely see the trail of blood leaking from one side of the Uchiha’s nose.  ‘Oh shit, now I’ve gone and given him ideas.  Well, let’s make the most of it and molest him while he’s out of it.’  His hand started to slowly stroke up Sasuke’s side, feeling as his fingers encountered firm muscle underneath that delicious-looking skin.  Deciding that his fingers shouldn’t have all the fun tonight, he bent down and teasingly traced his tongue over that hot, silky skin.  Yes, this was a taste he could definitely get used to.  Naruto felt the tremors that wracked that strong body as his tongue slid a trail up Sasuke’s stomach.  Chuckling softly, he bent his head to sample the rosy pink nipples that were begging for his undivided attention.  First licking and then catching the sensitive skin between his teeth, he gently tugged, enjoying watching as it stiffened.  Not wanting to leave its twin out, he gave it the same treatment.  Moans started to assault his ears and he surmised that Sasuke’s brain had started functioning again.  Not finished, he eased back down, groaning as his own hard cock encountered the delicious friction the motion wrought.  Flicking Sasuke a teasing glance, he traced a finger over the sprinkling of hair that started below his naval.  The bucking motion that soon followed pretty much told Naruto that the other male was definitely sensitive there!  ‘Huh…if he liked that, then he’s going to love this.’  Bending down once more, he laid worship to the area that reached between Sasuke’s naval and cock, his tongue bathing the sensitive skin.  A sharp cry was his reward as he felt hands entangle in his hair and pull.  Wincing at the tugging of his hair, Naruto made a quick mental note about that little erogenous zone.

Sasuke hadn’t known how to react when he heard Naruto start to mention positions and flexibility.  His poor brain couldn’t process all the naughty images that were sent stampeding through it and he faintly felt the trickle of blood as it flowed from his nose.  All thoughts came back online pretty quickly when he felt Naruto caressing and licking his stomach.  Then the heat surged as he felt that talented mouth attach itself to his nipples as it licked and tugged at the skin.  He thought he heard someone moaning, only to belatedly realize it was him.  This new erogenous spot the dobe discovered was one he’d failed to notice before.  His body involuntarily bucked up as he felt that finger trace so closely towards his cock.  Damn it, the dobe was so close!  He cried aloud as he felt that same sinful tongue lathe gently at the spot, his hands fisting in the blond’s hair.  It was beginning to be too much.  His cock was so hard it was painful and he knew that if the blond teased him anymore, he’d come on the spot.  While Naruto was unaware, he reversed their positions as he rolled the blond beneath him.  Wide blue eyes looked at him, confusion clearly written as to how he’d got back on the bottom again.  “You’ve had your fun, Na-ru-to, but now it’s time for me to have some of my own.”

Deciding to throw Sasuke’s words back into his face, Naruto retorted, “Are you sure that you can handle me, teme?”

Instead of replying to the taunt, Sasuke decided to let his actions speak for him.  Aggressive fingers mimicked Naruto’s earlier actions as Sasuke slid his hands underneath the blond’s shirt.  Up and over the blond head it went, flying somewhere behind Sasuke.  His mouth grew dry as he saw all of the golden skin that was placed on display before him.  And right now, it was all his!  Bending down, he captured those plump lips again, intent on showing Naruto nothing but pleasure.  Breaking the kiss, he continued down Naruto’s body, placing heated kisses at each inch of skin that he encountered.  Pausing to nuzzle gently at his throat, Sasuke bit the skin gently, almost teasingly.  Hearing the whimper that followed, he smiled.  Getting back to the task at hand, he continued on his former path.  His mouth paid homage to those caramel-colored nipples, teasing them to stiff, pointed peaks.  Harsh panting filled his ears as he licked and nipped his way down the lean stomach, teasing the patch of skin that lay between Naruto’s naval and cock.  Enthralled, he watched as the seal made its presence known, the black, inky marks pulsating with chakra.  Smirking, he reached up and laid worship to that area with his tongue, his cock swelling even more as he heard the keening cry that escaped Naruto’s lips.  Finishing with his worship, he gently placed a kiss on the skin before looking up at the man he loved.  Hazy blue eyes observed him from a flushed and sweaty face, sweat already beginning to dot his torso.

Leaning back, he palmed the other male’s hard cock that he could feel straining against the denim material of his jeans.  “Do you have something for me, Naruto?”  He all but purred the question, as he swiftly unsnapped and unzipped the jeans.  Silky red boxers met his eyes as did the dripping cock that was quickly escaping its confines.  “Let me help you with that.”  Hooking his fingers into the waistband of the blond’s pants, he tugged them off, Naruto lifting his hips up to give him some assistance.  Drool almost escaped his mouth as he took in the sight of Naruto lying naked save for his boxers.  Slowly stripping the blond of his boxers, he could only gaze in wonder at the cock that stood proudly at attention from a nest of golden blond hair.  Entranced, he grasped its base, fingers grazing the turgid skin.  Looking directly into Naruto’s lust-darkened blue eyes, he ran his tongue over the wet slit, his senses going into overdrive at the taste.  The salty, yet sweet flavor made him want more.  His tongue explored, mapping out patterns on the weeping flesh.  Little biting nips were placed on the head, his tongue soothing the slight stinging.  Wrapping his mouth around the hot flesh, he gently scraped his teeth over the sensitive skin, enjoying the now pleading moans that Naruto made.  His free hand was placed on Naruto’s hip to keep him from choking him.  Combining the suction of his mouth and the pumping of his hand, Sasuke knew he’d have Naruto coming soon.  The slight hitch in Naruto’s breathing and tensing of his muscles gave Sasuke the warning he needed.  Greedily, he drank everything that Naruto offered him, his eyes never leaving Naruto’s.  Giving the slit one last lick, he removed his lips from Naruto’s softening cock, the taste of his semen still lingering in his mouth.

Naruto’s cry of pleasure at Sasuke’s teasing touches nearly undid him.  He saw the blazing heat that filled those eyes as Sasuke stripped his shirt from his torso and then…oh God, those amazing things he did with his tongue!  Not an inch of him was left unmarked by Sasuke’s tongue.  And then there was the seal licking…he never thought that area of his body could be so sensitive.  If he thought that was incredible, it was nothing compared to the blowjob he was given.  Sure, he’d been one-on-one with himself, but to have someone else stroke and suck his cock?  Now that was heaven!  All too soon it ended and he felt his muscles coiling up as that pit of fire in his stomach yearned to be released.  God, if he thought that what Sasuke did with his seal was erotic, it was nothing like seeing that dark head of hair between his thighs.  They hadn’t even gotten to the best part and already he felt like he was dying.

Sasuke quickly removed his pants and boxers, kicking them out of his way.  Naruto was the epitome of debauchery as he lay there, his body glistening with sweat.  Reaching over to open the nightstand, he blindly searched for the little tube of lubricant.  Sasuke cheered mentally as he finally located it.  Turning back to look at Naruto, he asked, “Are you sure you want to go through with this, Naruto?  Because I can’t promise you that I’ll be able to stop later.”

“Teme, if I didn’t want to, would I have been as submissive as I have?  Now get the hell on with it!”

Sasuke smirked at his answer.  “Just remember that you asked for it, dobe.”  Crawling back over to Naruto, he gently spread the tan thighs, his gaze centered on the puckered hole that was just waiting for him.  “I’ll try to be as gentle as I can, ok?”  At Naruto’s nod, he opened the tube and squeezed some of the slippery substance on his fingers.  Touching the skin tenderly, he spread the lube around and on the skin of Naruto’s entrance, his finger easing its way inside the tight passage.  He stopped when he heard the male’s hiss of pain.  “Naruto, are you ok?”

“I’m fine, bastard.  It’s just a little uncomfortable having a finger where it doesn’t belong.  Don’t stop, damn it!  Keep going!”

Chuckling softly at Naruto’s attitude, he flexed his finger, feeling as the walls gently caressed it.  The feel of that heat was almost too much to bear and he only had one finger inside!  He almost groaned aloud as he imagined his cock being there in place of his fingers.  Looking to make it more pleasurable for Naruto, his fingers sought out the blond’s prostate, his grin widening at the sudden, loud moan - found it!  He stroked that flesh, his cock throbbing painfully as he heard Naruto’s moans increase.  Once he had determined that one finger didn’t hurt Naruto as bad, he added a second and third, scissoring his fingers to stretch the muscles of Naruto’s passage.  He barely had time to blink before a tanned hand brought his head down to meet those plump lips again.  Pulling back from the heated kiss, he read the “Get going already!” look in the other male’s eyes.  His wish was Sasuke’s command!  Hooking his arms underneath Naruto’s legs, he pushed them up until Naruto was almost bent double.  Having already regained his erection, the blond’s cock dripped pre-cum as it lay against his stomach.  Placing the tip of his cock at the stretched entrance, he slowly pressed in, his eyes closing in ecstasy as the tight heat surrounded him.  Inch by agonizing inch he moved forward until he was fully seated against Naruto.  Naruto had been quiet during this time, but he’d heard the slight hitches and pained gasps that had managed to slip from his lips.  Rubbing a hand against a tanned thigh, he waited for him to adjust.  A shaky nod later and he pulled out slowly before thrusting back in, relishing the friction that rubbed alongside his cock.  “Damn, Naruto, you have no idea how good this feels right now!  You’re gripping my cock so tightly as though you don’t want it to leave.”

It felt strange to have a finger being inserted into his ass, even as he tensed at the burning sensation.  Hissing in pain, he felt Sasuke stop as he asked him if he was alright.  Assuring him that he was, Naruto told him to continue.  That’s when the burning pain shifted to what felt like lightning shooting through his very veins.  Whatever Sasuke was touching, Naruto wished he’d keep doing it.  Before he had time to think, one finger turned to two and then three.  Growing quickly frustrated, he reached up to grab Sasuke’s face and pulled him towards him.  Initiating a quick, heated kiss, he tried to impart the message that enough was enough and to get the hell on with it.  And of course, the bastard had to start grinning.  He was enjoying this way too much.  Briefly wondering if Sasuke’s intent was to turn him into a Naruto-shaped pretzel as his legs were forced up and into his chest, he could only gasp as he felt Sasuke ease into him, so slowly that it felt as though he were being ripped in two.  Burning pain rippled through his ass as he felt the hard thickness of Sasuke’s cock spread his passage open.  He couldn’t help the tears that suddenly swam at the corners of his eyes or the pained gasps as he fought to calm down.  Through the haze of pain, he felt Sasuke gently stroking the inside of his thigh, trying to help him calm down.  Eventually, the pain faded to a tolerable level and he nodded.  As Sasuke pulled out and then thrust back in, he felt the pleasurable feeling start to build.  “Sa-su-ke,” he moaned, “please!  Fuck me ‘till I can’t move!”

What Sasuke was feeling now was ten, no twenty times better than any dream he’d had!  The velvet heat that gripped him, causing such pleasurable friction, beat the hell out of jacking himself off.  Knowing he probably wouldn’t last much longer, he raised Naruto’s left leg to rest on his shoulder, increasing the depth of his thrusts.  Naruto moaned and writhed continuously now, his hips pushing back to meet Sasuke’s thrusts as his hand wandered down to stroke his neglected erection - fingers eagerly fisting the now reddened flesh.  Sasuke knew the moment his cock hit Naruto’s over-stimulated prostate.  The blond started to howl wildly, his mouth hanging open as that piece of flesh was incessantly abused.  “That’s right, baby, I want you to scream my name.  Come for me, Naruto.  Stroke yourself until you explode.”

When Sasuke lifted his leg up and placed it on his shoulder, Naruto had no idea what he was planning, until he felt the strokes of Sasuke’s cock change as it plunged deeper inside of him.  He couldn’t help the moans that cascaded from him now as lightning charges kept spiking through him from the pleasure of that cock as it kept slamming into his prostate.  His cock burned and throbbed with the want of release as he wrapped his hand around the base, fingers flying as they pumped and slid on the slippery flesh.  His moans became howls that sounded like inarticulate versions of Sasuke’s name.  Incoherence was his state of mind now and he found the ability to speak was eluding him as only mindless moans and howls escaped his lips from the pleasurable abuse he was receiving.  When Sasuke spoke those sensual words, he lost all thought, his orgasm erupting from him without warning.  Thick, milky liquid coated his hand and stomach, even as some sprayed on Sasuke’s stomach as well, his eyes closing shut as every nerve in his body overloaded at the same moment.

Sasuke couldn’t control his strangled cry as he felt Naruto’s inner walls constrict around his cock, the flesh gripping him tightly.  Thrusting a few more times, he came screaming Naruto’s name, his semen spilling into the blond.  Lying there panting, he glanced down at his younger lover, seeing the same thoroughly sated expression on his face.  Gently kissing him once again, he rolled off of Naruto and to the side of him, his arms immediately pulling the other male to him.  Sighing deeply, he simply nuzzled the sweaty skin at the back of Naruto’s neck, his heartbeat slowly calming down.  His arms tightened around the blond’s waist, fingers absently brushing the skin he found there.  Even as sleep was claiming him, he whispered softly, “I love you, Naruto.”

Naruto whimpered as he felt Sasuke come inside of him.  His heart soared wildly when he heard Sasuke screaming out his name with such passion.  He felt Sasuke collapse onto him as he tried to regain his own shaky senses.  The look on his face warmed his heart as he saw the way those dark eyes were lit as he stared into Naruto’s eyes.  Even if this was all a dream and he’d wake up tomorrow without Sasuke by his side, it made his heart swell knowing that he had made Sasuke happy.  Sasuke eased out of him and rolled over.  Naruto felt a sense of loss as Sasuke moved away from him.  That was when he felt those strong arms wrap around him and pull him to lay against a firm, muscled chest.  His mind almost short-circuited at the feeling.  ‘Cuddling…who the hell knew Sasuke was a cuddler?’  Tears slipped from his eyes as he felt the older man nuzzling the back of his neck, his hot breath fanning the hair gently.  Damn it…he didn’t want to wake up from this dream.  He was happy for once in his life as the man he loved returned his feelings.  Blue eyes widened in shock as he heard those whispered words.  His hand slid down to the arm that was holding him and laced his fingers with Sasuke’s, his sudden gripping of that hand telling the dark-haired man all that he needed to know.

Gasping, Naruto shot up in his bed, the memory of the night before still assaulting his mind.  Sweat rolled off of him in waves, his chest heaving with the exertion of trying to remember how to breathe correctly.  Heat burned in his veins as he remembered feeling Sasuke against him, thrusting into him, hearing him scream his name.  Holding Naruto gently as he told him that he loved him.  He groaned as he felt the need coalesce to his groin.  Damn it!  This wasn’t supposed to happen.  This was why I was ignoring him.  All of this had been Sasuke’s doing.  Despite his eagerly responding to Sasuke’s advances, he knew deep down inside what his friend had done.  Pain cinched tightly through his heart as he felt the betrayal lance deep.  How could he…damn the bastard!  He knew, damn it, that his advanced Sharingan would ensnare Kurama.  And he’d used that fact selfishly.

Wetness coated his face as he cried.  He brought his knees up to his chest and wrapped his arms around them.  What to do now?  Recalling Sasuke’s earlier expression, he now knew why the other man had looked as if he was guilt-ridden over something.  Confronting Sasuke about his actions was imminent because he wanted answers!  He couldn’t go back to sleep and since he didn’t have any new missions anyway, he at least didn’t have to report for duty.  A quick glance at the clock showed that it was 1:00 pm.  I’ll go talk with Iruka-sensei.  He’ll know how to handle this.  At least I hope he does.  Rising from the bed, he walked into his bathroom.  A quick shower later to remove the traces from his dream, he looked up in the mirror to see bloodshot blue eyes peering back at him from his reflected image.  He wouldn’t be able to hide that from his foster father, but he could always pass it off as an aftereffect from the sake.  Trading his pajama pants for his normal chunin outfit that consisted of black pants, a black and orange jacket and his chunin vest, his fingers stilled over the fabric as he remembered the day both he and Sasuke had obtained the elevated status.  His eyes involuntarily slid over to look at a photo that had been taken that very day of him and Sasuke.  He had looked so happy.  Excitement at having advanced and happiness at having Sasuke back could plainly be viewed on his face.  Sasuke, who wasn’t known for his varying emotional expressions, had a small smile playing on his mouth.  Taking his eyes away from the photo, he tried to ignore the pain that still lingered in his chest.

Closing and locking his door behind him, he slowly made his way towards the Academy where he knew he’d find Iruka at this time of day.  Over the time since Sasuke had come back, the glares had become a little less as though the villagers were finally beginning to see the shinobi that Naruto was and not as the Kyuubi itself.  Waving absently to some of the kids playing outside, he continued on his way into the Academy.  Fortunately, it was the kids’ lunch hour so the classroom was empty.  Pausing at the doorway, he saw Iruka sitting at his desk grading what looked like test papers.  The brown-haired man must have felt his presence as he looked up from his task.  Brown eyes lit up at the sight of the young man he considered his son.  “Naruto, come in!  What brings you here today?”

Naruto said nothing as he slid away from the door frame and entered the classroom.  So many memories in this room - the flash of his memory of accidentally kissing Sasuke almost made him curse aloud.  Stop thinking about him, damn it!  He’s the reason you’re so confused right now.  Hopping onto the edge of Iruka’s desk, he absently swung his legs back and forth, as he tried to think how to bring the subject matter of Sasuke up.  He couldn’t go into too many details or Iruka would go into protective mode.  And that would probably end with either the maiming or killing of one certain Uchiha.

Iruka noticed how quiet Naruto was being.  Unusual behavior for the usually loud and boisterous shinobi.  Iruka had to admit it worried him.  “Is something wrong, Naruto?  You know that whatever it is you can talk to me about it.”

Naruto looked him square in the eye and said, “Have you ever been in love with someone but were confused if they really loved you or not?”


The moment that Naruto walked out of the door, Sasuke had been at a loss as to what he should do.  Part of him wanted nothing more than to run after Naruto and explain everything, but the other hesitated.  Quickly deciding that this was getting him nowhere, he trudged back towards his bedroom.  Advice…that was what he needed.  But who should he go to?  Sakura seemed an obvious choice until the moment she discovered what he had done to Naruto and then he’d be on the receiving end of her chakra-enhanced fists of fury.  Iruka-sensei was definitely out of the question.  If the man even suspected that Sasuke had harmed Naruto in any way, there’s no telling what the older man would do.  As if those two weren’t bad enough, there was the Hokage to consider.  Sasuke shivered involuntarily at what that particular woman might do.  It was bad enough that she had Herculean strength, but if you added in her knowledge of medical jutsu…then he might as well just hand over his ass on a silver platter.  Once again, he questioned why it was that he fell in love with someone who had so many overprotective people surrounding him.  The only ones he knew who he could discuss this with and who wouldn’t kill him on sight were perverts, excluding Jugo.  And Karin would probably go crazy if she knew what he’d done to her cousin.  Ever since she discovered she had family, she’d been protective of the blond, making up for years apart.  If he picked Kakashi, he’d have to listen to the hentai’s innuendo-laden advice, consisting of tips from his bible of choice:  Icha Icha Paradise.  Cursing slightly under his breath, he walked into the bathroom to get showered and change his clothes.

Now, where do I go to look for that pervert at?  Since he didn’t usually have to go looking for the man because he’d always pop-up when Sasuke least wanted to talk with him, he honestly had no clue as to where he’d find his ex-sensei.  Sighing heavily, he decided to try places he’d seen him at before, hoping that he’d find him before he lost his nerve to discuss what had happened.  Paying no attention to anyone he saw as he walked, he didn’t realize until the last minute that he’d reached Ichiraku Ramen, the familiar sight evoking memories of a certain blond.  This, in turn, made him remember the night before.  Remembering the taste and feel of Naruto…it selfishly made him want more.  So lost in thought about the blond, Sasuke didn’t even pay attention to the familiar chakra signature coming towards him.  It wasn’t until a familiar “Yo!” was spoken that he jumped, startled to see Kakashi standing next to him, his ever-present orange book in his hands.  “Damn it, Kakashi, do you always have to just fucking pop out of nowhere like that?!”

Kakashi eyed his student carefully, his uncovered eye picking up something different about the younger man.  And there was only one person who had the ability to make the stoic shinobi act so weirdly.  The masked-nin smiled at his student.  So that’s how it is, huh?  Maybe it’s time I had a little talk with him about that.  Idly flipping a page in his novel as he replied, “Is there something you wanted to talk to me about, Sasuke-kun?  Maybe about a certain blond ninja we all know?”  He watched as Sasuke’s eyes widened in surprise, his mouth almost gaping open at the question.  Bingo!  “Well, come on then.  I’m sure that you don’t want to talk about it here in public.”  He walked ahead, almost sure that the younger man was glaring holes into his back.  Once at the training grounds that had been used by Team 7, he stopped and waited for Sasuke to start speaking.  Showing Sasuke how serious he was in discussing this, he even put away his beloved book into his weapons pouch.

Sasuke shifted uneasily as he considered how to bring up what had happened.  Finally, he said, “You know how Naruto’s been ignoring me, right?  Well, last night I saw him in the bar and went to talk to him because I wanted to know why he’s not talking to me.  Obviously, that didn’t go over well.  He was more stubborn than ever and would hardly pay any attention to me unless I was directly asking him a question.”

Noticing Sasuke’s hesitancy, Kakashi decided to step in.  “And you did or said something to Naruto that you regret, correct?”  At the male’s nod, he continued, “So what exactly did you do?”

Swallowing nervously, Sasuke replied, “I…I used the Mangekyo Sharingan on him to try and control Kurama, thereby controlling Naruto as well.”  At Kakashi’s incredulous expression, he pressed on, “I was desperate, damn it!  He wouldn’t have anything to do with me while I…”

“While you what, Sasuke?”

“While I love him…I’m fucking head over heels in love with him.  And the sad thing is, Kakashi, I don’t know how he feels about me!  I took that chance to try and find out why he’s distanced himself from me.  One thing led to another and we slept together.  I guess I got my answer this morning on how he feels about me.  He couldn’t haul his ass out of my house fast enough.  And he said to forget what happened, that it would never happen again.”

Kakashi was at a loss for words.  He’d always suspected something would happen with those two - the chemistry had been too hard to deny.  Still, the whole thing sounded complicated to him.  Sasuke had definitely dug a hole for himself this time.  For him to have done such an uncharacteristic act…he really was desperate.  Despite his misgivings on the subject, he could tell just by looking at Sasuke that the younger man was hurting.  “Naruto has no clue what really happened?  He just thinks that he got too drunk and had sex with you, is this correct?”  At Sasuke’s nod, he sighed heavily.  “You forgot one important thing, Sasuke.  Who’s to say Kurama won’t inform Naruto about what happened.  You, of all people, should know he’s able to converse with the demon fox.  And when that happens, then what will you do?”

Sasuke glanced at Kakashi nervously.  Damn, he hadn’t thought about that!  The demon fox would definitely have no qualms about ratting him out.  And both a vengeful Kurama and Naruto wasn’t a pleasant thought.


“Have you ever been in love with someone but were confused if they really loved you or not?”  Those words rattled around in poor Iruka’s brain as he tried to answer his foster son’s questions.  He had a suspicion of the person Naruto was referring to but chose not to say anything.  “I think the answer to your question, Naruto, is who hasn’t been in that situation.  People go through their lives always wondering, not sure of anything.  Your best bet is to talk to that person and ask them directly.  It’s the only way you’ll be certain.”

Naruto still looked unconvinced as he replied, “But what if they’ve hurt you?  I’m not certain what his intentions were…even now I’m still confused.  I mean, how can you say you love someone and do something that’s the complete opposite of the word?”

Iruka was now certain that Naruto was speaking of Sasuke.  “You’re referring to Sasuke-kun, aren’t you?”  He saw Naruto almost deny it before he thought better of it and nodded silently.  Sighing, he replied, “You two have a volatile history.  Quite honestly, I wouldn’t expect the two of you to have a lovey-dovey relationship.  There will always be fighting with you two - that I’m sure of.  But I also know you’ll work things out.  You never gave up on Sasuke in the past, now did you?  I saw the determination to bring him home burning in your eyes and I knew you’d succeed in doing just that.  And when you did return him to the village, you never turned your back on him.  Forgiving him was just like breathing to you.  All I can say, Naruto, is that you should hear him out.  Listen to what he has to say.  Only then can you make your decision on where you should go from there.”

Naruto listened quietly throughout his ex-sensei’s talk.  The older man was right and deep down he knew it.  “Alright, Iruka-sensei, I’ll do that.  But I’m not making any promises, understand?”

“As long as you’re willing to hear him out, Naruto.  That will be good enough.”


Sasuke still hadn’t seen Naruto since he left that morning.  Walking to his apartment, he was surprised to see Naruto standing there beside his apartment door.  Blue eyes lifted up to meet his and he was taken aback by the look in them.  Hurt and anger swam in the blue depths and Sasuke knew then that Naruto had found everything out.  This wasn’t going to end well at all.

He went into his apartment with Naruto following closely behind.  Sasuke had just turned around to face Naruto when pain exploded in starbursts across his face.  Staggering back a few steps, he placed a hand to the side of his face, certain he’d have a nice bruise forming shortly.  Naruto stood just a short distance away, blue eyes glaring dangerously.  “What the hell was that for, dobe?!”  That proved the wrong thing to say as Naruto started snarling angrily, his eyes flickering between blue and red.

Naruto tried to remember his foster father’s words, but when he saw that familiar face, his anger sparked anew.  Acting before he thought about his actions, he drew back his fist and slammed it into Sasuke’s face.  “Don’t act all innocent, Uchiha.  You know exactly what the fuck you did!  You just couldn’t leave it alone, could you?  And if I were you, I wouldn’t start stammering out some bullshit excuse, because I don’t want to hear it.  Why did I think I could trust you when all you’ve done in the past is find some way to hurt me?  You goddamned bastard!  Was it all some sick joke to you?  From using your damned Sharingan to control me and then fucking me - did you get your jollies out of all that, bastard?”

Sasuke just stood rooted to the spot as Naruto yelled at him.  His mood switched gears from surprised to remorse and then finally to anger.  “You honestly think I did all of that for a joke?  Don’t think too highly of yourself, dobe.  I wouldn’t go that far for just some stunt.  If I recall correctly, you were a most willing participant last night.  You came screaming my name.  I also told you that I loved you.  Do you think I’m lying about that?  That’s something I don’t take lightly and would just say to anyone.”

Naruto’s mouth snapped shut as Sasuke looked back at him first stupefied and then as he grew angry.  His hands clenched into fists as he listened to what Sasuke had to say, his own traitorous emotions coming to the forefront as he remembered the moment Sasuke was referring to.  How could he forget when everything kept flashing across his mind in Technicolor?  “That’s a funny way of showing someone that you love them, teme.  Do you honestly think that I should believe you when you basically used your damned freaky bloodline to try and control me?  Haven’t you ever heard of talking?  Or are you so used to controlling things by using the Sharingan that you just didn’t give a fuck about what I thought or felt?”  Ooh…that was hypocritical, considering you wouldn’t even talk to him.

“Goddamn it, Naruto, don’t you get it?  I fucking love you, damn it!  You wouldn’t talk to me.  Hell, it was like I didn’t even exist in your precious little world.  I was desperate to find out why.  Sakura and Karin wouldn’t tell me and I knew that no one else would, either.  If it means anything to you, I’m sorry for what I did.  But why, Naruto?  Why wouldn’t you even say anything to me?  Don’t I matter to you anymore?”

Unblinkingly, Naruto just stared at Sasuke in dazed bewilderment.  It was one thing to hear Sasuke confess feelings of love for him, but to see him stand there and yell and curse…well, that was an eye-opener.  His heart flinched painfully at the male’s last sentence.  It hadn’t been his intent to hurt the other man.  “Tch…you wonder why they wouldn’t tell you anything?  Maybe it’s because they don’t trust you after what happened three years ago.  And even if you were desperate, you don’t mind control the person you claim to love!  If you loved me like you say, then you’d have found a way.  And I have my own reasons for avoiding you, so back off.”

“Here we go again about what I did in the past!  Are you going to always lord that over my head, Naruto?  Quite frankly, I’m fucking sick of it.  It’s been a year since I returned already, so get the hell over it.  Have I done anything so far to indicate I can’t be trusted?  Well, have I?  How many more times must I say I’m sorry?  What’s it going to take, Naruto?  Do you want me on my knees begging your forgiveness?!”  Sasuke knew that he should have stopped then before he said something he couldn’t take back, but his anger was running white-hot.  “While you might dislike my bloodline, the village certainly doesn’t.  And they didn’t consider me to be a danger upon my return.  Unlike you, Naruto, I can control my bloodline and I’m not viewed as a ticking time bomb that will explode any second!  And what possible reason could you have for ignoring me, when you were obsessed with chasing me for three fucking years?”

Naruto jerked back as if he’d been punched.  Never in his life did he ever think Sasuke would taunt him about the fact that he had Kurama sealed inside him.  Inside his mind, he could hear the fox rumbling angrily at what Sasuke had said.  Would he never be seen for who he was and not what he had sealed within him?  Chuckling mirthlessly, he replied, “So that’s what all of you consider me to be, huh?  Never mind the fact that I trained for three years to learn how to control the fox’s chakra…not to mention getting stronger so I could bring your sorry ass back!  And let’s not ignore the fact that my own father, the Fourth Hokage, wanted me to be viewed as a hero for being the only one strong enough to even contain Kurama.  But silly me, I forgot.  The demon doesn’t deserve to have feelings!  I’m supposed to be everyone’s fucking punching bag and accept it!”  His voice rose with each word until he was sure that the Hokage herself could probably hear him by now.  “No, it doesn’t matter that I protected and love this village or that I defended it with everything that I have.”

Sasuke stood there unable to do anything but gape as the torrent of anger boiled out of Naruto’s mouth.  The other man’s eyes were now red and slit, his whisker marks standing out prominently against his skin.  To say he was furious would have been an exaggeration.  Damn it, what had possessed him to say that?  The issue of Kurama had always been a sore spot for Naruto and here he had to go and open his big mouth about it!  Contritely, he spoke, “Naruto…I didn’t mean what I said.  I…”

Naruto whispered quietly, “Since you want to know so fucking badly why I’ve been ignoring you, then I’ll tell you.  Whenever I was around you, I would get confused as to what I was feeling.  I went on every mission that I could to try and forget until Tsunade-baa-chan practically banned me from going on missions.  And then that night happened - to say I’m even more confused is an understatement.  I thought I was in love with you, but I didn’t want to screw up our friendship.  Then you had to go and try to control me with your damned Sharingan.  To add insult to injury, I now know what both you and the village think of me.  All of that makes me wonder if I can still claim that I have feelings for you.”  With that said, he turned to walk back out the door.

“Naruto, wait!  Don’t leave!”  Running after the other man, he desperately grasped onto his arm, trying to keep him from walking out the door.  “Let’s talk about this.  Why, Naruto?  Why did you feel that you couldn’t tell me about the fact you were in love with me?!”

Shuttered blue eyes turned back to face Sasuke.  “You ask me why?  It looks to me like you answered your own question when you rubbed it in my face about Kurama.  Now let go of my arm before I rip your fucking hand off!”

Sasuke dropped his hand away as though it had been scalded when he heard that cold, clipped tone coming from the blond.  Naruto had never talked to him in that tone before and it hurt more than he could say.  “Where are you going?”

“Away…from Konoha and you – and once I get there, I might not return.  Everyone has their limits, Sasuke, and I’ve been pushed to mine.”  With his hand on the door knob, he left one last parting comment.  “And don’t bother trying to find me.  I don’t want you anywhere near me right now.”  And with the slamming of the door he was gone.

Sasuke walked over to the closed door, his hand brushing against its surface.  Sinking to his knees, he banged his closed fists against the wood, feeling the pain that ratcheted through his hands.  He’d ruined everything and it had cost him dearly.  Naruto was gone and he’d driven him away.  Spatters of liquid soaked into his pants leg as tears fell from his closed eyelids.  Why did he say and do what he had?  “Naruto,” he whispered brokenly, “please don’t leave me.”

Naruto leaned against the closed door, tears leaking down his face.  Dulled, blue eyes stared ahead, the images before him blurry.  He could both feel and hear the force of the pounding that rattled the door as Sasuke’s fists slammed against it.  Sensitive hearing caught the faint sounds of sobbing and the broken plea that pulled and twisted what remained of his heartstrings.  “I don’t know if I can, Sasuke.”  He whispered back, knowing that the other man wouldn’t hear him.  Pushing away from the door, he slowly walked away from the apartment.  He didn’t even register where he was until he looked up to see Sakura’s apartment looming in front of him.  Climbing the steps slowly, he knocked on the door.  When green eyes peered at him from the doorway, he couldn’t stop the choked sob that forced its way out of his throat.  That’s when he felt arms firmly wrap around him and lead him inside, the door closing softly behind them.  Sakura sat him down on her couch as she went to prepare some tea.  He felt the worried glances sent his way as she kept watch over him.

Sakura came back into the room and set the tray on the coffee table.  Naruto’s appearance had her terribly worried.  She hadn’t seen him since the night before when Sasuke took him home from the bar and she had to wonder what had transpired between that span of time to put him in this kind of mood.  Taking a seat beside her friend, Sakura took a close look at him.  Shadows underlined his dimmed, blue eyes.  It looked as though he hadn’t gotten any sleep at all.  “Naruto, what is it?  If there’s something wrong, then you can tell me about it.”

With those simple words, the floodgates opened and Naruto told his friend everything that had happened.  The cup holding his tea shook slightly as he recalled the events.  He finished by saying, “I’m leaving the village for a while.  I just need to get away and think things through.  The last few hours have been painful and I’m confused about a lot of things.  Besides, it’s not like I have any missions to go on, right?  I can use this as some of my “vacation” time.”

Sakura sat there stunned, unable to comprehend what her teammate had done.  First to have used his Sharingan to control him and then what he had said to Naruto.  He knew Naruto still had issues to deal with when it came to Kurama and to just throw them into his face was heartless!  When she got her hands on him, the Uchiha was going to be spending some one-on-one time with a hospital bed!  Then she remembered how Naruto had confessed to her his own feelings concerning the Uchiha.  “Naruto, how do you feel now that you know Sasuke-kun does return your feelings?”  Even though he acted like a total bastard with the way he went about doing it.

“I suppose I should be happy.  I mean, it’s what I wanted, right?  Deep down, I wanted him to return my feelings.  But the way he went about things…what’s that supposed to tell me?  Sakura-chan, tell me, how can I trust him after what he did and said?  I know he probably didn’t mean for things to happen that way and yeah, he did apologize.  Which I guess for an Uchiha is a monumental event.  Like I said, Sakura-chan, I just want to escape for a few days.  Maybe by the time I return I’ll have an answer.”  Setting the cup down on the table with a soft clink, he rose from his seat on the couch.  Bending down, he gave his friend a hug.  “Thank you for being there for me, Sakura-chan.  And even though I didn’t mention it before, I’m thankful you and Karin didn’t spill my secret when the teme asked you.  I honestly have no idea why I’m saying this, but don’t be too hard on him, okay?  It’d ruin any surprise I might have planned if I came home and found him in traction in the hospital.”

Smiling, Sakura returned the hug.  “I can’t make any such promise, Naruto, but I will try to restrain myself when I see him.  Don’t be gone too long, okay?”

“I promise.  Goodbye, Sakura-chan.”

Waving to his friend as he left her home, he made his way to the Hokage Tower, intent on telling Tsunade his plans.  Standing outside of her door, he mentally braced himself for the various items that would be making a painful impact on his poor skull.  Knocking on the door, he waited to be told to come in.  “Tsunade-baa-chan, I need to ask you something.”

Tsunade glanced up from her paperwork to see Naruto standing before her.  “Brat, what did I tell you?  No more missions for at least two weeks!  Now quit asking me!”  Seeing Naruto still standing in front of her desk, she said, “Didn’t you hear me?  I said…”

“Yeah, baa-chan, I heard you.  I wasn’t here to request a mission anyway.”

Tsunade looked at him in disbelief.  “Then why didn’t you say so sooner?”

“Because I like watching your chew outs fall flat on their face.  Like I said, I’m here on an entirely different matter.  Since you so generously gave me some vacation time, I’m gonna take you up on it.  I want to leave the village for a couple of days.  It’ll just be to the town Ero-sannin took me that time when we were looking for you.  And if anyone asks you where I’m at, excluding Sakura-chan and Iruka-sensei, don’t tell them.  I don’t want a lot of people hounding me.”

Leaning back in her chair, Tsunade studied the young man in front of her.  Something about him was different and while she couldn’t place it, she would weed it out of him.  “I take it that you finally figured out what it was you were running from, hmmm?  This might not be any of my business, but does this have anything to do with the Uchiha by chance?”

Naruto felt the vein in his forehead start to twitch at the older woman’s words.  “Do I have to answer that, baa-chan?  It’s already been dealt with, so why ask me about it now?”

“No, Naruto, I think you’re wrong.  If it had been dealt with as you say, then you wouldn’t be running off to the nearest town to forget about it.  Out with it, brat.  Just what the hell happened that’s got you running scared?”

Sighing, Naruto ran a hand over the back of his neck.  “Okay, but you’re not gonna like it.  To make a long story short, last night I got drunk at the bar.  The bastard walked in and we had a little disagreement.”  At Tsunade’s unladylike snort, he glared at her.  “You didn’t have any reports of collateral damage, did you?  Then it was a disagreement.  Anyway, before I was so rudely interrupted, we had a disagreement.  Before I knew what was going on, he used his Mangekyo Sharingan on me to control the furball.  Takes me back to his place where we end up having sex…and this was in addition to him telling me that he loves me.  Fast forward to this morning where I leave and tell him that what happened will never happen again.  At this point, I wasn’t aware of what he’d done.  The furball ended up letting me in on what happened, so I go to Iruka-sensei for advice.  Confront the bastard on why he did what he did and we get into an argument.  That’s when he made a comment about him being less of a danger than me because he could control the Sharingan, unlike what I have with Kurama.  And that’s pretty much it.  Does that answer your question on why I want to leave for a few days?”

Tsunade just sat there, her face slack-jawed in surprise.  She hadn’t seen that coming from ten years away.  The Uchiha and her bratty knucklehead?  Definitely a wager she’d never have made, but yet it made sense in a twisted way.  Her jaw closed with a clicking of teeth as she thought about what the little shit had done to Naruto.  She thought of the many ways she could make him suffer, unconsciously cracking her knuckles with an evil snicker passing her red lips.  This was going to be fun.

Naruto wondered if he’d blown her mind with his news, as she sat there staring into space.  He was almost tempted to snap his fingers to see if he’d get a reaction, but thought better of it.  Despite her age, she still had a good aim and he really didn’t feel like nursing a headache or hear Kurama’s bitching about having to heal a headache.  Then he would have sworn he saw a dark cloud start to emanate from behind her chair as she started cracking her knuckles and chuckling evilly.  And were those flames erupting as well?  Oh damn.  Sasuke was a goner.  No doubt about it in his mind.  Between Sakura-chan and Tsunade-baa-chan, he didn’t have a wing and a prayer.  Those two were lethal when it came to dishing out plates of whoopass.  And one look at her face told him that Sasuke was going to get a heaping plateful.  Maybe seconds if he was unlucky enough.  He only wished that he could feel sorry for the bastard.  “Just so you know, Sakura-chan’s already got first dibs on beating the shit out of him.  And I had to make her promise not to be too hard on him.  The same goes for you, baa-chan.”

Crossing her arms across her chest, she muttered, “Party-pooper!  And I had some really great schemes to make his life hell.  So, I take it that the Uchiha is on the list of people you don’t want me to tell your whereabouts to?”  At his nod, she sighed.  “Fine, Naruto, I’ll grant you leave.  But you have to be back in two days.  If you decide to stay longer, send me a message and let me know.”  She gave one last parting comment as he turned to leave.  “Naruto, you can’t run from this forever.  You have to confront the problem and not hide from it.”

“I know, baa-chan.  I plan on using those two days to get my head together.  Don’t worry about me, okay?”  With a wave, he closed the door behind him.

“Tell me not to worry, huh?  That’s impossible, brat, and you know it.  Humph…I might not be able to do physical damage to the Uchiha brat, but he didn’t say anything about not playing mind games with him.  Just wait until he comes asking me where Naruto went to.”  Cackles of laughter could be heard outside of her office, scaring any passerby who lingered in the halls.

Waving to Naruto as he passed her, Shizune paused with her hand on the door knob, fearful tremors quaking through her at her mistress’s evil laughter.  She so did not want to go in there when Tsunade-sama was in that kind of mood.  Some poor fool ticks her off and she was the one who had to bear the brunt of it.  Mentally cursing whoever it was, she opened the door and prepared herself to meet the mood du jour of the day.


Stepping away from his bed, Naruto surveyed the open backpack sitting on his bed.  Going back over what he had packed, he decided that he had enough for his little trip.  As he closed the pack shut, he chuckled softly in remembrance of his first trip with Ero-sannin.  This time his pack was a lot smaller than it had been back then.  He still missed the perverted hermit.  Naruto had to wonder how Jiraiya would have reacted to his situation with Sasuke and then realized he would have probably reacted in much the same way Tsunade-baa-chan had.  And then he’d whip out his little notebook so he could take notes on their sex life, which would have made Naruto’s eyes start twitching again.

His eyes strayed to the photos that sat on his nightstand.  Dark eyes stared back from both frames.  Eyes that he couldn’t get out of his mind no matter how hard he tried.  But until he sorted out exactly how he felt, just seeing that familiar face would only make his confusion worse.  And whatever pieces remained of their friendship might just go down the drain if that were allowed to happen.  Raising his hand, he couldn’t help the tiny smile that flitted across his face as his thumb ran over Sasuke’s image.  Even if he didn’t want to admit it, he did still have feelings for the bastard.  And his standing here mooning over a photo wasn’t getting him any closer to his decision.  “Goodbye for now, Sasuke.  I’ll see you when I get back.”

To his utmost relief, he didn’t run into any of his friends as he made his way to the village gates.  Izumo and Kotetsu were on guard duty, monitoring the coming and going of people into the village.  Waving to them, he stopped in front of the guard desk.  “I’m leaving the village for a few days.  Tsunade-baa-chan’s given me permission.”

“Okay, Naruto.  We’ll see you in a few days.”

As he stepped away and walked through the gates, he felt his heart get a bit lighter.  While reaching a decision wouldn’t be easy, it’d be even worse if he had to do so while remaining inside the village.  A few days off seemed like a small price to pay to come to a decision about what he needed to do concerning Sasuke.


An angry Sakura made her way to the Uchiha’s apartment, intent on giving one Uchiha Sasuke a piece of her mind.  Naruto and Sasuke-kun were like brothers to her, but she would be damned if she’d let the raven-haired male get away with what he did.  With Tsunade-sama’s plan firmly implanted in her mind, she banged her knuckles angrily on his apartment door.  No response came her way, so she knocked again.  Still no response.  That was when she began to feel some sense of fear.  Naruto’s words echoed in her mind when he’d said that Sasuke-kun had admitted to being desperate in his wanting to know why Naruto had been ignoring him.  She could only hope that the other man hadn’t done anything foolish after Naruto left.  Testing the door, she found it to be unlocked.  The door opened to reveal, to her relief at least, no apparent destruction of the interior of the apartment.  No pools of blood or a figure lying motionless.  Sakura shook her head, annoyed at herself for thinking such thoughts.  Get a grip, Sakura!  This is Sasuke-kun we’re talking about.  Surely, he wouldn’t be so emo that he’d commit suicide?  Well, yeah, he’s probably sitting somewhere brooding, but that’s it.  “Sasuke-kun, where are you at?  It’s Sakura.  I wanted to talk with you.”  Preferably after smacking your ass around for what you said to Naruto!

Again, there was no answer to her calls.  Quickly growing annoyed with the idiot, she made her way into the living room.  A subdued Sasuke sat on the couch and she saw the large, purplish bruise making the left side of his face appear swollen.  Recognizing Naruto’s handiwork, she debated whether or not she wanted to beat him up after seeing that.  “Why didn’t you answer when I knocked on the door or called your name?”  Silence filled the room after she asked her question.  “Damn it, Sasuke-kun, quit acting like I’m not even here!  This behavior is unlike you.  Is this how you’d want Naruto to see you – looking like a puppy who’s just been spanked with a newspaper?”  The mention of her other teammate’s name elicited a response.  Well, if you could call flinching a response.

Sasuke didn’t even glance up at the pink-haired kunoichi.  He muttered bitterly, “Naruto doesn’t even want me around him right now.  Why should I worry about what he’d think of me?  He’d probably laugh and say I deserve to be like this.”  His head jerked up as he felt a strong hand grip the front of his shirt.  “Sakura, what the hell…”

“Listen to me, damn it.”  Sakura all but snarled.  “I won’t stand here and listen to you talking about Naruto like that.  Don’t assume how he’d react just because you messed up!  Do you know where Naruto ended up going to when he left here?  He came to my apartment looking so dejected that it hurt to see him.  How could you do that to him, Sasuke-kun?  He loved you!  Karin and I were there when he was confused about how he felt about you.  It pained him so much as he tried to figure out what exactly he was feeling.  Look at it from his perspective.  Naruto grew up without anyone who cared for him except for Iruka-sensei and the Sandaime Hokage.  Then he met us and Kakashi-sensei, not to mention the rest of the rookie twelve and we became his family as well.  Try imagining spending your younger years constantly wondering why no one loved or cared for you.  Now do you see why Naruto was confused?  He didn’t want to lose someone that he cared for just because his feelings for them happened to be love.  You grew up with people adoring you.  That’s something you’d be used to, so don’t just think it would be as easy for Naruto to admit his feelings.”

Sasuke stared wide-eyed as Sakura ranted at him.  Knowing what Naruto contained within him, he should have thought better of his actions.  Yeah, he was a colossal fool, but he didn’t need Sakura rubbing it in.  “I get the picture, Sakura.  Now would you kindly remove your hand from my shirt?”  Her death grip eased and he merely grunted in annoyance as he straightened out his shirt.  “If you two knew all this time how he felt, why didn’t either of you say anything?”

“Because Naruto asked us not to say anything and we wouldn’t break a promise that we made to him.  Besides, I felt it was up to Naruto to say something to you about how he felt.  I may think of both of you as my brothers, but don’t think I won’t get involved when it’s necessary.  And that time has arrived.  Consider yourself lucky I’m not punching the crap out of you right now.  It’s only because I promised Naruto that I’d restrain myself in concern to you that you’re not passed out in a crater in the floor.”  Changing topics, she then said, “Did you know that Naruto is leaving the village?”

Sasuke winced at that bit of news.  “Yes, he told me before he left.  Don’t worry, I’ll go talk to him.  Hopefully, I can get through to him.”

“Sorry, Sasuke-kun, that’s not going to work.  According to Tsunade-sama, he’s already left the village.  Izumo-san and Kotetsu-san reported to her stating they’d seen him leaving the village.  I don’t know where he’s gone to, so don’t question me about it.  Poor Tsunade-sama, she looked completely devastated.  The last thing she expected was for him to leave.”

“He’s coming back, though.  Isn’t he?  This is Naruto we’re talking about.  He wouldn’t abandon the village or his dream of becoming Hokage!”

“No, Sasuke-kun, he’s left for good.  Why should he have stayed?  It’s not like you gave him a reason to.  You practically rubbed it in his face in regards to Kurama and shattered any hope he had about the village finally accepting him.  So, Sasuke-kun, please tell me why you think he would want to stay?”

Those words made the blood in his veins run cold.  He could remember the look in Naruto’s eyes when he left.  “Away…from Konoha and you – and once I get there, I might not return.  Everyone has their limits, Sasuke, and I’ve been pushed to mine.”  The Godaime had to know where he was going, right?  He would have told her, seeing as how close he was to her.  That thought spurred him into action as he sprang up from the couch and flew out the door.  Naruto, you damned idiot!  When I find you, you are going to fucking listen to me!  I’m not about to let you go a second time.

Sakura smirked to herself as she saw how her teammate raced out of his apartment like his ass was on fire.  Oh, she did know where Naruto went, but it wasn’t her place to tell him.  Tsunade-sama reserved that right when she told Sakura of her plan to get back at the Uchiha.  Since they didn’t want to upset Naruto any further by beating the shit out of Sasuke, they instead decided to torture him mentally by making it appear as if Naruto had left the village for good.  And judging from his reaction to her words, she could tell that he actually did love the blond if he was willing to face an enraged Tsunade to find his whereabouts.  With her job done, Sakura hummed happily to herself as she closed the door behind her.  She just hoped that Naruto didn’t mind their interference in this.


Tsunade felt the Uchiha’s chakra signature before he even entered her office.  Laughing softly, she proceeded to put her part of the plan into action.  Shizune stood beside her, TonTon in her arms.  She’d been briefed on what had happened and promised to do whatever they needed for the plan to work.  Using a bottle of eye drops out of her desk drawer, she quickly placed some drops into her eyes to mimic tears.  Blinking a couple of times, she could feel the wetness on her face as the liquid dripped from her eyes.  Replacing the bottle into the drawer, she shut it closed.  And just in time as she heard the sharp rapping of someone knocking on her office door.  “Come in.”

Sasuke heard the Godaime call him into her office.  Her voice didn’t sound as strong as it usually did and he was reminded of Sakura telling him how heartbroken the woman had been.  Slowly opening the door, he was met by the sight of a crying Godaime, a somber Shizune standing next to her.  When she caught sight of him, he saw the spark of anger that lit up her eyes.  A pissed off Godaime equaled being stuck up Shit Creek without a paddle or boat.  Maybe it was time to draw upon his Uchiha training so he wouldn’t end up in a pulp on her office floor.  Reluctantly closing the door behind him, in effect shutting off his quickest escape route, he stood before her desk facing her.  Okay, keep calm.  She can smell fear, remember that!  “Tsunade-sama, do you know where Naruto went to?  Sakura made mention that he was leaving the village permanently.”

“Are you happy now, Uchiha?  You just didn’t know when to quit and now you’ve driven Naruto out of the village he loves!  Let me tell you this - the only thing keeping me from jumping this desk and kicking your ass all the way to Sound is that Naruto made me promise him that I wouldn’t hurt you.  How could you do that to him?  First, you use your damned kekkei genkai on him to try and control Kurama and then, to add insult to injury, you throw it in his face about his ability to control the demon fox.  You don’t do that to someone you claim to love, Uchiha.  I do know Naruto’s location, but why should I divulge it to you?  Knowing what you’ve done recently, I don’t see any reason to torment him any further!”  Her keen eyes caught the bruised swelling on the side of his face and she had to bite back a grin.  Looked to her like Naruto had gotten his point across before he left.  Now she knew why he’d asked both her and Sakura to not hurt him further physically.  Of course, if it was her, he’d be sporting a lot more damage than that bruise.

“Consider yourself lucky that I’m not punching the crap out of you right now.  It’s only because I promised Naruto that I’d restrain myself in concern to you that you’re not passed out in a crater in the floor.”  “Let me tell you this - the only thing keeping me from jumping this desk and kicking your ass all the way to Sound is that Naruto made me promise him that I wouldn’t hurt you.”  Had Naruto made them promise not to hurt him?  That one thought gave him hope that maybe, in time, Naruto would forgive him.  It was unlike an Uchiha to beg, but he wasn’t going to get Naruto’s whereabouts from her any other way.  “Tsunade-sama, you have every right to be angry with me.  I screwed up and it cost me Naruto.  For what it’s worth, I do love Naruto and I’m deeply sorry for what I did to him.  Please, Tsunade-sama, allow me to rectify my mistake by talking things out with Naruto.  I don’t want to have this distance between us.”

Tsunade openly stared at the Uchiha.  Did he just beg?  She almost checked outside her window to see if Hell had frozen over.  Containing her smirk, she replied, “Alright, Uchiha, I'll tell you.  But if you screw up this time, you won’t get a second chance.  He’s at the town where he and Jiraiya were searching for me.  I’m sure you remember where it’s at.”

Sasuke had no trouble in recalling the town.  He’d been so worried when he learned that his brother had been after the blond, only to learn later that Itachi was here as a warning against the councilors to remind them that he was still alive.  It made sense that Naruto would return to a place where he’d been with his former sensei.  “Thank you, Tsunade-sama.  I won’t let you down.  Naruto will be returning with me.”  He bowed and quickly exited the room.

Tsunade took TonTon from her assistant’s arms and stroked his ears gently.  “Well, Shizune, was that an award-winning performance or what?  I’ve got him right where I want him.  Humph.  How ironic that it’s Sasuke now doing the chasing instead of Naruto.  Let’s see if he makes a big fool of himself this time or if he’s learned his lesson.”


Sasuke practically yanked clothing out of his closet as he stuffed it into a backpack.  His heart was racing frantically against his chest as he pondered over his soon-to-be reunion with Naruto.  How would the blond take it when he saw him?  Icy blue eyes swam before his vision as he recalled how Naruto had looked when he saw him last.  He’d just have to make him listen, that’s all.  Closing his backpack, he hoisted it onto his back.  His eyes came into contact with the framed photo of himself and Naruto when they’d attained Chunin status.  The blond had been so happy that he was one step closer to realizing his dream of becoming Hokage.  He couldn’t help but smile as he saw those blue eyes lit up in happiness.  It made him regret ever opening his big mouth and saying what he did about Kurama.  I’m coming for you, Naruto, and I’m not letting you go.  The soft click of the door closing behind him broke the silence in the room as Sasuke made his way to Naruto’s destination.

Naruto placed his bag onto the bed as he gazed around the room.  The hotel really hadn’t changed that much since he was last here.  Well, nothing except the repairs to the damage it had sustained from the fight with Itachi and Kisame.  They had barely gotten there before they were off once more on their search for Tsunade.  It was times like these that he missed his sensei the most.  Though often perverted, Ero-sannin could give him advice that made his decisions clearer.  Rubbing his hand across the back of his neck, he sighed softly.  Standing around in this room would only make him more depressed.  Deciding to go sightseeing, he pocketed his room key and wallet before walking out the door.  He nodded to the desk clerk as he left the hotel.  The sights of a bustling town surrounded him and he allowed himself to be drawn in.  For a few days at least, he would be allowed to forget.  Here he could be himself and no one would sneer or shout things at him in relation to Kurama.

He walked with no particular destination in mind.  Taking in the various sights he hadn’t had time for on his previous visit, a sign caught his eye out of the corner of his vision.  Turning to glance at it, he saw that it was an occult shop.  A sign in the window offered psychic readings.  He had to suppress a shiver.  Supernatural stuff always gave him the absolute creeps!  But he had to admit that the idea of a psychic intrigued him.  Maybe he could get the advice he wanted about his current situation.  He walked up to the shop’s door and let himself in.  The atmosphere in the shop was eerie, to put it mildly.  Occult paraphernalia lined the shelves along the walls, some of which made him eye it warily just by its appearance alone.  A separate room sat at the back of the store, glittering beads hanging from the doorway.  Not spotting anyone in the store, he was about to turn around and leave, when he heard the beads clinking softly.  Glancing over his shoulder, he saw a middle-aged woman exit the back room.  She wore a scarf over her light brown, shoulder-length hair.  Dark eyes seemed to pierce through him as she stared intently in his direction.  A burgundy top was paired with a long, black skirt.  Bracelets clanked and jingled softly as her arms moved.  Turning back around, he swallowed nervously as he waited for her to say something.

“Welcome to my shop, young man!  My name is Anzu.  What can I do for you today?”

Naruto didn’t know what to say at first, but then he replied, “I kind of need some advice on a personal matter.”

“Then you’ve come to the right place!  Come this way and I’ll do a reading for you.”  She walked back into the room, indicating that Naruto should follow.

Feeling less uneasy than a few moments ago, Naruto followed her, pushing the beads aside as he entered the room.  A table and two chairs sat before him.  Anzu took a seat in one of the chairs and directed for him to do the same.  He watched as she drew a set of cards out of a wooden box.  The cards themselves had weirdly drawn pictures.  When she raised them towards him, he glanced at her inquisitively.

“Take these tarot cards and shuffle them.  As you shuffle, mentally ask your question.  When you’re done, hand them back to me.”

Curious as to how cards could give him an answer, he took the deck from her hand.  Gauging their weight in his hands, they felt to him like an ordinary deck of cards, although they were bigger.  Taking a deep breath, he shuffled the cards while he thought of his question.  What should I do about Sasuke?  Once he was done, he handed them back to Anzu.  Watching her cut the cards, she only took a certain number of cards off the top of the deck.  Next, she laid them face-up on the table.

Anzu scrutinized the cards carefully.  This boy did indeed have some issues to work out.  “First, we need to look at the heart of the matter.”  Tapping the card with a deep red fingernail, she told him, “This tells me that you’re confused as to how to proceed in a matter.  The floor has literally been taken out from under you.  You feel there are many obstacles in your way, as referenced to this card here.  I’m seeing both an outside force and an internal one.”  Glancing up at Naruto, she said, “It’s no wonder you needed some guidance.  Could the internal factor be something like insecurity?  As for the outside interference, I’m seeing a large group of people.  Perhaps it’s their opinion you fear.”

Naruto sat in his chair with a stunned expression.  How in the hell had she known that?  Was it possible to read his past just from a few cards?  “You’re right, Anzu-san.  My past hasn’t been entirely rosy, so it’s left me with some insecurity that I’m still dealing with.”

“I feel you’ve had to work hard for acceptance because of something in your past.  Sometimes it seems as though you hit a wall, but you keep persevering.  Although it seems lonely, you do have people who support you.”

Feeling a soft smile break over his face, Naruto nodded.  She’d hit the proverbial nail on the head with everything she’d said so far.  His friends had accepted him.  Even when they’d found out about the demon fox, they’d still been his friends.  “You’re right.  What else do you see, Anzu-san?”

Glancing over the cards again, she looked at his present situation.  “Oh, my…it seems as though you’re having problems with a loved one.  You feel as though he betrayed you in some way.  I feel like he’s taken advantage of a weakness of yours and you’re having a hard time forgiving him.  Even when apologizing to you for his actions, he somehow managed to hurt you even more.  I see now why you needed counsel, young man.”

Naruto’s thoughts turned to Sasuke when Anzu mentioned his present.  Remembered the look in those dark eyes when he left, saw how they practically begged him to stay and forgive him.  Logically, he knew for Sasuke to have done what he had meant the older man had been trying to reason out why Naruto was avoiding him.  The actions he’d taken still hurt to think about.  “Yes, that’s what happened.  He did something without my knowledge.  Even though I know the reason why, I still have trouble forgiving him.  His apologizing didn’t ease my indecision, especially seeing as how he brought up things better left in the past.”

Anzu nodded and turned back to the cards.  “Apparently, this isn’t the first time he’s hurt you.  Just so we’re on the same page, I’m seeing that this guy has dark hair and eyes.  Am I correct?”  At Naruto’s nod, she continued, “The card that indicates him suggests he’s had a bad past as well.  You two seem to be linked…like soulmates.  It’s almost like you have a bond that nothing can sever.  This guy has tried to do this in the past, but never succeeded.  I’m thinking maybe he felt as though nurturing that bond was a weakness instead of the strength it was.  You have a very strange guy, young man.”

You have no idea, lady, how strange he can be.  Bitter tension eased into his veins as he remembered those events vividly.  For all of his mocking words about the bond they carried, the older male had never been able to break it.  Of course, he offered excuses as to why he didn’t carry through with his threats, but Naruto now knew better.

As Anzu continued to pore over the cards, she knew what advice needed to be said.  “Young man, deep down I know that you love this young man the cards indicate.  You’ve forgiven him countless times and even went so far as to pursue him.  Yes, he’s betrayed you and I know that can be difficult to forgive and forget.  However, you know he only did so as a last resort, hoping it would help him to retain you so you wouldn’t leave.  Love is never easy, young man, and your past definitely doesn’t help its cause.  I think you know what to do and I trust you’ll make the correct decision.  I also wouldn’t put it past your friend to come after you and do the pursuing now.”

Naruto wanted to snort aloud at the image of Sasuke chasing after him for once, instead of the other way around.  But Anzu did have a point when it came to Sasuke.  He always forgave him.  He’d even had his friends’ question about why he still forgave him, after everything Sasuke had done.  There hadn’t been an answer then, but now he knew.  “Thanks for all of your help, Anzu-san.  I think I know where I need to go from here.”  Rising from his seat, he was surprised when Anzu rose to give him a hug.

“I know you’ll make the right choice.  After all, who’s the psychic around here?”  She gave him a small wink.  When he tried to pay her, she politely declined.  “This reading was free of charge.  Shoo!  Get going!  You’ve got to think about what you’re going to say to that young man of yours.”

Laughing for what seemed like the first time in weeks, Naruto waved goodbye as he walked out of the shop.  Now feeling more at ease than when he arrived, the blond decided to take a detour.  Remembering that there was a lake on the outskirts of the village, he decided that would make a perfect spot to reflect on what he was going to tell Sasuke when he saw him next.  As soon as his feet hit the shoreline, he was stripping off his sandals, sighing contentedly as his feet were caressed by sand.

Naruto gazed out across the lake, watching as the moonlight reflected off of the water’s surface.  Anzu had been a big help in deciding what to do.  Subconsciously, he knew he’d end up forgiving Sasuke.  Hadn’t he been doing that for years now?  He’d just have to get past the hurt the man’s actions had caused.  The blond still found it hard to believe that his feelings were returned.  And he had to admit that Iruka-sensei had been right about their relationship.  If it concerned himself and Sasuke, then nothing would be easy or smooth.


As soon as Naruto left and Anzu was sure he was out of sight, she said softly, “Release!”  A puff of smoke wafted in the air as the figure of the psychic Anzu morphed into the Copy Ninja, Hatake Kakashi.  “Well, that went better than expected.”  He said aloud as another figure walked from out of the back room.  The real Anzu stood there smiling, dark eyes shining in her face.  “So, did I do a good job pretending to be you, Anzu-san?”  Refraining from bringing out his beloved orange book, he turned to face the psychic.

“You did very well, Hatake-san.  Your student didn’t know the difference between us.  But are you sure he’ll be alright?  From what you told me, it seemed as though he was very hurt by his friend’s actions.  Will he really be able to forgive this Sasuke person?”

“I’ve been their sensei since they were twelve, Anzu-san.  If anyone should know them by now, it’s me.  Naruto is, by nature, a very forgiving person.  But even I had to admit I thought Sasuke had crossed a boundary he should never have crossed.  Honestly, they both can be so stubborn that it’s downright frustrating.  I have it on good authority from the Hokage herself that Sasuke is on his way here.  Let’s only hope he doesn’t mess things up further.”

Anzu nodded as she replied, “We can only hope, Hatake-san.”


Sasuke stopped for a moment to catch his breath before he started searching the town for Naruto.  Night had fallen and although he’d made the trip in a decent time frame, his body was still fatigued from both the day’s events and his trip here.  But he wouldn’t stop until he’d found his blond.  Memories washed over him as he stepped into the town.  Remembrances of the worry and anger he’d felt at knowing that Naruto was in danger.  That same worry riddled with guilt gnawed at his mind now.  It was up to him to bring the blond back.  Going on a hunch, he stopped at the hotel he’d gone to years prior, hoping the blond would have remembered it as well.  He saw the desk clerk even looked the same, albeit older.  “Excuse me, did a blond male with blue eyes check into your hotel?  He’s got three whisker-like marks on each side of his face.”  Sasuke watched impatiently as the other man scrunched up his face in thought, forcing himself to remain calm and not threaten to rip the information out of the clerk.

“Ah, yes!  He checked in about an hour or so ago.  I remember that he stepped out a few minutes after checking in.  Do you wish to wait for him, sir?”

“No, that’s okay.  I’ll look for him in town.  Thanks for your time.”

The only word he had that Naruto had even been here was the desk clerk - and that was if he’d recognized him correctly.  Walking back out of the hotel, he spotted a flash of silver out of the corner of his eye.  Mouth twisting into a frown at the familiar chakra, he knew he had company.  “Quit hiding, Kakashi!  I know you’re there, so just go ahead and show yourself.”  Sasuke closed his eyes, trying to quell the feeling of irritability at knowing his sensei had followed him here.

A small poof and there stood Kakashi, his ever-present orange book in his hand.  “Fancy meeting you here, Sasuke-kun.  I had no idea you’d be here as well.  I take it you’re doing a little fox hunting, hmm?”  Turning a page in his book, his uncovered eye glanced up to see his student’s reaction.

“Did Tsunade-sama send you after me to make sure I didn’t make an ass out of myself?  Damn it, do you people think I’m stupid enough to make a second mistake?!”

“Calm down, Sasuke.  I was sent here by Tsunade-sama to, now how did she put it?  Ah yes, to "speed things along for you".  And yes, I did have a nice chat with Naruto-kun, thank you for asking!  You certainly did a number on him, didn’t you?”

Sasuke seemed taken aback for a second.  “You’ve spoken with Naruto?  Then he really is here?  Is he alright?  He’s still mad at me, isn’t he?  Damn it!”

Kakashi had to restrain the urge to laugh.  It wasn’t often that one saw an emotional and babbling Uchiha.  “To answer your question, yes he’s here.  Naruto was perfectly fine, considering the circumstances.  And to answer your last question, he’s no longer mad at you.  At least I don’t think he is.”

“And what’s that supposed to mean?”

“Well, our dear blond was advised by yours truly to forgive you.  I made a good psychic, if I may say so.”

“Then do you know where he is now?”

“Nope, you’ll have to find him on your own, Sasuke.  I’ll see you both when you return.  Oh, and if you’re going to be late returning, please let Tsunade-sama know.  Bye!”  With that said, he disappeared in a cloud of smoke.

Sasuke felt marginally better knowing that Naruto wasn’t as upset as before.  Now began his search for the blond.  He tried sensing the man’s chakra, but he wasn’t having any luck.  Where could he be at?  Shop after shop, restaurants, all of these had been thoroughly searched and still no sign of Naruto.  He was almost out of the city limits and no sign of the man.  Leaning against a tree, he felt the wind as it whispered gently against his face.  Although it was faint, he could hear the sound of water nearby.  And then his senses prickled slightly as he caught the familiar feel of a certain chakra.  Using that as his guide, he walked slowly and cautiously, tamping down his chakra so it wouldn’t alert the blond-haired male to his presence.  Dark eyes softened at the sight of the blond laying ahead of him on the sandy shoreline.  His hair blew softly around his face.  Blue eyes were closed as his head lay pillowed on his arms that were folded beneath his head.  The Hokage’s words echoed in his mind and he knew that he couldn’t mess things up this time.  It simply wasn’t acceptable.  Toeing off his sandals, Sasuke held them loosely in his hand.  Soft sand gave way under his feet as he came closer to where Naruto lay.

Naruto’s nose twitched as the familiar scent hit it.  He almost smiled at the knowledge that Sasuke had followed him.  Looks like Anzu had been correct.  The other male may have been hiding his chakra, but Naruto had the demon fox’s keen senses on his side.  He heard the footsteps stop and knew Sasuke was near him.  Slitting his eyes open, he gazed steadily at Sasuke.  “Took you long enough, bastard.  I was beginning to think you weren’t going to show up.”  He had to fight back the grin at Sasuke’s shocked expression.  Deciding that playtime was over, he rose to a sitting position, shaking the excess sand off of his clothes and hair.  “So, seeing that you came all this way after me, I assume you’ve got something that you want to talk about.  Am I right?”

Sasuke had stopped when he first heard Naruto’s voice, but now he resumed walking towards the blond.  This was his last chance to make things right, so he couldn’t afford to mess up.  He stopped in front of Naruto, looking at the calm blue eyes that stared back.  His sandals slid loose from slack fingers, hitting the sand with a soft plop.  Sinking to his knees in the sand, he wanted nothing more than to kiss the blond senseless, but that would have to wait.  At least until he knew Naruto had indeed forgiven him.  “Naruto, I’m sorry.  Please believe me when I say that I never meant to hurt you.  I know what I did was wrong and that I hurt you deeply.  My being desperate isn’t an excuse, but at the time I felt like I had no choice.  I love you and I know that you love me.  Can you forgive me, Naruto?  Do I get a second chance to make things right this time?”

Naruto couldn’t believe that he had an Uchiha on his knees and begging for forgiveness.  This was definitely one for the record books.  The raven-haired male certainly looked contrite.  He contemplated prolonging the Uchiha’s torture for a few minutes before deciding against it.  Naruto wasn’t that cruel.  But he could play with his prey a little – that was certainly acceptable.  Reaching an arm out, he grabbed the other male by his shirt, pulling him directly against the blond’s body.  Wanting to groan as the contact between their bodies felt so good, he simply relished in the feel of having Sasuke with him.  “Words are overrated, teme.  I’ve got another way you can go about begging for my forgiveness.”

Sasuke didn’t know how to react at first.  He went from begging the blond for his forgiveness to being hauled up against a finely muscled body.  At hearing Naruto’s words, he knew instantly that the other male had forgiven him.  But that wouldn’t stop him from extracting some form of punishment.  “You’re right, words are overrated.  Besides, I’d rather take the hands-on approach myself.”  He took the initiative this time as he pulled Naruto closer to him.  “And if memory serves me correctly, you’re a fast learner when it’s hands-on.  So, feel like being tutored, Na-ru-to?”

“So, you think you can teach me, huh?  Let’s see what you’ve got, sensei.”

Sasuke smirked wickedly as he leaned into Naruto.  His breath ghosted across the blond’s ear as he whispered, “Don’t worry, Naruto.  I definitely know how to teach you.  And trust me, this will be more enjoyable than learning any jutsu could ever be.”  His hand cupped the blond’s face, thumb rubbing circles against his jawline.  Lips usually accustomed to frowning eased into a soft smile as he heard the soft gasp that escaped from the other male’s mouth.  Black eyes never left blue, instead gazing into them to let him know that he was adored by the raven-haired male.  He didn’t want to rush the younger man…especially after their first encounter together.  “Are you sure you want this, Naruto?  I don’t want to end up hurting you again.”

That finger felt so good rubbing against his skin and then the bastard had to ruin it by asking the most absurd question.  Eyes narrowing in irritation, Naruto replied, “Did you just have to kill the mood, bastard?  Yes, I’m damn well sure that I want this.  If I didn’t, your ass would have been pounded into the ground by now.  So get back to seducing me properly and not acting as though I’m a glass figurine that will shatter with the slightest touch!”

Those words sent Sasuke’s restraint flying out the window as he pushed the blond flat onto the sand.  “You want to be seduced, huh?  Well, let’s see what I can do to make you happy.”

Naruto almost sighed in relief.  It took the bastard long enough to figure it out.  However, as he felt the scratchy sand against his skin, he really had to wonder if he wanted to make love on the beach.  He almost shuddered in revulsion at the image of sand lodging itself where it shouldn’t.  That would sting like a bitch.  “Sasuke, as much as I want you to fuck me senseless, I don’t want to do it here.”

The blond’s words penetrated the foggy recesses of the Uchiha’s mind as he looked at him dumbly for a minute.  “What are you talking about?”  Seeing the sand on his skin, he agreed with Naruto.  “So, your hotel room, then?”  At the blond’s nod, he smiled.  “Let’s go then because I’m not letting you out of my sight.”

Once back in the hotel, with their sandals and Sasuke’s bag lying on the floor, Sasuke made the hand seal for a kage bunshin.  Giving him a look, the clone nodded and walked over to the door.  Once he had the Do Not Disturb sign in place and the door locked, Sasuke released the clone, watching as it disappeared with a puff of smoke.  Glancing back at Naruto, he saw a bemused look on the blond’s face.  “Now we can be all alone, without any interruptions.”  Finally, he was reunited with the one he loved and no one would disturb them.  And if they even thought about doing so, they’d find themselves crispy in three seconds flat.  “Now, where were we?  Ah, yes…I was about to seduce you.  I’m warning you now, Naruto.  You’d better be sure about this because after tonight I’m not letting you go.”

“I meant what I said already.  Jeez, one would think you’re chickening ou…mph!”  Naruto didn’t get to finish the rest of his sentence as he felt Sasuke silencing him with his mouth.  Melodramatic bastard.  Took him long enough.  Seriously, what’s a guy gotta do to get laid around here?

Sasuke couldn’t hide the groan he made as he felt the blond’s mouth moving against his.  It felt right to have Naruto back in his arms where he belonged.  He’d been afraid that Naruto may never forgive him.  In his mind, he kept seeing the blond male’s betrayed and angry expression.  Even he had to acknowledge that what he’d done hadn’t been the wisest move.  And although it felt nice just kissing him like this, he wanted more.  His entire being craved it, knowing what lay beneath the other male’s clothing.  Their lips broke apart with a slight popping sound, the thin sliver of saliva that connected their mouths snapping in two.

“You know, Sasuke, you’re wearing entirely too much clothing.  We really need to remedy that.”  Naruto grasped his shirt and pulled it over the man’s head, neither caring where it landed as they had more important things to do.  Calloused hands ran over the sinewy planes of Sasuke’s chest, able to appreciate it more now that he wasn’t drunk.  However, the feel of gritty sand against his own skin was making him annoyed.  He grinned as he came up with an idea.  What better way to get rid of his annoying problem than with a shower?  And he had a willing helper standing before him.  Deciding to tease the Uchiha, he let his fingers drop from the man’s chest.  Backing up, he proceeded to strip off his own shirt, watching as the man’s dark eyes lit up with lust at seeing his bare chest.  As Sasuke moved to step forward, Naruto shook his head no and turned to make his way into the bathroom, knowing he’d have an irritated Uchiha on his trail.

Sasuke was in heaven as Naruto ran his hands over his skin until the dobe pulled away.  He watched, hungrily, as the blond stripped his shirt off, revealing rippling tanned skin.  Wanting to taste that delicious looking skin, he went towards the other male, who to his irritation, turned and walked towards the bathroom.  Eyes threatening to shift to the Sharingan, Sasuke stalked after the other male, intent on getting his way.  “Naruto, just what the hell do you think you’re…”  His voice faded as his poor brain chose that moment to go on the fritz, as he saw the naked male standing before him.  He dimly realized his mouth was hanging open.  The blond beckoned to him, crooking one finger, as he stepped closer to the running shower.  Getting the hint, he smirked, fingers flying as he stripped the rest of his clothing.

Naruto had to restrain his laughter as he took in Sasuke’s dazed expression.  If he’d known all it took to disrupt the other male’s brain cells was by seeing the blond naked, he could have had the bastard home years ago.  Crooking a finger at Sasuke, he started to ease back towards the shower.  As he noticed Sasuke stripping, he started to pout, crossing his arms over his chest.

Sasuke noticed the blond pouting and couldn’t help but laugh as he asked, “What’s wrong, dobe?”

“You’ve taken all the fun out of getting to strip you, bastard!”

Snickering at Naruto’s petulant sounding tone, Sasuke gathered the disappointed man into his arms.  “This is just one time, Naruto.  You’ll get plenty of chances later.”

Naruto shivered at his words, his imagination going into overdrive at what Sasuke had said.  His hormones were starting to drive him crazy as he stared at the now naked Uchiha.  “Less talk and more action,” he replied as he pulled the other male into the shower with him, the water beating down on them.  Pushing Sasuke against the wall, he let his tongue map a path across pale, wet skin.  “I love how you taste.  I can’t get enough.”  Dipping his head, he ran his tongue over the flat peak of one nipple, working it into a stiff nub.  Hearing Sasuke’s muffled groans made him seek out its twin, not wanting it to be left out.  Seeing how Sasuke’s skin glistened from the water running over it, how those dark eyes seemed to speak directly to his soul, Naruto knew what he wanted to do next.

Dropping to his knees, he knelt before the Uchiha, his face directly facing the other man’s cock.  He hadn’t gotten a chance to pleasure Sasuke before, so now he had his chance.  Remembering what Sasuke had done to him, Naruto decided to return the favor.  Reaching out, he palmed the heated cock, his fingers stroking the turgid skin lazily.  At Sasuke’s pleasured groan, Naruto started to grin.  “Enjoying that, Sasuke?  Then you’ll like this even more.”  Gripping the base with his hand, he started an up and down motion, his fingers encircling the crown and dipping into the dripping slit.  “Look how hard you are, teme.  And I haven’t even started yet!”

“Why not quit talking and put your mouth to better use, dobe?”

Smirking, Naruto replied, “You want me to find a better use for my mouth, huh?  Let’s see what I can do then.”  His lips and tongue followed the path that his fingers created, licking the skin slowly as if Sasuke was an ice cream cone that Naruto wanted to savor.  Blowing softly on the wet skin, he felt the fine tremors that racked Sasuke’s body.  “Look at me, Sasuke.”  When he saw the dark eyes staring into his own, he placed his mouth over the head of Sasuke’s cock, engulfing him.  Twirling his tongue around as he sucked, his dark blue eyes never left Sasuke’s face, watching his expression as Naruto pleasured him.  He almost smirked as he pulled his mouth away, hearing the needy whine escaping Sasuke’s lips.

“Naruto,” the other man growled, his eyes darkening as he frowned at the blond.  “What the hell?”  Just when it had been getting good, the blond stopped his pleasurable ministrations.

“Don’t worry, bastard, I’m not done yet.  I think it's time I seduced you instead."


Naruto stretched luxuriously in the bed, grinning lazily at the man lying beside him.  He felt the hand that gently stroked over his thigh, the heat seeping into his skin.  Easing back down, he reached over to brush black bangs out of Sasuke's eyes.  "Well, did I meet your expectations?"  Blue eyes narrowed in feigned anger as he watched his lover pretend to ponder his prowess in bed.  "Bastard," he huffed, as he turned over.  Feeling lips sucking at the back of his neck, he pretended to ignore him.

"You know I didn't mean it like that, Naruto."  Sasuke replied as he slid closer to the blond's back.  He watched as Naruto turned his head to look at him.  "You surpassed my expectations.  You always do."

Naruto turned onto his back and eyed Sasuke's naked frame.  "Well, Tsunade-baa-chan’s generously given me time off.  And now you're here.  So, I'm thinking we can make use of our time here.  Preferably by staying in this room…in bed."

"I'm interested.  Just don't forget to send her something stating your plans.  It'd be a pain if someone interrupted us…well, for them anyway.


Tsunade chuckled softly to herself as she read the note Gamakichi had handed to her.  The blond had told her that he was officially taking his vacation where he currently was…with the added addition of the Uchiha.  Well, looks as though the brat finally got it right this time.  Still chuckling, she handed the note over to Sakura and Karin.  “Looks like we don’t have a thing to worry about, girls.  They’ll be home in a few days.  Shikamaru was correct when he called them both troublesome.”

Sakura couldn’t help but smile as she read the note.  “At least the sexual tension between them will finally dissipate.  It was getting so hard to keep Naruto’s secret.”

Tsunade glanced over at Kakashi as the silver-haired shinobi leaned casually against the wall.  “And I still can’t believe that you impersonated a psychic.  And Naruto never knew a thing.”

“Well, he needed some advice and I “helped” him, so to speak.  Then it was just up to Sasuke to do what was needed.”

“Troublesome brats, indeed.  Things ought to be livelier now that they’re together.”


Hope you enjoyed this little oneshot of mine!

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