Good sisters share

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Good sisters share

The sounds of Hinata’s and Hanabi’s joint moans resonated through the Uzumaki master bedroom as the sisters shared a passionate embrace, their hips pistoning wildly making their bodies collide hard over and over as they both rode the double ended dildo buried deep in their dripping cunts, their moans getting muffled every now and then as they repeatedly shared deep passionate tongue filled kisses

In their heated passion neither Hyuga heard the front door open and close, their moans and sloppy kissing covering the sounds of the approaching footsteps before Naruto walked by the open bedroom door to head to the bathroom to wash up after the long day of work

“Wait a second….did I see Hinata and...nah it can’t be….”

A couple of moments later Naruto backpedalled back into the doorway, his eyes wide at the sight of his wife and sister in law in a passionate lustful embrace immediately bringing an almost painful tenting to his pants “uuuuh, what’s going on?” he asked stepping into the bedroom finally drawing the attention of the two Hyuga’s

“Look who’s finally home” Hanabi purred with a devious smirk doing nothing to cover herself or hide the situation she was in with her sister “we tried to wait for you but as always you had to work late so what else were we supposed to do? Now get those clothes off and get in here” 

Staring for a few moments more Naruto then just gave a tired smile and started to strip, sure he was tired but he wasn’t going to pass up an opportunity like this, both Hyuga’s eyes dilating and darkening with lust as he proceeded to drop his pants and let his fat heavy erection spring free

Purring as Naruto stepped forward both Hinata and Hanabi pulled off of the dildo they were sharing to crawl forward to the end of the bed where Naruto stood, both of them leaning in in perfect unison to kiss and lick around his cock, the sisters having indulged in enough threesomes with each other to know how to share a cock, both of them humming and mewling as they loving kissed and licked along every inch of him before they both settled on a ‘side’ of him, Hinata moving back up his cock to tease and suck on the tip and first few inches whilst Hanabi moved lower to work on the base and his balls

Teasing the head of her husbands cock with her hot tongue Hinata then took the first five inches of his dick into her mouth, sucking hard on him as Hanabi leaned down to tease his balls with her tongue, both of them moaning as they relished the taste of him making Naruto groan as Hinata began to throat him whilst Hanabi ducked even lower to suck his balls into her mouth

“Fuck yeah” Naruto groaned as his wife gazed up at him with worshipful eyes as she bobbed her head along his cock, the older Hyuga putting more tongue work into worshipping his cock sending blissful shivers up his spine as Hanabi reached up to grip his waist, pulling on it to encourage him to fuck his wife’s face as she sucked harder on his balls

Following Hanabi’s silent instruction Naruto took hold of Hinata’s head and began thrusting slow and deep down her throat making her moan and hum lustfully, eagerly opening her throat for him as Hanabi pulled away from his balls and moved out from under them

As Naruto put Hinata’s throat to work Hanabi moved behind her sister picking the dildo back up, moaning as she slid one end of it deep into her cunt before taking position behind Hinata to push the other end deep into her dripping pussy making her moan and simper around Naruto’s cock

With Hinata now being perfectly spitroasted both Naruto and Hanabi let loose on her, her heavy breasts bouncing and swaying as she bucked herself back and forth to take both the dildo and Naruto’s cock deep into her cunt and throat, her fat ass clapping against Hanabi’s waist making her pause to admire it for a moment “so this is why guys love doggy style so much” the younger Hyuga tittered giving her sister a firm spank before starting to rail into her harder

As Hanabi fucked her sisters cunt with the toy Naruto reached over to grab hold of and massage Hanabi’s tits making the younger Hyuga moan and smile dirtily at him, pushing out her chest so press her tits against his palm encouraging him to grope them harder as she bucked her hips faster, Hinata starting to shake and shudder in her tell tale way of wordlessly saying she was close to cumming

Feeling her climax approaching as well Hanabi bucked her hips harder, panting and moaning shamelessly as she then let out a sharp gasp of pleasure, her hips bucking more erratically as her orgasm hit her first desperately fucking her end of the dildo as Hinata followed suit moments later, the older Hyuga screaming with pleasure around her husband’s cock making him shudder and groan as her throat vibrated around his shaft

Groaning as his cock throbbed and vibrated Naruto moved to pull away not wanting to cum so soon only for Hanabi to lean forward, grabbing his hip with one hand and pressing down on the back of her sisters head with the other making her throat him deeper “oh no you don’t, you cum down her throat!” she outright ordered him “when a girl sucks your cock it’s only polite to cum in her mouth!”

Balancing on her knees Hinata showed her agreement with the sentiment by grabbing hold of her husband’s hips to hold him in place, her wide white eyes gazing up at him silently begging for his load which Naruto found impossible to deny, his hands joining Hanabi’s on Hinata’s head as he then slammed into her mouth one last time before grunting as he came hard down her throat, making Hinata’s eyes crossed as she relished the taste and heat of her husband’s cum as it rushed into her mouth and down her throat

Panting with pleasure as Hinata continued to suck his cock throughout his climax Naruto let her suck until she was satisfied that he had completely emptied his load before she finally pulled away, her lips slightly bruised from the intense blowjob as she panted for breath, her tongue hanging out to gently lap at his cock head to catch the last few drops of cum from the slit

“Well since you got his first load I think it’s only fair that I get his next one” Hanabi stated with a cheeky grin taking hold of Naruto’s arm and pulling on it to coax him to join them on the bed, pushing him down so that he was resting against the pillows before moving to sit between his legs trapping his cock between her strong yet soft thighs so that the underside was pressing against her dripping slit and swollen clit “ooooh fuck that’s the dick I love” she moaned shamelessly as she started to grind against it “this dick needs some cunt meat”

With that she shifted forward to straddle his waist fully, bringing his cock to her hot little cunt before slamming herself down on it, taking him to the hilt in one brutal motion making her back arch and her eyes roll back as sheer ecstasy coursed through her being “fuck yes that’s what I like!” 

As Hanabi started to ride her husband Hinata recovered from her intense orgasm, pulling the dildo from her still clenching cunt and tossing it aside, the older Hyuga sister then moving to mount her husband’s face facing Hanabi as she did so, the sisters then linking hands as they moaned shamelessly as Naruto’s tongue and cock worked their eager cunts

“Damn, fuck sis, you’re lucky I don’t live here otherwise I’d be hogging this dick all to myself” Hanabi panted with a cheeky grin as she gyrated her hips to grind Naruto’s cock deeper into her cunt, her back arching as his cock pressed against all of her sweet spots making her keen with utter bliss

Moaning as she admired the look of ecstasy on her little sisters face Hinata suddenly leaned forward to kiss her, catching Hanabi by surprise before she quickly melted into the kiss adding tongue to make the kiss deep and sloppy as she felt her orgasm building up nice and quick, moaning louder as she felt Naruto’s rough hands on her ass squeezing and spanking it hard making it clap and ripple

Grinding her cunt down harder on her husband’s tongue Hinata broke the kiss to lean down and latch her mouth on one of Hanabi’s breasts, making the younger Hyuga purr and keen at the sensation making crying out as Naruto beat her ass harder and starting to thrust up into her making her bounce on his cock “oh shit fuck yes! Harder Naruto! Fucking fill me and make me cum!!!” 

As Hanabi rode Naruto’s cock harder Hinata moved one hand down her body to start rubbing her clit sending her little sisters brain into sensory overload, her eyes crossing as her body started to violently shake in orgasm, a small trickle of drool running from the side of her mouth as pure ecstasy ran through her being

Gripping her sisters hips Hinata then quite unceremoniously threw her off of her husband’s cock, nearly making her fall off of the bed as she then moved forward to straddle Naruto’s cock reverse cowgirl style guiding his cock passed her pussy and to her tight ass

Coming back to her senses as her orgasm died down Hanabi picked herself up to find Hinata riding Naruto hard reverse cowgirl style, her fat ass clapping against his groin as she took him balls deep into her tightest hole every time she slammed down on him making her tits bounce almost cartoonishly

Moaning at the sight Hanabi was quick to crawl around the bed to settle on her front between Naruto’s legs, watching her brother in laws cock pump in and out of her sisters ass before she leaned in to suck on his balls, making him groan as her hand went to Hinata’s clit to stimulate it just as she had done for hers making the older Hyuga cry out in pleasure, her pussy quivering and clenching as her climax built up hard and fast

Naruto wasn’t too far behind as the feeling of his wife’s tight ass squeezing his cock and his sister in laws hot mouth on his balls being too much for him to resist, the Hokage cumming hard with a low groan of pleasure making his wife cry out with pleasure as he flooded her ass with his hot cum, the feeling of it alongside her sisters fingers on her clit bringing her to a mind shattering orgasm

Shaking and shuddering as her legs gave way causing her to fall back against her husband’s front panting for breath as Hanabi crawled up further to lie down beside Naruto nestled against his side “that was fun” the younger Hyuga tittered as she enjoyed her post orgasm afterglow “same time tomorrow?” 

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