Feisty Fortune

BY : FieldDranzer
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A/N: It's been quite a while since I've actually posted a story, even longer since I wrote a note before it began. This story was the third and  likely final part of the "Monster Fest" series, at least that which was planned ahead of time. As was the case before, the world is an original creation of mine, and basically, the only things that are from Naruto are the characters themselves. Any feedback is always appreciated, and contact information can be found on my page, so please do enjoy the story~


Feisty Fortune

The ferocious howl of a predator had faded away, the schemes of one that mingled with mortals were all but lost, the raging storm that plagued the land had long since dispersed, and the sweet, whispered words of seduction had turned into naught more than a nightmare of the past. 


For more years than most could ever count, the tales of nightmares among men had persisted, serving as both an eternal reminder, as well as a lingering fear for any and all who heard their tales. 


Yet, even in the aftermath of their end, the darkness still lingered. The greatest Nightmare still remained, though its location was unknown. At least, to the general populace. 


Wandering through the great wilderness, following forest trails and mountain roads far and wide, a huntsman clad in black held onto the last remaining fragment of the age of Nightmares. His eyes were forever dark, plagued by the one that held the storm within its grasp. Rustling in the faintest breeze that remained, pitch black hair reached down around his neck, tickling the pale skin there. 


Sasuke Uchiha’s features were pale, but strained, not at all as relaxed as one might expect from he who saved the kingdom from despair. The source of his stress, the cause of his anguish, and undoubtedly the reason why he avoided towns, came in the form of a feminine figure, trailing along behind his back with its arms folded behind its head. 


What followed him around was undoubtedly female in appearance, but in his quiet mind, he had always pondered whether or not that was true. Light creamy skin, paler than when the two had first met oh so many months ago, was covered up by a few pieces of cloth that the huntsman himself refused to acknowledge as armor. 


Black and red pieces of cloth, sewn together into a skirt and a blouse, leaving almost all of her thighs, stomach and arms on display. Although, as was the case with him and his raven black cloak, a bright red scarf adorned her throat; dangling down behind her back in the faintest afternoon breeze. 


“Where are we goiiiing?” Tenten, the Arch-Nightmare known as the Deceptive, voiced her complaints, a pout adorning her gorgeous features. 


Big, brown eyes looked out across the horizon, gazing out at the nearby farmlands as the two continued along with their seemingly endless journey. When no reply came her way, the pout across her face only intensified, and with a burst of speed that left most humans in awe, she appeared behind his back; her slender arms draping themselves around his neck. 


“Come oooooon~ We’ve been walking for hours! Can’t we stop, take a break, maybe you could break me some more over by that tree?” 


However much he tried to remain focused on their path, her needy, whiny plea did make his expression crack. For only a moment, his lower lip wobbled, and with it, a small, stiff smile adorned his lips for the first time that hour. 


“So you can still smile? I thought I’d have to strip down right here and now to see your eyes light up!” Giggling at her own joke, Sasuke turned his head to the side, sending her a dark smirk that served as a deep contrast to the radiant, shining sun above their heads. 


“Was it not enough when you did so an hour ago...” It wasn’t as much of a question as it was a statement, but his brown haired companion playfully ground her groin against his rear nonetheless. 


No more than an hour beforehand, the two had stopped beside a flowing river, freshening up, drinking deeply from its clear water, and, as soon as he had thought to loosen his pants, the nightmarish predator beside him had pounced. Thinking back on it, perhaps spending three whole days and nights together, locked up in bed, immediately after he had conquered her kin, hadn’t been his brightest idea…


Light, nimble fingers trailed down the length of his form, past his hardened leather vest, beyond the belt holding his pants in place, until at long last, Tenten the Deceptive’s fingers circled around his groin. “Enough? Of course not, silly~ You practically reshaped my holes in ways that no mortal or immortal ever could!” 


Feeling a scowl forming along his features, Sasuke Uchiha spun around on his heel once more, nodding his head towards the far off horizon, beyond the mountain range cutting the central province of Seterion in half. “We still have a dozen more miles to cover before we arrive, a full day’s travel, depending on the number of distractions…” 


Behind his back, he could practically hear Tenten’s amusement, and, for what would be the fiftieth time that day, he silently pondered whether or not the woman behind him was an infamous Arch-Nightmare. In opposition to her sisters, Tenten simply felt… off, as if she didn’t care that he had been the one to vanquish her kin, regardless of the means that were used to do so. 


The road ahead of them however was long, and, despite the sun that shone down upon their heads from the clouds above, he knew that once they reached a nearby mountain pass, the weather wouldn’t matter. 


Seterion, the kingdom he had fled to a great many years prior, was divided into three separate provinces. The central province, with villages such as Haven, was where the royal family had once ruled from. In the center of the kingdom, as far from the neighboring borders as one could get, a great castle had once been built, surrounded by a village in and off of itself that would forever be remembered as a castletown. 


Merchants of many races, Dwarves, Elves and even dogfolk wandered through the streets, selling everything from weapons and armor, to fruit, spices and books. From what he could recall, during one of his few visits there, one could even procure a handful of alchemical ingredients. Although, the most prominent feature within Seterion’s present state, were the ruins of a once great adventurer’s guild. 


In the early stages of the Nightmare that had plagued the nation as a whole, the guild had been ravaged; its members slain by Karin the Soulless. 


The royal family persisted, but the grand castle at the center of Seterion would likely remain empty for a great deal of time, if not for as long as the kingdom thrived. What little he knew of the fate of the citizens of castletown was even enough to send a shiver down his spine… Karin had been ruthless in her search, as he had witnessed for himself.


Casting another cautious glance behind his back, he couldn’t help but admire his companion for her tenacity, if nothing else. With their current pace, they would arrive at their destination by sundown, if not even earlier, depending on how many more breaks the Arch-Nightmare demanded to take. Had it been anyone else, he would have surely left them behind by then, but the girl behind him…


… grinding to a sudden halt, Sasuke’s eyes snapped ahead, staring up at the road leading up into a split in the mountain range; the only route one could take, lest they decided to go around. 


Up along a narrow road, a handful of men and women were making their way down towards the traveling duo. Even from where they stood, he could see the trademark of mismatched armor, often used by brigands and marauders that sought to look more intimidating than protected. It oftentimes worked, too. 


“That’s a nice lookin’ lady you got there, friend,” one of the female brigands chuckled, glancing past the darkly clad swordsman to stare at Tenten’s more revealed figure. “Ye’ve got to pay a toll to get through here, but we could probably reach an agreement of some sort, don’t ya think, boys?” 


The direction of their stares was all too obvious, and, as the group reached the bottom of the path, stepping down from the slight incline that would lead the duo up towards the mountain checkpoint, they immediately spread out the tiniest bit, trying to surround the duo without putting too much thought into it. 


“Was your checkpoint approved by the royal family?” Sasuke muttered, a bored tone to his voice as he himself eyed up the men and women around him. 


Straight ahead, a woman had taken up the centermost spot, keeping one hand atop her hip whilst the other was hidden behind her back. To her left and right, a few feet apart, two men were posted up, and, another foot outward, two women held their ground to complete a half circle formation. 


“Oooh~ We got ourselves a kid from the capital?” The woman to his far right spoke up, a teasing tone quickly followed by a gathering of laughter from all around. “Think his family is still alive after the plague that hit? Could get some serious buck for his head; though we’re keepin’ the rest.” 


As intimidating as such an encounter would normally be, Sasuke wanted naught more than to let loose a deep sigh. The brigands had yet to draw their weapons, but they still spoke as if he himself was unarmed. That, as well as…


“Come over here, hot stuff. Come have some fun with a real man,” one of the men to his left reached his arm out, aiming to grab Tenten by the wrist. 


Without so much as a glance behind his back, Sasuke’s hands flew down to both of his hips; strong fingers grasping onto the hilts of his twin swords, before yanking them out of their scabbards. 


In a flash, twin gleams of silvery light shone through the sunlight above their heads, blinding the woman directly ahead before the life was sapped out of her eyes. Bringing his arms out in a beautiful arc, the razor sharp blades of his swords tore through the main woman’s neck, shredding whatever muscles were there before severing what little connected her head to her neck. 


The audible thud that resounded through the mountain pass did not come from either of the men in front, but rather, from the woman whose face was grabbed by a lithe, nimble hand. In a matter of moments, less than the amount of time that Sasuke had spent decapitating the woman before him, Tenten had pounced, slamming her palm against the leftmost woman’s face with enough force to send her careening backward; directly crashing into the solid grey rock of the mountain beside them. 


A battlefield was no time for remorse or regrets. It was an ever changing river, flowing freely, crashing through banks and barricades, ever altering its path. And, in much the same way, when the woman before him fell down to the ground, it was as if the brigands around them sprang to life. 


Swords were drawn, makeshift clubs and scavenged metal shields came forth, and from his right, a gleam not unlike that which shone off of his swords arose. 


Even in the midst of his swing, Sasuke ducked back, stepping outside of his assailant’s range while twisting his upper body around to stare into the rugged, scarred eyes of a male Rogue. Another stab forward, a sidestep to avoid the huntsman’s retaliation, and an attempt at mutilating Sasuke’s stomach by stabbing both daggers forward at once. 


From what little he could see, the poison adorning the edges of the Rogue’s daggers practically dripped off of it; a vile purple liquid that would surely slow him down a lot. Although, the moment the Rogue lunged forward in an attempted mutilation, Sasuke spun around on the balls of his feet, bringing his twin blades around to cut a deep gash across the metal breastplate of another man, while also angling his blades downward to slash the Rogue’s forearms. 


A Blade Dance, aiming for the man behind him and in front of him, while his eyes latched onto the sides of the mountain road. 


Up ahead, lining what had once been a serene mountainside, a dozen figures popped up, one by one, with their arrows nocked and aimed down towards the approaching duo.


“They’re organized, if nothing else…” Sasuke muttered to himself, a soft sigh spilling forth from his lips as his arms spun around with the momentum from his first Blade Dance. 


Beside him however, the woman beneath his companion’s fingers died down at last; a solid indention in the rocky wall holding her head in place as the very life was drained from her eyes. 


Tenten was unarmed, barely clothed, and posed no apparent threat upon first glance, but assuming her to be a helpless, innocent young lady was undoubtedly the gravest mistake a man or woman could make. Her muscles rippled beneath her spotless skin, fingers clenched together into a fist, and as the raven haired huntsman raised the sword in his right hand to swathe away an incoming arrow, he witnessed the sight of his companion’s fist crashing into the side of the final brigand’s face. 


“Organized?” Turning around, her face was completely unscathed; a surprised, near shocked expression adorning her features as her fist returned from the side of the brigand’s face. “Is this what you humans refer to as organized warfare?” 


Blinking his eyes rapidly, Sasuke couldn’t help but stare back at the woman beside him. For all intents and purposes, their attackers were organized to a certain degree, but, when an unarmed woman simply punched one of them to death, he couldn’t help but furrow his brows. 


Snapping back to the matter at hand, the faint rumbling of rocks echoed through the cliffside, signaling the approach of who knew how many more brigands. Their exchange had been brief, perhaps only a few seconds, but all the same, reinforcements were on their way, and the archers above had not stilled. Far above, a rain of arrows approached. 


“How quickly would we have to finish up here to make it in time for dinner?” Tenten pondered aloud, a faint rumble resounding from her stomach. 


“You’re… thinking about food?” Was his only reply, a deadpan expression adorning his features as his feet began to move once more, dashing up along the mountain road at a greater speed than the approaching arrows. 


“Of course! I’m hungry~” Tenten called out behind his back, taking the non-existent shortcut up the side of the mountain with astonishing speed. 


Only then, only for the briefest moment, did he take his time to recount his earlier doubts. She was an Arch-Nightmare, through and through. A single jump got her higher than he could ever jump, and as her feet touched down upon the mountainside, the tiniest indentations burst forth. 


Tenten did, quite literally, dash up along the side of the cliff.




“Are you sure we shouldn’t have brought something…? Y’know, like a trophy?” The question came out of the blue, breaking the comfortable silence that had enveloped them for the past hour or so. 


The sun had long since begun to descend down into the far off horizon, bringing with it a blanket of darkness, a shade of purple, and a soothing chill that caused his hair to stand on end. Their pace had slowed down, but they were still en route towards their destination; a town in the Northern region of Seterion, safeguarded by a massive ring of farmland that encompassed the entire region. 


In the aftermath of the great Nightmare that had blanketed Seterion for so long, the Northern region had been the only one to maintain its peaceful stature. A single town lay at its center, serving as the base of what would later be known as Seterion’s single greatest source of food. Bread, fish and cuisine from far and wide gathered there, beyond the mountain range that had split the kingdom for as long as it had existed. 


However, as the two made their way through the province, what met their eyes was a different sight altogether from what they had borne witness to in the South. Endless fields of wheat and corn adorned the landscape. 


From the base of the mountain, the roads had improved tremendously. Wooden fence posts were scattered along the road they took, lighting up their way as dusk approached, and, after what had felt like a small eternity, their goal at long last appeared before their eyes. 


Gazing upon it now, Sasuke couldn’t help but smile. 


It had changed, grown in size and stature, but approaching the village gates from the South, he couldn’t help but smile at the familiarity. Well paved and properly lit roads led in towards the center of the town itself. From where they stood, his onyx eyes traveled from left to right, swiping past a large stone brick structure, above and beyond a fountain in the center of town, until his orbs at long last landed upon a wooden building to the far left. 


Sliding a hand down to gingerly tap his fingers against Tenten’s nearly exposed rear, Sasuke tipped his head to the side, drawing her attention towards the town’s tavern. “We’re staying here for tonight. If you hurry, you might still get some food-” 


Before he could so much as finish his sentence, the woman at his side had disappeared in a flash, leaving behind naught more than the footprints from where they had stopped. With a roll of his eyes however, Sasuke followed suit, walking off towards the tavern with long, purposeful strides. 


He had been there before, dozens of times over the years, but what continued to draw him in was more than just the charm of the town. His original home, the place where his very life had been turned upside down, was no more than a short walk from there, after all. A quaint little farm that had been blown apart, annihilated by a powerful storm, brought about by the Gale herself. 


Although, as his mind continued to wander, and as his feet brought him closer towards the heavy oak door leading into the tavern before them, his right arm began to reach up to grasp the handle of the door…


… only for it to burst open before his very eyes, slapping his hand away as a petite figure came flying out through the doorway itself. 


“Stay out, shitbreath!” A woman’s voice bellowed out, silencing the otherwise peaceful nature of the village itself, silencing whomever had dared to step outside that late in the evening.


Tumbling out along the ground, a slender person eventually came to a halt, landing face first on the ground with their ass up in the most comical way. Without so much as a glance their way, Sasuke strode forward, ignoring the throbbing pain in his hand from being painfully introduced to the wooden door of the tavern itself. 


Tenten however, chanced a glance behind her back; a look of utter befuddlement adorning her features, along with a pair of wide eyes as she crouched down to double check that the person was, in fact, alive. 


Beyond the wide open doorway, a warm, cozy interior expanded before his very eyes. Thick, wooden logs made up the entirety of the exterior, keeping the warmth of a burning fire inside, whilst dark mahogany planks adorned the walls inside of the main lobby. It was by no means a large room, only truly allowing a person or two to stand comfortably inside, although, the reason for that was in part due to the layout of the tavern itself. 


The moment his feet landed upon the dark floorboards, a heavy creak resounded through the room, and, as Sasuke’s eyes landed upon the tavern keeper before him, the person in question whirled around, a shout already at the ready in response to the persistent person from before. 


“You don’t know when to quit, you filthy- Sasuke?” At least, that was the case until her big, brown eyes landed upon the person before her. “You sneaky son of a bitch, I’ve missed you!” 


Practically vaulting over the wooden counter that separated the room keys of the tavern from the entrance, Tayuya, a red haired woman whose age would forever remain a mystery, dashed forward the moment her feet touched the floor, tackling Sasuke with enough force to knock most men onto their feet. 


“You have to write me sometimes, dipshit!” The moment her face pressed itself against his chest, her arms flung around his sides, grappling him in a way that would undoubtedly reduce his ribs to dust before long. “Arrived at a bad time though. The regulars have all been scared off by this group of brigands in the mountains, and-” 


“Brigands?” At the sound of another woman’s voice, Tayuya stiffened, realizing only then that there was more than one other person in the room with them. 


Straightening out her posture, the motherly, welcoming air around the red haired woman dispersed, replaced in its entirety by a businesslike attitude that matched her appearance more so than her demeanor. 


Only then did Sasuke allow himself a moment to take in the sight of the woman before him. 


Long, silky red hair hung down along her back, framing her pale complexion as big brown eyes quivered in place. Unlike the softer features of his current companion, Tayuya’s eyes were sharp, her lips were almost always in a scowl, and her expression was forever a mix of annoyed and impatient. Although, as his eyes traveled lower, her appearance truly did stand out. 


Even Tenten possessed more curves than the woman before him, and, had it not been for his personal experience with her, he could have sworn that she was, in fact, a man. A loosely fluttering dress, beige in color, ran down from her shoulders towards her knees, fully utilized with a pair of splits on her thighs that showed off a pair of black knickers beneath. With a fully rounded neckline, not even a hint of cleavage was put on display, further giving off the illusion of the woman before him being a man in disguise. Although…


“Yeah, brigands. The fuckers have barricaded themselves up in the mountain range, blocking off every fucking caravan in the area. What, with the shitstorm happening down South, I doubt we’re getting a fix for it anytime soon…” Tayuya mouthed off, not at all bothered by the woman standing behind the raven haired huntsman. “Did’ya walk around the mountain? Probably came from the Eastern province or something like that.” 


Exchanging a brief look with the woman behind him, Sasuke tilted his head to the side, allowing Tenten to step up beside him as the two of them regarded the tavern keeper before them with mild amusement. “Was there a bounty to capture them alive?” 


Before them, the beautiful, subtle quirks of Tayuya’s face twisted into a proper scowl, and, as the barmaid took a step backward to lean against the countertop, she cast a sullen glance towards the woman beside her huntsman friend. “Sasuke, you know how we handle our problems here. There is no wanted alive bullshit around these parts.”


“We came through the mountain pass,” Tenten giggled, stepping around Sasuke and the female barkeeper to peek her head through the leftmost doorway. “Can we eat now? I’m starving!” 


“And the brigands holed up there?” Tayuya raised a single eyebrow, cocking her hips as a very knowing smile graced her pink lips. 


“Dead.” Sasuke supplied, stepping up a bit more before changing the subject altogether. “Can I get a room key? Somewhere to stay for a day or two, maybe-” 


Somewhere in the background, as he glanced between the keys behind Tayuya’s back and the woman herself, he could hear the outraged cry of his companion, shouting about something or other that he couldn’t seem to care about. What little he did care about was the woman before him, as well as whether or not she would permit him to stay the night; the coin was never the deciding factor about who got to stay at Tayuya’s tavern.


Letting out a low sigh from her place beside her huntsman friend, Tayuya’s body stiffened, a slender arm reaching over to grasp a set of keys from within a wooden locker. “The one in the attic is clean, with a bigger bed for your… company tonight.” 


Tossing him the key, the red haired tavern keeper shifted her gaze to the brown haired girl that practically pillaged her tavern, grumbling lowly to herself with words that would never be repeated by the huntsman himself…




Soft creaks echoed throughout the tavern, a set of footsteps making their way up along an ornate wooden staircase, approaching quietly, almost stealthily. Seated within the bedroom within the attic, Sasuke Uchiha’s body stiffened; a hand falling down to rest upon the pommel of one of his swords. 


The room within the attic was, by far, the most private one that the tavern could offer, being one of the few rooms in general, with the entire upper floor to itself. However, even then, it was barely larger than an average household’s bedroom. 


A circular window was raised up off of the wooden floorboards, held within a small nook, just large enough for a grown man to be seated in with ease. On the opposite side, past a large wooden wardrobe, a double bed occupied a generous amount of the floor, easily large enough for two people, if not three, depending on the sizes of the people involved. 


Wrapping his hand around the hilt of his sword as the creaks grew louder still, Sasuke’s body tensed, watching the doorknob being turned around before, at long last, the wooden door to his tavern room was pushed wide agape…


… only for a far too familiar sight to step into view, hastily closing the door behind them. 


Making her way into the room, a set of inquisitive eyes fell upon the wary form of the only male in the room, taking particular note of the hand that rested upon the hilt and pommel of his sword. With a low sigh and an almost comforting smile adorning her lips, the matron of the tavern, Tayuya, sauntered forth, swaying her hips in time with her every step as her eyes locked onto the form of her longtime friend and only family.


“How many times have you beaten me in a sword fight?” The redhead chuckled, pointedly staring at the sword about to be drawn while reminding her friend about their last bout. “I don’t mind beating you into a pulp, but~” 


“Where is she?” He asked instead, feigning as much innocence as he could in her presence while releasing the grip around the hilt of his sword. 


Visibly rolling her eyes at the gesture, Tayuya stepped forward once more, standing naught more than a foot away from the raven haired man before her. “Eating. You can’t have much cash left, traveling with a vortex like her. How much can a girl eat without gaining weight?!” 


From the corner of his eye, he could have sworn to have seen a pout adorning the innkeeper’s lips, but before he could check, her arms fell down to rest upon his broad shoulders; a soft creak resounding through the room as well used springs tightened up within the bed. 


“She’s… unique,” the huntsman began, wanting nothing more to avoid the topic as Tayuya eased herself down into his lap, her knees settling down at either side of his hips. “Some things are better left unknown.” 


Another roll of her eyes, a soft pressure from her arms draping themselves around his shoulders and neck, along with a reminiscent sigh that brought a smile onto his thin lips. “Cryptic, secretive and just unsociable. You didn’t lose your balls to this one, did ya?”


The soft squish of more weight being added to the bed, along with the faint signs of strained springs, reverberated through the tiny room, but no more questions were asked. Her arms draped themselves around his shoulders, pulling the two of them closer and closer still, all the way until, with the smallest pull, their lips were pressed tightly together.


A kiss from the fiery barmaid was nothing like what one could find at a brothel, nor was it the tender kiss of a virgin lover. From the moment their lips smashed together, her hands reached up to comb through his hair, pulling him closer still as her tongue slipped past his tightly shut lips. Her tongue slid up against his own, twisted around it in a show of force, all the while rocking her hips against his unprepared groin. 


From morning till night, the two had been like that, once upon a time. Tightly knit lovers, a motherly figure that attempted to train and raise an unruly, distrustful child, and a woman whose own might was great enough to subdue him in a heartbeat.


Thinking back on it then, it had been… over a decade since the catastrophe; ten long years of wandering the world, experiencing something new wherever he ended up. His home had been ravaged, his family had been slain, and the farm that he would one day take over…? Torn from the very earth itself by a ferocious storm unlike any other. 


Although, as Tayuya’s lips forced themselves upon his, his hands were not idle. Absorbed in the task before her, her guard was lowered enough for him to strike, and with an audible clap that resounded through the air, their kiss was broken at last. 


“H-hey… what’s where you’re touching me, bastard...” Tayuya stuttered, glaring down upon his onyx eyes from her place atop his lap. Although, she couldn’t quite push him away. 


His hands had landed upon her delectable rear, touching, squeezing and molesting her cheeks, groping away at the butt that most men would only ever see in their dreams. Her complaints fell on deaf ears, however foul her language eventually turned. A firm, tight behind, accompanied by strong thighs that had, and likely would, squeeze the breath out of his lungs if she were given the chance. 


“I didn’t expect the growth when we-” Sasuke began, but once more, Tayuya’s lips fell down upon his own, preying upon the fraction of uncertainty within his soul. 


“Seriously, you have to give me something. She’s plowed through my stock like a dozen men, and she’s still eating!” The redhead lamented, a scowl adorning her features even as Sasuke’s fingers caressed the toned cheeks of her behind. “What the hell is she? Can’t be human; that much I figured by your inability to look anywhere but my tits… or do you like ‘em that much?” 


Glancing down for the briefest moment, Sasuke caught himself staring, not so much at the swell of her breasts as much as it was her lack thereof. Tayuya’s assets were not found atop her chest, and, even as the words began to form on his lips, an audible thud resounded from the hallway beyond his room, accompanied by the subtle steps of a woman ascending the stairs. 


“You have got to tell your friend to stock up on more fruit, Sas-” Locked in place as they were, Tayuya could do nothing more than watch as the object of their conversation pushed the wooden door aside, taking a full step into the room before her big, brown eyes locked onto the duo before her.


To her left, there was the large double bed assigned to the two of them, to the right, there was the pale face of a red haired woman, and right in between, as Tenten’s eyebrows twitched, she caught sight of her companion’s sheepish look. Without so much as skipping a beat, her expression changed, shifting more into a deadpan than anything else. “You really don’t waste any time…” 


On Tayuya’s side however, her expression was more akin to one locked in shock than one befitting of a woman in the very beginning of lovemaking. “Did you burn through all that food already? The fuck are you, a damn monst-” 


Before she could so much as utter the word, Sasuke’s hands reached up, past the fluttering cloth of her dress, up until his nimble fingers brushed up against the waistband of what would scarcely be considered panties. The angle was odd, their position was off, but all the same, with his eyes locked fiercely with Tenten’s inquisitive gaze, the lone Uchiha tugged Tayuya’s panties up. 


“Aah~” Her soft moan spilled forth, a light clenching of her thighs telling the Uchiha what little he needed to know. “Fuck off…” although, the venom laced along her tongue still remained the same. 


Flashing her naught more than a smile, Sasuke eased himself down onto his back, listening intently to the soft whine that rang through Tenten’s throat, while watching a small, satisfied smile grace Tayuya’s pinkish lips. He would allow her to feel unique, to feel as if he had chosen her over the perky brunette that glared daggers their way, but, even as Tayuya followed suit, a long index finger waved for Tenten to follow....




“Fuck, that hits the spot~” A low, melodic moan spilled forth from thin, puckered lips. 


“Mmpfhm!” A muffled, barely audible whine resounded, followed by an audible pop as a pair of plump lips popped off of his balls. 


How the two had ended up there, with Tayuya on top of his groin, as naked as she could ever be, with Tenten on her hands and knees behind the redhead’s back, Sasuke would never recall. What little he knew was that, as the broad head of his swollen cock eased its way inside of the barkeeper’s tight, underused pussy, he couldn’t quite seem to care. 


What the barkeeper lacked in curvaceousness, she made up for with endurance and vigor. Her bouncing was quick, ferocious, and left her ass near permanently on top of Tenten’s head; much to said woman’s chagrin. When her tanned dress had come off, the evil within Tenten’s eyes had vanished as well, for in terms of physical competition, she had little to fear. Although…


“He’s ready to cum anytime now~” Tenten cheerfully sang out, as naked as the woman on top of their lover’s thighs as her fingers reached up to cradle his balls. “Do you know how much he usually cums? If you’re not prepared, you might just faint~” 


Atop his groin, Tayuya’s face twisted into a scowl, wanting naught more than to lecture the pup behind her that she had milked his loads years before Tenten even met the man! As much as she’d love to however, a soft squeeze against her perky, pale breasts left her speechless; a soft whine spilling forth from her lips as the cock within her cunt reshaped her. 


“Back to work,” Sasuke ground out through gritted teeth, not so much due to the tension in the room as the tension within his balls. 


Tayuya was inherently tight, both in body and mind. She did what she liked, thought what she wanted to think, and took what liberties she believed she could. From the townspeople to any traveler unfortunate enough to find her in a bad mood, she had her reputation as a strict, stern barkeeper… and, with her pussy rippling around his girth, he could proudly say that that reputation translated to the bedroom. 


His balls ached beneath his lover’s skillful work, wanting nothing more than to release its load inside the warm, willing womb atop his groin, but his cock refused to do the bidding of his balls. From the moment the broad, swollen tip of his dick had pierced the pink, underused pussy above him, Sasuke himself had been lost in a state of euphoric bliss; an ocean of mindless numbness that threatened to overwhelm him fully, shifting colors dancing playfully upon his mind as the jiggling breasts before him practically begged for his touch.


Whether he wanted to or not, he didn’t know, but as soon as that thought struck him, his hands flew up from Tayuya’s waist, returning her pace to her own discretion, but only for the briefest moment before her chest was enveloped in a tight, bruising grip. Another moan spilled forth from her lips, a wave of juices erupted from her snatch, and as Tenten’s lips popped off of his balls once more, another sound joined the rest. 


“W-wait! What the fuck do you think you’re- uuaaah~” From her place behind the duo, nestled between Sasuke’s muscled thighs and legs, Tenten tipped her chin up, burying her nose and mouth between the barmaid’s toned cheeks. 


Her tongue darted forth, swiping up against the entrance to Tayuya’s backdoor, circling the tight ring of muscles there before pushing through with a vengeance. The redhead’s tightest hole was bared before her playful tongue, wiggling back and forth, sliding deeper still to explore the depths of depravity. 


Yet, what caught the raven haired huntsman off guard the most was the pussy enveloping his cock. Tight, wet and near permanently in a state of orgasmic bliss, Tayuya tightened up even more than ever before; a long, unbound moan erupting from her lips as an orgasm was forced upon her unprepared mind. She came, hard, all from having a woman’s tongue inside of her behind…


… of course, as much as he himself had hoped for her to do so, Tenten’s hands had not once left their task, tending to his bloated balls with reverence.


The moment Tayuya’s nethers tightened up, his finely tuned control snapped, and with it, with her warm, wet walls clamping down and quivering around his girth, Sasuke came. Thick, heavy spurts of cum all but erupted from the tip of his dick, splashing up against the insides of the redhead’s pussy, filling it, painting it white with his seed. Although, even more so than that, as all of her might slipped free from her hands, her body sunk down upon his groin, causing the tip of his still gushing dick to bump up against the entrance to her womb. 


Between his legs, Tenten merely hummed, continuing her slow, teasing massage, swiping her tongue along the length of Tayuya’s crack, before returning her attention to Sasuke spasming sack. 


His orgasm continued, undisturbed, spurred on by the cradling massage his balls received. A fifth gush of cum had already left his length, splashing up against Tayuya’s fertile womb, undoubtedly coating it in a heavy layer of sperm. How much longer he could cum, he didn’t know, having been drained completely that very morning… 


Yet, as his eyes swiveled down to stare at the naked woman between his thighs, the soft, silent moans that had escaped his lips ceased. 


Lost in their eternal bliss, Tenten’s attention was placed solely upon his sack, cupping, cradling and kissing it, lavishing it with even more attention than what he had believed possible. Although, what frightened him the most was the near ferocious grin that adorned her lips; a grin accompanied by the faintest, subtlest hue around her big brown eyes.


In a sense, as he felt his orgasm die down at last, it was akin to when the Soulless had vanished from sight. 


As quickly as his orgasm ended however, a pair of soft, pale hands shot up along Tayuya’s slumped body, caressing her tight, toned rear, before all but rolling her over to the side; an audible squelch resounding through the room as Tayuya’s cum bloated pussy, and marginally distended belly, was put on full display. 


“My turn~” Tenten’s melodic voice rang out, and even before the redhead by their side could stutter out a reply, the Nightmare crawled up along the side of the bed, turning around until her dripping, pristine pussy hovered over Tayuya’s mouth. “Be a dear and eat me out~” 


It wasn’t as much of a request as it was a command, for even as Tayuya’s body stiffened, Tenten lowered her groin down, pressing her pussy down against the barkeeper’s mouth, burying her nose between her bubbly cheeks. 


“Get in here too~” Tenten cheekily wiggled her hips, grinding down against the fiery barkeeper beneath her cheeks before her lips fell wide agape. “Oh fuuuck she’s good!” 


Whether she wanted to or not, Tayuya’s lips were pressed up against the brunette’s slit. With a single swipe of her tongue, Tenten’s arms wobbled; her thighs quivering the tiniest bit as a faint moan spilled forth from her lips. Another swipe across her drenched womanhood caused Tenten’s tongue to loll out of her mouth, and another caused her naked breasts to jiggle atop her chest. 


From his place on the bed beside the two women, Sasuke’s eyebrows furrowed, a slight twinge fluttering through his eyes, but even so, as his eyes feasted upon the sight before him, his cock hardened once again. He had already spent the greater portion of an hour on his back, allowing his longtime lover to ride him at her own frantic pace. Now, though, as he rolled over onto his hands and knees, the buck naked Uchiha couldn’t help but smirk the tiniest bit.


Shuffling forward on his knees, he eased himself up above Tayuya’s mane of hair, taking care not to press his knees against the long tresses, lest he wanted a lengthy lecture after the fact. 


Tayuya was a beauty without question, possessing a tight, toned body that made a dozen men hard from afar, and even more so up close. Though her chest was on the smaller side, her rear had always been the Uchiha’s favorite snack… 


… although, as his hands reached up to sensually trail along the length of Tenten’s waist and stomach, his eyes fell down upon the miracle of a new age. Tighter than Tayuya’s, firmer than Sasuke’s chiseled arms, yet still bubbly and soft in an unfathomable, otherworldly manner. He was aware of what she was, but even still, simply being a Nightmare shouldn’t have made her so… 


“Are you going to fuck my ass today or not? I’m not moving my hips until you’ve dumped a load in there!” Tenten half grumbled, half scolded, grinding her hips down against the face between thighs while letting out the faintest little moans. 


That, of course, did snap him out of his daze. 


With a low grown on his lips, Sasuke’s hands at long last reached their goal; grasping onto the soft supple orbs of Tenten’s breasts with bruising force, whilst his thick, throbbing cock arched its way towards the Nightmare’s tightest hole. His cockhead throbbed, pulsing lowly to itself as it drew closer still to her hole, all until a bead of precum oozed out to lubricate the entrance to Tenten’s asshole. 


On the way there, that very day, her pussy had devoured two of his loads, and now, Tayuya’s belly was bloated and swollen with a third load that day. Even then, as he pushed his hips forward with the tiniest amount of force, Sasuke Uchiha couldn’t help but roll his eyes into the back of his head. 


From nothing at all, the tight ring of muscle protecting Tenten’s asshole gave way, easing the very tip of the Uchiha’s cock through her entrance, sliding inside with an unreleased moan in his throat. A tight, encompassing warmth wrapped itself around his dick, hugging him tightly, caressing his every inch, all the way, from his very tip to the base of his cock. It wasn’t until his hips bumped up against her otherworldly ass that his grip around her breasts softened, though with it, an audible heave could be heard beneath their groins from where Tayuya lay; suffocated beneath Tenten’s rear, released by the force of Sasuke’s hips pushing inside of Tenten’s depths. 


“Get the fuck off of me, you filthy fuckin- mmmphm!” The redhead began, mouthing off at Tenten before her tongue was silenced once more, all by pressing herself back down atop Tayuya’s lips without a care in the world.


The second his hips bumped up against her supple behind, Sasuke let out a low sigh, feeling his nerves settle down for the first time since the two women had met. Tayuya had behaved herself, so much so that she allowed a woman to remain seated atop her face whilst another woman took his cock, whilst Tenten had avoided conflict… 


… although, as his grip on the brunette’s breasts tightened once more, the Uchiha had a different idea as for why she had done so. There was, after all, a tavern full of food no more than a flight of stair below. 


As quickly as his cock had slid inside of her tightest hole, Sasuke reared his hips back, dragging every single inch back outside, drawing forth a long, wanton moan from Tenten, until naught more than the very tip of his dick was all that remained inside. 


Without so much as a forewarning, he struck, slamming his hips up against Tenten’s rear with enough force to send her tumbling forward; lifting her hips up off of Tayuya’s head, whilst her own face came crashing down between the innkeeper’s toned thighs. What little he had expected in terms of swearing however, was instead replaced by a euphoric, feminine squeal, courtesy of Tenten burying her tongue within Tayuya’s snatch in mere moments. 


“Fuuuck~ This cunt’s got some skill~” Beneath his groin, through the tiniest crack between his ruthless pace, he could’ve sworn to see the redhead’s eyes roll up into the back of her head. 


On and on the trio went, ever on did Sasuke’s thrusts cause Tenten’s body to quiver, and onward did the time pass until, after what had felt like nothing short of a euphoric eternity, he came. Heavy ropes of cum, thick gushes of creamy white sperm, and an endless torrent of seed rushed up against Tenten’s Nightmarish walls, painting her insides white in one fell swoop. 


By the time the third jet of cum erupted from his cock, a fourth and fifth was well underway, and, even as the two sat there, his hands fell down to rest upon his lover’s stomach; a cold shudder rushing down his spine as he could practically feel the cum sloshing around within her stomach. Yet, even then, as his eyes rolled up into the back of his head, his orgasm had no end in sight…




Heaving out a satisfied sigh, resting between a duo of breasts and loosened holes, his eyelids fluttered for the briefest moment. The eternal darkness of the night had overtaken the world, bringing with it a myriad of gleaming lights in the faraway sky. 


Even then, as his chest heaved, the lone Uchiha had to remind himself of the matter at hand. The Nightmares had been vanquished, all save for one that posed little to no threat then and there. Although, even knowing that, he couldn’t help but glance down upon the red haired woman sleeping by his side. 


If he ever told her what, exactly, their brown haired lover was, how would the innkeeper respond? How would she respond, knowing full well what they had done the past few hours? 


With a gentle shake of his head and a smile on his lips, Sasuke Uchiha shook the thought free from his head, resolving to handle that at a much later date. 


Elsewhere, in an otherworldly location


“When will she do it?” A voice broke through the silence, calling upon four others. 


“Who knows? They aren’t there quite yet, but the bloodshed is fine…” another voice replied, much more uncaring about the conversation at hand. 


“Will she do it at all, or is she-” trailing off, a third voice perked up as a sight unfolded before the gathered entities. “Holy… is she pregnant?” 


A brief silence stretched on from that question alone, a rather serious expression adorning one of the gathered six, though two of them were always together, always enjoying one another as much as they could. 


“No, no, dearest. She merely absorbed his essence… in the pleasant way,” the angelic half of the Twins spoke up at last, giggling to herself as her sister’s fingers rubbed circles around her clit. 


“That’s from one orgasm?!” The Witch borderline roared out, nimble fingers coursing through the thin air to amplify their vision of the trio in the realm beyond. “He didn’t cum that much when he took me!” 


Chuckling lowly to herself, the Gale shook her head, playfully easing herself down onto the Soulless’ face whilst the Twins went about their joyous business. “You may yet have your chance, if they ever reach it~” 


Taking on a far more serious expression, the Gale’s breathing quickened, not from the far too experienced tongue working her folds over, but rather, from the Twins that stood before her, latching both of their mouths onto her swollen breasts. She, too, had experienced some rather unexplained growth in the aftermath of her… defeat. 


Thus, the greatest Nightmares of the plague continued their eternal watch, admiring the sight that unfolded before them, all throughout the peaceful night until morning arrived… until, the monstrous fest began anew. 


“Did it grow even thicker?” The Witch pondered to herself, ignoring the others ganging up on her dear Galeful sister. “How does she even walk…?” 


Perking up from her place, halfway suffocating beneath Temari the Gale’s supple behind, Karin the Soulless purred, licking her lips before allowing her sister to descend down upon her head once more. 


“How can a human twist around that much without breaking something…” before them, the scene of a bed had shifted once more, returning to the state of the day before, though somehow, Tayuya’s flexibility astounded them all...

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