Konohagakure's Sexual Healing Unit (Revised)

BY : ShroudedShinobi92
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Disclaimer: I don't own the Naruto franchise it belongs to Masashi Kishimoto and Viz Media; furthermore I don't wish to seek any profit from this series. My only goal is to give you the reader enjoyment.

Author's Opening Thoughts: Good morning everyone I just wanted to welcome you to this new series, now before I get started there's tow things that I want to address. First is the fact that I'm just working on this as a side project, and the second is that these chapters will be divided into pieces since my internet sucks. That last part was for those trollish types, now with everything out of the way the story can get underway. 

Secondary Tags: This series will contain a lot of smutty material, but only for this first chapter Oral will be added; now with that out of the way the story can finally begin. 

Chapter One: Opening Day 

Sunrise was peeking over the horizon, it was a warm April morning in Konohagakure; the central village that made up the Land of Fire. Birds were chirping a merry tune among their nests within the lofty tree branches, a gentle breeze was blowing making things quite ocmfortable as the Fourth Hokage was working on a mountain of paperwork resting on his desk; a beautiful blonde female was reclining in a leather couch that was across from him. 

Sparkling sapphire colored eyes stared at her gorgeous figure, starting from her short blonde locks to her soul piercing brown eyes and pillow soft lips that were created by Hami for two purposes; hidden in her garments which was an emerald colored haori dress and teal colore obi top was soft, smooth and supple pale flesh accompanied by that impressive bust and peach colored nipples that peaked them gave Minato Namikaze a feast for his eyes. 

A toned stomach and slim waist gave her an hourglass figure, they had been forged from constant sparring with her fellow Sannin members over the years; this helped to complete the image that was engraved in Minato's skull. Creamy thighs and curvaceous hips which were in all the right places made his massive mosnter cock rise within his robes, but the best feasture was a beautiful heart shaped ass that any man in Konoha would love to play with as they fucked her. 

Looking at the stack of papers that was on his desk made Minato sigh in boredom, truthfully he was proud to be Konoha's ruling Hokage showing everyone who was around him that he was one of the strongest shinobi in the village; but he failed to realize that it was strenuous work. There were a few perks to the job like giving his family a steady source of income, and he got to entertain any female that entered into his office. 

Kushina was fine with that second part only if he had enough cum left for her to drain, and he made sure to return home every evening for a healthy home cooked meal along with a soothing massage from his beloved wife to ease his tense muscles; this gave him a reason to work everyday which made him happy to take the reigns from Hiruzen who had retured giving Konoha a renewed breath of fresh air. In addition to being younger than his former colleauges Minato held some wisdom, so he had the ability to decide what was best for the village's benefit. 

Scanning through the documents those cerulean colored eyes noticed that there was an application on the top of this stack that needed his immediate attention, it was Tsunade's personal request to build a medical facility so she could put her expertise to pratice; a single yellow colored eyebrow was furrowed as the male spoke in a commanding yet kind tone while his curiosity was peaked wondering what she really wanted. 

"I must admit your proposal is admirable Tsunade; although I'd have to check with the Treasurey Department to see if we can accept it." In the back of her mind she figured that he was declining her of this fabor, then a lightbulb illuminated the inner receses of her mind as her lips curled up into a seductive smile as she rose to her feet before speaking. "Lord Hokage is there anything that I can do to speed up the process?" 

Minato's heart was beating at a steady rhythm while his cock was throbbing in excitement underneath his garments, and even she could see the bulge that was outlined inbetween his chisled legs that was straining to get free; having this knowledge in mind she decided to use it to her advantage. Whether it was by her command, or her lsut drunken brain was acting on his own accord but Ninato noticed that she gyrated her hips making those gorgeous ass cheeks sway in an hypnotic fashion. 

"I'll sign the proposal on one condition." Tsunade nearly jumped for joy when she heard this, and he chuckled when watching her breasts rose and fell through her clothes; although she was cautious to find out what he wanted in return for this so she inquired him regarding this exact topic. "Really what could you possibly want from Lord Hokage?" Tsunade tried to act innocent, but Minato could see right through her disguise and he beckoned her with his index finger while patting his crotch. 

"Its simple Tsunade with all of your teasing I' rock hard, now I need some relief before I get blue balls; show me why everyone calls you the Legendary Sucker." Dropping to her knees she crawled under the table keeping her back in perfect posture, then her oval shaped fingernails gripped at the underside of his lower garments pulling them off in one swift motion; revealing the fact that he was only wearing a dark colored pair of boxers which was the only think that held his cock restrained. 

Gripping this thin fabric with her teeth Tsunade tore it off like a bandage, letting Minato's well endowed cock to flop out and smack her in the face upon its release; smearing those pale cheeks with pre cumwhich leaked from the swollen cock head. Darkened eyes were focused on the medical kunoichi as she stuck out her tounge to clean herself off, and in the process she made sloppy slurping sounds that sent heavenly music to his tan skinned ears. 

Once she had obtained a sample of his essence her taste buds exploded, and Minato could tell that she only wanted more as he reclined back into his chair giving her full control; or the mere illusion of it while Tsunade commenced with some foreplay. Starting at the base she applied long and slow licks along the lengthy shaft, slowly making her way towards the mushroom like tip when her porcelain ears heard a pleasant groan escape from those masculine lips.

Upon reaching the tip Tsunade swirled her tounge around it in a circular fashion, then she teased him one last time before enveloping the meat into her mouth while bobbing her head in a steady rhythm; a louder groan could be heard as her erotic sucking and kissing sounds filled the entire office and they didn't even care if they got caught in the middle of this. Guided by the Nine Tails who was fully locked away in the ten tetragram cage a single hand rested at the back of her skull, and she could sense that he was reverting to his animalistic instincts as he rocked her head back and forth along his cock which was getting lathered up with her saliva.

Keeping a perfect tempo stronger hips buckled slightly, it wasn't long before he picked up the pace though and Tsunade was listening to those heavy balls as they smacked her chin; creating a loud flesh clapping sound as Minato threw his head back while a few sweat beads were dripping down his forehead. Showing off ehr expertise Tsunade lets out a soft sensual moan, sending light vibrations around that massively thick rod which was reaching into her throat when it opened up for him.

Simultaneously he drilled her mouth and throat as the inner muscles squeezed tightly around the width, this lasted for five full minutes and in the meantime Tsunade was humming a melodious tune sending a shiver down his spine while flicking his cock like a switch; it was too much for Minato to endure as he felt his balls clenching tightly. "You're great at sucking cock Tsunade it feels like I'm on cloud nine, now I'm going to... I'm going to..." Minato was unable to finish his snetence before he let out a mighty roar shooting out his thick and creamy cum into her stomach, during his release he constantly pumped his hips to get the maximum amount of load into his new favorite sleeve; it felt like an endless supply of those white hot cum ropes were dumped into her making a great expansion when he was finished. 

Author's Closing Thoughts: I hope everyone enjoyed this first chapter even thought its light on sexual content, but rest assured that will change as the series grows; the next installment will be uploaded soon now with that being said I'll say fare well to my adoring audience.

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