Naruto and the secret forest

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I have just returned home but I have to tell you what I just lived.

I am Naruto, ninja of Konoha

It was a summer afternoon, I was bored because all my friends had gone on vacation, I did not have enough Ryo to go to the sea.

To pass the time I decided to go for a walk without any real purpose, it was hot that day, walking on the edge of the small country road a few steps from Konoha, and I saw a small entrance to the the forest that ran along the road, it was barely visible, it was necessary to bend under the leaves to enter it.

Suddenly, I wanted to poop

I entered the forest, which seemed much larger from the inside, I walked on the small path to explore my discovery, I looked everywhere around me, because the place was beautiful.

After a while I was looking towards the sky and I realized that the day was setting.

I look for a place to poop without being seen, this forest was perfect

I found, I take off my pants and crouch down to start pooping, But in the same time i heard laughter and lyrical songs coming from the right.

I decided to give up pooping to go investigate the songs, I did not want to be discovered while I was pooping

So I get closer to her songs and I arrive near a small lake, with trees all around, I remain silent because surely had girls in his voice that I heard, I was hiding behind a bush to watch what was happening. This I saw was very surprising!

I saw naked women washing between them, it was rather exciting but when I look a little closer I saw something very weird, it was not ordinary women!

They had fairy wings and pointed ears and black eyes, a little bigger than humans, and small antennae that floated above their heads, it was not necessarily very big, a little bit below the average size of women, I had never seen that, I even thought I had a hallucination, and that I could not know it.

Fairies ... near Konoha? Weird ...

I decided to get closer by staying behind another bush.

The fairy began to caress herself between her, I focused on two in particular that I find very beautiful, one of the two fairy was short-haired blonde who went down to the neck, she had breasts rather small and blonde pubic hair and ass flat but firm, the other had skin a little tanned, she had long dark brown hair, she had big breasts and big butts.

She kissed, touching her cheeks, breasts, ass at the same time, the other fairies were doing pretty much the same thing, there had to be nine of them at the lake caressing herself, except one who was sitting on a rock and who to observe.

It was very exciting I was bending, this is the first time I see naked women in real life, it was really strange, I did not pay attention to the fact that it was fairy and not human.

After a while the brown-haired fairy started circling with her hand at the level of her sex, the others also did it, but not all of them only half, at the same time she said something strange, like a kind of magic formula and after two minutes, I was surprised to see that a penis had replaced their vaginas.

The blond fairy rushed to the penis of the other and put it in his mouth and began to suck very intensely, as if it had been waiting for a long time, it was very thick, more than mine I could not compete, I'm not famous for having a big sex, my friends make fun of me by the way.

These fairies, she does this with a lot of carefree

The blond fairy had put her hands on the ass of the other fairy and pushed the penis deeper into her mouth, the brown haired fairy had her eyes closed and her head up, she was having fun! I looked at other fairies and they were almost all sucking the penis of their partners, some had penetrated the vagina of fairies, I really attended an orgy.

She was talking to herself but I did not understand their language, the brown haired fairy was sitting on a stone, not far from me, and the blond fairy stuck his huge penis in her little vagina, I was even say that it would never come back, and yet ... she had only returned half because the penis had to touch the bottom of her vagina ... he was so big

The brown-haired fairy stirred her hips faster and faster, she looked at her partner smiling, then she kissed, after which the blonde fairy turned back to her and put her hands behind the head of the brown-haired fairy who made great gestures of comings and goings.

She was not smiling anymore, but looking at her face, I could tell from what she was enjoying. She moved her hips so fast she had to like that, the brown-haired fairy behind her, caressing her partner's breasts, squeezing them, tickling her nipples.

She told herself things but I did not understand anything she said, the only thing I understood was the sounds of pleasure that she let escape with their breathing.

Within minutes, the blond fairy was on all fours and the other fairy penetrated wildly, her huge penis was going back and forth incessant, she wet a lot, and uttered cries of pleasure, the fairy with the penis also took a lot pleasure to see his head. Then all of a sudden, the penis fairy ejaculated in the pussy of the blonde fairy, she was happy.

I looked at the other fairies and several had ejaculated, I looked at my watch and found that it was an hour that I watched them mating ... I was ashamed, I had never made love and the all I did was watch his fairies fucked ...

I decided to leave without a sound, but I noticed that she decided to kiss again, I wanted to leave but I was too excited for that, so I stayed behind my bush.

The blonde fairy had got on her knees and had her belly on a big smooth flat stone, the brown-haired fairy, penis in hand, decided to sodomize her, I was hurting for her, a penis as big in a small asshole, the blond fairy cried with pain while the brown-haired fairy penetrated her, once the penis in her ass I saw tears on the cheek of the blond fairy

I did not know why but I felt like I was attending a ritual because all the fairies were doing the same thing, always on the watchful gaze of the fairy standing on her rock, she was strange ..

The brown-haired fairy with her penis kneeling behind her, lying on the back of the blonde fairy, and began to shake her hips to move his penis in her anus, both screaming shouts of pleasure it had to be so much Well, the brown haired fairy made small circles with her penis in the anus of the blonde fairy, then began to put a little blow down, the blonde fairy began to enjoy shouting very loud, she had touches the wall of her vagina from her anus, she repeat her movements several times.

I could not resist, it was too much excitement for me, I removed my pants and pants, I kneeled on my pants, I took my erect penis in hand and began to caress my penis masturbating me I bandaged so hard, it never happened to me, my masturbation made me feel good.

I was still watching the blond fairy be sodomized, the brown haired fairy was still doing the same movement, small circles and then shot down to touch the wall of her vagina.

I salivate with pleasure, my right hand was uncontrollable, it allowed me to have fun while watching the fairies kissing in front of me, it was so good, The blond fairy was totally dominate by the brown-haired fairy, she was trying to regain control but it was impossible.

The brown-haired fairy went faster and faster, she was in a trance, she was having a lot of fun and I, too, suddenly the fairy with the penis began to come in the blonde fairy's anus and started to push a loud cry, she ejaculated enormously, sperm squirting anus, moreover they ejaculate for longer than humans, at least 25 seconds, really strange her fairies!

I continue to caress my penis with my hand,I also had more desire to poop, I wanted to let go, to take pleasure, I took a lot of pleasure, until that moment when I felt a hand on my right shoulder, my heart began to beat very hard for fear, my eyes wide open, I was paralyzed, penis in hand, I could not move, they put me up and they took me to the other fairies, I was discovered by two of the fairies who came to join the party.

All the fairies started to look at me with a lot of surprise, she was not afraid, nor ashamed, she did not even hide their intimacy, I had the impression that she had never seen a human, I had to be the first! I was very scared, I only had my T-shirt, which was hastily removed from me and threw it away as if it thought that it could be a weapon or something else I do not know .

The fairies kept looking at me, I look at them too, I was not at all in erection, three fairy talk between her, I did not understand what she said, she point fingers at my little penis, which was again all small, in my opinion their penis never come back to normal.

They kept talking to each other, I felt it was a fight, then one of the fairies started talking to me, I was so scared that I could not answer, and all in all I did not understand anything. Then a fairy ordered another few things, 1 minutes later I had my hands tied, the links neutralize my chakra, I could not do anything, imagine yourself in my place!, To be completely naked, hands tied around with Fairies all naked in the middle of a forest half hidden. I was very scared…

Then the fairy watching from her rock flew towards me, she must be their queen because they all kneeled, then the queen spoke to everyone, she had very long white hair, pale skin, eyes black with pink wings, she was beautiful but she scared me.

Around me there was the blond fairy who was penetrated by the brown haired fairy, who was also also, the blonde fairy had a kind of innocence, sperm continued to flow drops of drops of her vagina and anus but she does not mind, she continued to fix me while she had her hands behind her back.

The queen had seen that I fix the blond fairy, then she shouted something, I felt it was her name, Adrelia! it was pretty, the queen asked her something, then Adrelia looked at me and said something to her boss, the queen asked something to the fairies who was holding me so that I could escape.

She turned me so that I was back to the queen, all the fairies stood next to her, then the fairies who kept me on all fours, one of the fairies sat on my back in facing the queen, and she spread my buttocks, I saw the queen approaching my anus and then stand up and say something to other fairies who laughed.

The queen approached Adrelia to do something but at the same time they bandaged my eyes and they took me to a stone, I was on my knees belly lying on the stone, I felt something gooey at level of my thighs and my penis, I'm almost sure it was the stone on which Adrelia was fucked.

I felt hands rest on my ass, I also caressed the penis, and I heard laughing and talking, I could not see anything but I was sure it was Adrelia, the pretty blonde fairy, she was so beautiful that it does not disturb that it touches me, then I felt something against my anus, something with a rounded tip, I understood right away what it was, Adrelia go sodomize me ...

I did not want to, I'm a young man, I wanted to penetrate Adrelia, but I forgot that I was their prisoner, my hands were tied and I could not see anything, I also felt something viscous at the end of her penis trying to penetrate me.

I finally realized that she was not stroking my penis, but she had picked up the sperm of the fairy who had penetrated it, she used it as a lubricant, then the fateful moment arrived, Adrelia had succeeded, despite my stress , my fear and the fact that I did not want to be sodomized.

I had squeezed my anus so that it would not come into me, but the sperm of the other fairy perfectly lubricated his penis, she had entered my ass, strangely I had not hurt, although I feel that he was huge!

I had more desire to poop, this big penis in my ass does not remove anything

I asked them to stop, remove the penis from my anus, but the fairies laughed and immediately after she put a blindfold on my mouth to smother my noises, then their queen said something and immediately after, Adrelia began to to move his hips to move his penis inside me.

I tried to scream because I was in pain, but my cries were stifled by the gag, I heard the fairies around me, as if dancing around the stone, it was a ritual ... and I were their prisoners ... and no one would come to help me ..

The big penis of the blond fairy move with ease in me, I was ashamed, I groaned share between the pain and ... the pleasure, then the leader shouted the name of Adrelia with a sentence more, all of after Adrelia began to accelerate in me, and strangely, I began ... to like that ..

Without understanding why, I started to take pleasure it's crazy, I loved it, I wanted it to continue, I gradually relaxed and I even wanted to tell Adrelia to go further in my ass, d to go faster, and strangely, that's what she did, would she understand me?

At the sound of her voice, I heard the queen in front of me talking to me, I did not understand a word but she pulled the blindfold from my mouth, then I felt something come into my mouth, something that was slipping hardly, I was not dreaming, it was another penis, that of the queen? Without doubt, the fairy around me laughed, and the head came in and out of my mouth.

I did not understand what was happening, normally I would find disgusting but not at that time, maybe because they had a woman's body, I do not know anything, I ask myself too much question at this moment the. I pressed my lips against the penis that was in my mouth and caress it with my tongue. The queen said something to the other fairies, she looked satisfied.

Then Adrelia decided to reproduce the movement of her friend, the brown-haired fairy, she made small circles with her penis in my ass for a few minutes, then decided to press towards my belly, down, and I felt an unknown sensation, with her penis she banging against something in me that would provide even more pleasure than masturbation.

I learned later that it was the prostate, she pressed repeatedly, again and again, then she began her little circles, and pressed again, it was indescribable! I heard Adrelia shout something I think she was about to ejaculate, my punishment to end!

Knowing well the penis and how to take pleasure I squeezed the penis of the queen with my lips at each passage ... the queen took pleasure I heard in his voice, she even began to stroke my hair, other fairies seemed to be laughing at me, the queen shouted at them, and then she said no more words

Adrelia began to accelerate in me, faster and faster, she then began to utter a huge cry of pleasure, and I felt in me that I filled the ass of his seed, actually I wanted to say to Adrelia that she did not have to worry, it was so magical, I felt alive!

Adrelia continued her blows during her long ejaculation to take more pleasure in my ass, sperm flowed a lot.

Once finished, Adrelia removed her penis, the fairy queen also removed her cock from my mouth and began to talk and I heard the other fairies move away to kiss again, the leader was to stay close to me , Adrelia too, while I recovered my spirits, I felt something returned to my anus, it was the queen of fairies!

Adrelia stroked my hair while talking but unfortunately I did not understand ... she had also pronounced a name because the queen answered immediately, her name is Deleia.

Deleia get stronger and stronger in me, I did not make any more difference in the thickness of her penis and that of Adrelia, her movements back and forth were slow in my ass, then she began to press my prostate when she came inside me, she too was doing circles, it was so good.

Adrelia stroking my hair, arm, she always spoke to me, I do not know why but this moment I opened my mouth, I wanted to suck his penis, I heard she was surprised but strangely, she continued to caress me the hair, she was really nice.

It was really good, Deleia's big dick did not stop and press my prostate more and more, sounds came out of my mouth to express my pleasure, and then I felt more and more pressure from my belly, my penis came into erection. I was screaming to continue ...

I also felt my poop that wanted to go out as soon as possible, I could not hold anymore

Delia shot her in my anus, she realized that my prostate was a source of pleasure, she was only pressing my prostate, I think she wanted to give me pleasure instead of just fucking me and her to cum ..

Then this time, Deleia pressed the time too much .... and I felt a wave of extremely intense pleasure running through my body, I had spasms of pleasure, my penis came into erection and my balls were swollen, I scream with pleasure, it came by wave, Deleia began to laugh as if she knew what she was doing.

This overpowering orgasm that came from my prostate did not stop, my spasms continued, this pleasure, it gave me chills, I no longer felt the penis of Deleia, but she persisted, she strove on my prostate, the Orgasm came endlessly, Adrelia was holding me down to prevent me from falling because of spasms of pleasure, sperm coming out of my erect penis, he did not squirt it just flow.

Deleia did not want to stop, I let go completely, then, after 20 minutes, she began to ejaculate, she uttered a loud cry, and I felt filled again, my anus was full of fairy sperm ...

I heard several fairies come next to me and I felt that she ejaculate me, all ...

Then Deleia pulled out her penis, And I started to shit, my shit accompanied by removal of the penis of Deleia, I could not do anything, I had restrained myself too long, my poop fell naturally under the eyes of the fairies who laughed innocently and who else watching my anus work with stupor ...

Then all the fairies kissed me with a word, Adrelia told me a long sentence that I understood then kissed me on the mouth ... she told me that she hoped I had had a lot of fun and she would be there when I needed her ...

What did that sentence mean, I was not their prisoner? All this was for me? I did not understand...

After that I had fallen asleep, until the early morning, my hands were free, the bandage disappeared, I was still naked, kneeling, belly lying against this stone, there was no one around I share the song of birds ...

I decided to go home ..

What else would you tell me? And much more .. I ask if what I lived was very real ..

Was it a punishment for watching them or a gift?

I do not know ... whatever it is I want to find Adrelia, I think ... I love her ... I always masturbate thinking about her

What I experienced was so intense and yet it's something I would have never thought of doing ...

Summer is coming to an end soon ... and the resumption of missions resumes in two days.

But last night, I decided to go back to the forest.

And you know what ?

I have not found the place of the orgy ... I think I hallucinate ... it was hot that day ..

Adrelia ...


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