The hands of the Hokage

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So, this is a new story. I have been working on it for quite a while. Somewhere I lost interest, but I am still willing to put it online. If you like, I will try to whip out more chapters. Let me know


It’s annoying. That is what it is. Ever since Hatake-sama became Hokage he feels the need to let Ibiki know what he does wrong, what he can do better. At least twice a week. Like Ibiki is not able to work it all out on his own. There is a reason why he was appointed the Head of Interrogations. So every time the Hokage asked him a question, or said something he didn’t like, he made it well known. 

Even now.

Ibiki narrows his eyes and grits his teeth. Sure, Hatake-sama is now talking towards the council, telling them what a great work Ibiki does and praising him. But that is all show. There is no real praise there. He would probably get sex sooner than he would get a compliment from Hatake-sama.

The Hokage nods at the council, answers questions, makes some small talk. It doesn’t take long for the meeting to be over and it doesn’t take long for the members of the council to leave the Hokage room.

Ibiki watches them leave. He rises to his own feet, nods at the Hokage and turns around, facing the door. It is no use waiting for an apology. The Copy nin, pardon, the Hokage will never tell him something like that. If he would wait, the man would probably tell he all of the other things he does wrong. 

“Wait,” Hatake-sama says. He lifts his hand and grabs a hold of Ibiki’s arm. “I want to tell you something.” 

Ibiki stops and blinks. The Hokage wants to tell him something. Great. Perhaps he was wrong with his previous thoughts. There is a reason why the man became Hokage. He nods and turns around, following the other man with his eyes, as he walks towards the door and closes it.

“There is actually something I wanted to discuss with you.” Hatake-sama gestures at the chair where Ibiki was preciously sitting in. “Sit.” 
Ibiki frowns, stares at the chair and sighs. Fine, he will sit down again. Come to think of it, the man probably wants to mock him. Telling him something about his work, what he is doing wrong. 

“I’ve noticed that you don’t agree with me asking you questions about your work.” Hatake-sama sits down at his own chair. He places his hands together and puts them underneath his chin. “You always frown when I ask something. You roll your eyes, refuse to look at me. You make it well known that you don’t agree with me.” He cocks his head. 

Ibiki narrows his eyes. The man in front of him is right. The man in front of him is a genius. Ibiki snorts. “I know how to do my job,” he says. It is as simple as it gets. He knows what to do. And Hatake-sama, the Copy nin, should know when to back off. And to know when to stop asking questions. Like now, there is no need to ask any questions. 

“You may know how to do your job, you don’t know how to respect me.” Hatake-sama coughs and shakes his head. “Glaring at me like that. Narrowing your eyes like that. Snorting like that.” He shrugs and cocks his head to the other side. “I think you need to learn some respect.” He rises from his chair. 

Ibiki narrows his eyes and follows the Hokage walking around the table. The man stops at one of the free chairs, previously used by a council member. He grabs the back and moves his gaze towards Ibiki again. “Get up,” he says. His voice is harsh. “Get up and move over here.”

Ibiki frowns. Hatake-sama may be the new Hokage, that doesn’t mean that there has to be a difference in respect. He knows the man is always late. And that the man reads a lot of porn. He is famous, he is the Copy nin and he is a good Shinobi. But that doesn’t mean that the man has all the right to ask him, Morino Ibiki, all of those questions. To belittle him like he does. 

Still, Ibiki rises to his feet and straightens his back. If Hatake-sama wants to earn his respect, he should at least give the man a chance. He walks towards the chair, expecting the Hokage to tell him to sit down. 

Hatake-sama sits down himself and pats on his lap. “Lie over this.” 

Ibiki freezes and blinks. Lie over that? He frowns. There is no way that he is going to lie over the lap of the Hokage. No way. He snorts. Lie over a lap like some young child.

Hatake-sama shakes his head. “You are right. Not like this.” He chuckles. “Unbuckle your belt and drops your pants and briefs.” He gestures at his lap. “And then you lie over my lap.” 

Ibiki blinks again. His hands clench at his sides and he narrows his eyes. The Hokage is making fun of him. He closes his eyes and sighs. Within the sigh, he turns around, walking towards the door. When the Hokage is like that, there is no need to take him seriously. 

Arms wraps around him. Hands sneak towards his buckle. Ibiki widens his eyes and glances down. His pants are pulled towards the floor and he himself is pulled towards the chair. He resists, tenses his muscles. But the Copy nin isn’t famous for nothing and Ibiki lies on his lap. Ass up in the air.

His naked ass up in the air.

Ibiki blinks, frowns, bites his lips and clenches his hands. He looks over his shoulder and glares at Hatake-sama’s face. That mask is blocking his view, but the man must be smirking. 

The Hokage chuckles and waves with his hands. “If it doesn’t go the easy way, we have to do it the hard way.” He places his index finger against his lip and looks up to the ceiling. “Let’s see, you made three snappy remarks at my questions today.” He nods. “That means three slaps to each cheek. I would tell you to brace yourself, but then again, you are the Head of Interrogation.” He leans down a bit. “And you know how this works.” 

He brings his hand down and slaps Ibiki’s ass cheek. Hard. Ibiki grits his teeth and shuts his eyes. This is ridiculous. And real. Another slap. Ibiki grunts. He blinks and shakes his head. The third slap on his ass lands loud. He snorts and wiggles his arms. “Three,” he says. He frowns. That were three. Like the Hokage said, three slaps. 

“Three indeed. You are right. Next time, I should tell you to count them.” The Hokage leans down. “You have three on your lefts ass cheek. But not on your right. Count the next three.” He straightens his back. 

Ibiki widens his eyes. His mind and heart are racing. This is not right. The Hokage should not punish him like this. The sting in his ass. He frowns. There should not be a sting. The man should not slap him again. 

Hatake-sama brings his hand down. 

Ibiki speaks without thinking. “One.”

“Good boy.” The Hokage rubs his ass and Ibiki bites his lip. That feels different. Good even. He frowns. He shouldn’t feel that way about things like this. 

Hatake-sama slaps Ibiki’s ass cheek again. 

“Two,” Ibiki grunts. Yes, two, that was two. He breathes in through his nose, bites his lip and swallows. Those slaps do something to his ass. And, he doesn’t want to admit it, something to his crotch as well.

“Good boy.” Hatake-sama rubs Ibiki’s ass again. Ibiki takes another breath through his nose and lifts his head up. He should not have this reaction. The Hokage chuckles and moves his legs. They rub against Ibiki’s crotch and Ibiki swallows again. Another slap. The last one. Ibiki’s breath hitches and he coughs. The Hokage leans down. “Well?” he asks.

“Three.” Ibiki spits the word out. He grits his teeth. His cheeks are burning. Hatake-sama must know it. Realize it. 

“Good boy,” Hatake-sama says. He rubs over Ibiki’s ass again. “Now, you may get up from my lap.” He pinches Ibiki’s butt. “You know what to do not, right?” He chuckles. “If you act out of line again, I will punish you.”

Ibiki grits his teeth en frowns. He places his hands on the legs of the man underneath him and pushes himself up right. He turns his back towards the Hokage, bends down and hoists his briefs and pants back up. He has to make sure not to show his front towards the Hokage. That would do him no good. 

The Hokage whistles. “That earns another rub over your ass next time.” He chuckles. “I really liked that view.” 

Ibiki doesn’t speak. He adjust his pants and moves his cock so, that the bulge is not visible. There is no need to add fuel to the mix and let the Hokage know there is a part of him that likes it, this punishment. He takes a breath, nods to the desk, not towards the Hokage, and turns to the door. He places a hand on the wood and stops himself. 

“Will that be all, Hokage-sama?” he asks. He closes his eyes. This is a form of respect, right? But what will he do when the Hokage orders him to come back and do something else? Like…Ibiki holds his breath and tries to stop his heart from racing this much. Like sucking his dick?

“That will be all, Morino-san.” 

Ibiki opens the door and walks outside. 

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