Let's Go To Paradise! Jiraiya Version

BY : PrinceofPervs
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Let's Go To Paradise! Jiraiya Version

Written By: PrinceofPervs

Having perished in his fight with Pain, Jiraiya was ready to move on to the afterlife. Maybe he'd see his old apprentice and his wife again, and maybe even get a chance to hook up with some angelic ladies!

Well, he got the next best thing! Join the Pervy Sage as he makes new friends, discovers new things, and (most importantly) experiences brothels that not even his wildest fantasies could've cooked up! It's time to Go To Paradise! Crossover between Naruto/Interspecies Reviewers. Plenty of Lemons Galore!


This May Not Be Heaven, But It's A Close Second!

'Hopefully, the info I put on Fukasaku's back will be enough for Naruto and the others...to succeed against Pain...or rather, Nagato...' Jiraiya thought to himself as he sunk deeper and deeper into the ocean that Pain and his five other bodies had knocked him into.

The Legendary Sannin didn't have much time left in this world. His throat had been crushed by Pain's more bulkier body, and that was sadly the least of his injuries compared to what else had happened to him. Even before that, his arm had been ripped off by a surprise attack when he thought he had won the first time. And shortly after the throat crush, his fate had been sealed when the remaining Pains impaled his body with sharp black rods, puncturing more than a few of his vital areas.

Even now, his precious lives blood was flowing out of the various holes in his body, and he felt himself growing weaker and weaker. His time had finally come.

'Sorry, Tsunade. Looks like this will be... one bet you end up winning...after all,' The Toad Sage thought with a bitter sense of humor. 'And...Naruto. I hope you can...forgive this old man for failing...the rest... is up to you. Make me proud, my student. I'll...be watching...from the other side...

'Minato...and Kushina. Wherever you are...I hope that I get to see you again...but for now, it's time for this old shinobi to...put down his pen. My story...ends here.'

Despite the ever growing numbness that encased his entire body, the legendary Ninja managed to crack a smile as his exhaustion caused him to shut his eyes one final time.

'Heh. What a sad story it turned out to...be. Dying to my own...students. Just another...to add to my lists of failures. What a worthless...ending to a worthless tale. But...at least I'm leaving my other apprentice with...the means to succeed...where I failed. Hopefully...I was able to get...that right, at least...'

One last silent chuckle as water filled his lungs.

'That reminds me...I may be able to write more books...wherever I end up. In that case...what should I name the next...one?'

The last few heartbeats...

'Ah, yes. How could I name it anything else...really?'

Nothing but darkness surrounded him now...

'The Tale of Naruto Uzumaki. Has a nice ring to it...doesn't...it...'

And with that final thought, Jiraiya, Legendary Sannin, Toad Sage and World Famous Author...died.

But only for a few minutes.

'So...I guess there really is an afterlife after all...'

These were Jiraiya's first thoughts as he felt himself able to breathe again without issue, eyes still closed, and currently flat on his back. He had no idea how long they had been shut, but it had felt like an eternity.

He was very pleased that he didn't feel any holes in his body anymore at least. And even better, his throat had been fully healed, and his missing arm was back where it belonged.

“I heard horror stories that the form you take in Heaven is the form you had when you died. Can't even begin to state how much the fact that that doesn't seem to be true makes me happy,” Jiraiya said to himself, relishing being able to speak again. “Now then, let's see just what Heaven has to offer.”

With that, the Sannin slowly opened his eyes, eager to see what holy sights awaited him.

“Huh. Looks just like an ordinary sky to me,” Jiraiya said, also looking to his sides. “And there's a whole bunch of trees as well. I guess I'm in a forest of some sort.”

After rolling his muscles a bit to loosen up, the shinobi raised his legs up high before performing a kip-up to get back on his feet. He flexed his newly healed left arm, pleased that nothing seemed to feel off about it. He also performed a few hops on place, not feeling tired in the least and confirming that he was indeed back to full health.

“Either this isn't heaven, or it's far more different than I expected it to be,” Jiraiya said, crossing his arms and tilting his head in confusion. “Well, let's test something out, just to be sure.”

Jiraiya proceeded to bite his thumb hard enough to draw blood, then went through the hand signs to summon one of his faithful toads. But once he finished and slammed his hands to the ground, nothing happened.

“That settles it. Even if this isn't heaven, I must be in a radically different place all the same. Only reason I can think of that my Summoning Jutsu wouldn't work,” the Sannin grumbled. “Still, I could feel the chakra building up inside me when I tried, so at least that hasn't changed.

“I guess I should look around and see if there's anyone else around here. Knowing where I am would be a good start to figuring out what to do next.”

With a goal in mind, Jiraiya began to make his way through the forest.

...Or, he would've, if he didn't hear a scream a distance away.

“Oh? Sound's like a damsel is in need of rescuing!” Jiraiya declared. “Perfect! Once I rescue her, she'll be so grateful that she'll be more than willing to help me out!”

'And depending on her age and looks, quite possibly more...' the Pervy Sage thought to himself, a goofy perverted look on his face before he quickly shook it off for a more serious one.

“No time to waste! The Gallant Jiraiya is on his way!” Jiraiya boasted, using his strong since of hearing to rush towards where the voice had come from.

'How...how did this happen?'

That was the thought going through the head of the Angel known as Crimvael, or Crim for short. They had just found themselves in the mortal world, and only shortly after looking around did they get attacked by something that looked like a cross between a beastfolk, and a demon...if the demon were several stories tall. The monster had just gotten finished batting them against a tree, where they were currently slumped against.

Sadly, the reason they found themselves in the Mortal World in the first place was because their Halo had somehow had a piece broken off. This meant that they couldn't remain in heaven, and their powers were shut off for the time being. They still had very strong resistances to almost any elements (except darkness), but their physical strength and endurance left a lot to be desired...

Therefore, they were completely helpless against this monster, and one of his angel wings had been injured in the attack, so he couldn't fly away fast enough.

'This can't be how it ends...Goddess, please help me!' Crim thought to themself desperately.

The hybrid monster roared as it spotted the wounded Angel, rearing its massive arm back to finish the job. Crim could only watch in horror as the arm lunged forward, seeing their life flash before their eyes.

Art of the Raging Lion's Mane!

Before the blow could land, long and thick strands of white hair quickly wrapped around the monster's body, including the arm that had nearly crushed the Angel. Said hair also easily pulled the beast back, causing it to stumble in an attempt to maintain its balance while Crim looked on in confusion and more than a little relief.

Following the hair back to its source, he saw that it was attached to a rather tall human who seemed to be in his mid 50's, but seemed to be in remarkably good shape for his age. He caught Crim looking at him, and offered the Angel a cheeky grin and a wink.

“Fear not, my dear! The one, the only, the Gallant Jiraiya is her-”

The Sannin cut himself off, eyes narrowing as he sensed two other life forces very close by. Before he could react however, an arrow streaked through the sky out of nowhere, piercing the huge monster right in the eye.

As the beast roared in pain, Jiraiya got a better look at who shot the arrow.

It appeared to be a rather short man, with blond slightly spiky hair, and wearing a plain cream colored tunic with laces replacing buttons, and some plain blue jeans. He was holding a well crafted wooden bow, and was also equipped with a satchel of arrows on his back.

But the most noticeable feature to Jiraiya was his ears. Instead of being rounded like his own were, they were longer and ended in a pointy fashion. The man gave a smirk to Jiraiya.

“Not that I needed it, but thanks for holding him still. Made it much easier to nail him!” He said. “You're up, Stunk!”

A human came rushing out of the thick foliage, drawing a rather impressive looking sword from it's sheath in the process. “Hey, old dude! Might wanna call that hair back if you don't want a trim!” The human said.

Shrugging, Jiraiya recalled his hair, releasing the beast. Said beast quickly ripped the arrow out of its eye, and turned its remaining eye towards an advancing Stunk. It roared with absolute hatred and launched its arm towards the adventurer.

Stunk leaped high into the air, leather cape flowing behind him, easily dodging the strike. Then, with only a stoic look on his face, he proceeded to slice into the creature faster than most would be able to track. But Jiraiya saw it very clearly, impressed.

Once Stunk landed back onto the ground, the monster fell apart into three pieces, very much dead. The Expert Adventurer flung the blood off his blade before sheathing it back into his scabbard.

With the fight beyond finished, Jiraiya was able to take in Stunk's appearance more clearly. He seemed to be a young man in his late 20s or early 30, with long black hair tied into a ponytail at the end, a horizontal scar on his left cheek, and a bit of stubble as well. The blood of the monster didn't get anywhere on his white pants or navy blue shirt with a yellow stripe across.

“Not half bad, old man. Never saw a spell that uses hair like that,” Stunk said, walking closer to Jiraiya.

“Heh, I could say the same to you as well. Haven't seen much ninjas with sword skills like yours,” Jiraiya replied, mentally filing away that 'Spell' comment from Stunk while shaking his offered hand.

“Oh, so you're a ninja? Never thought I'd get to meet one of you guys!” The shorter man said, leaping down from the tree branch he was on. He shook the Sannin's hand as well. “Name's Zel. I'm an elf, in case the ears didn't give it away. My bro here goes by Stunk.”

“Nice ta meet ya!” Stunk greeted with a big grin.

“Same to the both of you,” Jiraiya replied with a grin of his own. He didn't know what an elf was, but he could find out later. There were more important matters to take care of, after all.

Stunk seemed to read his mind as he turned back towards the prone Angel who was watching them all with wide eyes. “Hey. You all right, kid?”

Crim didn't respond, still too awestruck by what they had seen.

“Hmmm?” Stunk hummed, noticing the looks of the Angel. They had long blond hair that reached all the way to their backside, and soft, feminine features that complimented their lovely blue eyes, as well as a long white shirt and tight black shirt. But most importantly, they also had a Halo (that was slightly broken and missing a piece), and Angelic wings that were somehow floating slightly away from their back. “You an angel? Heard of you guys, but never seen one of you in real life.”

“Wow, you're right. Even I've never seen one, and I'm over 200 years old!” Zel exclaimed. “They're very rare.”

“Wait, you mean this little one is really an Angel?” Jiraiya said, surprised. “That must mean that I've really made it to heaven after all!”

“What are you talking about, dude?” Zel replied. “This place ain't half bad, but it's FAR from heaven. This angel might just be visiting or something.”

“And what do you mean 'made it to heaven'? You trying to get there or something?” Stunk inquired.

“Eh...it's a long story,” Jiraiya said, wondering just how much he should tell people he just met. After a few minutes, he shrugged. “What the hell. If you guys help me, I'll tell you the whole tale. I could really use some information of this place, as well as the surrounding areas.”

“Why not? We'll help you, but first we've gotta make a stop. Something tells me you'll enjoy it too, old man,” Stunk said with a smirk.

“Okay, lead the way,” Jiraiya replied, before turning to the angel. “If you're okay enough, then take care.”

“Bye!” Zel said, before the three turned and got ready to leave.

“H-Huh?” Crim said, finally breaking out of their stupor and getting back to their feet. “P-please wait!”

“Hmmm?” The three went.

“Um...you three seem to be rather skilled adventures, from what I've seen of you,” Crim began to explain. “If you don't mind, could I please...please travel with you for a while?”

Seeing the intrigued look on their faces, Crim explained further. “You see, my powers are unavailable to me right now because my angel halo is broken at the moment. Even more unfortunately, it means I can't go back to heaven...” They began to twiddle and push their fingers together, looking away bashfully. “I...I know it sounds selfish, but...”

Silence passed for a few seconds before Stunk and Zel turned towards each other with twin smirks. Jiraiya raised an eyebrow at this, but didn't say anything, curious as to where this was gonna head towards.

“So, you can head back to heaven once your halo heals, correct?” Stunk inquired.

“Huh? Y-yes,” Crim replied.

“Excellent! Then when it heals up, you can take us on an all expenses paid trip to heaven! In exchange, we'll help you out till then to the best of our abilities!” Stunk said cheerfully.

“R-Really? Thank you! Thank you so much” Crim gushed, bowing gratefully to the trio. Then, a thought came to him. “But, why do you guys wanna go to heaven anyway?”

At that question, Stunk and Zel's smirks grew even wider, and they turned their gazes towards the heavens.

“...We're just dying to know...” Stunk began, reverence in his voice.

“...if they've got brothels in heaven.” Zel finished for him.

“...What?” Was Crim eloquent response.

Jiraiya, on the other hand, was now giving the two his FULL attention, a glint appearing in his eye.

“Ahem! You see, we're on a fantastic journey...” Stunk began to explain.

“...to have sex with every type of girl out there!” Zel finished, the two with big grins on their faces.

“Be it the Jungle!” Stunk

“The Sea!” Zel

“The Desert!”

“The Snowiest Peaks!”

“The Deepest Dungeons!”

“High and low, near and far, we set forth for adventure!” Zel declared. “And if there are cute girls to be found at the end...”

“...then come Heaven or Hell, we'll come for them!” Stunk finished.

“Uh...huh?” Crim muttered, now beginning to question himself for asking for these people's help.

“That...was a BEAUTIFUL speech!” Jiraiya shouted, face bright red while giving the two brothel seekers two thumbs up. “Truly, I can see that you two are men of great tastes! I have a feeling that we'll become VERY fast friends!”

Stunk chuckled to himself. “Boy, the day I actually get to bang an angel, I'll have truly reached Paradise, in every meaning of the world!” He cheered. “Going to Heaven...more like coming to Heaven!”

“Who knows, maybe the Goddess herself will be working up there!” Zel said.

“Wow, you guys sure dream big, don't you?” Jiraiya said, starting to laugh rather lecherously and nearly gaining a nose bleed at the thought of bedding such a divine being.

“Of course! Long live our sexy utopia!” Stunk and Zel declared, sharing a laugh with Jiraiya.

Crim meanwhile, had a rather...conflicted look on their face as they heard and witnessed all of this. 'I...I feel as though I may have asked the wrong type of folks for help...'

“Oh, yeah. You're a boy...right?” Stunk asked of Crim. “That means you must've done it with a whole bunch of angel ladies, right?”

“Huh? O-Oh! I'm a boy! Of course I am!” Crim said, waving his hands back and forth in front of him. He then proceeded to raise his shirt to show off the bulge he had. “Look, I've even got a bulge...see?”

“Oh, okay,” Stunk said dismissively, turning to walk towards the nearest town, with Zel following him.”Right, then. Let's head back to town, yeah?”

Jiraiya stared at Crim for a bit longer before shrugging and beginning to follow along as well. 'Gotta say, that's the most feminine boy I've ever seen. Then again, if what Naruto told me is true, he once met a shinobi named Haku that could probably give this angel a run for his money...'

Crim sighed to himself as the trio began to head out. 'Actually, I have both parts...but if they knew that, they may try something funny with me...'

“Oh! Since you're here, we might as well treat ya, kiddo. You as well, Jiraiya!” Zel said, turning towards the two of them.

Jiraiya raised an eyebrow in question while Crim responded “Treat us? To dinner?”

“No, dudes, to a succu-girl! C'mon, let's get going!” Zel replied.

As Jiraiya gasped as this show of kindness, Crim gasped for a whole other reason.

“W...WHAAAAAAAAAT?!” the flustered angel shouted. He chased after the two while shouting further, “No, no, no, no, hold on, please! I've-I've never been to that kind of establishment, let alone done it before!”

“Ooooh, first time, eh?” Zel chuckled.

“All the more reason to treat ya then!” Stunk replied. He turned towards Jiraiya. “Been a while for you, old man?”

“Not as long as you may think, brat,” Jiraiya said smugly. “But I must admit, this is the first I've ever heard about a 'Succu-girl.'”

“Oh, man, are you in for a treat then!” Zel declared.

As Crim tried to convince the others that he really had no business going to such a place, Jiraiya was doing LOTS of cheering in his head.

'My very first time on a seemingly new world, and I've already got two swell fellas treating me to a trip to a brothel! Hee hee, I may not know what a Succu-Girl is, but I've got a great feeling about this!'

As the newly formed group made their way back to the town, Jiraiya had NO IDEA just how much that statement would prove true.

As you can tell, I've become a BIG fan of Interspecies Reviewers ever since it came out. I was such a big fan of it, that I promised myself that I would FINALLY go back to writing fanfiction (at least for a little bit) once a section was made for it! So, here it is!

I think that describing what people look like in the stories is still one of my weaker points, but I hope I did a good enough job of it. I can't make any promises as to how often I'll update this given certain health problems I have right now (as well as work and all that), but for now, I'll try my best to come out with a new chapter before the end of each month. Let's hope I can deliver!

And as for why this is dubbed 'Jiraiya Version', I also plan to make a Panty from Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt version sometime in the future, and for both stories to interact with each other as well. Expect far more OC's in the Panty version, since it won't be following the main story of Interspecies Reviewers like this one is.

Anyway, Jiraiya and the boys will visit the Catgirl Succu-joint next chapter, and Jiraiya will be having fun with his own OC Catgirl. That means the first lemon will take place, so let's all prepare for that!

Hope you enjoyed this new story, and here's hoping this one actually lasts! For the first time in a LONG while, Catch you next Continue!

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