Drunken Dating

BY : FieldDranzer
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Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto, nor any of the characters involved. I did not make money from writing this. This story was written for my own enjoyment.

A/N: As said outside, the pairings would come up in this section here. For the first chapter, of maybe a few, we have Shikamaru/Hinata, although the latter half of the pairing is in quite the mood. The story in and off of itself is set in a Modern AU, before anyone gets on my case for not specifying something or other. For now though, enjoy~



Drunken Dating

Stepping in through the arched entrance of his favorite bar, the darkened lights and almost subdued atmosphere reminded him of why he enjoyed himself there as much as he did. A small, hidden bar on the quiet side of town, not too many customers for it to ever be crowded, while still having enough patrons for someone like him to be on the prowl.


Already, no more than a foot inside, his onyx orbs roamed the scenery, taking in every single aspect of the bar that evening, from the patrons resting inside their private booths, to the bartender, a feisty red haired woman that he had spoken with more than most. Seated no more than a few feet from the gleaming cyan counter of the main bar, a trio of women lounged, a dozen shot glasses stacked high along the table itself, whilst two of the women nursed their own drinks. When he sauntered past the three, the silky white hair and tanned face of a woman in particular reached his eyes, though not before he hungrily devoured her toned thighs.


Mabui, he faintly recalled her name being, a secretary at the mayor’s office, as well as being a newlywed wife no more than a week prior. Soft moans and pleas for more echoed throughout his head as he recalled their night together, and as his eyes latched onto hers, she, too, could recall the deed they had done; based solely on the deep flush that spread across her cheeks.


Glancing past the trio of women however, Shikamaru’s gaze eventually reached the bar itself, and with a tip of his head, the fiery redhead behind the counter began preparing his usual order. 


He was a regular, one that knew what he liked and knew what to order, so much so that the bartender herself had learned his favorite order. Whiskey, with a side of water. Feeling the liquor pouring down along his tongue brought with it an exhilaration, but without the water, his tongue would go numb from the strength of the whiskey. Yet, his taste in alcohol was not what had drawn him there to begin with. 


In the aftermath of university, the heir to an ancient clan had changed. His eyes had been perceptive, his mind had been sharp, but even then, he had fallen down into a temptation; an addiction that could only be cured by feeding it further. He had begun to crave a woman’s touch, to feel their delectable curves in his grasp, to feed upon their arousal and fulfill his any whim with their bodies alone. Romance, he had pondered for a while, but alas, even as the young bachelor attempted that very thing, his eyes had been drawn elsewhere, to the swaying form of a nearby woman’s rear.


As his feet came to rest by the front of the counter however, his mind cleared, and his attentive gaze slid sideways, for sitting no more than a foot to his left was a woman that would remain within his thoughts until he could mark her as his. 


Silky tresses of indigo colored hair, a soft scent akin to lavender, likely a perfume designed for her, with stark lavender colored eyes that were almost hazy in a way. The drink in her grasp was caressed, held in a soft, ladylike grip, almost as if she had no experience at all. Another point that would back up his notion was the near permanent flush that adorned her fair cheeks, and as his eyes fell lower, Shikamaru Nara, the predator that he had become, could feel his throat go dry.


Despite being seated at the forefront of a bar, the woman beside him wore a heavy jacket that was pulled all the way up, denying his prying eyes entry, but alas, when his gaze fell lower, the minor disappointment from before all but vanished without a trace. 


Her pants were tight, dark blue in color, and far too form fitting for any conscious woman to wear. Seated though she may be, he could practically see everything beneath, from the outline of her toned ass, to the faint trace of a thong running along the sides of her hips, dipping down between her cheeks in a near teasing manner. If the jacket was meant to dissuade others from looking, then the pants were worn as a stark contrast to that. 


‘A rebellious girl?’ he pondered to himself, walking up to one of the stools by the counter while awaiting his upcoming drink. 


“See something you like, hotshot?” A woman’s voice broke him free from his musings, and as he turned his gaze back to the counter itself, he was greeted by the very bartender herself; a drink in her hands and a not too subtle grin on her face. 


“Always, Karin. Always…” he trailed off, giving the fiery bartender herself a once over. She, too, had been in his sights before, and with a meager hint of interest, she had given in… somewhat. 


“Blue Label with a waterback. You sure you can still feel something in that tongue of yours?” Chuckling at her question, Shikamaru grasped the ornate glass in his left hand, raising it up to showcase exactly how much he still felt. 


“Enough to recall that you were more of a raspberry-” 


“Okay! Have fun with your drink tonight, and give me a heads-up if you want more.” Without giving him so much as a chance to finish his sentence, Karin straightened her back, a hand flying up to adjust her glasses and hide the flush that crept up along her neck. 


Another chuckle, and a sip of water to cleanse his palette, and Shikamaru Nara’s gaze once more returned to the woman at his left flank. 


Had it not been for the gnawing suspicion within his stomach that he had seen her somewhere before, then the Nara would have likely struck up a conversation already. Yet, somewhere in the back of his head, that suspicion did exist. He had seen her before, somewhere, but certainly not in the bar. From the purest maiden to the dirtiest woman, his eyes had seen them all. Not a single employee or patron had avoided his inquisitive gaze, and more often than not, his eyes had seen something else altogether. 


Yet, the woman to his left was different. If it was not from a bar, then where- 


With a start, the thought he had sought arrived as quickly as a fist to the gut, causing him to flinch back until a droplet of whiskey sloshed out of his glass. 


He had seen her before! Perhaps not in person, but a month prior, he had picked up a business magazine in preparation for a publicity meeting. Her face had been plastered across the front page, dressed up in a far more socially acceptable manner than what she currently wore, but nonetheless, the face was the same. 


Hyuga, he briefly recalled, but her first name eluded his attentive mind. The daughter of a well known politician, a senator at that time, as well as one of the most sought after bachelorettes in the country. He knew that her father’s name was Hiashi Hyuga, if only just because of his mild political interest, but to think that his daughter would be there?


Feeling the tiniest smirk playing across his lips, Shikamaru’s hands latched onto the sides of his two glasses, stealthily making his way towards the girl until he stood no more than a foot away. 


“Are you waiting for someone tonight?” His voice was smooth, yet still deep enough to draw in the attention of the woman herself. 


With a start, her gaze arose from the depths of her glass, two pale white orbs sliding up to stare into his onyx eyes. “N-no, but…” If his voice was one of confidence, then hers could be described as no more than a meek whisper, barely loud enough for him to hear her above the neverending beat within the bar. “Please, go ahead…” 


Sliding his twin glasses along the counter until they came to rest before the stool itself, Shikamaru did just that, carefully avoiding any and all contact even as he slid up beside the woman. Her pale complexion had darkened by then, considerably so, appearing almost entirely red across her cheeks. 


It was plain as day that her interactions with anyone new were limited. 


“It made me think, are you dressed up like that character?” His eyebrows wiggled, hoping beyond belief that she would pick up on his drift without him having to specify. He didn’t watch anime, nor did he watch anything in particular, but even he could recognize a cosplay at first glance… though the setting was odd. 


“Yes!” Her answer came out so quick that she herself had to raise her hands to her mouth, a suspicious glance being thrown throughout the bar itself a moment thereafter. “I, uh, wanted to try something new- eep.” She returned in a far more hushed tone, though the smile that stretched across her lips was as genuine as it could get. 


“I’ve only seen a little of it, but she makes for a splendid character,” he chirped in, though mentally, his thoughts were far less innocent. He had seen enough of his old university roommate’s hobby to know what that particular character was used for. 


From the side, he could practically see her posture change. Her shoulders sunk down the tiniest bit, and the stiff expression that had adorned her flushed face relaxed, if only just a little. Although, out of the corner of his eye, the considerable heft beneath her jacket also made itself known. 


Taking another sip of his drink in the silence that stretched out between them, Shikamaru’s gaze lingered upon her face, and in turn, she could see him in full. He hadn’t made a move, nor had his gaze fallen down upon her chest as so many others before him, yet simultaneously, her eyebrows furrowed, if only just a tiny bit. 


“What brings you here t-tonight?” her voice was as soft as silk, brushing past his ears so much so that her stutter almost passed by as well, but only almost. 


“I’ve… made it a habit to come here in the weekends, for a drink and perhaps some sociable conversation,” tipping back his glass of whiskey, Shikamaru let it bathe his tongue, the tiniest searing sensation filling his mouth before it was promptly swallowed down. A sip of water followed quickly thereafter. “You?” 


Once again, her expression tensed, returning to its original stiffness whilst her eyes fell upon a particularly interesting spot on the cyan counter. Although, unlike his earlier attempt, she didn’t brush his question aside in its entirety. 


“T-the same. Conversation, a little to drink, and m-maybe…” the last of her sentence was only a mumbling mess, but he could have sworn to have heard her mention something about ‘liberation’ and a ‘cage.’ Whatever that meant, he could already imagine. 


“A young lady such as yourself with a splendid taste in entertainment. Being here would go against your parents’ wishes?” He fished for an answer, receiving only a subdued nod in reply. “I won’t tell on you,” his mirthful chuckle was low, yet by his side, her smile returned in full.


Going against her parents’ wishes was the mildest way he could have put it. If it became known that the senator’s daughter lounged around by the counter of a bar in her weekend, then not only would it impact his social standing greatly, but even her standing would take a hit. The world where money practically rained and the world that he himself lived in could not have been more different, for in one, the social norms were law, and in the other, having a job you enjoyed was enough. 


Absentmindedly, as the two engaged in a conversation about their hobbies, his mind swirled with thoughts unspoken. A bird trapped in her cage, the cage of society, and a wish for liberation, being broken free from the cage that was her father’s political grasp. He could agree with her desire, he could see her well camouflaged disdain, and as the two spoke, he knew more than anything else that the woman before him was independent in her own ways. 


“You’re a graduate of the HL University as well?” She practically squealed, the nervousness from before nowhere to be seen on her porcelain colored face.


“A master’s degree in Business Administration, though I’ve ended up working for a local advertising agency’s financial division. We recently got our hands on an advertisement spot for the next national games.” 


Before he himself knew it, the time had flown by, so much so that the glass he had originally started with had been replaced, time and time again. He hadn’t so much as an inkling in regards to how much the girl before him had had, but it couldn’t have been any less than he himself. 


Hinata, she had introduced herself as, though her surname was circumvented in her introduction. He hadn’t asked, of course, nor had she inquired about what his surname might be. It was the most common courtesy when speaking with someone of a clear social standing; a custom that had surprised her immensely when he did not try to pry. 


Of course, it wasn’t long before even that topic ran dry, and with it, Hinata returned yet another glass of wine to the countertop before them; another waitress walking up to take it away. 


“It’s getting pretty late, isn’t it?” His gaze trailed off towards a clock, though even while squinting, he could barely make out its signs. “Do you want me to walk you home?” 


As quickly as the words had left his mind, Shikamaru mentally slapped himself across the face. Of course she wouldn’t accept such a blatant proposal! Tipsy or not, she must have encountered dozens of men that had tried to pry her legs apart! 


Before he could open his mouth to correct his words however, his onyx orbs locked onto her form, for rather than show a look of disgust, she merely fidgeted in her seat. Did she truly consider his propo- 


Rising up from her seat in a hurried state, Hinata Hyuga swooned, a gentle hand falling down atop his left shoulder to steady herself, before her back arched and her head fell down towards his ear with a threatening pace. 


“I’ll be waiting around the corner, behind the building. Come after me in five minutes if you want to…” trailing off, she promptly stood back up, stiffly walking off towards the front of the bar where a bartender awaited her patiently. Although, not before putting the faintest, subtlest sway to her hips. 


As she sauntered off, hips swaying in a way that only a trained eye could catch, Shikamaru’s gaze was locked onto that sway. The dark blue slacks he had looked past before redoubled their effectiveness, and in his mind’s eye, the Nara could only vaguely assume what she wanted to do. 


The following five minutes could not have been any longer, but as he made his way towards the bartender, a tall man with silver colored hair pulled up into a ponytail, the seconds could not have ticked by any slower. At least, not until his feet carried him out through the lingering crowd of drunkards within. 




Five minutes on the dot, around the corner of the bar, within an alleyway that would at most be used as a place to take a leak. There was no back exit, no dumpster to hide behind, but even then, when Shikamaru Nara rounded the corner in his leather jacket, she was there, hiding in plain sight with her back pressed up against a brick wall. 


Only then was he granted the chance to admire her in full, minus the jacket that still obscured her immaculate form. Her face was as pale as the purest porcelain, spotless as well, with only the faintest flush of her alcoholic state adorning her features. At least, until her eyes locked themselves onto his, a warm smile cresting her full, plump lips once more. 


“What is this-” before he could speak, a thin finger rose up to her lips, silencing him promptly before he could so much as ask his question. 


The only sound to reverberate through the alleyway that night was the sound of a zipper being undone, for before his eyes, Hinata’s hands were up by the top of her jacket. Slowly, agonizingly so, the zipper to her lavender and purple colored jacket was undone, and slowly, inch upon inch of creamy white flesh was put on display. At first, he had thought her to be topless beneath the jacket, but as the zipper slid down below her breasts, his assumption was promptly corrected. 


She truly did look the part of an anime kunoichi, so much so that she wore a mesh undershirt beneath her jacket, fishnets through and through, holding her breasts in place while putting them on full display for his attentive eyes to see. Pink nipples arose atop the voluptuous breasts, greeting him in kind as he mentally ravaged the woman before him. Calling her well endowed would be an understatement. 


Although, even then, she did not stop, not until the zipper was undone in its entirety. Only then, when her jacket was undone, was he granted the chance to admire her in full. 


Curvaceous could only begin to describe the woman before him. Beautiful was another word, though it hardly even registered before being pushed aside. Truly divine, now there were two words that could aptly describe the woman known as Hinata Hyuga. A perfect hourglass figure as far as he could see, large breasts that practically defied the laws of physics, appearing both soft and firm within their fishnet prison, and lower, oh so deliciously lower, her rear was easily as large as her breasts, yet that sight was denied him. For the time being. 


Before his eyes, a hand was brought up to her mouth, a hollowed out fist being used to insinuate what she wanted him to do; complete with her tongue pushing up against her cheek to simulate the blowjob she wanted to give. 


To say that it was a tempting offer could not do it justice, and even before he knew so himself, she had sunk down onto her knees, jacket undone and breasts put on display in the cold evening air. If anyone walked past and looked to their left or right, they would see her. They would see them. 


Nodding his head in affirmation, Shikamaru Nara stepped up, one hand lazily undoing the belt around his waist whilst the other reached down to cup Hinata’s chin, lifting it up until her hooded, arousal filled eyes were pointed directly at him. The display alone had been enough to make his pants tighten up, and the thought of where they were, what they were about to do, did little more than arouse him further. 


Standing no more than an inch away, Shikamaru undid his pants, pulled them down in one fell swoop, until a hearty slap resounded through the air. 


His cock had sprung free from its tight confines, and unlike most guys he had had the misfortune of seeing naked, he had nothing to be ashamed of. Well above average, his dick lay there, atop Hinata’s face with his heavy balls pressing down against her mouth and nose. Beneath his girth, he could hear her heave a heavy breath, taking in the scent of his cock while he himself could hardly resist doing the same. 


Although, he was not one to keep a lady waiting, much less so when taking their circumstances into account. Sliding a hand down to grasp the base of his cock, Shikamaru inched back, tilted his dick downward, and with a breathy sigh, the very tip of his dick was eased past the Hyuga’s luscious lips. 


Her mouth was warm, heavenly so, and even as he eased another inch down towards the back of her throat, he could feel her tongue swiping up and down along the underside of his dick. He was thick, of that much, he was certain, but even then, as the fourth inch was slid inside of her mouth, Hinata’s gaze never faltered; her stubbornness to take him all never wavered. 


Another inch, followed by another, with yet another following closely behind. It wasn’t long before the eighth and final inch of his cock was buried past her plump lips, and with it, a sigh not unlike that of a job well done slipped past his lips. She had swallowed him all, every inch of his throbbing cock, without so much as breaking a sweat. Although, as his fingers reached down to comb through her indigo colored hair, he could tell that simply staying there was the limit of her capability. 


Feeling a grin spread across his lips, Shikamaru held her in place, grasping two fistfuls of hair as his hips reared back; every last inch of his cock sliding out until his throbbing head was caressed by her swirling tongue. However, without giving her so much as a moment to react, he thrust his hips forward, slamming his dick back down her throat until a low retch escaped the seal that was her lips. 


Again, he held his ground, glancing down upon her face to ensure that everything was fine, before pulling his hips back once more. Her teeth gingerly scraped against his length as he left, but even then, he held nothing back when he pounded her face once more. By the third thrust, a gush of drool escaped her lips, sliding down along her chin before dripping down upon her voluptuous breasts, but he could pay it no mind then and there. The only thing on his mind was to set himself a steady pace. His hips slid out, he held his position, and then he thrust his hips forward once more, burrowing the entirety of his cock inside of Hinata Hyuga’s mouth until her refined lips were nuzzled against his groin. 


Time and time again, he thrust his hips, roughly humping his groin against Hinata’s face until her gurgling groans resounded through the alley itself. Whenever he pulled his cock out, her drool all but erupted, coating her chin in a manner of seconds whilst the rest of her spit fell down on her tits. 


How long had it been since he had received such a high quality throat to fuck? With a shake of his head, Shikamaru couldn’t make himself remember. The only thought that still lingered within his mind was the abundant desire to see Hinata’s jiggling tits in all their pristine glory. Whenever he thrust his hips a little too sharply, he could hear her groan, albeit somewhat muffled due to the cock in her throat. 


Yet, minutes into the act, and she hadn’t so much as pushed him away. Her hands, pale, dainty and undoubtedly nimble in their own unique way, rested atop her thighs, and the lady herself? With a glance downward, Shikamaru’s breath came out in ragged gasps as his orgasm approached faster than ever before. 


She was seated, on her knees, hands atop her thighs, with her eyes rolled up into the back of her head. Beneath his cock, cradling his balls, he could feel her tongue, swiping up to lather his sack with her abundance of spit before he pulled away once more. 


Although, as the coil within his stomach tightened, and as his balls churned with the cum of a dozen men, Shikamaru’s eyes locked onto hers. Her lips moved around his dick, words were muffled by his pace, but all the same, as the precum oozed forth from the tip of his dick, Shikamaru Nara closed his eyes and pulled back. 


Thick, gooey jets of cum erupted from the swollen head of his dick before he had even left her mouth. A heavy spray splattered out along her tongue, and as he yanked his hips backward, a hand fell down to hastily jerk himself off. 


The second gush of cum splashed out atop her face, a solid streak painting her from her saliva slickened chin to the bottom of her forehead; a heavy rope hanging down the bridge of her nose. Another jet burst forth from his head, this one aimed at Hinata’s forehead and hair, a target he painted white with his seed. A fourth and fifth jet burst forth all at once, and as his hips bucked beneath the infinite bliss known as euphoria, a sixth stream dribbled out, falling down onto her tits with a thunderous splash. 


His breathing came out in ragged gasps, an uneven pace as his cock throbbed within his grasp, yet even then, he forced himself to stare at the woman seated before him. 


It was everywhere. 


The face he had admired within the bar was stained with cum and spittle, a few stray streaks of black running down the sides of her face from where her makeup had undoubtedly once been. Half her face at least was coated in his cum, but as his eyes fell lower, his dick stiffened anew. 


Her breasts were slick and stained in much the same way as her face, but unlike it, only her saliva had ruined her fishnet top. He could see everything, from the perfect heft of her bust to the way her chest rose and fall with her every breath, but even more so than that, as a light cough broke him out of his stupor, Shikamaru aligned his dick before her face. 


To say that the breath had been knocked out of her lungs was an understatement. From the moment she had given out her invitation, to the moment wherein her knees hit the ground, Hinata Hyuga had wanted nothing more than to strip; to ease herself out of her clothes and offer up her body then and there. But alas, she knew that she could not. 


Simply staying as they did for any longer was a risk, exposing her bosom to a man she did not wish to wed was against her father’s rules, and more so than that, receiving his load, taking it across her face and breasts, were easily enough to brand her as her family’s shame. Yet, when she coughed up his cum, not a thought on her mind was linked to regret. 


If nothing else, when she gingerly rose up onto her feet, the fire in her eyes spoke volumes about her own desires. Most notable of all being the desire to invite the man before her even more. 


“I-” coughing once more, Hinata’s hand moved up to her throat, rubbing the soreness from where she had so recently been fucked. “My condo is…” 


Shaking her head, Hinata Hyuga’s face lit up, for somewhere off to their right, a handful of people exited a nearby building. However, as she hastily turned around to yank up the zipper of her jacket, a cold shiver coursed down her spine from where his cum pressed up against her jacket. 


“My place?” The plea that followed her big, round eyes was as innocent as Shikamaru could have ever envisioned, though the copious cum that trickled down her face ruined the visual the tiniest bit. 


Allowing a wolfish grin to spread across his lips, Shikamaru nodded his head, wrapping a arm around her waist to openly grope her breasts through her jacket…




Night truly had fallen, he dimly noted, following behind the woman whose ass he dreamt of swayed before his eyes. It had long since passed two o’clock in the morning, a fact that was made all the more clear by the lack of people in the streets. Every bar should have closed by then, even the one he himself enjoyed the most. 


Furrowing his eyebrows as they took yet another unconventional turn on their way into the depths of the metropolis, Shikamaru Nara couldn’t help but recall their conversation at the bar. ‘She really does like her ninja movies…’ 


The past ten minutes had been spent as such, ducking and weaving in and out of alleyways, sticking to the shadows as if someone, anyone would await them an inch out into the street, prepared with a lecture for youngsters such as them. Not a soul had been seen since their little scare before heading off, so much so that Shikamaru himself could have been walking naked without any repercussions. Of course, he made sure to remind the woman ahead of him by that, but a subtle rise of her jacket reminded him of what would await him further on. 


After what felt like a small eternity of sneaking around, the two of them reached the end of an alley…


… and the sight that presented itself before his eyes reminded him of exactly who he had been invited home to. 


A massive building stretched itself out around the area before them, so much so that he had no doubt about where to move the next time he wanted some new scenery. It was by no means tall, but the land that was laid flat for the building of the condos before him was undoubtedly great. Three stories at most, but as the duo snuck up towards the main reception, the reason behind his friend’s stealth revealed itself before his eyes. 


Every floor, every single apartment, was adorned by glass walls and large windows. From what little he could see through the darkness, a woman walked about within a second story apartment, though whether she was dressed or not, it was simply too dark to tell. 


“The receptionist shouldn’t be here now, so we can sneak in if you behave yourself,” Hinata’s reminded him from ahead, a meek tone that he hadn’t heard since he first introduced himself. 


Nodding his head in affirmation, Shikamaru felt a bead of sweat trickle down the side of his head. She couldn’t see him… 


Unlike their stealthy manner of movement before, the dash she put on to cross the street was phenomenal, almost akin to a professional athlete… minus the rather awkward posture that he could have sworn to have seen in an animated movie. Rather than being outdone however, he put on a bit of a sprint himself, following closely behind despite the aching erection that pressed itself up against his pants. 


True to her word, the reception area was empty, with a mellow, almost soothing light serving as the only guideline for where to go. By the time he had caught up with her in full, Hinata had swiped a card through the door, unlocking it for the two of them to enter. How many times she had snuck in like that, late at night with a stranger in tow, he couldn’t comprehend… though, perhaps he would ask her when they were safely inside. 


Giving him no time at all to loiter, Hinata Hyuga pushed the door aside, turning her face to him, stained in dried cum and saliva, a fresh flush adorning her cheeks at the mere thought of what would come. 


Absentmindedly, as he followed her lead down a hallway and up a flight of stairs, the number of times she had snuck in there with cum on her face would likely be synonymous with zero. 


From the moment he jogged up the stairwell, he could see their goal; an opened door in a hallway with only a handful of doors, complete with Hinata’s inviting form, holding it askew enough for him to press his way inside, but once he did, and as the subtle click of a door being shut reverberated behind his back, he would allow himself a smile. 


“May I please have a moment before we begin?” A meek request resounded from his right, and with a twist of his head, Shikamaru’s onyx eyes once more landed upon her cum stained face. “I’ll, ah… uhm, you know…” 


Shaking his head with a mirthful chuckle, his posture changed, and for the first time that night, the Nara heir dared himself a moment of confidence. “And if I wanted to take you right here and now?” 


The radiant, scarlet flush that spread across her cheeks was well worth the comment, rhetorical as it may have been. Without a moment’s hesitation, he reached out with a hand, cupped her chin, and tipped her head back to force their eyes to meet.


“Go to your bedroom and strip. I’ll be there soon,” even before he had finished his sentence, the Hyuga before him quivered. The sound of her zipper being undone reached his ears as soon as she rounded the corner of the condo.


As quickly as she had escaped his clutches however, his attention shifted. His own apartment couldn’t even begin to compare to the one Hinata lived in. Everything, from the glass walls to the creamy white color of the walls, was different. Even the layout of their apartments were different. 


To the direct left upon entering the condo itself, a door was slightly askew, and upon casting a glance inside, he could see the tiled floor of a bathroom, complete with a laundry hamper that was undoubtedly filled with all sorts of lingerie. A wall was set up to the right, complete with a sliding door that he presumed led into a wardrobe. Looking straight ahead, a wide open room with a gentle curve along the windowed wall made up the living room, with an L-shaped couch that looked divine along with a paper thin TV that was fastened against the wall. 


What caught his interest the most then and there, however, was the open archway to his far right. Whoever had designed the condo had undoubtedly done so with the intent of having a single person or a couple there, for the only bedroom in the apartment was separated by nothing; a single archway leading into a room that he himself would soon stand inside of. 


Although, what humored him most was not the drag he had willingly entered, but rather, the trail of clothing that was strewn across the carpeted floor. Stepping over Hinata’s jacket, Shikamaru’s gaze trailed up, passing by the fishnet top he had wanted to tear apart, before noticing the dark blue kunoichi slacks on the floor, complete with a pair of socks that had been haphazardly flung aside. 


Before the archway leading into the bedroom however, Shikamaru crouched down, reaching down to pick up what he knew he had seen as an outline at the bar. A lacy, dark blue thong, thoroughly soaked through as it was all but plastered against the floorboards.


Awaiting him inside of the bedroom however, a treasure beyond compare laid bare before him. Hinata Hyuga had followed his order to the letter, tossing aside her clothes, her pride and her station in life to make a mad dash towards her bedroom.


Rounding the corner, Shikamaru Nara’s gaze was met by the Hyuga herself, creamy pale skin put on full display, knees bent and feet firmly planted in the silken bedsheets, but most notable of all, her legs were spread wide enough for him to have a peek at what most men could only hope for. 


A single glance at her pristine pussy was enough to make his pants tighten up, and a continued glance made his throat dry up. Hairless, pristine and undoubtedly untouched by any man, but a single glance around her room reassured him that this was no innocent maiden. 


Whether she had tried to hide it away before his arrival or not, he did not know, but placed atop her nightstand, an unlabeled bottle of creamy white liquid stood, reminding him far too much of the very liquid he had sprayed across the Hyuga’s face a scant thirty minutes prior. Similarly, he could have sworn to see the outline of something phallic beneath one of her pillows, but alas, his thoughts were snapped back to the subject at hand by the meekest request. 


“C-could you, uhm…” Atop her bed, Hinata fidgeted, her legs quivering as she forcibly tried to keep them spread. “T-take me?” 


The Hyuga heir’s face was ablaze, but even then, with a liberal coating of cum that he himself had offered to help her clean up, whatever innocence her charm naturally brought her was destroyed. The woman before him knew what she liked, and despite her hesitance and occasional stutter, the lust in her eyes was as clear as the moon hanging above the clouds in the sky. 


Simply staring at her overlong made him shudder, and with a practiced ease from his myriad of hookups, Shikamaru Nara shrugged his jacket off of his shoulders. An agile hand flew down to unbuckle his belt, another was fixated on tearing open the shirt he wore, and all the while, Hinata watched, eyes wide with an untamed lust that caused her pussy to leak. 


His shirt was hastily flung off, and only then did his near chiseled arms and toned chest reveal itself. He was by no means an Adonis, but if there was one thing the Nara clan could pride itself on, it was their rigorous lives to make sure their descendants would remain in peak physical condition. Even before his pants came undone, Hinata’s tongue darted out to wet her lips; a sight he himself could hardly resist before the fun to come. 


It wasn’t long before his belt, and subsequently his pants, were undone, and with as nonchalant of a strut as he could manage, Shikamaru’s groin was revealed to her once more. 


The moment his pants fell down to the floor, Shikamaru Nara sprang to action. As agile as a feline predator, he pounced upon the woman laying before him, eyes honing in on the dripping snatch between her legs. He had been with innocent women before, so much so that he himself had likely deflowered a few more than he could care to count, but even then, the feast laid bare before him was a treasure in and off of itself. 


Without so much as a moment’s hesitation, he grasped his cock with one hand, rubbing the swollen head of his dick against Hinata’s pussy until, with a quickened pace, he thrust his hips forward. The moan that spilled forth from her lips was not that of a proud senator’s daughter. 


No, the cries that spilled forth from her lips as his cock was devoured by her snatch were the ones of a blatant whore, or perhaps, a depraved slut that had been denied for far too long. 


From the moment his cockhead was sheathed inside of her snatch, Shikamaru shifted his grip down to her legs, lifting her dainty feet up into the air as his hips continued their relentless assault against her near regal womanhood. 


A moment later however, as the length of his cock was sucked inside of the quicksand that was Hinata Hyuga’s dripping pussy, Shikamaru’s head rolled back, a deep sigh escaping his lips at the sensuality of it all. 


Hinata was tight, plain and simple. Her velvety walls quivered around his dick, her subdued mewls were naught more than a crescendo around his head, and as he forced inch upon inch of cock inside of her snatch, the Nara heir could at long last claim that he had found his match. The pussy rippling around his length was downright divine, the perfect mixture of tightness and grip, while presenting him with an abundance of lube in the form of her endless juices. 


It wasn’t long before he, too, reached the end of the line, and in doing so, as his hips bumped up against the heavenly rear that he wanted to grope, Shikamaru’s gaze fell down upon her face. 


Flushed, with a light sheen of sweat, coupled with the fruits of his previous orgasm. She had not yet bothered to wipe the cum and spittle off of her face, leaving it as the mess he had made. Further down, along her tantalizingly tempting neck, her breasts heaved, uneven breaths fluttering in and out of her lips as he ground his hips against her ass. 


Even the curves along her sides were perfect, so much so that he loosened his grip on her legs, allowing them to rest atop his shoulders as he bent down to openly grope her cum stained tits. 


“What, oh what should we do with you, Hinata? As tight as you are, I don’t know how long I can last before~” as if to prove his point, he let out a low grunt, pulling his hips back to thrust into her depths anew. 


From the moment the head of his dick had entered her dripping pussy, to the very point wherein his tip brushed up against her most sensitive spot, Hinata Hyuga was in a state of euphoria. Never before had she thought that sex could feel as good as it did then and there, and in her tipsy mind, the mere knowledge that her father would disapprove only made it better. With his every thrust, the coil within her stomach tightened, with his occasional taunt, her toes began to curl with glee, and as his pace sped up, her eyes began their ascent towards the back of her head. 


She had seen where his gaze had traveled, she had noted his gaze upon the bottle of lube that was shamelessly placed atop her nightstand, and even more so than that, she knew full well what she had hastily shoved beneath her pillows; the source of her only sexual experience. Although, even as her mind drifted there, a particularly rough thrust caused her breasts to jiggle atop her chest, a loud outcry of pleasure slipping free from her throat. 


She liked it, she loved the sensation of a man’s penis inside of her underused pussy, and even then, her mind could hardly fathom a life without a cock inside of her nethers. 


When his hand fell down upon her groin, a thumb lazily trailing circles atop her clit, Hinata Hyuga’s world exploded, and with it, a torrent of liquid gushed forth from her pussy. 


The moment his thumb had fallen down to play with her clit, Shikamaru’s eyes widened, a low grunt escaping his lips as the walls around his cock clamped down around his length. So strong was her grip that he himself could barely move, but even then, his right hand continued its work atop her groin, lazily playing with her clit like he had done with so many others. 


It wasn’t until a wet spray splashed out against his own groin that he turned his gaze away from Hinata’s cum smeared, drooling face. 


Between his legs, the silken bedsheets of a near royal woman were soaked through, a constant stream of liquid gushing out of her snatch despite the cork that was his cock. “A squirter, are you?” He couldn’t help but question, the velvety walls around his cock loosening up the tiniest bit. 


As quickly as the pressure around his length had vanished, Shikamaru Nara steeled his resolve, leaning forward until Hinata’s knees hovered above her breasts. With as much force as he could muster, his hips thrust down, ramming himself in to her very core in one fell swoop. The reaction that followed was well worth the roughened pace. 


Instantly upon his thrust, Hinata’s back arched itself, her breasts jiggling uncontrollably as the entirety of her body spasmed in place. So soon after her first orgasm, her body was assaulted by yet another wave of bliss, so much so that, as she struggled to hold back her own delight, her lips fell agape with a stream of drool. 


That was why she went out that night, after all. To find herself a mate that could help break her free from her father’s grasp, if only just slightly. She wanted someone that could- 


“I’m cumming inside of you!” Shikamaru ground out through gritted teeth, a focused gleam in his eyes as his cock throbbed and pulsed within her core. 


“N-no! P-please pull out! Oh my god~” Ignoring her pleas altogether, Hinata Hyuga’s mind shattered as a scalding warmth washed out across her sensitive folds, splashing up against the entrance to her womb with wanton abandon. 


He had held back, for quite a while at that. How could he ever begin to hope that he could last long with a woman as tight as her? Even as he gave her his warning, the first jet of sperm had rushed out through the tip of his dick, splashing up against her unprotected depths with enough force to push him back an inch. 


The sole reason for why he only went on the prowl in the weekends was simple, and it was the very reason why he would enjoy himself so immensely that night. 


Another healthy spray of cum erupted within Hinata Hyuga’s depths, a scalding heat that would undoubtedly burn anyone fortunate enough to feel it on their skin. A third eruption, a fourth explosion and a fifth spray followed thereafter, equally sizable in their amount, and undoubtedly, the woman before him would have to see a doctor if she had not taken precautionary measures. 


When at last his orgasm began to die down however, his onyx eyes rolled down to gaze upon the woman before him, though the sight that met his eyes startled him more than anything else. 


Her body, beautiful, pale and perfect in any way, was still where it lay. Her breasts heaved, her pink nipples were erect, but more so than that, as his gaze traveled further, he caught a glimpse of her face. Completely and utterly fucked silly, jaw agape, tongue rolled out, and eyes that had practically gone cross eyed from the abundance of cum being pumped into her womb. 


Taking but a moment to realize his situation, Shikamaru Nara let out a drowsy yawn, easing himself back as gently as he could, but even then, her body flinched of its own accord. 


He had quite literally fucked a woman unconscious. 


An audible pop resounded through the room when his softening cock slid out of her depths, and with a near triumphant grin on his face, he watched on as the waterfall that was his cum began to pour forth from the Hyuga’s abused snatch. A continuous stream, a constant gush of scalding sperm, and with a mere glance upward, he himself knew that he was far from finished. 


After all, he had yet to use the bottle of lube she had so graciously presented… 

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