Samui's Service

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Samui’s Service


            “Kyubi Jinchuriki!  No…  Uzumaki Naruto!”

            Ay stood at the foot of the bed Naruto was confined to during his recovery.

            The consecutive battles with Madara, Kaguya, and Sasuke had of course worn him out and drained his energy completely; even the presence of Kurama could only do so much, and with his missing right arm, he was in no condition to so much as sit up.  Luckily, there were murmurs from Baa-chan and Sakura-chan that he would not need to worry about becoming left-handed.  Whatever they were planning, though, they kept it secret and did not outright confirm that their plan would work.

            Because of that, Ay had sought an audience with the hero of the ninja nation.  Iwa and Kiri could go back to their lands without a thought, but the Kumo did not leave without returning a debt in some way.  Now Ay pointed at Naruto, specifically at his unarmed shoulder.  “I know the troubles of using only one arm, but I was not in the shape you are in now.  Therefore, as you recover…”  He now swung his pointing arm in a wide arc to point behind him, at one of his two assistants.  Darui also followed the path of the gesture, but Samui did not even flinch when she was addressed by her Kage.  “Samui will be your assistant, under the order of the Raikage himself!”

            Naruto did not answer.  He didn’t respond in any way.  The reason being, he was unconscious.  Ay had been made aware of this before visiting, but still found it acceptable to have a proper meeting.  So, Naruto quietly snored away as Ay laid out his proposal.  “The medical ninja are stretched thinly, treating those who still hang by a thread by the war!  You are in no such danger, but after doing what you’ve done for our world!  Uzumaki Naruto!  You’ve earned at least this much from Kumogakure!”

            If Naruto’s rest hadn’t been a Chakra-induced sleep, the roar of the Raikage surely would’ve had him leaping up in his bed.  Samui herself grimaced from the volume, and Darui shoved his finger in his ear.

            At once, Ay spun around and made for the exit.  “Come, Darui!  There’s still much for us to do!  The future of Kumogakure lies ahead of us!”  He and Darui were out in an instant, Ay charging the way to Kumo… to… the future!!

            Samui didn’t look after her Raikage.  As much as she respected him, he could be a little hotheaded, un-cool at times.  Darui was the counter to that, and she had her suspicions that Ay had taken an interest in his renowned poise.

            But those were matters to contemplate when back home.  Now, she was stuck in the hospital at Konoha, watching over the whelp who saved the ninja world.  She recognized him, of course; the boy who’d taken a beating on the rogue Uchiha’s behalf.  And apparently, that same rogue was somewhere in the hospital, in the same state as…

            Uzumaki Naruto

            Samui read the name on the dossier containing information on her unconscious ward.  The name Uzumaki was familiar; the clan of the Whirlpool.  She remembered that the previous Raikage made a bid to capture both a Jinchuriki and Uzumaki in one go: Uzumaki Kushina.  The plot was thwarted, and since then, Kumo and Konoha had not been on good terms.  Even Ay made such an attempt when he tried to kidnap the Hyuga daughter; again… thwarted.

            Not that Samui was bitter; her loyalty just meant that she could see reason to these otherwise condemnable acts.  Konoha did have the surplus of powerful eyes.  Sharingan, Byakugan… now even the Rinnegan.

            The notions were scoffed off, and Samui set her mind simply to her duty.  This document was filled out by one who apparently knew him best, and apparently didn’t particularly like him as one of his hobbies was listed – at the top, no less – as ‘Being annoying…’  Whoever this – Samui looked for the documenter’s name signed on the bottom of the last page – Haruno Sakura was, she was probably a Type A who’d marry someone just because he was cute, and later on find out how miserable that would make her.

            Samui continued to look the details over a few more times, and what caught her eye was how often ‘Ramen’ was written.  In favorite foods, it was the only thing listed; Passions, Hobbies, and Likes all had it a part of their list.  So he was a ramen-enthusiast when he was off the battlefield.

            She set the vanilla folder aside.

            Perhaps she could do something special for him when he woke up…


            The rounds of the medical staff came and went twice to check up on Naruto; Samui hadn’t the experience to perform them herself.  A woman name Shizune checked the bedridden boy, smiled gently at him for a while and spoke praises of his progress in life, and then headed out.

            Samui was unmoved, but didn’t say anything of it.  She just sat in repose, waiting for her mission to truly begin.  Not so much a servant, she credited herself; more like an extra set of hands while he was lacking one.

            All at once, noise filled the room, and while shinobi training made it difficult for her to be caught off guard, she hadn’t expected it.  Th alarm clock was going off next to Naruto’s bed on the opposite side from where she was standing.  Probably set for when he should be given medication, or perhaps it was left from a previous patient…  Whatever the reason, it was annoying, so Samui moved to turn it off.

            Easier to reach across the bed than to go around…  Naruto was fast asleep so he wouldn’t notice.  She bowed and reached and, at once, was smothering the boy.  Her breasts, large and soft, fell upon his face, blessing the unconscious boy with the Valley of Paradise.  She didn’t bother to amend herself; her boobs squishing his face for a little bit…  He wasn’t even awake to enjoy it.

            Or… he wasn’t… but when his normal breathing failed to pull in enough oxygen, he stirred and inhaled harder, and the womanly perfume immediately filled his nostrils.  He stirred and opened his eyes slowly, and what he saw were two enormous breasts pulling back and a blonde head.  “B-Baa-chan?”

            Samui, now standing straight after turning off the alarm, kept her cool for the most part, but her eyebrow twitched just slightly.  Cool as she was, there was hardly any woman – especially knockouts like her – who enjoyed being called ‘Granny’.

            “My name is Samui,” she told him, her voice low as he blinked himself awake, face turning red as he registered where his face had just been.  “The Raikage has instructed me to be at your disposal until you are well enough to leave the hospital.”

            Naruto blinked as he processed the words, and then he sulked, his face somewhat resembling a frog’s.  “Ahh~”  His sigh was mournful.  “I was hoping Sakura-chan would be here instead.”

            Again, Samui twitched.  She was starting to see why ‘Being annoying’ topped the list.

            If the Great Jiraiya were present, he’d knock a fist over his apprentice’s head and point out that Samui had a bit more a lot more to offer than underdeveloped Sakura-chan.  As if his master’s words were ringing in his head, Naruto scrutinized Samui.  Of course, his eyes were drawn to her chest almost immediately.  She noticed, but gave no mind to it beyond a typical rolling of the eyes.  Her breasts were apparently hypnotizing things that even her brother refused to ignore; he was always nicest when she wore something low-cut, or when she didn’t wear a bra around the house, causing each step to have a unsubtle wobble.  It was why she moved out of their shared apartment.

            “I… guess it could be good,” the blond boy murmured after a moment.  He seemed to perk up when he asked, “The Raikage told you to stay?”

            Samui nodded.

            A wide grin brightened his face.  “Wow!  Guess he’s not so bad after all, tebayo!”  His hands came up to clasp nonchalantly behind his head, and it was at that moment he felt lopsided.  The nub that was his right arm was heavily bandaged, the results of confronting his best friend one final time.  He should have been sad, lamenting the loss and resenting Sasuke, but, having an upbeat view of the world, he though better to lose an arm than to die like he had predicted before…

            Samui saw the despair in his eyes.  While she could not console him and tell him she knew how he felt, she at least could give him her services.  She mulled over what she could do for him; the bare minimum to help a patient…  She wasn’t good with these matters; perking someone up, telling them it would be alright.  It just wasn’t cool to act concerned.  But what could she do?

            She looked over the boy again and saw that he was flexing his missing arm, despair replaced with curiosity.  “How can I make a Kage Bunshin?” she heard him mutter, followed by the same question about a Rasengan.

            Hopeless kid, she thought with her piercing eyes fixed on him.  Lost his arm, fought a friend, saved the world, yet he was musing over the trifles.  Hopeless, maybe, but there was a charm to him.  He may not have been cool or attractive like his Uchiha friend – Samui and most of Kumogakure still saw him as an enemy – but he had a lure.  That he inherited his father’s looks, but his mother’s softness, helped somewhat…  So what would this hero want?

            Samui sighed.

            It was the least she could do for him when she stood up.  Naruto, distracted from trying to make one-handed hand symbols like he had seen Haku do once, looked up at his assigned helper.  The density of her iceberg gaze made his core quake.  “W-what is it, Samui-nee-chan?”

            She let the nickname slide; as long as he didn’t call her Baa-chan again, she wouldn’t have any qualms about doing him a well-deserved favor for the moment.  She shifted, a smooth pivot to the door before talking over her shoulder.  “I’ll be back in a bit.  Will you be alright?”

            Well, honestly, he did have to use the restroom, but maybe she didn’t need to know that.  So he just laughed through a wide grin that he would be just fine.  Samui nodded to his capabilities and left in pursuit of what it was she intended to serve him with.

            The moment the door closed behind her, Naruto’s smile flipped and he broke out in a raw, hot, uncomfortable sweat.  “Where… where’s the bathroom, tebayo?”


            It was longer than a while before Samui made her way back to Naruto.  Fortunately, after getting the hang of walking again after days of bed rest, Naruto made it to the door before collapsing.  As luck would have it, Sakura and Shikamaru had arrived to check on him, and of course, Sakura was violently reproachful of Naruto being out of bed.  Again, fortunately, before Sakura could do real damage, Shikamaru intercepted and offered his friend some help in getting to the restroom.

            “It’s troublesome,” griped the lazy shinobi before grinning at Naruto while heaving him to the toilet, “but I guess it was even more troublesome to save the world.”  Naruto just laughed modestly.

            After the restroom and after Sakura did a checkup on him, Naruto had stayed patiently in bed.  Well, patient would be too generous a word, but given his condition, bouncing around put a strain on his body.  Therefore, he simply lied back and counted the ceiling tiles until the door opened again.

            Samui was back, and Naruto’s heart immediately thumped when he saw her.  His eyes bugged and his jaw dropped; drool instantly overflowed in rivulets to his chin.  “It… it can’t be,” he slurred as the buxom woman presented herself to him.  “Is… is that…?”

            “It is,” Samui affirmed coolly, and held out the bowl like she was modeling with it.  “The best ramen made in Kumogakure.  Your file said you like the ramen from Konohagakure’s Ichiraku.  Perhaps you should try this before you make up your mind.”

            Naruto was nothing short of jubilant.  He’d tried foreign ramen before on his journey with Ero-sennin, and while each land had a unique vibrancy to its flavor, he’d never gotten a chance to try the Land of Thunder’s ramen; Jiraiya had said it was too hostile a place for Konoha ninja to venture to heedlessly.  Already, the scent had filled Naruto’s lungs, and since fighting Sasuke, he truly felt alive.

            As if he was in a restaurant with the finest staff at his beck and call, Samui expertly set up a tray over his lap, one-handed, and carefully eased the bowl in the other hand in front of him; chopsticks were at the ready atop a napkin.  No meanness or sarcasm in her tone; just a simple – if not flat-toned – and sincere, “Please enjoy.”  And then she stepped back, hands clasped behind her as she allowed him to dine freely.

            “Nee-chan,” Naruto blubbered, his eyes watery with joyous tears, “you’re the best!”  At once, he snatched the chopsticks, gave a one-handed blessing for the food, and dove right in.

            But that was not an easy accomplishment.  He once injured his left arm after using the Rasen-Shuriken against the seemingly-immortal Kakuzu, and eating ramen had been a pain.  Now he was in that misery again, struggling with his chopsticks, relearning how to hold them properly and feed himself.  Maybe if he was rested enough, he could solidify Kurama’s chakra into a manageable substitute for his right arm and eat as he pleased; currently, he was getting to the point of dunking his face into the bowl and eating like a dog.

            Samui would have none of that.  Not only was she doing her duty, she felt it would be uncool if the world’s savior degraded himself by splashing ramen everywhere.  She took the chopsticks from him without a moment’s hesitation, and before he could ask why, she was catching a line of noodles, stretching them out, blowing of them, and then easing them to his mouth.  Naruto was flabbergasted.  Last time, though he wanted the attention from Sakura-chan, it’d been Sai who was willing to feed him.  A huge step up was this babe, leaning towards him with her cleavage amply shown off; an even more delectable treat than the ramen…

            He cleared his throat awkwardly before slurping up the meal.  At once, his brow began to sweat, and he cringed a little.  “Wow,” he exhaled from the corner of his stuffed mouth. “It’s… mmm!  Mph!... spicy.”

            “Kumo makes its ramen with the Lightning chili,” Samui gave for his understanding, adding that it was popular amongst the rugged shinobi of her Village.  It was a rare spice, one that was discovered by accident when it fell from a cliff wall and plopped into a resting ninja’s ramen.  The man had described it had fallen like its namesake and shocked the taste buds too.

            Naruto was interested, if only for enjoying ramen lore.  But the mildness of Ichiraku’s flavor left him vulnerable to the heat.  He hissed and fumed, huffing and sticking out his tongue with each mouthful.  “Is it too much?” Samui asked, ready to remove the bowl and replace it with something more suited to his tastes.

            “No!”  He shook his head and fanned his mouth.  “Just give me a second.”

            Samui waited for him to prepare for the next burn.  The Raikage had a point when it came to Konoha; they were too soft, unable to tolerate the intensity that the Cloud had become calloused to.  When he was ready, she leaned back in, and that was when she caught his eye; not with eye contact, but she noticed where he looked when she bent towards him.  Unsurprising.  She noticed that most men’s eyes were drawn to her chest and how much she showed of it, but at least Naruto made the effort to try to be discrete and not dwell on them too much.

            Naruto didn’t want to be a pervert, but he’d always been a boob guy, eyes zeroing in on the assets of a woman’s chest before anything else.  When he first saw Tsunade, he couldn’t help but notice those huge, glorious things!  Add full-blown puberty to the mix and… well, you can get distracted enough to miss a spoon-fed – or chopstick-fed – rope of ramen, and the ensuing reaction could turn into the hurricane after a butterfly flaps its wings.

            Missing the noodles made him react, and that reaction made the bowl spill towards him.  Hot chili broth spread across his lap, and he screamed out, “HOT!!

            Samui could have prevented it, but she always allowed the gawkers to take their just desserts after ogling her.  Coolly, while Naruto whimpered and whined, she set the tray and the emptied bowl on the bedside drawer, and in a swift tug, she removed the sheet he was under.

            And all at once, Naruto was discovered.  It’d been so quick, and he’d been in such pain, he didn’t even think of it – hidden under the tray and all – and he was flashing the tent in his hospital pajamas.  And however cool she seemed, Samui, holding the blankets aloft, regarded the risen treasure.

            “Ah!  It’s…”

            “So hot!!”  The door burst open, and in a trice, a new blanket was thrown over Naruto by his blonde aide, hiding his indecency before the unexpected – and uninvited – visitor showed up.  Naruto did not know him, but this yellow-haired, gawky-looking guy was Samui’s brother Atsui.  He looked at his sister and smiled wide.  “I heard someone say ‘Hot’!  It’s like they were calling for me, Sis!  Was it you?”

            Samui, effectively hiding the previous event that Naruto was still sweating over, frowned slightly at Atsui.  “How do I sound like a boy screaming?”

            Atsui chuckled, dropping the matter entirely, and turned to Naruto, a look of wonder in his eyes.  “Wow, so you’re him?  You’re the hotshot that stopped Madara and saved the world?”

            Naruto turned his eyes to Samui, gauging her posture; cold like a statue facing her brother.  Deciding that he wasn’t about to be smack or assaulted – as was usually the case whenever he offended Sakura or Tsunade – he gave a meek laugh and admitted with some modesty that he was that very same ‘hotshot’.

            “You were on fire!” Atsui cheered, pointing enthusiastically at Naruto with a wink.  “You were too hot to handle for those guys!  I haven’t seen anything like it!”

            “How could you have seen any of it, trapped in the Benihisago?” Samui said, dampening his mood.

            Coughing awkwardly in his hand, Atsui mentioned that hot moves could be felt by a heated spirit.  It was weak and pathetic of him, but no one remarked on its corniness.  Then came the obvious question: “What are you doing here?”

            “Ah!”  The grin came back when Atsui pointed to himself.  “Of course, your hot brother came by to check up on his sister!  To see if you needed anything, ‘cause that’s what good brothers do.  Also, it was to let you know that Raikage-sama might be returning sooner than tomorrow.  A bunch of big announcements; it’s gonna be hot!”

            Naruto, an avid user of nonsensical phrases himself, found the constant ‘hot’ puns a bit annoying, but if he was grateful for one thing, he was glad that Samui-nee-chan’s brother interrupted before she had a chance to discuss/reprimand his erection… still stubbornly rigid beneath the blanket.

            But Atsui’s attendance was a fleeting thing, for after giving his report to Samui, he gave one last ‘hot’ mention to Naruto’s skill before leaving.  Before leaving, though, he walked over and elbowed Naruto in the chest – an awkward gesture that made Naruto’s thighs clench – with a smirk, saying, “My sis might act cool, but it doesn’t take much to get her boiling.  Remember you’re the hotshot in charge!”  And then he left.  In his absence was left an overwhelming force of quiet and discomfort.  Naruto shuffled in place, wishing there was some way to move this moment forward, past the undisclosed topic of revelation.  He didn’t even want to look at her, but she was so quiet!  Not even moving!  Naruto leaned forward, blue in the face and sweating bullets.

            Is she going to hit me?  Should I say sorry?  Should I act like I didn’t see it and neither did she?!

            Chatter when nervous was a weakness of his; he had to address the matter before he broke down in tears and wept in front of Samui.  “Um!  Heh-heh!”  He turned to her, squinting his eyes into lines while he mustered up his best-yet-unconvincing smile.  “What that was… uh!  I didn’t mean it.  I mean, it… it’s there, but…  I didn’t think you’d see it…”  His face faltered, and he was already lamenting wasting his life with a few misplaced words.

            Samui, however, had no change in expression, though she was watching him and giving him undivided attention.  This was the point – if not before – when Sakura would show Naruto the fury of a straight right jab to the nose.  Samui wasn’t such an explosive type; hotheadedness – if she could begrudgingly use a term better suited to dribble out of his mouth – was more for her brother.

            It wasn’t the first time.  She thought of this as she quietly closed her eyes.  Men had outright flashed her before, thinking that with her exposed cleavage, she wanted them to show them just as much as she did.  Well, she was no prude, but her own exposure was about comfort.  Wearing anything but low-cut vee tops were so stifling, and there was hardly anything more uncomfortable than sweaty breasts suffocating.

            What this Naruto boy had above the usual pervert was he was at least genuinely sorry that she saw the results of his peeping; doubtful that he was sorry about the peeping itself, though she could share the blame for giving him such an eyeful.

            “It’s fine,” she said dismissively, waving it off like she didn’t want to speak of it anymore.  And before Naruto could breathe his sigh of relief, she followed up with an introspective question that made Naruto’s gut twist and his head explode.  “You said it’s there.”  She set her chin in her hand to observe him.  “Is it still?”

            As if she was going to lift the sheets to check for herself, Naruto burst out laughing while shoving his hand into his lap to try to hide the obvious evidence.  “Wh-what?  Don’t ask such weird things, tebayo!”  Taking his hand from its guard to wave her question away let slip the rigidity between his legs, poking up against the blanket and announcing as if with a bullhorn that it was there to stay.

            Samui’s perceptive gaze did not overlook it, even if Naruto was trying to convince her otherwise.  His frantic mannerisms, jittery movements, the blush on his cheeks; she didn’t even need to see it to know he kept it.  It wasn’t the worst thing like he acted it was.  Men got erections – stubborn or otherwise – and it clouded judgment and made them act stupid.  Only a stupid, brash, or insecure woman would fault them for this folly.  Samui was none of these things; she was a kunoichi of Kumo, and things were done very differently in her Village than in soft Konoha.  If men were distracted on the field, the women – if available and willing – would clear their senses.

            “Would you prefer me to take care of it?” Samui said outright through the flurry of explanations and excuses Naruto still tried to give, and her single sentence stopped the outpour like a miracle stopping a flood in its tracks.

            Naruto, his face tense and confused, blinked twice.  “Eh?  Wh-what?”

            “You lost your right arm.”  Not an enlightening tidbit…  “You were right-handed, so that means it is likely that you used that hand to relieve yourself.”


            “I am here to assist you,” Samui said, now sitting up straight.  “Even in these matters, if necessary.”  Without Naruto’s expressed consent, she lifted the covers with one hand so the other could slither beneath, intent in its purpose.

            “Huh?!  Nee-chan, what’re you…?!  What…?!  Gah!!”  The moment she snagged it, Naruto was done for.  Her fingers, lithe and cold compared to his, discovered his erection and grasped it fully through his pajama bottoms.  Instead of trying to pull her away from it, Naruto’s single hand seized on the cot beneath him, squeezing as his breath hitched.  “N-Nee-chan…!”

            As he reeled from the capture, Samui took the moment to study the object she now held.  She measured it – 14 ½ cm – and tested its resilience – inflexible.  The head, even through his pajamas, was moist with the longevity of his arousal; he was erect for longer than he would have her believe.  Samui didn’t think anything of it.  Boys – particularly the inexperienced ones – were usually shy.

            Naruto shuddered in her firm grasp, his hand struggling to decide to snatch her wrist off of him or let her linger with that inviting grip.  The latter won out, and Naruto sunk into his pillow with some spittle already running out of the corner of his goofy smile.  This wasn’t so bad, he thought as Samui diligently began to stroke him through the thin, smooth cloth.  It wasn’t like he didn’t deserve it!  Losing Sakura to Sasuke and Backup Plan a.k.a. Hinaya or whatever being MIA…  He didn’t have a long list of girls who’d be willing to take away the stress of the day like this.

            Not a cool look on his face, Samui thought as she saw his slack-jawed grin, but his cock remained firm.  He probably wouldn’t last long, but she had no problem with that.  Sooner he released, the sooner he’d be at rest and think and see anything but the expanse of her breasts.  “Tell me when you are ready,” she said softly, preparing to slip her other hand under the covers to give double the attention.

            Naruto nodded while eagerly shuffling down his bottoms with his one hand.  He wanted the contact of skin, and she obliged without complaint or hesitation.  She recaptured him, and he moaned loudly as she rubbed him firmly.  “That feels really good, tebayo,” he drooled with a dreamy look.  He could cum buckets from this alone…

            …  He almost lost it when the door was thrown open, permitting access to Sakura and Shikamaru her reluctant shadow.  While Sakura was momentarily stunned by the presence of a blonde bombshell at Naruto’s bedside, Shikamaru said, heedless of Samui, “We’re back again.  Sorry.”  He gave a brief shrug and rubbed the back of his neck.  “It’s just as much of a pain in the bed in a hospital.”

            Naruto, of course, was in no mood for Shikamaru’s griping or ‘old man’ observations.  He was already sweating bullets from unexpected visitors; getting a handjob in Sakura’s presence would not bode well… if it was discovered.  But Samui was not a sluggish shinobi; at once, the tray had been swung up from the floor and thrown over his lap, effectively hiding the lump at his crotch.  But for this subtle caution, Naruto felt that her hand had not given its discrete mission.  Her fingers glided to his tip, and then rolled back down; full strokes to test his endurance.  He bit his lower lip and forced a smile that came out goofy and awkward, and luckily, Sakura didn’t give him enough credit not to look so stupid.  She just cleared her throat, introduced herself – though she did recognize Samui as on of the three who had come on a manhunt for Sasuke before the war – and then told Naruto that she was going to give the scheduled treatment to his missing arm.

            “Unnecessary,” Samui told her at once, her hidden moves not stopping for an instant.  And before Sakura could argue, she announced herself proficient enough in medical jutsu to have eased any discomfort.  A bluff was made to dissuade Sakura from pursuing the matter, declaring that she’d already eased earlier discomfort, though Naruto would attest that she was still alleviating the discomfort.

            “B-but Tsunade-sama’s orders…!”  Sakura, feeling a sense of duty, wanted to still administer the treatment, but Shikamaru grabbed her shoulder.

            “If Raikage-sama put one of his personal assistants to the matter, it’d be disrespectful not to also put our trust in them.  We have other people to see to anyway.”

            Sakura was swayed, but somehow got a strange feeling from leaving Naruto alone with this Kumo woman.  It wasn’t the usual sense that he’d embarrass himself and disgraced Konoha as a representative; it was a strange twitch of jealousy.  “We’ll… we’ll be back later,” Sakura promised, bowing before she was escorted out of the room by Shikamaru.

            When the door closed, Naruto exhaled the breath he had been holding for what seemed like an hour and sunk back into the pillows.  At last, he could fully enjoy Samui’s service, and it seemed she felt it was time they do just that; she threw back the corner of his sheets across to expose him, already having set aside the tray.  Looking down, Naruto adored the sight of Samui’s dainty hand linking her fingers around his slippery length.  His pre-cum overflowed from the tip from the elongated wait of release.

            Samui acknowledged this postponement of release.  “I’ve heard of the stamina of the Jinchuriki.  I suppose other methods are necessary.”


            “Sit on the edge of the bed,” Samui instructed as she readied herself.

            Naruto looked to the door, wondering if they shoulder, perhaps, lock it.  There’d be no need, Samui answered, if he did not hesitate.  That was all the lunkhead needed to trust and heed her order.  He threw his legs over the edge of the bed and sat readily, his cock erect and throbbing still.  Samui did not leave him in suspense, sinking between his knees.  Naruto almost had an outburst of excitement.  Was this the famous Blowjob no Jutsu, tebayo?!

            The bad news was no, it wasn’t; but the good news reversed the bad, for what Samui had in store for her young charge resided within her shirt.  Rather than remove it, the shirt’s fishnet collar was pulled down, and with manual assistance, both her tits emerged.  Heavy, magnificent things of milky flesh, and tight, pale-pink centers.  Naruto jabbered nonsensically from their exposure.  “Nee-chan!  They’re…!  They’re…!!

            AMAZING, TEBAYO!!

            His reaction was to be expected, though stone-faced Samui would accept it as a compliment nonetheless.  Though, if he thought the mere sight of them was something…

            Naruto yelled out in shock and pleasure before he could help it.  But how could he help it?!  The Kumo nee-chan had taken those huge knockers of hers and equipped them to his lap like accessories to his cock.  The size of the twin globes drowned his overcome dick in an ecstatic vice.  Naruto voiced his amazement in single words – “Wow!”  “Amazing!”  “So good!”  He was drooling within seconds, relying on his single arm to brace his posture as he leaned back.

            Samui preferred that he did not try to interfere like some tried with her; she knew well enough how to handle a man, and him leaving her to her own devices would be rewarded.  She crossed her arm across her breasts to hug them together and squeeze Naruto’s shaft in between.  Locked in place, she began to lift and drop her globes on the young hero’s lap, her breasts heaving enough weight to create a small SLAP! with each descent.  But when Naruto yelled particularly loud – an accompanying burst of pre-cum actually soaring from his tip to land on her bulging slopes – she paused to tell him that she would not be able to bluff through another surprise visit.

            “Oh!  Right, Nee-chan!  Heh-heh-heh!  But it feels really good,” Naruto snickered enthusiastically.

            “Hmph…”  Samui went back to her work, jerking Naruto with well-practiced strokes of her breasts.  Looking down, she saw that the head of his dick barely breached the crest of her cleavage.  And from the head, she saw the steady output of precum slipping down and easing the friction of flesh on flesh.

            Eventually, though, curiosity got the better of Naruto.  He craned himself over her to rid the need of his arm’s stability, if only to catch her right breast and balance it in the palm of his hand as she maneuvered them up and down.  When her icy stare met his warmer-blue eyes, he admitted that he couldn’t help himself.  “They’re so big,” he told her as if she didn’t know, “and soft, tebayo.”

            “I guess it can’t be helped,” Samui sighed, and suddenly, she disengaged from Naruto’s groin.  Her arm unlatched, and her breasts’ hug slackened as they spilled outward.  Naruto had thought he’d offended her, and to get her to commence, he exclaimed an apology; for what, though, he did not know.  Not like saying her breasts were big and soft was an exaggeration.

            He was too late to change her mind; Samui had already stood up.  He was on the verge of begging her to reconsider when she abruptly shoved him onto his back, resuming his place on the bed from before.  “Wait, Samui-nee-chan!  I’m…!”  Whatever he would say, whatever promises or apologies, it would not change Samui’s mind.  She was resolute to straddle Naruto’s face, giving him full-view beneath her skirt – fundoshi-style panties?! – while her own face met his cock and balls.  She didn’t say a word to him and let her actions relay what she planned to do with him.  She went low, slurping at his balls first, tending to them individually with her tongue, sucking on them until her tongue led her up his pre-cum-flavored cock.  As expertly as her tits, she covered his length with her mouth.

            Naruto grimaced.  His loins were alive as if electricity was flaring in a storm.  And while he could lie like this forever, with such an appetizing opportunity in front of – rather, above – him, he couldn’t pass it up.  Still gritting his teeth as Samui-nee-chan sucked his cock, he moved his hand underneath her skirt and rather shyly moved aside her fundoshi’s crotch.  “Wow,” he breathed when he saw the hot, glistening pink – visible proof that maybe she wasn’t so cool with him – surrounded by short, platinum curls.  He first fiddled with her folds, coating his fingertips with her essence.  He knew the basics of womanly pleasures, so of course, his main focus was the jewel nested beneath the crown of hair.  As he played with her, he heard her exhale heavily, her cool breath blowing from her nose – her mouth occupied – to his balls.  Naruto laughed excitedly to himself.  He couldn’t resist any longer.  His hand went from her pussy to hug her waist, forcing her crotch down to his face, where his nose could nudge aside her underwear for his tongue to dance against her pussy.

            Samui responded in kind, or perhaps she had planned from the start to return Naruto to the valley of her chest.  Now gravity was in his favor, and she opted to lick his exposed tip while rubbing him with her tits.

            And the more she pressed him, the more he pressed her, quite literally even as he shoved his tongue on her button, flexing and roiling to generate those pleasurable vibrations of her moans to his dick.  Of course, he became more frantic and frenzied the closer he got to his completion.  He ate and nuzzled and kissed her pussy, and reservations were forgotten.  Her hips were upon his face already; he didn’t need to spare his hand to support her.  Immediately, in the hidden cove beneath Samui’s skirt, he practically tore away her underwear, exposing enough of her body for his tongue to find her tiny, little asshole.  He kept his attention divided, jumping back and forth from kissing her pussy, nuzzling her clit, and tonguing her asshole.  He was smiling to himself.  This was certainly a better treat than the ramen!

            Samui shuddered from the pleasure, though she was considerably further from release than the boy.  He had a good dozen minutes of pleasure on her as well as the Jinchuriki stamina; she wouldn’t be surprised when he began to spout.  But his extra attentions – she couldn’t suppress the gasp when his tongue found her anus – had made her more determined.  Her breasts smothering the majority of the shaft, her lips worked on what they could, suckling on the head until his load was siphoned.

            No, no, no…

            Naruto wanted to last longer than this, wanted Samui to have the opportunity to cum too, but he just couldn’t stifle himself or resist the talents of Samui-nee-chan.  His butt clenched, his hips jutted forward, and he groaned.  “I’m… there, Nee-chan!”  His white essence began to overflow, and her mouth rushed to capture the remains.

            Unsurprisingly, Samui’s mouth began to overflow, forcing her to swallow his abundance over and over.  His reserves, at least, was shocking.  Prolonged arousal should have produced a heavy quantity, but it was surely something particular to this boy to have such a volume to fire off in her mouth that not even four heavy swallows could drain.

            She felt the hot breath of Naruto leave her cunt, his head dropping on the pillow.  A thread of spit and her own essence still connected his grinning lips to her nether ones.  “Th… that was… amazing, Nee-chan…”

            Samui’s mouth continued to cap his cockhead, and she hadn’t a chance to retreat when the door flew open.  Blue eyes turned to the doorway with her lips still occupied.  And standing there with his usual entourage – including her aghast-faced brother – was the shocked Raikage.

            “Samui!” he shouted in his powerful, authorial voice.  “You dishonor the hero Uzumaki Naruto like this?!  This was not part of your assignment!”

            Samui, uncaring of the stunned-in-silence Darui, Cee and Atsui, carefully picked up her head.  “My apologies, Raikage-sama,” she offered as a white waterfall of Uzumaki seed spilled out of her mouth.


Will this continue?  Will Naruto bring Samui to satisfaction?  There is a chance, as this actually started out as a spoof for the people who constantly request Naruto/Samui with the ‘plot’ being Samui rewards the hero.  No effort at all, yet they want me to make that effort!

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