Naruto Shit-On-You-Then: The Curse Evolves

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The Cuck Craze


            Naruto is exceptionally horny one day.  He is horny to watch someone else pork his wife for no other reason than a plot device.  He sits and stews and hates his kids.  Boruto was off, jacking it to an old photo of Sasuke’s butt that Naruto’s wiener had already doused with semen many years earlier; Hinawari (who copier isn’t even sure that’s how you spell the dumbass’ name and refuses to spell check it) had farted a bubble and had yet to cut the attachment.  She had been drifting for two days now, adding farts periodically to her bubble.

            Neither parent could be asked to give a damn about them.  Naruto decided to do something about his splendid horniness.  He walked to his wife, who had basically turned into a Snow White, cooking and cleaning every chance she got.  During this point, copier remembers how people called him a sexist in the past for making the girls of ‘Naruto’ submissive.

            “Hinata, tebayo.  I’m going to have someone who is not me fork you.”

            “O-okay, Na-Naruto-ku-ku-kun,” stutters his obedient bitch.  “Bu-but w-w-why?  Wu-wu-wu.”

            “I am tebayo horny.  That is why.  Believe it.”

            Hinata gasps softly and turns red at the statement.  “Bu-but Naruto-kun!  I-I….!”

            She takes a fierce smack to the face.  “Stop stuttering, you harlot!  I can’t believe you’re gonna let me let another guy bang you, tebayo.”

            “B-but, N-Naruto-kun,” Hinata pleads, “i-if I don’t st-stutter at least f-f-f-five f-f-f-f-f-f-fucking times per sentence, h-how will the r-r-reader know i-it’s m-m-me, Hyuga H-Hinata, speaking?”

            “Hinata, tebayo,” Naruto sighs in reproach.






            The essence of c0p13r’s ‘Naruto’ dialogue.


            Naruto had already decided who he wanted to slip their sausage into Hinata’s hairy clam, and this is the answer he got:


            “What do you mean ‘no’, ya know?” Naruto bursts.

            Sasuke looks dead-on at Naruto.  “Why would you think I’d want to put my private parts anywhere near Hinata’s?”

            “Cuz you always wanna be the Bull-type, Sasuke!  Don’t make me call you SasGAY, believe it!”

            “In case you have observed my character before, I am totally asexual, uninterested in impressing any girl or boy.”

            “That’s not true!  You married Sakura-chan, tebayo it!”

            “Yeah, it kinda speaks volumes that I settle down with the safest choice of the gender necessary for me to procreate for my decimated clan; a girl who has pledged her very essence to me solely because of my looks.  If yours wasn’t just some penis-modifying, Bruce Jenner bullshit, I’d even give your Naruko form a call.”

            “But you had Sarada!  You can’t be asexual if you had sex!”

            “Who said we had sex?  I could never get it up with Sakura, so Karin performed tests on me.  Nothing worked… until she mentioned Itachi.”  Sasuke groans a little.  “When she mentioned his name and how hard and firm and deep he loved me, I came.  Sakura then rushed into the room, spread her legs in the air, and desperately scooped my jizz from the floor into her cunny-cunny cuntdrop.”

            Naruto stares at him for a moment, and then says, “It’s amazing how much sense that makes.”

            Sasuke nods.

            Naruto then kicks the dirt in disappointment.  “I really wanted you to be the one to fork my wife.  You have a big dick, after all.”

            “Why do you think I have a big dick?  Five inches, Naruto; at my hardest, when I’m imagining Itachi my hardest.  Have you seen how short my shorts were in the Chunin Exams?  Ain’t no way I’m gonna hit some monster growth spurt, especially when in Orochimaru’s care.  He likes ‘em small and hairless.  I mean, I was hard when I fought Gaara.”

            “Why were you hard, believe it?”

            “Kakashi showed me how to copy Lee in his fight with Gaara, and Lee was aroused that whole time.”  He nods to Naruto’s disbelief.  “Remember how Lee cringed, giving Gaara the chance to switch out?”

            “I remember, but I don’t see how you do…”

            Ignoring Naruto’s jab at logic, Sasuke says, “He wasn’t crippled by pain.  He was just having an orgasm.”


            “Yeah.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I gotta leave the village for a few months so I can get away from this pair of annoying bitches.”  He points to two girls fawning over him.

            Sakura swoons like a zombie, “I love you, Sasuke-kun.  I swear every day will be better than the one before!  Shannaro!  Cha!!”

            “I love my daddy!” Sarada blabbers.  “Copier will never write a story about me!”

            c0p13r ANSWERS!!!

            With Sasuke a bust, Naruto turns to Kiba for help, but Kiba declines, saying, “Hinata’s like a sister to me.  So if you’ll excuse me, my mom needs a good dicking!  Let’s do it, Akamaru!”  He and his mutt race all the way home to his mom’s bedroom.

            Naruto tries again with a scrappy lil lad named reto90kid.  “Hi, I’m reto90kid.  I wanted to be in a copier story!”

            There is an awkward pause.  A gust of wind clears across the area.

            Naruto, before walking by, says, “I hope you enjoyed it.”

            With no other reason, Naruto goes to Shikamaru.  “Hey, Shika-chan!” he calls like a dumbass American trying to sound Japanesey.


            “Hey, Shika-chan!  Pork Hinata!”


            Naruto pauses.  “Wow.  That was easy.”

            Shikamaru does what he always does, sighing and rubbing the back of his neck.  “It’s too drag-lesome to say no, because then you’ll beg, and I’ll have to come up with a reason as to why I say no.”

            Naruto gasps.  Holy fuck!  He’s so smart!

            Shikamaru moves his hand to his mouth to remove a cigarette that doesn’t exist because of censorship.  “Alright.  Let’s make like a pig and get porking.”


            In no time at all, Naruto and Shika-chan are back in the Uzumaki house, letting Hinata know that Shikamaru is the chosen!  “Bu-but Nar-Nar-Naruto-kun…!”

            “Shut your mouth hole and open your vagina hole!” commands Naruto, and because she is so in love/obsessed with him, Hinata follows his command.  They all head to the bedroom, and Naruto calls Hinata a slut and a whore before sitting down.

            Shikamaru takes off his clothes, and both Naruto and Hinata express shock at how smart Shika-chan is for tying his pubes up in a spiky ponytail like the one on his head.  Hinata is impressed right out of her pants and panties, swooning as she falls back on hers and her husband’s bed… you know, where they have sex.  But now it’s Shika-chan’s turn!  O the debauchery!  O the sin!

            Shikamaru, with Hina-chan’s cunny-cunt exposed, lunges like a baboon who had a fire started under his ass and balls.  He slops his way in and plugs Hinata deep with his kunai-chan.  At once, he begins to bang Naruto’s wife, who is married to Naruto, not to Shikamaru, but Naruto, and is married.

            Naruto, in the meantime, wallows in his own conflicted cuckoldery.  The buoyant boy who sealed the hearts of millions into his own scrotum now is reduced to Shika-chan’s bitch as he watches quietly.  “I like this, tebayo,” he whimpers and watches the scene of Shikamaru’s ass bouncing up and down above his Hinata.  His balls swing in pendulous effect, smacking Hinata’s butthole on the lift and his own on the drop.

            “Pfft!”  Naruto scoffs.  “I bet Shiky-chan wants me to watch his butthole.  How gay.”  As he says this, he has already crept forward, and his nose is inches from Shikamaru’s derrière.  “No way would I ever do something like pay attention to the man’s parts during sex, believe it!”  As he says this, his eyes chase the up-and-down motion of Shikamaru’s anus, all the while hating it.

            And as he watches, he decides to take note of Shikamaru’s willy.  So long and thick, veiny and twitching.  So grand and glorious, Naruto feels as though it should be sculpted, and then have a sculpture done of that sculpture!

            And looking at Hinata’s curvaceous form… didn’t inspire him in the slightest.  Only the tandem of Shikamaru’s balls and retracting wiener.

            While Naruto gazed, Shikamaru and Hinata both are in the midst of their own respective mantras.  “Na-Naruto-kun…!  Na-Naruto-kun…!  Na-Naruto-kun…!”  “How troublesome!  How troublesome!  How troublesome!”  But Shika-chan cannot ignore that his personal space is being violated by an intrusive nose!  Looking back like a spooked deer, he relies on his natural defenses and passes gas to ward away the intruder.

            Naruto, like a fox being pepper-sprayed, withdraws with a gag, leaving Shikamaru to finish the job that Naru-chan was unable to or something.

            By the end, they all feel great shame.  Naruto slaps Hinata again and calls her a skank who cheats; she sobs and says she loves him; Shikamaru feels shame that Temari shoves dildos backwards up his ass.

            And so, as Hinata curls up on the bed in a mess of adulation for Naruto and shame for herself, Naruto escorts Shikamaru outside.  “You cums inside my wife,” Naruto says, adding a ‘ya believe-bayo’ as an ending.

            “It was the only way.”

            “The only way?” Naruto asks, quirking an eyebrow.

            “Didn’t I always tell you?  The first move is a fake.”  Shikamaru winks, but with his brown eye.

            Naruto gasps.  All this time… Shikamaru did it so that Naruto could stare into his asshole!  Of course, Shikamaru shadow-stitched the fart bubble to Hinawari’s ass, thus proceeding them to this moment!

            He’s so goddamn smart!!


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