Wedding Crasher

BY : JJC_29
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Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or any of the characters. Writing this is purely a hobby and I don't make or expect to make any money from it.

AN: This was inspired by the Naruto/Sakura lemon oneshot, "Cherry Blossom White Wedding" that was posted on Stormarrow's forum years ago, wherein due to a bet Naruto fucks Sakura on her wedding day right before she ties the knot with Sasuke. I can't find this one anywhere so I assume it was taken down. I thought the premise was interesting so decided to try my hand at it. 

Warning: This fic will contain the following: OOC Characters, Cheating, Dom/Sub, Reluctance/Coercion, Unrealistic Proportions

Chapter 1: Kiss the Bride

An 18 year old medic-nin smiled dreamily as she took in her reflection. Her name was Haruno Sakura, but in just a few hours it would be Uchiha Sakura. The thought made her sigh happily. She'd spent all morning with her bridesmaids getting dolled up for the wedding, and soon it would finally happen. She would get to finally realize her dream of becoming Mrs. Uchiha, and marry her childhood love.

The vision reflected in the mirror was stunning. She'd had to take in the chest a bit to accomodate her smaller breasts, but now her mother's traditional wedding kimono fit her like a glove, the white and red floral patterns matching her hair and complexion perfectly. The fine fabric hugged her B-cup chest and tight ass, accentuating her slim curves and toned muscles. Tenten and Hinata had helped style her hair into an elegant bun, and Ino had outdone herself with the makeup. Her face was already nearly flawless, so it was fairly minimal -- just enough eyeliner to enhance her sea-green eyes and dark pink tresses. It was capped off with a cherry red lipstick that Sakura had to admit seemed overly sensual for such a formal occasion, but she loved the color. She happily fingered the silver chain of the choker necklace around her exposed neckline, adorned with the Uchiha fan symbol. It was a very rare gift from her soon-to-be husband, and like most of his other gifts was related to his clan in some way. 

Her smile dipped a bit as she thought about the stoic black haired nin. He hadn't seemed quite as enthused about the wedding as she would have liked, but she was confident he would come around. She loved him, but had to admit that to most he would not seem like a good marriage prospect. He may be the second most powerful human on the planet, but the consensus among her friends was that he was lacking when it came to anything other than fighting and brooding, and while she vocally defended him she had to admit they had a point. She had lost count of the number of awkward silent dates, where he answered every question with a grunt or a "hn" and barely paid attention to her, only seeming to perk up when the topic came to their other teammate.

It irked her that he was far more emotional about his rivalry with Naruto than he had ever been about their engagement and plans for a family. He had refused her frequent attempts at seducing him into sex, citing the need to wait until marriage before producing an heir. He was so clinical, so clearly uninterested in his future wife's body beyond its ability to bear children, and it was a significant blow to her self esteem. It also left the healthy and horny young woman still a virgin, reliant on frequent sessions with her fingers to relieve the pressure. Still, that would all surely change once they were officially married, right? He wanted to restart his clan after all. 

Sakura's thoughts were broken by a loud knock on the door. Quickly crossing the fancy dressing room, she opened it and smiled warmly at the familiar sight of Naruto, her teammate and, besides Ino, her best friend. She had to admit the muscular blond cleaned up well in his button down and slacks, dressed up as he was to be the best man in just a few hours. There was something... off about his smile though. It wasn't his normal warm grin he reserved for her; it was almost feral, reminding her of when she'd been on the end of one of his pranks. "He'd better not be planning to pull something stupid during the wedding!" she thought, resolving to make his life a living hell if he did anything to ruin her big day. 

"Hey Sakura-chan! You look great! I know I say it a lot, but you're way better than that teme deserves. Makes me wish I was the one waiting at the alter -tebayo." he said smoothly while giving her a look up and down, his heated gaze making Sakura blush despite herself. 

Naruto, she had to admit, had become very good looking over the years, and at 18 he now resembled bulkier and more animalistic version of the fourth hokage with his wild blond hair and muscular build. He'd gained a lot of confidence around women ever since he'd started dating Hinata, and she was still caught off guard sometimes by how smooth he could be when he tried. If Sasuke was like the Moon, attracting women with his air of mystery and cool indifference, then Naruto was the Sun -- overwhelming them with warmth, charm and raw physicality. Hinata was certainly a lucky woman to have caught him before one of his many other admirers did. Sakura would die before admitting she found him attractive, though -- his ego was big enough already as far as she was concerned.

"Thanks Naruto! The girls really did a great job. You're not looking so bad yourself! Maybe you would have had a girlfriend sooner if you had dressed like this more often instead of always wearing that awful orange thing." she said, laughing to herself. Naruto scratched the back of his head and chuckled good naturedly. 

"Why are you here, anyway? Shouldn't you be with the other guys?" she questioned. Naruto laughed again, the sound gaining a darker quality that for some reason made Sakura tense. Just what was he-

"Ne, Sakura-chan... you didn't forget about our bet, did you?" he said in a casual tone, hands in his pockets. Sakura blinked in confusion, before it dawned on her and her eyes widened. Trembling, her face turned red in an instant. 

"You disgusting pervert, that's not funny! You know that wasn't a serious bet!" she cried angrily, wanting to punch the smirk off his face. How dare he bring that up! Raising a hand, she was shocked when Naruto stepped forward until he was inches from her, easily holding her clenched fist still in his larger hand. She froze at his eyes. They had changed, turning cold and lustful. Sakura shivered in trepidation at this unfamiliar attitude. This close she was able to smell his subtle cologne and really notice how much bigger he was than her, having to crane her neck backward to regard the dangerous glint in his eye. 

"Oh, I'm dead serious, Sakura-chan. You know how I feel about sticking to my word. I would never have backed down if you won and you know it. You agreed to the terms, and you lost fair and square. Now it's time to... pay up." he growled out the last part, and Sakura's breath caught in her throat, heart racing. Oh no. This couldn't be happening. She remembered clearly the bet he was referring to, though she wished she didn't.

-- Flashback --

Sakura and Naruto sat behind Tsunade at one of the regular Kage summits, a new tradition after the war to help ensure a lasting peace. The bored teens began joking with each other, and after he made an annoying comment about her appearance, Sakura retorted that Naruto could never get a date with a woman if his life depended on it. 

"Oh yeah? Pick any single woman in this room besides baa-chan, and I bet you I'll get a date from her right now!" he'd said with a confidence that made her bristle. This damn pervert's recently acquired fangirls were clearly going to his head if he thought any respectable woman would be interested in him. 

"OK, fine! If I win you owe me an S-rank mission's pay!" said the pinkette with a sly grin, already imagining how she'd spend the considerable payout, but the real treat would be watching Naruto make a fool of himself in front of the Kages and their entourages. 

"Works for me. And if she says yes... I get to have sex with you on your wedding day!" he said with a perverted leer. A tic mark appeared over her eye but she refrained from hitting him, not wanting to cause a scene in front of their rival villages. Calming herself, she remembered that there was zero chance she would lose, and besides there was no way Naruto would ever try to actually enforce such ridiculous terms. She would beat him to death if he dared try!

After a moment of thought, Sakura smugly pointed out the Mizukage Terumi Mei, knowing there was no way in hell such a high class and sought after lady would ever lower her standards enough to date her loud oaf of a teammate, Hero of the Elemental Nations or not. There was a reason the gorgeous redhead was still single after all these years, and it wasn't due to a lack of suitors. 

"Good luck, idiot. She'll probably knock you on your ass for even talking to her!" she said with a smirk. 


She had no idea how he'd done it, but moments later she and the rest of the room watched in wide-eyed shock as Naruto actually made the Mizukage blush, and had her agreeing to dinner the next evening between giggles and sly glances. 

"What the hell... what on earth did he say to her?" she whispered.

-- End Flashback --

Later she'd found out from one of the Mizukage's attendants that Mei had nursed a massive crush on the fourth hokage and had been heard making comments about Naruto's resemblance to him more than once, which made Sakura curse at her bad luck causing her to miss out on a payday. Their little date hadn't gone anywhere much to the quiet relief of both villages, and when she pressed Naruto about it he said they'd realized their age difference was too much and their personalities weren't compatible, but the point was made.

Only recently had it became clear to her that Naruto was actually quite the ladies' man when he wanted to be and could possibly have won that bet regardless of who she picked. But she hadn't thought much about the terms of the bet since then, brushing it off as a crude joke from her idiot teammate. Back in the present, Sakura was seeing red. 

"Y-you idiot... you... fucking... HENTAI!" she screamed, losing all composure as she brought her free hand up in a devastating uppercut. To her surprise, Naruto allowed it to connect, taking the chakra powered punch to his chin with a grunt. To the man who had faced down living gods and won, though, it was about as painful as a bee sting. He turned to the side and spat out some blood, before facing her with a glare that made her blood run cold.

"Go ahead, try that again." he taunted. Hesitating only for a second, she drew back to do just that, but didn't get the chance, as in a flash he'd captured her other wrist, holding her arms to the sides and pushing her back until she collided with the wall. A new feeling emerged, one she hadn't felt around her blond teammate since the time he'd lost control of his demon against Orochimaru and attacked her in a feral state. 


She felt weak, helpless, seeing a frightening side of her teammate that had only ever been directed at his enemies. And, to her dismay, she found herself becoming aroused. 

Pinned between him and the wall, the feared kunoichi war hero was as harmless as a kitten. His aggression, his scent, the way he stared at her like he wanted to devour her... it called to something primal in her. No one had ever treated her like this, and her reaction was as obvious as it was unsettling. Her body betrayed her; rather than the expected outrage, hot lust bloomed in her gut, and she barely held back a whimper, feeling her lower lips become damp. She'd worn the kimono traditionally without panties, making it all the more embarassing. 

"So that's how it's going to be, huh? I never took you for the type to go back on your word, Sakura." Naruto said heatedly. He pressed forward, shoving his thigh between hers and for a moment creating the most delicious friction against her pussy, separated only by a thin layer of silk. Sakura couldn't help it, she gasped and shut her eyes, subconsciously spreading her legs wider. Naruto smirked and lowered his head to kiss the point where her shoulder met her neck. Her breath caught. Another kiss, further up. A brush of his thigh, just enough to tease her. He was everywhere, the scent and feel of him surrounding her, his incomparably massive chakra aura enveloping her in a way she could simply feel even as a non-sensor. Her inexperience betrayed her as the sex-deprived teen couldn't control the moan that escaped when he lightly nipped at her jugular.

Then he was gone, standing several feet away and leaving her trembling, sweaty and panting. She whimpered softly from the loss of sensation as painted eyelids fluttered open, covering her mouth with a hand to stifle the embarassing noise. Damn this weak, horny, honest body for reacting like that! What the hell was wrong with her? All it had taken was a few touches and she was practically melting. She could feel the heat in her face and knew she was blushing hard. She blamed Sasuke and his unreasonable prudishness -- she had been holding herself back from masturbating in anticipation of her wedding night, and now it was coming back to bite her. 

"You're pouting. Hahaha, you're actually pouting. And that blush, you're redder than Hinata gets! Bahaha! That's adorable." Naruto said, laughing and rudely pointing at her face. It was not a pleasant laugh. Flushing in shame, she opened her mouth to speak, but the words got stuck in her throat. "Y-y... you-"

"Listen, Sakura. I'm no rapist. If you really want, I'll leave right now and you can forget this ever happened. Just know this -- I will have lost all respect for you. Those who go back on their word are trash." he said cooly. Sakura swallowed roughly. She should feel relieved, so why wouldn't the words come out? 

She didn't know what came over her in that moment. All she had to do was nod, or even stay silent, and he'd be gone, but she felt compelled to keep him in the room. She would have liked to say it was purely about her honor, but the moisture and heat in her core said otherwise. 

"I... I'll do it ok, I'll have... s-sex with you, Naruto. But this is just a one time thing!" she managed, her voice high and wavering, unable to meet his eyes.

Naruto's mocking grin warped into a feral smirk that made her burn. She could no longer deny the raw attraction she felt for the hulking man who'd pressed her to the wall and sent her pulse racing with a simple touch. The atmosphere in the room suddenly shifted, the temperature seeming to rise several degrees, and she knew there was no going back. Her heart pounded in her ears, so loud she almost missed what he said next. 

"Heh. Of course, just a one time thing, 'tebayo. The teme can have you after this, but for right now, you're mine. You understand?" he teased, and Sakura meekly gulped and nodded, resigned to her fate. 

"That's a good girl. Come over here and get on your knees. I wanna see those pretty red lips around my cock." Sakura was stunned at his vulgarity, but turned on as well, having always been curious about oral sex. Ino made it sound amazing, but Sasuke had instantly declined her offers of a blowjob, sneering at her, making her feel like a whore for even suggesting it. She made to walk to where he was standing in the center of the room, but Naruto held out his hand. 

"No, not like that. Get on your knees and crawl."

Sakura stilled. Who had replaced her happy, fun loving teammate with this... this cold and dominating persona? The way he commanded her with a mocking grin, like he knew with certainty that she would follow every one of his directions... it awakened something dormant inside the stubborn kunoichi. It made her treacherous pussy drip. Was this how he acted with Hinata? Sakura lowered herself onto her knees, wincing at the hard floor, and crawled towards him, unconsciously putting a sensual sway in her hips as she moved on all fours.

"Slower. And look at me while you crawl." Naruto commanded, drawing Sakura's gaze upwards while she slowed her pace. She never made it to his face though, as the shocked pinkette's eyes locked on the prominent bulge at the front of his slacks. How did she miss that? Still she moved forward until her face was mere inches from his tented pants. Tilting her head back, she saw him staring expectantly down at her, hands resting behind his head with that stupid cocky grin on his face.

Sakura absently licked her lips, wincing at the bitter taste of her lipstick, before raising trembling hands to unbutton his pants. Manicured fingers reached into his waistband, pulling his pants down slowly, seeing the outline of his cock straining against the fabric, until...


Sakura's ears rang and her head snapped back when, as it were spring-loaded, his erection sprang out of his pants to slap her in the chin. Blinking out of her daze, she got her first look at what her teammate was packing.

"HOLY SHIT!" her words echoed her thoughts. Her mouth dropped wide open as she looked at what was easily the largest cock she'd ever seen, and she had been doing physicals for years. It jutted out proudly, nearly as long as her forearm and thick enough that she was worried for her ability to take him inside her without tearing something. The tip was red and throbbing angrily, drooling pre-cum already, and Sakura was bowled over by the raw, masculine scent of him as it struck her like a physical force. It drew her in like a magnet, pulling her panting lips closer. She took a deep breath and shuddered as her nostrils filled with his musk, feeling her thighs suddenly become slick with her juices. "Oh Kami, this thing will rip me in half."

"Go on, give it a kiss." came Naruto's mocking voice, but she could barely hear him. A loud buzz filled ears and most of her brain had turned off, all her senses drowned by the presence of this magnificent pillar of masculinity. In a trance, she obeyed him, sealing her lips around the very tip of his cock in a lewd smacking kiss. Naruto chuckled seeming to take great delight in watching his stubborn teammate, who used to punch him in the head for so much as looking at her the wrong way, so obviously entranced with him now. She was literally drooling, a glaze of animal lust settling over those sea-green eyes. 

Taken by an inexplicable urge to stuff her mouth with as much cock as possible, Sakura opened her moouth as wide as she could and took the head inside, straining her lips into a thin circle around the meat. She moaned whorishly as she tasted him. The salty, musky taste of his pre-cum, the way just the first inch of his meat filled her entire mouth, it was indescribable. Pulling back to just the tip, she moved both hands to encircle him, needing both to fully encompass his meat, and began stroking slowly. 

"Thish cock is delicious~" she slurred out around him, forgetting her initial reluctance after that one taste. Lust had taken over, demanding she please the man standing over her. Sakura lunged forward, rapidly stroking the bottom half of his cock and attempting to stuff as many girthy inches into her virgin mouth as she could. She was mostly unsuccessful, gagging after the third inch. Her eyes rolled up to the back of her head at the taste of his meat filling her mouth. Ino was right, this was amazing! Naruto's groan of pleasure came through her ears, making her pussy clench on nothing. She tried to force another inch into her mouth, but gagged and nearly wretched as the thick head brushed her tonsils. He was just too big!

"Your mouth feels pretty good, Sakura-chan, but I'm a little disappointed. I thought being the student of the legendary sucker would have meant something, but you're struggling after only taking a quarter of my dick." he taunted. Sakura groaned around him, suddenly regretting never asking her mentor for advice on pleasing men. Tsunade had actually offered once when she was drunk, and she had refused in disgust. 

She pulled her lips back and lunged forward again, trying to take him into her throat but failing miserably, only succeeding in gagging. "He's too big for me, I can't do it!" she thought despondently. Naruto sighed and patted her head condescendingly. 

"It's alright, Sakura. Not everyone can be good at this. I mean, Hinata took the whole thing on her first try, but-whoa!" he shouted in surprise, as Sakura suddenly became aggressive and grabbed his hips with both hands, a fire lit in her eyes. His taunting had worked even better than expected, as Sakura's competitive nature would drive her to deepthroat him no matter how much she struggled. Of course his statement was unfair; Hinata had only taken him so easily because she'd been training herself for months in preparation for their first time, obsessed as she was with being the perfect girlfriend for him; but Sakura didn't need to know that.

"No way will I lose to that big titted wallflower! I'll show Naruto that I'm the best cocksucker in Konoha and have him running back for more. Shannaro!" she thought, forgetting her promise that this was a one time thing. Pulling at his hips and pushing forward with all her strength, she finally slipped the head of his cock past her uvula, sliding the first inch into her virgin throat. It wasn't an easy fit, and tears trailed down her cheeks both from her gag reflex and the pain of having her throat stretched open to accomodate his thickness. She easily pushed the pain aside with the aide of her shinobi training, focusing on her objective.The salty tears quickly ruined her carefully applied mascara, which combined with the depraved gleam in her eye and the ruby red lipstick gave her the appearance of a cheap whore. 

Clenching her eyes shut to focus, Sakura grabbed his hips and began thrusting herself back and forth, slowly opening her throat to swallow a little more of him each time. She sucked hard at the length she was able to take, drinking in Naruto's noises of pleasure. His shaky groan when she swallowed on his length registered like an electric shock directly to her clit, making the pink haired teen tremble. She'd known sex felt good, but no one had told her how incredible it would feel to bring pleasure to her partner. To her shock, she was approaching an orgasm just from the act of sucking him off! Anyone watching would have seen her graceful, slender neck bulging out obscenely, an outline of the massive invader easily visible as it traveled further and further down her throat.

After a few more minutes of attempting to swallow him whole, Sakura's jaw was starting to ache, but she couldn't seem to make it past even the halfway point! A lewd lipstick ring had formed around his meat, marking how deep she'd been able to take him. Naruto hissed in lust at this sight, and his hands twitched at his sides with the effort of not simply grabbing her head and thrusting home.

"Damn, what a hungry slut you are, gagging yourself like that. I love the ring your cherry lipstick left on my cock, but I want to see if we can make one here." he said teasingly, pointing at the base. Sakura moaned in frustrated agreement and pulled herself forward, but only succeeded in coughing up more spit, letting out a long whine at her failure. Gagging and running short of breath, she was startled to feel a firm hand fall on the back of her head preventing her retreat. 

"How about I help you out?" Naruto asked, grinning like an idiot. He didn't wait for an answer, the burning lust in her eyes speaking for itself.

"Yesss, do it. Fuck my throat! Use me 'til you cum!" she thought in a daze, completing her rapid transformation into a submissive slut. She dropped her hands limply to her lap, not having to wait long before Naruto siezed her by both sides of her head, tangling his fingers into pink locks, ruining her painstakingly styled hair in the process. Then, he began to move.

Slowly, relentlessly, he thrust forward and pulled the whimpering bride-to-be down his shaft by his grip in her hair, making her gurgle and wince at the taste when her lips slid past the lipstick ring she'd left. Her vice-like gullet resisted every step of the way, clenching sporadically around him in a way that would have had a lesser man blowing his load in seconds. Sakura moaned wantonly, the bitter taste of her lipstick along with his punishing girth making her want to retch, but the sheer depravity of being used like this was driving her mad with lust. Her pussy clenched and gushed, forming a pool of her juices between her twitching thighs and leaving a dark, damp spot on the front of her kimono. With a last jerking thrust, he bottomed out into her convulsing throat, mashing her nose into a nest of blond and sealing her cherry-red lips in a thinly stretched ring around the base. 

She couldn't breathe, could't think. Her whole world narrowed down to the shaft stretching her throat, the taste and scent of him, and the harsh grip of his hands in her hair. Her muffled wail of completion came out as a loud gurgle. Squirts of clear pussy juice splattered against her thighs and stained her mother's wedding dress. Naruto petted her head and groaned in pleasure as her orgasm ripped through her body and made her already tight throat grip and massage him with her spasms. As she came down she felt ashamed for getting so much pleasure from the degrading way Naruto was using her mouth, as she had always thought only whores enjoyed such things. "I guess that makes me a whore... worth it!"

Growling, Naruto pulled her back to nearly the tip and thrust all the way back in, earning a loud, wretching gag from his cocksleeve of a teammate. No longer holding back, he began frantically thrusting, fucking her throat with long, powerful strokes. He was no longer treating her as a human, but a mere object for his pleasure. And she couldn't get enough of it. Whimpering moans and lewd gags answered him, Sakura continuing to squirt and moan sporadically as she was jerked up and down his cock.

A metallic noise caught their attention and Naruto looked down to see her neck had bulged out so widely that her Uchiha choker had snapped and fallen to the floor. Grinning savagely, he held the gurgling pinkette all the way down and moved a hand down to caress the bulge his abuse had formed, squeezing lightly, jerking himself off through her neck. "He's using me like an onahole." she thought. "What an asshole. He's not even stopping to let me breathe. Can't... breathe...! Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum again!" she shrieked as she succumbed to a hands-free orgasm, her second in as many minutes, her scream coming out as another muffled gurgle. Her vision was rapidly fading and blackening at the corners, but she realized with a sudden clarity that she didn't care if she passed out. She only wanted to be awake to feel him cum. From the way his length pulsed in her mouth, she hoped it was close. 

Sure enough she didn't have to wait long. Naruto sped up his thrusts, using his full strength to force her brutally from tip to base. "Ah... ah fuck, so good. Shit, you're a natural! This throat was made to take my dick! I'm gonna cum. I'm gonna fucking cum down your throat. Take it all you fucking slut." he grunted, and pressed her face hard into his crotch. Sakura felt his balls swell against her chin and his already painful girth expand even further in her poor destroyed throat, before a rush of hot fluid shot down his length and into her stomach. Naruto sighed happily, running a hand through her hair and petting her like he would a cat while he came. For nearly a minute she sat on her knees as her stomach was filled with a ridiculous amount of hot, thick seed. She whined pleadingly, wanting to taste it, but with Naruto's hands harshly pressing her face against his groin she had no choice but to stay right where he wanted her. It didn't even occur to her to try and push him away, as her hands stayed twitching at her sides.

Finally, just as she was moments from blacking out, he grunted and pulled out, leaving a thick string of cum, slime and drool connecting her face to his cock which was amazingly still hard. A final jet of pearly white cum shot onto her face as she was pulled away, leaving a trail from her forehead to her chin. Sakura nearly came again at the feeling of the hot seed coating her skin, even as she panted desperately for air and tilted her head back to look up at her teammate. She noted with twisted pride that she'd managed to leave a dark red ring right at the base of it. "Take that, Hinata! You're not the only one that can please this monster!" she thought smugly, although it was quickly overtaken by a surge of envy at the fact that the lucky Hyuuga bitch got to have this any time she wanted it. 

"W-was it good for you?" Sakura asked weakly after clearing her throat multiple times. She felt oddly shy, gazing up through long lashes at the man who'd so roughly claimed her mouth. 

"Pretty good for your first time. You get an A for effort, and your throat's really tight, but you need some work on your technique, 'tebayo" Naruto said calmly, as if he was talking about the weather. Sakura felt annoyance fill her at his almost bored look. She'd practically choked to death on his cock, and that was all he could say?

"So... that's it then? Hmph! W-well I made you cum, now get out so I can clean up you pervert!" she said, turning away as she shakily stood up so that he wouldn't see that her legs and dress were absolutely soaked with her juices. 

She felt a pain in her scalp and her world blurred as Naruto grabbed her by the hair and spun her around, crushing her to his body with his other arm. She blinked and her breath caught, finding Naruto's smirking face inches in front of her.

"Who said we were done? The bet was for sex, not a blowjob you stupid whore." he said dangerously. Sakura's knees gave out at the sudden rush of fearful anticipation, and she was held up only by his iron grip on her waist. Naruto tugged her head back and started to nibble on her flushed exposed neck while grinding his cock into her inflamed pussy lips -- his intentions were obvious. Sakura tried not to whimper, she really did. But she couldn't help the fearful noise that escaped her, nor the gasp that followed when his teeth found a particularly sensitive spot. 

She should be struggling. She was trained for this, trained like all kunoichi were for the possiblity of sexual assault by Konoha's enemies. She should be kicking him in the balls, punching him in the teeth while screaming obscenities... her shinobi instinct demanded she resist! But instead she just made needy, sibilant noises and trembled like a weak civilian whore. It was so humiliating -- and yet her pussy continued to drip. And yet, even as Naruto fondled her and promised to steal her virginity, she found a giddy, depraved little smile growing on her face. "He's right... sorry Sasuke-kun, but I lost a bet, so I have to do whatever he says... it's not my fault Naruto is such an animal. I had no choice, you'll understand, right?" she thought. The words sounded weak even to her. 

She found her thoughts of her future husband rapidly fading beneath the onslaught of Naruto's hands and mouth on her flushed skin. Naruto growled like a wild animal as he ravished her neck, his hands quickly moving under her kimono to grope and fondle places that only Sasuke was supposed to touch. And she couldn't help her body's eager response. Naruto's skilled hands and lips soon had her burning up, fingers tracing the sensitive undersides of her breasts with a calm determination. Arms raised seconds before to push him off fell limply around his shoulders as she moaned wantonly. 

Pulling back, the blond chuckled at her disappointed whine, gripping her gently under the chin to get her attention. Sakura hated the fleeting thought that she wished he would squeeze harder. "Oh Kami, am I a masochist?" she asked herself, before Naruto's voice brought her back to earth. 

"That's enough foreplay. Get on your hands and knees. And leave the dress on."


"Yes, sir" is what she had almost said, biting her lip. She was already about to get fucked, she didn't need the added embarassment of showing him how into her role she was getting. She tried to look relucant as she complied, wincing at the hard floor under her as she positioned herself as instructed. Her kimono was short enough that it rode up her round ass in this position, exposing her pussy to Naruto's hungry gaze for the first time. She felt her face burn with shame as he was sure to notice just how turned on she was, but couldn't stop herself from following his orders, nor could she help the surge of shame-tinged lust at doing so. She heard the rustling of cloth as Naruto quickly shed his clothes, before kneeling behind her. She couldn't help but jump when a large finger stroked up her exposed thigh to her drooling, virginal labia, and had to bite her lip not to moan. Her outer lips were so sensitive from her climax while sucking him off that the slightest touch brought an intense rush of sensation to the sexually deprived teen.

"Heh. You're really wet. Did you enjoy sucking me that much, Sakura-chan?" Naruto asked. A rhetorical question, but one that still made her lower her head in embarassment. 

"Or maybe it was the dirty talk. Do you like when I call you a slut? A whore? Do you like being ordered to kneel? Could it be that Sakura-chan likes to be told what to do?" his voice was impossibly smooth and warm as he teased at her entrance. She felt her pussy twitch in answer to his words and cursed her body for being so honest. 

"Yeah... you definitely like it." he chuckled and increased the pace of his stroking finger, making Sakura bite her lip to avoid moaning. She wasn't fooling him and she knew it. Damn it!

"Who knew the fiesty Sakura-chan would be that kind of girl? I always pictured you as the type to be on top, but for how different you and Hina-chan are, you're a lot alike when it comes to sex 'tebayo. Here I thought you'd be fighting me the whole way, but if anything you're more submissive than she is." Sakura huffed in annoyance and tried pressing herself onto his finger, fed up with the teasing. Naruto gave her a hard slap on her exposed ass, loving her surprised yelp and the way the pale flesh turned pink.

"You're not even listening to a word I'm saying, are you?" he said, laughing when he received only a jerk of her hips in reply. Sakura had actually heard him clearly, but was shamefully hoping he would spank her more if she refused to answer. She knew her ruse of reluctance was about as thin as her silken kimono at this point, but she still stubbornly refused to admit that she wanted him. Instead she bucked her hips and whined, hoping he'd get the point. 

Naruto sighed and gave her another hard spank, earning a cute squeak. "Fine, if you don't want to admit you're loving this, I'll just have to fuck the words outta you!" 

"Yes, do it! You pushed me this far, you'd better take responsibility, you horse hung idiot!" she thought. Sakura wiggled her hips eagerly and planted her face into the floor so Naruto couldn't see her no doubt lewd expression, unknowingly positioning herself like a dog to be mounted. Naruto smiled at her submissive posture as he lined himself up, absently slurping Sakura's juices from his teasing finger. He made an appreciative noise and took a mental note to fully enjoy Sakura's flavors from the source another time. Eating out Sakura until she was a drooling mess had always been a fantasy of his, but right now he had a bride to ruin. 

He pushed her kimono further down her torso so that he could get a good grip on the smooth, milky skin of her hips, before leaning down to her ear. "Here it comes, Sakura. No one can hear us in here, so let it all out; I wanna hear you scream" he growled, thrusting in. She was so drenched that even with the significant size difference he managed to stuff half of his cock into her on the first stroke, making him bite his lip and shut his eyes at the extreme heat and tightness of her insides. It would be a challenge even to his legendary stamina to hold off from cumming early.

Sakura gasped loudly, all the air in her lungs escaping her as her eyes rolled back in her head. It felt like a log had been shoved into her. 

"Guh. Uhhhh..." she uttered stupidly, still wrapping her head around how fucking full she felt, and she was sure that wasn't even close to his whole length. While her hymen was long lost to her kunoichi career, she felt a burning discomfort as her pussy stretched and moulded itself around him, yet could feel the hints of delerious pleasure buried under the pain. She took a deep breath as he started to withdraw, already missing the fullness. Without warning he plunged in again, sinking another two inches into her depths. Sakura's head shot up from the floor. This time, she screamed. 

"AHHH! O-oooh fuck yes!" As if the first thrust had primed all her nerve endings, she felt her mind bursting with overwhelming pleasure as he forced his way back in. The burning, stretching sensation was muted beneath the flood of euphoria. He didn't stop, beginning to move slowly, leisurely exploring her pussy while she just about lost her mind.

A repeated *schlick* sound came with the freshly deflowered pussy being claimed. Sakura would have blushed at the lewd sounds her body was making, but she didn't give a shit at the moment. She seized up and belatedly realized she was cumming, had been cumming since nearly the moment he entered her. Her pussy clenched regularly around the massive cock splitting her open, weeping its joy through the tight ring of her entrance. She was half-sobbing, half-screaming as he picked up the pace, tears of mixed pain and pleasure trickling down her face. How? How was sex this good? How was he this good?

She wanted to writhe, claw at the ground and grind herself onto this wonderful cock, but she couldn't move even an inch. A large hand calmly pushed her face back into the floor. Naruto had his arms pinning hers to her sides, wrapping her in a firm embrace and keeping her still with the barest of ease. Keeping her right where he wanted her, while he fucked her like a bitch. His breathing was calm, steady if a bit heated, in contrast to her wild panting and screams of bliss. "How can he be so... perfectly in control of himself? Fucking sex god bastard!" she thought dazedly, trying and failing again to writhe in his grip. "Go faster damn it!" as if he could read her mind, he slowed down even further, drawing half his length in and out of her small pussy in smooth, measured thrusts she was sure were designed to drive a woman mad. It was certainly working on her.

"That's it, baby. Scream for me. Let it all out." he said in a slightly strained voice, trying to ignore the intense pleasure he was feeling from the pink haired teen's spasming virgin pussy as it gripped and sucked at his cock. If it weren't for his experience with Hinata he was sure he'd have cum by now, but he had plenty of practice fucking his cute girlfriend through her frequent and violent releases, and he stubbornly refused to finish until he got Sakura to beg -- no matter how many orgasms it took. He began to speed up his thrusts, and grunted when Sakura suddenly siezed up in his arms and screamed loud enough to make his ears ring. He felt a rush of liquid run down their joined thighs as she went slack in his grip, his arms around her narrow waist the only thing keeping her from slumping flat to the ground. "Man, when she cums, she really cums." he mused as he hunched over her insensate body and grinded his cock deep within her sensitive walls. 

With each thrust he pushed another bit of meat into her, until he was bottoming out against her cervix with rapid strokes. Sakura was reduced to sobbing and whimpering, long having lost count of her orgasms as they blended into one long, continous sensation of overwhelming bliss. She did shriek and freeze up when she felt his massive cockhead strike her cervix, wishing she could cover her mouth to stop the embarassing sounds she was making. He was too big, too good. She could feel every pulsing vein and ridge of him, filling her completely, bottoming out with an inch to spare. If it weren't for that pesky barrier he would be big enough to reach her womb, and the thought made her clench so tight that Naruto had to grunt and slow his pace. 

"Gah! Ugh-oh, y-you're so f-fucking big, you're gonna ruin me!" she cried in a moment of clarity somewhere around her ninth orgasm, straining her arms against his iron grip. The feral man growled and bend over her, pinning her with his weight. "How can I ever go back to Sasuke after this?" she thought dazedly. Somehow she just knew that no other man in Konoha could compare to what her teammate was doing to her. 

"Too much? Hmm, you want me to stop?" he teased, suddenly ceasing his thrusts and leaving just the tip inside her.

"NO, don't you dare!" She started to moan in happiness when he sunk halfway in, before stopping again. She growled in frustration but could do nothing, held perfectly still by his arms and body on top of her. She secretly relished in her lack of control, yet gritted her teeth at the loss of sensation. He knew exactly what he was doing to her, the bastard!

"I want to hear you beg me for it."

"W-what? No way, asshole! You're the one m-making me do this." She wriggled with increasing effort against him, earning a laugh from the blond mounting her. Her words might have been more convincing if she wasn't panting like a dog in heat and bucking in his grip in an effort to get his cock deeper inside her. 

"I'm serious, Sakura. If you want me to cum inside you, beg me for it. Otherwise we're done here." Sakura froze, mind railing at the thought of going even another second without this glorious cock inside her. At the thought of leaving him unsatisfied. At the thought of not ending the session filled to the brim with his thick, hot cum. "NO!" she thought panicking. "He can't leave, he didn't cum in me yet. He can't stop, I won't let him!"

"D-do it. Please." she whispered, pressing back against his cock. In his distraction she managed to slip the head inside, shuddering at the stretching of her inflamed and sensitive lips. Just that one inch did more for her than her fingers ever had. 

"Huh? Do what, Sakura-chan?" Damn him! Damn that stupid teasing big dicked bastard!

"Please, f-fuck me! Shove that fat dick as far as you can and fill me up, you stupid sexy asshole!" she practically screamed. 

That seemed to do the trick, and she wailed when he accepted her pleading and hilted himself in one smooth motion. As the tip struck her cervix, her vision briefly whited out. When she came to she was sobbing and babbling nonsense into the floor, tears and drool covering her cheek where it was pressed into the cold tile. She had cum so hard she'd blacked out.

Naruto listened to each soft grunt and moan that accompanied his motions, immensely enjoying watching his stuck-up teammate lose her mind to pleasure and begin babbling, begging him in broken sentences to fill her with cum. She likely didn't even realize what she was saying, which made it even more amusing. 

"Please... puh-p-please, OH! Fuck, I need it. I need you, s-so bad, oh please oh FUCK! I'll d-do anything, just fill me up, PLEASE!" she wailed, climaxing again with a keening whine. Naruto grit his teeth to try to hold back, but his legendary stamina has finally met its match. His teammate's formerly virgin pussy was just too good when it contracted like that, and after an admirable effort he finally gave in. 

"Ah shit, here it comes." was Sakura's only warning before she felt a rush of liquid heat swell in her abdomen. Bottomed out in her small pussy, his hot cum shot almost directly into her womb. Cum-drunk and completely spent, Sakura langurously relaxed into Naruto's trembling grip and sighed blissfully as she felt endless spurts of thick, hot fluid fill up her insides. Her last orgasm had lessened in intensity but never really ended, and as she felt the sweaty weight of her teammate covering her, smothering her and filling her, she thought she might have reached Nirvana. 

It was with that thought that Sakura finally allowed herself to slip into unconsiousness, passing out on the floor with a wide, contented smile.

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