Boss' Girl

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Boss’ Girl


            Mastering the Rasengan was not as much fun as Konohamaru had hoped it would’ve been, and Naruto was not the best teacher.  Both were splayed amongst the ruins of a clear spot in the woods.  It apparently was not a good idea to introduce the flow of Naruto’s Rasengan to Konohamaru’s to give it a ‘jumpstart’.  Both had been separated violently from the eruption of incompatible chakra.  Konohamaru dizzily stared at the ground while sitting against the trunk of the tree he was thrown against.  “Nii-chan,” he whined in a tone that sounded like a kid on the verge of tears, “I don’t think that was such a good idea.”

            Naruto, still upside down and reeling from the eruption, clenched his teeth in frustration.  Obviously it was a bad idea, but it seemed like a good one at the time.  Konohamaru had mastered the powerful Rasengan to some degree, so Naruto thought that it could handle a bit of his own influence.  Instead, it was like a collision of a tornado and a typhoon.  Maybe, if practiced and perfected, it could be a deadly combination move for an enemy; for now, it was only deadly to the users.

            “Nii-chan,” Konohamaru droned again, his voice grating on Naruto’s ears, “I can’t move!”

            Naruto flexed his index finger; he was pretty sore himself, though hardly incapacitated.  Sure, he had taken worse injuries during his training with Jiraiya, but he hadn’t expected this backlash to pack such a wallop!  “We need to be more careful next time,” he told his apprentice before rolling over with a sigh.  He was motionless for a time before an idea popped into his head and made his spirits instantly lift.  “Well, Konohamaru, maybe we should check ourselves into the medical ward!”

            Konohamaru, though in no condition to argue, furrowed his eyebrows.  “But, Nii-chan, it’s not that bad,” he whined, not relishing the idea of going to the medical ward and getting a needle shoved in his arm.


            Whether or not he wanted to go, Konohamaru still followed Naruto.  The pain from their Rasengan mishap had practically left their joints, but Naruto was determined to head to the Hokage palace.  Just what was he planning?  Though he had been out of practice, Konohamaru hoped that maybe some mischief was intended, some sort of dastardly prank that Naruto had been saving up these past two-and-a-half years!  Konohamaru’s eyes went wide with expectance, already praising Naruto for his schemes.

            However, all at once, his dreams were dashed and the sparkle in his eyes faded, all because Naruto called the one name that answered all questions.  “Sakura-chan!”  The girl he called picked her pink head up from her work to cast a friendly smile at him, welcoming him warmly.  Rather than play an injured patient to make their visit more believable, Naruto rushed over to his dear Sakura.  Konohamaru slouched, wishing that his boss wasn’t so impressionable to the pink-haired nurse who was probably more terrifying than beautiful.  “Sakura-chan, we were out in the woods,” Naruto rambled before pointing to various parts of his body to display cuts and scrapes and bruises, “when training got out of hand.”  His eyes twinkled with hope as he pressed in uncomfortably close.  “So… so I was thinking, Sakura-chan…”  He swallowed hard.  “Would you…”  He leaned in closer to whisper, a lecherous look on his face.  “…like to check my… oof?!

            Already, Sakura had foreseen his attempt to play ‘doctor and patient’ and delivered him his deserved, cranial punch.  He was down on the floor with a bump on his head and a pleasantly-smiling Sakura towering over him.  “Ah~, Naruto, it looks like you got hurt while training,” she mused in a tone of faux concern.  She pet her knuckles as if telling a dog companion it was a job well done.

            “Wah!  Naruto-nii-chan!”  Konohamaru blubbered from the sight of his revered boss going down from a single hit.  Truly, this woman was a great ninja to have Naruto on the floor in an instant.  Immediately, Konohamaru became defensive, ready to dish out a helping of Oiroke no Jutsu: Boy on Boy Version when she set her deceptively kind gaze on him.  “Wha-what, kore?!  You want to fight, Sakura-nee-chan?!  I won’t be beat by a pervert like you!”  Bullets of sweat ran down his face, for he had not forgotten how scary this pink-haired kunoichi could be when provoked.  Was it wise to stand up to her, even if to defend his boss’ honor?  Well, she was Naruto’s woman, though she never actually admitted to it.  Should he even get involved in a lover’s quarrel?

            “Konohamaru,” Sakura addressed sweetly, though the venom hidden underneath was palpable, “you are injured as well.  We’ll take care of you.”  Reaching down, she snagged the back of Naruto’s jacket and carelessly dragged his limp body down the halls of the hospital.  Luckily, it wasn’t a busy day, and such minor injuries could require the staff’s full attention.  Naruto’s woeful moans echoed in the halls as he was hauled along like a piece of worthless baggage.  Konohamaru wept at the heavy disparaging of his beloved boss, whimpering his name and feeling helpless to do anything about it.

            “Here’s an empty room,” sang Sakura and dragged Naruto to the cot.  Rather than be merciful and set him smoothly on the sickbed, her gentle façade vanished.  She howled as she hefted him over her head and slammed him onto the cot, though she checked her strength to avoid destroying the bed.  It was a brutal lesson, but Naruto needed to learn not to press his luck and cross certain boundaries whenever he liked.  Eyebrows twitching in annoyance and smile forced and angry, she said to him, “Enjoy your stay…”  She leaned in closer to growl, “Naruto.”

            Quaking with greater pain than earlier, as well as fear, Naruto lifted a hand weakly and put on a trembling smile.  “Yeah.  Thanks… Sakura-chan.”  He practically passed out.

            Konohamaru felt his groin clench when Sakura’s attention turned on him.  He stumbled back a few steps, holding up his fists and wishing that he still wore his dorky helmet-thingy for protection against Sakura’s ruthless punishment.  The pain of the earlier mishap with the Rasengan was overwhelmed with intimidation.

            She approached him, and though he tried to match her steps to keep distance, he was backed against the corridor’s wall.  Bending over when standing right in front of him, Sakura smiled warmly and said, “Let’s take you to another room, Konohamaru.”  She took his hand in her own, and the moment the smell of cherry blossoms touched his nostrils, Konohamaru had no choice but to obey.  With a wistfully goofy smile on his face and a bit of spittle at the corner of his mouth, he let Sakura lead him to the room right next to Naruto’s.  For all of her brutality, Sakura’s most deceiving weapon – as Sai had once told her – was the smile that could melt hearts.

            “Now just wait right here,” she told the boy as she had him sit on the cot.  Nervously, he scooted atop the bed, ruffling the sheets slightly.  “Try not to get into trouble, okay?”  Her pleasantness was wonderful, Konohamaru thought; that was until a fist caught him in the gut and made him double over with cheeks puffed out and eyes crossed.  As he quivered from the blow, Sakura held his head up to glare into his eyes.  “That’s for calling me a pervert!”  As her patient apologized weakly, she stormed out of the room.

            So lost was she in her mind-clouding rage, Sakura bumped into the only other nurse on call.  Ino staggered back, and upon laying eyes on the one clumsy enough to collide with her, snapped, “Watch where you’re going, forehead girl!”

            Retaliating, Sakura pressed in against Ino and snarled, “You bumped into me, Ino-pig!”  The two were moments away from a heated back-and-forth when Naruto’s whining voice interrupted them, calling for Sakura.

            Ino perked up and looked at the room.  “Is that…?”

            “Naruto,” Sakura sighed, dropping her head.  Tending on him for minor injuries was not something she would enjoy.  For her to employ her medical jutsu on the state he was in was the task of a girlfriend, and though she and Naruto were a bit friendlier behind closed doors and under certain circumstances, she wasn’t ready to let him address her as anything more than friends with benefits.  Surely, if in a room alone, he’d try to coax her onto the bed with him.  Well, she was not one to be so easily bedded on his whim; he was the one who would have to beg and praise her when she shared space with him.

            Ino, though a bit annoying to stumble upon, was quite the opportune find at such a moment.  Throwing on a friendly face, Sakura placed a hand on the blonde’s back to usher her to Naruto’s room before she could have a thought to resist.  “Naruto is in need of some medical attention,” she said.  “I’ll be treating the other patient.”  With Ino standing dumbfounded at Naruto’s bedside, Sakura pivoted quickly on her heel and was halfway out the door before either blonde could protest.  Cheerily, she waved at them, pulling the door closed so that she wouldn’t have to put up with any resistance.  “Take care of Naruto, Ino!”  She only suffered Naruto beginning to call her name before the door shut.

            Now, taking the lesser of two evils, Sakura readied herself to take care of the protégé of her idiot-lover.  True, he was well on his way to possibly being even stupider and more perverted than Naruto, but Konohamaru had yet to surpass that renowned status.  At least, right now, he wouldn’t prove too much of a problem since he was too afraid to try anything that Naruto would.

            She walked in, and as expected, Konohamaru hadn’t moved an inch.  He was still cringing after the blow to the stomach and winced when he saw the pink-haired kunoichi in the doorway.  His posture became erect, though he quivered and was wary of any other unexpected strikes to punish some past misdoings.  She had no such schemes, however.  His earlier outburst had been punished and reined him in.  In a way, he would be putty in her hand as she healed him.

            Her green eyes made a brief observation of his condition.  Not much more than being roughed up, but she would still check for anything else that might be abnormal.  Though Konohamaru flinched when she set a hand on his chest, she concentrated on the flow of his chakra.  A bit unstable, she deduced, but not serious.  It must’ve been a result of trying to mingle his Rasengan with Naruto’s.  While it was not a pressing matter and would eventually stabilize on its own in time, for practice and since he was already on the bed, she would mend him.

            She told him of the condition and assured him that it was nothing to worry about.  Smiling at him from over her shoulder as she washed her hands in the sink – habitual medic-nin practice – she said it wouldn’t take any longer than ten minutes.  A nice gesture, though Konohamaru felt on edge.

            Boss’ girl…  Boss’ girl…  He kept telling himself that over and over, but it made no difference to his eyes when wandering to the skintight black skirt that modestly outlined the curves of her backside.  He was a growing boy, after all, one who was very interested in the suppleness of the female form, as he did a lot of ‘research’ to master the Oiroke no Jutsu.  He sucked on his lips, trying to pry his gaze from the taut ass of the pink-haired nurse.  It was not by his own admission that his line of sight was diverted; Sakura had simply finished cleansing her hands and turned around.  He perked up and tried to fight down the red hue of his cheeks.  Impulsively, his eyes darted to the other area that drew men’s attention.  Sadly, not too much to gawk at, but at least she had developed more from the plank her chest once resembled two years ago.  Well, if the current Hokage could’ve gone from a flat chest to the number one most buxom woman in possibly all of the ninja world – rivaled only by the blond of Kumogakure – there was still hope for Sakura.

            “Alright, Konohamaru, let’s take a look.”  Sakura sauntered over to him with hands sterilized.  She pushed aside his long, blue scarf and made to undo his jacket, focused on her work, though Konohamaru tensed as he felt her drag the zipper downward.  When the jacket was pushed open, Sakura was quite surprised.  He wore nothing underneath?  The usual ninja wore, at least, a t-shirt underneath their outer garb.  It was his choice, Sakura figured with a mental shrug, though it did leave him more exposed to scrapes if his jacket tore, which explained why he was more badly hurt than Naruto.  “Not too bad,” Sakura told the boy as she counted the small bruises and cuts.  “We’ll be done in no time.”

            “R-right,” stammered the Third’s grandson.  The touch of her fingertips lightly grazing his skin tickled, but he held down his fit of laughter.  When her palms set against him, he shuddered at their warmth.  A common occurrence for younger patients not used to intimate touches, Sakura noted as she continued to plod her course, double-checking to make sure that there were no, unlikely internal injuries.  Her thumbs rolled smoothly against his ribcage, which made Konohamaru squirm.

            Why couldn’t she just hurry?  Konohamaru’s black eyes rolled up to the ceiling, trying to concentrate on something other than the angelic hands grazing down his torso.  So very soft, he thought as her fingertips traced over him in inspection.  He swallowed, for he knew that what was soft from a girl could make a guy go hard.  As if on cue, he felt the stirring in his trousers, the same kind of stirring that had him waking up at odd hours of the night to fuss over.  Again, he gulped and closed his eyes tightly, trying to imagine something other than Naruto-nii-chan’s woman tracing his chest.  He grunted softly, for it was useless to fight against the strange responses his young body went through.

            The slow shifting at the front of Konohamaru’s trousers went unnoticed as Sakura concentrated on her work.  Sure, she could’ve just as easily fixed him on the spot without examination, but she had been bored all day; sadly, this was the highlight before she was off duty and could find something else to preoccupy herself with.  She pursed her lips in thought, a mild blush coming to her cheeks.  Being so persistent, would Naruto trail her and coax her back to his place?  The little perv…

            If only she knew that the littler perv was right in front of her, reveling in the feeling of his boss’ girl’s fingers.  He was at full mass in his pants already, though the lump was hardly noticeable.  A small, helpless whimper left his throat while his thighs shifted awkwardly.  Sakura thought that he was still being ticklish.


            Both Konohamaru and Sakura picked their heads up at the sound; the former was gland that attention could be diverted from the slight tent at his groin.  “What was that?” murmured Sakura.  It came from Naruto’s room, but what was it?  He must’ve been giving Ino a hard time.  The thought brought a mischievous smirk to her face.  She hoped that Naruto was putting up a fight and begging for Sakura to heal him instead, a nice little dash of reality for Ino to realize that she was not the most desirable girl in all men’s hearts.

            She could take a gander after Konohamaru was treated, she decided and turned back to the boy.  She moved too swiftly, though, and her palm moved over Konohamaru’s crotch.  The stiff object that she bumped against was far too obvious to ignore, and both eyes were drawn to it.  Sakura and Konohamaru shared the same flabbergasted expression.  What was that doing there, Sakura’s mind screamed!  The little pervert!  As a nurse, however, she could not judge him for being affected to foreign touches.  It wasn’t the first time it had happened, she had to consent to, and Konohamaru wasn’t used to being tended to by a beautiful woman; she added the last excuse on for a bit of an ego-booster.

            “Sa-Sakura-nee-chan!” blubbered the Third’s grandson.  His legs closed and shifted to conceal himself, though little could be done when his undeveloped erection was pushing upward.  “It’s not what you think, kore!  I just…  It’s…”  There was little of what else it could be, Sakura thought, clenching her teeth embarrassedly while staring down at the protrusion.  Of course he wouldn’t be exceptionally large, as he was just barely in the first stages of puberty.  Still, he was exceptionally rigid, and she had to wonder how long he had been like that.  Was it since coming to the hospital, or more likely during her examination of him?  Yes, that must be it.  It was still a shocking discovery to happen upon.

            Slapping on the best smile she could – which wavered constantly – Sakura looked him straight in the eye, though it was hard to keep attention away from the embarrassing bulge that was just refusing to go down even now.  “It’s okay, Konohamaru,” she said.  She was up and taking a backward step in the next instant, which did not assure the little boy that she was fine with the matter.  “Uh, it happens sometimes.  How about I step outside for a bit and give you a moment to get more…”  Her green eyes glanced none-too-discretely at his shame.  “…comfortable?”  She stumbled out of the door and closed it, leaving an embarrassed boy alone to contemplate the natural reactions of his body.

            Sakura took a moment to breathe, her cheeks flushed red.  She leaned back against the door and closed her eyes.  It was hard to believe that young Konohamaru just got an erection, and she – although briefly and accidentally – touched it.  However embarrassed she was, he must be feeling even worse.  A part of her felt guilty leaving him alone in such a way, but she didn’t want to cause him any discomfort by watching him adjust himself.

            Clearing her throat, she stood up straight and tried to seem professional again.  “I should see how Naruto is doing,” she said to no one in particular, as if trying to convince herself that this was why she was neglecting Konohamaru.  Being a bit off balance, she trudged over to Naruto’s room and reached for the doorknob.  She hesitated only when she heard a sound like a deep moan.  Was that Ino?  Sakura’s heart leapt up into her throat and felt like it lodged there.  It couldn’t possibly be…

            As quietly as she could, she cracked the door open just enough for one eye to take a full gander of the room.  And as she suspected, her intuition was right.  The hairs on the back of her neck stood on end from rage.

            On the cot, straddling a half-naked Naruto, Ino had hiked up her skirt up to bunch around her lovely hips, the crotch of her white panties pulled to one side to take his swollen member through her slick folds.  Her back was arched, breasts bouncing from being freed from her purple vest and bra; forcibly, she kept one of Naruto’s hands on her tits, and he gratefully obliged.  She panted and moaned, sweat rolled down her brow and matting her golden bangs to her skin.

            While watching the hypnotic sway of her bosom, Naruto gritted his teeth, hissing softly with pleasure.  He pinched and petted her puckered, pink nipple, a delicious sight to behold, noting that they were significantly larger than Sakura’s, almost overflowing in his groping palm.  A suppressed cry of pleasure left her gaping mouth, which alerted the jinchuuriki beneath her.  “What… uhn… what if Sakura-chan hears, ‘tebayo?”

            “Are you really worried about that?” breathed Ino, bowing down low to press her breasts against his sternum.  Her hips rolls and moved in ways that the inexperienced pink-head had never tried before, causing Naruto to choke on his moan and try his hardest to keep from giving Ino’s hungry snatch what it obviously wanted.  Her breath was hot and heavy as she spoke directly in his ear, “Or does it excite you to think that she might find you with your hard cock in her rival’s pussy?”

            Naruto howled in response to her naughty words, as well as the clenching of her inner muscles.  He gave no more protests, a slave to the will of the wicked blond.  Picking herself up a bit, she cradled the back of Naruto’s spiky-haired head and buried his face in between her tits.  Like an eager puppy, he kissed a blazing trail up to the center of her right breast and took the nipple into his hot mouth.  “Good boy,” she whispered to him before going back to concentrating on the gyration of her hips.  By the time she was done with him, he wouldn’t even remember the name of Ms. Forehead Girl.

            Unbeknownst to them, the door was quickly closed.  In the hallway, Sakura boiled with rage.  A part of her wanted to break down the door and use its remains to bash Naruto’s brains in before throwing him to Ino and telling her she could have him.  However, she wouldn’t give Ino the satisfaction.  Naruto could be punished later, where Ino could not find out about it and gloat.

            There were still many men who lusted for her, Sakura consoled herself.  Why, just in the next room, young Konohamaru was struggling with a boner that she…

            She suddenly perked up.

            Naruto’s most loyal disciple was conflicting with emotions for his boss’ ‘woman’.  A wicked and vengeful thought crossed her mind, leading her to believe that Inner Sakura was still in there somewhere, plotting mischief that she was once too nervous to commit herself.  So Naruto wanted to fool around with other women, eh?  That gave her the right to do the same, and perhaps a little intimate teasing would help her cool off some steam while setting another ablaze with passion.

            A sudden bubble of excitement burst in her stomach, and she found herself almost giddy.  Immediately, she returned to the room and found Konohamaru curling up on the cot, his knees drawn tightly together with both hands cupping the blatantly-obvious erection still poking defiantly against his pants.  “Konohamaru~,” Sakura sang as she practically pranced into the room, her face bright with joy.  “I’m back!”

            Konohamaru kept himself curled, his face deepening in a shade of crimson.  He tried to furrow his eyebrows to seem upset rather than ashamed.  “I’m… I’m not ready yet,” he snapped.

            And he wouldn’t be ready unless he took proper care of that little problem, she wanted to teasingly tell him.  “It’s alright, Konohamaru,” she assured him with a soft wave.  “It’s natural for little boys.”

            She was being unsettlingly nice, Konohamaru observed, and he was not so sure that was a good thing.  He kept his guard up as she paced towards him with that misleading smile.  What were her intentions?  He could feel his testicles ascending from fear, almost like he could expect a well-placed fist to lodge in the groin for having such impulsive desires as she worked on him.

            “It’s a little hot, isn’t it?” Sakura observed, bright eyes glancing over to the vent; Konohamaru mimicked the attention.  “The hospital does give much air conditioning when it’s a slow day.  Ah~, it gets to be so uncomfortable.”  She fanned herself for emphasis, but Konohamaru couldn’t honestly complain.  If anything, he felt rather chilly, even with his scarf and jacket on.

            He was on the verge of asking her what this game was, but he hadn’t the time, as Sakura probably took whatever this was one step further than he thought she would.  Sighing in false exhaustion from the non-existent heat, Sakura had reached up and pulled the zipper of her red shirt down a significant portion, far too much than what was appropriate since Konohamaru could easily see the top part of her pink bra’s cups gently cradling the soft mounds of her chest.  That was territory he thought only Naruto-nii-chan should have visual and physical access to!

            “Sakura-nee-chan!” Konohamaru exclaimed, clapping his hands over his eyes, though it took a great deal of restraint not to take a peek at her cleavage.  Of course, restraint was not one of his strengths, and he shamelessly pried apart his fingers to get a second look.  “Wh-what are you doing?!  That’s too much!” he almost cried.  If this was her method of getting his stirrings to settle, she had gone in the completely opposite direction; he doubted he’d ever felt this hard or uncomfortable in his slacks.  A rush of boiling hot coldness seized him, like heaven and hell combined to make him chatter with a refreshing chill that made him sweat profusely.

            As expected of a trainee of a pervert who trained under an even bigger pervert, Sakura slyly thought while.  The zipper slid just an inch lower, and Konohamaru looked as though he would be blown away by a sudden nosebleed, though he probably lacked the force of circulation since most of his blood was working to revolve and strengthen one certain area.

            There was excitement to be had in this.  Like a puppet on a string, she could will this boy to do anything.  He was so impressionable and eager to please those he admired; he probably was admiring her now more than his boss.  So this must’ve been how Ino felt when flaunting herself by the boys of the Village.

            “It’s uncomfortable for you too, right, Konohamaru?”  The boy felt as though a fist had closed around his throat when her hands eased onto his knees and she leaned in towards him, her opened shirt and gravity giving him a daring show of her tits.  He throbbed eagerly, and he could’ve sworn she felt it too.  She observed his flushed face closely.  She would not say he was handsome, but he was cute, and would probably look a whole lot cuter with his face scrunching up while in the throes of feeling sensations he’d never imagined before.

            “I’m… I’m fine, kore,” he stuttered, bending back to try to keep his distance.  Ah~, but the scent of her was so luring, wafting from her exposed chest, the valley of two, soft…  He shook his head in defiance of those feelings.  Boss’ girl, he told himself over and over.  Boss’ girl!  His attempt to squirm away from Sakura was pitiful.  The loyalty to Naruto would break, she knew; it was simply a matter of how long she wanted to tease him.

            “When it’s hot,” she continued, now leaning in until Konohamaru was unsure if it was an appropriate thing to do to kiss her, “you play with your clothes off, right?  You’re ready to play…”  Her eyes suddenly turned dark, and he felt a terrible chill of fear rushing through his spine.  To refuse her meant unimaginable pain.  “Right?

            Who was he to deny her?  Konohamaru nodded softly, swallowing the stickiness that plagued his gullet.  Sakura looked very pleased by his consent, for one way or another, she would’ve gotten it; his volunteering just sped the process along without the need of violence or intimidation… aside from the recent glare.

            The sweet grin returned, and Konohamaru felt a hand clutching at his cock through his clothes.  He started with a yelp, but the pink-haired nurse just ignored it.  “You’ve been swollen for a while,” she speculated, flexing and loosening her fingers rhythmically on his hidden shaft.  “It must be very hard for you, Konohamaru.”

            The boy’s breath rasped.  “It is,” he admitted.

            As if that confession were the magic words – simple, they may be – Sakura’s healing hands went straight to work to relieve him of the discomfort of smothering clothing.  After his button was undone and zipper yanked down, he already felt great, though his briefs still held him.  They were made short work of when Sakura tugged down the elastic band and freed him from the confines.  As she had expected, he was still in the early stage of development, hardly coming up to four inches – or even a little less – even when so worked up.  He’d have to be lucky to follow in Naruto’s footsteps in the department of ‘growth’.

            Nevertheless, Sakura pinched the member in between her thumb and index and middle fingers, holding it at the base before gliding up to the tip.  His foreskin overlapped the head, smearing the pre-cum that had started to gather from the height of his arousal.  She watched the loose skin peel away from the swollen helmet before casting her attention to Konohamaru’s face.  His doe eyes were hazy with confused lust.  Honestly, being so young, he wasn’t aware of masturbation, knowing only of the act of sex when he implored Naruto to impart his knowledge to him; it was a very embarrassing session for Naruto, who was a virgin at that time.

            The lack of knowledge was why Konohamaru was so shocked when Sakura’s head bowed down, her hair being gingerly tucked behind her ear to remain out of the way.  “What are you…?!”  His own shuddering, powerful gasp silenced him when he experienced the wonders of tongue treatment on the head of his cock.  She first dabbed him with her oral muscle, cleaning away every trace of clear liquid that stuck to her taste buds.  “Sakura-nee-chan,” he wheezed as his hands clutched on the edge of the cot.  His toes curled in his sandals.

            The tongue on his prick was exquisite, but even that could not prepare him for the feeling when her full mouth descended on him.  Unlike with Naruto, he was quite easy to fit completely into her mouth.  Her lips went all the way down on his lap, the fine, brown hairs of his pubic region tickling softly.  Spreading her mouth a little wider, she extended her tongue to rub against his clenching scrotum.  And then she drew up to the head to suckle on it a bit, which caused Konohamaru to writhe with a pleading moan for her to slow down.  Already, his brain was incapable of keeping up with the rushing pleasure… and they weren’t even fucking… yet.

            What was it?  Sakura’s eyes were gently shut in contemplation as she eased her mouth up and down on his shaft – which was extraordinarily hard.  She had started this as a way to ‘get back’ at Naruto for his philandering with Ino, yet that anger had given way to arousal.  Beneath her skirt, she was unbearably hot.  Taking a dick into her mouth with such ease, making the boy writhe at her mercy; there was a certain appeal to it.  She was always dominant over Naruto, for he could not hope to stand up to her, particularly in bed.  Even that did not turn her on as much as it did screwing around with this young boy.  His taste flooded her mouth each time she bobbed downward.

            Konohamaru could not find his voice as Sakura suckled his young erection.  The sac underneath felt like something was stirring within, like a river readying to break through a dam.  His heart race violently to give a more exhilarating than anything he’d ever known before.  He kept his sights solely on the pink head moving up and down on his small shaft.  The beauty that had his idol wrapped around her finger was now burying her face in his lap.  He felt that he was betraying his boss, but not even a fool would try to pry her from his tingling prick.  When she made soft sounds – either of effort or excitement – Konohamaru howled in delight from the powerful vibrations.

            With a pop, Sakura plucked her mouth from his cock and beamed up at him as his chest heaved desperately.  Her hot chuckle was felt at the base of his saliva-slick shaft.  One could assume that he had been the one holding his breath and working his mouth; Sakura hardly even had a hitch to her breathing.  “Konohamaru,” she sang, bringing his fearfully desiring eyes to hers.  “Are you feeling any better?”  Her fingernails lightly dragged across his tightened scrotum before her full palm grasped and caressed its sensitive contents.

            “What about Naruto-nii-chan?” gasped out the loyal Konohamaru, still suffering from the pangs of guilt.

            For the first time since reentering the room, Sakura’s smile disappeared and her brow crinkled with a scowl.  The hand massaging his balls tensed threateningly.  What about Naruto?  What about her?!  He was probably still screwing Ino without regards for Sakura, so she would make his pupil do the same, even if it meant strapping him down and riding him to numerous climaxes.

            Still, she composed herself and asked, “Wouldn’t he want you to become a man?”  She adjusted herself so that her mouth was in position and hovering over his erection once more.  “And who better to make you one than ‘Boss’ girl?”

            Konohamaru groaned when he was slurped back into Sakura’s tending mouth, reveling in the sensation and talent her tongue offered.  In his arousal-muddled state of mind, what she had said made sense, and would quell his worries for now.  What concerned him, however, was the delightfully hot sensation bubbling within his sack in response to the stinging pleasure caused when Sakura suckled his tip.  Head falling back with teeth clenching, he rasped out, “Sakura-nee-chan, something’s happening!”

            Not yet, she thought with a wicked smile.  All at once, she extracted her mouth with a heavy sigh, the back of her hand cleaning away the spittle rolling out of the corners of her lips.  She leered down at the appendage that pulsated furiously while Konohamaru wail in protest.  He was left lingering on the edge of an orgasm, which was far too cruel for him to endure.  He was built up, and could only wonder what this pleasure led to.  With tears in his eyes, he wept Sakura’s name pleadingly.

            It was a sad sight, but Sakura wasn’t about to let him blow his load just yet.  He’d be singing her praises in a moment, anyway, despite that she left him begging.  Slowly, the zipper at her front was pulled lower until the red shirt was completely opened and able to be set off to the side of the cot.  Already, Konohamaru’s frustration set itself in order as he gazed at her feminine form.  She was tight, no excess fat aside from the plump mounds held in her bra.  Not as curvy as Ino, she knew after joining her in the bathhouse, and Hinata was even more of a splendor that she envied, but Sakura was utterly confident of her figure, especially in front of a young virgin like Konohamaru.  The only tears in his eyes now were tears of joy.

            Well, best not to keep either of them waiting!  Her heart thumped like a sledgehammer when she reached behind her and undid the clasp of her bra.  The cups drooped, and Konohamaru was in awe when they were hesitantly pulled away to expose her creamy hills.  She felt flushed, her resolve shaking just a bit now that it was actually time to follow through.  Of course, her mind was already made up!  Naruto fucked Ino, so she would fuck Konohamaru!  It was as simple as that.

            “Wah~!”  Konohamaru’s eyes dazzled when the pert tits were exposed for his study.  Nipples a shade darker than the color of her hair stood proudly at the tips of her bosom, so perfect and beautiful.  Honestly, he and Naruto still had some work to do when it came to their Oiroke no Jutsu; their nipples had always come out weird, like one would be inverted while the other was just one, big, fat teat, which they would cover up with trailers of smoke.  Sakura’s, on the other hand, were wonderful to behold.  His cock ached once again, but his attention would not stray from her breasts.  “They’re so good, kore!”

            A bead of nervous sweat ran down the side of Sakura’s face.  That wasn’t usually how someone would go about saying that they liked her chest.  Still, she accepted the compliment politely.  She thrust her chest out, the small mounds bouncing somewhat from the movement.  “Go on, Konohamaru.  Don’t keep me waiting.”

            Inexperienced as he was, Konohamaru had the primal, lustful instinct of what to do when a set of nipples were presented to him.  With her permission, he lunged at her chest, squeezing one tit and nuzzling the other affectionately.  True, her master’s chest was more bountiful and felt like a pair of the softest pillows in existence when he rubbed his face in between them, but he was more that satisfied and grateful for these ‘gifts’ lent to him.  He cooed when he rubbed his cheek against her hardened nipple.  She was quite surprised, for he was being even more affectionate than Naruto had been when they first coupled.  His hand was a bit rough as he molested her breast, poking experimentally at the nipple that was far more pronounced than his own set, but it wasn’t enough to cause her too much discomfort.

            However, though it felt pretty good – if not embarrassing – when he motor-boated her, her nipples wanted some thorough tending to.  “H-hey, Konohamaru, how about you try… using your mouth?”  She’d never had to suggest such a thing to the overzealous Naruto, who sometimes left her breasts feeling sore the next day from his ‘tending’.

            “Right, Sakura-nee-chan!” he barked with a quick, determined nod as if he had been given an order from his boss.  His first target was her right nipple.  Stiffening his lower lip in concentration and fortifying his nerve, he studied the pink nub before moving in.  His pursed lips parted just enough to take the tip in, which he suckled earnestly before latching onto the areola itself, drawing on it almost roughly like a starving newborn.

            Sakura gasped at the feeling.  His teeth pinched slightly on her soft skin, but it did not hurt.  To encourage him and show him that he was doing a fine job, she slid her fingers through his spiky brown hair and cradled the back of his head.  A soft whimper left her throat when he enthusiastically hastened the sucking motion.

            Konohamaru was shocked while nursing on Sakura’s breast.  He didn’t expect sucking on a nipple to feel so good; he could not get enough of it.  Maybe it was the pride that swelled in him whenever the beauty made a sound of pleasure.  While his mouth occupied one breast, his hand was sure to offer its attention to the other, tweaking her nipples sometimes too harshly; Sakura’s hand would fist in his hair in warning if he got too carried away.

            The juncture of her thighs felt like it was melting with the sweltering heat.  The pale-pink panties had soaked through with her flowing arousal.  Since she was wearing her skirt rather than her usual black spandex, the nectar seeped down her legs, leaving sticky trails down to her knee-high buckled sandals.  Knees quivered, and it was soon apparent that she would not be able to maintain her posture while Konohamaru’s mouth remained on her sensitive breasts.

            Though he stubbornly tried to remain latched on, Konohamaru’s treat popped out from between his still-hungry mouth.  He opened his mouth to whine a protest, but Sakura had a look that told him she knew what she was doing.  “Come on, Konohamaru,” she purred while taking him by the hand.  Like a mindless drone, he leapt off of the bed and followed wherever she chose to lead him.

            There was a comfortable chair at the corner of the room across from the cot, a little luxury for visitors who planned for a lengthy stay.  For right now, it would suit Sakura’s perverted purpose as she settled down on it, Konohamaru in front of her and confused about what was expected of him.  She made herself comfortable, and he took note that her legs were spread rather wide for more than enough room for him to wedge in between.  However, she did not give the order to sit just yet, and instead, she picked her butt up from the cushion to give the excited lad a show of her hiking up her tight skirt.  At first glance of her wet underwear, he had to ponder why it was wet.  Did she have an accident?  Sadly, Naruto wasn’t very thorough or knowledgeable at the time of explaining, so Konohamaru was left puzzled from the fluid.  Even so, from the wafting scent, he assumed it was safe to say that Sakura hadn’t had problems holding her bladder.

            As if she wasn’t exposed enough with her skirt now bunching around her waist, Sakura bent her knees and lifted her feet onto the chair.  She had a sense of modesty, Konohamaru could tell when she blushed and averted her eyes from his for a moment, though his interest lied on the area between her legs that was on full display, hidden only by her underwear that now stuck to her form and gave very little to the imagination.  Looking through Naruto’s secret stash couldn’t have prepared Konohamaru for the anticipation he now felt while awaiting the unveiling of the grandeur of the female sex.

            “Gah~!!”  His entire body froze in place save for his cock, which felt like it would leap from his crotch and seek new refuge within the moist cleft that was exposed when Sakura’s hooking thumb shifted the fabric to one side.  Pink hair had been managed around her flowering snatch, which added to the appeal of the sight.  Beneath the crown of curls, there was a curious nub protruding, almost begging attention.

            His mesmerized gaze was the proof of her power over him.  Her own gaze dropped to study his erection, knowing that he subconsciously wanted nothing more than to bury himself into her over and over again until he exploded inside his boss’ woman.  She shivered from the thought of his fervent thrusts ending with a hot eruption of his first ejaculation.  She had other duties in store for him at the moment, though.

            At her word, Konohamaru sunk down to his knees before her, eyes still glued to her pussy.  He was certain that this wasn’t how proper sex was conducted.  Didn’t they have to be eyelevel?  That was what Naruto had told him, in some way, at least.  Still, getting this close of a view was most exciting.  “Do you know what to do?” he heard Sakura ask softly, to which, he shook his head no.  A guiding hand went to his head, gently urging his face towards her groin.  “Remember what I did to you?”  Her smirk was suggestive.

            His mouth?  For a moment, he thought the idea was a bit strange and gross.  Wasn’t that where she peed from?  Then he considered when she took his cock in her mouth, how absolutely wonderful it felt.  It did not take much thought, then, to follow through.  Her juices smeared over his lips when he touched her folds.  The taste flowed into his mouth, a different tang than he was used to; he liked it.  Waddling a bit closer on his knees, he began to feast more energetically on her.  He would often dart his tongue out to sift through the soft, delicate petals of her sex.

            Sakura did not expect much beyond curious lips and eventually equally-curious fingers wandering against her hot pussy.  The tip of his nose unintentionally nuzzled her clit, which made her whine softly, her fingertips digging urgently in his scalp.  A little painful, but the boy would endure, if only to show that he was more than willing to continue this feast.  Sakura’s breasts jiggled slightly with each labored breath.  Her eyes watched his tongue lap at her snatch, pulling away only so that his forefinger could probe the layers of flesh concealing her entrance.

            The constricting feeling in her lower belly was becoming more and more intense with the need for release.  Konohamaru’s tongue may have been considerably smaller than what she was used to, but that meant better precision when he sought certain areas.  After catching on to the fact that the nub at the crest of her slit made Sakura cry out, he put most of his effort into teasing it, doing his best to suckle on it as he had done her puckered nipples.  It wasn’t as easy as that, but he did well enough to have Naruto-nii-chan’s woman gasping and moaning for more.  With the short, pink hairs tickling his nose, he pushed close to her pubic mound to assault her clitoris.  Her hips involuntarily rocked and rolled, her muscles quivering.

            “Ah~!  Konohamaru!”  Her lips curled downward, pulling away from her clenching teeth as if she were on the verge of tears.  Her hands had to slip underneath her knees to keep them pried apart so that Konohamaru’s quest would not be interrupted.  She was more worked up than she thought if she was already on the threshold of a release by Konohamaru’s untested tongue.  Tightening, she squealed and locked up, her release crashing from her depths.  Konohamaru wasn’t quite sure what was happening, and Sakura hardly gave him a moment to guess.  Using her frightening strength, she plucked him up by his scarf so that he was on his feet and bending over her, cock nestled against the crevice of her pussy.  “Put it in,” she breathlessly ordered, though she had already taken it upon herself to reach between them to manipulate his hard cock.

            The moment he brushed against her entrance, Konohamaru stammered and asked if it was really alright.  This was his virginity, after all, but that obviously didn’t matter much to either of them; he was pushing deeper into her the second his swollen head eased through her nether lips.  He shuddered when her walls hugged him.  Naruto had definitely stretched her out before this cock, but it didn’t leave Sakura unsatisfied.  She watched his face, his cheeks tinted red, eyes screwed shut, and mouth wide as he exclaimed his pleasure.  He bottomed out rather quickly with one push, their groins mashing together.  Whether consciously or not, he gyrated and caused some stimulus to her swollen clit.

            “Sakura-nee-chan, it’s so warm,” he gasped out.  The feeling of her walls embracing his small cock was indescribable, something he’d never forget.  His eyelids parted slightly so that he could stare at his lover; she was not as overwhelmed with ecstasy, but she did seem like she was still enjoying herself.  Steeling his nerve and planting his feet like trees taking root, he set his hands on the chair for leverage.  This much, at least, Naruto had told him about.  What a twist of fate for him to employ his knowledge on Sakura-nee-chan of all people!  His qualms had long since dissipated, and he had no trouble continuing.  “I’m going to do it now, Sakura-nee-chan!”

            After she gave a quick and frantic nod, she let out a drawn-out groan to the feeling of him drawing back seconds before ramming back in.  He’d thought it’d be a much easier process to control, but the way she held him, undulating so completely around his vulnerable shaft, it proved to be much more difficult than what was explained to him.  His hands moved anxiously, sometimes gripping the armrests of the chair before clutching at the head of it.  Once, his fingers went down and tangled in Sakura’s silky locks.  All the while, Sakura relished his zealousness while basking in the pleasure of his pounding hips.

            Eventually, one of his hands found and pawed her breasts.  He massaged one, and then the other, mauling the pink tip.  Sakura hissed, taking a hand from the back of her raised knees to pet the pearl above her snatch.  The added feeling renewed the threat of an impending orgasm, and Konohamaru felt the tunnel squeezing erratically quicker and more powerfully than before.

            He exhaled harshly and froze, breath stilling entirely.  That feeling in his balls had returned, and there was no holding it back, despite his willpower.  The pre-teen thought he should voice his concerns about the feeling, but found that no intelligible sounds would fly from his gawping mouth.  “Sa…kura-nee-chan,” he managed to gasp out, his voice strangled.

            Sakura shoved on his abdomen, pulling herself back to remove Konohamaru from her depths.  She could tell the signs of a discharge and didn’t want potential ‘Konohamaru Juniors’ swimming around in her womb.  Sure enough, when she grasped him in her fist to pump him to completion, he cried out, and his jerking cock spat hot, white streaks over the undersides of Sakura’s breasts; the three lesser shots decorated her toned stomach.  When the discharges subsided, Sakura siphoned the final pearly droplets from his penis with three firm pumps from her fist.

            Konohamaru breathed heavily, his esophagus finally opening up again to allow much-needed oxygen.  His arms struggled to support his weight as he hovered over Sakura, staring deep into her eyes.  The look on her face said that she had enjoyed it, but she hadn’t reached the same climax he had.  Though he felt that he should be overjoyed, able to boast – behind Naruto’s back, of course – that he lost his virginity to the beautiful medic kunoichi, he wanted her to be just as sated.  Unfortunately, when his eyes took a gander at his ability to continue, he was unfit to continue.  The ejaculation had been mind-numbing, draining his little testicles and leaving him practically empty of all stamina.

            He cleared his throat, eyes wandering off to the side.  Should he apologize for not meeting her expectations?  Should he drag his pants and underwear back on and make the solemn promise of not uttering a word of what had transpired between them?  For now, he said nothing, hoping that she would speak first.  She did not for a while, still steadying her breath.  And then she moved a hand, her fingernails sliding through a patch of cum that was pasted underneath her breasts.  Lazily, she swirled the gooey substance before locking eyes with Konohamaru and grinning mischievously.  It was a look that was probably enough to get him hard again, but only if he concentrated.

            Without a word of explanation, she sat up and bent forward.  Konohamaru stammered for a moment before he felt her hands caressing his genitals; she worked his pants down to bunch at his ankles rather than clinging to his lower thighs.  He figured she was trying to coax another erection from him, and he was correct to assume so.  Her chakra went to work at rejuvenating his cock, stimulating the blood flow.  If it was enough to close life-threatening wounds and draw poison from the body, there was no reason why it couldn’t be used for sexual stamina.

            Konohamaru flinched with a grunt.  Probably faster than ever before, he felt himself swelling.  The green glow of her healing abilities encased his shaft and balls, and in no time at all, he was raring to go again!  “Amazing, Sakura-nee-chan!” Konohamaru marveled at Sakura’s skills.  Remnants of his ejaculation poured from the head and slipped down his rock-hard shaft.

            Sakura was proud of her abilities, but his praise could wait until after he put his rod to use.  “Are you willing to go again?” she asked, and he immediately said yes, almost jumping in place in excitement.  Twice in one go?!  There was no way to express his joy.  If Sakura told him to, he’d stand on his head while fucking her.  Of course, that wasn’t what she had in mind.  Easing Konohamaru back, she rotated her posture so that she was facing the chair, her knees on the seat and hands holding onto the top.  Konohamaru swallowed hard when he observed her ass and pussy, both on prominent display as if he could take his pick of which he would invade.  He didn’t intend to puncture her asshole, but it was arousing to think that it was still available to him if he so wished.

            “Don’t keep me waiting,” he heard her moan.  Without a second wasted on hesitance, he surged forward and lined himself up with her.  His four-inch cock sunk in her in one, swift push, and he could’ve sworn it felt even better this time around.  It might have been because of the new position, as he felt that he had gone even deeper inside of her, or because he was still a little tingly from his orgasm.

            Feeling him inside of her again steadily urged Sakura to that elusive orgasm.  For too long, she had dallied only at the edge, never crossing it to plunge into blissful ecstasy.  Now she was determined for it to be achieved.  The semi-rough material of the couch provided wonderful stimulus for her sensitive nipples, though she made a mental note to clean up the cum that smeared over it as Konohamaru fucked her from behind.  His hands held onto the slight swell of her waist for leverage as he pulled and pushed her onto his dick.  The motions of his hips was still a bit uncontrolled, but with some practice, he would get the hang of it and become a decent lover.

            Desperate not to let this potential explosion pass her by, Sakura returned one hand to her crotch to massage, stroke, and pinch the bundle of nerves that yearned for attention.  She gasped for breath as the boy behind her pounded against her taut ass cheeks.  He may not have had the experience or size of his tutor, but Konohamaru definitely had his spirit.  He gasped and grunted her name, sometimes telling her just how elated he was just to be inside of her.  She just nodded her head in agreement and fought to keep her breathing under control.

            It would’ve felt like vigorous masturbation if his cock wasn’t just a little bit bigger and longer than her finger.  The innocence of his age played a major factor in her heat, as someone so young – and goofy – normally wouldn’t have any chance with someone of Sakura’s standards.  If she willed it, Shino, Kiba, Sai, and probably even Neji would offer up their ‘assistance’ to help her get revenge on Naruto’s infidelity – though they technically were not in a steady and official relationship.  Somehow, it was much more satisfying with Konohamaru.

            “It feels so good, Sakura-nee-chan!  I’m almost going to burst again, kore!” he warned her, though he still had some more stamina to offer up.  It wasn’t surprising at all that he fired off his burning rounds quicker than the resilient Naruto, but Sakura still took it as a compliment.  Casting the hottest look she could muster over her shoulders, she willfully squeezed down on his small shaft to make him yowl in delight.  Heh, Naruto may fuck her through the night, but she was still proud that she was almost as tight as they come.

            “Do it harder,” she exhaled heavily.  The hand at her clit more around to just underneath her ass to spread her nether lips just a bit wider.  Konohamaru obeyed and put all of his effort into slamming his hips against her backside, and though it sapped his little remaining strength, he kept up the pace.  Sweat of exhaustion and effort dripped down his lithe and small frame, but he hardly gave it a care; he just wanted to keep hearing the slew of pleasured cries coming from her.  His force was becoming too much, as the legs of the chair began to screech across the tiled floor until the seat was pressed firmly against the wall.  She told him to do it harder, but maybe this was too much!  She tried to manage his forceful thrusts by placing a resisting hand on his chest, but he was relentless and only bucked harder in response.

            Then she declared to the heavens something that made Konohamaru’s heart swell with pride: “Oh, Konohamaru!  I’m going to cum!”  No confusing him with someone else!  She stated her completion and called him by name.  The Third’s grandson’s mouth split wide in a proud, toothy grin.  His balls lifted, and he felt that wonderful sensation of completion dawning on him.

            “Come where, dattebayo?” a jovial voice asked when the door was suddenly opened.

            “Oh no,” Sakura gasped, her eyes darting to the door.  None other than Uzumaki Naruto was sauntering in.  The sudden rush of fear-induced adrenaline kicked in with that one all-knowing glance she shared with her teammate.  Uncontrolled, her body tensed up like never before, and she let loose a mighty cry to signify her release.  Naruto froze in mid-step when he laid eyes on his teammate/lover and his disciple, who was literally ‘balls deep’ in her pussy.

            His brain sizzled from trying to process what he was seeing.  Konohamaru, the brat of an apprentice, was fucking his girl?!  “Konohamaru?!!” he shrieked with a pointing finger.  It was far too much for him to take all at once, and after finishing with Ino – which he had no idea that Sakura knew about – his coordination wasn’t exactly top-notch.  The sight and situation felt like it had hit him like a bullet train.  He fell back and clunked his head on the floor.  He was unconscious in an instant.

            “Wah!  Naruto-nii-chan!” Konohamaru wept with fear.  He almost was fool enough to extract himself from Sakura’s convulsing depths.

            “Don’t worry about him,” Sakura told him, still in the throes of her orgasm.  “Just hurry and finish.”

            Still a bit concerned for his boss’ wellbeing – as well as the opened door – Konohamaru turned back to the pink-haired girl and began to fuck her again.  The momentary lapse of Naruto stumbling in on them was all but forgotten.  He’d be taken care of shortly.  Konohamaru grunted as he felt himself reaching his end.  It did not take more than three thrusts within Sakura’s constricting channel before she felt his warmth spreading against her cervix, his sperm ready to make the long journey into her womb to seek fertilization.  Not even Naruto had been fool enough to do that, though Sakura usually had a better handle of things, and she hadn’t expected the rush to come so quickly.

            The burning pleasure confused Sakura at first, and her body welcomed the feeling.  But when the spurts continued while Konohamaru groaned and kept their hips tightly joined, it was all too obvious as to what he had done and shot inside of her.  Sure enough, he backed out and staggered, his deflating cock leaking leftover semen.  And she felt a fluid that was not her own seeping out to stain her pubic hair.  Instantly, her anger flared.  “Oi, Konohamaru!”  She moved quite swiftly for a girl who had just recovered from an orgasm when he seized his scarf in her fist, effortlessly picking his feet off the ground.  He whimpered and cowered in the wake of her rage.  “What were you thinking?!  Are you trying to get me pregnant, you idiot?!”

            “S-s-sorry, Sakura-nee-chan,” he cried like an infant.  Bullets of sweat ran down his face, and he doubted even his Man on Man technique would work on her this time.  “It… just happened so quick!”

            No… what happened so quick was him being put unconscious by her punishing fist!


            Groaning softly, his eyes slowly opening, Naruto squinted against the fluorescent light above him.  Where was he, he wondered?  The hospital?  Sure enough, he was.

            “Ah, awake, Naruto?”

            That voice…  “Sakura-chan?”  The blond propped himself up on his elbow and rubbed underneath his tired eyes.  His head throbbed with pain.  “What happened?”

            “You don’t remember?” the nurse asked cheerily.  She giggled and moved over to his bedside, setting a hand on his arm.  “You were training in the woods with Konohamaru.  You bumped your head on a rock after a failed Rasengan attempt.  Konohamaru brought you in to be treated.”

            “Really?”  Naruto’s bright blue eyes glanced about for his protégé.  “Where is Konohamaru?”

            Sakura looked up for a bit, and then smiled again.  “He’s in the other room.  He was pretty banged up as well.”  She ended with a quick giggle.

            “Oh…”  Naruto pursed his lips before giving Sakura a sly smile that she immediately recognized.  “Well, Sakura-chan, since you’re my nurse, want to join…?  Oof!

            “I’m busy,” Sakura snapped after smacking her clipboard down on his skull.  Really, she would’ve been inclined to ride him, but she’d yet to be cleaned up after her romp with Konohamaru.  Turning about, she declared that she was going to make her rounds in the hospital.

            Before she left, Naruto suddenly called out to her, as if he had an epiphany.  “I had a dream, ‘tebayo,” he mumbled.  He pointed at her accusingly.  “You… were having sex…”

            Sakura’s throat tightened.  Did he actually remember?!

            “…with the Raikage!”


            Sakura snarled as she punched him in the face, calling him an idiot.  As he sulked with the pain of a bruised nose, she stormed out of the room.  “With the Raikage.  Phht!  As if that would ever happen.”


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