Naruto's Special Project

BY : ShroudedShinobi92
Category: Naruto AU/AR > Het - Male/Female
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Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto it belongs to its respectable owners, furthermore I wish to seek no profit from this series my only goal is to please the readers.

Author's Note: Greeting I bid you welcome to this very first series that I plan to upload on here, now with that being said let the first chapter commence by my superior authorial powers! 

Additional Warnings: This series contains a lot of smutty content including Oral Anal and Titfuck along with Dp at some points. There will also be Finger, Fisting and some Toy usage, not to mention B-Mod and Mind Control and Mindbreaking through the use of chakra. If there's anything else that happens to appear while the chapters are being created I'll make sure to let it be known, now with that being said let the series commence! 

Chapter One: Introduction 

It was a warm sunny day in Konohagakure, the central point within the Land of Fire, one of the Five Great Elemental Nations within the Shinobi World. The sun was shining brightly while unprotected by a barrier of clouds as it was beating down upon the cold earth, resembling a passionate lover matching the optimistic aura of its residential Jinjuriki, Uzumaki Naruto, the Number-One Hyperactive Knuckleheaded Shinobi. 

This golden orb of light overhung a veil of cerulean, which matched the parkling sapphire colored eyes belonging to the aforementioned male. Azure birds were chirping a melodious tune as they were perched among the lofty branches within the lush forest surrounding Konoha's boarders, in addition there was a calm and cooling breeze blowing through the trees helping to lower the temperature by a certain degree. 

Our story takes place in the heart of the village's Residential District wehre the Uzumaki Clan lived, they were well reknown in the city for being the masters of Sealing Jutsu. Spefically the window leading into Uuzmaki Naruto's sleeping quarters was open, the heir to the famity itself and he was a male with spiky sandy blond hair with masculine features alongside three yellow colored whsiker marks on both sides of his facial features. 

Masculine lips were kissing on the sun kissed flesh of a beautiful female with long luscious crimson locks, the male was quite handsome bearing a broad chest and shoudler with a six pack abdomen and sculpted limbs that were crafted from many years of vigorous training with his fellow squademates. The most prominant feature was a lengthy cock that towered at eleven inches in length, and the width being pretty thick about the span of his own wrist. 

Currently the feminine vessle that belonged to the Nine Tails was bouncing on the man's meaty pole, and she had been doing this quite some time and all the while his swollen cock head was rubbing against the throbbing clit helping to drive her over the edge while he was buckling those stronger hip muscles in perfect syncronicity to her downward bouncing. Unable to handle the expert ministrations any further the female arched her slender spine while letting out a primal scream when experiencing a body rocking orgasm, which made her toes curl as the juices were splashing upon his length and at the same time Naruto's lengthy dick whose purplish veins were pulsing powerfully shoots out a thick and creamy load of its own causing him to grunt mightily when pumping those piston powered steam engines helping him to get the most out of his release. 

Author's Note: Thus ends the first chapter in the series I hope you enjoyed it my fellow readers, now before I depart there's one thing that I need to adress. I must apologize if the sexual content was a tad short, but I needed to lay the gorundwork I assure you that this won't be the case for long.

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