Once a snake, always a f-ing snake

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When Boruto opened his eyes he saw the face of his father looming over him with a soft smile on his lips.

‘’Dad?’’, the blonde asked confused.

‘’It’s me Boruto. How are you feeling?’’, Naruto asked gently running his hand through his son’s blonde looks.

‘’Been better…’’, Boruto said groggily. ‘’What happened? How are the others?’’ Suddenly Boruto’s cerulean eyes shot wide open and he sat on the hospital bed in alert.

‘’Calm down Boruto’’, Naruto put his hands on the slightly trembling shoulders to soothe his panicked son. ‘’Sarada and Konohamaru are already send home to rest and Mitsuki took off to bring hamburgers for you. He said you will be up and hungry soon. ’’At Naruto’s words Boruto’s stomach started to whine in hunger making the small blonde blush sheepishly. ‘’Looks like he was right.’’

‘’Yea… it seems that way. He usually is right about a lot of stuff’’, Boruto mumbled the last part to himself.

 ‘’Hmm? What was that Boruto?’’

‘’Nothing dad, just talking to myself’’, the blonde shook his head and smiled at his confused father. ‘’Anyway, I’m happy that everyone’s okay. I can’t wait to get home to enjoy mom’s cooking. I haven’t had a decent meal in about two weeks.’’ Boruto grinned and pushed the bed covers to get up but fell face flat into Naruto’s waiting arms and chest. The blonde was in shock for a moment then looked at this father with frightened eyes. ‘’Mmm dad… why can’t I move my legs?’’

Naruto hugged his trembling son closer. ‘’You’re gonna be alright Boruto, it’s only temporarily.’’ He rubbed Boruto’s back soothingly and pushed him to lie back down.

‘’I’m…’’ Boruto wanted to say but at that moment Mistuki entered the ward carrying a paper bag.

‘’I’m glad you’re finally awake Boruto. Here, some hamburgers for you.’’ Mitsuki placed the bag in the blonde’s lap and sat on the chair near the bed opposite to Naruto.

‘’Thank you Mitsuki, for taking care of Boruto. It’s really nice of you to do that.’’

‘’Boruto is my friend, so I will help as much as I can.’’ The bluennete smiled to his teammate.

‘’Thanks Mitsuki, but I ain’t hungry. By the way how’s your arm?’’

‘’All healed up. See?’’ Mitsuki pulled his kimono’s shirt sleeve and lowered his black glove to show smooth pale skin with no trace of any injury.

‘’Wow Mitsuki, you heal pretty fast. I envy you. Here I can’t even get out of the bed and who knows for how long.’’

‘’For about six months’’, the female voice interrupted.

‘’What?’’, Boruto gasped. Suddenly he felt dizzy and was glad that he already was lying down.

‘’Sakura-chan, what do you mean six months?’’ Naruto looked at his former teammate and dear friend.

‘’I’m sorry Naruto, but chakra can’t restore the damage done to Boruto’s nervous system fast enough. The healing needs time. All I can recommend for now is rehabilitation. Physiotherapy together with chakra healing and lots of rest.’’

‘’Six months. Are you kidding me?!’’ Boruto laughed clutching the bed sheets into tight fists. ‘’I’m supposed to be useless for half a year and do nothing?!’’

‘’Calm down Boruto‘’, Naruto shushed him. ‘’Sakura spent ten hours none stop to heal you. Be thankful.’’

‘’It’s alright Naruto. I understand how you feel Boruto and I’m sorry that I can’t help you that fast, but don’t worry you will make full recovery eventually.’’ Sakura approached the fuming blonde and took his hands in her own. ‘’I’m in your debt for saving Sarada. If you wouldn’t have covered her body with your own, she might not even be alive now. I promise Boruto you will be as healthy as ever after the treatment.’’

Naruto smiled in admiration at the kind words from his friend while Boruto blushed and turned his head away in embarrassment. ‘’Sarada is my teammate and I would do the same hundred times more if it meant to save her but I’m not the only one to take merit here. If Mitsuki hadn’t stopped those rocks we would have been crushed.’’

‘’Oh yes,’’ Sakura turned to the bluenette. ‘’Mitsuki-kun, thank you for protecting my Sarada. If you ever have problems with your health come to me anytime.

‘’Yea Mitsuki, that count’s for me too. If you ever need anything don’t hesitate to stop by at the Hokage’s office.’’

Everyone turned their attention to the silent bluenette which nodded a modest thanks to both adults and directed his intense gaze back at Boruto. ’’Lord Hokage, if I may to step into Boruto’s healing plan. I have a suggestion. ’’At that Boruto’s ears perked. He was open to any option at this point concerning his healing process. Anything to help him heal faster.

‘’Alright I’m listening Mitsuki. What do you have in mind?’’ Naruto nodded crossing his arms in front of his chest.

‘’There’s a facility near the Sound village which has the healing hot springs. According to my knowledge Boruto will heal within a month period if his legs will be submerged in the water every day.’’

‘’Really? That’s great!’’ Boruto squealed in excitement. ‘’I wanna go! Let’s go!’’, he started chanting. These were the first good news the blonde heard today and he was happy as ever. Mitsuki was Boruto’s hero now, so he took the forgotten hamburgers and started munching them vigorously.

Finally Boruto is back to himself. You have such an amazing friend son, I’m so happy for you, Naruto thought to himself and turned to the pinkette. ,,Sakura, do you approve?’’

‘’Well the hot water will definitely help to speed up the healing process. So yes, I don’t see why not.’’

,,Alright then, I will assign this mission for you Mitsuki and Sarada.’’

Mitsuki and Sakura nodded in approval but Boruto wasn’t happy with the arrangement. He thought that someone from the medic ninjas will accompany him. ,,Dad, can we talk in private for a bit?’’

‘’Sure Boruto. Sakura would you please take Mitsuki outside a while?’’

Sakura gave a slight nod and a knowing look to Naruto. ‘’Come with me Mistuki-kun, I will treat you to hot chocolate.’’

‘’Thank you Sakura-san you’re very kind.’’

‘’What’s wrong Boruto? I thought you would be happy.’’ Naruto looked sadly at his son. He hated to see Boruto so gloomy all of the sudden.

‘’I don’t want Sarada and Mitsuki escorting me to the hot springs.’’

Naruto looked shocked at him. ‘’But why Boruto? That doesn’t make any sense.‘’

‘’It does to me dad.’’ Boruto looked his father straight in the eyes. ‘’Please dad, send someone else. Anyone but them.’’

Naruto sighed. ‘’Tell me the reason and I will think about it.’’

‘’I don’t want to hold them back. They can do more important missions instead of nursing me. I can take care of myself you know.’’

‘’I see your point Boruto, but that’s not the whole reason right? Tell the whole truth or they’re coming.’’

‘’Alright fine! I don’t want them to see me weak. Happy now?’’ Boruto blushed and puffed out his cheeks in annoyance. Naruto only laughed at his son’s antics and came to ruffle his hair which made the smaller blonde irritated even more. He slapped his father’s hand away and turned to the side. ‘’So are you going to assign someone else or what?’’

‘’No as a matter of fact I’m not going to.’’

‘’But dad!’’ Boruto whined. ‘’Please, I‘ve already told you as you wished.’’

‘’That’s exactly the reason I’m assigning them. You’re a team and should take care of each other. Also there aren’t any urgent missions for team seven so it’s no problem at all.’’

‘’You’re impossible dad. And here I’m laying my guts out for you.’’

‘’Boruto, listen to me’’, Naruto leaned to his son’s level. ‘’I want what’s best for you and there’s no better way than friends caring for each other, so Mitsuki with Sarada will help you recuperate and that is final.’’

Boruto was about to protest but suddenly Sasuke jumped through an open hospital window. ‘’Sarada won’t be going.’’

‘’Sasuke?! What?! Why is that?!’’, Naruto looked both happy and scandalized at his best friend.

‘’I’m taking Sarada to train with me.’’ Saying that Sasuke left through the same window. The only thought running in both Boruto’s and Naruto’s heads was, does Sakura know?

,,Okay then change of plans. Mitsuki will be the one taking care of you and I will assign someone to help carry you to the location. Sounds good?’’

‘’Not really but do I have a choice?’’  Naruto only smirked at his son and went to call back in Mitsuki with Sakura. ‘’Guess not.’’ Boruto mumbled and turned to the window to fume in frustration.

Opening the ward’s door Naruto was met with Boruto’s classmates and a sweat dropping Sakura. ‘’I tried to stop them but they all insisted.’’

‘’Alright then come on in everyone.’’ Naruto signed and retreated from the door. ‘’Sakura wait a second’’, Naruto stopped the pinkette. When all the kids got in he closed the door behind them.

‘’What is it Naruto?’’

‘’Did you know that Sasuke was back?’’

‘’Yes of course I knew why?’’

‘’He wants to take Sarada with him.’’

‘’Yea he already told me that.’’ Sakura turned from the blonde and looked at the end of the hall where a dark shadow stood.

‘’Does Sarada know about this?’’, Naruto asked concerned.

‘’No, not yet, but I’m sure that she would be happy’’, Sakura smiled but her eyes were filed with sadness and disappointment.

‘’What about you? Are you okay with this?’’ At that question Sakura turned away from Naruto to hide a lonely tear running down her cheek.

‘’I always knew that it would come to this. Sarada getting stronger every day and awakening her sharingan… She needs an Uchiha to teach her and I’m unable to do that. Sasuke is the only one able to bring her potential to the surface.’’

‘’You’re wrong Sakura’’, Sasuke interrupted.

‘’Sasuke?’’ The pinkette gasped in surprise.

‘’You’re a very strong woman and the best mother for Sarada.’’

‘’Sasuke, I’m so glad’’, Sakura looked at her husband in admiration. ‘’Naruto, will you tell Sarada for us? I need to have a chat with Sasuke.’’

‘’Yea sure’’, Naruto grimaced. He had a pretty good idea what kind of talk was waiting for Sasuke and the said raven’s eye was twitching. The blonde quickly excused himself and hurried to the kids.

The ward was bustling full of chatter and laughs. Boruto surrounded by his fellow classmates was trying to show how full of energy he was while Sarada tried to force him down on the mountain of pillows.

‘’Everyone calm down, please listen to lord Hokage’’, Sumire shushed everyone. Naruto coughed.

‘’Thank you for your attention. As you all probably know Boruto is now injured and unable to resume his duties as a shinobi for a while. So I’ve decided to send him to a healing facility with an aid from his teammates.’’

Thank goodness, Sarada thought. Now I won’t be in debt to this idiot for saving me.

‘’Unfortunately, Sarada Uchiha won’t be able to carry out this mission so I’m counting on you Mitsuki.’’ The bluenette nodded to Naruto and Sarada glared. She’s becoming more and more like Sasuke teme.

‘’Why is that Lord Hokage?’’, the young Uchiha demanded barely controlling her anger towards Naruto.

‘’You’re going with your father to train.’’ Everyone went completely silent after that statement. Some were filed with envy some with admiration but Sarada was only shocked, so while she didn’t recover from her internal surprise Naruto pushed her out of the ward straight to her parents. ‘’Now seeing that this have been shorted out, all I have to do is find someone to help Mitsuki carry you Boruto.’’

‘’That won’t be necessary Lord Hokage, I can carry Boruto myself no problem.’’ To emphasize his point the bluenette stretched out his arms and wound them around the protesting blonde. Lifting Boruto off the bed he pulled the blonde to himself and secured on his back.

‘’Mitsuki, what do you think you’re doing in front of everyone?!’’ Boruto started trashing around to get away but to no avail.

‘’Is it okay with only the two of us?’’ Mistuki asked making the blonde blush scarlet.

‘’Stop saying such embarrassing stuff!’’ Boruto protested. The blonde felt so ashamed that he wished to hide under the bed covers and never get out.

‘’It’s very impressive Mitsuki, but it would be strenuous to carry Boruto all the way so I will assign someone to help you.’’

‘’Lord Hokage, I can help with that. If it’s only to help carry Boruto, my father can provide a car.’’ Denki suggested.

‘’A car? What’s that?’’ Naruto asked confused. Everyone turned their attention away from Mitsuki and Boruto to the small raven.

‘’It’s a chakra infused machine with four wheels. You can ride it giving it a small amount of your chakra and maneuver it with a steering wheel. I’m sure Mitsuki will manage, I can teach him real quick.’’

‘’That sounds fun, I’m in.’’ Mitsuki put Boruto back on the bed and to the blonde’s horror tucked him in. ‘’Of course if Lord Hokage is fine with that?’’, the bluenette directed his mischievous gaze at Naruto which made the blonde sweat drop.

‘’I’m not sure yet, I would like to see that car of yours Denki.’’

‘’Absolutely Hokage-sama, please follow me’’, and everyone left the ward leaving Boruto all alone.

‘’What happened to good old what do you think Boruto huh?’’ Looks like I will be stuck here alone for a while. Stupid old man, always deciding for me and Mitsuki acting all creepy, now leaving me here alone. This really sucks.

When late night came Boruto was sound asleep. Exhausted from the stressful day’s events the blonde rascal had no problem enjoying dream land without any care in the world. Little did he know that the two pairs of eyes were watching him. One pair was golden yellow reminding of a lurking snake, the other black like a crow.

‘’Here’’, Sasuke tossed little pink tube of some sort of substance to Mitsuki. ‘’Our deal is complete.’’

‘’Thank you Sasuke-san, here’s your bounty.’’ Mistuki threw a small square paper package.

‘’Hn’’, the raven glared at the bluenette and disappeared into the darkness of the night. The brat is more sly than Orochimaru. I will have to be more vigilant around him next time, Sasuke thought to himself and smirked, already imagining Naruto’s reaction then the truth came out.

Now then, back to my dearest sunshine. Mistuki smiled mischievously and leaned down to pick up his unsuspecting burden. Gently taking Boruto into his arms as not to wake him up so soon, the sneaky ninja jumped out of the window. The blonde was wrapped into a fluffy light pink blanket which Mitsuki procured himself. Boruto snuggled into the warmth of the soft material and smiled softly in his sleep.

You’re so cute I can hardly control myself, Mistuki thought gazing at the momentarily asleep Boruto. He couldn’t waste more time. The sun will soon rise and with that people in Konoha. Mitsuki wanted to leave before dawn to avoid Boruto’s super caring father. He might reconsider letting Mitsuki alone to care for the little blonde and that would be unacceptable. This was the bluenete’s chance to take his friendship with Boruto to another level. Mitsuki wasn’t able to do that with Boruto’s family and their friends always hanging around. They called him weird as it is, so he couldn’t make them suspicious about his intentions to Boruto.

The small blonde stirred in his sleep but Mistuki already reached his destination. Behind the village gate's stood Deki’s father’s car. He was already familiar with such type of vehicle. His parent Orochimaru had his people steel a scroll long time ago for this particular invention. Mitsuki even had a chance to test one of the prototypes himself.

The one Denki lend was quite elegant. All black and shiny with leather interior. Easy enough to use with a little bit of chakra for speed and a steering wheel to maneuver. But most importantly a cozy little space for him and Boruto to reach the destination hopefully without any disturbances.

‘’Mitsuki?’’, Boruto asked rubbing his drowsy eyes.

‘’Shh… go back to sleep’’, prompted Mitsuki.

‘’I don’t wanna’’, Boruto protested. The bluenette signed and summoned one of his snake’s to open the car’s door. ,,Is this Denki’s car? How cool!’’ the blonde gloated.

Mitsuki laid him down on the seat and lowered the backrest. ,,Comfortable?’’, he questioned.

‘’Yea I’m fine thank you Mitsuki’’, Boruto blushed at the intense gaze from Mitsuki and snuggled deeper into soft pink blanked the bluenette wrapped him in. ‘’But I’m not sleepy.’’

‘’Don’t worry, you soon will be.’’ Boruto only blinked twice then he felt a small sting on his neck and then his eyelids started to drop. ‘’Mitsuki you bastard…’’ Boruto was sound asleep in a few seconds, two tiny red indents visible on his pale neck.  The small white snake retreated back into Mitsuki’s large blue sleeve, it’s job done efficiently.

‘’Sweet dreams my beautiful sun’’, Mitsuki whispered and kissed the blonde on the forehead.

As expected driving Denki’s father’s car wasn’t any problem for Mitsuki. The ride was almost uneventful only for a few stops to coax Boruto into drinking some water or bathroom breaks. The road was laid quite even so Boruto didn’t have to suffer through much of jolting. Though he was very much sedated that it wouldn’t have mattered to him much anyway.

When Boruto fully woke up he was laid down on the softest mattress he has ever laid on. Even so, his bladder was killing him and he couldn’t just crawl out of bed and get on his knees to pee like he did in the forest. Also Mitsuki helped him to get in position. It was embarrassing to say the least but now the bluenette was nowhere to be seen and Boruto started to panic. Dear God please don’t let me wet the bed, the blonde pleaded silently.

His prays were heard. Soon enough Mitsuki entered the suite carrying the large tray of delicious smelling food. ,,I thought you might be hungry.’’ Mistuki put the tray on the TV table and moved to the squirming blonde.

‘’Mitsuki, please I need to go fast.’’ With unshed tears in his eyes Boruto pleaded and was immediately swooped into soft arms. The bluentte quickly carried him to the bathroom. ‘’Will you manage the rest on your own?’’ Mitsuki kindly asked.

,,Yea I’m good.’’

Boruto felt ashamed. He couldn’t tend to himself for the basic needs. He felt tears of frustration starting to roll down his reddened cheeks. Self-pity and disability of body was making him very depressed. All he wanted to do was go back into some dark corner and don’t come out until everything came back to normal. To top it all of Mitsuki was here with him and who knows what he will think of such weak displays from him.

The bluenette liked him. He said so himself many times and for Boruto Mitsuki became a precious friend, a weird one but very loyal. He can’t even count how many times Mitsuki have saved his life and got him out of trouble. Of course he also saved Mitsuki’s life, but to think that he would have to be dependent on him for basic every day needs. Boruto feared to lose him.  He feared that the admiration in Mitsuki’s eyes will dim and he will leave him for someone stronger. Maybe it would be for the best. Who would want to stay with such a useless ninja whom can’t even take a piss without help.

‘’Boruto, you’re done in there?’’

‘’No, not yet. It may take a while so go eat breakfast. I will join you later.’’ The blonde urged his friend.

Mitsuki got suspicious and pressed himself near the bathroom door. ‘’Boruto, is everything alright?’’

The blonde startled from the sudden closeness of the bluenette’s voice behind the door. ,,I’m fine Mit..suki.. just go away’’, the blonde stuttered.

‘’Boruto, you have ten seconds and I’m coming in. One… two… three…four…’’

‘’No Mitsuki I’m fine!’’, Boruto protested but the bluenette didn’t stop counting. The blonde barely managed to zip up his pants then the bathroom door burst open.

‘’Boruto, what’s wrong you’re crying?’’ Mitsuki rushed to the dejected blonde and lifted him up from the toilet. Boruto couldn’t help it, he started crying harder. ‘’There there don’t cry, tell me where does it hurt?’’ Mitsuki pleaded the blonde while gently whipping his tears away.

‘’Nothing’s wrong Mitsuki, stop it, I’m not a baby.’’

Mitsuki placed Boruto back on the bed and got behind him spooning the blonde comfortingly. ‘’Please Boruto tell me. I don’t want to see you so sad. ‘’

Boruto was silent for a while enjoying the feeling of Mitsuki’s hand in his hair and soft whispers into his ear. The bluenette was coaxing him to open up. ‘’Come now Boruto, tell me your troubles and I will help.’’

The blonde turned around to face his friend. ‘’Why are you so…?’’ Boruto didn’t finish the sentence. Somehow it was embarrassing but he didn’t know why.

‘’Why am I so what?’’, Mitsuki locked his golden eyes with cerulean ones.

‘’Why are you so good to me?’’

‘’Because you’re my sun.’’

‘’No, don’t you dare give me that crap! I want the real reason Mitsuki.’’ Boruto didn’t left any room for arguments so Mitsuki decided to try and explain himself.

‘’Let’s get comfortable shall we?’’ Mitsuki lifted Boruto into a sitting position and wound his arms around him. He leaned against pillows and drew up the blonde between his legs leaning him on his chest. Boruto was fighting between want to flee and want to stay. He didn’t have much choice in the matter seeing as he wouldn’t go very far with his useless legs so he decided to stick with the staying part. ‘’I will tell you what you seek of me but first you have to tell me what’s troubling you.’’

‘’I guess that’s fair.’’ Boruto fidgeted with his fingers. No doubt it was a habit passed down by Hinata. He once red a file about her in Orochimaru’s lair. Mitsuki wanted to know about his sun as much as possible. ‘’You’re always there for me Mitsuki. No matter what happens you help me unconditionally. Always risking your life and doing other stupid dangerous things. I know Sarada’s doing the same and others but you do it the most. You’re weird and a crazy son of a bitch, but I can’t lose you or others. I just…’’

‘’Boruto, you’re rambling ’’, Mitsuki pointed out.

‘’Shut up, I know!’’ Boruto grumbled frustrated at himself mostly. He already told Mitsuki more than he intended to.

‘’Why do you fear losing the support of your friends?’’

Bulls eye. Mitsuki always gave the obvious questions. The ones you normally don’t ask but then again Boruto had no choice. Dammit all, I will just tell him and that’s that. ‘’I am weak. I’m useless and dependent on others, just the burden for everybody.’’

Mitsuki’s eyes widened. He didn’t expect it. The bluenette knew that Boruto hated to be a burden, but he didn’t know that the blonde’s self-worth became so low due to the accident. It’s time, Mitsuki decided. He will show Boruto how much the moon needs his sun.

‘’Oi! Wha…’’, Boruto managed to cry out then he was unceremoniously pined to the bed, Mitsuki straddling Boruto’s waist, his hands on each side of the blonde’s head.

‘’I’m very serious about you Boruto, so please never doubt your worth like that ever again.’’ The bluenette leaned down and kissed the rosy unsuspecting lips. At first Boruto was shocked but then closed his eyes and slowly opened his mouth to the prying tongue. The blonde moaned then Mitsuki plundered his tongue into warm cavern and started mapping it all around. The feeling was very pleasant but Boruto didn’t believe that someone so awesome like Mitsuki could actually like him. All his doubts died out when he put his palm on Mitsuki’ chest. The bluenete’s heart was beating erratically.

Feeling Boruto’s trembling palm on his chest Mitsuki placed his on top of Boruto’s, as to reassure him that this was all real. ‘’Please don’t doubt me Boruto.’’

The blonde opened his eyes, gaze wavering and lips trembling. ‘’Mitsuki, I… what’s just happened?’’, he asked. The bluenette’s eyes widened. He let go of the blonde and left abruptly.

Apparently I overestimated you Boruto. You’re cuter than you let on. Mitsuki stood behind the paper doors holding his bleeding nose. He couldn’t stop the bleeding though neither the image of a flushed and completely innocent look Boruto just gave him. Damn, I need to control myself or else I’m nothing more than a pervert.

Meanwhile Boruto was left confused in an empty room. It wasn’t like he could go after Mitsuki, to find out what happened to him and that made him frustrated even more. Stupid Mitsuki, kissing me and then leaving. ,,God I hate this so much arhh!’’ The blonde threw a pillow at the door but it didn’t make it that far. Sighing in defeat Boruto spread down on the bed and waited. He was kinda hungry and wanted to pee again, but there were no one around to help him. ‘’Oi Mitsuki!’’, the blonde shouted. ‘’Come back here you!’’ But there was no response. Damn, I’m gonna wet the bed.

Boruto had no other choice but to help himself. He rolled over on his side and tried to slide from the bed slowly, but the gravitation did it’s job and pulled him down hard and fast. ‘’Ouch! That will leave a mark’’, Boruto rubbed his head in pain. He tried to lift himself on the hands then he felt all too familiar ones wound around him and lift him back on the bed.

‘’I can’t leave you even for a second now can I hmm?’’, Mitsuki asked smiling mischievously but this time his trade mark facial expression was ruined by red blotches running from his nose.

‘’Mitsuki you’re bleading! What happened?!’’

‘’Oh nothing, just ran into a door’’, the bluenette lied smoothly.

‘’I doubt that but if you say so.’’ Boruto was one hundred percent sure that Mitsuki just lied to him, but he had more pressing matters to attend to.

‘’Boruto, why were you out of bed?’’, Mitsuki asked now curious.

‘’Oh right, could you bring me to the bathroom? I really need to go again.’’

‘’Sure, but after I’m gonna give you a shower and then we’re going to hot springs, because you smell.’’

‘’You’re not smelling of daisies either!’’, Boruto shouted outraged while being carried away.

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