Rokudaime Hokage's Sexual Chronicles

BY : PoisonousFang92
Category: Naruto AU/AR > Het - Male/Female
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Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto it belongs to its respectable owners, furthermore I wish to seek no profit from this series my only intention is to please the reader.

Author's Note Hello there everyone I wish you greetings to my series I hope you will find it entertaining, and on that note let the series get underway by my superior authorial powers!

Additional Warnings: There will be lots of smutty content including Oral, Anal and Titfucking. Alos there will be some Yuri involved which means Fingering, Fisting and some Toy usage, not to mention Bond, Dom, Voy and Exhib now with that being said let the first chapter commence! 

Chapter One Introduction 

It was a warm sunny day in Konohagakure, the central village that lined the Land of Fire's borders, one of the Five Great Elemental Nations. The sun was shining brightly unproteted by a usual barrier of clouds that would prevent any fo the denizens from staring at it, and this greater celstial body matched the optimistic aura of its residential Jinjuriki, Uzumaki Naruto, the Kyuubi's cessle, Kurama, and it just so happened that this Beast was the most powerful one in all the managery. 

This golden orb of light was hanging over a cerulean curtain that was the spitting image of the aforementioned male's sparkling azure eyes, there was a calm and cool breeze blowing keeping the inhabitants from complaining to the current Hokage. Blue birds were chirping a melodious tune as they were perched among thier lofty branches in the lush forest sourrounding the city borders, giving off an air of cerenity that emminated throughout the entire town. 

Currently the ruling Hokage was toiling laborously in her Tower, the tallest structure within Konoha itself or at least working was what she wanted the officals to think while she was actually engaged in her real duties. This female was a beautiful blonde female with soul pircing emerald eyes that were darkening with lust, those pillow soft lips were letting erotic moans escaping letting anyone who was in close proximity at the moment and she didn't even care in the slightest who was lsitening. 

Large mounds of soft, smooth and supple breast flesh were being groped by a blond male with sparkling sapphire colored eyes were watching as her perky peach colored nipples were bouncing with every thrust that he was making, they never missed a single beat. This male was a Jonin ranked shinobi with broad chest and shoulder along with a six pack abdomen, not to mention sculpted limbs that had been crafted form many years of training with his fellow comrades but the most prominant feature was a girthy cock that stood at eleven inches long and it was rather thick as well with purplish veins that were pulsing powerfully to each downward bounce that she made. 

Tight inner walls were milking his impressive slab of dick meat while those heavy balls that were filled to the brim with fresh Uzumaki semen were begining to stir and churn, and this was the sign that he was about to shoot a thick and creamy torrent of white and yellow cum chunks into the elder female's cum hungry pussy and it didn't take long for this to happen. With one last upward thrust the male lets out a mighty roar while he held the woman down to the base of his imperial spear, spraying her insides with his biolgoical material as he thrusted those piston powered steam engines to get the most of his release which lasted aobut the span of five full seconds before he sputtered out making her flattened toned stomach expand greatly. 

Author's Note: I apologize if this first chapter is rather short, but that will be short lived soon enough. There will be more chapters along the way, and I was checking every line there wasn't a single bit of grammar or spelling out of place. With that being said the second chapter will be uploaded soon, and on that note I bid you all a fond farewell!

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