A Demon's Uprising

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Disclaimer: All rights and copyright to the Naruto characters and the universe that they reside in are reserved to their original creators and respective studios. I make no profit from this work of fiction.

A Demon’s Uprising


Disclaimer: All rights and copyright to the Naruto characters and the universe that they reside in are reserved to their original creators and respective studios.


AUTHOR’S NOTE: I’m pretty much posting this story shortly after writing it. I haven’t really edited it. So take that as you will. Enjoy.


—H—H—H—H— (Start of Smut)




A vast sea of worlds and realms spanning across a plane of time that stretched far beyond what a mortal mind could fathom. A translucent sphere hovered listlessly above the expanse of reality.


From inside the sphere, an inky omnidirectional abyss stretched. A lone figure stood still, their attention transfixed on the cylindrical column that jutted from the floor. A flame hovered at its core, pulsing with color and life. The echo of a toll trailing through the room.


The figure stepped into the light the flame emitted, it’s incandescence bouncing off of the young man’s untamed golden locks. Shadows dancing across his unfocused sapphire eyes. The faint whispers of his dream slipping from his grasp as he rolled his shoulders.


The toll rang anew, almost booming as it began to travel outward. The vibration thrummed through him, he felt like a large tuning fork, a sensation of beckoning coming over him. Etchings of light danced up the pillar before him, causing the light to flicker faster now.


He could practically taste the memories coalesce in his mind, pieces of a puzzle clicking together in quickening succession and by the 8th toll, he was complete once more.


He rolled his neck in a circle, feeling the muscles come to life on the 9th toll. He could feel an energy flow through his veins.


He was being called to duty. A blood rite. He would do as he was requested, nothing more, nothing less. A sacrifice was the bounty. Pure or impure, he did not care. For he required their mortal essence to fuel his fire. The promise of being someday free from his prison. Free from his mother, Kaguya’s entrapment.


The 10th toll rang and he could feel every fiber in his being pulled at the speed of light to his destination. Today, he would kill. Today, he would feast.


=== CHAPTER 1 -- Mito -- First but not the last  ===


A red-headed woman knelt at the threshold of a room, a perfectly symmetrical circle drawn in coal, various symbols swooped inward creating a whirlpool design that ended with a much smaller circle in the very center of it.


She could feel her anxiety spike, a heavy blanket of desperation weighing her down as the sounds of battle grew closer. She eyed the the design once more, she noticed something small had fallen from the shambled roof atop one of the letters.


She carefully tip-toed her way to the center, reaching down she picked it up, quickly drawing her hand back as it sliced open her fingers. Droplets of blood spattering in the middle. She cursed, picking it up more carefully this time around and tossing it outside the circle. She eyed the expansive circle again before nimbly making her way to the door.


The woman began her chant anew, running through a series of seals while channeling all of her chakra into it. This was her 12th attempt and she feared it would be her last as she could hear the distinct sound of metal meeting metal only yards away. She could likely have read the script by heart at this point, a tinge of fear lacing her voice as she ran through the words.


She could feel her cut grow hot as an energy filled the room. The coal design on the floor growing darker as if a second layer of the blackest ink was brushed seamlessly atop it. The war drum of her heart deafening in her ears as the cadence slowed with each passing moment.


As she finished the incantation, the world was silent, a stillness had fallen on the room. She quickly looked about the room noting that the flickers of candlelight were frozen on their wicks. She could feel a panic set in despite the lack of her pounding heart in her ears.


“Summoner. Speak thy name, for I shall grant thee one wish, if it is within my ability, for a price.” A layered voice called out, disconcerting but resolute.


The woman swallowed down her fear as she stared at what appeared to be a man before her. He wore the shadows like a cloak, jagged and wild, she wondered if it had a mind of its own as it twitched and whipped, separate of the faint outline she could see beneath it. Unruly golden locks darted every which way atop his head. His deep blue eyes staring through her, long dark whisker marks across each cheek.


She bowed against the floor, “I am Mito Uzumaki. I request your defense of our village by ending this war for us. We will pay whatever your price.”


She waited for a response but none came. The absence of sound was jarring and she feared his reprisal if she did anything beyond what he asked. “Your wish shall be granted. Your price is a mortal soul. Once my task is complete, I will return 3 days henceforth to retrieve my bounty.”


A hundred questions bounced around in her head, she turned to look at him but as she did. A world of sound collapsed back in on her. She could feel the room spin, the edges of her vision blurring. She stumbled to the doorway, hoping to race away from the maw of darkness as it swallowed her whole.


As she came to, she was greeted by the familiar face of her husband, Hashirama Senju. As she glanced about the room, she noted other members of her family and clan. “What, what happened? Was that all a dream?” She whispered.


Hashirama smiled and shook his head, “Was what a dream? We found you inside a hut with a bunch of candles. Were you trying to summon or seal something?” He asked her curiously.


She stared at him, had the circle not been there? Was that all a dream? A realization striking her, “Wait, there was a battle is everyone--?”


He rested a hand on her shoulder. “All is well. We won the battle and there are murmurs of peace. Now is a time to rejoice.” He said with a smile that made Mito’s heart swell.




Clans from all over the Country of Fire gathered near the southern border. Throughout the makeshift camp there was laughter, feasts, drinks, and dancing. An outsider might think that this was an entire village paying tribute to some deity.


Mito smiled over at her husband who was deep in conversation with his old friend Madara Uchiha, the two appearing to be rekindling their old friendship. From the little that she caught, it sounded like they were thinking of forming a proper alliance. Something about a village of allied clans. It had hopeful prospects.


She allowed her mind to drift back to the vision of the man dressed in shadows and his cold blue eyes. It was like he was looking straight into her soul. She shook her head, trying to rid herself of the frighteningly realistic image in her head. She was just thankful that the war was over and life could go back to normal.


As if a cosmic mockery to her own thought, a flash of light followed by a crack of thunder rocked the camp, causing the entire camp to freeze where they stood, the entire camp going still as if collectively holding their breath.


Mito felt her heart run cold as the blonde man dressed in shadows stood on scorched earth.


His came projected and booming, carrying the same layered quality she had heard before. As if a dozen version of the same voice tried to speak at once. “Mito Uzumaki. Your wish has been fulfilled. I have come for a soul.”


Hashirama looked over at his wife, shock apparent on his face. “Mito-chan, what is it talking about?” He asked, referring to the man in black.


She shook her head, No, this had to be a dream. This was all a bad dream she told herself. “I...I thought I dreamt it. I...I summoned him...He said that he would grant my wish...to end the war...for a soul…” She said struggling to breath as her heart beat so hard she thought it was going to burst from her chest.


Hashirama’s face grew hard as he looked over to the shadow. A resolve setting in. Most of this camp had just come from war, there would be no way he would allow this creature to take her or anyone else. Their new nation would not stand for such threats.


“I do not know who or what you are. But you will not trespass and make demands of me or my people.” Hashirama said firmly as he began walking toward the being. Other ninja among the revelers drew their weapons and slowly marched towards the man.


The blonde man’s piercing blue eyes never left Mito’s even when several shinobi charged him. One man brandishing two tanto charged, the cloak of shadow snatching the man mid air, engulfing him like the maw of a beast. The man’s horrific screams echoed as if he was falling into an abyss that none could see.


The cloak lashed out at two others, their bodies flying to several large pieces at the blonde man’s feet. One of the attackers immediately tried vaulting backwards, his foot being ensnared by the shadow. He begged for help, for mercy, for anything as it pulled him slowly in.


It took all of Hashirama’s strength not to try to save the man. But he was no fool. Such a raw display of power clearly set this being apart from all of them. Madara stepped beside his friend, his eyes on the blonde man before them. “My eyes see no jutsu. What is it?”


“It is a demon that I summoned.” Mito spoke up stepping next to the men. Hashirama looking at her in disbelief, Madara more intrigued than anything.


“I summoned him to end the war. If he says that he did, then I must pay the price.” She said resolute in her decision. She could see her husband’s expression shatter at the implications.


“No my love. You musn’t. There must be another way.” He wasn’t willing to say the words. Surely there was someone else. But he couldn’t bring himself to say the words.


Mito caressed her husband’s face with one hand. “Always know that I love you.” Before she kissed him gently. “Madara-san, please take care of my husband.”


He nodded as the woman turned and walked towards the blonde haired demon. His eyes had never stopped watching her as she approached. “Are you my bounty?” He asked, his voice no longer projecting. Yet it still felt like his words reverberated through her.


She nodded, “Yes, my soul is yours to take. What is your name?” Mito asked shakily, watching as his eyes searched hers.


“Long ago, I was once called Naruto. Now I am Nine. Or perhaps that was also another time.” Several layers missing from his slightly confused voice as his eyes grew distant. And she saw something that chilled her even more than his voice ever could, it was his smile.




As the cloak touched the ground, its inky darkness spread like a blot ink on parchment, stretching out causing onlookers to flee for their lives. The more battle hardened veterans skirted the perimeter, watching the scene unfold with a morbid curiosity.


Without warning, she felt the shadows wrap tightly around her wrists and ankles. A thrill shooting through her as she felt herself be lifted into the air at an angle. She could feel her muscles cry out briefly reaching the peak of her flexibility.


Her heart raced ever higher as she watched the shadow clawed at her, leaving her skin untouched but her beautiful kimono torn asunder, tatters of cloth disappearing into the darkness below. The sounds of cries and gasps lost to her in a moment of panic.


Mito Uzumaki, wife of Hashirama Senju, was strung up her arms and legs outstretched, her body forming an X shape for all to see. The outcries grew louder as the shadows licked against her skin, the redhead weakly struggling against the grip of the shadows.


Mito took a deep breath to calm her mind, feeling a wet warm tingling travel up and down the length of her inner thighs. She looked down horrified to see the shadows twisting to look like black tongues that began licking up her body, the sight and sensations jarringly unnatural to her mind. An oily residue left behind as they worked over her body.


Despite the fear that wracked her, she could feel her body betray her. An arousal kindling in her loins as she grew wetter with each passing moment. An intoxicating fog slowly filling her head. She couldn’t dare look out to those who watched, especially her husband. Oh god, please don’t look! She begged. Her eyes searching for some place that wasn’t a friend, loved one, or clan members, eventually finding those of the demon.


His blue eyes ever staring, a shimmer of something behind them. She felt drawn into them, unable to tear her gaze away. She felt a crawl of something in her mind as her heart thudded in her chest. She somehow knew that these shadows were him. He was the man before her, yet he was also the shadows. She couldn’t say how she knew it but he must be in her mind. She felt helpless and hopeless.


She could feel him wrap around her toned stomach, more of him caressing her inner thighs as more of him lashed against the folds of her pussy. She wanted to feel revolted, she wanted to feel disgusted at his touch. She wanted to be outraged that she was being violated, in front of her own husband and most of the country.


Yet she felt utterly betrayed by her own body. She could feel her wetness drip down her legs, her clit twitching neglected. She could feel her body almost demand the demon before her. Seeking to be desecrated over and over again. Try all she might to suppress these urges, her commands mute against the thrum of energy coursing through her.


He watched her with an almost curious expression, his eyes always searching hers. I won’t ask you for it. She thought viciously. Feeling his shadows lick across her snatch eagerly, each passing motion causing her senses to heighten further. As if his touch were an intoxicating venom, evoking these wonderfully debaucherous thoughts and sensations.


She couldn’t be sure how much time had passed, however long it was, felt like an eternity of tantalizingly sinful torture. She could feel feral hunger behind the shadows that surprised her even through the thick haze of lust. She could swear she saw it behind the demon’s eyes.


The tingling morphed into an electricity that danced across her skin. She could feel her skin prickle, her nipples erect and eyes wide. No! She commanded her body, feeling an orgasm boil over. I don’t want to come, not to this monster, please! She cried internally as she shut her eyes tightly. Unable to control the long cry of lust that spilled from her mouth as her cunt drenched the shadowy appendages.


Tiny licks of lightning danced across Naruto’s humanoid form as he watched the woman writhe and quiver under his touch. The betrayal of her own body complete. She shuddered as he coiled more of himself around her. Her eyes half lidded as she looked down at him. Their eyes meeting once again.


Her mouth moved but no words came. He began clawing at her breasts with his shadows earning small moans of pleasure as he worked. She gritted her teeth and shook her head. He could the muscles at the corner of his lips curl ever so slightly. This is a strong one.


He willed his shadows to begin working at her dripping cunt. Her head shakes growing more frantic with each passing moment. He could feel her whole body tense to his touch. He could feel her growing close again already, it wouldn’t be long now.


She bit her lip as if hoping the pain would curb the throes of adulterous bliss that threatened to consume her. She wasn’t sure why, but she felt that her battle against this orgasm would be her last. Her frustrated groans came out as throaty guttural moans. She could feel her cunt practically quake with hunger, feeling him brush repeatedly against her entrance.


She could feel her will to fight ebb, her libido driving against her like the weight of the world on her shoulders. She wanted to feel him inside her. She wanted to be filled up. She wanted to be punished for disobedience.


“Please…” She cried softly, lower lip quivering, her eyes struggling to focus.


The shadows stopped, frozen in place. He stepped forward, his eyes demanding.


“Please...defile me.” She begged. Her struggles no longer to free herself but to drive herself onto him. She had to be filled. Naruto stood still, staring. She was unsure of what he wanted. Did he want her to say something else? She could hear the unspoken command. She swallowed hard the last bit of her resistance. The fight was lost.


“Please defile me. Make me yours!” She cried out at the top of her lungs. A smile tearing across his features.


He would indulge his new pet and with deft control, his shadows twisted into a phallic shape, slipping inside and slamming against her small frame.


She could feel him stretch her pussy to an unfathomable level, any pain nonexistent at the peak of yet another orgasm. Her cries of passion drowning out those of the crowd of onlookers as he ravaged her completely.


He could feel the thrum of their hate fueling the licks of ultraviolet electricity materialized dancing across his body before disappearing into the inky floor below.


He felt mesmerized the way her beautiful body jerked as he slammed against her with increasing force, her cries the ultimate symphony to him, providing a perfect metronome for his cadence. He felt slightly dizzy from the feedback of her thoughts, the sensations she drowned in. He could sense her will crumbling under the pressure of his ‘love’.


“Yes master, yes. Please. I am yours!” She cried, responding to an unspoken question.


He could feel her body clench as she came against him once again. He could taste her musky essence on his lips, her lust deliciously earthy and raw. She was his. A mailable being to do with as he willed, her soul would fuel his forge. The ritual was complete.


His senses alert, the floor around hims morphing to absorb volley upon volley of weapons being thrown at him from the trained killers around him. He felt his ire flare, no one interrupted while he was embracing his sacrifice in his love.


The onlookers watched his brow furrow as he turned to them. Pillars of jagged shadow flashing out impaling any too slow to dodge the supernatural appendages. A flash of white flew through the air towards Mito. An appendage made of darkness lashed out at Hashirama, a puff of smoke, the man vaulting backwards from his clone’s dispersal.


Naruto turned his attention to the  men and women began performing seal on the perimeter, the earth beneath his shadows contorting to their will, causing his shadows to crumble and retract further.


Resourceful mortals in this realm. He thought irritated. As much as he wanted to destroy the beings of this realm. His task was done.


Madara watched the shadows deflect and absorb the various weapons and jutsu effortlessly. He did notice that with each passing moment the shadow was retreating. Meaning that it wasn’t endless and their attacks were working. The blonde demon’s eyes closed in focus.


“Keep going, he’s weakening!” Madara commanded, dashing forward as he began running through a series of seals, his sharingan activating. This is my chance. Madara thought confidently as he vaulted into the air.


The tiny flashes of ultraviolet sparks thrummed with new life as the entire pool of shadow began to pulse with light. Madara could hear Mito cry out, a crack of lightning unlike anything any of the others had ever laid eyes on. As if the light itself was inverted, as if it drank in the light instead of emitting it. An ominous omen that would live with most of them for the rest of their lives.


The shockwave from the energy sent Madara and many others careening from the blast. The shadow began to slide across Mito’s moaning form like a sheen of water until her cries muffled as if she were under water. The shadow coiled around the blonde demon, his cold blue eyes stark against the inky blackness.


“The blood ritual is complete. The debt has been paid.” His voice projected.


The two began to sink into the blot of darkness as the shadows shrunk more and more. The onlookers could only watch in horror as the priestess disappeared beneath the surface with her new demon master. A crack of black lightning, as it would henceforth be called by those who witnessed it, struck where the shadow once was and the two were gone.


Leaving those to cater to aftermath of the events that tore their celebration asunder.



Naruto knelt against Mito who laid spread-eagle on expansive bed of satin. Long tattoos had started to appear across her body, another byproduct of her assimilation into his ilk. Their designs perfectly and provocatively hugging her curves.


Naruto watched Mito’s hungry cunt grip his thick cock as he pumped against the slutty priestess. “Master, please fill me up.” She begged, her voice cracking from the strain of crying out so much in the last week.


How could he deny such a request from his pet. He slammed through her cervix, assaulting her womb with salvo after salvo of his seed. He could feel her body respond, happily drinking his seed. If all went well, she would be the first to carry his progeny. He would build an army to overthrow mother.


She sighed rubbing her belly, feeling the warmth fill her up, his energy thrumming through her heightened senses. She let out a startled cry as he flipped her over and began slamming into her from behind, there would be no reprieve.


She could feel her insides stir as he filled her to an unimaginable capacity, feeling him slam against her womb. She could feel his strong hands gripping her luscious as another wave crashed into her as she drenched his thick cock.


“Master~!” She cried.


You will be the first but not the last. His thoughts echoing in her head.


“Yes master, please, impregnate me. I am yours. Now and forever.” She cried.


Her words practically summoning his orgasm from the depths. He groaned, still pumping as he unloaded more of essence into her accepting snatch. She cooed dreamily as her abdomen swelled with his seed.


He willed his shadows to coalesce, another version of him walking out from the abyss that surrounded them. She looked up and offered her open mouth as he slipped inside her mouth and down her throat.


No, he wasn’t done with her yet. Time flowed through here strangely. So he had plenty of time to wear her in.


=== END CHAPTER 1 -- Mito ====


AUTHOR’S NOTE: I just had to get this idea out of my head. It was driving me crazy. Hope you enjoyed. Til next time.

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