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A loud thunder in the distance announced the coming of a storm, Sarada Uchiha stopped for a moment to observe the menacing clouds pushed towards Konoha by a strong wind, beads of sweat dripping down her forehead and some of them ended up on her lenses. Sarada knew she could not stop, she had to continue to train hard if she wanted to pass the exam, she could not bear to remain a Genin while her friends became Chunin.

"I will be Hokage" the young girl repeated, trying to use her great dream to reinforce her willpower, regain her strength and forget for a while about her sore muscles. 

Sarada restarded to launch her kunai without stopping, trying to remember everything her father had shown her. She could not disappoint him, not now that the mysterious Sasuke Uchiha had finally returned to the village. For Sarada there was nothing more important than showing her abilities to her beloved father and she would do anything to make him proud of her. And to do so there wasn't a better way than to become Hokage and restore the honor of the "Cursed" Clan Uchiha

"I will do what no Uchiha has ever done before ..." the young woman began to say before being interrupted by a lightning bolt that fell a few meters from the training center. Sarada watched the fire devour the tree just struck by lightning but it was another thing to attract the attention of the young girl. A figure, wrapped in a cloak, suddenly emerged from the woods, running in her direction. Sarada realized that he was a child only when he was a few steps away from her, he seemed really terrified and kept looking over his shoulder.

- Hey, what's up? Are you lost ? - the girl said stopping the race of the child who only at that moment seemed to notice her.

- Please, let me go, they're coming - the kid begged her, stammering.

- Who are they ? Do they want to hurt you? - Sarada asked, putting a hand on the boy's shoulder to try to reassure him -

- Let me go, please, I'm dangerous, I'm a mo..monster - now the kid cried desperately

- A monster ? What are you saying, it's ridicoulous - The young woman said laughing

- It's happening again, hurry up. Ahhhh - the boy's scream made her blood run cold and Sarada was paralyzed observing the stranger while he covered his left eye with one hand, screaming as if he was suffering tremendously.

It was then that it happened, it was then that the world of the young Uchiha was shattered. For a moment, Sarada saw a green light erupt from the eye that the kid tried to cover, then everything went black.


When Sarada regained consciousness there was no trace of the child and by now the storm seemed far away, in fact the sun was high in the cloudless sky. After making sure she had no injuries, the young Uchiha decided it was better to go home to rest, maybe she should also report what happened the night before.

"I bet Boruto will be looking forward to snooping around, as always, to find who that kid was " thought the girl, leaving the training camp. It did not take long to understand that something was wrong, to realize that the village she knew, no longer existed. Where was the ninja academy where she studied to become Genin ?  Where was the huge headquarters of the Kaminarimon Company of her mate Denki's father? And the thunder train that she always took to get home? Sarada was not understanding what's going on, only when she looked at the mountain on which the Hokage faces were carved did she realize she was in big trouble. There were only five faces sculpted on the mountain and the young woman stood there observing the last one, Lady Tsunade's, for almost ten minutes.

"It's as if I had been catapulted into the past" thought Sarada, carefully watching the village and the people around her.

"It must be a genjutsu, there is no other explanation" the young girl told herself, trying to stop the illusion with the techniques she had been taught at the ninja academy. After several minutes and numerous attempts, Sarada was forced to play the last card to free herself from the powerful illusion. Reluctantly, the young Uchiha grabbed the third finger on her left hand and broke it. The pain was tremendous and Sarada's eyes immediately filled with tears. She had failed again, the village around her did not change, she was still stuck in an illusion or, worse, she was perhaps really stuck in the past. 

The young girl tried to think clearly and resolve that situation apparently without escape. Then, almost without realizing it, she found herself in front of her mother's old house. Sakura Haruno had not yet had children in that world, but for Sarada that pink-haired woman was still her mother and it's known that mothers are always there when their children need help. Sarada knocked at the door, almost trembling with emotion, wondering what it would be like to be face to face with a young version of her mother. Sarada knocked and knocked but no one opened the door. Finally, when it seemed like hours had passed, the young Genin heard a gentle voice behind her.

- Are you looking for Sakura-chan ? -

Sarada turned quickly and immediately recognized who was in front of her. Hinata Hyūga was really beautiful, her long dark blue hair was moved by the light breeze that blew over Konoha and her gaze was even sweeter than Sarada remembered.

- Yes, do you know where she is?  - answered the young Uchiha, who could not help but observe with curiosity the future wife of the seventh Hokage.

- Unfortunately for you Sakura, like many of my friends, went to Sunagakure for the Chunin exam and I think they will not be back for other two weeks -

Sarada sweared mentally and tried to come up with an alternative plan. Then she asked Hinata:

- Why did not you go to Sunagakure? Are not you a Genin too? -

- Yes ... but I was not ready - the heir of the Clan Hyūga replied stammering and Sarada remembered the words of his mother who had told her how shy and insecure Hinata was when she was young.

- You're not from this village right? - Hinata asked suddenly.

- I ... er ... no. I come from the Land of the Waves, once Haruno Sakura and her team helped to build a very important bridge for us and since I was in these areas I wanted to thank her in person for the help they gave us - Sarada said, proud of herself for the lie that she had managed to create on two feet, using the story of her mother's first ninja mission, and for being smart enough to have taken off her headband that would only cause her problems.

- I understand, I thought you wanted to see Sakura because of that finger - Hinata said

- Finger? Oh, this? No, I stumbled a few minutes ago and unfortunately I broke it - Sarada answered, she had almost forgot about her broken finger.

- I'm not a medical-nin but if you want I can try to do something for your finger -

After thanking her for that kind offer of help, Sarada followed Hinata to the great residence of the Hyūga that seemed deserted. While the dark blue-haired girl took care of her broken finger, Sarada tried to quickly make friend with her, knowing that it would not be easy to say :

"Hi, my name is Sarada I'm your friend Sakura's daughter and I come from the future where you will marry the boy you have always loved, who in the meantime will become Hokage "

As Sarada thought of a plan, she just could not understand how Hinata or others could help her return to her world and eventually she decided she would think about it the next day, who knows, maybe she would have awakened in her bed and all that was not nothing but a nightmare. Sarada was therefore happy when Hinata proposed her to spend the night at her house and she accepted with a broad smile.

- Are you alone here? - Sarada suddenly asked, she had not seen any of the Hyugas since she had arrived.

- Yes my father and my sister are out of town for a couple of days - replied the girl with the Byakugan, pointing to Sarada her room and saying: 


Sarada tried to fall asleep but her mind was too crowded with thoughts and after a few minutes she decided to get up again and, being careful not to wake the girl who was kindly hosting her, she started to browse around the Hyūga's residence. Nothing would have prepared her for what she saw a few moments later. In the entrance, the room lit only by the light of the moon, Sarada saw a figure on the ground and the girl was paralyzed observing Hinata licking and sniffing her shoes like a kind of hunting dog. The Hyūga heir was too distracted to realize that her host was right behind her and had just discovered her biggest secret, her enormous perversion. 

Sarada watched that scene with great curiosity, she never would have imagined that a person could do something like that, that could even have pleasure (because there was no doubt that Hinata was enjoying tremendously that moment) to lick another person's shoes. The young woman's tongue moved non-stop on Sarada's sandals and the Uchiha girl could not help thinking that she had worn those shoes for almost a year, she had trained with those sandals and obviously she had sweated a lot. The young Uchiha looked down and studied attentively her own feet wondering what was the taste that Hinata was savoring at that moment and she could not help but imagine that long tongue darting between her toes, she cold not help but imagine having the beautiful and powerful Hinata Hyūga beneath her feet, under the feet of a Uchiha.


Sarada did not wake up in her bed as she had hoped, her mother had not appeared telling her to get up and she definitely had not returned to her future. But incredibly, it did not disturb the young Uchiha who continued to relive the scene of the previous night as she watched the sunlight illuminate more and more the residence of the Hyūga. What Hinata had done was incredible and Sarada was too curious to explore the strange passion of the young Hyūga to think of leaving and looking for a way to get her old life back. It was not easy not to laugh when she met Hinata a few minutes later, who would have thought that a little angel like her had such perversions. 

The dark blue-haired girl cordially greeted her guest and offered her breakfast, Hinata behaved so normally that Sarada almost thought she had imagined everything, maybe she could not think clearly because of that strange technique that had thrown her into the past. But it was very easy to find out if what she had seen was the reality and Sarada smiled mischievously thinking of the plan that she was ready to put in action. While the two girls ate their miso soup, Sarada suddenly put her bare feet on the table, a few centimeters away from Hinata's plate. The girl knew it was an extremely unkind gesture but the response of the young Hyūga would leave her no doubt.

- Hey Hinata, you have the Byakugan right? Could you see if I have a thorn in my right foot ? - Sarada asked kindly.

Hinata seemed not to have heard a word, her eyes were fixed on the beautiful feet of the young Uchiha and she seemed almost hypnotized.

- Hinata? Are you there ? - Sarada said waving her right foot, dangerosly near to the girl's face.

- What ? - Hinata replied with her usual stammering, her face was now redder than a tomato.

Sarada repeated her question and watched amused as the young Hyūga tried to concentrate to activate her Byakugan to locate a thorn in Sarada's foot that obviously did not exist. There was no doubt that Hinata was attracted by her feet, what she had seen last night was real and Sarada could not wait to take advantage of that situation to have some fun with the shy and naive girl who did not suspect at all that her guest had discovered her biggest secret.

- No thorn? Strange, my foot hurts. Would you be so kind to give me a massage? Sorry if I bother you, but you did a great job with my finger yesterday and ... - Sarada said waiting for her prey to take the bait.

- No... no problem. I am happy to be able to help you - Hinata said, her trembling hands approaching Sarada's feet, but the latter removed them from the table just a moment before coming into contact with the delicate hands of the Hyūga heir.

- I can not eat in this position, is it a problem for you to rub my feet under the table while I continue my breakfast? - Sarada asked with a mocking smile, already knowing the answer of the girl in front of her who seemed almost to be faint with emotion.

- Yes... I mean no... no problem - Hinata replied getting up slowly, then the girl got on all fours in the floor and crawled under the table, towards those wonderful feet she had dreamed all night long of being able to worship, after have had a brief taste of their wonderful flavor.

"It was too simple," Sarada thought, trying not to laugh as Hinata began massaging her right foot with such delicacy that she seemed to be afraid of breaking it just with the light pressure of her fingers. 

The young Uchiha resumed eating and at that moment she felt like a real queen, the noble Hinata Hyūga was at her feet and she massaged with devotion her soft soles as the most humble of servants, completely forgetting that she was the owner of the home, the heir to the most powerful Clan of Konoha. But Sarada still did not seem satisfied and decided to go further. With a quick movement, the girl put her left foot on Hinata's head, who was massaging the right one.

The young Hyūga said nothing but that gesture had generated a myriad of emotions in her soul and the girl managed to barely restrain her enormous desire to kiss the feet of that girl who in her eyes was a real Goddess. Sarada played for a few minutes with the long hair of the girl at her feet, knowing she had her in hand...Hinata would do anything to be able to worship her feet as she had done the night before with her shoes.

"If I really have to live in this world, it's better to have a devoted slave who follows my orders like a dog" Sarada thought as she touched her slipping glasses and prepared for her next move.

- Sorry if my feet stink - the young Uchiha said with an evil grin on her face.

- No... they do not stink, do not worry - Hinata answered with a faint voice, the girl seemed to be on her last legs and probably would not have long resisted her perverse desires.

- Are you sure ? Check better, it seems impossible to me that they do not stink - Sarada said, taking her foot off Hinata's head and putting it in the face of the poor girl who was living her greatest dream.

The young Hyūga timidly sniffed her guest's foot and had to struggle with all her strength not to succumb to the wonderful aroma that was sweeping away all her thoughts and fears.

- I confirm, they do not stink - Hinata finally managed to say but Sarada still did not seem satisfied with her answer.

- In my opinion you say it only to not offend me. Listen, if they really do not stink, it will not be a problem for you to keep sniffing my feet while you keep doing your job, right? - Sarada asked, slightly moving to try to see better the girl at her feet, under the table.

- No problem- Hinata replied, happy to be able to continue to smell those wonderful feet.

As soon as Sarada heard the response from the young Hyūga, she trapped the girl's nose between her and second toe.

- Sniff sniff, I want to hear you - Sarada said giggling, Hinata was now hers and there was no longer any need to restrain herself.

Hinata began to smell the feet of that black-haired Goddess without any hesitation, the last move of her guest had just shown her how dominant was that girl, a few years younger than she, and Hinata thought she no longer had to hide her submissive nature, she would do anything for that girl she had met just the day before, she would do anything for those wonderful feet that was turning her on a slave in her own house. Almost without realizing it, Hinata stopped massaging Sarada's right foot and grabbing the left, which was still pressed hard on her face, the young Hyūga began to kiss it frantically. Sarada was taken by surprise by that gesture, she did not expect that Hinata gave up so easily, evidently the charm of her feet had been too strong for the shy girl who had abandoned all resistance and had fully revealed her true nature.

"What a wonderful feeling" Sarada thought as Hinata kept smothering her soles with kisses and sniffing her feet like a hunting dog, holding her nose firmly under her toes.

"I could go on like this for years, and Hinata too" Sarada told herself, peering under the table and watching the girl who was worshiping her feet with wild passion. But the young Uchiha knew she had to act immediately to be able to fully subdue the Hyūga's heir, so with a sudden movement she moved her feet away from the girl who looked like a child who lost a candy.

Hinata at first feared Sarada's reaction, it was understandable if the girl would frightened and mocked her, who would ever kiss and sniff another person's feet ? Hinata knew she was not normal, she could not possibly blame Sarada if she'd considered her a pervert. But seeing that the girl had not reacted to her kisses, and, indeed, she seemed happy about how things were going, Hinata had felt relieved and had finally released that sort of monster hidden inside her. And now that Sarada had pushed her feet away from her, that rip the world of the young Hyūga apart.

- I'm sorry, I'm sorry - Hinata began to say,  crying desperately, but she was immediately interrupted by her guest.

- You do not have to apologize, obviously you love my feet. I can understand it, they are perfect. But where I come from, being at the feet of another person is a sign of submission, so I can not allow a person who is not submissive to me to be at my magnificent feet -  Sarada said, knowing she had won as soon as she finished her speech. Hinata in fact seemed to come back to life and immediately said:

- I will submit to you, please allow me to serve you and to keep worshiping your divine feet -

- Really ? Would you be willing to be my servant? My slave? - Sarada asked, already knowing the answer.

- Yes Sarada-sama, allow me to be your humble slave. I swear to obey your every order and serve you as a Goddess like you, deserve to be served - Hinata begged, crawling to Sarada and humbly prostrating herself at her feet.

- Then it is decided - the young Uchiha said, putting a foot on the head of the heir of the Hyūga - From this moment begins your new life, slave -

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