A Kitsune's 'Gift'

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Twelve year old Naruto Uzumaki woke up to find himself in his mindscape once again after yet another beating at the hands of the villagers. Contrary to popular belief, the young blond knew why the people of Konoha hated him, after all he had met the fox after being nearly beaten to death when he was only four years old, and ever since then he had made it a habit of visiting whenever he was able to whether it be to train, to escape from the harsh reality of his crushing loneliness, or to simply talk.

When he had first met Kurama, the ancient fox had despised him like any other human, simply assuming the young boy would turn out to be just like the rest; however instead of a scared child who thought of him as little more than a giant monster, he met a young, curious child who wanted nothing more than companionship. Over time the fox grew to respect the child, and, after several years, befriend him.

When the villagers would ignore young Naruto, Kurama would talk to him. When shops refused to sell to the child, the fox taught him to hunt for his own food and how to steal his own clothing. When the small academy student's teachers refused to teach him and openly tried to sabotage his education, the fox trained him to be a shinobi using the memories of his two previous vessels.

Though after twelve years of the child dealing with hatred and constant beatings yet refusing to fight back, instead insisting that he would "Gain their respect", Kurama decided that he needed to do more for the child. After all, it was his fault that the child was not only hated, but also an orphan. The child had remained too pacifistic for too long, so the fox figured that it was time he gave his young charge a small push in the right direction in order to make up for what he felt he still owed the child.

"Kit", began the legendary biju. "I would like to make a deal with you."

Naruto paused for a moment, genuinely shocked by his only friend's sudden words. After all the fox had never offered him anything in such a straightforward manner before. Sure the fox took his time to train him, but he had said it was because he didn't want a weak container despite the fact that Naruto knew that it was only because the fox felt guilty and was bad at expressing his emotions.

"What do you mean?" he asked, staring up at the massive kitsune with confusion evident within his cerulean eyes.

Kurama looked at the boy and let out a small sigh. "Listen, kit. I've caused you a lot of suffering whether from my own actions or inadvertently. Because of me, you've suffered for twelve long years and you have done so with a smile on your face no matter how much you really hurt inside. Sure, I help you whenever I am able, but I still feel as though I owe you a rather substantial debt, and as such I would like to make you an offer." replied the kitsune as sincerely as possible.

Naruto looked up at the gigantic fox looking to find any air of deceit, despite being friends he still had trust issues as a result of his childhood, and upon finding none slowly nodded his head. "And what would said deal entail?" asked the blond.

"Over the years I've gotten to know you rather well, after all I do live in your mind." he said chuckling. "As such I know the one thing you've always wanted: a family of your own to love and care for and the strength you'll need to protect them. If you accept you'll have be able to use a lot of new abilities and jutsu as well, but there's something I'll want from you in return. " he explained.

The blond grinned at the prospect. "And what exactly would you want?" he asked eagerly.

"Nothing much. All I want is for you to stop letting people walk all over you. Quit being their punching bag and stand up for yourself. You have to accept that you shouldn't have to earn people's acknowledgment, and that those who don't give it don't matter. Besides that, you'll have to accept the consequences of what I am going to give you."

Naruto stood there for a few moments, thinking it over, before the last part of Kurama's response hit him. "What do you mean by 'Consequences'?" he asked softly, slightly afraid of the answer.

"You'd lose your humanity. Due to the fact that I would have to flood your chakra system with a large amount of my Yoki, both you and your future mate would become kitsune hanyou, specifically immortal kitsune hanyou. This will allow me to be released from the seal as an added benefit since I will need to modify the seal a bit, but I won't harm Konoha and as an exchange I will allow you to sign the Kitsune summoning contract." he explained truthfully, awaiting his young friend's answer.

After a few minutes of thinking, Naruto looked up at the great Kyūbi with resolved determination and uttered two words that would change his life forever, and despite not wanting to hurt the villagers he figured he could just avoid them and use force to get through to some of the denser members of the village. "I accept."

Kurama grinned as he flooded his chakra through the seal, causing the blond to scream out in pain before passing out. The fox chuckled to himself softly as he brought an old acquaintance forth from within his seal and reformed her body from the chakra she had left within it, before finishing the rest of his work, but before he left his seal he left a portion of his chakra within both his previous host and his new "mate", slightly altering their thought processes to ensure his plan succeeded and to allow him to push them in the right direction when needed. 

Naruto groaned as he slowly opened his eyes slowly flickered open. Despite the throbbing headache, he noted that his vision was sharper, and that his hearing was a lot sharper. He also noted that he wasn't alone in his bed.

Resting peacefully on his chest was a beautiful woman with lightly tanned skin and long red hair. Atop her head were two red, white tipped fox ears. Blushing as he took in the woman's looks he felt soft fur flicking slowly along his legs. Looking down he saw six red tails with white tips flowing out from the woman. However he also noticed one blond, white tipped one that he realized was his own intertwined within them swishing back and forth.

He slid out from under her carefully in order to not wake her up before looking around. He idly wondered how he had gotten back to his room before he noticed a man with dark orange hair sitting in the corner of the room watching him. It was only upon seeing the nine orange tails that he realized who the man was.

"Now, before you ask." he began, "The woman in your bed is your destined mate. I have full confidence that you will grow to love each other, after all Hanyou of a similar species are naturally attracted to each other." he said before pulling out a large scroll and handing it to the blond.

"This is the Kitsune summoning scroll. You have already passed my test, so don't worry about that. Should you summon us we will fight by your side, and we will also teach you our techniques, jutsu, and taijutsu as you're ready for it. I have left a portion of my chakra within you so we can communicate when needed."

Naruto nodded dumbly as Kurama showed him how to sign the scroll. After he signed it, the ancient kitsune gave him one last bit of advice before disappearing in a burst of smoke. "Remember, kitsune are known for their illusions. Genjutsu will come a lot easier to you now, but I do recommend using a henge to hide your new features. Also, another thing you should know.... Kitsune are natural pranksters." he said cryptically before he vanished.

Unfortunately for the small Uzumaki, he didn't have enough time to think about that last part before the young woman in his room stirred.

As she sat up, he got a much better look at her. She had a moderate sized bust, with large, pink areola, her red hair cascaded down to her hips, and her unfocused, sleep ridden eyes were a deep, slitted purplish blue.

The woman stared at him for a few minutes before shaking slightly, her eyes beginning to water. "M-Minato?" she asked shakily.

Naruto cocked his head slightly to the side in confusion. Wasn't Minato the name of the Yondaime? "I think you have me mistaken for someone else." he began "My name is Naruto. Uzumaki Naruto." he finished, slightly confused.

At this the woman stopped, her eyes widening as she began to reach for him before retracting her arm, unsure of herself.

"M-Musuko?" she whispered in disbelief, causing Naruto to fall backwards in shock.

"W-What?" he asked in disbelief. "I think you're mistaken miss, my mother died twelve years ago during..." he started only to be interrupted. "During the Kyūbi attack right?" she asked, clearly upset. "You look so much like your father... you were only a baby last time I saw you." she started, only to start crying.

Still in shock over the woman claiming to be his mother, he slowly made his way over to comfort the sobbing woman, no longer in disbelief as he realized what the fox was referring to by mentioning a kitsune's mischievous nature.

After a few minutes she began to calm down. "I'm sorry... it's just. You've been through so much... I told that bastard that they wouldn't accept you." she said between choked sobs. "It was awful, being forced to watch you suffer within your seal... but I endured knowing I'd meet you one day... though I'm not exactly sure how I'm alive again..."

Naruto gave her a small hug and calmly explained the nature of the deal he made with his mischievous bastard of a friend. For her part, the lady listened as best she could, blushing madly the entire time as she realized the implications of her bizarre situation.

After a good hour of explaining and calming down the confused lady, Naruto slowly formulated an approach for his mate/mother.

He reached down, idly stroking one of her several tails which elicited a small purr in response. "So, you know everything about me... so why don't you tell me about yourself?" he asked her softly.

"Well, my name is Kushina Uzumaki.." she began as she told her child about her life, how she came to Konoha to become the second Kyūbi jinchuriki, how she met his father, and her short life with the man, the whole while finding it difficult to look at her child without blushing terribly.

During the entire conversation they had subconsciously drifted closer to each other until they were almost cuddling with each other in their comforting embrace. Neither of them could fully understand why, but they felt a hot, burning need for the other deep within themselves.

For his part, Naruto found it difficult to think of the red haired beauty beside of him as his mother, and instead focused on getting to know her better. It was even harder for him to focus when he realized that they were both still nude.

For her part, Kushina was pissed off at her deceased husband for what he put their child through. She didn't realize anything was wrong until she noticed him staring at her, appreciating her body. Normally she would have been pissed off and beat the pervert, and in retrospect she should have found it weird to have her own flesh and blood staring at her naked body, but instead it made some odd, twisted part of her feel happy to be appreciated.

Though neither of them understood why they felt they burning hot need inside them. Neither knew what it was they needed, but slowly over the course of the discussion rational thought slipped from their mind as instinct began to take over as the eased closer together.

Eventually the only thing Kushina could focus on was her son's large, hard cock pressed up against her. She couldn't bring herself to look away. She knew it was wrong, but at this point she was too far out of it to care, as she knew from the implications of what the kitsune said that it was bound to happen sooner or later, so there wasn't really any point in resisting... besides, her son was really cute, and she figured that he had been so deprived of love that the least she could do is give it to him, even if it wasn't as a mother but as a lover.

Naruto on the other hand, while he didn't understand what was going on, he couldn't bring himself to avert his eyes from the sight of his mother's vagina as it's lips slowly but surely began to dampen. He couldn't help but think about how beautiful the woman was and how he would do anything to get rid of the infernal heat.

Kurama, for his part, simply laughed as he slowly manipulated the two of them, slowly filtering any doubts or inhibitions from their minds. It might be awkward for them when they woke up enough to regain rational thought, but at the moment the two soon to be mates were both in heat and once they had sex it would be impossible to resist their instincts.

It was while looking at her son's rock hard, nine inch cock that something within Kushina snapped. A small part of her within the back of her mind screamed at her that this was wrong, and that she shouldn't do this with her son, that they wouldn't be able to go back if they did this, but she didn't care.

"That looks painful" she began, motioning towards his stiff member. "Let your Kaa-san take care of that for you, okay?" she said sultrily, licking her lips.

"Huh?" he asked confused, before letting out a small moan as she grabbed his cock tenderly and began to pump her hand slowly.

"Kaa-san" he moaned out, squirming slightly beneath her touch as he slowly bucked his small hips against her hand to aid in the stimulation. "That feels good..." he said in between gasps. That was when he felt something warm and fleshy envelope him. Looking down he saw her slowly take his length into her mouth.

It was at this point that something within him snapped. Throwing caution to the wind he decided that he didn't care. The woman beneath him was his mate. HIS and his alone. Placing his hand onto her head he began to slowly force her to take more of his shaft down her throat, soon enough fucking her throat at a steady rhythm.

He was so lost in the pleasure of his mother's convulsing throat and the feeling of her tongue against his shaft, that he didn't notice the tightening of his balls or the building pressure until he came. Long torrents of semen shot down Kushina's as he pulled out. Another shooting into her open, freshly fucked mouth and a few final ones onto her face and breasts.

Making as much of a show as possible, Kushina swallowed the cum in her mouth before licking it off her face and scooping what was on her breasts up in order to drink as much as she could down. She immediately noticed it's distinctive, sweet taste and she loved it. It sent shivers down he spine as she leaned down to lick the remaining fluids off of her newfound lover. The action serving to bring his cock back to full mast once again.

"Oh? What have we here? Does my dear Musuko have a round two in him for his dear mother?" she asked with a purr. Without waiting for a response from her still dazed son, she climbed on top of him and began to straddle his waist against herself, grinding his dick along the lips of her hot, dripping sex.

After a few minutes she slipped his length into her hot, tight core and slid down to his base. The result was immediate: her world went white as she experienced the largest orgasm of her life.

From there the crafty fox watched as the two went at it for hours into the night, spiking the chakra he had left within them, slowly twisting their thoughts of each other from the love of a mother and son to the intimate bond of lovers and thus solidifing their incestuous bond.

While the two went at it he slowly altered their minds, making them not only kinkier and more perverse, but more loyal and loving towards each other as well. After all he couldn't allow for things to be awkward for the kit and his new wife, things had to be perfect if he was to adaquately repay his debt. As a final touch he made Kushina more submissive towards her mate whereas he turned Naruto into a dominant and animalistic alpha male.

Kurama grinned in a twisted satisfaction as the child flooded his mother's depths, staining her womb with his white, hot, sticky semen, resulting in the formation the mate mark tying the two together for eternity on the base of each of their necks. He couldn't wait to see what the kit would make with his life after all the 'adjustments' he had made to both of their personalities.


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