Hinata's Bachelorette Party

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Hinata Hyuga soon to be becoming Hinata Uzumaki groaned as she said"Is this really necessary sakura.I have no need for a bachelorette party.Come on sensei take to her".Hinata turned to kurenai pleading for help as she said"Whats the harm in a simple party hinata.Trust me i enjoyed my party way too much compared to present life".

Hinata pointed a finger at ino and anko as she said "can you really say that when those two are mumbling strippers again and again since we left the village".

Sakura interrupted hinata saying"Its not as bad as you think hinata.Maybe a little bit".Hinata sighed as she was slightly sad that she has left naruto in the village as they were on the way to the mist village as sakura booked in a resort for her party.She sighed as she decided to go with the flow thinking"How bad can it turns out?".

Unknown to her,all the girls in the group has only one thought and that is to make hinata loose her virginity before her marriage because she is too innocent and strict to their liking.



The group arrived at the hotel late at night as they booked in.The rooms were as follows.




Tsunade and hinata booked single rooms for eachother.They all decided to call it a day as hinata thought about what naruto was doing as this.But she was secretly looking forward on how the party goes tomorrow.




In the outskirts of leaf village,a big mansion still has lights on as the boys of leaf village partied naruto's bachelor party.Naruto refused it but kakashi pressured him into it.

Now naruto was gobsmacked as his entire face was steaming in embarrassment as he saw very scantily clad females dancing on the floor.He saw some of his friends humping some strippers as he turned to kakashi and yelled "i said no strippers sensei.You gave me word that you wont bring any strippers".

Kakashi was sitting on a counch in pleasure as a girl wearing a string bra and thong rubbed herself on his body.He smiled saying"I kept my word naruto.These people are not strippers but prostitutes who knows how to strip.This party is not my plan.Your mentor jiraya left me the plan as he already paid for their services years ago.Please enjoy the party naruto,you wont get any relaxation after marriage and becoming hokage".

Kakashi giggled perversely as he held the girl by hips and pushed his face in her boobs and slobbered on them.Naruto sighed as he cursed jiraya and pervertedness as he found a couch far from the party as he sat there sipping some sake.

He heard a voice saying"Whats the star of the party doing here away from the crowd".Naruto turned his head and blushed seeing the woman.She was as tall as him with bright red hair and slightly tanned skin.She is wearing a small thong and a small orange bra which struggled to hold her massive tits.

What got his attention was that her tits were massive than even tsunade and each were bigger than his head.Her ass was also no exception.He saw some of his friends sending jealous glares at him as he said"nothing.Iam not that fond of big parties.But iam grateful that you people followed jiraya's wish even though he is no longer alive".He was struggling to mantain proper speach as he was a boob man and he liked red hair.So the woman infront of him was 10/10 according to his dick scale.

The woman chuckled as boobs bounced at every moment as she said "We respect that old perv so thats why we are honouring his wish to throw you a greatest bachelor party.Please enjoy yourselves more".

Naruto saw that she was leaning with a sake bottle open as saw that his glass was empty.He held out the glass as she poured the sake sexually.

His boner began to rise as the woman poured the sake on her breasts as it dripped into his glass.He gulped as he tried to hide his erection as she completed pouring into the cup.

He saw her smirking as him as he turned his face away and drank the sake.He failed to see a wide smile appearing on woman's face as he drank the sake.





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There will be some minor scenes with naruto but the whole story will be focused on hinata's side.Hinata willnot gain a new personality but unearths the side of her hidden deep.

I will posting another new story called "Hinata's apologises" next.I will also update my previous stories soon.

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