The Perfect Drug

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~The Perfect Drug ~

AUTHOR NOTES: This story only has loose ties to the canon story line. If you’re looking for something that’s 100% then you’re not going to find that here.

For those readers only looking for the dirty parts. The following borders will indicate the start of smut. Happy reading.

—H—H— (Start of smut)

=== Chapter 1 - The Sound of Music ===

A dance between the lofty flow of a wind instrument woven with two string instruments brought life to the ambience of the tavern. A layer of haze lingering throughout the room. Naruto heaved a groan, taking a seat at the bar. His traveling companion, Jiraiya chuckling at his reaction, sitting next to him. “Oh yeah?”

The blonde glared over at his mentor weakly, “We traveled, what was it, nearly a hundred thousand kilometers in only a few days, so you could get the next volume of your porno published?” He gave him a hard look.

His mentor laughed and put up a hand in defense, “Hey. Erotic. Novel.” He argued putting emphasis into novel. “How about I buy the first round?”

“More like the rest of this weeks’ rounds.” Naruto sighed waving down the tall bartender to give him their orders.

“That’s going to be expensive considering how much it takes to get you drunk…” Jiraiya grumbled.

Naruto only shrugged. “Better hope you just submitted a best seller then.”

Jiraiya laughed, clapping a hand to his student’s shoulder, “The Land of Springs was a fountain of material, my young protege.” Naruto rolled his eyes. “Let’s not forget how much of a tasty morsel those ladies thought you were.” He finished, guffawing as the bartender laid out their order of drinks. Jiraiya grabbed the closest drink he could find and raised it to Naruto.

“To the best material generator I know.”

“Eat me.”

“I believe that is a common theme in this book.” He said nudging his pupil before downing a couple drinks in a row. “Now if you’ll excuse me.” His eyes darted between Naruto and a brunette that sat at the end of the bar, alone and vulnerable looking. “I suddenly have an idea for another chapter.” He winked at the boy before taking a couple of the drinks over to the young woman.

Naruto rolled his eyes before turning back to his drink. He allowed his mind to wander as he stared into his glass. “Your friend leave you hanging while he tries his luck with the brunette?” A female voice breaking through his mental treading, he looked over toward the voice. A stunning young woman with exotic hair that strangely reminded him of Sakura’s sat next to him. Her hair tied back with several hair sticks.

His brilliant blues locked with her deep almond eyes and he found himself smil despite his weariness. “Yeah, you could say that.” He motioned for her to take the seat next to him, the woman returning his smile as she took the seat.

“Too bad for him, Lina is known for stringing suckers along for free drinks.”

“Good, he could use getting knocked down a couple of pegs.” He explained, glancing down the bar. “Naruto.”  He said offering her a hand.

“Tai.” She said returning his handshake.

“Pleasure, may I offer you a drink?”

“Please. So what brings you here?”

Naruto looked over at Jiraiya, “We were in the Land of Springs for a few months while he was doing research for his book.” He nearly put too much of an emphasis on the word book and hoped she hadn’t caught it. Thankfully, it didn’t seem like she had.

“Oh so you’re authors, hm?” She said, tracing her middle finger around her glass.

“Oh I’m not, he is.”

“Then what is it that you do?” She asked, her finger running along the edge of her glass. Despite his own thick headed notions, he had actually gleaned some things from his sensei. It wouldn’t be good if people saw the two as ninjas, but one genin protecting an ‘older’ man. That was a lot less threatening than two highly trained soldiers.

“I’m his bodyguard, more or less.” Her eyes widened ever so slightly at this reveal.

“Ooh, are you a samurai, shinobi, or...?” She asked leaning in closer, her dark shirt was designed to be open with a flow, showing the inner curve of her breasts.

“A shinobi.”

“Ahh. Do you mind if I ask where you call home?”

These weren’t uncommon questions, a lot of people had questions regarding the hidden villages. He supposed it was part of the reason that drew people to him. The enamor of talking with someone in such a lucrative career.

“Home is where the heart is.” He joked taking another sip from glass of dark liquor.

She smiled, “No offense, but that’s surprising considering how you seem to hold yourself.”

He chuckled, smiling into his glass, “Eh, I guess looks can be deceiving.” Finishing off his drink and gesturing to the bartender again. The bartender leaned in, listening to his order. Shortly after disappearing, he returned with a tray covered in shot glasses.

Tai gave a wry look at the blonde man, a mischievous grin on his lips. “Presumptuous aren’t we?”

He held up a hand, shrugging, “I mean if you don’t want them, I can handle these just fine.”

She wasn’t sure if he was being serious but it had been a long time since she had dared to cut loose. The flame of a challenge sparked inside her, she smirked defiantly.“You’re on blondie.”

The hours flew by and with them as did the number of drinks, their exact count blurring as they slammed another pair of glasses on the bar top. The woman with rose hair coughed, stumbling slightly before catching herself on bar. She was thankful that they had decided to stand halfway through their contest.

Tai whooped a huge sigh of relief, sporting a heavy flush on her cheeks. She looked over at her drinking opponent and narrowed her eyes. “You motherfucker. You’re either some sorta fuckin’ lush or a fuckin’ monster that lives on alcohol.”

He laughed, only sporting a minor flush across his cheeks. “Good genes.”

She leaned back and looking at his ass, “Those aren’t jeans at all. Nice ass though.” She finished with a grin.

He looked her up and down, her dark shirt offering an ample view on the shape and perkiness of her breasts. Her tight black pants seemed to drink in the light around them but the outline they gave, hot damn.

“Likewise.” He winked and downed another drink.

“Last call.” The bartender called out as began collecting bills.

“Well tonight was fun. Thanks for joining me.” Naruto said with a faint smile, signing Jiraiya’s name on the bill and handing it back to the bartender.

“You giving up?”

Naruto raised an eyebrow at her, “I’ve got more drinks back at my place.” She said a grin plastered on her face. Naruto couldn’t help but mimic hers, the two slammed down their final set of drinks and ventured to their next arena.


They had burned through another bottle, exchanging flirts and stories. Naruto upended the bottle and frowned. Tai grabbed another bottle from the table, breaking the seal. She surprised him by straddling him, giving him a hungry look,  she took a big swig from the bottle and locked lips, generously sharing her drink.

Their tongues dancing with one another. He could taste the nights’ variety of drinks with each passing tussle. The two parted briefly to take a few deep breaths, she took another swig and dove in for more.

Tai began intertwining her fingers through his wild golden hair, down his neck and down his arms through his jacket. Through muffled moans as their tongues continued their dance, she found the zipper of his jacket slipped it free from his body. She pressed her hands against chest and raked her fingers down his tight chest and found the thick bands of ab muscle hiding beneath his fishnet undershirt.

She felt her stomach jump and her excitement boil further. She pulled away and ripped his undershirt from his body. Holy shit, this fucker was ripped. She must have been gawking since Naruto’s smile only widened. “Like what you see?”

She couldn’t remember the last time she was this turned on. Sure, she’d met some attractive travelers working in the tavern but none that looked even close to this. She nodded eagerly and smashed her lips back into his.

After a time, Naruto stood, hoisting her up, each hand cupping her firm ass. She moaned softly at the move, his strong hands holding up her small frame as they continued to make out. She could feel his adjustments slowly causing her legs to spread further, the gyrations rubbing against her clit, which only spurned her to further drive against his rock hard body.

She felt him lower her further until she felt the rock hard presence of his dick, bulging against his pants. Holy fuck, that’s going to be fun. She thought as she tried her hardest to grind against his dick.

Naruto hoisted Tai back up, grinning into the kiss. She pulled away and glared at him, “Motherfucker, are you teasing me here?!”

His eyes didn’t leave hers, “Yeah, what are you going to do about it?”

She growled, shifting her weight, she flipped back into a kneeling position, shoving Naruto with enough force that he landed back on her couch and nearly sent him reeling backwards. She smirked at the surprised look on his face. She slipped her shirt from her shoulders, exposing her tight perky breasts, she turned and slowly pulled the tight pants from over her ass, watching him out of the corner of her eye.

She smiled as he adjusted himself and leans back into the couch, watching her with rapt attention. She turned her back to him, bending over ever so slightly, she looked over her shoulder as she removed her panties. His eyes were locked on the symmetry of her nether regions. The shape of her ass with juxtaposition of the pressed lips of her pussy as she squeezed her legs together.

She swayed toward Naruto, kneeling in front of him, unclasping his pants, hooking two fingers around the band of both his pants and his underwear. She took great pleasure in prolonging the inevitable, her eyes darting between looking into his eyes and staring at the bulge in front of her.

She stared with wide eyes at the cock of her blonde drinking companion. It came free with a spring and stood tall, like real tall. She fought the urge to try measuring it against the length of forearm. Fuck me, I wasn’t expecting this. She swallowed hard. She’d had a handful of one night stands even fewer relationships over the years, but holy shit, she’d only heard stories about hung guys from other women. She instinctively pulled her arm away again. Don’t you fucking do it. Don’t be weird. She chided herself.

“You scared?” Naruto playfully taunted, not moving apart from the subtle twitch of his dick in tandem with his heartbeat.

Tai shook the daze from her head, a grin returning, “Oh you’d like that, wouldn’t you blondie?” She gripped his dick in her hand, it actually looked a little ridiculous but she wasn’t about to be unnerved by some random guy. And especially not some genin shinobi. She may not be a kunoichi anymore but god dammit, she had her pride.

Using both hands, one atop the other, she began to stroking up and down, slowly at first but slowly picking up the pace. Her smile widened as he shifted back further into the couch, a light groan each time she got close to the head.

She licked her lips, locking with his vivid blue eyes. She opened her mouth traced her tongue along the head of his dick, hints of sweat and his pre-cum spreading across her palette. She shifted her hands and only stroked the bottom half of his dick as she began toying with the head. Naruto laid his head back and stared up at the ceiling, moaning in a low tone. She savored each sound and tensed reaction to her actions. She clamped into it with the edge of her teeth lightly was rewarded with his head snapping up and his eyes piercing hers.

She continued grinning with the head of his cock, tucked between her teeth. She figured she’d give him a reward for being so patient and began sliding his cock neatly into her mouth. Adjusting her lips, inch by inch until she felt it touch the back of her throat. Naruto groaned, lightly brushing the hair on the back of her head. Encouraged by his actions and thankful that playing wind instruments for eight or more hours several days a week made one’s throat control, rather strong.

Naruto moaned loudly as he felt Tai slide the rest of his cock down her throat and held it for several counts before pulling the length from her mouth, gasping. Drool strung from her mouth and drenched his cock from top to bottom. Naruto could feel his heart pound in his ears, his dick pulse in time with the sound, his senses light up like a city. He’d never had a woman be able to take his entire dick before, it nearly made his heart sign.

She must have read his book like the cover of a newspaper and taking a deep breath took him all the way in again. An involuntary groan escaped his lips as he felt his ab muscles tighten, feeling the warmth and tightness of her throat. She allowed her tongue to hang lazily against his balls for a few counts before pulling him out again. She took a few breathes and continued, taking him in, he could feel himself edging closer despite himself.

“Guh, Tai. It feels so good. Don’t stop.” He whispered to her. His words refreshing her motivation to what could be potentially seen as a selfless or masochistic drive. She quickened her pace, taking shorter breathes through her nose and driving his dick into her throat to the hilt.

He could feel the sensual rollercoaster crest the hill, “Tai, I’m going to—“. As he hit the downturn, Tai made sure to take a deep breath before engulfing him one final time, feeling him release his a stream of semen directly into her stomach. Waves upon waves filled her, she could feel her lungs screaming for air but didn’t want to risk inhaling any of the aftermath. After what felt like an eternity, she felt the stream and slowly pulled his cock from her throat, swallowing a few times before it completely past her lips.

He groaned happily and smiled at her, cupping her face. “You. Wow. You’re beautiful.” He remarked, placing a hand behind her neck and bringing her in for a kiss. She was shocked at first, most guys she had been with in the past would never have kissed her after going down on them. This guy was just full of surprises. She relished the kiss and felt a pang of sadness as he broke it shortly after.

“Your turn.”

She bit her lower lip and nodded expectantly. Expecting him to climb on top of her, he picked her up and set her on the couch, draping her legs over his shoulders. He continued to keep eye contact throughout the entire shift and licked his lips as though he was preparing for a feast. She felt her excitement hitch up another notch. She would pat herself on the back later for picking him up.

Naruto buried himself into her snatch, making slow deliberate licks on the outer folds of her pussy. She mewled with each almost teasing lap that he made, shifting, trying to get closer to his face. Trying to grind against his tongue.

Each sound she made, she was rewarded with another pass and another and another. She could feel her stomach knit together as she rode the wave, up and down. The warmth spreading, causing her extremities to tingle. “Naruto, please, don’t stop. Harder.” She begged.

She could almost feel him smile as he picked up the pace, drawing in closer to her clit but not quite reaching it. Which was actually becoming quite maddening as each cascading wave she rode, she could almost feel the peak, yet it fleeted so quickly. Suddenly she felt him drag his tongue across her clit and moaned loudly, finally he had reached the goal. The button that begged, no, needed attention from her lover. She grabbed his head and clamped it closer to her, drawing her legs around his broad back.

“Stay there fucker. Fuck me like you mean it.” He nodded and like flipping a switch, he began vigorously lapping away at her clit, around her clit. Up and down, side to side, clockwise, counter-clockwise. Her mind began to spin as orgasmic surf board began to climb the crest of the wave.

“More. Oh please, I’m going to cum.” She cried out. She felt something part and she felt him insert two fingers. As if he was beckoning her to cum, he tugged at her inner walls, feeling for it. She closed her eyes, she could practically see the crest now. The rumble roaring in her stomach and her insides thrumming and tightening. Her eyes snapped open as she felt him find her spot, he pressed and licked. Repeating the motions again and again.

“I’m cumming, oh god, Naruto, I’m cuuuuming.” She cried out and she grabbed his head. He felt her tighten around his fingers and as surfed down her orgrasm. He slowed his oral fixation but continued pressing from the inside, beckoning her to continue riding the wave.

Her breath continued to hitch as her body stayed rigid, she clawed at his hair and his shoulders. “Na-ru-to-wha-t-are-you-oh—“ She gasped as she felt him further hasten his pace. She felt the fire spread and another orgasm crashed against her like a sister wave. She cried out, his fingers caught in a vice-like grip. He slowed his pace and brought his motions to a standstill, slowly pulling two drenched fingers from her snatch.

She watched him half-dazed as he brought the fingers to his lips and cleaned them off.

“You ready for the main course?” He asked, giving his dick a couple of strokes and tracing it along her lower lips. Tai began to catch her breath, staring down at the thick member, her nerves sparking to new life with each trace he made against her clit.

“Yes, but..” She said sitting up and capturing his lips in hers, maneuvering him to take her place on the couch. She broke the kiss and straddled him, she could feel herself drip down onto his cock, his attention completely focused on the impending connection. This is going to hurt like a motherfucker, she thought. She lowered herself down, feeling the head slip into her tight entrance, wincing as she felt her pussy stretch to accommodate the new visitor.

“God damn…” Tai hissed, closing her eyes and attempting to control her breathing as she continued lowering herself until she felt him hit the end. “Fuck.” She cursed, end of the road, whiskers, opening her eyes, she was slightly surprised to see him with a look of concern shadowing his face. “You good?”

She nodded, “I’m good, you’re a hung motherfucker, you know that?” He grinned back at her, “It’s both a blessing and a curse.” Returning his smile, she refocused on the moment, leaning on his toned shoulders, adjusting to slide his cock nearly out and then slide it right back in. She couldn’t help but moan with each piston-like motion, the discomfort quickly subsided in the first few motions.

“Fuck me.” She groaned hoarsely as she reveled in the electricity and warmth that washed over her with each revolution. Naruto latched onto her breasts and began kneading them like a baker. Skillful hands tuning one, like a nob on a radio, with the right amount of pressure to send additional jolts through her nerves. His teeth and tongue toeing the line between too hard and just right, like an acrobat on a tight-rope.  His attention driving her to hit into the next gear and the next. She could feel him tense and groan as she allowed his cock to hit her cervix. The earlier discomfort a non-issue in the heat of the moment.

She felt the familiar crest approach and Naruto pulled her tighter to his rock hard body, she felt his dick swell inside her and could tell he was growing closer. “Tai. God you’re amazing.” He said groaning, his hands on her hips, driving her against him harder.

“You like fucking me don’t you, whiskers?” She purred, riding him harder, driving his thick cock against her wall. He nodded and groaned again. He made an attempt to move and she pushed him back roughly.

“Oh no, I’m in control of this fucking ride.” She flipped her hair and smashed her lips against his, arcing her back and slamming her tight ass down, engulfing as much of his cock as her body would allow. She felt his hands grab ahold of her ass and she smacked them away.

“What did I fucking say blondie?” She gave him a feral grin, breathing heavily as she finessed bouncing on his cock. “Fuck, I”m going to cum again.” She nearly cried out as body felt as though it was catching fire. Naruto groaned as her hot declaration sent him over the edge with her, exploding inside of her.

Tai cried out, spearing herself with his cock as he came, a warm sensation of victory and fulfillment coupling the feeling of his seed coating her insides. She slowly began to lift herself up, when she felt a strong hand stop her and she felt his dick pulse inside of her. What. The. Fuck. She looked down at her companion, noticing an ornate tattoo on the thick bands of ab muscles. Was that there before?

He looked up at her and she would’ve sworn that those whisker marks on his cheeks were more prominent now. She locked eyes with him briefly before her attention scattered as he swiftly stood up, her still impaled on his dick. Her legs cradled in each arm, all she could do was wrap her arms around him as he began driving himself into her.

“Fuck Naruto! Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.” She panted with each drive. She could feel another orgasm sprinting toward her. This fucker was relentless. Her body tensed as the orgasm plowed through her, her lungs struggling to keep up. He shifted and brought her legs up to rest above his shoulders, continuing to plunge his dick into her pussy. Her mind was still reeling and she could feel the subtle numbness that came with that many orgasms, a hint of pain echoing in the distance.

As if responding to her on a subconscious level, he stopped, inserted as far as he could manage causing her to cry out. Her body tensed and she thought she had orgasmed again, but this was different. A flash of red flickered across her vision, followed by warmth and something she could only characterize as if the world was muted for a few seconds. Her senses brought her out of her reverie and she almost felt renewed.

Naruto looked at her, she could almost swear that he eyes looked feral, there was a kind of fire behind his eyes and it excited her like nothing else. “Fuck me like you mean it.” The blonde grinned, sliding himself almost out of her completely before slamming her back down, causing another cry of pleasure. This was going to be one hell of a night.


Tai woke up and stretched, her head and body thrummed with the exhaustion from yesterday’s previous shenanigans replaying through her head. She looked around, not seeing her companion from the night before. She couldn’t help but feel slightly disappointed but that was the name of the game sometimes.

On the bright side, the sex was phenomenal, smiling to herself. She stood up and stretched, she could feel the aches in her nether regions but surprisingly, it wasn’t as bad as she’d thought. Her legs felt like she had leg pressed a few cart loads of stone. This was going to be a long week but damn, last night was worth it. After taking her shower, the cherry blossom haired woman noticed a small note laid where her lover had been the night before.


Last night was amazing. I’d really like to see you again.


On the back of the note was the name and room number for the place he was staying at. She held the note to her chest, a small smile on her face. A few heartbeats and the moment passed, the smile fell as she chastised herself for her sentiment. Get your shit together. You can’t get involved with a Konoha shinobi, even a former one. You’re Tayuya, former fucking kunoichi of the Sound Four. Former disciple of Orochimaru. Cursed. She trailed off, lightly touching the small tattoo on her neck that contained the cursed power. She allowed her finger to trace along the edges of the note, another faint smile reappearing. Fuck it, I deserve a little bit of happiness, right?


The two met up again, sharing dinner, more drinks and even more stories from before. The way Naruto told a story cracked her up, he was expressive, animated, and really put on a performance when playing through the different reenactments. She couldn’t remember laughing like this in, well, forever.

Dinner ended and the two walked through the village, side by side. The ambient noise of the village filled the short silence between their story sharing. She looked over, catching him staring at her before he quickly beamed a brilliant smile at her and scratched the back of his head sheepishly.

“Sorry about that.” He offered looking back ahead, tucking his hands in his pockets.

“For what?” Tayuya asked looking over at the blonde.

“Staring. You’re just so damn beautiful, it’s hard not to.”

Despite herself, she felt the heat rise in her cheeks and wave him off. “If you’re trying to butter me up for round two, you don’t have to.” She finished with a grin.

He chuckled, nodding, looking over at her, “Just speaking the truth. It’s my way of life. No toadshit. Life’s much simpler that way.” The girl laughed at his expression, she hadn’t heard that that euphemism before but he seemed to be genuine when he said it.

“Ok, another personal question. How many girls have you been with?” She asked bluntly, her attention off in the distance.

“Hey now, a lady doesn’t kiss and tell.” He joked, waving an invisible fan in his face. She couldn’t help but chuckle at him again. “But I’ll have you know I can count them on one hand.”

She blinked, “Bullshit.” She said crossing her arms. “No fucking way someone with moves like you have, has only been with a handful of girls.”

Naruto raised his hand, “I swear, or may the Gods strike me down.” Gesturing up to the heavens, one eye closed and the other peaking at Tayuya.

“Mmm-hmm.” They arrived at the door to her apartment.

“End of the trail.” Naruto proclaimed, “I’m really glad that you decided to see me again.”

Tayuya unlocked the door to her place and looked him over, “Me too. Now get your ass in here and fuck me silly again.” She said grabbing the collar of his jacket and dragging him into her apartment and slamming the door behind them.


The following weeks continued much like same. They would share a meal or two throughout the day. He would visit the tavern and listen to her play her flute. When she had off, they’d wander the village or country side, sharing stories, or just enjoying one another’s company. Each evening returning to her place which more often than not, ended in them indulging their carnal desires.


On this evening, what looked to be the aftermath of a small cyclone of clothes, peppered the apartment landing to Tayuya’s bedroom. The two lovers were positioned opposite one another, Tayuya laying atop Naruto, licking up and down his shaft, slowly stroking the length of him. On the other end, Naruto spread her pussy lips wide and began consuming her the layers tucked between her lips, raking his tongue up the center and flicking the tip of her clit every other go.

He could feel her tense with each flick, moaning as she’d buck against his lips with each lap. He felt the familiar warmth as he felt her slip his thick cock past her lips, the light grazing of her teeth as she brought him fully in, her lips firmly caressing the base of his cock. He groaned into her pussy, lavishing in the mingling of her juices with his saliva as the mixture transformed  into a delicious intoxicating concoction.

He felt her pull his length from her lips with a pop and a gasp. He could feel her hot breath a sharp contrast to the cold air in the apartment before the warmth of her mouth and throat reclaimed him. He began to expand the course, widening the ‘track’ he followed to include the entire span of her pussy. Relishing in every twitch and sound she made. Finally, he found his true goal, the honeypot. He teased her entrance with her tongue, darting his tongue inside briefly to explore.

He squeezed her ass and plunged his tongue as far in as he could, swirling it around, tasting the rainbow of different flavors her body had to offer. A muffled moan hummed against his dick, lodged in her throat at his exploration. Another pop and several gasps, “Fuck, that’s so good.” She said shaking her ass slightly, looking back at him.

He continued tracing his tongue along her insides, lapping up the delicious nectar her body generously offered him. He would circle back around and begin massaging her clit with his tongue before trailing back down her cleft and drinking her in. He could feel her pace quicken as she continued blowing him. Only taking him fully in every fourth or fifth repetition, stroking him with enthusiasm. The tightening of her small frame and her pace revealed that she was getting closer and it only spurned him to ravish her clit with attention.

Her attention must have broke, as he felt her nuzzle against his cock, feeling her hot breath quicken as she used it to muffle her cries. “Fuck, Naruto, I’m—I’m—“ Her body tensed and her felt her engulf his dick, her muffled cries humming against his dick. A few moments passed and the girl, came up for air, coughing.

“Fuck me, baby, you’re—fuck.” She said in between breathes and she absent-mindedly continued stroking his cock.

Naruto could feel his excitement build as she returned her attention to his dick. Taking the head in and out of her mouth several times before she began working her way up and down his shaft. He could feel the familiar tingle across his body as she continued blowing him, the sensation of her taking his entire length sending aftershocks echoing through his core. Her hand flitted in front of his face and she began lightly massaging her clit, her moans starting up again.

He smiled and not wanting to break her rhythm, pulled his arms free and began tracing a finger along her entrance. She bucked lightly but didn’t stop her duties. Soaking his middle and ring finger in the surrounding flow, he slowly, deliberately, slide his fingers inside. Another muffled moan, feeling her tongue wrap around his dick, over and over again. He groaned and began exploring, searching for her erogenous treasure.

His search was quickly rewarded as he found the bundle. He began prodding her g-spot slowly at first, eliciting hungry mewls for more. “Please, oh god. Fuck me. Fuck my mouth. Fuck me.” Naruto’s grin dared to break his face as this was possibly the best reaction he could’ve hoped to attain.

Tucking his free hand back underneath her, he hooked his hand around the back of her neck and slowly began controlling the motion. Allowing her up far enough to pull his length from her throat but only far enough that her lips brushed the edge of the head on his cock. He eased her back down until he felt the familiar press of her lips against the base of his cock. The tightness of her throat gripping his cock like a shirt that was one size too small. He groaned at the sensation and eased her back up, he could hear her take several deep breathes through her nostrils before he brought her back in.

He hadn’t stopped edging her on, multitasking his thrusts while working his fingers, massaging her g-spot with as much attention as he could muster. He watched her fingers work, pinching and twisting her clit as she gagged on his cock. Her cries increased in frequency with each passing moment, nearly causing him to lose his rhythm her muffled cries pitched. His fingers in dancing in unison with hers caused her to convulse with pleasure as he continued jamming his dick down her throat.

His fingers never stopping, he could feel her body continue to struggle between rigid intensity and fighting for air. A scream causing his dick to vibrate as he pulled out of her throat. The elation of hearing her cum repeatedly was too much to bear, “Tai, I’m cumming!” He grunted as he sheathed himself into her. He felt every hair on his body stand on end and his mind went blank, every muscle straining to break free from their fleshy constraints.

Pulse after pulse of hot cum emptied down her throat and into her stomach. She groaned as the warmth filled her belly and a sense of completion washed over her. A brief reprieve from Naruto’s deft fingers, the edges of her vision darkening as her lungs strained for air. His cock blocking any chance of taking in any oxygen. This is how I die. She thought briefly. What a way to go. She’d smile if her lips weren’t firmly pressed around the girth of her lover’s dick.

As Naruto finally relented and pulled his length past her lips, she gasped, coughing, her vision slowly clearing. She blinked several times and eyed the cock in front of her. She gave it a playful slap and hopped off her sexual companion. “Hey, what was that for?” Naruto cried out in feign agony. Hugging his dick away from the mean lady.

“I saw my life flash before me. I swear.” She laughed, grabbing one of her garments from her bedside and using it to wipe away the copious amount of spit and jizz from her face.

He laughed and hugged her, “Sorry about that, you’re the one that said fuck my face. What kind of man would I be if I didn’t take such a generous command seriously.”

She looked up, that fucker had a point. She did ask for it. She stood and walked over to the bathroom, “I need a shower.” She said pulling a string of the blonde’s semen from her hair.

“Ah.” He said with a hint of disappointment.

“What’s with the face. You act as though you’re not going to come in here and fuck my brains out in the shower.” She disappeared, catching a glimpse of a huge smile stretching across his features. She turned on the shower and felt the chiseled young man wrap his arms around her and began kissing down her face, her ear, down her neck, working his way down her shoulder. One hand  began toying with her nipple lightly, testing her range.

Steam began to billow out from the shower , signaling to her to move this show into the shower.  She bumped her rear into his dick, pushing him away and flashing a grin behind to him from behind. She opened the opaque glass door and disappeared into the steam. Naruto quickly followed behind, closing the door. Now facing her, his focus on her chest, sucking on one nipple while kneading the other with his free hand. The hot water washed over them as this continued, Naruto occasionally coming up to capture her lips in a passionate exchange.

His hand eventually found its way to her clit again and she was thankful that the sensitivity had somewhat returned to normal. She blinked several times, swearing she could see an outline around the blonde. His physical ministrations, however, causing her attention to stray and her focus to return to her lover. She briefly noticed the same tattoo from last night reappear, she’d made a quick note to ask him about that later as she felt another orgasm creep throughout her body.

She’d start on him again but right now, she was just relishing in the warmth of the water and the orgasm as it crashed against her and she moaned into his ear as a reward, gripping him tight against her bosom. The heat that blanketed her pussy and core didn’t fade as it normally did. She felt tiny sparks dance across her skin. Her clit lighting up, causing her to inadvertently convulse at the internal quake. What the fuck was that? She thought excitedly. An aftershock of sorts pulsed outward from where his hands continued their devious work. Her muscles tensed and something she could only describe as a a phantom orgasm, maybe, rocked through her. Whatever it was, it was delicious and caused her head to swim slightly.

Another and another. Each wave further enveloping her until the l last consumed her entire body causing her consciousness to wane momentarily, the only thing keeping her up was Naruto’s strong grip. His eyes half-lidded as his attention was inward, as if he was so focused on the task that should she try to talk to him, it would fall on deaf ears. His fingers stopped as he traced up the front of her body. Between her breasts, up her slender neck, tracing along her jawline before he cupped her cheek.

She wasn’t sure if it was the haze of their sex or the heat of the bathroom but she could have sworn she had seen swirls of red in his vivid blue eyes. She shrugged and closed her eyes, relishing in the overall feeling this all invoked.

“I want you.” He whispered coarsely. He captured his lips with hers and she felt her head swim. The sound of her racing heartbeat pounding in her ears, she felt almost ethereal for several beats, her sense roaring back to life as a slow electric hum ran over her skin.

“You can have me.” She cooed seductively. He was like a drug. Every kiss, every touch, every fuck, filled her with something that she found difficulty putting into words. The only thing she could compare it to would be free falling into an abyss, yet cloaked in a warmth that she couldn’t see. Exhilarating, frightening, but also strangely reassuring, which didn’t quite make sense to her, but fuck it.
He had snaked his hand between her legs and tease the entrance to her pussy. She nuzzled into his neck and began kissing him, enjoying his continued rapt attention on her pleasure. Past partners rarely seemed to take her needs into account at all, let alone make repeated efforts to pleasure her before themselves. Yet another happy surprise as she felt him move between her clit and her pussy.

He began devouring her neck as he worked, “You’re mine.” He said in a voice laden with desire and lust.

“Mmhmm.” She toned, running her fingers through his tangle of wet hair.

She felt him lift her one of her legs and place his bulbous head at her entrance. She was ready and closed her eyes in anticipation. Yet when he never entered, she opened her eyes, confused. His stare felt harder than usual and she felt her heart flutter, she could see the intensity of his determination flaring behind his eyes.

What was he waiting for? A fucking invitation? “Fuck me.” She said as firmly as she could manage, returning his stare. Her heart racing now, the slow pulsating of her eager cunt as he rested the tip of his cock at her doorway.

“You’re mine.” He stated again, more as a matter of fact than an actual question. She could definitely see something about his eyes now, the red and blue almost fighting for superiority as they whirled behind his pupils. An interesting dōjutsu, she’d have to remember to ask him about that later.

The sensation of warm water began to overtake the once abundant electricity. The feeling welling up within her shifting from excitement to anxiousness as she felt him pull away, the fuck, why are you pulling away? What’s happening?? She gave him a pleading look, trying to transmit her thoughts to him. He brought his lips up to her ear and whispered nearly inaudibly.

“You. Are. Mine.” She wasn’t sure if that was the confidence, the power behind it, or the underlying level of control that turned her on so much but whatever it was. Fuck it, she’d give him everything if that’s what he demanded.

She nodded quickly, “Yes, yes, take me. I’m yours. Fuck me. I don’t care what happens, I’ll do anything, just fuck me. Fuck me like you own me.”

He grinned as he slipped behind her, hoisting up her leg and plunging himself inside, her cunt slick and tight. Tayuya cried out in pleasure as he drove his cock in and out of her in rapid succession, the feeling from before blanketing her. As if by surprise, an orgasm slammed against her, causing her body to tense. “Holy fuck!” She cried out, slamming a hand against the side of the shower wall.

She arched her back as what felt like lightning rippled across her entire body, another smaller orgasm echoing through her loins. She moaned as he pumped into her, each thrust eliciting another variant from the last. Her eyes began to roll back as another quake cascaded through her entire body, she found it difficult to keep her mind from being swept away in the torrent of the energy coursing through her. Her tongue lulling to the side as he fucked her hard from behind. She felt him stiffen and his dick swelled inside of her, a moment later, she could feel her snatch overflowing with his seed. A pleasant thrum of what she could only think was endorphins made her head swim and she felt like she was floating.

Her leaned in and kissed her roughly before her pushed her up against the glass and began with renewed vigor, began slamming his dick in and out of her tight pussy. Each drive of his dick forced her further into the glass, feeling the temperature difference from the other side through her rather sensitive nipples. She half moaned with each thrust, finding it hard to catch her breath and simply allowed her consciousness to be carried by the energy that flowed between the two.

Like a river after a heavy storm, her body felt jostled and each thrust felt like another rough rapid. Another orgasm felt like the dip from a crest and she had to wrestle to keep control of the proverbial raft, least she risk losing herself in the river. She reached a hand behind, grabbing the back of his neck, as if he was a flotation device. Their lips met and he drove himself as far in as he could, pumping another load into her cunt.

The two groaned in unison. She’d never felt so full in her life and while she briefly questioned whether she should be uncomfortable or not, decided to just revel in the warm pressure on her insides. Her consciousness waned, she shook her head, hoping to shake the feeling.

She blinked and was surprised at the sudden lack of warm water running between their pressed bodies. The familiar reassuring pressure still filling her snatch. She looked back and saw her lover positioned beneath her, as she rode him reverse-kunoichi style.

The question of how she ended up there fleeting, his dick and his pumping driving it away. Fuck, this felt so good. She closed her eyes and continued her stride, swinging her hips back and forward. Her body and his thrumming with volumes of different energies.

Her voice starting low, cried out, increasing in pitch as another orgasm lashed against her. Lighting her body on fire. “Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Oh fuck.” She sang, riding harder and faster. Naruto groaned as she bucked further into him on every other pass.

“Don’t stop. Don’t ever stop.“ She cried out, continuing to thrust and buck against his thick cock.

At some point during this current session, he had seen her body change. The pale petite form slowly morphing each passing minute, her complexion becoming tanner, muscular and defined. Horns jutted from her strands of vibrant pink hair. He could feel pussy tighten around his cock as another orgasm washed over her, a cry freely echoing in the room. A faint echo of alarms sounded in his mind but he was truly lost in his lover. He could feel her heartbeat through him, smell every delicious inch of her, he could feel her chakra mingle and meld with his.

As her cry subsided, she laid back against him. Taking the hint, Naruto shifted their collective weight and holding a leg in the crook of his arm, continued fucking her. She moaned happily, pressing her lips against his in another passionate kiss, their tongues intertwined. Her almond colored eyes now replaced with ones of gold against a black iris canvas. “I’m yours.” She chanted with each thrust.

“Tai, I’m cumming..” He whispered. She nodded at him quickly.

“Cum inside me. I’m yours. All yours.” Her voice almost drunk from lust. He captured her lips with his and thrusted his dick deep, bumping against her cervix. He felt the sweet release as he began shooting rope after rope of cum inside her.

Their kiss broke, the pair staring into one another’s eyes, smiles on both of their faces. A few moments passed and she must have caught the reflection of herself in his eyes. Causing her to slip away, leaving a trail of sexual dribble between the bed and the bathroom. She cried out, slamming the door behind her.


Naruto sat up on the edge of the bed and stared at the closed door. Any other man and her transformation mid-coitus would have likely turned sour fast, causing them to either flee or worse. If he had been a few years younger, he definitely would have freaked out but he had seen a lot of weird shit in his travels with Jiraiya. They’d encountered a lot of powerful foes with weird enhancements, forms, and sometimes just insane get-ups.

The door quietly clicked and his tan lover peered from outside the door. She slowly opened the door, keeping her hands behind her back, not daring to meet his gaze.

“I can explain…” She began, her current meek facade disconcerting compared to her usual boisterous demeanour.

He sighed and leaned back on his arms. “Tai, you can put down that kunai, I’m not going to to hurt you.”

Her eyes widened, she she subconsciously gripped it tighter to her back. Her mind raced through her options, frustrated, she tossed the kunai into her dresser, embedding it there. “Motherfucker.” She cursed crossing her arms in front of her perky breasts, standing near the bathroom door.

“Thank you.” She didn’t bother responding, likely still contemplating her current situation and how to remedy it.

“You don’t remember me do you?” Naruto asked, cocking his head to the side slightly. If she had attempted to hide her surprise, she failed miserably as she shifted a step. She began to scroll through her mental index of names and faces of those she’d met over the years but after working in a tavern for a good deal of those, she had met a hundred or so new faces each week.

“You were in the group of Sound Ninja that attacked our village and kidnapped my former teammate.” He continued, rather calmly considering the content of his message.

The revelation clicked and she mentally cursed. Of course, she’d shack up with someone she’d sorta tried to kill before. Her cover blown, her mind began to quickly cycle through the various potential routes of escape. She’d have to alert her roommate somehow as well without Naruto finding out. Great job fucking this whole thing up! Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. She chided herself.

“Tai.” He called to her, bringing her out of her reverie, she shook her head.

“Tayuya.” She corrected him and what surprised her more was that he smiled at her at with what felt like the most earnest smile she’d seen so far. Her emotions and logic fighting for control.

Ok, what the fuck is going on here. Is he trying to lure me into a trap. Was this all a trap? Fucking sonofabitch. I’m going to kill him. Making me... Doing that... I almost...

“Tayuya.” He said again, still smiling. “You’re probably trying to think of how you can escape or if this was all some crazy plan to capture you.” He stood up. She took an involuntary step backward.

He sighed. “I’ve meant every word I’ve said to you. I care about you a lot. I do.”

She contemplated if there was an angle he was trying to work, unable to help the fluttering her heart was doing. No, it’s a trap. She chided herself, attempting to quell the bubbling in her stomach. He groaned, he stretching from side to side and popping his back.

She glanced at the kunai and watched as it flickered, disappearing. The cold feel of metal against her throat. Her breath hitched, a lump growing in her throat. She felt him press the metal but to her surprise, instead of a familiar pinprick, she felt the smooth cold surface of something else. He pulled the 'blade’ from her neck, which was the handle end of a butterknife. He was holding the ‘sharp’ end and lazily tossed it atop her dresser.

“Where the hell…?” She asked echoing her thoughts.

“From your kitchen.” He said biting into an apple. Wait, where the fuck did he get that?

“Altho frum tha keethan.” He provided, her surprise apparent on her face. “If I was tracking you, or wanted to hurt you in any way. You would already be captured or dead.”

She swallowed hard and sighed, if a bit nervously. “Okay, so who are you really?”

“You know that already. Naruto Uzumaki. I’ve literally been telling you about myself all week.”

She gave him an incredulous look. “So you’re telling me, that you’ve been spouting real things about yourself, this entire time?” He nodded, taking another from the apple.

“Why the fuck would you tell a stranger all that?”

He shrugged. “Stranger? I’m pretty sure we’re past that with everything we’ve been done, Tay.”

She groaned, “Naruto, you can fuck someone and not know them.”

“Sure, but not like the way we just fucked. Did you not feel it?” He asked her honestly.

A retort died on her lips, she looked at him and could vividly remember the last few encounters they had, the one today really standing out. It did feel almost extraordinary. Today felt like she had attempted to swallow a ball of lightning. Like she had been drinking his essence, if she closed her eyes, she would swear it was like his arms were wrapped around her despite him standing right in front of her. She nodded slowly.

“There’s a lot we need to talk about. Do you have any tea?” She nodded again, “Great. You won’t hear me say this a lot, but I’m going to need you to put on some clothes.” He smiled and disappeared into the kitchen. She blinked and looked at the mess her room had become. Well, this should be fucking interesting. Before disappearing into her closet to throw something on.


She poured the tea into his cup then hers, saying his thanks as he plopped several sugar cubes into his cup, stirring the contents together.

“So you say you’re not mad about the attack years ago.”

He shrugged. “I didn’t say I wasn’t mad. But the past is the past. You must have had your reasons then. Misguided or not. You’re obviously not working as an agent of creepy snake guy or any hidden village for that matter, I feel like I would have picked that up if you were.” She nodded.

“I mean, being a ninja sucks sometimes. We’re asked to do shitty things regardless of whether we believe in the cause or reasons behind it. Plus they’re training us as children to do this kind of shit. They could literally tell us whatever they wanted and we’re expected to follow through. It’s stupid.”

She had to agree, the longer she’d been out of service, the more she noticed how stupid or insane some practices were, and that’s not even taking into account Orochimaru’s twisted values.

She took a small breath and pressed on, “And you’re the jailor for the nine-tailed fox demon.”

“He is a nine-tailed fox. A demon? No.  Not really. Just another label people slap onto something they don’t understand.” She wasn’t sure exactly what he meant by that and only shook her head.

“Ok, so let’s address the giant snake in the room then. Why did my seal react to us fucking?”

“That…I’m not sure about. I’m still trying to figure that out.” She threw her hands up and folded them in front her in frustration. The two sat in silence  before Naruto decided to press on.

“You okay?”

She nodded. “I guess. I just don’t know what to think of everything. Plus I’m now stuck as a monster.” She said gesturing to herself, flipping one of her horns glumly. “What pisses me off is that I can’t even reactivate the seal and change myself back. It doesn’t make any fucking sense.” She exclaimed kicking the table.

Naruto cupped her face in his hands, kissing her with as much warmth and compassion as he could muster.

As quickly as it started, they parted and Tayuya found herself wishing it hadn’t been so brief.

“We’re not monsters, we’re just different.” He stated rather firmly, staring into her big brown eyes. “Being different is the spice of life. It’s likely my fault that your seal activated.” He said placing a hand on the seal adorning his stomach.

“Listen, we’ll fix this. My traveling companion is actually my mentor, Jiraiya of the Sannin. He’s a seal master and he’s been teaching me a lot. I think he can help you.”

“Listen, I adore you Naruto. I do. But I can’t risk being exposed by you telling him about me. I’m not listed in any of the bingo books or black lists. They legitimately thinking I’m dead. This is my second chance at a new life, I can't blow this...” She pleaded.

“Ok” He said, nodding solemnly. He couldn’t blame her for wanting a chance at a new life. He gave her hands a reassuring squeeze. He stood from the table and began pacing slowly around her kitchen.

She thought it looked a little odd seeing her energetic lover so deep in thought when he seemed like he jumped from whim to whim. He snapped his fingers and shot her a smile.

“I’ve got an idea. Trust me.” He kissed her on the cheek and flickered out of sight.

She wasn’t really feeling enthused by his declaration but what was the harm in humoring him.


It had been three fucking days since she last saw him.  She wasn’t sure if she missed him or wanted to throttle him because she trusted the jerk to help her out. Boredom had long since settled in  and chewed at her sanity and patience. She heaved an exasperated sigh as she laid upside down on her couch and stared out the sliver of fading light that beamed through the part in the curtains.

 If he didn’t return, her roommate would at least return this week and hopefully she would have an idea on how she could fix the stupid seal. She yawned and felt her eyes grow heavy. Nothing else better to do, she reasoned as she slipped into sleep to escape the boredom.

Tayuya’s eyes snapped open, her golden eyes locking with a set of piercing sapphire ones. A smile snuck into her lips seeing his cheesy smile kneeling over her.

The last few days came rushing back and her face turning a shade of sour. “What the hell took you so long?” She asked, glaring at him.

“Research. You’d be surprised how long it takes to master seals.”

She snorted, starting to laugh before snapping to attention. “Oh you’re serious. You can’t be serious.”

“Mastered is a strong word, it'll be fine. With shadow clones, anything is possible.” He performed the seals and two additional Naruto’s appeared in his living room, mirroring his grin and stance. The two spares unrolled scrolls and in twin puffs of smoke revealed small containers and brushes.

“Alright, strip. We’ve got painting to do.” He beamed, causing her to blink at the odd scene before her. “Ok…”

Two hours later, intricate symbols swam up and down, left and right through her entire apartment, ending in her bedroom. A border encircling Tayuya as she sat nude, cross legged in the center of the bed. A pair of shirtless Narutos were looking over their ornate handy work covered her tan body. They nodded to one another, signaling to the boss. “Looks good.”

He nodded and they stood in a triangle formation around the bed. “Ok, so how is this going down again…?” She asked apprehensively, slightly miffed that her entire apartment was essentially ruined.

“Super special chakra things. Don’t worry about it. All you need to do is sit still and when I tell you, hold your breath. I’ll let you know when you can release it.”

She nodded, she should be able to handle that given the last romp they had, required her to hold her breath for an insane amount of time while he had his cock lodged down her throat. She took several deep breaths and nodded.

“I’m going to infuse some of our chakra with yours and that should give you full control over the seal. But I’m going to warn you, there’s probably going to be side effects and I have no idea what those will be.”

“I don’t care. As long as I can seal this part of me forever.”

“Hey now, let’s not close that door forever, I actually think you’re even hotter in this form. Tanned. Exotic horns. Bigger boobs. I’m not seeing any downsides here.” He said with a smile and a wink.

She felt her cheeks flush, crossing her arms and huffing. “Yeah, yeah.”

The blonde formed another seal and created another two clones. They nodded and arranged themselves around the circle. Naruto gave the signal as Tayuya took a deep breath, their hands blurring through different signs, some she hadn’t been all too familiar with. An an aroma began wafting down the hall and soon the ink in the room began to smolder as well.

Her eyes flashed with concern as she locked eyes with her companion. He shook his head ever so slightly as he continued forming the different seals and finally clapped their hands together, shouting something she couldn’t quite catch. The black ink spread like wildfire, the light consumed by the inky darkness, the world mute.


A single Naruto remained, his form apparent against the void that surrounded them. She tried speaking and realized that there was no sound. She couldn’t hear her breathing, she couldn’t even hear her own heart beat. It was if the world was on mute and it was highly disconcerting. Perhaps this was part of it, she thought. She reached up and felt the familiar bone horns that adorned her head. She’d curse if she could and looked at him expectedly.

He gave her a reassuring smile as he walked over and gently pushed onto her back. He knelt beside her, closing his eyes, a calm overtaking his typical smiling features. The blonde began forming a series of seals in quick succession. Her eyes watched as the intricate tattoo reappeared on his stomach, a red chakra coalescing around him. Red eyes with deep dark slits stared through her, ink blots of blue swimming around it. She felt her heart skip a beat as she fought the urge to roll away. Keep to the plan, dammit.

He brought his hands to rest over her body, heatless intangible flames licking over them. She briefly wondered what he was doing when the chakra began to fall from his hands. Slow at first like snow before conforming to the steady flow like a stream.

It started as an ashy sensation that spread over her body. It wasn’t long before the smoldering feeling ignited into a roaring fire, tearing through her nerves, causing her muscles to squeeze frantically. It was painful and she could feel the seal on her neck pulsate angrily as the fire consumed her body. She wanted to scream, flail, roll around to put the flames out.

The image of a fox made of red chakra materialized from her stomach and stared at her in quiet contemplation. Another searing pain as the seal upon her neck came to life, a snake bursting from it. Her world still mute, she could see the angry hiss, as it threatened the fox apparition.

Naruto unmoving, his features calm and stoic despite the battle raging atop her prone form. She had wished she could see his smile, feel something reassuring as the two ethereal adversaries faced off.

“She is mine, snake.” She heard Naruto’s voice, clear, strong, confident. She felt herself smile as she looked over, his face still, eyes still closed.
“You have no power over her.” He continued his lips unmoving, his voice layered with a cacophony of other voices, stirring up her emotions.

The snake writhed in pain, her neck where the seal was felt seared by white hot pain. The snake burst into flames as it began crumbling into ash, her pain subsiding with as was swept away by an unseen force.

Naruto smiled down at her. She felt no pain from the cloak around her, a sense of peace. He blinked slowly and his eyes were once again a brilliant shade of blue. He wordlessly ran through another series of seal and their inky prison began to flake around them. A world of sound and light engulfing them.


Tayuya came to, the sound of her heartbeat pounding in her ears, the faint ambience of village clanging in the background. She felt her stomach tighten, a hunger pain briefly passing through her. What time was it? How long had they been out? She began to survey her surroundings when her found her blonde lover leaning on his elbow next to her.

“Hey beautiful.” She flushed, unable to resist returning this goofy bastard’s smile. He placed a hand on her cheek and brought their lips together. A flash of hunger passed through her again, stronger this time.

She looked into his eyes, searching, trying to find some indication of what she’d seen wasn’t some fever dream from his work on her seal. Excited, she’d reached up and to her dismay, felt the familiar bone from her horns.

She sighed and flicked it absent mindedly, “What gives, I thought whatever it is you did was supposed to help me?”

He began examining her seal and she felt the earlier hunger return and evolve into a arousal that bordered on sexual canabalism. She watched his muscled core hover her and she traced her hands across the ridges. He smirked down at her while continuing to work.

A smirk of her own playing across her beautiful face, she growled and stopped suddenly. Did I just growl?

“Did you just growl?” He asked looking down at her.

Her embarrassment fading quickly as hunger returned again in full force, “Listen, I haven’t seen you in three days, I’m fiending for some loving.” She wrapped her arms and pulled him down into a kiss.

“Show me how much you’ve missed me.” She whispered He grinned and pulled her back into the kiss.


Tayuya’s tan breasts bounced in rhythm with Naruto’s thrusts from behind, her arms outstretched behind her as Naruto used her wrists as makeshift handles to control his lover. He could feel her tense as pleasing aftershocks rippled her, a low moan escaping past her lips with each deep thrust.

Fuck she liked being controlled like this. She loved how deep he fucked her and wanted to feel him cum inside her again. She briefly wondered if he had been listening and a quick glance behind her confirmed her suspicion, given the stupid fucking smile on his face.

She began to groan but it more came out a groan-moan as he hit her cervix again. She wasn’t sure if it was the constant battering her pussy got or the bond they shared, the previous discomfort replaced with something she’d consider pleasant. A pressure she’d never experienced before him. She could feel another orgrasm fast as he picked up his pace, gradually pulling her arms back until she arced her back. The position causing her tits to perk up with the tightening of her muscles.

“Oh god, I’m so close.” She cried out, her body tensing.

Naruto groaned, pulling her closer until she was nearly upright, “Me too.” His mouth mashing against hers and their tongues began to fight yet another battle of their own. The two could feel the energy building between them and pulling her close, he  could feel all of his core muscles tighten as he let himself go with a long husky moan. He could feel her pussy tighten around his thick cock as he released threads after thread of cum.

“Oh fuck yes!” She cried out feeling him fill her up, she relished in this feeling. Thrust as deep inside, the warmth of his seed spreading over her midsection. Her senses overloaded, electric waves setting her skin aflame as she rode the orgasm. She planted a tender kiss on his lips before she pulled away.

She intertwined her fingers and stretched her arms above her head, groaning. “Fuck, I need to work on my flexibility or something.” She shook out her arms and walked back over to her lover, gripping his dick firmly in her petite hand.

“Ok, so where were we?” She asked playfully, slowly stroking his cock.

“I’m showing how much I missed you.” He winked pullin her close, kissing her.


Tayuya’s cry echoed through the apartment, her legs behind her head as Naruto jackhammered her tight cunt. “Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck” she breathed with each rail. Mesmerized, watching his long thick cock glisten as it slide seamlessly in and out of her in rapid succession. Her head rocked back as she closed her eyes, “Fuuuuuuuuck!” She exclaimed.

Ok, this position might suck to hold but fuck it hit in just the right spot. He started swaying his hips more with each drive, her eyes rolling back, mouth agape, cunt tightening like a vice. Her pussy was squeezing him for all he was worth, he grunted realizing he had to thrust harder to make it through her tight inner walls.

He could feel his chakra begin to build as he grew close to his own orgasm, like throwing logs on a flame. His attention split between the drilling of her slick gorgeous mound and then there were her amazing tits as they oscillated with each pump of his cock. He figured she was normally a low C-cup in her regular form, but in this transformed state, they were at hovering at the far end of C, if not breaching the D zone.

He reached down and began kneading them roughly, the twisting of one of her nipples bringing her world back into focus. Holy fuck, did I black out there? She glanced down and saw her lover driving his cock into her accepting snatch with determination. One of his hand’s fondling her breast, the other reaching down for her clit. She shifted and she felt another strong twist and couldn’t help but respond with another moan.

His thumb and index finger worked with finesse and before long she could feel it. Oh-god, here it comes again. Don’t black out Tayuya. Don’t you fucking do it. She steeled herself as another chakra infused orgasm crashed into her like a riptide, threatening to take her away.

Her long cry was only throwing fuel onto his fire, sending him flying over the edge. “Fuck., Tay.” He grunted, shoving his dick as far in as possible. He captured her lips, putting her tongue to better use. He could feel himself add a few additional coats of cum to her inner walls. He pulled away from their kiss and enjoyed the view of his panting lover beneath him.

She adjusted underneath him and freed her legs from behind her head, wrapping them around the blonde before he could pull away. She shook her head. “Don’t you fucking pull out. It’ll fucking spill and we’re not done.”

She shifted her weight, flipping Naruto over onto his back and pushing him down completely. She stopped for a moment, catching movement from her peripheral. Was that? She looked into her lover’s eyes to see if he had heard her thoughts but if he had, he didn’t make it apparent. She smirked and began slowly riding the blonde. He placed his hands on her hips, reveling in the raw erotic form she took as she rode him, her hips bucking back and forth on his thick cock.  Her moans like a lustful musician, invoking provocative emotions from the ‘crowd’.

The two locked eyes as her hands began to roam,  grazing down his chest, his abs. Traveling up her smooth legs, across her toned core, and resting on her full breasts. She began to fondle herself, squeezing them together and playing with her nipples, her eyes never leaving his. She could feel his dick swell as she bit her lower lip seductively.

She leaned back, producing a long sensual moan, earning one from her lover in return as she continued bucking against his cock. Engaging her core, she righted herself to hang over the blonde, eyes struggling to choose where they should be. On her beautiful golden eyes or the pair of immaculate tits before him. He chose the tits, reaching up to squeeze them together, taking turns to suckle between one another.

She moaned at the warmth of his lips on her nipples and the light biting he committed against them. She allowed her hair to hang over him, stealing a glance at the doorway of her bedroom. She saw the faint outline of someone hiding in the shadows but quickly brought her attention back to the man beneath her.

She slowed her pace to the sexual equivalent of a crawl. Eying him as he worked on her tits with a zeal that she could only expect from her lover at this point. “Naruto…” She cooed with another stride down his cock.

He tore his attention away from her ample bosom, looking up. “I. want. you. to. cum. in. me.” She said, sliding down on his dick hard with each word for emphasis. She could feel his core tighten beneath her hands which only further turned her on, recently learning that the man loves some dirty talk.

“Yeah?” He asked, placing a hand on her lower back, attempting to control the motion. She resisted, laying completely against his muscled frame, she placed her lips against his ear.

“Fuck. me. Cum. in. me. My. Na. Ru. To.” Moving her ass up and down his cock rhythmically. He wrapped his strong arms wrap around her, his hands gripping onto her tight ass like his life depended on it. Before she could take a breath, she felt the first drive nearly knock the wind out of her as he rammed his dick into her tight cunt like a piston.

“Guh.” She stuttered as he slammed into her with a ferocious pace, the slick sounds of their friction growing louder. Her moans bubbled into cries of passion as she drew closer to him, burying herself in the crook of his neck. “Fuck me baby. Fucking cum in me. I want to feel you, all of you in me.” She cried out.  She could feel his entire body go rigid and her body lit up like she was fucking a light socket and came along with him. Her pussy tightening around his thick cock as she milked him for everything he was worth.

Pulse, pulse, pulse, she felt him empty more of himself into her. The hairs all over her body settling from the storm she had felt like she had just passed through. This felt amazing. She nuzzled her face into his neck, his arms still pulling her close to him as she felt him shift and try to push deeper, despite their being no room left. A few more pulses and the job was done. He had filled her up and god, it felt good. Surprisingly good.

He relented his grip on her and she allowed herself to roll next to him. She could feel his jizz slowly seep out of her, like a jar of honey turned on its side. She smiled and turned to look at her handsome lover. “You’re so beautiful.” He whispered to her, placing a hand to her cheek.

She felt herself flush but decided against ruining it with one of her typical rebuttals. No point in trying to argue against him, fucker’s too honest. Time to call out our peeping tom.


“You can come in. He’s not going to bite.” But you probably should hope he does… Tayuya called out of her room. If Naruto looked startled or alarmed, he didn’t give it away.

A petite young woman with long dark hanging down behind her knees quietly walked in, keeping her eyes glued to the floor. A scarlet flush coloring her cheeks, “How long did you know I was there?” She asked in a miffed tone.

“When I started riding him, I saw you in the shadows watching us. I wanted to make sure to give you a show since you went to the trouble of hiding yourself.”

The dark-haired girl glared at her roommate, trying but failing to keep herself from glancing at the nude individuals in front of her. “Why are in your demon seal form and whyyyy…” She started looking Tayuya over before looking over her roommate’s blonde lover. Her attention breaking, eyes widening slightly, her mouth hanging open.

“Yeah, I had similar reaction when I first saw it too.” She explained with a satisfactory grin, looking over Naruto who returned her look with his typical winning smile. Turning her attention back to her roommate, “This is my…” She stopped, not sure quite what to call them. What were they? Were they lovers? Fuck buddies? Dare she think it, something resembling a real relationship.

Naruto laughed, Tayuya looked at him curiously and he decided he’d bring it up later. “We’re still working that out. I’m Naruto.” He said waving. “I’d shake your hand, but I’m still packing heat here, so, Hello!”

“And this is my roommate Kin. Also a previous member from the Hidden Village of Sound.”

The girl blinked hard, her cheek burning even further as she realized she was staring. She brushed back her hair nervously and looked between her pink-haired teammate and the blonde stranger in the room. “What are you doing…?!” She whispered between clenched teeth.

“Look at me. Have you not considered he knows a little more than a one night stand, if he’s fucking me in this form.”  She gestured to her tanned breasts. Kin really hadn’t given that much thought, but considering her previous distraction, she couldn’t be blamed.

Tayuya surveyed her female co-conspirator, noting that the girls pants were barely hanging onto her small hips. She smirked and glanced at her both of her hands, noticing a faint sheen on her right hand.

“So did you enjoy the show?” Kin’s eyes widened and she jerked her pants up subconsciously.  “The fuck are you--”

“Oh cut the shit, you were playing with yourself, watching Naruto-kun here, fuck the shit out of me.”

The girl with coal black hair began to argue but stopped. “Listen, it’s been a long time, alright? Like before your last, type of long.”

Naruto and Tayuya exchanged a glance. A shit-eating grin beaming on his face. Cat’s outta the bag. She thought to herself. You better not get cocky, fucker. He chuckled and she wondered if he could hear her thoughts.

“That is a long time…” Tayuya trailed off, looking over to Kin.

“It just so happens that my lover here. “ She started, trailing her hand down his chiseled chest and abs. “Is a fucking monster in the sack. He’s fucking insatiable.” She stood up, her breasts bouncing as she walked over to her roommate. “I’m feeling quite generous. I want to offer you a one time opportunity.”

She brushed strands of her friend’s coal black hair back behind her ear, leaning in to whisper. “Do you want to fuck him?” Tayuya heard the sharp intake of air from Kin, causing her to grin. “We’ll fuck you. My Naruto will fuck your brains out.”

She turned away and began sauntering away, swaying her hips as she approached her lover. Naruto looked up at her, attempting to read her but couldn’t pick up anything. She stared into his eyes, pausing for a few heartbeats before kneeling in front of him “If you’re not going to join us, close the door on your way out.” She called out, not looking behind her.

The sound of footsteps, the click of a door closing, followed by the shuffling of clothes hitting the floor.

He wasn’t sure if it was that time he saved that family from the rushing river, stopped an assassination attempt on a princess’ life, or rescued those puppies from a burning building, but whatever he did. God damn, karma was paying back in full with interest.


Naruto’s eyes darted between watching his typical lover grip his cock in her hand, placing her mouth against the length. The new challenger, the dark-haired beauty Kin. He watched as stepped out of her pants, deftly removing her shirt and bra in one swift motion, freeing her perky tits from their constraints. He felt his attention drawn back to Tayuya as she began to trace her tongue around the head of his cock before taking half of him into her mouth.

Kin knelt next to her roommate, watching her bob several times before pulling the blonde from her mouth with a pop. The rose-haired woman placed a hand behind her friend’s neck and pulled her into a passionate kiss. Their tongues tussling as she exchanged the flavors she had sucked from her man’s cock.

The kiss broke, the two women staring into one another's eyes, both their cheeks flush.

“I have to admit. I wanted to try that for a long time.” Tayuya confessed.

Kin nodded, “I thought about it a few times myself…”

Tayuya smiled and looked over at Naruto as his dick stood at full attention, save for the slight twitch that accompanied his heartbeat.

She looked at her lover with lustful eyes, an unspoken message passing between the two. Naruto grinned and nodded. Sitting up, combing his hand through Kin's coal black hair before bringing her lips to his.

She briefly resisted, the raw emotion behind his kiss enticing her to reciprocate. His tongue prodded around her lips, seeking a signal to cross the threshold. Her lips parted, brushing the edge of his teeth and it was all the signal he needed to invade. Their tongues tumbling, wrestling against each other.

She felt her excitement build from the undertones the kiss whispered. Her eyes closed, feeling Tayuya behind her, kissing her neck softly, a light touch trailing down her arms caused a shiver to slip down her spine. A nibble on her ear lobe along with Naruto's strong hands fondling her breasts and Kin could feel her wetness return.

Kin began to moan into the kiss, ther heads changing orientation with each oral bout. His skill spoke untold volumes as she felt him massage, pinch, and tease. She leaned into it as time pressed on and felt a soft hand lightly caress her flat stomach. Drawing several circles before slowly snaking down to her before two fingers began lightly brushing over the fleshy cloak hiding her clit.

Kin's eyes snapped open, a moan layered with excitement and surprise flew from her. The handsome blonde grinned glancing at Tayuya who was currently lost in her mission. His hand still resting behind Kin's neck, he pulled her into another fueled exchange before beginning his journey south.

Planting kisses down her jaw line, across her collar bone. Taking a short pit stop at her wonderfully perky tits. Unable to resist sucking on her nipples and teasing them with his teeth. Eventually feeling he had provided them  an acceptable amount of attention, his trek continued until he set his eyes on her snatch.

Tayuya’s fingers danced to an unheard beat as they drummed and slide across the protective barrier of her clit. The dark haired beauty squirming under her nimble touch. Naruto gently guided the two to lay on the bed. Slowly parting her legs, the girl watched with an air of nervousness.

Tayuya following, straddled atop her roommate and captured her lips with hers. The two moaning in tune with one another.

The blonde drew his tongue on the outskirts of her snatch, licking up and down her labia. Working through the layers until her reached his prize. The girl’s pink bauble pulsating with eagerness. Licking his lips, Naruto thrust himself headfirst into his work.

Kin relished in the attention she was receiving. Her heart fluttering with excitement at the oral spar she shared with her companion. She could feel Naruto paying delicious tribute to her clit, shockwaves of pleasure  billowing through her body.

It wasn't long before she felt her first orgasm that hadn’t coaxed herself, roared in the distance. Her head growing lighter as her body began to wind itself up.

“That's right baby, you come all over my Naruto's face.” Tayuya whispered hotly, noting her new partner’s squirming,  their lips clashed against one another. Moans passing between the two, one of Tayuya’s hands still fondling her friend’s breasts, her other hand tucked between her own legs as she began racing to bring herself closer to come.

Kin arousal ratcheting up another few clicks, Naruto’s oral agility vaulting her over the edge. Her body felt like she was in a free all, her stomach flipping end over end as her head found difficulty and discerning which way was up.

She could feel his tongue invade her depths, finding a treasure trove as he lapped up the fluids that freely ran from her Honeypot.

The exhilaration of her orgasm felt like a spell of all encompassing freedom was cast upon her. An unseen weight lifted from her shoulders. Any apprehension or trepidation evaporating as she embraced Tayuya. Fully committing to the kiss.

The aroma of sweat, sex, and passion permeated the room. Naruto could feel something stir in him as he continued soaking up her sticky essence. Her sweet nectar drawing him further into his arousal. Kneeling behind the two entangled women, he brought his dick to rest on Kin’s sensitive clit before dragging it down to her entrance. He pulled away and began repeating the cycle.

Kin gasped lightly, feeling his dick stalk her snatch like a predator pacing the entrance of its intended meal. The two women shared a long look before Kin nodded and as though he had seen the motion, she felt him begin to ease in.

Her breath hitched as the head fully passed the threshold. The girl began to hiss louder with each passing inch. The throbbing invoking an image of his dick in her mind’s eye as she gripped Tayuya’s arms tightly.

Kin thought he had looked big but maybe her eyes were bigger than her stomach. Or rather the other way around. She bit her lower lip and held her breath. The pain briefly subsiding as he paused before pulling out.

Tayuya searched her friend’s expression and after a few breathes, Kin nodded reluctantly. “I’m fine, keep going.” She wasn’t going to let a, big thing stand in the way of this amazing experience.

Each reprieve grew shorter than the last as he increased his pace and thrust. She tried looking down but could only see the faint outlines of his banded ab muscles as he drove into her.

Her moans had begun with colored with a hue of underlying discomfort she felt with every thrust of his dick. Gradually the tone shifted and before she knew it, jolts of pleasure replaced the echoes began with his invasion.

Another orgrasm coarsed through the coal-haired girl, a muffled cry passing through her lips and into Tayuya’s, their tongues still tussling with one another. She felt the blonde stiffen, his dick swelling inside her. “Out--!” She tried crying out.

Kin felt him slip from her and he was suddenly at their side. He grunted stroking his cock, pumping rope after rope of cum. Tayuya flipped onto her back and allowed herself to be covered in the same shower of sticky seed. An an intoxicated look on her face as he covered the two surprisingly well.
His thick jizz a stark contrast against Tayuya’s currently dark complexion. Kin noticed her friend staring hungrily at his cock, her hand tucked between her legs. She tore her gaze away, turning her eyes on her as she surveyed the coat she’d been given.

On all fours, she stalked toward her and began tracing her tongue over her body, cleaning up the spilled seed from her body. She could feel her arousal reignite as Tayuya latched onto her nipple. She cried out at the roughness and twang of pleasure that caused her to shiver.

 Kin watched as their blonde deviant stood behind Tayuya, her ass wiggling ever so slightly. “Uh, uh.” She tutted at her muscular lover, gesturing back to the girl she was giving a sexual tongue bath. “We’re fucking her tonight. If she were a fuck steak, I’d want her well-done.”

Kin’s arousal roared in approval as she glanced between her two partners, her stomach fluttering with excitement. Tonight was going to be a night to remember.


Kin felt her arms give out from under her as another orgasm sapped away her strength. Face planting into her friends snatch, a small moan coming from her pink-haired friend.

The trio had been going at it for hours, most of the focus on Kin. Tayuya eating her out. Tayuya playing her pussy until she came exceptionally hard. Naruto would tag and fuck her roughly, sideways, from behind, missionary. She could feel her muscles begin to echo their exhaustion but she wasn't nearly done yet.

Kin parted the other girl’s lower lips with her tongue, lashing at her clit with her tongue. Her reward mewls of desire as she tried driving her cunt into her friend’s mouth. She suckled on her clit lightly, flicking her tongue against it.

A long groan from Naruto caught her attention as she reluctantly pulled away from the eager snatch.

“Kin, I’m going to cum.” He groaned pumping faster.

“In--me.” She moaned feeling another orgasm boil up to the top. How am I cumming again? She thought briefly, not actually caring.

He gripped her ass tight and lifted her into the air, legs spread as far out as she could go. The feeling of his thick cock throbbed inside of her, the pressure from their position, flipping all the right switches.

She hooked her arms behind his neck, “Fuck me Naruto! Fuck this slutty pussy.” She breathed into his neck.

She grinned as she felt him release inside of her with a deep guttural moan. Her persistent gyrations encouraging to continue pumping his fat cock inside her, each deep thrust delivering another pay load of cum against her cervix. She could feel her body tightening like a spring, her body nearly threatening to break.

The continued throbbing and sliding of his thick cock caused her to cry out

She peeked over at her friend who worked her way through her own orgasm. Working vigorously on her own clit while her other hand tried desperately to reach as far in as she could. A sex starved expression apparent on her face as she rode another orgasmic wave to shore.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

Kin’s attention shattered as she felt Naruto plant kisses down her neck, allowing her eyes to close, relishing in their closeness. This was level of affection was something she had never really experienced, even during her few sexual endeavours and it left a lingering desire for more of it. He had a primal sexual drive that could sate any thirst but he also managed to convey his raw emotions in a way that only fueled the passion and sex to another level.

His mouth eventually found hers, she pushed all of her desires into the kiss. She could feel him return in earnest, she found it a typical but welcome characteristic of his kisses. She fought down a small pang of sadness as he gradually let her feet touch the ground and withdrew himself from her.

She looked back and up at him, her hand still on his neck. “That was amazing, Naruto-kun.” She closed her eyes and was rewarded with another passionate exchange as he leaned in, wrapping his strong arms around her.

Tayuya glared at the two and coughed once, the two persisted. She coughed watching her lover begin to roam his hands over her friend’s body.  She coughed again. The dark-haired vixen traced her hand down his abs and rested it on his cock, stroking it absentmindedly.

Tayuya felts her hairs stand end, This bitch. I’m going to have to cut my bitch of a friend. I swear to whatever god.

“<COUGH>BITCH.<COUGH>” Kin broke the kiss and glared over at her companion.

“Eat a throat lozenge, bitch.” Before starting to turn her attention back to Naruto.

Tayuya felt her blood boil as she stood up.”Alright, bitch, you’re done. Hands off.”

She turned to look back at her companion, “Oh so he’s yours now? You couldn’t even say what you were and now he’s suddenly yours?? I don’t think so. I’m not going to sit back and watch you fuck this up.” Kin could feel her heart racing and she wasn’t exactly sure what ignited this hostility in her but she wasn’t backing down.

A flash of pain flickered across her face before she something akin to a snarl slipped from between her lips and she took a step towards the two.

Naruto flicked between the two, giving Kin a start, causing her to wonder how the hell he managed to move that fast. Tayuya’s eyes widened, ever impressed with the speed he displayed. His strong arms wrapping around her, she felt the beating of her heart slow and her emotions quell. She circled her arms around his waist.

He broke the hug and tugged her chin upward, “What did I tell you?”

She gave him the best innocent look she could muster and whispered. “I’m yours.”

“Eh?” He said mock leaning in closer to hear here better.

“I’m yours. But you’re mine too, fucker.”

Naruto nodded smiling, planting a tender kiss on her lips. Kin frowned, the fleeting loneliness from earlier, coalescing in her core again. She began to turn away when Naruto turned around with Tayuya to face her. One arm holding onto her tightly.
“Where do you think you’re going?” He asked, his other arm open to the raven-haired girl. Tayuya’s eyes longer held the same fierceness that she had seen moments earlier. The blonde gestured again, Kin’s cheeks threatened to crack as she tried her damnedest to not show the smile tearing across her features.

“There’s enough love to go around.” He said bringing them in a for a huge hug. Tayuya playfully groaned and Kin couldn’t help but laugh. This goofy bastard and his infectious outlook on life, their cheeks pressing against one another.

“I guess if I have to share him with anyone, I suppose I could do worse.”

Kin felt almost touched by her half-compliment but she smiled at the attempted sentiment. “Same.”

“Well now that is settled, who’s hungry? I feel like I could eat an entire town of delicious animals.”

Tayuya groaned, rolling her eyes, “Who the fuck is going to be open at this hour, Naruto, it’s 5 in the morning?!”  Kin stifled another laugh. Ah, this was going to be fun.

“Whatcha got in the fridge?” The two girls glanced at one another, realizing the impending depletion of their food stores.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

“Wow. That’s huge.” Kin exclaimed.

“Yeah it is.” Naruto said with a wink, smiling at Kin as flipped the large pan filled with an assortment of meat and veggies. Kin adored his jokes and he told a lot of them. It had been a little over a week since their first romp and Naruto had decided it was time to bring them up to speed on everything.

“I’m in a relationship with two big kids. ” The woman with rose colored hair said to no one in particular, glancing between the two as she leaned on her hand. Tayuya, no longer sporting her cursed form, welcomed being able to tie her hair back and wear something cute again.

“What’re you two having?” He joked nudging Kin, who gave a groan-laugh combination, Tayuya could feel her eyes rolling of their own accord. Yet, she couldn’t help but smile. She briefly wondered if this was what a family felt like. Their meal began and with it, an effort to catch Kin up on the happenings of the last few weeks.

“That’s just….wow.” She stared at the remnants of their meal, attempting to absorb everything she had just been told. Naruto and Tayuya exchange a long look before turning back to their partner.

“Well I guess I’m thankful that we’re not meeting under different circumstances.” Kin said, stealing glances over at her roommate. Naruto briefly considered reaching out to hold her hand but decided against it.

“If you need some time to talk with Tay-chan or think things over, I can leave.”

He made move to stand from the table but Kin quickly grabbed his hand, stopping him. “Don’t go. It’s fine. I’m fine. We’re fine. Everything’s fine.” She sighed. He was staring at her and she shifted uncomfortably in her chair.

“No, I don’t think you’re not a monster. But like, this is some heavy shit.”

Tayuya nodded, he had dropped a few other bombshells that she hadn’t heard before tonight. It caused her stomach try to twist itself into a pretzel.

“Like, are they trying to kill you, turn you into some kind of weapon or just pull it from your body.” She heard Kin ask.

Naruto shrugged. “We’re still working on the specifics but I’m fairly certain they just want him for something big.”

Tayuya spoke up, “So why not let them take him? Then we can just...” She trailed off, not looking at either of her companions.

Naruto shook his head. “Not an option. If he’s pulled from my body, I won’t live through it.”

Kin staring down at the table, her mind still reeling from everything she had heard in the last couple hours. Tayuya stared up at the ceiling, her girls vibrant bangs falling over her eyes. She closed her eyes and tried her best to clear her mind and quell the bubbling of emotions that threatened to break free.

This month had been the happiest she’d been for as far back as she could remember. She didn’t have to lie, she didn’t have to pretend that she was someone else. She could laugh, talk, joke, fuck, she could actually live. A sense of normalcy had began to form around their relationship and it felt amazing.

Now it was beginning to crash around her. This blonde goofball stumbled into her life without her realizing it, she could feel her heart breaking. He would be returning to his journey to track down the other jinchuriki and thwart whatever disaster that piece of shit organization was trying to start. Worse was that they were actively tracking them and he could easily find himself captured and killed.

She cleared her throat in an attempt to stave off the torrent of sadness that threatened to overwhelm her. She brushed away the familiar sting of unwelcome tears before they decided to come free.

Tayuya felt the blonde coax her into standing as he quietly wrapped his strong arms around her. The realization slamming into her, the tears came freely now as she allowed a few silent sobs wrack through her, throwing her entire weight into him. He softly brush a hand through her hair as he gently swayed back and forth with her in his arms. He could feel her quiet down and she pulled away, wiping her eyes with her sleeve.

“Just my fucking luck” She said tightly folding her arms in front below her chest, sniffling.

“If it makes you feel any better, I fell for you too.” He offered, cupping her cheek in his hand.

She sighed leaning into his touch, “What am I going to do without you, you fucking goofball?

“Where there’s a will, there’s a way. The real question is what are you going to do with me?” He grinned, waggling his eye brows. Tayuya rolled her eyes, laughing.

Kin’s head perked up, “Do what now?”


A cry tore through the apartment causing Kin to stir. She felt muddled, slowly sitting up. She looked herself over, she was naked and a still warm layer sweat and cum coated most of the front of her body. Bit and pieces began rushing back to her.

The last thing she remembered was a feral Naruto, driving her into the floor. She recalled the feeling him cum, her body felt like he had poured fuel and set her ablaze then darkness.

She began to survey the area and audibly gasped, Tayuya was being violated by not one but two Narutos. One poised over her spread legs, Kin’s eyes drawn to the swift drives of his cock into her slick cunt. She could hear the occasional burst of moans as the other Naruto slide his cock from her mouth and throat. He allowed her another brief reprieve to gasp for air before plunging his monster cock back down her gullet.

Kin winced at the rough love her female counterpart was receiving, briefly considering whether she should check on her or not. Kin watched Tayuya writhed her faint cry being absorbed by his meaty dick. He pulled back, the girl coughing and gasping, a tired but blissful smile on her face.

Watching Tay getting roughly fucked with such raw power began to re-stoke the fire of her own arousal. Kin allowed her hand to drift to her pussy, giving her clit some much needed attention, her other hand twisting and teasing her nipple.

He must’ve taken notice at exclusion he was giving his other lover. The blonde turned his head to Kin, locking eyes with hers as he pumped Tay’s throat a few more times, before slipping out of her mouth completely. Tay began to cough and moan, the other Naruto still plowing into his exhausted lover.

Kin swallowed hard, her arousal building as she watched him approach her. Her head drifted up as he stood before her, placing the tip of his cock on her lips.

“Open.” She wordlessly accepted his command and opened her mouth as wide as she could. Naruto hissed as he slipped his dick into her warm accepting mouth.

Kin fought the urge to gag as he hit the back of her throat. He pulled back slightly and tried pressing again. This time, she could help but pull away and cough.

He watched her with an almost cold indifference, a maelstrom of red and blue, swirling, like trying to mix oil and water. He made a quick seal and another Naruto appeared. The new one nodded and adjusted her so that she was bending over in front of him.

She looked over at her exhausted teammate was fucked into submission. Her cries tempered with fatigue. Kin looked up at Naruto, a brief plea echoed in the back of her mind. Whatever this was, felt infectious and her cunt began to drip at the anticipation, her body willing to be fucked into the abyss once more.

“Break me.” She whispered. He grinned at her and her world exploded, feeling the other him, slip his entire meaty length into her sopping snatch in one swift motion. Her body shuddered and she closed her eyes to savor the pressure his thick cock provided. Her lips parted as he forced his way into her mouth, the head of his dick punching her uvula. She fought back the urge to gag with each motion, her stomach knitting as an orgasm began to build. She found herself nearly lost in the rhythmic motion of his thickness filling her with each drive, the clapping of his balls against her, and the energy that seemed to ripple over her skin. She moaned in hastening tune as her orgasm crested, she felt him rush past her molars and down her throat.

The girl choked and felt her stomach lurch, the orgasm threatening to consume her whole. She could feel her pussy tighten as he slammed against her with such force that it made the face-side Naruto’s job much easier to jam his thick cock down her tiny throat.

It was like a whirlpool of boiling ecstasy, her throat expanding as she felt him empty shot after shot of his cum directly into her stomach.

“Kin!” He groaned her name, stroking her head while also holding it in place. The Naruto buried in her cunt, sheathed himself as far as he could go, emptying himself into her. Pulling her to him as if, she would fly away otherwise.

The exchange felt like an eternity and the Naruto behind her disappeared into a puff of smoke. Her Naruto had gradually pulled his dick from her mouth, the haze in the room dissipating as her lungs worked to clear her mind. Her orgasm subsided as if a lever had been pulled and she smiled up at him in relief.

Naruto had his eyes closed and was taking several deep breaths. He opened his eyes and leaned down to pet her gently on the cheek. The former storm more of an ocean, ever moving but not destructive. “Did I break you?” He asked her quietly.

She stared deep into his eyes and shook her head slowly. He grinned, picking her up and slid her down onto his thick cock. “Oh fuck~.” She cried out as he began to rail against her, driving her back into the wall. She clutched against him and revelled in the slick sensation of his meat as it drove into her tight cunt.

“Break me.” She chanted with each drive, hoping her moans and repeated request would spur him to fuck her hard. It had the intended effect.


Tayuya continued sliding up and down on her lover’s thick cock, neither of their eyes leaving the others. She could feel her heart swell, her core tighten.

“Naruto--don’t--stop--” She cried out, feeling herself get closer.

“Never.” His short reply between long methodical thrusts.

She could feel it, this one was big, she slammed her lips against his as she came. Her juices cascading over his thick cock, his breathing growing hoarse,

“Give it all to me.” She whispered. “Fill me up. Make me yours.” He nodded, grunting as he began to shotgun even more of his seed into her accepting cunt. Her pussy squeezing, trying to milk him more. Her eyes never left his, he smiled.

He leaned in to whisper into her ear. She flushed, her eyes wide, tears daring to overtake. She buried her head against his chest, she would allow herself to bask in the warmth and fullness of the moment. Naruto not bothering to slip away from her. Not tonight.


Kin smiled at Naruto, breaking their long kiss. Her arms draped around his shoulders. “Don’t be a stranger, please.”

“Promise.” He nodded with a smile.

She released him from her hold as he made his way slowly to Tayuya. Her eyes locking with his, steeling herself.

Don’t break now. Be strong, dammit. Don’t be a little bitch.

He stood right in front her now, still smiling, albeit a little more soberly now. He wrapped his arms around her and drew her into the embrace. She buried her face in his chest and inhaled, trying to etch his scent into her memory.

She cycled through a series of excuses in an attempt to lighten the experience. You don’t need anyone. You’re stronger on your own. Love is for suckers and idiots.

He pulled away slightly, looking down at her. “I guess I’m the biggest idiot there is then.” He pressed his lips against hers, pouring all his emotion into the exchange, Tayuya putting her heart into the return.

The two eventually separated and Naruto began walking over to his mentor. The girls looped arms around one another’s waists as they watched their lover depart, wearing somber looks.

Jiraiya waved at the two who waved back softly. Naruto walked past his mentor and the man found himself jogging after him. “You not going to wave to them?” He said leaning forward to get a better look at his student’s face. He frowned.

The shook his head and blinked back tears. “If I turn around, I won’t leave them.” With that he jumped and vaulted off into the distance. The man paused looking back at the two women who continued watching.

He sighed and scratched the back of his head. “Stupid kid and his big heart. If they were that important, why didn’t you introduce them to me?” He grumbled to himself as he leapt after his student.

Kin and Tayuya began walking back to their apartment when Kin noticed Tayuya holding something. “What do you have there?”

Tayuya began to unwrap it and found two kunai, each wrapped with an intricate seal laying atop another smaller scroll. A single note card laid between the two.

“If you ever find yourself in trouble or need me.
Open the scroll with that kunai. I’ll be there. Promise.


Tayuya found herself close to tears again. Kin read over the note and picked up the kunai and scroll meant for her. “What the fuck does that mean?”

Tayuya briefly considered trying out now to see what the scroll contained but shook her head. A faint smile played across her features.

“Only our idiot would give us something that makes us ask more questions. I’m sure we’ll find out eventually. Come on, let’s go get some lunch.” She said hooking her arm around her best friend and the two disappeared into crowd of villagers.

== End Chapter 1 ==

AUTHOR'S NOTES: If you've made it this far. Cool. I decided to write this on a whim and a few days later, here it is. I have several ideas of where this is going but only time will tell. If you feel like it, drop a review. Cheers.


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