Konohagakure's Smutty Stories

BY : MasterOfSorcery92
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Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto it belongs to its respectable owners, furthermore I wish to seek no profit from this story my only goal is to please the reader.

Author's Note: Greetings my fellow readers I wish to bid you welcome to this new story, now with that being said let's get this series underway by my superior authorial powers! 

Additional Warnings: This story contians lots of smutty content including Oral, Anal and some bits of Titfucking. Also included will be Dom and Bond accompanied with Voy and Exhib. If there's anything else that happens to appear in the later chapters it shall be added in, now without further delay the first chapter shall commence! 

Chapter One: Symbiots 

Masculine lips were pressed against a tanned skinned beauty's slender neck causing her to let out a sensual moan of delight to this, all the while sun kissed calloused hands were massaging, caressing and even groping ample mounds of breast flesh while the expert fingers were rolling against the exsposed pink tit flesh increasing the pleasure output by a significant margin making that already dripping wet pussy mound become further moisturized. 

This female had long luscious crimson locks which fell like a curtain all the way down to her midsection with matching ruby eyes and full plump lips, that soft, supple and smooth tanned skin was getting generous amounts of attention from the blond haired male who was standing behind her. This beauty was none other than the female embodiment of the Nine Tailed Beast, Kurama, one of the most powerful creatures within the whole managery.

The golden haired Jonin ranked shinobi was rather handsome, spiked andy locks adorned his head while six finely shaven whisker marks were placed symmetrically on his masculine features helping to further exentuate them. A braod chest and shoulders were clearly visible along with a six pack abdomen, which had been crafted by many years of ridorous training with his fellow comrades within Squad Seven.

Chisled limbs were greatly noticable, though the most prominant feature was a well endowed cock that was eleven inches in length, and it was aobut the width of his own wrist. Currently this impressive slab of man meat was plunged into the anal depths of Kurama's tight asshole those heavy cum tanks were smacking erotically against her cushiony ass cheeks creating a loud flesh smacking sound that echoed throughout the entire room. In the meantime a clone was resting on his knees that strong spine kept a perfect posture, his slippery appendage of a tongue was exploring the depths of that drenching wet pussy.

These dual pleasurable ministrations were rapidly sending the female over the edge, and she couldn't take them much further so she arched that slender spine squirting out her hot and sticky orgasmic juices with a mighty scream allowing the clone to aquire a generous taste of her delectable fluids. Durning this those inner walls were spasming against the girthy erection that was plunged inside, and it was the determining factor that sent Naruto over the edge as he thrusted his stronger hip muscles one last time letting out a mighty roar while the purplish veins were pulsing powerfully before pouring that thick and creamy semen deep into the woman's anal cavity causing her flattened toned stomach to expand greatly.

Author's Note: Unfortunately this is the end for the first chapter, but there's little need to worry my fellow readers there will be more on the way. In fact since this magician is feeling so generous you're going to get anotehr chapter later on, so with that being said I bid you all a fond fare well. 

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