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Naruto was sitting in a cell awaiting his execution, he thought back to the events that brought him to this.


Naruto had successfully defeated Sasuke at the valley of the ends though the village's reaction to his successful mission was not what he first thought. He was treated to hateful glares and even physical violence from the various members of the Hidden Leaf village. Unknown to the citizens of the Hidden Leaf Naruto was horribly wounded by Sasuke in the fight his body covered in bruises and burns from Sauske's jutsu, Naruto even took a chidori straight to the chest. With everything that happened Naruto was barley able to stand so much so that when the Anbu's came to take him into custody they had to carry him to the Hokage's office to be formally charged. In the office Naruto attempted to protest but was met with even more violence this time from the Hokage Tsunade, and his friend and personal crush Sakura. After he was taken to prison where he was told he was going to be executed for his crimes of attempted murder of Sauske Uchiha. While waiting for his execution day Naruto was met with abuse from the prison guards, and the occasional visit from his friends, teachers, and council members themselves.

Flashback end


Naruto let out a long sigh as he knew today was the day he was going die that's when he heard a voice in his head suddenly he blacked out and his spirit as well as the spirit of the Nine tailed fox were in a new mental landscape instead of being in his prison cell he was in a throne room, he looked around asking “where am I?” the voice said “you don't want to die now do you?” Naruto and Nine Tails were undoubtably confused at what the man was saying so Naruto asked “Who are you?” the voice responded with “I'm a nobody but you can all me the author, and to answer your first question you are in my world. Now answer me you don't want to die do you?” Naruto responded “well yes...I want to live I cannot afford to die not like this. For a crime I didn't commit I mean seriously I did as I could if I held back Sasuke would no doubt kill me.” the Author smiled and said “I didn't ask for you life story...” Naruto shouted “WHAT'S YOUR PROBLEM? You asked if I didn't want to die, now your mocking me?” the Author smiled wider saying “Okay since you don't want to die, I propose a deal. I grant you power that will make you unmatched in this world and you live for vengeance?” Naruto looked at the figure questioning “You would grant me power but what good would that do me if I am to be killed?” the Author sighed and said “If you accept this offer. The power I grant you will guarantee to break out of jail plus more. You want revenge against the Hidden leaf don't you?” Naruto looked at the ground remembering everything the Village did to him then he said “You have yourself a deal if you tell what kinda power you are granting me and why are you giving me this power?” The Author smiled and said “well as my name suggest I am an author and I am suffering right now from a case of writers block, I need inspiration for my writing I will grant you these abilities so you can write the story for me. As for the powers I am granting you it will be the power of absolute control you will be able to bend your reality to your will even people they will have no choice but to server you as you see fit.” Naruto smiled brightly saying “I see your point as much as my honor is saying no. The part of me that wants revenge is saying yes so, you have yourself a deal author.” the Author smiled and shook his hand and said “Good luck on your revenge Naruto.”. Once Naruto was gone the Author turned to a screen and said “Let the games begin.”


Naruto woke back up in the jail cell looking around he said “I better get out of here I think I should go underground for now only if there was a cavern underground I could bury out of here.” suddenly a hole appeared in his cell when he jumped inside he was in a cave underground as he thought to himself 'so that's how that power works now on to the next part of my plan.' suddenly a cabin appeared in the cave it was a multi bed room cabin and Naruto made so only he could end up here. He went inside to the living room and watched tv only this time it was of the various people of the Hidden Leaf village he flipped through channels looking for something. It was more like he was looking for some one when he saw a girl she had long brown hair, and black eyes. Naruto was enjoying the view of her she wore loose fitting white robes, as well as a blue bandanna on her head. Naruto quickly summoned a shadow clone he smiled at the clone and gave him a syringe and teleported him in a small alley that the girl was walking in. In the alley way Ayame was taking trash from the Ramen shop after the lunch rush she knew everyone was getting ready for Naruto's execution she thought to herself 'I still can't believe they are doing this to Naruto. Curse him for letting that thing run things.' suddenly she heard a voice saying “so you are cursing your number one customer?” Ayame looked around to figure out who said that when she suddenly felt an arm grabbed her by covering her mouth and sticking a needle in her neck, she felt dizzy and she fell unconscious. Naruto's clone carried her away as he jumped into a hole that appeared in the ground as it closed behind him. Naruto then had the clone place Ayame on the dining room table after the clone complied Naruto released the jutsu and sent his clone away he then walked around the table enjoying the view of the pretty woman who was lying on her table, Naruto then ran his hand across the side of her face as he said to himself “soon my sweet Ayame you'll be mine.” he slowly started to pull at the tie to undo her robes. When he was done he really enjoyed the site of the woman who wore a black lacy bra, and black underwear. He then took two arm restraints, as well as two leg restraints he quickly restrained all four of her limbs to each leg of the table and waited for the girl to wake up. Ayame started to stir she tried to move her arms, and her legs when she noticed that they couldn't move in a panic she saw who was standing over her she shouted “NARUTO WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” Naruto smirked and placed a finger on her lips and said “Now Now my sweet Ayame don't scream...” he then chuckled and said “actually you can scream all you want because no one is going to hear you. In fact when I am done your only going to live to serve your new master me.” Ayame started to beg Naruto to not do this but Naruto place a hand on her stomach and started to run his hand down towards her panties, he gently started to rub her panties causing the girl to moan he smirked and said “My My getting wet aren't we?” Ayame said between pants saying “you're wrong.” Naruto took his hand away saying “I see I guess you won't mind if I have a look and see myself?” he slowly started to pull Ayame's panties down exposing her small and shaved sex this lead Ayame to blush uncontrollably Naruto smirked and said “I guess you were lying from what I was seeing your soak and wet. So why don't you be honest with me are you wet?” Ayame said “Please Naruto you don't have to do this I will ahhh....” Naruto started to rub her sex again this time more aggressively causing the girl to moan loudly. Naruto said “Scream all you want Ayame your master is getting hot from this.” Naruto rubbed her for nearly a full minute until Ayame shouted “OH GOD I'M COMING NARUTO.” she arched her back and started climaxing. Naruto stopped rubbing her and said “I have to admit Ayame your moans, and the way you came... sexy I need more.” he walked over to her head and started to unbutton his pants when he pulled his pants down Ayame blushed even more seeing Naruto standing before him with a erect 10 inch member as Naruto said “enjoy the view Ayame you are going to learn to appreciate this.” Ayame tried to turn away but Naruto grabbed her head as he tried to put his member inside her mouth when Ayame tried to keep her mouth closed Naruto decided to pinch off her nose after a few seconds Ayame opened her mouth to gasp for air Naruto took advantage of this by thrusting his member into her mouth. Naruto started to thrust back and fourth moaning at this saying “Ayame your mouth is so good I am going to enjoy this.” Naruto started to speed up his thrust as Ayame matched his speed by bobbing his head back and fourth Naruto then undid her bra to expose her pair of relatively large breast.

Naruto grabbed her breast and started to fondle them causing Ayame to moan in pleasure Naruto shouted “OH AYAME I AM COMING.” Naruto gave one last thrust as he released his seed into her mouth. After Naruto pulled out Ayame was panting from exhaustion at this point. Naruto started to pet her saying “Oh my dear Ayame don't pass out from exhaustion just yet we are just getting started.” Naruto walked over to her legs as he started to rub her sex with his member Ayame let out a gasp begging “Naruto please don't do this or at least let me calm down...” Naruto gave a thrust into Ayame as she shouted “IT HURTS NARUTO IT HURTS.” Naruto smiled and waited a few seconds before he started to thrust his member into Ayame. Ayame started to moan no longer from pain but from pleasure. Naruto smirked and asked “Ayame answer me. Who is your master?” Ayame said between moans “ahh you master... ahh” Naruto smiled and unrestrained Ayame's arms as she shot up and wrapped her arms around Naruto as she started to move her hips to be in sync with Naruto's thrust. Naruto asked “who do you love Ayame?”. The girl shouted “YOU MASTER I LOVE MY MASTER NARUTO.” Naruto smirked and said “I guess I should reward you then.” Naruto started to thrust in Ayame faster and faster as Ayame shouted “MASTER I'M COMING.” Naruto responded by saying “I'm coming too Ayame get ready for your masters seed inside you.” Naruto gave one last thrust as he released himself inside her. Once Naruto pulled out Ayame was laying on the table panting heavily trying to calm down from the orgasm, Naruto stood triumphantly over her saying to himself “I'm just getting started.”

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