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Chapter 1: The Beastmaster and the Witch



A/N: So, this is the first chapter. I already mentioned it’s my first try, so I may have mistakes. Please be kind about that part.

I immensely influenced by mattwilson83’s picture, which I gave at the beginning.

The chapter is too long, +4400 words. I’ll try to lessen it up for the next chapters.


Tags: Anthro, Domination, Rough Sex, Impregnation, Spank (Slightly).


Once upon a time, there was a great kingdom. Rich, powerful and full of fertile lands with forests, rivers and mountains. It was the Kingdom of Konoha. Everyone is happy and healthy, with strong armies protecting them, what can someone ask for more?

Well, there is one thing…

Hinata Hyuga. The Cosmic Witch of the East. But she is not a typical witch; she always creates trouble to those higher-ups, creating edible cotton candy monsters out of royal kitchens for children, or confusing mindless reptilians to attack each other, further entertaining people, especially children.

Even this powerful witch has agreed to terms that she is not to harm anything unless she is being attacked, although she creates some “entertainment” for fun.

Until one day…

“I’m so bored!” Cladded in a black yukata and fingerless long gloves, the white-eyed witch was sitting in her throne at her isolated far eastern style castle. For several days, she was waiting for a special guest, but he was late. Again.

Not longer after, a royal messenger came in a hurry. “What now?”

“Lady Hinata!” He seemed like he was just out of a battle, beaten armor and helm, with a broken shield in his back. “A 2 meters tall human-like creature has just started to cause havoc! It has orange hide and he is big! Nothing could past his hide, not even magic! We barely scratched him, and every wound were immediately healed just after we inflicted them!  To top that all, he destroys our walls with his bare fists! Please lend your help!”

“Naruto again?” She sighed and stood up. “Well, lead the way.” She knew who that creature was.

He was the late guest.


Naruto, the famous beastmaster, residing in the outer huge forests of Konoha (not far from Hinata’s castle), was, again, enraged by the acts of some lumberers, attacked the village. He crushed a hut, destroyed a stone wall, frightened werewolf soldiers and easily overpowered reptilian guards.

“Rrraaaggh!” With a violent roar, he crushed three shielded guardians with his right orange-furry monster fist and send them flying into the rubbles of a wall. He was now in his full beast mode, a 2 meters tall orange human-like fox with long ears, deadly claws and a white-tipped tail. Sometimes he stood on his foxy foot, sometimes stood akin to that of foxes.

“Fufufu…” When Hinata, his beloved witch, arrived in the scene, he was beating up a resurrected giant golden golem summoned by the desperate mages of the kingdom with his bare furry fists. “Enough.” She signaled everyone to back off. “Enjoying yourself again, huh?..” She directly went to him, placing her hand on his fox head and gently caressed him.

“Grr…” He was still furious, but his beauty’s ministrations were already soothing him. Not long after, he stood and returned to his human form.

“Hm…” Hinata liked his every form. Now, he was wearing only knee length torn-up pants, displaying his sweaty muscles in all his glory. Still red in anger, his tan skin was slightly covered in dirt. His long blonde hair, dampened from excessive fighting. Nevertheless, he was hot, as always.

Hot enough to share her bed. As usual.

“I’m tired,” Of course she was not. “Can you please,” She ran her a bit long nailed delicate fingers across his broad shoulders. “Carry me to our bedroom?” Whispered to his whiskered cheek, tempting him with the thoughts of desirable things they could do in their private castle.

“Hm…” He groaned with his eyes closed, imagining how their warm bodies can be attached to each other. “Gladly.” He took his half-beast form; his forearms and foot were fully and clawed, and his foot were now slightly bigger than normal. He sprouted his big and fluffy tail and fox ears, teeth turned into fangs and blue eyes are now slitted crimson ones. With taking this form, he stood all on fours and allowed Hinata to sit on his shoulder. Then, she placed a spiky black leather collar around his throat to make sure she won’t fall during the ride, and Naruto started to run, faster than any known fastest animal.

“Incredible…” Everyone was now in awe. The witch has just tamed the beast barely with her words. Unbeknownst to them, however, the duo have already known each other for months now, and started to live in their fantasies for three weeks.


Seeing how he hurried to their place, Hinata was amused. She could feel constantly flexing of his back muscles under her butt, since she was wearing a thin but opaque yukata. To feel his hard muscles better, she sometimes arched her hips a bit to rub her panty covered moist nether region against his back muscles. Oh, how she wanted to just shred her underwear to feel his skin. One hand keeping the leash of his collar, and the other ventured over his inhumanly powerful upper body. Feeling his big, tight biceps, shoulders and upper chest further made her horny.

Just seeing, touching his tan skin was enough to made her crave for him. Though, Naruto didn’t seem to mind her sultry ministrations. On the contrary, feeling her tender hand wandering across his naked skin, and her butt and panty cladded moist womanhood on his back gave him an erection, threatening to just shred his pants.

“We’re here, my queen.” Instead of entering the castles through locked doors, he basically leapt to the 4th and the upmost floor’s balcony, with Hinata tightly holding his leash to prevent herself from falling.

“Wow!” That was very exciting for her. She got off his back and padded on her bare feet to her king size bed, slowly lowering her black yukata to her wait while her arms still in it, showing a glimpse of her tight butt.

“Hm~” Seeing her sexy back made his pants extremely tight, though he’d never shown an attempt to hide his boner, even in a single bit. Standing fully upright like an obedient soldier, he watched her until she was in her bed. He constantly fisted his hand to suppress his aching groin. “You are so hot ‘tebayo…” Whispered hastily while flailing his tail, showing he could barely hold back himself.

To top it all, she took off her bandages around her breasts with magic, showing her nude upper back fully.

Then, she dropped everything to her feet, now fully naked, still turning her back to him.

“Oh…” This was it for Naruto. They didn’t get laid for days, and now she was teasing him just by showing her body. He walked in a nearly slow pace behind her, placing his black clawed big orange furry hand on her beautiful ass, slowly caressing her supple butt cheeks while lowering his head to lick her nape. He was nearly 2 meters tall after all, with this big muscled body, he was like a walking wall for her. “I need to mate.” He whispered hastily to her ear, hot breath tickling her ear and cheek. Everything about her was a turn on for him. As much as he loves her, he couldn’t deny that her body was as attractive as her personality. She doesn’t have excess weight, nor she was slim.

She was enough.

“Well,” While it was erotic for her, she still kept her desires at bay and turned to him, now her nude front was in full display to him. “Take a bath first, my male. As much as I’d love to take that big cock of yours inside me,” Grabbed his dick through his pants to emphasize, gaining a light moan from him by squeezing it. “And lick and touch those sweaty rocky muscles,” Ran her other hand across his big chest and chiseled abs. “You’re covered in dirt. Take me, when you finish.” Then, she threw herself backwards to her bed, laying her head on her big soft white pillows. “Plus, you look like a sexy savage male beast whenever you take a bath.” She closed her eyes, and spread her legs apart from each other to show him her perfectly closed pink pussy, which was already dripping from just the thought of him being freshly showered. “And take those stupid pants out.” She brought her fingers to her womanhood, rubbing her clit and lower lips in medium pace while looking at him with dazed eyes.

“Hm…” He groaned to all those sultry compliments and her masturbation while looking to him with those eyes. Without wasting any second, he took off his pants, releasing his aching hard steel weapon pointing directly at her. He was cut, and the head was an angry red, veins covered his proud large member. From his navel to the base of his cock, yellow-orange mix of small hair was present, further gave the anthro a real stud look.

“Oh…” And the handsome stud view, the thought of those muscular arms around her, his big chest against her, hot skin to skin contact gave her a mini orgasm. While she was pleasuring herself, he turned his back and walked straight into the shower, his tail slightly flailing behind him.


He kept it short, and returned to the room. His blond hair, orange furry fox ears, tail and limbs looked a bit damp and soft, his chiseled manly body clean and there were droplets all over him. His rock hard member, never softened in a bit, was in desperate need of attention.

“You look hot.” Hinata licked her lips, couldn’t wait any longer. She was still in her bed in the same position as before.

“You too.” Gave a harsh breath to keep his lust under control, but failed. Without any wait, he walked to the bed and climbed, placing his body between her tight legs and his clawed furry hands next to each side of her head and crawled over head, sealing their lips at last. At first, it was just a connection of their lips, but quickly turned into a sloppy one, kissing each other’s lips randomly, then dashed their tongues out.

“Ah~” Their hot breath brushed against their face as their tongues wrestled. She tried to move her hands to his head, but his furry hands grasped them and put them next to either side of her head. Clawed orange furry fingers intertwined with her dark colored long nail fingers, his firm butt hips pressed to hers, his long and hot hard cock was placed over her warm moist crotch.

“Hah…” Even though they were out of breath, they never ceased their kiss. Their tongues still dancing over each other while their lips were sometimes kissing each other, sometimes separate to breath in air. However, they were always touching to each other. Their saliva mixed and dripping into their mouths, their sweet, yet bitter taste filling them with a renewed lust. Their chest, rising and falling rapidly from breathing, were touching to each other.

“Ah…” He thrusted his aching cock over her womanhood, giving some relief to them. Her fluids covered his steel meat and testicles, further driving him insane. With his body totally covering hers, from upview she seemed as though she disappeared under him. He placed his forehead over atop of hers, looking to her beautiful face covered in lust for him as he started to thrust over her sensitive watery area, teasing and relieving both of them at the same time.

“Ah, Naruto.” When he finally released her hands, she placed them around his body, dark nails digging into his muscled meaty back, feeling his muscles tense at first, then slightly relaxed even though she was nearly scratching him. He was basically fucking outerside of her pussy, making her crave for that monster to be inside, but at the same time, feeling intense pleasure from overstimulation of her clit and nether regions via his cock. Her lustful moans were music to his ears, were a proof that she was enjoying everything he does. She was enjoying him, and he was so happy to pleasure her with his body. It signaled him that he was the true and only male for her.

She was all his. She was a powerful witch feared by everyone, yet she was a moaning mess under him.

“Hina, you’re so hot –tebayo.” He increased his pace, making her fluids to gush over his pre-cum dripping veiny fucktool. “Hah…” His hands went to big breasts, black clawed furry fingers constantly playing with and squeezing them and the pink nipples. They were soft, but not fragile. “Mh~” As he couldn’t place his mouth over them due to his over-height, he was just enjoying touching them. He placed his orange palms over her nipples, pushing her breasts down while his black clawed furry fingers squeezed them. “I love your big, soft tits.” He breathed heavily over her face, and when she opened her eyes a bit, their gaze connected and locked with a thrust of his hips. “I love the feeling of your velvety watery womanhood over my cock.” He thrusted again, increasing her moans. “I love your soft body touching to me, being under my body.” He thrusted again. “I love your dirty moans for me.” Again and again, he thrusted.

“Ah! Naruto!” With his rapid thrusts and squeezing her breasts and pinching her nipples, his words brought her to an orgasm. “Ah!” Eyes tightly closed and toned light hands and legs wrapped around his manly anthro frame, her snatch basically exploded like a geyser, covering his cock and pelvic in hot woman liquid, dripping to his thick thighs and the back of his knees.

“You’re so sexy ‘tebayo.” He watched his queen tremble in intense pleasure, cock still over her gushing entrance. Even when she was still haing orgasm, he didn’t stop his thrusts, only slowed his speed but increased his cock’s weight over her pussy to prolong and increase the intensity of orgasm. Seeing her eyes shut down, mouth opened to cry his name and feminine body in sweat, with her warm liquid continuing to cover his hot rod and her entrance lips attached the underside of it, a hot wave of intense feeling rushed down to his pelvic, but he succeeded at keeping his end at bay.

And he withdrew his cock, giving her some space to collect her breath.

“Ah, that was…” She whispered in heavy breaths as her eyes slowly opened, but never fully. “Great.”

“But not the end.” He whispered back at her face, hot breath caressing her while one of his hands went to her breasts and played with them at a medium pace. Hot steel ramrod touching to her nether lips, the two sexes wet with her juice. “You ready?” He was a bit concerned, even though he knew she was more than ready for him.

“Yes.” The lust driven witch was yearning for her male to mate, if we were to talk in his tongue. “Just be gentle at first.” Even though this was not the first time, it felt like it every time they did it due to him being larger and stronger in all aspects. His proud male member was far bigger abd thicker than that of normal level, and his stamina was so high that it always seemed like he neer exhausts from having sex with her.

Nevertheless, it always felt great to be with him. To cuddle him, to feel him inside, to be with him alone in this castle, in this room, in this bed…

“I will.” He gladly accepted her request with a kiss to her head, which relaxed her. Hearts pounding for the final moment, eye connection locked, he re-adjusted himself in between her legs, his feral looking thin lips touched to her temple, one of his furry hands aligned his manhood to her entrance. His manly body lowered to her feminine one, his breath on her ear, his other hands around her again, making her feel secure and small.

He dragged one hand to the back of her head, keeping her head to his muscular tan chest, while the other slowly caressed the small of her back. And without a warning, he entered just the tip of his sturdy man meat inside her.

“Oh.” Even that made them feel good, although not enough. Naruto slightly moved his hips back a bit, then thrusted again while looking at her with a feral look, pointed teeth clenched. She was so tight, it was nearly impossible for him to enter. With each thrust, he entered more of his cock inside her, tight velvety walls clenching around him. “Fuck, you’re so tight!”

“And you’re so big!” Even though he managed to enter half of his tool, she felt so full and stretched. Her long nailed hands scratched his back, her legs locked around his waist, moving him inside her a bit.

“Oh.” He retreated his hips, just the bulbuous head remained inside. “Ah.” He closed his eyes as he re-entered her at a medium pace, feeling her tight walls massaging his large hard meat. Hands placed on either side of her smaller frame, claws digging into white sheets. With a few thrusts, he managed to enter almost all of the length inside her.

“Ah!” She felt stretched beyond her limits, she felt he’s pushing her uterus. “God, Naruto.” Hands clenching his back, big tits squished against his big chest, she felt deep pleasure mixed with some pain. When he started to fuck her pussy at a slow pace, she threw her head back and arched her back, connecting their upper body.

“You feel good?” He asked while holding his lust at bay. He wanted to just forget everything and pound her so good that she cannot walk straight for a week. He wanted to just pound her so hard that both of them unload their insides. He wanted to pound her so hard that she’ll end up being knocked up.

“So good~” She looked to his lust driven eyes with the equal gaze and a smile. A true smile for a pleasured woman. “Fuck me, like the wild beast you are.” Her hands were roaming all over his muscular chest, stomach, back and shoulders, and arms. As much as his cock slowly fucking her pussy was mind blowing, his male anthro body was equally arousing, along with his dominating wild male animal nature. Not to mention they didn’t have sex for several days, nor she had masturbated.

“You sure?” He looked concerned, yet excited. His already rock hard stick enlarged again, if that’s possible, and twitched, dripping precum inside her. And the frequently overtight spasming pussy didn’t help it. Or, in this case, helped a lot.

“More than sure, babe.” She dragged her hands from the sides of his toned abs to his firm delicious butts, squeezing and pushing them to her, which resulted in taking more of his dick. “Ah, just fuck me with that big dick. I want your manly body conquer me.” Her walls clenched at this thought.

“Ah!” He nearly came right there, but managed to hold off. With her hands playing with his butt, he further aroused, tail flailing like an excited dog. “I will,” He backed his hips slightly, placing one of his foxy beast hands over her melons, pinching and playing with them, the other keeping him up. “Gladly,” He thrusted hard inside her, his pointed teeth and her pussy walls clenched very hard. “Fuck,” He backed again. “You!” And thrusted in again.

“Ah!” She came again while throwing her head back with a wail, since her days of fantasies about him came true. “Yes!” She started to breath heavily from her mouth, smiled with utter satisfaction with her eyes closed and unfocused, her nails dug into the tough skin of his muscle butt. However, he hadn’t slowed even in a bit.

“Oh, so good ‘tebayo!” With her body clinging to him, and her pussy grasping him deathly, his thrusts became more and more frenzy. He started to fuck her with a new vigour, placing his big furry hands on either side of her waist, basically holding and fucking her as if she’s his fuck toy of good quality. “Fuck, you’re so damn hot and tight!” He looked at her with a feral look, breaths heavy and chest rising and falling rapidly, like hers. “You’re only mine!” He added with a harsh thrust and a slap to her tight ass, which excited them further.

“Yes!” She clung to his broad shoulders for support. “I only belong to you!” She howled between his rapid and rough thrusts. “This pussy is eager to please your big cock!” In each thrust, he always hit her pleasure points. “Just own me! Turn this witch into your bitch!” She couldn’t able to relax from her last orgasm. This, along with his harsh and fast thrusts and his hot hands squeezing and slappig her ass, made her so sensitive that she immediately came again and again, which made her body shook each time.

“Damn!” Her eagerness to submit her body to his desires drove him even more, he fucked her tight channel with rapid thrusts. “Fuck, I’m gonna…” The vice velvety wet grip around his member, and the thought of dominating and making her orgasm, felt so good. He needed release everything he had.

“Me too!” She breathed heavily, eyes closed from intense feeling in her guts. “Cum inside!” Her nice pussy was trying to milk his big shaft, her womb was aching for hit hot seed. Her body wanted to belong to him, which already belongs. Wanted to give him children of their own.

“What?” He was surprised at the sudden bold order. “It will make you-“ He gritted his teeth and tried to tell in between his thrusts. Even though the thought of impregnating her with his children was hot, he couldn’t do that if she wasn’t ready.

“I know!” She grasped hig big biceps. “I’m ready, I want to give you a little pack of cubs of our own! Just release inside!” Her legs locked again around his waist.

“As you wish! Gnh!” He groaned through gritted teeth, keeping himself at the edge, waiting for her to cum first. He was still keeping hold of her waist, clawed thumbs on her stomach while other fingers are on her waist. He was pumping her very hard, pushing her uterus up and her walls aside each time he entered her.

“Naruto!” The feeling of being penetrated beyond her limit, his hot large rod stretching her tight tunnel and his warm muscular body keeping her under him was too much for her. Already in the daze of her last orgasm, she came like a fountain again after his several fast thrusts. “Ah!” She threw her head back with a blissful cry, and arched her back which squished their torso against each other.

“Ah!” After one or two seconds, he hold her tight from her waist and buried himself  to the hilt and stayed still for a sec with his eyes tightly closed and his teeth clenched, feeling her already tight walls getting even tighter and milking him through her release. “Oh!” Then, he came with a wild roar, arching his back and releasing huge amounts of cum inside her while keeping her at her place by holding her hips. With each spurt, he withdrew and re-entered her, her pussy sucking him in and everything he offered. His furry hands felt every part of her firm butts, squeezing them as he came. With the feeling of her liquid constantly coating him, her firm  butts and tight tunnel around his hard member prolonged his orgasm as he continued to thrust.

“Oh…” Her mind was literally blown to the heavens. She felt his torrent of thick warm cum constantly filling her, which she was full to the brim already. His never ending thrusts and manly hot seed seemingly prevented her orgasm to end, with his hands harshly squeezing her ass and his animalistic moans added to intense pleasure. She felt so good, yet so exhausted but never minded it. She was full of his cock and sperm, even if she was not exhausted, he wouldn’t let her go.

He basically owned her. This was not just sex for him, it was a mating session.

His humps slowed down, as was his torrent of jizz. And at long last, their release had ended

“Ah…” Finally, his release ended, but his still rock hard cock remained inside her. His anthro body was sweaty, dripping to her also sweaty body.

“How was it, my man?” She whispered with an exhausted smile to his face. Her hands wrapped around his thick neck, while her legs were still around his waist. She could feel his hot baby-making seed in her stomach, his hard member in her body.

“You asking me?” He smirked to the woman under his body.

“Why? You’re still rock hard.” She was trying to hide her anxiety behind a smirk. He managed to bring her several orgasms in only one round of sex, but she could make him cum only one time. She felt as if she was not satisfying for him.

“It’s always wonderful to mate with you, my queen.” He immediately detected her doubts and kissed her head passionately, with his white-tipped orange tail slowly flung behind him. “You know,” His strong arms wrapped around her back and waist while he’s still inside her, preventing their mixed cum ooze off. “It’s just that my stamina is high, it takes more than one round to beat me.” Added with a wink, which earned him a smile from her. “You should’ve learned that by now.” Ended with a small laugh.

“Well,” The monster inside her made her horny again. “I should just use my magic to refill my energy, otherwise I cannot compete with you.”

“Sounds good for me.” He straightened up on his knees. His rock hard member still inside her, and he placed his beast hands over her thighs, massaging every part of them. “Besides, I still have to make sure you’re pregnant.” His cock inside her twitched, and her walls spasmed again.

“Then, what’re you waiting for?” She used her powers to regain her strength. Again, she was aroused to the limit. Having unprotected sex with her loyal mate was an utterly blissful feeling, she gladly accepted him as her life already. And his children. Their children.

With a lustful grin, he held her hips again and started to pump inside her, eliciting moans from both of them.


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