Hot Springs & Gloryholes

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Sakura & Ino


            Kiba was without Akamaru, which left his spirits somewhat dampened.  Fortunately, companionship could be found with Naruto, who had offered to spend the day with the Inuzuka, as neither of them had much to do but wait for reports of Akatsuki or do crappy, humiliating, poor-paying jobs around town.  Normally, Naruto would be pestering Tsunade for information, but she insisted that there was nothing to divulge; for the moment, Konoha knew some peace.  And so, the two most rambunctious ninja spent the day eating, exploring the vast forests around Konoha – which turned into a race when their competitive nature kicked in – ate some more, and decided to end the day with a visit to the Konoha hot springs.

            “We haven’t been here for a while,” mused Kiba, referring to himself and Akamaru, while wrapping a towel around his waist.

            Naruto nodded, thinking that Kiba hardly went to any bathing area since he always had the strong musk of a dog about him.  “Ero-sennin took me to all sorts of hot springs during my training,” he announced, “but this one’s always been the best.  Nothing can beat Konoha’s outdoor springs!”

            Snickering with a fanged smirk, Kiba agreed.  He threw open the sliding door leading to the springs, enjoying the cloud of comfortable steam that greeted him.  He didn’t even need to look around to know that there was no one else present, even in the women’s side.  All for the better, he thought before dashing forward and leaping into the water with a ‘Yahoo!’  Naruto chased after him and leapt; both of them wound up howling in pain when they landed hard on their asses in the deceptively shallow water.


            With a sigh, Sakura closed her medical book; she was halfway through and was expected to read the other half by tomorrow.  Her master had instructed her to read and reread that book until she had memorized it and could employ those techniques in her medical jutsu.  A war was brewing, she had been warned, and the healers were crucial to this confrontation that would sweep up all nations of the ninja world.

            However, breaks in learning were also important to keep the body in tiptop condition.  And for the early evening, she planned to visit the hot springs with Ino – the one who suggested that they enjoy the onsen today.  With Konoha rebuilt after Pain’s ruthless attack, having a hot springs at all was a privilege that just couldn’t be passed up.

            Saying goodbye to Shizune, who was staggering with a boatload of paperwork for Tsunade, Sakura took off.  She let her hair down from the tight ponytail; she kept it like that to keep her hair out of her eyes while reading.  Lazily, she stepped out into the fresh air and stretched her arms above her head with a gratifying groan.

            “Sakura~!” called Ino from further down the road, waving her hand over her head.  She had come at just the right time to catch Sakura heading out from studying.  Sakura smiled and hurried over to her blond friend.  They greeted each other casually, but Ino didn’t want to waste any time beating around the bush.  “C’mon, the hot springs are waiting,” she declared, nudging Sakura in the direction of the outdoor bathhouse.

            Sakura smiled slightly with a nod.  “Just the two of us?” she asked.  “Temari-san is visiting, and Hinata-san should be around somewhere.”  Tenten was off with Neji training, so Sakura didn’t mention her; she wouldn’t say it out loud, but she had a sneaking suspicion that the two were likely romantically – if not strictly intimately – involved.

            Shrugging aloofly, Ino said, “It’ll take too long to track them down.  Besides, I’m sure Temari is spending time with Shikamaru.  And Hinata probably training with her sister.”  Sakura could’ve insisted on more company, but she did prefer not to be crowded.

            “Alright,” she said cheerfully.  “Let’s go!”

            “That’s the spirit!” Ino vibrantly agreed.  With not a moment spent dawdling, she urged Sakura onward with nudges to the small of her back.  The indoor bathhouse was nearer, but it was normally crowded with older women by this time; outdoors, it gave the two teens a fresher perspective and more privacy.

            When they were within the shack where they could safely undress, Ino was ecstatic.  It had been so long since she relaxed in the springs, particularly after her sensei’s murder, and spending time with a close friend felt relieving.  Much quicker than the pink-haired shinobi, Ino disrobed unabashedly; she either didn’t notice or didn’t mind when Sakura stared enviously at her high C-cup breasts, comparing them to her own barely-B-cups.  How could Ino have filled out better than her, Sakura pondered?  Their diets weren’t different, and having a large forehead, Sakura wished that other parts of her could’ve been more proportionate.  It only would’ve been fair of the fates!

            “This is just what I need,” mused Ino with a sigh of relief as she brought a towel around her to loosely cover up her nude body.  She winked at Sakura.  “And it looks like you need a break, too.  You look so haggard from being overworked.”

            Sakura’s eye twitched in annoyance at Ino’s analysis and choice of words.  However, she would not be suckered into an argument with her friend/rival.  Smoothly, she covered herself up and stepped into the hot vapors of the springs.  She glanced around, surprised that they were alone.  The need to cover up suddenly seemed redundant, as she and Ino had bathed together before when they were younger; perhaps now, Sakura had a bit more to be self-conscious about other than her forehead.

            “We’re alone?” Ino declared jovially.  She marched forward, checking to make sure that there was no one else in the whole area.  The men’s side even sounded quiet, which provoked her wide smile.  “Not a single person is here.”

            Sakura nodded, but gasped once the towel around Ino came undone and pooled around her feet.  “Ino, what are you doing?” exclaimed Sakura with a modest blush.  True, they were just naked with each other in the room, but Ino didn’t have to be so impulsive about throwing her towel off!

            “Why should we spoil this by wearing a towel?” explained Ino as she marched briskly to the water.  When she was waist-deep, she sat down and cooed pleasantly.  She turned around so that she could cross her arms and rest her head on them at the edge of the basin.  Dreamily, she glanced over at Sakura and asked, “Aren’t you coming in?”

            Rolling her eyes, she reached for the tucked-in corner of her towel.  Why not?  There wasn’t anyone around, and it was unlikely for anyone to show up.  The pink towel slipped slowly from her body.


            “See?  I told you girls were here now,” said Kiba in a hushed voice, pulling his ear from the wooden fence dividing the men’s side from the women’s.  He grinned at Naruto, who had the side of his face flush with the wall.  Irritably, Naruto flagged him to be quiet.

            “I think that’s Sakura-chan,” he whispered, a trace of red appearing across his nose.

            Kiba confirmed it with a nod after taking a deep whiff of the air, catching her faint scent through the small gaps in the wall.  “Ino, too,” he added before pressing his ear against the divider again.  He could hear a muffled conversation of nothing that really interested him.  However, while so close to the wall, he noticed small gaps between the planks.  Too stunned to immediately inform Naruto, he quickly jumped to the widest one and peered through it.  When he breathlessly said that he could see, it became a shoving contest between him and an equally-excited Naruto.


            “This really is nice,” purred Sakura, resting her cheek on her folded arms as she rested against the shore.  She gazed over at Ino with a quaint smile.  “Thanks for suggesting this, Ino.”

            Ino chuckled and picked herself up ever so slightly, her cleavage somewhat exposed to the unnoticed peeping toms.  “I told you: you need a break.  You’ve worked yourself too hard.  You need some time to relax to develop.”

            Sakura narrowed her eyes.  Was that a crack at her feminine wiles?  If it was, she just looked away, muttering, “If slacking off creates development, I see that you’ve been slacking off since becoming a ninja.”

            The comment made Ino laugh.  “Forehead-chan,” she teasingly sang.  She suddenly sat up, her heavy breasts bouncing slightly from the abrupt movement; she didn’t hear the sudden exclamation from behind the wall, the thud of a startled Naruto’s head against the divider, or the small squirt of blood through the cracks of the fence that came from the peepers’ noses.  Her hands came up to support her bosom.  “Don’t tell me you’re jealous of my chest?”

            “No,” retorted Sakura defensively, though she wasn’t being honest.  She hated that Ino was being so brash and shameless.  Scoffing and turning away, Sakura said, “You’re so obnoxious, Ino-pig.”


            “Did you know that they were naked?!”

            Kiba shook his head, saying that he couldn’t discern whether or not people were wearing clothes unless he concentrated on it.  Both of the boys wiped the blood from their upper lips and went straight for a peephole, not wanting to fight over the same one again; neither wanted to waste time arguing when they could see one of the best-stacked girls of their age standing naked in the hot springs.  Already, both of their towels were tenting in the front; Naruto blindly reached to his waist to make sure that his towel wasn’t going to come undone.  While he was deeply infatuated with Sakura, seeing the busty blonde beauty standing in thigh-high water was a sight to behold and make his mouth water.


            Forcing Sakura to roll over on her back, Ino knelt in close, trapping her friend in between her cradling arms.  Sakura’s breathing became uneven when the breasts of Ino slowly settled against her smaller ones.  Her stiff nipples tingled when they lightly brushed against Ino’s.  What the heck was Ino thinking?!  But it quickly became clear just what Ino had in store for this trip to the bathhouse.  Her mouth hovered over Sakura’s, and she whispered in a smooth voice, “There’s no reason to act like a kid, Sakura.  Let’s just have some fun.”

            Had she planned this all along?

            A hand trekked up to cup Sakura’s bosom and felt the heart racing behind her ribcage.  Their lips were joined then, but Sakura couldn’t remember if she had been the one to connect them or not.  Admittedly, she was rather new to the whole aspect of kissing.  One night, Tsunade-sama – drunk and disorderly – had kissed her, though it was all a misunderstanding.  And as for her virginity…  Well, a bit of self-sexual exploration went too far, and the silicon phallus she had embarrassingly acquired sank much deeper than she had intended.  It wasn’t exactly the ‘first time’ she had envisioned, but Ino had told her that losing her virginity was downright awful; Shikamaru hardly showed any passion when they coupled, letting her ride him while he just lay there, looking like he would doze off in a matter of seconds.  He didn’t last long, and to say that she was satisfied in the slightest in any aspect of the experience would be a downright lie.

            Sakura’s tongue nuzzled with Ino’s when it intruded.  Ino wasn’t shy when it came to exploring the body of her childhood friend, as her hands began roaming.  She squeezed Sakura’s smaller bust, tweaking her nipples until Tsunade’s apprentice whined against her mouth.  Chuckling wickedly, Ino pulled back so that both she and Sakura could watch as her hand slid further down, underneath the surface of the water.  Weakly, Sakura tried to tell her not to, but her thighs were already spreading to tempt Ino’s hand to her nether lips.  Ino leered lustfully, musing at the soft feel of trimmed curls above the sensitive folds that made Sakura go weak in the knees as Ino prodded.

            Sakura looked away and bit her lip, afraid of what she might say if she didn’t keep her mouth clamped shut.  Already, arousal had made her become uncomfortably warm, and the added temperature of the hot springs was not helping her judgment.  She really didn’t want to mewl for mercy, whether it be pleas for Ino to stop or gasps for her to continue.  She felt a finger creep within her, invading the passage that only she had dabbled in before.

            “It’s a shame you’ve never had a man in here,” Ino pressed while wriggling her middle finger inside Sakura and forcing her thumb against Sakura’s erect clit.  The girl whined and instinctively started to roll her hips into her friend’s hand.  Quietly, Ino insisted that Sakura give in, and then bowed her head just enough for her lips to capture the tantalizingly pink nipple of Sakura’s left beast.  After nipping at the bud, she sealed her mouth around it and began to suckle, all the while pushing her finger in and out of Sakura.


            Naruto’s nose had stopped bleeding.  The initial lust had now collected in his southern parts, pushing out against his towel.  He wasn’t entirely sure what the girls had been saying, but he knew something steamy was going on in those placid waters.  He could’ve sworn that he saw Ino dip down to kiss Sakura’s chest, but those damned vapors obscured his view.  “Dammit,” he cursed as quietly as he could, holding back his strength as he pounded his fist against the dividing wall in frustration.  “Kiba, are they doing what I think they’re doing?”  When Kiba didn’t answer, Naruto turned to him with a scowl that immediately faded away.

            Kiba had been diligently working on using his ‘Beast Mimicry’ to claw a sufficient hole in the wood wall; it was a bit too low to be a peephole, and Naruto pointed that out.  Kiba only shot him an annoyed look and went back to work.  When he was asked what he was up to, he said excitedly, “Didn’t you hear?  Sakura’s never been with a guy before!  Do you get it?  This could be your chance, Naruto!  If you ever wanted to get with Sakura, anonymously or not, this is your chance to do it before Sasuke or anyone else ever gets the chance!  Didn’t that perverted Sennin teach you about ‘gloryholes’?”  Surely, the Frog Hermit had used more than a few in his time, but Naruto was oblivious to it.  Jiraiya luckily kept his perverted nature in check until Naruto was asleep.

            On board with the idea – after it was quickly explained to him – Naruto managed his chakra properly and formed a tiny Rasengan on his fingertip.  It made a sharp crack that oddly went unnoticed by the two girls still caressing one another.  Another Rasengan had to be used to make the hole big enough for his own girth to push through; rough wood and sensitive parts were not a pleasant mix.

            Both boys sat back to observe their respective holes.  A bit crude – particularly Kiba’s handcrafted hole – but they would get the job done well.  They swallowed hard and took a moment of reflection, knowing that there would be no turning back when they took the initiative.  They both knew that if the girls did not react favorably to their ‘presentation’, above all else, they’d have to outrun a rampaging Sakura, who’d likely use her monstrous strength to dismember the parts that offended her so.

            Kiba and Naruto peered through their holes to gander at the girls one more time.  Thanks to his sense of smell, Kiba could confirm that their chances of being consented to weren’t so bad.

            “How do you think we should get them over here, ‘tebayo?” Naruto inquired, his anxiousness showing in his bright eyes.  He could think of a few ways himself.


            Ino had since completely removed herself from the springs and successfully coaxed Sakura into being adventurous.  She sat on the edge of the onsen, her left leg drawn up until her knee was against her swollen breast, opening her apex and granting the nervous pink-headed girl access to drift towards the slit.  Sakura gulped, her bottom lip quivering while her anxious fingers grazed along the insides of Ino’s plump thighs.

            Her mouth was inches from Ino’s snatch when she hesitated.  Though she’d one minor experience with a woman – the kiss from her drunken master – this was a step much further than a sloppy mingling of lips.  It was then that she felt a hand drift into her hair, exposing more of her brow than she was comfortable with.  “Well, forehead girl?  Don’t tell me you’ve got cold feet now.”

            Sakura wasn’t quite sure how her mouth got to Ino – whether by her own will or Ino’s hand urging her forward – but she experienced her childhood friend’s nether parts in the next instant.  She whimpered a little first, mewling out the final traces of objection, before she attempted to eat Ino out.  While new at it, she was aware of what she herself liked – in a matter of roaming fingers, of course – and had a vague sense of what to do.  She lightly kissed the outer folds before boldly pressing her tongue out against the entrance.  In response, she heard Ino coo with approval.

            The sultry string of ensuing moans, rising in a crescendo…

            It was too much for Kiba and Naruto to bear.  The sight was enough to stimulate them near-orgasm; adding the actual sounds of pleasure made them more excited and less cautious.  The two began to make random noises in a joint effort to gain some attention.  It wasn’t until Naruto finally whistled when Ino suddenly became aware that they were not alone at the onsen; just as likely, they were probably also caught.

            “Wait,” she gasped at Sakura, nudging her face away.  Sakura was hazy and wasn’t quite sure what was happening.  She looked in the direction Ino had turned, and after a moment of peering through the hot springs’ steam, she saw the twin holes, not too far apart from each other.  And it may have just been the fog, but were those eyes in those holes?!

            Peeping toms!  She almost shrieked, and threw her arms over her chest.  She could almost die from the mortification.  She imagined the gossip or even blackmail in store for her by, not one, but two perverts!  Because of this sexual experiment, had she just earned the label of ‘lesbian’?!

            Ino didn’t care; she’d proudly admit to being a lesbian even if she was bisexual.  She was always the more proud of the two.  And as such, she felt not a bit embarrassed standing up and facing the fence.  With her front on full display, she approached the two holes and knelt down in front of them.  The ones on the other side had quickly taken away from their peepholes; at the very least, they didn’t want her to know who had been spying on her and Sakura.  Well, she could try to coax some bravery from the two cowards.

            “Those holes are pretty big,” she harped while tracing a finger around the rim of the smoother hole.

            Naruto and Kiba both held their breaths as they pressed their backs against the divider; Kiba had warned his friend before they took this plunge to remember not to give away who they were, for if this didn’t work, they would forever by dubbed the ultimate perverts of the village.  Jiraiya could proudly wear such a title, but these teens held a bit more dignity than that.

            “Don’t be shy,” Ino sang before slipping her finger into the hole and curling it in a ‘come hither’ fashion.  “Come on, let’s see what you got.  You were brave enough to spy on us.  Don’t turn shy now.”

            Nervously, Naruto looked to Kiba, and Kiba responded – after swallowing heavily – with an affirming nod.  Both boys let their towels slip from them, gave themselves a look-over to try to boost their confidence, and then positioned themselves.

            Ino gasped and leaned back when a duo of impressive cocks jutted out from the openings.  The one dangling in front of her face was still growing to its full length of seven inches; Naruto was hindered by his anxiety.  The other one – Kiba’s – arched at full mast, a bit shorter than its partner.

            “Ino, what happened…?  Is that…?  Ah!”  It was Sakura coming up from behind, holding up her towel conservatively; she was not sure she had seen right and went to discover what Ino was up to.  Seeing a pair of penises sticking out proudly from the wall shocked her.  Her first, real exposure to the male anatomy… times two!  Her face flushed, and she looked to Ino for an explanation.  She felt that a good thing to do would be to effectively dispatch the two males and report their indecency.  However, youthful and inexperienced curiosity made her want to just stare at the rigid phalluses.

            Sucking on her lips, Sakura forced her gaze to Ino.  She wanted to ask what they should do, but the wicked gleam in those baby-blue eyes conveyed just what she had in mind for these men.  Ino smirked and leaned in a bit closer, filling the space between the penises.  After having been so worked up from her brief encounter with Sakura, it wasn’t difficult at all to make up her mind of what she wanted to do with the cocks presented to her ever.  The seven-incher – Naruto’s cock – was eyed first as it throbbed eagerly and wept from the tip; Kiba’s shorter cock received the initial contact however.  Tossing her head quickly to remove the golden bangs from her right eye, Ino took hold of both dicks; she felt the cock’s owner on the left bang against the wall from the sudden contact, obviously the reaction of a virgin.  The other impatiently pushed his cock through the hollow of her hand, and she could discern that he’d probably known a woman’s touch before.  It wasn’t true, but the Inuzukas were very primal, particularly when it came to rutting.

            “Big boys,” mused Ino loud enough so that the other side could hear.  She wondered if they could see her as well; whether or not they could, she smirked sensually and leaned in towards the left cock.  Her tongue moved out swiftly with a smooth twirl over the smooth helmet, removing the traces of pre-cum and swallowing it down just as quickly.  Above her, she heard Sakura gasp and make some judgmental comments under her breath.  However, if she had truly condemned this immoral act of her best friend, she would’ve surely turned about and let Ino alone; the blonde could tell when her best friend was just feeling curious and left out.  But still, she would have to wait her turn, and Ino welcomed Naruto’s cock into her mouth while her other hand moved gingerly over Kiba’s.

            On the other side of the wall, Naruto was biting his knuckles to keep from making any sounds.  The wet warmth around his cock made him wonder if he had just lost his virginity, but when the touch of a tongue started to massage his length, he realized that he was just getting his very first blowjob!  He felt that he should cheer, but remembered that Kiba warned him not to reveal who they were.  Glancing down at the hole that his cock had disappeared into, he drew back slightly before easing his member back into the blond girl’s mouth, forcing a bit down her throat when she allowed it.  However, when he pushed too hard and too quickly, the wet and comfortable cavern around his penis pulled off of him; he almost wanted to whine.  “Watch it,” snapped Ino from beyond the wall, irritated by the strike to her gag reflex.  Naruto almost slipped and apologized, but luckily Kiba caught him, slapping his hand over Naruto’s mouth and shushing him.

            Ino forgave the hidden boy’s brashness and suckled on him a while longer.  A fine portion of pre-cum was gulped down before she gave the tip a sumptuous kiss and heading over to the other penis.  She didn’t hesitate in taking this one to the back of the throat, glad to see that this one wasn’t going to impulsively try to suffocate her in a quest for more pleasure.  A scratching noise sounded behind the wall, like claws on wood.  The recipient of this blowjob was trying hard to control himself as the blond beauty bobbed back and forth on his dick, expertly slurping at him.  His pre-cum was noticeably saltier than the previous one, but it was still happily drunk down.  In a while, the boy had begun to move his hips in time with her bobbing head, and she found herself wishing that a wall was not separating them so that he may touch her; she loved it when the men played with her tits – which were quite sensitive by this time – while she sucked them off.  Having them mashed against the wooden divider stimulated them a little, but she preferred mauling hands and pinching fingers.

            Ino popped the dick from her mouth, breaking a trail of saliva between her tongue and the tip of the penis, and grinned at Sakura.  The towel covering the medic’s chest had drooped a bit, though still covered everything important, but she was no longer standing, cautiously kneeling next to her blond companion.  Her interest in the penises had grown, but not enough to allow her to approach them… on her own.  Ino felt it her duty to bring Sakura in on the experience.

            Her hand reached out and grabbed Sakura’s wrist and tugged her towards the wall, to the seven-inch penis displayed for her.  To greaten the distance between it and her nose, she tilted backwards and marveled at the significant size.  Was there something that this guy ate or drank that made him so well-endowed?  She swallowed hard, her throat feeling dry and wet at the same time, and watched a new bead of pre-cum drip from the thin slit at the head.  The transparent liquid plopped on the stone ahead of her knees, and that tiny puddle was sure to increase in size soon if something didn’t catch the droplets.

            “Don’t be shy,” she heard Ino purr while taking hold of the other cock, positioning it for her ajar mouth.  As if to show Sakura how it was done, she swirled her tongue around to head before giving a tantalizing lick to remove all traces of pre-cum; it jerked violently in response prior to being devoured.  Sakura had to admit that the boys were missing out on a very erotic sight.  Even she felt her dripping arousal beneath the towel as she watched Ino pleasure the stiff member.

            “But, what if it’s Chouji?” whispered Sakura, not too thrilled of the idea of pleasuring someone who didn’t meet her definition of attractive – which were quite a few men she knew on Konoha.  “Or your dad?”  Given the sizes of these genitals, she couldn’t rule out that they belonged to older men.

            Ino rolled her eyes.  “Dad never comes to the springs unless he’s with everyone else.  And who cares who it is?”  She fondly rubbed the cock in her hand against her cheek, just at the corner of her lips.  “A big cock is a big cock.”  She didn’t waste any more time with words and filled her mouth with the erection, moaning sensually to emphasize her enjoyment of sucking.

            Now Sakura’s nervous gaze turned to the appendage in front of her, lifting upward from the hole.  Why was it so big, her mind screamed again.  She pondered if she would have been less hesitant if it was a more manageable size.  Should she just imitate Ino and try swallowing it?  Wouldn’t it be uncomfortable and make her gag?  She glanced briefly at Ino; she wasn’t having any problems as she moved her head back and forth, licking and nipping when she felt like it.  Her palms pressed onto the fence for support while expertly bobbing.

            Sakura steeled herself, deciding that she wouldn’t appear a coward in front of the bold blonde.  Carefully, she reached her hand up and wrapped her fingers around the penis.  The thickness of it made her jaw clench.  It fit so snugly in the hollow of her hand.  And she was expected to orally please it?  She gulped loudly, her lips shifting nervously.

            Opposite to her feelings and position, Naruto felt his heart racing.  He knew it was Sakura’s hand on him, for it was a more timid touch than Ino’s experienced hand.  To keep from exclaiming her name, he bit his lower lip and tried to find a crevice wide enough in the planks that he could look through to catch just the slightest glimpse of the girl handling his dick.  He heard Ino say something to Sakura, probably something to encourage her, but Naruto didn’t understand with all the buzzing going on in his brain.  Whatever was spoken, however, a moment later, Naruto felt tender lips pressing against the head of his cock.

            Sakura had kissed his cock!  He could almost celebrate, but the best had yet to come.  Her tongue quickly lapped up his pre-cum in a gesture that felt like someone wanted to remove a band-aid and get the pain over as fast as possible.  After a moment, the tongue returned, pressing against the swollen tip experimentally.  His cockhead was slathered with her saliva before the sweet lips returned, this time allowing the shaft into the orifice.  He dropped his forehead against the wall and inhaled sharply, his throat clenching nervously.  Though she had less experience than Ino, Naruto determined that being in Sakura’s mouth was much better simply for the fact that she was his ultimate crush.  Steadily, he began to move his hips into her bobbing head, mimicking the impulsive gyrations of slow sex.

            Next to him, Kiba was glancing down at the gloryhole, sweat pouring down his flushed face.  His hips involuntarily pushed forward, and Ino received them expertly; even when he thrust to the back of her throat, she made not one complaint.  If he had known she was this lustful, he would’ve approached her years ago – well, maybe not years, as he hadn’t fully developed in puberty; maybe a few months ago…  Well, whatever.  He had no regrets!

            He had the stamina to last for a bit, despite her willful endeavors to coax his load from his sac to her hungry mouth.  In a harsh whisper, he cursed when her tongue danced wildly over his sensitive head and nudge his foreskin.  A part of him just wanted to give her what she wanted: a nice helping of hot Inuzuka cum to drink down, but he also wanted this experience to last a while longer.

            Ino felt the same, even though she was decidedly hungry for his gooey release.  But then she saw someone in dire need of some instruction.  Reluctantly extracting the penis from her mouth – she still kept in mind to stroke it, but only in a fashion that would keep him excited and not lose her chance to catch his orgasm – Ino scooted closer to Sakura and gripped her shoulder.  The pink-haired girl retracted from her erect helping, breathless and flushed, and faced Ino.  “Do it with more passion, forehead girl,” teased Ino, flicking Sakura above the eyes.  “You’ll never catch up to me at this rate.  Put it back in.”

            Sakura wasn’t too thrilled about the idea of Ino guiding the dick into her mouth, but she allowed it just the same; she could only hope that Ino wouldn’t tell everyone that she had to manually show her how to suck cock properly.  Ino kept one hand on the back of her friend’s head, steadily moving her back and forth while suggesting that she work her tongue a bit more.  Sakura closed her eyes and grimaced, embarrassed that Ino was not only watching her give head, but also was giving manual instructions.

            All the while, Ino’s stroking of the other man’s cock hadn’t slackened.  If anything, helping Sakura made her pump her fist even harder.  And hearing her give advice to Sakura was arousing in its own way.  Naruto was pleased by the results of Ino’s teachings, as the mouth that was once so uncertain on his cock had now become bold, moving back and forth at him at a rapid pace accompanied by moans that vibrated throughout his shaft.  When they heard Ino remark on how wet Sakura now was, both Naruto’s and Kiba’s cocks jumped excitedly.  Ino drew away from her friend, now that she had safely sent Sakura on her way of siphoning cum out of the seven-inch length.

            “Now, as for you,” she cooed, releasing her respective cock from her grasp entirely, grinning when she heard a disapproving grunt from the other side of the wall.  “Don’t be so upset.  I’ll make it up to you.”  She flicked the very tip of her tongue over the cockhead several times before scooting nearer to it.  Biting at the corner of her lower lip during a wicked smirk, she lifted herself on her knees until the cockhead barely could reach to her chin.  Her nipples were very hard at attention, so worked up from this encounter and Sakura’s earlier ministrations.  She just had to touch them, moaning softly as she pulled and twisted the rosy nubs; it was almost enough to bring about a mini-orgasm.

            With one hand supporting her heavy bosom, she guided the rigid appendage and nestled it against the crease between her luscious tits.  Edging forward had him slowly penetrating the valley until the tip pressed firmly against her sternum.  Under normal circumstances, she would’ve fixed him vertically in between her breasts, but with the wooden fence taking the place of a smoother, softer body, she didn’t want to pressing forward and grinding her nipples on the course planks.  This was just as pleasant, though; him pulling back and pushing in, making a staggering effort to fuck her tits as he would her vagina.

            “That’s it,” she groaned to the mystery man, petting her nipples with her forefingers while she watched the shaft impale her cleavage.  “I’ll let you cum on my breasts.  Or would you just like to do it in my mouth?”  Too bad he couldn’t see the hungry smirk on her face; it’d probably be enough to get the semen flowing quicker.

            Next to her, Sakura was doing very well at giving the cock proper treatment.  The taste of the flesh was exquisite, and the added tang of leaking pre-cum set her taste buds ablaze.  What surprised her most was how easy it had become to take little more than half of the erection into her mouth, partially down her throat.  It had taken some time to work past the gag reflex, and she wouldn’t have done it at all, but the boy on the other side of the wall was insistent on pushing in as much as she could take.  Hmm…  Who did she knew who was impulsively impatient?  She did not dawdle on the though long, and made a choking noise when a sharp stab into her throat caught her by surprise.  Best she keep her focus on handle the cock rather than thinking about who was on the other side.

            Her back was arched, and she hadn’t even realized that she had scooted away and abandoned the cover of her pink towel.  Juices began to run down her slightly spread thighs, dripping from her incredibly wet snatch.  She had never before felt the need to finger herself, but her hands were busy bracing against the wall.  While gulping on the cock, she had her small but plump breasts compressed against the wall.  Yet, as she bobbed crazily, she wondered why he hadn’t cum yet!  For ten minutes, she and Ino had been at it, not letting up for a single instant.  What stamina!  She could just imagine how it would be to be fucked by either of these dicks!

            In truth, both Kiba and Naruto were on their last leg when it came to holding back their release.  Fortunately, they were both ninjas that were well-known for their unwillingness to quit.  Perhaps it was their competitive rivalry to last longer than the other one.  Sweat trickled from their brows as they worked their cocks through the holes that they now thought were appropriately named as ‘gloryholes’.  Heavily, they exhaled, and the competition was decidedly over; they couldn’t hold themselves back.

            Sakura felt the cock withdraw a bit before swelling.  She tried to reclaim the inches that she lost, but it was retracted once again; she had no idea that the boy was trying to warn her without speaking that he was at and end and she was successful.

            “Ah~.  Yes,” she heard Ino moan loudly.  She peeked out of the corner of her eye while still sucking cock, and saw the blonde watching in triumphant fascination as bursts of liquid white began to splatter on her breasts, the second shot catching her above the chin, just in reach for her tongue to lap up.  The initial wad had made a gooey mess on the insides of her breasts, and she now angled the appendage upward so that she could watch the discharge splatter her more thoroughly.  “Wow, so much.”  She continued to moan while lightly grinding her ample breasts against him to aid the intense orgasm.  She flinched when one cum shot caught her left eye.  When the bursts died down, she dropped down to relax from her taut posture.  Now that she was eye-level with it again, she leaned forward a bit to nurse on the leaking cockhead, sucking out every drop of his cum.  As she had thought: quite tasty, though very bitter.

            The cock in Sakura’s mouth started to ejaculate a second after the one cradled within Ino’s bust.  Tsunade’s ward felt the already-large erection swell, and she didn’t have to be a medical ninja to know what that meant, despite her inexperience with men.  She made a sound of surprise that was muffled by the cock, and the salty first wad hit the back of her throat.  At once, on impulse, she consumed the sticky blast and readied to take more, but only after pulling back a bit to give her mouth some room to hold in the discharge.

            She remembered Ino telling her – even though she was not asked – that giving head could become quite the messy business, and Sakura didn’t want to have to clean jizz off of her.  Therefore, she kept her mouth tightly sealed over the member pushing heavy globs into her mouth to be hastily swallowed, lest she wanted to have her cheeks explode.  The thick, pungent fluid left a burning, yet exciting sensation as it oozed down her esophagus in large gulps.  Though she didn’t hate the flavor, she screwed her eyes shut and wrinkled her nose; it would take some getting used to.

            The last trickles were gathered up by her tongue, and she pulled back when she was certain that she would not receive any surprise blasts that would splatter on her crimsoned face.  She was surprised to find herself smiling shyly and licking her lips to pick up any lasting tangs of the cum.  She had already downed all of the semen, however, and she found herself missing the flavor and texture already.  Now that it was over, she wondered if she should be like Ino and give a few naughty or grateful words to the boy behind the wall, but she found herself unable to speak.

            On the other side of the divider, Kiba braced himself against the wall, panting heavily with a tired grin.  He withdrew his cock for the moment, staring down at it in satisfaction.  His only regret was not being able to watch the enticing sight unfold in full, splendid, sticky glory.  He wondered how messy she must’ve been; the mental image stove away any wilting that might’ve occurred in his erection.

            Panting and trying to keep himself from being too loud, Naruto carefully extracted his penis through the hole and fell on his ass, desperately catching his breath.  His hand gripped his length, noticing that he was still hard.  He eyed the hole and caught slight pieces of Sakura’s shoulder, and then Ino’s semen-covered tits as they pressed against Sakura.  On the men’s side of the hot springs, arousal was not at all slaked.

            While the boys regroup, Ino carefully dabbed away the splotches of sperm coating her skin with a pleasant tingle.  She licked up a little bit, but the majority was swept away with a pass of Sakura’s towel; the pink-haired girl was too busy being doubled over and panting, stomach roiling with the strange and exciting new fluid introduced to her diet.  Sakura didn’t think she would throw up, but her stomach was doing flip-flops.

            Ino recalled the first time consuming a man’s ejaculate.  She’d acted about the same, and feared that the cum would come back up with bile.  She, however, found that she rather liked the fluttering feeling.  Give Sakura a moment, and she’d calm down.  And she did, with a heavy sigh.

            Grinning, Ino nudged her recuperating friend and murmured, “I think that went well.”

            Sakura would’ve glared, but she was too embarrassed to lift her eyes from the floor.

            Ino snickered and turned to the holes.  If she wanted to, she could peek through and possibly catch a glimpse of the identities of the boys beyond, but the anonymity of it was a thrill itself.  What if it really was a pair of ugly men that she and Sakura were servicing?  She contemplated it briefly, but she had her own suspicions…

            “How about we keep going?” she said to Sakura, and without an answer, she went to the hole.  “I hope the two of you are willing to repay the favor.”

            To Sakura’s surprise, Ino turned around, bent over, and pressed her crotch to the hole.  She’d taken the space of Sakura’s participant, willing to swap places.  Before the pink-headed girl could say anything, Ino gestured for her to do the same at the unoccupied hole.  Sakura wasn’t so sure about blatantly exposing her private parts to the hole – especially when those on the other side could gander also at her ass – but she was rather interested in how a mouth would feel down there.  Maybe just for a little bit, she told herself, though Inner Sakura suggested that she plant herself there until she was satisfied.

            Neither Kiba nor Naruto could believe their eyes when their respective gloryholes were filled with an unobstructed view of a woman’s nether region.  At once, Naruto flipped up and pressed in close to observe.  His first instinct was naturally to stand up, take aim, and lose his virginity, but a voice within advised him to take his time to savor this offering.  The gloryhole was not deep; his fingers and even his tongue could easily make it to the other side.

            Gingerly, he reached through with his forefinger to stroke the bare flesh of the girl’s pubic mound.  So Sakura-chan removed all hair…  He wasn’t sure if he should be disappointed or not.  He rather liked the unique shade of her head, but at the same time, the flesh was remarkably smooth.  No point in taking forever about it!  He pressed his face to the wall and struck his tongue through the hole, tasting for the first time the essence of a woman.

            Kiba, on the other hand, was quite bewildered.  He’d been given a porno magazine from his mother the day he started puberty – she could smell it – and advised him to take care of his urges himself until he found a suitable partner.  It was an embarrassing time in his life, but he knew exactly what to expect from the female form.  What perplexed him was the smell and sight.  The scent should’ve been enough, but the color of the short pubic hair was a dead giveaway.

            This was Sakura!

            At first, Kiba wasn’t sure what he should do.  Should he trade with Naruto?  He looked over at his friend; Naruto was already devouring Ino – who he had assumed was Sakura.  Kiba wasn’t so sure he’d like to put up with licking a cunt that was already drenched in Naruto’s slobber.  Well, it was just eating out, Kiba told himself.  When it came to penetration, he’d make sure Naruto got who he wanted.

            Squeezing in his two pointer fingers from either side, he pulled Sakura’s folds open, to which she gave a shuddering whine, and wedged his face as close as he could to the hole before extending his tongue.  Her essence melted over his tongue, and he could not help moaning at the experience.  He dragged his oral muscle through her folds, licking up all he could before gulping it down and returning to his efforts.  She continued to moan and mewl, and eventually her hips began to wiggle and tremble.  It made licking her a little bit harder, but he put up with it.

            Ino was quite surprised at the zeal of her boy.  While he had started out attentively, he had turned rather bold.  Where his tongue did not touch, his fingers made sure to make up for it.  If he was under the impression that she was Sakura, she was glad to have made the swap.  She bit her lower lip and arched her back, holding onto her knees for support.  She did her best to chew back her moans, not wanting to give away the truth.  Yes, her mind hissed.  As best as she could, she rocked back against the hole and the tongue that aggressively sought out her pleasure.

            She became rather shocked by him when his tongue consciously traveled to her anus.  She knew it was deliberate because he continued to probe there, circling the hole and pressing pompously against it.  Her former partners hard rarely dared to explore that region, and most times, it was with naught but a curious finger while she rode them.  “Ahn!”  She could not stop her gasping moan as he continued to probe that area while his fingers were still affixed to her vagina.  She wanted to encourage him; either tell him that it was okay if he inserted a finger where his tongue was dancing, or take the initiative and do it herself.  She had never yearned so much to actually try anal sex before!

            The tongue on Sakura was a bit less adventurous, but she wasn’t at all disappointed.  More than just the steamy atmosphere of the hot springs had her sweating and flushed.  She held back her wails of pleasure, but at the cost of tears welling up in the corners of her eyes.  It was like holding back a sneeze; it stung not to just scream and urge the boy to keep on going.  When his hot tongue stretched as far as it could to flatten on her clit, she could not bear it a moment longer.

            She threw her head up, teeth clenched and eyes squeezing shut.  Her hands went from bracing on her knees to pushing back on the fence, which buckled a little from the impact of her palms.  Jerkily, she curled her hips before thrusting back, involuntarily bucking while riding out her orgasm.  She was semi-embarrassed that she was squirting out on the wall, but such modesty would be suffered after she came back from her bliss.

            With no more strength to sustain her, she fell forward, catching herself on the last second with her arms cushioning her impact.  Her body quivered and convulsed randomly, but her mewling gasps were constant.  Every nerve within her resonated with her orgasm.

            It was expected that she couldn’t handle the feeling; Ino had already coaxed her quite thoroughly earlier, and submitting to the pleasure was easy.  Ino, on the other hand, fought to let this experience last.  She was quivering and panting raggedly – luckily, the boy on the other side could not discern her voice, or he might not be pleased to know that he wasn’t feasting on Sakura… if that was his motivation in the first place.  At the cost of some discomfort to her spine, she no longer held her hands to her knees for balance; she had appropriately placed them on either cheek of her ass to spread herself so that the adventurous tongue could continue to thoroughly tease her other hole.  She was still willing to add her own finger to her anus for some exciting, foreign stimulation, but the tongue already felt good enough.  Would it perhaps be too much for her to forgo restraint and just command for him to replace his tongue with his cock?  Despite how big it was, she wouldn’t mind trying to fit it inside of her while she was in such a passionate state of mind.

            It was her own desire that had her cumming; the thought of surrendering her last virgin hole to some stranger.  Heck, she wouldn’t be opposed to letting both of the boys take her at once.  Clenching her teeth, she hissed while her muscles contracted, squeezing the pair of digits that had wandered within her snatch.  The tongue flexed against her anus one last time before pulling away so that the boy could observe his pumping fingers squelching in and out of the squeezing pussy.  When she finally could not maintain her balance, she plopped off of his fingers and fell next to Sakura, heaving and slowly writhing.  Her left hand snaked over to the other girl – who was now resting on her back – to lightly pluck at the pink tips of the small-risen breasts.  Sakura mewled at the feeling.

            “You know we’re not done yet,” Ino cooed, flashing Sakura a wry grin when those mint-green eyes turned her way.

            With a great grin on his face, Naruto sucked his fingers clean, proud of himself.  He’d made Sakura cum so hard, she sounded like Ino!  He wondered if he should tell her – sooner or later – that he was the one on the other side of the wall.  Maybe when they were officially boyfriend and girlfriend – as he often fantasized; in his own egotistical way, he could picture her being relieved when he confessed the truth to her.

            He and Kiba were allowed a moment’s rest before Kiba’s gloryhole was once again blocked with a vagina.  Scent and absence of hair alerted Kiba that this was not the same he had just finished licking.  Were they still not sated, wanting the boys’ tongues to do a more thorough job?  Or was this a proposal for something else?  At once, the Inuzuka leapt up, more than motivated by the second idea.

            “C’mon,” Ino’s voice rang from the other side of the divider.  She sounded playful, but at the same time, impatient.  “We haven’t got all day.  Would you prefer to risk someone interrupting?”  Her backside pressed firmly against the hole.  “Just hurry up and use that big cock of yours…”

            Kiba had always suspected the provocative blonde to have a tongue that suited her body.  Swallowing hard, he prepared to surrender his virginity and return home to his mother with great news: her pup had become a man!  He did not risk hesitation and quickly went to position himself at the fence.  His heart-rate was accelerating, as was his breathing.  His hands fumbled, shaking as he lined up with the gloryhole.  Unable to see while he was practically pressing his nose against the fence, he blindly speared through and frustratingly missed his slippery mark.  Like a dog, he whined and made a haphazard thrust that also was unsuccessful.

            It wasn’t until Ino took matters into her own hands and aimed him appropriately that he finally could savor the soft slickness of her pussy.  With a deep-throated groan on both sides, he sunk into her heat, hardly stalling for a moment as he burrowed all the way inside of her initial push.

            Sakura knew when the connection had been established; the look of anticipation on Ino’s face melted into one of rapture while her hips curled a little.  Would Sakura make such a face?  She glanced at the unoccupied hole, guessing that there was an impatient individual just beyond, waiting for her to assume Ino’s position.  As if she was that willing to give herself up…

            “Ah~!  That’s good,” Ino gasped, moving back and forth, allowing Sakura just the briefest glimpses of the cock – now soaked in her juices – pushing back and forth through the hole.  She could hear the squelching of flesh sliding between tight, wet flesh.  Ino’s hands were back against the fence, controlling the impact of her gyrating hips, leaving her tits unattended and swaying vigorously beneath her with the bucking motions.

            Once again, Sakura looked at the vacant hole.  How undignified, her common sense droned underneath the shouts of encouragement from Inner Sakura, who was giving thumbs up for support.  The louder voice won out, though with some trepidation, she walked to the hole, slowly rotated, and then – after swallowing some pride – she bent over and presented herself.  “I’m… I’m ready,” she nervously announced in a voice as tough as she could manage; she sounded rather meek.

            At once, she felt the blunt instrument of sex grazing carefully from the hole, nuzzling up and down her slit in curious strokes.  She bit the corner of her lip when he bumped against her sensitive clitoris; she moaned outright when he did so a second time.  If she had any doubts about allowing this mystery man to take her, they were gone now, smothered by the wave of arousal.

            Naruto was intent on savoring this long-awaited moment.  Not at all how he envisioned it when he let his fantasies play out while his hand danced in back-and-forth rhythm beneath his lonely bed sheets, but he was nevertheless ecstatic!  Sakura-chan!  This was her body voluntarily offered for him to purge!

            Curious, though, he mentally noted.  Was that the brush of hair against the drooling head of his cock?  He was sure that she had been shorn bare, but he didn’t dwell on it for long when he finally was ready.  He and Sakura shared an apprehensive shudder when he came against her hole, so tight, so inviting.  Carefully, as he did not want to hurt her with his significant length, he pushed his hips towards her and felt her give a little.  There was a droning whine on the woman’s side of the hot springs, but the girl stayed in place, set on her decision.

            The tip wedged into the snug crevice, and Sakura gave an alerting gasp.  Ino, drunk on pleasure, dazedly looked over at her.  The rhythmic thrusts of her hips had become quite sloppy, but the man behind her kept his gyrations in time.  She could vaguely hear his beastly grunts of pleasure; if he kept up at this ravenous pace, he was likely to reach his peak before she could reach hers again.

            Still, Ino felt something akin to being proud when she saw insecure Sakura backing up into the cock that jutted proudly from its gloryhole.  Ino smiled and wanted to give some witty congratulations, but her voice was spent moaning for more.

            Sakura shuddered and paused more times than not.  Taking in a seven-inch cock was not as simply as inserting a standard five-inch dildo.  He was much wider, too, stretching her much more than she was used to.  She had to gasp for him to stop when he made an impatient jerk to fully implant himself in her.  He held back further attempts, but she could feel his impatience as if it was bleeding into her from his penis.  She had already taken him in up to her cervix, which he pushed inward until she wailed; and still, he had an inch or two to spare!

            Maybe Ino – far more experienced than small dildo-using Sakura – would be better suited to fit around this cock.  To prove herself, Sakura gritted her teeth, pushed a palm against the divider, and tried to take more in; she was unsuccessful, but it was still a valiant try.

            Her pussy clenched around the invading phallus, but Sakura and Naruto did not move yet, needing to get accustomed to this new sensation.  Sakura was nearly hyperventilating, but slowly, she was getting used to the feeling.  If she used chakra-manipulation on her muscles, it relieved some of the uncomfortable pressure on her vaginal muscles and cervix.

            “O-okay,” she rasped, hardly audible to the boy behind her when Ino was being so loud.  “Go slow.  You’re… you’re very big.”

            Not too big, though, Naruto happily thought, his head lolling back with a bit of spittle creeping down the side of his gaping, grinning mouth.  And now, with approval granted, he could finally give into the primal impulses to start moving his hips.  At Sakura’s request, he moved slowly, exhilarated from the feeling of her velvety walls sliding across him, gripping him and petting him.  He was pushing back inside of her before finishing his withdrawal.  He felt Sakura’s body jerk when he nudged back in and kissed her cervix with the tip of his cock, pasting the womb’s narrow entrance with an abundance of pre-cum.  It wasn’t a significant amount for her to actually discern smearing against her slick insides, but she did enjoy having the round head pushing gently against the back of her vagina.

            As Sakura allowed a quicker pace, Ino was already on her charge for a cock-induced orgasm.  She had thought that this boy might’ve blown himself by now, but he was proving resilient; granted, he had stopped a few times and had even evacuated her snug channel more than once to get his bearings and promise longer-lasting sex, but her fingers on her clit were more than satisfactory to keep her edged and ready to commence to her end.

            The boy must’ve conceded that he was also not long to keep up this pace.  He kept going faster and faster, fucking her harder, ramming against her cervix in careless abandon.  She did not care.  When it had hurt the first time he thrust too deeply, she had simply taken a small step forward to stay out of reach of his deepest thrusts.  She could hear him behind the buckling wall, grunting and snarling like a caged beast.

            If Naruto had looked to his left, he could’ve attested that Kiba really did look rather animalistic.  Fangs were bared in a deep, concentrated scowl.  He was sweating far more than Naruto.  And his hips…  It was a surprise that they were not bruised from how frantically he pumped them against the divider.  Again and again, he hammered through the carved hole and into the lovely member of Team Asuma.  Fingernails bit into the wooden fence, clawing down and leaving small imprints.

            “Not yet,” he heard Ino call out to him.  From the lurch in his pace, the quick decline in speed but increase in urgency, she could distinguish an oncoming climax and feared that she would lose her own momentum.  Kiba cursed at himself, still thrusting jerkily into her, and tried to hold himself back.

            The cock swelled and was involuntarily pushed into Ino as deep as it could go.  Ino whined in disappointment, knowing even before the splash inside of her happened that he was at an end.  He may have stopped, unable to fight the clenching of all muscles in his body, but she made an effort to keep going, pushing back and forth until his orgasm subsided and his dick wilted.

            However, she was quite astonished when the first discharge spread inside of her.  It was incredibly hot, far hotter than any other man’s semen that she had felt.  And inside of her, it felt like it blazed with pleasure.  The building orgasm she had dreaded losing ignited from this outpour of fertile seed.  At once, she pressed down on him all the way and felt his hot jettison gushing over the way to her uterus.  Her muscles clamped down on him, leaving little to no space between their union to allow his precious genes to leak out of her.

            The orgasms lasted a while longer, with Kiba making a successful thrust every three second to aid his copious discharge.  When he was done, he fell against the wall and wheezed.  Ino pumped on him a few more times to satisfy her ebbing orgasm before finally taking herself off the cock.  She prostrated herself on the floor, her ass raised to keep an embarrassing spill of semen inside of her.  She daily took care of pregnancy prevention, so she never was caught unprepared.  Otherwise, she’d never let the man cum inside of her.  Looking over at her partner, she pondered if Sakura took the same precautions…

            Sakura chewed on her lower lip, fighting the urge to declare her second orgasm.  The first had taken place when the enthusiastic party on the other side of the wall began to thrust faster than her backward-pushing hips could tolerate.  It crashed over her and made her realize that she wasn’t near experienced to go toe-to-toe with someone of such zeal in an actual bed.  This divider actually felt more like protection!

            And she was right to think so!

            Naruto had started to find the barrier frustrating.  He wanted his hands on Sakura-chan’s body, grabbing at her breasts and, more importantly, her hips to yank her into his thrusts.  He certainly didn’t mean to hurt her, but it was hard for him to control himself.  Whenever she squirmed further away from his pumping seven-inches, he felt like he would shout in frustration.  Kiba had been spent and was now trying to catch his breath while sitting down, but Naruto still had some reserves.

            Sakura’s pussy closing in around him for a second time, so soon after the first, certainly was trying his stamina, though.  He had just finished loosening her up to get accustomed to his great size, and she just kept tightening back up on him!  While tightness was a glorious thing, it didn’t help a guy who wanted to go on for as long as possible.  Hearing Sakura’s wails of pleasure also weren’t helping him keep control.

            Just a little bit longer, he told himself, closing his eyes tight and seething through his clenched teeth.  Just a little…

            “Can’t!” was all he managed to get out before his thrusts became quicker and shorter.

            Sakura may have been new to sex with a partner, but she was also a well-versed medical kunoichi; she knew what these symptoms – hasty thrusts, rasped tones, engorging of the penis – meant and quickly took him out of her.  She was not as adventurous as Ino and wouldn’t risk letting a man cum inside of her just to see what it felt like.

            But when the boy hollered for relief, his cock throbbing in need for stimulus, she felt that the least she could do was this…  She backed up against the cock, blushing as she maneuvered it to settle against the crevice of her buttocks.  It must’ve been satisfactory, for the cock immediately began to thrust.  She winced a little from the slimy organ passing against her exposed sphincter, but she wouldn’t say that she disliked it.

            Soon thereafter, there was a drawn-out groan, and Sakura felt the first splash of cum on the small of her back.  Startled, she looked back and watched as the following spurts sprung from the swollen cockhead, arched in the air, and splattered down on her back.  It amazed her at how much and how strongly he came.  Though she could grimace at the mess she would have to wipe off of her back, she also found herself aroused by it.

            The last gushes hardly made it onto her back; some just sprung out to spill over his head and down the shaft, eventually smearing across her anus during his short thrusts.  This would be an embarrassing mess to clean up.  Was it ethical to get into the springs now and wash all the cum away?  If anyone found out, there would be more than a few complaints that Tsunade would have to deal with.

            Well, Sakura thought with a sigh, resting her cheek on her elbows and lowering her butt.  At least it was over.  She’d finally had intercourse with a man, and decided that it was a nice experience.

            That was what she thought until Ino crowded her from the side.  The blonde was practically grinning ear to ear.  “Forehead girl,” she sang softly.  “I don’t think you’re done.”  She pointed behind Sakura.

            Sakura followed the pointing finger as if it wasn’t directed to a cock in the wall.  She was still surprised though; not because of what it was, but because it didn’t look at all satisfied!  If she knew who was on the other side, she knew she could’ve chalked it up to the stamina of the sealed Kyuubi.  In which case, she would’ve also known that leaving the Jinchuuriki in such a stressed state for long might invoke the release of said-Bijuu.

            Without the knowledge of who it was, Sakura had to wonder just what it would take to keep this guy down!

            While Sakura hesitated, slack-jawed, Ino was quite intrigued by the hard flesh.  She held it daintily, just with her fingertips, and pumped him.  At one point, she lightly scraped her nails along the veiny underside until it throbbed mightily.

            This resilient boy deserved something particularly special, Ino thought mischievously.  She could have granted him pleasure herself, but it was such a delight to see Sakura so flustered.  “Come here,” she told the pink-head while pulling on her naked thigh.

            “But…  But…”  Sakura tried to think of what to say to refuse.  As good as sex was, she couldn’t do it all night!  The guy had gone through two orgasms so far, and still hadn’t lost any of his sexual potency.  What if he came again, and still had the ability to go on?  If she was to indulge him until he was sated, she’d be limping into the Hokage office just to ask for the day off.

            These were not concerns that Ino shared.  She was more than willing to sacrifice Sakura to more sex.  The girl had been prepped for the cock, but Ino felt it necessary to bestow a bit of doting.  Her lips capped on the head.  She did not take more than that, and just suckled and bobbed on that swollen part.  She tasted the splendid mixture of semen and pussy on his cockhead and gulped it down until there was nothing left but saliva.  She siphoned whatever remnants of cum and pre-cum were still in him before popping off with a satisfied sigh.

            Now it was time to establish the connection.  She teasingly asked Sakura if she was ready; Sakura did not verbally consent, but she did tense in preparation.  She gulped when she felt the head tracing up and down her folds, guided by Ino’s hand.  He was pressed against her entrance, but not with enough pressure to wedge through.  Just how long did Ino intend to drag this out?

            Before Sakura could impatiently snap at her, Ino’s intentions became clear.  The cockhead came against Sakura’s rear and mercilessly pushed against her asshole.  She was very tight back there, but Ino was determined to jam the penis through.  The semen that had run down Sakura’s crack helped somewhat, though not enough to make the insertion easy.  Ino thought it a vain effort to fight against Sakura’s unwilling entrance, until the boy practically threw himself against the wall to wedge beyond the tight ring denying him.

            “Ugh!  No!” Sakura yelped, but it was too late for her to try squirming away.  The bulbous head had succeeded and was lodged behind her anus.  “It won’t fit!” she implored when more of his dick began to push up her butt.  She never condoned the action of this kind of sex, and now with good reason: it hurt a lot!  And it was sure to get a hell of a lot worse when more began to fill her tight hole.

            Ino was quite amazed that Sakura had actually managed it.  Watching the seven inches slowly disappear into the orifice that looked like it was at its maximum stretching point; she couldn’t help lending a hand down to the hot juncture of her thighs.  Whether as an urge to provide Sakura with some aid or just spurred by the heat of the moment, she dipped her head to the penetration and flicked her tongue along the rim of Sakura’s painfully-stretched asshole, exchanging sperm with saliva.

            The tickle of Ino’s tongue could hardly be registered in a mind screaming with agony.  Nevertheless, when she got her nerve back, she began to bear down on the erection until it slid deep into her bowels.  Like this, it was much easier to take the long shaft in when compared to enduring the impulsive hits against her tender cervix.  It was a great accomplishment, but not something to brag about.  “Give me a moment,” she wheezed.  She took several deep, calming breaths before cautiously rocking her hips on him.  That was all the permission the man needed when he began to meet her thrusts at a slightly-faster tempo.  She would’ve preferred him to have taken it a bit slower, but she stifled her complaints and endured.  If this wasn’t enough to get him to ejaculate himself flaccid, she wasn’t quite sure if she’d ever be able to satisfy him.

            Naruto could not believe this experience.  His dear Sakura-chan had forfeited her ass to him!  He never actually played out such a scenario in his dreams before, and he certainly didn’t know why!  It felt amazing!  She clutched him with a strength that couldn’t be found in her vaginal muscles.  More than that, he was able to penetrate a lot deeper, and it even felt hotter around his cock.  Sakura would not have to worry about him lasting after this for another go; Naruto knew that she’d probably be draining completely when he came this time.  Grunting softly, he bucked deep inside Sakura, hearing her make sounds mingling pleasure and pain.

            Envious of Sakura, still watching the large member draw back and forth of her ass, Ino sought to satisfy her own rekindled ache.  She turned to the empty hole.  It had been long enough for her partner to recuperate.  She pushed a finger through and beckoned the other side.  “Get back over here,” she commanded.  “We’re not done yet.”  Was it really just for sex, or was it more of her rivalry with Sakura kicking in?

            What stamina, Kiba commended with a toothy grin.  She had tapped him out with that last orgasm, but the Inuzuka clan bounced back quickly when it came to physical exploits, particularly sex.  A matured male could go on much longer, and Kiba was still relatively young; but that youthfulness also kicked in and brought him to almost full erection the moment Ino beckoned him with the promise of more sex.

            He hopped up as quickly as he could and returned his arching length to the hole, easing it through and being mindful of the splintery rim.  At once, he felt a greedy hand seize his phallus and a hungry mouth close around it.  If not for the heavy scent of arousal and the ensuing sucking and bobbing, Kiba could’ve sworn that Ino had intended to bite his meat off!  Quite the opposite, as she was very careful to make sure her teeth did not graze the very-sensitive, very-vulnerable member.

            She was much sloppier this time giving head.  She actively pushed her spit out to cover the cock until a tendril of her saliva dangled from the underside.  At one point she went very deep, swallowing most of the six inches into her throat until she gagged.  The undulation of her esophagus was a new sensation for Kiba, and he tried to keep himself wedged in until Ino could take it no more.  With a stifled cough, she spat him out and gasped heavily several times.

            Her blue eyes glanced at her handiwork.  He was completely drenched in her spit, slick as he could get without grease and whatnot.  She didn’t need him to be so well-lubricated; she was wet enough and still had his abundant cum swimming around inside of her.

            Without further ado, she stood up, rotated, and presented herself like before.  Taking the cock up her ass was a method she had seriously considered, but she elected not to go through with it.  Maybe some other time, when a partner would be able to prep her thoroughly.  Vaginal sex hadn’t disappointed her, anyway.

            Deep, deep into her cunt, Kiba slid, relishing the feel of sick walls enfolding him, yielding his passage and welcoming him back with pleasurable tremors of delight.  He bottomed out, and both he and Ino were greatly satisfied by the connection.  Her body coated him with her own mucus as well as his previous discharge to keep him nice and lubricate, so that sliding in and out of her would be deliciously fluid.  Sometimes, friction felt good, but there were times when the phallus felt best when it was gliding in and out of her at a speed unhindered by stalls.  And Kiba wasted no time battering his hips against the fence in a way that made it buckle; he didn’t have a slow start.  If nothing else, Ino pondered while gasping and holding onto both of her heavy breasts to keep them from floundering too much, he certainly was the most passionate lover she’d ever had.

            “Sto~p!” sobbed Sakura as her hips raised.  While Ino was getting a thorough pounding, Sakura was being introduced to an anal-induced orgasm.  With all the discomfort of having a large cock back there, she didn’t think a release could build up – at least not so quickly.  Unhindered by a clogging cock, she gushed her fluids out of her vagina to drip down her legs.  Uncontrollably, she buckled and hoped to gain control of her jerking muscles.  “I can’t take it anymore!

            The boy heard her requests, but didn’t slow.  If anything, he seemed spurred on.  Naruto, usually, would listen to Sakura without question, but now he reasoned that if she really wanted him to stop, she would have just stepped out of his reach.  Secretly, he figured Sakura was far more a pervert than he thought.  She did take it up the ass, after all.

            Argh, and it was so tight too!  Naruto cringed, and his pace suddenly slowed, but his thrusts became harder against his will.  Each time he stabbed, he heard Sakura give an accompanying wail to announce his deep penetration.  His fist hit against the wall, and he came to a stop.  It was too late to fight it back.

            Sakura wasn’t able to deduce the symptoms of a male orgasm this time – her mind elsewhere from her medical-way of thinking – and was thereby quite surprised when she felt hot fluid streaming into her bowels in thick, ropey bursts.  She gasped with each discharge and thump of his embedded penis.  Unconsciously, she dipped her ass back, carefully easing the ejaculating dick as deep as it could until it was finished.

            It felt like he had been spewing his essence for an entire minute before the torrent finally subsided.  And with relief, Sakura realized that the erection was steadily deflating.  The rectal muscles that had involuntarily tried to eject him were finally successful when he had lost enough potency.  He was pushed from her body, along with a significant leakage of his jizz.  At long last, Sakura could lie down and feel accomplished.  Of course, it was not so difficult to relax when listening to Ino’s moans.

            Moments before Naruto spent himself inside of Sakura, Ino was feeling rather adventurous.  She wanted more; more than just one cock.  This whole prospect had thrilled her, and if more exciting aspects of sex appeared – say another man… or even a dog like Akamaru! – she’d be willing to explore her sexual appetite!  If not for Sakura’s presence, Ino would’ve been likely to just go over to the men’s side and let both boys – any possibly anyone else who was there – have their way with her.

            As it stood now, she had to settle for only one cock.  But that didn’t mean she couldn’t explore other versions of double-penetration.

            She suckled thoroughly on her ring and middle fingers, giving them an abundant coating of saliva.  When she was satisfied with their slickness, she withdrew them and slowly lowered them.  Touching her ass in this was rather new.  She stroked the puckered hole above her snatch, smearing her spit against it before applying pressure.  One finger would’ve been easy, but she wanted to simulate another man entering back there.  Two fingers weren’t an appropriate substitute, but she figured it was enough for a sample.

            Simultaneously, her two digits pressed against her own asshole, and with a bit more force, they penetrated.  She groaned at the new feeling and inserted the fingers up to the knuckle.  Sakura’s anal experience was certainly more fulfilling, but Ino made due.  After all, she still had the cock hammering away at her insides.  She could practically feel the passage of the dick through the membrane between her vagina and rectum.  At a rhythm opposing the man’s, she began to move her fingers in and out, moaning and contemplating what two men at the same time would be like…

            “Ughn!  Ah~!  Harder…!”  Her entire body moved in passionate rhythm, trying desperately to simulate the feeling of sex with two male partners.  The single cock in her pussy was doing its part well, but her fingers fell short of what she had hoped.  Short and thin; even together, they didn’t make up a satisfactory cock-imitator.

            Well, it was still a worthwhile experience, and she could feel pleasure bundling up in a tight knot in her core.  She chewed on her lip, stalling her moans, but continued to egg on her climax.  Her free hand was cradling her bosom, tending to the hardened nipples with firm plucks.

            The walls around Kiba’s cock were contracting, telling him that she was soon to be finished.  He gasped raggedly and tore at the fence with his nails.  Unless he wanted to fail at bringing her to a climax, he’d have to be quick.  His hips charged brutally against the fence, and a howl of effort and pleasure rose from the pit of his throat.  Against his will, his testicles began to ascend to donate the last portion of sperm he had left to give.

            Stalling his orgasm was near painful when he was pumping so quickly into Ino, but the results were well worth it.  Ino hollered in satisfaction and shoved her fingers as deep as she could in her ass when her muscles began to seize and tighten.  The sensation only intensified when she noticed Sakura collapse in a panting mess, her ass shamelessly pointing upward while a flood of white goo leaked from her ass.  The thrill she must’ve experienced…  Ino was jealous all over again.

            After a garbled declaration behind her, she dismounted the wall and removed her hand from her posterior.  At once, she was on her knees in front of the bobbing erection and pumping him vigorously with her lips latched over his tip – after her tongue nudged the foreskin back.  In no time at all, she was supping a healthy quantity of semen directly from the source.  She took two spurts, swallowed, and then repeated.  She could hear a fist banging on the divider; it must be too much for the boy, she cockily thought while draining the final globs out of him.

            Ino’s lips left him with a pop and an ensuing, gratified sigh.  Her throat and belly tingled with the fair amount of sperm consumed; added to that were the sperms still swimming inside of her womb in a desperate, but ultimately unsuccessful endeavor to conceive offspring.

            Kiba and Naruto were both spent of everything but the energy to sit up.  They had fallen on their asses and kept themselves propped up only with their arms braced behind him.  What a trip, they thought!  What would’ve turned out to be nothing but a usual trip to the hot springs had become so much more!  Naruto would remember to mark this day as one of his greatest, next to the undetermined future date when he would become Hokage.

            Ino hardly took any time to recover.  She went to the nearest boulder and leaned back against it, undeniably content.  When her eyes glanced at Sakura, she saw that the pink-head had pulled her towel – soiled a little with semen – up to her chest.  Her lip was quivering and her eyes wide, but she didn’t look like she was about to cry; more like she was in self-judgment.  “Don’t make that face, Sakura,” chimed Ino.  “It makes you look like an old lady.  It’ll give you wrinkles.  Why don’t you just embrace it and admit that you had fun?”  She smirked.

            Naruto was listening closely, holding his breath when he heard Sakura answer.  “It… it wasn’t so bad,” she confessed, going as far to mention that she quite enjoyed the fervor of her lover.  “I wonder who it was,” she murmured to herself, fantasizing of all the handsome men who lusted after her; Sasuke was altered to fit the description of those in that group.

            “Sakura-chan!” Naruto yelled through the hole, not realizing the foolishness of announcing himself.  She spotted Naruto’s bright-blue eyes peering at her through the gloryhole, and at once, she was experiencing a rage she had never known before.  Naruto did not recognize it, though, believing that he’d be responded to lovingly.  “It was me all along, ‘tebayo!”  He was about to announce that Kiba was there with him, but his voice halted when the divider of the hot springs was suddenly supplanted by monstrous strength.  He froze in terror as Sakura hefted the fence high over her head, her form blazing in the flames of anger.  Kiba wished to have the strength to flee, but he was still staggering from his orgasm.  Pain was imminent…

            Seeing Naruto and Kiba was not much of a surprise to Ino.  She had figured as much, knowing that these two were probably the only ones impetuous enough to attempt something as perverted as gloryholes.  Not that she was complaining, but she would let Sakura deal with them in the way she saw fit.


            Down came the fence…


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