It Started With a Gift

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At Your Service

Congratulations, Hokage-sama

Its been a long time since I’ve written anything, hopefully I still have it. If more scenarios pop into my head I’ll add more chapters.

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The scent of the office assaulted his nostrils, the dust, wood, paper, ink and he could detect the faint smell of sake left from his predecessor. He had been in this room countless times before, but this was the first time he was entering it and call it his. He breathed out through his mask and took off his Hokage hat as he studied the office that was now his. The sunlight was streaming in filling the room with brightness, he could see the carved faces of his predecessors through the windows.

“Hokage-sama” he turned to his right and Uzuki was holding out her hand, he placed the hat and slipped off the white robes and gave them to her leaving him in his Jonin pants and sleeveless shirt, it was hot under those robes. Uzuki walked to the far end of the office and placed the robe and hat on a stand next to the desk and then stood at attention.

“There is no need for that right now, can you give me a moment?”

“Of course Hokage, we will be right outside” Uzuki walked outside and closed the door behind her.

His worn hands touched the desk that was now his, the desk that powerful leaders had sat at before him, he was going to sit where they sat and lead Konohagakure and he would do it with strength, honor and pride. He stepped to the window and looked down on the village he was now to lead, he ran his finger through his icy white hair and let out a huge sigh.

“Congratulations Kakashi-Sensei” Kakashi arched his one of his eyes and turned in the direction of the voice. It came from the other end of the office where the bookshelves where.

Kakashi chuckled “I must be getting old, I didn’t hear you come in” the pink haired kunoichi smirked at him. She was wearing a low-cut dress that fell to her mid-thigh and had slits up to her hips, a zipper down the middle all the way to the bottom. He peeked tiny black shorts underneath she was not afraid to show some skin now as she got older. The dress was a deep royal blue that made her pale skin glow and her eyes deepen in color, it was sleeveless showing off her arms, she had elbow length guards. Her pack was strapped to her thigh, she was wearing wedge heeled knee high shinobi sandals. Her hair had soft curls down to her mid back, held back by a blue Hitai-ate and perfectly manicured red nails.

He emerald eyes glistened with mischief, “I didn’t use the door Sensei” she smirked.

Kakashi walked toward her, “To what do I owe this visit Sakura? Other than to show me that security is lacking here.”

She smiled warmly “I came to offer my congratulations in being appointed Hokage, and to show you a few secrets the office has. Tsunade-hime liked to escape to gamble or drink, or both.” She giggled at the memory.

He reached out for a hug that she fell into “Thank you Sakura, I am glad to hear it from you.”

She leaned out of the hug but still held his arms, “I know you had your concerns about being Hokage, but there is no one better to be Hokage, you will be amazing. I believe in you. Now let’s celebrate.” She turned around and walked to a bookcase and pulled out a book. Kakashi’s eye watched curiously. She walked to the Hokage’s desk, his desk, and set the book down, she the opened a drawer and pulled out two small cups. She opened the book and pulled out a bottle of sake, poured some out on to the cups. She smiled as she gave him a cup, she could see he was a little confused but also impressed.

“Cheers Kakashi, to you leading as Hokage.” She thought she could see a faint pinkness peeking through the top of his mask. She smiled into her glass as she took a drink.

He put his glass down after taking a healthy drink. “Tsunade liked the good stuff it seems.”

“She wasn’t called a princess for nothing.” Sakura laughed.

“I see you’re dressed up today. The color looks good on you.” He took another sip.

“As Director of the clinic I was expected to attend and I had to dress up for your Hokage appointment ceremony. It was kind of a big deal, had to look extra pretty today.” She twirled for him and grinned.

He chuckled “Well you succeeded, it brings out the deeper color of your eyes. So where are the rest of your friends?” He walked around the desk and sat down on the desk looking out. Sakura sat next to him.

“Oh, there out enjoying the celebrations somewhere, at least the ones that are here. They really are happy for you Kakashi.” She bumped her shoulder to his playfully. “How are you doing?” she turned those evergreen eyes to look at him.

“Hmmm, oh I’m just soaking it all in, trying to not get overwhelmed.” His half-lidded eyes looked out to the village.

“It’s a lot to take in, but if you ever need a friend or a drink, or both. I’ll be around.” She drank the rest of the sake in her cup. “I’ll get out of your hair and let you enjoy this moment.” She turned to hop off the desk but felt his hand on her thigh.

“Please don’t go yet, I’m rather enjoying your company right now.” He grabbed the bottle and filled up their glasses again.

She settled back down and chuckled “Still can’t get over how you do that and we never get to see your face. Will that change anytime soon now that you’re Hokage?”

His ebony eyes crinkled as he grinned “I feel like it adds some mystery to me don’t you think? The ladies seem to like it.”

She laughed “So is that your secret you old pervert, your mysterious face?”

“Seems to work is all I’m saying, or maybe it’s my undeniable charm?” His heart lightened at her giggling.

“Who knew you could be funny?” she took another sip finishing her cup and filling it up again.

“You should slow down Sakura, this stuff is strong.” He watched as she had another swig.

He grinned “I was Tsunade’s protégé, she didn’t only teach me how to be a kunoichi and a medic, she also taught me how to gamble and drink.” She gave him a wry smile “plus as a medic I can metabolize the alcohol in my body and not get drunk as easily.” She took another gulp.

He arched an eye “Who knew Tsunade was such a well-rounded teacher.”

“That she was. I got you a present before I forget.” She reached into her thigh ninpack and pulled out a small package wrapped in red.

As he took it from her, he couldn’t help but feel grateful for the affection his former student was showing. “Thank you, Sakura.” His voice soft as he unwrapped it.

“Oh, its nothing, just something for you to enjoy.” She smiled sheepishly as she rubbed the back of her neck.

He finished unwrapping it and saw it was an Icha Icha book, he laughed “Sakura, where did you get this?”

She had a rosy glow to her cheeks now, “Same place you get them I’m sure. This was the same one as the one that was lost on your last mission, right?”

He was taken aback that she actually remembered that he lost the book in the air when he was falling out of the air cargo ship. “Yeah it is, how did you know?”

“I have my ways.” She winked. She was feeling a little warm, she hadn’t tried to metabolize the alcohol, she wanted to feel warm inside. She felt very content watching the afternoon sun cast longer shadows on the village and sitting with Kakashi. As a shinobi she had learned to enjoy every moment, to take advantage of time with friends when they could spare it, she never could know which would be the last time for any of them.

He took her hand in his and gave it a small kiss through his mask. “I am grateful you are in my life Sakura.”

She could hear the emotion in his voice she turned to him and placed her other hand on his cheek, “I am grateful you are in my life as well Kakashi.” She placed her forehead on his, he wrapped his arm around her waist and she moved her head to his shoulder as they both looked out together and finished their drinks.

She gave him a light peck on his masked cheek, “I have no doubt you will be a great Hokage, Naruto will have big shoes to fill when he takes over.”

She could feel him smile under the mask, “I hope I set high expectations for him.” He kissed her on the blue diamond mark on her forehead through the mask.

She was very used to him now, they had grown closer with time, they spent time together as equals now and she was surprised to how caring and loving he could be. He had been a wonderful teacher, and a great mission partner, there was no one she trusted more with her life and sometimes her heart. After the war she realized she needed to stop taking people for granted, that she needed to open herself up to other people. Sasuke was gone, he was “finding himself” as he put it, so she needed to find herself too. She wasn’t going to sit around and wait for him. She was going to live her life as best she could, do good for others and love again. If when Sasuke came back and they worked out great, if they didn’t then that was great too, but she was done waiting around. Kakashi had been there when her first boyfriend broke her heart, and the second one too. He was ready with a shoulder and a drink for her. He had become a great friend, though she liked to tease him by calling him Sensei every once in a while.

Kakashi snuck a sip of his drink as Sakura was lost in thought staring out the window. He was amazed at how much she had grown, how much she had matured and at the strong brave woman she had become. She had her stumbles, and he had been around to catch her and help her through it. Though she didn’t know it she had helped him as well, she had brought back joy and youth into his life when he thought he was just going to become a bitter old man. She reminded him that there was always room for joy, you just had to work at it sometimes.

At this moment he was content, he had purpose, he had friends, and he had this amazing woman next to him at this moment. It wasn’t anything romantic, but they were deeply connected by their past experiences that created an unbreakable bond. He pulled his mask down and kissed her forehead again.

She blinked, that couldn’t be right, she thought as she felt lips, without cloth, touching her skin. She looked up and she was surprised to see Kakashi’s face. The mask was pooled around his neck, without thinking she reached up to touch his face. She gasped. “Kami.” She breathed, “Wh- why?” she stammered as she stood up from the desk to stand in front of him and get a good look at his face.

He smiled. She smiled back, she could actually see his smile! She was laughing now. “Oh my gosh Kakashi, you are quite handsome.” She ran her finger down his jaw past a small black beauty mark and then on his lips. She was mesmerized by the shape of his lips. They were supple, not overly full but not thin, just right. He had a strong jaw and sharp cheek bones, she could see the scar that ended on the middle off his cheek, it only seemed to add to his handsomeness.

He laughed, “Well I’m glad you like the view. I’ve always been very self-conscious of my looks.” He smirked.

“Oh my god, I can’t get enough of you smiling!” she giggled but didn’t take her hands off his face. He put his own strong hands over her slender ones. He smiled again. He moved the palm of her hand to his mouth and kissed the palm. She blushed a pretty shade of pink that matched her hair. He repeated it with her other hand. It felt nice to feel her soft hands on his face, its had been so long since he had felt that sensation.

“Well now there’s no mystery to my face anymore.” He was actually starting to become a little self-conscious of her deep green eyes studying his face in fascination. He reached for the edge of the mask to pull it back up but was stopped instead with a quick kiss on the lips. He blinked in surprise.

“I’m sorry” she had her hands in front of her mouth in surprise that she had actually kissed Kakashi. Its not like it was a deep kiss, just a chaste peck more out of curiosity than anything, but her eyes were wide and her cheeks a deep scarlet. “I didn’t- I don’t know what came over me.”

Kakashi laughed a good hearty laugh. She was mortified and he was laughing, any other time she would have punched him through the wall, but she could not stop watching him laugh. He was so good looking, and even more so when he laughed. Her anger left, she found she really enjoyed watching his mouth.

“I’m sorry to laugh Sakura but you startled me, which hasn’t happened in a very long time. Its funny.” He took her hands into his.

“I just didn’t want you to cover up yet.” She blushed again.

“Well I can stop wearing the mask if it makes you feel better, doesn’t really seem to make sense now that I’m Hokage.” He placed her hands back on his face.

She stroked his cheek, “Well I’m not going to tell you what to do, but I kinda like that it’s a mystery. Why did you show me?” Her fingers still trailing around his jaw.

He looked into her eyes, shrugged, “I guess I felt like it was the right time and it was you. I didn’t really think about it.” He could see her eyes getting misty with emotion, “Don’t cry Sakura, I’m just being a cheesy old man.”

A light laugh escaped her lips, he could still feel the tingling of her lips on his. He watched her rosy pink lips and then he looked into her eyes.

She felt so overwhelmed with emotion, she pushed back the tears and gave him a peck on the cheek. “Yes, you are getting cheesier the older you get.” She smiled their foreheads touching, “but I like it.”

He raised his mouth to meet hers. She did not stop him and actually kissed him back. He grabbed her hips and pulled her closer to him, she moved her hands behind his neck tickling the little hairs at the nape of his neck that no one ever touched. She pulled out of the kiss. She bit her bottom lip, unsure of what to do. “Sakura, you’re a beautiful woman, and a great kisser, but if you are uncomfortable with this in any way we can stop at any time.” He stared into her eyes so she could understand how sincere his words were.

“No.” She responded by leaning down to kiss him again, but this time she didn’t want an innocent kiss, she wanted more. She wanted to explore his mouth and lips. She suckled on his bottom lip earning her his tongue. Their tongues were now feeling every groove of each other. She pulled at the hair at the base of his skull and he had fingers pressing into her hips. She let out a soft moan as she realized how talented his tongue was.

He couldn’t hold back anymore. She tasted so sweet, her lips were so soft, he could smell her skin and it was intoxicating. With a quick swift move he stood up, turned her and lifted her onto the desks so he could have a better angle, their lips never leaving each other’s. She now was running her finger down his back making him shiver. She smiled against his lips. He smiled back. “What’s on your mind?” he asked now trailing small kissed around her jaw. She sighed happily.

“I’m thinking that face of yours is a weapon, and those kissed of yours are deadly.” She could feel his lips smiling on her neck. He licked her skin and felt her shiver and heard her gasp. He smiled again.

“You seem to be enjoying yourself.” He ran his tongue up the side or her neck earning the same response again.

She reciprocated by running her finger down his bare muscular arms, he sucked in air as his hairs stood on ends. “You seem to like it too.” She whispered next to his ear, making more hairs stand on end.

“Oooh you are quite something Sakura.” He nuzzled into her neck and started placing light kisses on her collarbone. She was running her fingers through his hair now. He could see the tell-tale peaks of arousal poke though her top. Her humble and perky breasts were very close to his face, but he didn’t want to rush it. He moved back up to her lips, she was mewling at his actions. He claimed her mouth again. She eagerly kissed back and nibbled on his lower lip. He let out a soft groan of pleasure and grabbed her thighs. She spread open her legs and wrapped them around his waist pressing him as close as possible to her body. She could feel a bulge pressing at her apex. He gasped “Sakura….”

She started rubbing her center on his bulge as the continued to ravish each other’s mouths. She started to moan more as his bulge started to get harder and bigger. She was getting extremely turned on by the size of his erection pressed against her core. She kept moving her hips and he joined her in pressing himself harder against her bundle of nerves.

“Kakashi, touch me please.” She breathed out in between kisses. He was more than happy to oblige.

He moved his hands from her thighs, kept going up her hips and waist until cupping her breasts in his palms. His thumb rubbed both hardened peaks through the cloth of her dress. She moaned as he touched her, and pressed herself harder against his very hard erection, he groaned at the pressure. He started pinching her nipples through the dress, he moved from her mouth down to her neck. He nibbled and licked where she was sensitive. She was breathing in short fast breaths. She put her hands behind her so she could lean back to give him more access to her throat and neck.

Kakashi wanted to taste her skin, wanted to take a bite of her. One of his hands left a nipple to find the zipper tab. She groaned in protest, she would have to be patient. His mouth was moving down her chest and his hand was able to find the zipper tab and pulled it down to her waist. He could see the creamy milky skin in the valley of her breasts. He looked up to her, her head was leaned back, her rose hair falling onto the desk, she was open to him and giving him access willingly. He ran his finger from her throat down the middle of her breasts. She shivered. He liked watching her body shiver.

“Kakashi don’t tease me.” She whimpered.

“I just want to enjoy this, let me explorer you.” He kissed the top of one breast and then kissed the top of the other.

He slid the straps off her shoulders and fall off her chest showing him the perky mounds the dress had been covering up. He caught his breath. They rosy nipples were perked up, her breasts firm and round. He cupped her breasts, they fit perfectly in his palm. She was cooing as he played with her mounds. Her arms couldn’t hold her up anymore, so she laid back on the desk. Her pink hair splayed around her face, she moved her hands up to hold on to the top of the desk and leaving him with an exquisite view. His fingers played with her nipples as his mouth still kissed the sensitive areas of her neck and chest. His mouth was moving closer to her nipple until he couldn’t wait anymore and he just had to taste. He ran his tongue in a small circle around the erect bud before taking it into his mouth to suckle on it. He was rewarded with a deep guttural moan as she arched her back in pleasure. He didn’t even realize he let out a moan of his own as she moved her hands back to his hair and grasped it tightly in her hands. He switched to give the same attention to the other breast. His hand found the zipper again and fully unzipped her dress leaving her with the tiny training shorts she had on underneath.

“Kami you are so sexy.” He breathed as he popped the pert nipple from his mouth. He stood up and took in the view of the ravished kunoichi on his desk to make sure he ingrained this image in his mind forever. She had lust filled eyes and her lips were swollen, her breast were erect waiting for him, her flat stomach led to curvy hips, then to muscular thighs. The knee-high sandals and elbow high gloves were turning him on even more, even the ninpack she has strapped to her thigh was sexy to him.

She smiled at him. “Take off your shirt. I want to see you. Loose the pants too while you’re at it.” She grinned.

He gave her a mischievous smile back and her heart jumped in excitement. She sat up on her elbows to watch as he pulled his shirt up showing her his lean and muscular abs, and then his well-defined chest. When he dropped the shirt on the floor, her breathe was caught in her throat. He was gorgeous. She had never seen him without a shirt off, and the silly thought that if she had known that this was what he was hiding, she would have tried to seduce him a long time ago, gods be damned that he was 14 years older than her. She sat up and just had to touch him. She ran her hands from his shoulder down to his chest. She traced his pecs and then followed it down to his abs to where a small patch of silver was starting.

He chuckled. “Sakura you’re tickling me.” He grabbed her hands and brought them up to his lips and placed small kisses on her knuckles. “You are beautiful.” He looked deep into her eyes.

She blushed, “So are you.” She leaned up to kiss him he leaned down to meet her. These were deep, sensual kisses, their hands started wandering and exploring each other’s naked skin. His hands trailed down her shoulders and her back, he pressed her closer to him and could feel her bare chest on his. She responded by pressing her nails down his back and wrapping her legs around his waist. He could feel her heat radiating from her, the way her mouth was desperate for more and her hands were hot as fire. He couldn’t wait much longer. He moved a hand down to her thigh and in a swift movement removed her ninpack and placed his hand at her center.

“Sakura…” he breathed against her mouth “I need you.” He rubbed his thumb over her cloth covered pearl. She gasped.

“Yes Kakashi, more.” She moaned as he kept playing with her clit. She reached to the front of his pant and rubbed his impressively large erection. He jolted at her touch, she grinned and nipped at his lips. He melted into a groan and rubbed her growing wetness.

She couldn't wait anymore either, she unbuttoned his pants and pulled down his zipper. She reached in pulled out her prize. “Ooh Sakura…” he groaned as she stroked the length of his member. She felt liquid coming out of the tip, she rubbed the tip softly with her thumb. “Aaah… gods” he bit her bottom lip and his fingers moved her shorts to the side feeling her wetness as his fingers teased her entrance. She released a loud moan as his two fingers entered her and started massaging her sensitive spot inside. She was losing her mind, she was on fire and she was so close to climaxing.

“Ooooh Kakashi, don’t stop, please don’t stop.” She bit down on his shoulder. He could feel her walls contracting against his fingers as she was nearing her orgasm. He moved his fingers a little faster, inserted a third finger to reach deeper, his thumb stoked her clit. She was panting and moaning very loudly, his cock was twitching in her hands. His other hand was tangled in her hair and she pushed her down to bite his shoulder, he could tell she was going to be a screamer and he didn’t need everyone outside alerted of this situation. Plus, it felt good to have her bite down, he liked some pain with his pleasure. Her breathes were getting shallower, and then he felt her walls clamp against his finger and her breathing stopped. She convulsed against him as she climaxed, she bit his shoulder to muffle her scream. He could hear her mumble into his shoulder, he slowed his fingers to prolong her pleasure. “Kakashi, I need you inside me right now.” He removed his hand from her insides.

He was caught by surprise as she guided his tip to her entrance and with a strong movement of her thighs pulled him deep inside of her. She arched her back as he stretched and filled her insides. “Ooooh Fuck Sakura.” She was so tight; his cock was surrounded by her heat. He could feel she was still convulsing, he realized she was extending her orgasm.

“Move slowly.” She gasped between moans as she fell back on to the desk. He grabbed her hips and made sure that every inch of him was deep inside of her, he pulled himself out to the tip slowly and thrust himself back in as deep as he could. He kept going slowly but deeply, she was moaning and biting her hand to muffle all the delicious sounds escaping her, her other hand was pinching her pert nipples.

He watched in fascination as she started to relax and come down from her high. Gods she was fucken incredible. Her skin was glistening with the afterglow of her orgasm, her eyes were closed as she enjoyed the energy flowing through her. She felt so warm around his cock, he was twitching inside of her. Her hand left her mouth. She grunted and placed a soft hand on his chest signaling him to stop. “Hmmm sorry Kakashi, I’m really sensitive, give me a second.”

He leaned over and placed a quick kiss on the mark on her forehead. “You are amazing Sakura.” He brushed hair out of her face. She smiled weakly.

“Hmmm, no, you are amazing. That was amazing.” She could feel his hard member hot and thick inside of her. She shifted her hips a little and gasped at how good it felt to have him inside of her. She reached up to wrap her arms around his neck. “You feel so good inside of me.” Her eyes were sparkling with lust and mischievousness. It seemed like she was getting her energy back.

“You sexy little minx.” He smirked “I need you naked. Now.” He growled the last part. He pulled himself out completely. He immediately missed her warmth, but now he needed to have some patience. She squeaked in surprise, her shorts were gone with a flick of his wrist and she was naked. He could see her bare mound; her swollen lower lips were wet from her orgasm. He licked his lips. “I feel like I keep repeating how beautiful you are, but I really do mean it.”

She giggled, “Your turn.” She reached for his hips where his pants were hanging loosely. She didn’t do it fast like he did. She stood up and hooked her fingers on the edge of his pants, she kissed his chest lightly giving him goosebumps. She moved slowly down, her teeth grazed his nipple, she swirled her tongue around the bud earning her a sharp intake of air and his hands finding their way to her rosen tresses. His fingers were delightfully tugging at her hair, she moved to the next one and repeated her actions. She started to push his bottoms down as she started to kiss down to his muscularly defined abs, she lowered herself onto her knees so she could get lower. His pants were now pooled at his feet, she was kissing his lean stomach as she ran her hands back up his muscular calves, she could feel the muscles of his thighs, and very shamelessly palmed his very pert backside. He was all muscle, he might be in his late 30’s but he took pride in his body, he kept it as sharp as his shuriken. She was definitely appreciating every muscle she could, but she was ready to appreciate his very impressive member that was poking her cheek. She smiled and licked the tip, he inhaled and held his breathe as she swirled her hot tongue around his tip. His fingers tightened around her hair. She licked the length of his cock from the base to the tip he released the breath he was holding.

“Damn Sakura…” His head leaned back as she took his entire cock into her mouth. She could taste herself mingled in with the saltiness of his precum and she enjoyed the taste. She moved her head making sure she tasted every inch of him. He looked down to watch as her pink lips wrapped around his cock. He watched her lick every wonderful inch of him. She looked up, her green eyes catching his own midnight eyes. Gods she was going to be the end of him. She knew that he was enjoying it, he could sense her smugness. She was enjoying pleasing him with her mouth too much. His silvery curls were tickling her nose when she took him all the way deep into her throat. She was massaging one of his butt cheeks and the other moved to cup his sacs. He released a deep guttural moan as he guided her mouth, she was very responsive to the pressure of his fingers tugging her hair. She surprised him by releasing him and took his sacks into her mouth and massaged them with her tongue, her hands were now pumping his length. “Aaah.. Sakura…. Hmmm.. you got to stop. If you keep going I’m gonna cum.” He lightly pulled her head away, she had a wicked smile as she licked her lips.

“Isn’t that the objective?” she asked sweetly. He took her hands and pulled her up.

“Not yet, I want to come inside of you if that’s ok?” He bent down to kiss her deeply, he wanted to taste her mouth. He could taste her sweetness mingled with his own arousal increasing his arousal.

“Mmmhhhm.” She agreed as her mouth was still occupied.

His hands went down to her shapely bottom, he gave each cheek a good strong grab as he lifted her back to the edge of the desk, he pulled away from her mouth and reached down to her wet folds. “You seem to have been enjoying yourself.” He slid his finger on the outside of her netherlips.

“Well you have a very impressive specimen down there, I had fun getting to know what you like.” She was back to playing with the back of his neck, she knew how much that aroused him as his cock twitched.

“You are just… fire..” He grinned as he rubbed the tip against her slick core. She started mewling as it rubbed at her clit, then her entrance and back and forth. She was desperate with need, and that’s how he wanted her. He grabbed her legs, as she fell back. She was only wearing her arm gaurds and the knee-high sandals, he didn’t even consider taking them off, it added to his excitement. He took one leg and put it around his waist and the other on his shoulder and he slowly slid into her. He was relishing the feeling of her warm tightness surrounding him. He went as deep as he could and held it for a second to take in the view. Sakura was flushed, her eyes half closed with desire, her perky breasts were a sight to behold. He reached out to play with one of her breasts and he started to move. It was a steady but deep rhythm, she was moaning out his name, she started pinching the other nipple that he wasn’t playing with. He started to increase his speed, she just felt like pure happiness with every pump. He could hear that he was starting to moan himself, he bent his face to the calf that was on his shoulder and bit into her boot, she could feel the pressure, she felt flush with power at the thought of his losing his composure because of her. She reached his hand that was on her breast and moved it to her face. She started to kiss his palm, then kissed each finger. He watched her as she licked his thumb and started to suck on it. He had to muffle the sound that escaped his mouth by clamping down on her calf.

He started to move faster, Sakura could feel the pressure building inside of her, she let go of Kakashi’s thumb and he used the wetness she left behind to move down and rub her clit. She jolted at the sensitive flesh being stimulated.

“Oh! Fuck me Kakashi.” She whimpered.

He started to drive himself deeper and faster, he watched as her breasts moved with every thrust. He was so close, he could feel his body tighten, getting ready for release. He couldn’t hold back and watched her as her face started to contort in pure pleasure, and then the climax.

She opened her eyes as her body convulsed, her legs became rigid, her back arched, and she stared deep into his own eyes. His hand went to her mouth and she bit down. Between the bite and the ripples of her walls he felt himself pump once more as deep as he could and release himself deep inside of her.

“Oh Fuck… Sakura!” He growled as he tried to restrain himself from yelling out. He pumped into her a few more times sending shockwaves through their bodies. Her leg slid down his shoulder and waist and laid limp off the desk. She felt boneless, her muscles were tingling, the fire ebbing from her body.

He fell on top of her with a grunt. He felt weightless. His mind was foggy, he didn’t think he could control his body at the moment. He nuzzled into the crook of her neck and sighed contently. By the looks of her limp body she had the same mind-blowing orgasm he just had. She absently started to play with his hair and as soon as her normal breathing resumed, she gave him a kiss on the head.

She grunted “Kakashi you need to get off, you’re crushing me.” She tugged at his hair.

“Mmmhhhmm.” He was still not very coherent, but he managed to lift himself up and fall into the chair next to them. He opened a drawer and luckily there were some tissues. He grabbed a few and gave them to Sakura so she could clean herself off. He took a few more for himself. She very slowly got off from the desk made sure there was no fluids on the desk and bent down to pick up her bottoms from the floor. She threw his pants at him and the both at least now had their bottoms covered. He sank back down to the chair with no energy to find his shirt. He watched as Sakura strapped her ninpack back on her thigh. She turned to him and smiled.

“What are you thinking about?” She asked.

He smirked “You have left me with the inability to think, right now I am just enjoying the view.”

“I am here to serve, Hokage-sama” She smirked back. The great Copy Nin was so sexy, looking spent and ravaged just slumped on the chair, she was a proud of herself that he was in this state because of her.

He grinned at the honorific. He pulled her to him, she straddled him, the chair was surprisingly roomy. Suddenly a flash of a fantasy crossed her mind, she might have to come visit him again. They were both still topless he took in the image of her body on his. She bent down to kiss him softly, her pink hair falling around them. “That was the most amazing sex I have had in an extremely long time, if ever. You are amazing Sakura, I don’t ever want to get up.” He kissed her back. She noticed a small bruise starting to form on his shoulder where she had bitten down for her first orgasm. She was going to heal it but decided against it, he never took off his shirt anyways, and if he did, it was a small feeling of satisfaction that she had marked him.

She sat back onto his legs so she could look at his face. “Who knew the Great Kakashi Hatake was such a sex god? Guess I shouldn’t be so surprised you’re so good at this when you read so much.” She smirked, “Well, I was only supposed to give you that book, it wasn’t my intention to reenact a scene from it.” She kissed him again, his hands were absently tracing her hips and thighs through those tiny training shorts. “I think its best you keep this ridiculously handsome face a secret, you would never be able to get anything done with women falling over your feet.”

“Don’t forget men, men also fall prey to my ridiculously handsome face.” They laughed. “I’m glad you reenacted a scene from the book, although I’m surprised you read it. Who know Sakura Haruno was such a sex fiend?” He teased watching her cheeks turn pink.

“I was curious, I wanted to know what the big deal was.” She looked at the clock, “I have to go, I am going to meet everyone for drinks soon.” She stood up and found her dress and zipped it back on. She tossed his shirt at him and watched him put his mask back in place as she ran her finger threw her hair to tame it. “Do I look decent?” She asked. He stepped up to her and straightened her headband.

“There is no sign of the mind-blowing sex we just had.” He chuckled as she lightly punched his arm.

“Well as long as it was mind-blowing. I’ll see you later Kakashi-sensei.” She started to walk away from him to the far corner where she had first appeared.

“Yes, please stop by anytime Sakura.” He held up the Icha Icha book “and thank you.” He winked at her, she blew him a kiss back.

“Thank you, Hokage-sama, and next time you’re wearing the robes.” She had a cheshire grin as she disappeared into the dark corner. His office now smelled of her sweet musk. He glanced at his robes, shook his head and smiled.

What had they just started…




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